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tv   MTP Daily  MSNBC  May 14, 2018 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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the israeli and palestinian peace process. and one thin that the democrats and republicans agreed about was that the status of jerusalem was something you put of to the very end. the reason was this could be the thing that could blow it all up. we have to solve everything else and then we will get to this at the end. they were smart people, they were right, and this is wrong. >> we are long. i'm sorry katy tur. >> you said 30 second each at 4:59 and 20 second. >> i'm sorry. >> i'm bad with math. >> it's okay. you know, i love your conversation -- >> we are not math people. >> i love your conversations, and you know what, if want to keep talking just take out away. >> i'll send them offer. >> nicolle wallace, thank you very much. if it's monday, to crises
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abroad trump trouble in washington. >> tonight making peace with the base. >> the united states remains fully committed to facilitating a lasting peace agreement. >> will the president's new actions abroad hit home at the polls? plus, party crashers. how new progressive candidates are shaking up the democratic party. and trade secrets. could president trump's boost for a china company open up the u.s. to espionage? >> obviously, this is part of a very complex relationship between the united states and china. >> this is sh"mtp daily," and i starts right now. good evening, i'm katy tur in new york in for chuck todd. welcome to "mtp daily." foreign policy crises and
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domestic scandal, welcome to the trump presidency in a nutshell. and welcome to a highly unstable political environment luj lurching from one to the other. today was a split screen of celebration, confusion, and bloodshed as the u.s. formally opened its embassy in jerusalem, fulfilling a key campaign promise for mr. trump. but dozens have been killed in clashes over the move. thousands wounded. and the red cross is warning that the health system in gaza is on the verge of collapse because of it. israel has been accused of using excessive force, but the white house is standing by its ally today. >> the french foreign minister raj said what is taking place in gaza. he urged israeli authorities to exercise discretion and restraint. does the u.s. not agree with the french that they should exercise discretion and restraint? >> we believe hamas is responsible for what's going on.
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>> kill at will? >> what i'm saying is we believe that hamas as an organization is engaged in cynical action that's leading to these deaths. >> that was a remarkable exchange. the prospects for a peace deal appear dead at least for the moment and no one knows for sure what happens next. this all comes just days after the altd administration announced its withdrawal from the iran nuclear deal, roiling our allies and further escalating tensions in the region. and that is just the mid east. i haven't even mentioned the turmoil in the far east, including a high stake nuclear summit with north korea, now less than 30 days away, which has put the administration between a rock and a hard place with china, seemingly to such an extent that president trump is talking about bailing out a chinese company whose products have been suspected of cyber espionage in the u.s. seriously. if you are not exhausted from all of that, there is all the turmoil closer to home. like the russia investigation.
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which is about to enter its second year. seemingly gobbling up everyone within the president's inner circle as it continues to metastasize from information warfare, conspiracy, and lying to shady business dealings, possible obstruction of justice, and payoffs to a porn star. and all of it is beset by a dysfunctional white house at war with itself, leaking more than any other in modern history, to the point where meetings about tamping down on leaks are leaked. and you end up with headlines like this. white house leakers leak about leaking. how on earth do you make sense of what it all means politically? do the foreign policy crises compound the domestic scandal snz do they cancel them out in a strange rally around the flag kind of way? or are voters so entrenched in their views of this president that maybe we are not even asking the right questions? let's bring in our guest, chris hill, the former ambassador to
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iraq and south korea and an msnbc diplomacy expert. and today's panel, eddie glod, susan del percio. and "new york times" reporter and msnbc political analyst nick confessory. chris, i want to start with you. today's news in israel, does it help the president keep a campaign promise, or does it further the argument from his critics that he acts erratically? or not erratically. recklessly or could you argue it's both? >> first of all it is no question he is a man of his word with respect to his campaign. he said what he was going to do and he has done it. what worries everybody frankly about this presidency is the fact that i don't think he understands that one event could relate to other events. he has a situation now with europe where we are just running
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crossways with them across the board. it's not at clear we have any sort of transatlantic process going forward on any issues. and i think this was still another such issue. he doesn't seem to have any plan going forward in middle east peace. i know that jared kushner was over there in israel. but it's not at all clear that he is tried to stitch something together. frankly speaking i'm not sure the saudis want to do anything with us. at this point we don't seem to have anything going forward in the middle east. of course we have terrible bloodshed today. there are those who say hey this will be over in a day or two. that doesn't really say much to the families of the people who have been killed today. so this is a very serious problem. and you know on the one hand inwe all take great joy in seeing israel get their what they have called and perhaps rightly called their eternal capital. but the concept of it was a final status agreement in which the palestinians would get something very important to them, the israelis would get
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something very important to them, and everyone would be a winner from this. but this decision to move this all ahead and give nothing to the other side is really ratcheted up tensions as if that's what we need right now. >> there is no word on when the administration or if the administration is even going to be talking to the other side, being the palestinians. and in their statements today, they used the term south israel. they didn't even use the term "occupied territories" or "gaza". south israel. i had never heard that before. people at nbc had never heard that before. >> talking about things that people haven't considered before, in bremmer, foev and interesting theory about what donald trump could be doing in foreign policy. it's long. he says think high stakes poker. if you have the largest stack of chips at the table and you are willing to consistently go all in on a bet you will win all sorts of hands even if you don't have the best cards. indeed you don't even need to look at your cards to win hands
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against players who don't have a big enough stack to play against you, lest they lose everything. in some cases not even bettering to look at your cards can act in your favor. what do you think of that? do you think this is going to yield political successes for the president or work against him? >> i must confess as a former foreign service officer i was never a high stakes poker player. but i would suggest the problem with that is it indicates the president has some broad strategic plan, that this is how he is going to deal with these tough and often perennial issues on the world stage. and my sense is that's not what is happening. it seems that every issue is kind of dealt in much more impulsively, and you know, with his own kind of -- not even thought but impulse as to how to deal with these issues. i'm not sure anything relates to one another. and i'm not sure there's a grand strategy, even a grand strategy
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that simply is a function of how many chips you have in front of you on a poker table. >> nick what do you make of all of this? >> i see today as a flare going off in the sky. it's been the official policy of the u.s. for three presidents before president trump that this is the capital of israel and each of those past presidents have seen fit to withhold that as a garganning chip in the peace process. what this tells me is that the trump administration has given up on the peace process, there is no way forward they have reconciled themselves to the stalemate. that might be true, by the way. but to do this without getting anything in return seems like an admission that there is nothing to get in return. >> why use the term "south israel"? why give no condolences or offer any real concern for the amount of life lost? >> it's very clear i think that they have adopted the world view -- of the current administration in israel, that
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they have gone from treating the u.s. as an ar about iter in this debate and in this fight to taking firm sides with long-time ally but basically abandoning the idea of the u.s. as being somewhere in between these two parties. they have taken and adopted the world view of israel right now on these issues. >> here at home, in terms of how voters view his foreign policy, there are some who will say this is what he campaigned on and this is what i elected him to do, to move that embassy was one of the things i wanted him to do. and i assume others won't even really notice that it's happening. it won't be on their radar. >> certainly the case -- the choice of the evangelical pastor to deliver the prayer is the case that it's playing domestically to his base. we have to understand what happened today against the backdrop of two historical event. one in 1969 and the sharpville mass sker in south africa and
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the other is 1919 and what happened in india with the british viceroy. moral high ground was lost in both instances and a different register of the movement happened as a result. and the moral gymnastics around the carnage we just saw yesterday to my mind indicts and convicts those who are committed to this process as it's playing out. there is the domestic issue that's happening and there is the reality on the ground that gaza is an open air prison. it's about twice the size of washington, d.c. how people are parsing what constitutes peace here, how they are parsing peace is the israeli position. >> it's not just trump's base, it's people on the democratic side as well. including the democratic majority leader chuck schumer. listen to him. >> in a long overdue move we have moved our embassy to jerusalem. i believe every nation should have the right to choose its capital. i applaud president trump for finally moving the embassy.
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that's a good move. and i certainly agree with the president and applaud what he did. >> democrats too. it's not just donald trump's base. >> right. >> there are democrats who believe this was the right move. >> there are. what's also very important to recognize is that this is -- we have now learned how donald trump wants to govern. by going into foreign policy, he can go it alone. he can do it on his own. whereas governing here on domestic policy he needs to work much closer with the senate and the house. this avails him an opportunity to go after -- fulfill campaign promises. in some cases even get democrats on his side. but basically lead alone. and in the way he sees fit. that's a really important difference than what donald trump actually promised as far as getting certain things done domestically because there are no deals. donald trump has written off the deal. he is doing it his way. >> chris, do you think, though that there are those out there who might say listen there is
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donald trump lifting off the veil and showing the reality of the way thing work, the reality of our foreign policy, the reality of washington. were we really trying to be the ash torres of piece in a the middle east or were we really always on the side of israel? can you say this is just him being more honest? will there be those looking at that and saying this is a president who said he was going to be more honest, and that is what he is doig. whether you are talking about israel, or talking about north korea, there are a lot of different dimensions to the issue. one of the dimensions of israel of course is to get arab buy-in for the jewish state and ar abe buy-in for a jewish state that has event ally its own capital, the capital it sought since almost it is very existence. i think the president is basically saying i don't care what anyone else thinks. it doesn't really matter. it doesn't matter what the arab countries think. there is no real peace process
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anyway. i doesn't matter what the european allies think. they will have trade with israel anyway. and he is just saying hey this is what we think is right for israel. as chuck schumer pointed out he has broad support for this. what he doesn't have is any plan to go forward to make israel safer and to do something about the fact that it lives in an area of the world where everyone resent what has happened. >> here's the thing. that's long term. i imagine the president isn't thinking long term. he doesn't often think long term in anything, really. he thinks short-term and how it's going to benefit him in the moment. speaking of which, we had lifting the vale, high stakes poker and let's get a febreeze analogy in here. from "washington post" last week. can trump's efforts at foreign policy break slew scandals at home? it is bold stroke is like a spritz of fab reez.
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looking at what is happening in israel, moving the embassy, what also is happening with the revoking of the iran deal, violating the iran deal, and this summit with kim jong-un that's happening now in 20 '03 days, are these things enough to lift donald trump up so that the mid terms will not be quite as bloody for lack of a better term for the republicans? >> i think it's very unlikely. look, the president favors these bold and dramatic gestures often without a lot of strategic thought. he likes the idea of doing things in a big way, getting attention and reaction for them. but this news cycle is something pretty crazy. and actually, what we have seen over and over again is that the news cycles are right past these big dramatic moves and there is often an equally dramatic thing happening in the investigation. there seems to be an endless supply of revelation around the investigation and around the various president's pack tote
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ems and people. i don't think there is danger of the mueller probe falling out of view in 2018. >> and michael avenatti dropping teases. >> the foreign policy is generating uncertainty, deep uncertainty -- >> but the foreign policy is not what the congressmembers of the house and senate are campaigning on right now. they need to campaign on domestic issues where they have a stance. while donald trump is doing this and may look for a deflection, it's not necessarily going to help the mid terms. >> all of that is important. and all of those babies are dead. all of those people are dead. they are dead. and we are talking about race horses. i mean the politics. there are a lot of folks who are dead today. for what? i'm sorry, this is me being a moralist, i suppose. >> and the white house today their response was it is hamas's fault and they are using them as
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tools for propaganda. >> that's like saying the children in the march of birmingham it was their fault that bill connor attacked them. >> we will have to leave it there. thank you. ahead, the democrats divide. what could help them win back the house this november? rushing to to the middle? or rushing to the left?
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some democrats say president trump has changed the rules and that they need bolder ideas to steal back the spotlight. at the same time there is risk because raising voter expectations too high can also lead to disillusionment if those making promises can't deliver. national democrats say they are trying to be pragmatic embracing views closer to the political center in hopes they can win seats previously held by republicans. that is not going over well with the liberal base which wants democrats to go hard or go home. joining me now, oregon's senator, one of the most progressive members of the democratic caucus. i will pose that question to you, do you go down the middle or do you veer to the left? >> katy in this type of midterm election you seek to have folks who fit their district. let's recognize this. the districts have moved far to
2:22 pm
the leif. these movements, the me too, the never again, the black lives matter movements are about the fact that people are absolutely frustrated and fed up with the status quo in america and think it's time for dramatic change. >> you cosponsored the single payer health care bill and also the federal jobs guarantee. do you think the democrats should get on board with big messages like that? are you worried about any backlash if you can't deliver on them? >> i do a lot of town halls in very republican districts. i have 22 of the reddest republican districts to be found in america in my home state of oregon. i can tell you when i taub about the importance of changing the conflicting stressful five health care plan system we have where you are always having to reply and change plans and talk about a simple seamless strategy so you get care when you need it, when you are sick or injured when your child is sick or injured people like it even in conservative areas. they are stressed-out by the
2:23 pm
complexity of our system and the rising health care costs. so i think even in conservative districts, if you are not willing to take on the drug companies and the rising costs of health care, and the complexity of our system, you are missing a significant opportunity. >> are you convincing conservative voters, though, because many conservative voters vote for candidates who wanted to repeal the affordable care act. >> well, i'll tell you, when people come to my town halls in 2009 and 2010, why are you supporting this plan? and they would stand up and say why don't you listen to us? i say i will do one better. i will describe the fundamentals in the room one after the another and everyone in the room can vote by stepping forwards or backwards. every one of them voted step forward for making preventive measures free, for having a marketplace where you can compare policies, to having tax credits so poem in the middle class to have policies.
2:24 pm
u suddenly, people in the room were saying we were told there is something wrong with it but now we kind of like it. it is the powerful nature of a bill of rights for health care in america that is resounding successfully even in conservative areas. >> democrats have repeatedly been nominating center left candidates, and those candidates have so far done pretty well. more centrist. maybe they are good for those particular districts. but what happens if more senator left candidates get voted into the house and poe techly the senate while there are some very progressive candidates promising very big things? how do you come together and rule in -- not rule, but govern in a unanimous way if you are in the majorities in a way that's not like the republicans are trying to govern right now where there is a lot of different factions who want a lot of different things and the sender
2:25 pm
theis are actually getting pushed out of congress right now, or they are retiring. >> the theory of our government is people coming to the bringing disparate ideas and trying to find a common path forward. ernl is your not going to fine all democrats marching in lock step. nor would we expect it. what i do expect is a serious dialogue about the ways to address long standing festering problems. the fact it's harder to get a living wage in america today than it was before. harder to buy a home than it was 40 years ago. it's much more difficult to even in the health care realm have steady health care with the fact that it's changing with every job you have. i mean, these fundamental challenges of the kitchen table in terms of housing and health care, costs of college, education, and certainly living wage jobs -- that's the bread and butter that is make it or break it for working america.
2:26 pm
and i think every democrat in every district better be paying a lot of attention to those four issues. >> part of the reason that donald trump got elected was desire for somebody to come in and force the two sides to work together to i don't know throw a bomb in the system and force it to start working again because republicans and democrats have not been working for the past -- god, it's been ten years now. should you also be campaigning on a promise, a real promise that you can fulfill to work with the other side to make sure that congress works to get things done so that we don't -- i don't know if you want the iran deal, it is a treaty inset the of an executive order, that sort of thing. things that are not easy to unravel with just a new administration. >> president trump was not elected about bringing people together. he has been the guider in chief when he was campaigning and he has been the divider this chief when he has been serving. he attacked every group, veterans, women, haitians, latino americans, americans with disabilities. the list goes on and on.
2:27 pm
i think there is therefore a great tlirs in america to remember our pledge of allegian allegiance, one nation under god indivision bl. in that word we celebrate that we come from multitude nows background and we we have been together the fabbic of a beautiful beautiful successful nation. i think there is going to be a lot of pull to return to those if you know values of coming together as a nation instead of the divisive attacks that the president is undertaking. >> i misspoke. executive order. i meant executive agreement. i understand that about donald trump. i don't think that a lot of folks will argue with you on how divisive he has been. but there were people out there, and i spoke to them, who really just wanted some sort of change and thought that donald trump, as somebody who wasn't an idiolog would be able to effect that. that's more my question. is there a duty for those that are running for office and in office right now to try to find a way to come together together
2:28 pm
across the etiological divide to make things start working in congress again to pass things. >> we should absolutely always be endeavoring to connect across the aisle. it is possible on modest things. i have worked with republicans on the issue of enabling our farmers to drive their destruction across the border rather than having to switch to an intercontinental truck. issues like mothers being able to go back to work and have the flexibility in time to be able to pump breast milk. good for the children and good for the mothers. that stuff guess on and on and on. the challenge is on the bigger ish us there is a re-- issue is bigger incentive. all the campaign ads are vicious, about dividing us. then we should recognize that the russians are still working to divide us. they are still using social media to amplify any issues that
2:29 pm
come up between rural america and urban america or on social issues. we have to resist those impulses so we will be able to work together here in congress on big issues. big issues that take us back to succeeding on housing and health care and education, not borrowing 1.5 trillion dollar from our children and giving to it the wealthiest americans. that's the biggest bank heist in history. that's just what happened. >> senator jeff markly, thank you for joining us. >> you are welcome. thank you. ahead, first lady melania trump is in the hospital. the latest on her condition next. this scientist doesn't believe in luck. she believes in research. it can take more than 10 years to develop a single medication. and only 1 in 10,000 ever make it to market. but what if ai could find connections faster. to help this researcher discover new treatments. that's why she's working with watson. it's a smart way to find new hope, which really can't wait.
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we are following breaking news this afternoon. first lady melania trump is at walter reed hospital at this hour. the white house says she underwent treatment for a benign kidney condition this morning. she is expected to remain in the hospital throughout the week. president trump arrived at walter reed moments ago via marine one to visit the first lady. she is in good spirits adding the first lady looks forward to a full recovery so she can continue her work on behalf of children everywhere. we'll be right back. what is it? the next big thing in food was once a little paper box. now we can easily take out food from a restaurant. let's stay in and binge-watch the snow. genius. now, the next big thing is the capital one savor card.
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only one candidate for governor when students were stuck in failing schools, led the fight to turn them around. as mayor of l.a., antonio villaraigosa invested in classrooms and security. graduation rates soared. antonio for governor. welcome back. president trump is purning for bailing out a chinese electronics maker over his own administration's policy. could it be a sign of concession with china as trade in north korean talks roll on? yesterday he tweeted, president
2:37 pm
xi of china and i are working together to give massive chinese phone company zte a way to get back into business fast. too many jobs in china lost, commerce department has been instructed to get it done. why are they out of business? last month the commerce department blocked zte from importing u.s. components for their devices. zte has been fined for violating north korean and iranian sanctions and its devices have been flagged by u.s. intelligence as a cyber security threat. here at home many are railing against president trump's tac c tactic. rubio tweeting problem with zerks te isn't trade. it's cyber security and espionage. >> joining me now, max back u.s., a longtime democratic senator from montana and u.s.
2:38 pm
ambassador to china under president obama. thank you for joining us. >> you bet. >> what is going on here? why is the president trying to make this concession to zte despite the sanctions that were just imposed on it by his own commerce department? >> it is disconcerting for several reasons. one, in my experience working with chinese, they understand strength and spell strength more than do any other people and they also sense weakness more than do any other people. and we -- president trump, by caving, frankly, to china, with respect to zte is signaling tremendous weakness. the chinese will see that and they are going the run with it. they are also saying that maybe back off on tariff tariffs of soybean into china that's not much of a give because they weren't going to impose those tariffs anyway. it's also important to remember, the chinese are in it for the long haul. they are very persistent. they think down the road. they are very strategic.
2:39 pm
they want zte to be a very strong company they want to use it all around the recalled would. i'm betting president xi called donald trump and said if you back off on zte and guess what we won't impose the tariffs we weren't going to impose anyway. they play the long ball. they are good at it. and we are playing for the sort term and that's going to hurt us. >> i will admit not many americans probably knew what zte was before that tweet this morning. we sell and make component parts for this massive cell phone company and sell them to china. are our intelligence communities worried about their ability to use cyber espionage against us. you were an ambassador. what was your experience with zte? why should americans be looking at this? >> two reasons we are concerned about zte.
2:40 pm
one, they are bad actors. i have read transcripts of comments by zte officials trying to figure out how they could put one over on the united states. they know they are violating the law. they knew it. and they tried to find ways to cover up. it's on the record. all of this has not been disclosed publicly but i've never seen anybody caught more red-handed than zte in violating the law in selling technology and goods to iran and north korea. second their technology is embedded in phones and smart phones in the united states. the pentagon has banned them. other people have banned them. we are concerned for two reasons. one they violated the law. they should not be let off the hook. and second their technology is insidious. of the' part of -- it's involved in many american companies. >> would you use a zte device? >> no, i would not. i definitely would not. no way. >> any of their component parts
2:41 pm
in any of the -- i mean, is it easy to get a zte device in the states? or would you need to travel overseas to get one and bring it back? >> no, you could get one. they are cheap. they are less expensive than i-phones or android devices. you can get them but i wouldn't get one myself. >> the president is trying to very clearly use this as a negotiating tactic or at least that's what folks are saying. what could be the ben 50s using this in order to get what he wants? >> well, you will recall, president trump imposed a 25% tariff on steel, imports of steel into the united states as well as a 10% tariff on aluminum coming into the united states. very little steel from china comes into the united states. very little. yet china said they were going the retaliate if we imposed those tariffs by imposing tariffs on american soybeans
2:42 pm
going over to china. my judgment. trump may think he got china to back off on imposing those tariffs. i don't think they were going to impose those service b tariffs anyway because the steel they expart to the united states is de minimus. some say maybe qualcomm gets a deal, they can now purchase a dutch company called nxp. maybe that's partly true. but the main thing, with respect to china you have to be strong, you have got to stand up, you can give in. why in the world we are giving in on zte here, a company that violated the law doesn't make sense. >> does it seem to be something he is using in regards or in the realm of negotiating with north korea and meeting china. that's a good point. i think it is a mistake to mix illegal actions with foreign policy, with trade policy mixing all three together. when you start doing that you start to back off on areas that need to be significantly
2:43 pm
addressed. for example, if trump is thinking this will help china put more pressure on north korea but let china continue its protectionist trade practices against us that's wrong because we are still then allowing china to engage in those protectionist trade practices. the main thing here, we need to work with china. no question about it, we are the two largest countries in the world. that's a given. you have to deal with it. but you work with china out of strength, out of respect, not out of weakness and not short-term but rather long term. >> max back u.s., appreciate it. thank you very much. >> you bet. >> ahead the next stage of midterm madness. four states going to the polls tomorrow. we will break down the races to pay attention to next.
2:44 pm
2:45 pm
welcome back. today in meet the mid terms. tomorrow voters in four states, oregon, idaho, nebraska, and pennsylvania l cast their primary ballots. president trump is taking some extra steps in pennsylvania, recording a robocall for republican congressman lou barletta, a frequent feature of the campaign trail out there. the candidate is expected to advance and take on democratic senator bob casey this fall. the state also has kongal races. there is a competitive democratic primary for the seat left open by charlie dent. john morganely has the strongest
2:46 pm
name id but also hasdy deleted tweets previously praising trump. susan wild has the backing of emily's list. and a pastor has the backing of bernie sanders. there is the race with republican hillary clinton is a cone. he loss to democrat connor lamb in the pennsylvania race earlier this year. he is now running again in a new area redrawn by redistricting. the republican challenging him in a primary is guy refreshenthal, who is airing this ad. that calls him out for the loss saying lamb already lost a safe republican seat. we'll be right back. dynamic lighting elevated comfort
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2:49 pm
concerned about the fact that there was a leak than about the content of what was said? >> well, i think, you know, we are concerned about all sorts of matters. but this is an internal matter. it's being addressed internally. >> time now for "the lid." fallout continues after a white house aide mocks senator john mccain's illness. the panel is back. eddie, susan, and nick. the president tweeted about this moments ago. let's put it up on the screen. the so-called leaks coming out of the white house are a massive overexaggeration put out by the fake news media in order to make us look as bad as possible. with that being said, leak remembers traitors and cowards and we are going the find out who they are. >> here is my cake and here's me eating it. deep stake goes all the way to the top, to the very top. >> why does this white house leak? obviously everybody leaks to a
2:50 pm
disagree. but this leaks as if you were drinking coffee out of a cup made of swiss cheese. >> they are to the professionals. i'm going to put it as simply as i can. these are not quality of people people you would typically see go into the white house. they have no knowledge of who to survive and this exists because donald trump has created this environment, he likes people fighting it out and seeing how they tackle it out. >> do they not believe in the president? you can't work in the white house and not believe in the president, can you? >> i think one, it's kind of palace intrigue, folks are putting knives in folks back and then the other, i think, has something to do with actual people in the administration who think they're trying to save the country, when they encounter
2:51 pm
this ugliness, this decision making that will actually jeopardize folks. >> kellyanne will probably be white house spokesperson before it's over. >> if we know anything about donald trump, he doesn't apologize. >> people are leaking for the same reason they always leak in every administration, it's always for the same reasons, but the difference here is some two offsetting forces, loyalty to the commander in chief and offshoot of mission. what you're seeing now, who a lot of them don't like the commander in chief, and he abuses a lot of them day by day, and i can tell you when the political boss is a mean boss, it's a lot easier to get people to talk, because the last person
2:52 pm
that got stepped on in a meeting is ready to talk. >> jonathan swan has been doing this reporting and he says one of his leakers also takes the speech pattern of those in the white house to try to legitimize the leak. or she. >> it's surreal, it makes you want to ask the question, whatever happened to sincerity in the operation of power here. really quickly, the reason why trump refuses to apologize, there's a really problematic understanding or conception of masculinity at the heart of this. to cesar ase see sarah sanders the president with this, i don't know. >> the leaking story, the sadler
2:53 pm
story is sad because she can't just apologize for saying something awful about a man who's fighting cancer. but what has been lost with donald trump's attentiscension indecen indecency, when he was on stage telling people he would pay the legal fees of those who punched somebody, and referring to the media in very interrogatory terms and encouraging them to scream at them and spit at them and be nasty toward the press. you would see people wearing shirts or couldn't imagine anyone would wear before that, hillary sucks, but not like -- i'm not going to say it, or hillary clinton is a c-word, or trump that b, and then screaming things, there was a rally
2:54 pm
towards the end of the campaign, or the very last rally of the campaign in manchester, where somebody yelled out assassinate that b but they said the word, and they were talking about hillary clinton. no one looked at that gentleman and said, hey, that's not okay, you went a little too far. and there's been this attitude that's been pervasive through the campaign and rolled on through the white house. do you come pbat that? >> i think it's part and parcel of decency, and part of it is a theater of revenge. the idea that those kinds of rules, decency and decor rum were actually like secret advantages for the left or for the liberals and somehow holding them back, and he delighted in puncturing those basic rules of civility. i'm not saying it a good thing
2:55 pm
or i admire it, but i don't think he'll ever back off because -- >> everywhere you go, people are saying what they would never think of saying, and you get on social media, and it is an awful terrifying horrible, sad, terrible place. >> people have brought twitter values into the real wore. >> he has no sense of loyalty for the country, he doesn't respect the public service. he doesn't respect the office, and if you don't respect the office, then the people around you won't. the moralist can probably respond to that better, but i think this is really leading from donald trump, or becau. >> we have to be decent in the
2:56 pm
face of indecency. >> as hope hicks would say, you're not nice. nasty. >> thank you very much. we'll be right back. hais not always easy. severe plaque psoriasis it's a long-distance run and you have the determination to keep going. humira has a proven track record of being prescribed for over ten years. it's the #1 prescribed biologic by dermatologists. more than 250,000 patients have chosen humira to fight their psoriasis. and they're not backing down. for most patients clearer skin is the proof.
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3:00 pm
>> we'll have a good show. we begin tonight with two of the top stories that are actually haunting the trump white house right now. and both of them when you think about it are kind of out of donald trump's control. first who has them and who keeps them, the secrets. and the white house leaking comes from the people he hired, trump officials who are up ending his prioritiepriorities. trump says more leaks in a week from the white house than other the george w. bush administration had in one year. and they are impersonating each other to keep from getting caught. telling axios, to cover my tracks they use other staffer's idioms when giving others quotes, that throws t s ths the off me this person added. or maybe threw the scent


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