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tv   First Look  MSNBC  May 16, 2018 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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developing overnight. north korea is calling off high level talks with south korea over military drills with the united states. now there's doubt the summit with president trump and kim jong-un will go on. the violence begins to subside, following opening of the u.s. embassy in jerusalem there. officials say at least 60 people, including children, have been killed. and the senate intelligence committee is poised to advance trump's pick for cia chief after several democrats announce support of gina haspel.
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good morning. it is wednesday, may 16th. i'm yasmine vossoughian alongsi alongside ayman mohyeldin. kim jong-un cancelled talks with south korea over exercises with the south and u.s. kim is okay with the exercises, a complete 180 from decades of north korea policy. pyongyang appears to have reverted to that stance, calling drills a rude and wicked provocation and rehearsal for n invasion. >> kim jong-un said previously he staunlunderstands the need a utility of the united states and republic of korea continuing in joint exercises. absolutely, we will continue to go ahead and plan the meeting between president trump and kim
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jong-un. they're simply not provocative. we do these things around the world, they have occurred for decades and decades. i will say it a third time. kim jong-un said he understands the importance to the united states that we conduct the joint exercises, joint exercises continue to go on. >> the statement carried out on state media, foreign affairs minister says if they push us to the corner, force us to give up nuclear unilaterally, pyongyang will reconsider participating in the upcoming talks. it also names john bolton by name, saying his libya strategy is awfully sinister move to impose the same faith as libya and iraq. he says his nation doesn't hide feeling of repugnance toward him. he adds they'll never make a deal that helps pyongyang's
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economy. president trump is set to host south korean moon jae-in in the white house next week. let's go to beijing. joining us, janice mackey. a lot of people are shocked from the no the news. tell us what this could mean for the summit and where the date and time has been set? >> reporter: the regime is critical of the u.s. and south korea for not calling off the joint military drills. the bigger issue seems to be what u.s. officials have been saying on television and in newspapers about what to expect out of the summit. the vice minister of foreign affairs was unequivocal in saying that north korea is never going to give up its nuclear program in exchange for economic trade with the united states. now, this runs completely
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counter to what we have been hearing from u.s. officials in their narrative, in particular national security adviser john bolton. the north seems offended by bolton's talk of complete denuclearization, dismantling the arsenal, and references to the libya model. what analysts are saying the expectations of the process need to be lowered. there needs to be realization that the north, yes, is looking for some aid or economic relief, but looking more so for recognition. the state department says they're going to go ahead with summit preps, but at this point it is unclear whether it will happen. >> so many analysts and experts predicted, negotiating with north korea is not an easy road to go down. thank you. now to the turmoil in the middle east. yesterday funerals were held after at least 60 palestinians were killed by the israeli military, sparked by the opening
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of the new embassy in jerusalem. a strange sense of calm fell over gaza after hamas called for a smaller scale general strike. however, the group said it is still considering military action. >> we regret loss of life. we regret the loss of all life. the misery that is faced by people in gaza is because of a result of hamas. that is something that we compact to. people want to blame israel for all of this that is going on in the past few weeks. the actions, the activities that are taking place there that you're all referring to would certainly stop if violent protests were to stop and if hamas were to stop inciting violence, encouraging people to go up to the border fence, encouraging people to cut through the border fence, encouraging people to run-down that border fence into israel, sending things over the fences. all those activities. israel has a right to defend
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itself. >> nbc's matt bradley will join us from the ground inside gaza with a live report on the latest there. >> you did excellent reporting yesterday from ra mal a and west bank. it is about 12:00 noon there. want to get the latest on everything going on on the ground, and get your reaction to nikki haley saying this is all on the shoulders of hamas, and has nothing to do with the embassy. >> reporter: i mean, the situation on the ground in terms of street protest and clashes or demonstrations has certainly subsided in the occupied west bank as we were hearing as well in the gaza strip. it has shifted to a bit of a diplomatic brow. you now have turkey and israel exchanging sharp words. turkey has expelled the israeli ambassador, and they've expelled the israeli consul general.
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he summoned the ambassador to give him a dressing down in diplomatic terms. you also saw the guatemalan embassy open, that was a welcome move by the israeli government. there's a more diplomatic maneuvering. interestingly, all eyes at the united nations, what will happen next. we heard the u.n. secretary general call for investigation into what happened to gaza. that's not something the israeli government is likely to accept. the united nations security council that met yesterday, talked about this had sharp words for nikki haley, putting the blame on the shoulders on hamas. something they categorically reject. they will probably not take kindly to the words of the american ambassador there, saying all of the protests were as a result of what hamas is doing. >> i can only imagine the reaction to some of the words we heard yesterday. we're going to continue to follow this. want to turn to the white house, pushing on crackdown on
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leaks. daily beast citing two sources that spoke with the president in recent days, reports he wants at least one prominent leaker identified and dealt with to make an example. here's the white house deputy press secretary yesterday. >> reporter: there are obviously things we are trying to eradicate. it is unacceptable. >> john kelly banned personal devices from the west wing in january, citing unnamed white house sources, reports that staffers are expected to place nongovernment issued cell phones in lockers at entrances. that sweeps were carried out, going room to room, collecting unauthorized devices. the president tweeted this. can you believe with all of the made up, unsourced stories i get from the fake news media together with the $10 million russian witch-hunt, there is no
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collusion, i now have my best poll numbers in a year. much of the media may be -- haspel secured votes after writing to mark warner, condemning the cia interrogation programming in which detainees were tortured after the september 11 attacks. she previously refused to condemn the program last week. with the benefit of behind sight and my experience as senior agency leader, the enhanced interrogation program is not one the cia should have undertaken. after receiving a letter, saying he would support the confirmation, two other democratic senators announced they would support haspel as well. the senate intelligence committee is expected to vote on her confirmation today. full senate vote is expected at
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the end of the week. let's talk about this with daniel. good morning. >> good morning. >> gina haspel securing enough votes to be the next cia director. before her confirmation hearing process started, we predicted her process would be even more embattled than pompeo's, but seems like it is the opposite of that. why do you think so? >> democrats were happy at what they saw in private meetings. they felt like she was a professional that would be a good cia director. she has the support of a lot of obama era intelligence officials and the cia work force. you don't want to have a cia director who can't rally the troops. so i think she's seen as someone who served her country well and won't engage in some of the
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harsh interrogation and torture techniques that she was accused of participating in. >> let's switch gears and talk about some of president trump's tweeting and now focusing on leakers inside the white house, wanting to crackdown on that, but even though we're seeing it seems as if the administration is getting more aggressive towards leakers, wanting to root out any leakers in the white house. do you think it is actually going to stop? is the atmosphere in the white house a little too toxic? >> i think a lot of white house aides want to get out, so they have no incentive to comply with the anti-leaking edicts that came around. when raines priebus was leaving, everyone predicted general kelly would come in, there would be fewer leaks because he has an iron fist. seems like that hasn't taken hold. lot of people leak for their own agenda. if you lose a policy battle, you
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leak to try to stop it in the press. those incentives haven't changed and president trump is the biggest leaker of them all, so it is hard for him to set a good example. when it starts at the top, he sets the tone. people thought to themselves leaking is okay because he does it as well. >> excellent point on leaking inside the white house. we'll talk about that more later in the show. good to see you, daniel. strong storms roll through the northeast causing damage and power outages. the latest on what's in store today. and we go inside a hospital in gaza following the outburst of violence after the u.s. embassy opening in jerusalem. we have those stories and more coming up next. stay with us.
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welcome back, everyone. we want to turn again to the violence in the middle east
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where dozens of palestinians were killed by israeli security forces. joining us live from the gaza strip, correspondent matt bradley. i know you had a chance to visit one of the hospitals, given the fact that the health infrastructure was on the verge of collapse, what did you see? >> reporter: ayman, thanks for having me on. the health system has been on the verge of collapse for some time, you know as a veteran of reporting in gaza. it has been a ten year blockade, first by israel, then by egypt. the problems here are more than what's happened in the last week. the real issue is some of the major technology that most hospitals use in the united states, even in greater israel we take for granted can't come in here or are restricted. a lot of movement of doctors is restricted. doctors that are well trained want to leave, they get out as soon as they can, find jobs in the emrats and elsewhere.
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when there's a huge influx of trauma patients, it is difficult for them to handle. that's what we have seen not just monday but the past seven weeks of protest, thousands and thousands of people injured. doctors without borders says more than 90% of people shot were shot in the legs. that's because it is protocol for the israelis to shoot not to kill but shoot to disable someone so they stop rushing the border area. these shots were very accurate. when i was in the hospital, a lot of people complained they couldn't get the advanced surgery needed because they were waiting for it, there were not enough doctors and equipment. i spoke with the head of the emergency room at the main trauma center in the gaza strip. listen to that. >> challenge, big challenge to us as medical staff --
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>> reporter: as i mentioned, doctors without borders saying so many people were shot in the legs. a lot of them could have been shot in head, but they were just injured. that means the beleaguered system is even more beleaguered caring for patients that need prosthetics and medical care for years to come. ayman? >> thank you for that report, matt. >> a dire situation there in gaza now. the trump administration has sanctioned the governor of iran central bank for allegedly funneling millions of dollars for activities of hezbollah. the treasury department designated them to disrupt the currency exchange system that
2:19 am
transferred money from islamic revolutionary guard to hezbollah. it is separate from sanctions after president trump announced they'll withdraw from the iran nuclear deal. steve mnuchin said the bank's governor undermined his integrity. let's check the weather with nbc meteorologist bill karins. the northeast kind of locked in the clouds and rain the next couple days. >> not the best for clean up after the storms yesterday. in all, we had over 354 storm reports, including hail. only two tornadoes reported. mostly a wind event with trees down. lightning was also an issue. sometimes lightning is hitting skyscrapers. how about three at the same time out of philadelphia. look at that. you don't see that every day. amazing. nbc philly, thank you for those pics. let's get into the forecast.
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we get the severe weather threat and now we have a rain and cloudy, gloomy weather, a lot of moisture up the east coast, a lot of clouds. rain is hit and miss from areas of the appalachians to washington, d.c. philadelphia light rain. severe storms are over. this is gloomy weather patterns into the weekend. hoping to clear it out by sunday. saturday looks iffy at best. through 10:00 a.m., rain from philadelphia to washington, d.c. right along the boundary. this pesky low by florida with a possibility of developing into a tropical system a couple of days ago lingers here. all the flow off the waters, continue to get that rain threat, and northern virginia, d.c., philadelphia, baltimore. you could get significant rain in days ahead. this is through friday. red is three inches of rain, pink four inches of rain. that's a hefty rainfall over three to four days. also great weather out there
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today. usually one coast is struggling, west coast is great. even the middle of the country is warm. record heat for san antonio and house speaker. >> the weather that was harrowing went from 89 degrees in new york city and sunny and beautiful to dark, cloudy. i thought it was best everybody be inside at that moment. thanks, bill. historic effort by king james in beantown. would it be enough. the lightning look to get back on track versus washington. details next in sports. with a healthy diet... and exercise. and maybe even, unproven fish oil supplements. not all omega-3s are clinically proven or the same. discover prescription omega-3 vascepa. the one that's this pure... and fda approved. look. vascepa looks different... because it is different. it's pure epa. vascepa, along with diet, is clinically proven to lower very high triglycerides by 33% in adults,
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welcome back. time for sports and the nba playoffs. lebron james and the cavaliers looked to rebound after a big loss against the celtics in the opener of the eastern conference finals, but a 42 point triple-double from james was still not enough. the celtics would stand. improved to 8 and 0 this postseason, 107-94, for a two game lead in the series. unreal that lebron still can't carry the team over with that performance. staying with the nba, unfortunate teams from this past year hoping to secure a top pick in the upcoming nba draft. lady luck was with the suns, followed by sacramento, atlanta,
2:25 am
memphis, dallas rounding out the top five picks. turning to stanley cup hockey. tampa bay beat the caps 4-2. cuts the lead in the series to one game. and seattle all-star second base man cano suspended 80 games without pay by major league baseball testing positive for a banned substance. he denies using performance enhancing drugs, saying it was given to him by a licensed doctor to treat a medical ailment. he said he would accept the suspension that begins immediately. >> thanks. more on north korea's decision to scrap high level talks with south korea, what it means for the upcoming summit between president trump and kim jong-un. plus, the trump administration eliminating a top cyber security position. what it means for the national
2:26 am
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welcome back, everybody. i'm yasmine vossoughian alongside ayman mohyeldin in jerusalem. it is the bottom of the hour. start with the morning's top stories. north korea is threatening to pull out of a planned meeting with president trump and cancelled today's high level talks with south korea over the annual joint military exercises between the south and the u.s. kim jong-un recently said he is okay with the exercises, a
2:30 am
complete 180 from decades of north korean policy. pyongyang seems to have reverted to that, calling it rude, wicked provocation and rehearsal for invasion. joining us from washington, hans nichols, and in london, hal perry. hans, i will start with you. seems like heather nauert was caught off guard. >> that was true, the pentagon where they have seemed blindsided, north korea cancelling incident r cancelling interim talks, leading to the april 27 talks. and potentially laying ground work for that summit between kim jong-un and president trump. the second statement out of north korea is perhaps more concerning if you're someone looking for a deal, in part because of the rhetoric. the rhetoric is going back to
2:31 am
february, january. you look at some of the words they're using, provocative, ruckus, they're talking about how the u.s. wants to sort of control north korea. this is clear back sliding, clear moving of the goalpost by the north koreans. now the question is how does the u.s. respond. from the pentagon, they insisted that these military exercises called max thunder are defensive in nature. they did leave space in the statement, in the statement put out that you could potentially can sell those exercises. they haven't done it yet, but there's room for the u.s. to step down a little bit. guys? >> what has been the reaction overseas? is this more of the same behavior from north korea that we should come to expect that has kind of rattled the united states and some of our allies? >> from the south koreans we have the standard fair, directly in line with what we heard from the state department, calling it regrettable that the interim
2:32 am
talks were called off. japan hopes military exercises will continue because they say that's the stabilizing need. i think hans' point is key as we wait to hear from the u.s. president. a lot of this if you're an international observer or world leader is baked in. we knew he was going to push back and flex. the variable, the thing we don't know now because we don't have a play book for it, how does the u.s. president react. does he overreact on twitter, does he say something that slowly as hans said provides a bigger, faster back slide. i think people are looking to hear from the u.s. president in the coming hours to take a cue where this is headed. >> hans, is this something that those in washington that have dealt with north korea in the past expected sort of getting in the good graces of the united states by releasing hostages, making an about face? >> it does fit a pattern. north korea has gone hot and cold on negotiations.
2:33 am
normally people say they're shocked, not surprised on something like this. the feeling at the pentagon is they were shocked and surprised, that it came out of the blue. there had been so much momentum. mike pompeo a few days ago was in north korea, bringing back the hostages, detainees, and there was indication there was a sense through the u.s. government that this time was different and that the maximum pressure campaign, this idea of economic sanctions was forcing kim jong-un to the table. if kim jong-un walks from the table, that's indication those sanctions, economic pressure isn't as harsh or strong, as much impetus as many inside the administration thought. guys? >> cal, let me ask you quickly in terms of european allies and european reaction, they have been on the sidelines of the process, it has been mostly u.s. bilateral issue with south korea. how are they going to react if in fact these talks don't
2:34 am
materialize? >> seems like the thing nobody wants to touch. there was incredible progress. we saw dramatic pictures of u.s. detainees being released and donald trump seemingly making progress. but look, it is a poison fruit. if this goes south, let's be honest, we don't know what it looks like. if you're part of the international community looking at this from a distance, distance is probably a good place to be. >> we all know the president doesn't want this to go south, we have to wait and see what his response is later today. caliper cal perry, hans nichols, thank you both. turning to a new diplomatic story, new details shedding light on why president trump has been adamant on overturning sanctions against a chinese telecom giant. according to "the wall street journal," the u.s. and china nearing a deal that would give china zte relief from the crippling sanctions from the united states. in exchange, china removing
2:35 am
tariffs as retaliation for u.s. tariffs on steel and aluminum exports. according to sources in both countries briefed on the deal, paper sources stress a deal could still fall apart, and potential agreement would explain why president trump tweeted out sunday, that tweet where he announced he was working with chinese president to get zte back in business. the company announced earlier this month its main business operations had in fact ceased, due to sanctions by the u.s. government. the journal adds the tweet took many in the inner circle by surprise, it wasn't preceded by interagency discussions on the policy. meanwhile, a group of senate democrats urge the president not to lift sanctions on zte, in fact, 33 democrats have written a letter, in it they wrote that easing penalties would call into grave doubt whether this
2:36 am
administration will put american jobs and national security first. a number of lawmakers from both parties warned zte close ties to the chinese government could make it a cyber threat to the united states. and president trump signed an executive order eliminating the top cyber security by john bolton. politico said he was leading the push in an effort to reorganize the nsc. it rearranges federal information technology infrastructure without naming replacement for previous cyber security coordinator rob joyce who left the position last week. in a statement to reuters, national security council believes the move will improve efficiency, reduce bureaucracy and increase accountability. a national security report found government systems the least
2:37 am
secure among all industries. another line of inquiry from justice department leading to a company involved in the 2016 presidential election. the doj and fbi are investigating cambridge analytica, now defunct group. it appears to be on financial dealings, according to people familiar with the inquiry. investigators sought to question former cambridge analytica employees and banks that handled its businesses. the anonymous american official told the times that facebook has also been contacted in the probe. cambridge, facebook and the justice department declined to comment. tomorrow is the one year anniversary of bob mueller's appointment by deputy ag rod rosenstein, and president trump's attorney rudy guiliani says they'll use that occasion to blast the investigation's existence, telling bloomberg we're going to try best we can
2:38 am
to put the message out there that it has been a year, there's no evidence presented of collusion or obstruction, and it is about time for them to end the investigation. guiliani added, quote, we don't want to see more action if this doesn't work. we hope they'll listen to us. obviously we have a plan b and c. they indicted former trump campaign advisers and against one lawyer, one digital marketing strategist, 13 russian nationals, and three russian companies netting five guilty pleas so far. another attorney for president trump jay goldberg hammered guiliani's careless comments in an interview with ari melber. >> there are those people think he was a wonderful prosecutor, but he has no record managing a defense of someone who is accused of wrongdoing. and to think that when he comes
2:39 am
aboard, mueller will be somehow frightened into cutting his investigation short doesn't really know the role he plays in law enforcement. for him to go on sean hannity's program without fully debriefing the president, it seems to me the height of unpreparedness. i can't imagine a lawyer for a client going on television without fully debriefing the client as to what the client expects, what the client wants. switching gears, a federal judge in washington denied paul manafort's claims as special counsel robert mueller's indictment for money laundering and other charges exceeded his authority. judge amy berman jackson ruling that rod rosenstein had followed all the justice department rules when he hired mueller, and that
2:40 am
mueller's case against manafort is not overly broad or improper. jackson found manafort's high level work for trump and russian backed political leaders made it, quote, logical for investigators to probe manafort's dealings. a spokesman for manafort says he maintains his innocence, looks forward to prevailing in this matter. a federal judge has yet to rule for dismissal in the eastern district of virginia. still ahead, everybody, president trump renews his call to crackdown on illegal immigration. the steps he is pushing for to stop the flow of people across the border. and bill karins back with another check of the forecast. potential for more severe weather in parts of the country. be right back.
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2:44 am
lawmakers to take on measures to address the issue. take a listen to this. >> we are calling on congress to secure our borders, support our border agents, stop sanctuary cities, and shutdown policies that release violent criminals back into our communities. we don't want it any longer. we've had it. enough is enough. >> all right. meanwhile, there are new signs the trump administration is moving forward with plans to split up families that enter the u.s. without documentation. according to "the washington post," the administration is making preparations to hold migrant children on military bases. bases would be used for minors under 18 who arrive at the border without an adult relative, or after the government separated them from
2:45 am
parents. elise foley points out they housed them on military bases during the 2014 border crisis when unaccompanied minor apprehensions were peaking. the difference here is it wasn't because they were split from parents intentionally. let's check the weather now with nbc meteorologist bill karins. bill, as you showed yesterday, there were downpours in about 15 minutes. >> that miserable timing in rush hour, not just new york but up through connecticut, areas of new jersey and pennsylvania had similar experience. at one point yesterday, over a half million without power. some of them have gotten it back, some haven't. train lines are still delayed in and out of new york city, a couple of cancellations. last night's evening commute was horrendous, still minor issues this morning. the rain hasn't stopped. severe weather stopped. we have light rain over the
2:46 am
mid-atlantic, steady rains through north carolina, showers towards raleigh. it is a murky atmosphere. a lot of moisture available, it is humid. there are a lot of clouds. i stopped it at 5:00 p.m. this evening. this is the evening ride home. heaviest rains in and around washington, d.c., west virginia, delaware, showers towards philadelphia, new york. then these little dots are pop up showers and thunderstorms during the afternoon. rainy set up the next couple days, tropical low near florida drifts north at the same time high pressure pumps moisture into the stalled front. this will ring moisture out over the carolinas, virginia, right up through the mid-atlantic region, slight risk of flooding next couple days south of new york city because of that expected three to four inches of rain. some areas won't see the sun until sunday afternoon, includes new york, philly, d.c. >> thanks, bill.
2:47 am
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2011, snapping an 8 day win streak on wall street. what more can you tell us? >> good morning. both ended the day down .7% and the catalyst was a move higher in the 10-year treasury yields. 3.1%. the highest level it's been since 2011. and the reason for that was stronger manufacturing data numbers that came out. which were also the strongest seen since 2011. in february the catalyst was a big sell-off in equity markets was higher yields so financial markets are watching it closely and we've seen asian markets come off a little in tandem as well. amazon are announcing a special discount program for whole foods for their prime customers, including 10% off hundreds of sales items and weekly specials such as $10 off hallebuck
2:51 am
steaks, a loyalty strategy is testing whether they can break into the grocery market dominated by kroger and walmart. currently whole foods only has about 1% market share. >> fresh from its deal with nestle, starbucks unveiled its ambitious plan to expand in china. what can you tell us about their strategy there? >> that $7 billion deal with nestle gives them cash to make the push into china. their goal is to make china the biggest market. to give you an idea only 15% of revenue currently comes from china and asia pacific. they want to triple that and they have 3,000 outlets in china, compared to 12,000 outlets in the u.s. it comes at an interesting time, given the ongoing trade tensions between the u.s. and china. >> joumanna bercetche, good to have you with us, live from london, thank you. coming up, axios' mike allen has a look at this morning's one big thing and on "morning joe,"
2:52 am
pulling the plug on the u.s./north korea summit. kim jong un's threat to scrap the meeting. and former nato supreme allied commander, admiral james stavridis break it down. and congressman tim ryan joins the conversation to discuss his anger with president trump's push to overturn sanctions against a chinese telecoms giant. neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair® works in just one week. with the fastest retinol formula available. it's clinically proven to work on fine lines and wrinkles. one week? that definitely works! rapid wrinkle repair®. and for dark spots, rapid tone repair. neutrogena®. see what's possible.
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welcome back, everybody, joining us from washington with a look at axios a.m., the co-founder of axios, mike allen. good morning to you, talk to me about axios' one big thing this morning. >> good morning, the one big thing is the rise of the pro trump media machine. so this is fascinating. during the clinton era, it was right-wing talk radio that rose, a lot of time it's the out of party that does better in the media during presidential
2:56 am
administration, but we see conservative media thriving under president trump, new salaries, new contracts for right-wing media stars, lots of conservative traffic. and new conservative outlets, all of which are acting as an amplification for what's already the biggest microphone in the world. >> it seems as if, from your reporting, mike that, this is happening across all medium. it's not just television, as we hear that reports that bill o'reilly might be returning to tv. >> you see it on local tv, "first look" and "morning joe," the sinclair echo effect, the largest chain of local affiliates around the country, running their must-run editorials with a conservative pro white house talking point embedded in them.
2:57 am
on digital, we see both new outlets, often devoted to a particular state, giving republican talking points, often looking like legitimate news outlets. and there's also been a boom on radio, and the cable tv across the board, is up as well. >> how do you think they're able to get so far ahead of this. >> what we see is even though the president, trump's enthusiast won, they still feel like outsiders. and they still feel like the mainstream media isn't giving them a fair shake. and the president very cleverly stokes this with the "fake media" and his other calls for action to his people and they're working. they want to consume more, they want to feel aggrieved, and as president trump looks ahead to
2:58 am
his 2020 re-election campaign and axios this week popped up a first look at the beginnings of that campaign, which is starting out in a basement in the republican national committee on capitol hill. right behind me, as he looks ahead, this is going to be an extremely useful tool. he has his own campaign, but now this big echo effect just about anywhere you want to turn in media. >> i know that they're looking ahead to the successes and possible issues that could feasibly arise in the run-up to 2020. talk to me about the problem that president trump has with young republicans that you found. >> yeah, i think we're going to see some numbers right here. and enthusiasm gap between republicans who are younger than 45, and those who are older. survey monkey did an analysis of the vast swath of trump polling and found that younger republican voters are less likely to be very excited about trump than are older voters.
2:59 am
and this reflects demographics of his vote at large. when i met with trump's upcoming campaign manager brad parskal. he said a good place they go to get names, place they go for their paid advertising is aol. >> mike, i want to follow up -- are you good? are you okay? >> i'm with you. >> i quickly want to follow up on the reporting that you had a couple of days ago with regards to the leaks coming out of the white house, what more are you learning about that? >> what we're seeing is that rather than trying to crack down on what's being said, that there's an effort to go after particular leakers to find them and axios' jonathan swan points out that there's a culture there that's encouraged these leaks. we see a lot of internal rivalry, and asked about why
3:00 am
they leaked. and some people even said that they mimic the i had ydioms of other colleagues, so that the leaks will sound like someone else. >> thank you, mike. we'll be reading axios a.m. in just a little bit. to our viewers, you can sign up for the newsletter at "morning joe" starts right now. come on, charlie brown, it's a big honor for you. ♪ >> wow, if it's that important, a person should never turn down a big honor. maybe i should do it. besides, she wouldn't try to trick me on traditional holiday. this time i'm going to kick that football clear to


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