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tv   MSNBC Live With Stephanie Ruhle  MSNBC  May 16, 2018 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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soviet union. and understood that the soviet union would not survive san arms race and something called sdi which, of course, democrats mocked. it brought him back to the table. and the rest as they say is shift tor history. and walk away from the table. >> but you've got to see it. that does it for us this morning, stephanie ruhle picks up the coverage right now. >> thank you, mika. i'm stephanie ruhle with breaking news this morning. the senate judiciary committee about to release transcript s related to that controversial june 2016 trump tower meeting between campaign individuals between donald trump jr. and a russian lawyer. and a very dramatic shift, north korea cancels high-level talks with south. and threatens to back out of next month's historic summit with the united states. the state department forging ahead. >> absolutely. we will continue to go ahead and plan the meeting between
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president trump and kim jong-un. and just one more thing, minutes from now, gina haspel's nomination goes to a committee vote after she secured key democratic support. but republican senator rand paul has got one more question? >> i would like to know what does she know about the surveillance of the trump campaign and why was the cia involved? >> we begin with the judiciary committee, transcripts and documenteds right now, 2500 pages related into the investigation into the infamous trump tower meeting in june 2016. i have a great team here. i want to go first for nbc's intelligence and national security reporter kendall laneny. and he's been following it from the beginning. ken, in the beginning when we heard this meeting it was just about orphans. i know the documents have come
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out as we speak, what are you looking for? >> what i'm looking for, stephanie, first and foremost, donald trump jr.'s polite answer to the question, what were you thinking? and we know that most campaigns have said they would have called the fbi, had they been confronted with such a meeting, said, don junior says, if that's what you say, i love it. and he took the meeting. and a lot of people believe on its face that's evidence that he was intending to collude with russia. he has denied that this was collusion. but i want to see what he answered in follow-up questions about precise details of what he knew and particularly what his father knew. what we know about the meeting, there's been no evidence that the russians offered particularly incriminating ne i
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information on hillary clinton. so, that's another big question is what does tread president-elect trump know about this, when did he know it and what did he say in response to media inquiries, stephanie. >> but let's be clear, the transcripts that we're seeing is from the intel committee, it isn't from the judiciary. if we're seeing questions that robert mueller is asking, robert mueller knows a whole lot more than our lawmakers do? >> that's correct. he has intercepts of what russians may have said about this meeting that congress does not have. but what we're going to see, transcripts from all of the participants in the meeting, including people, a representative the family, the oligarchs setting this up. and we're goes to hear rob goldstone statement.
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and paul manafort also sitting in on this meeting. so, we're hoping to learn more details about this meeting which a lot of people say looms large, at least in establishing the intent of the trump campaign in incriminating information about hillary clinton. >> i got to ask you, how does the white house feel about this transcript being released? >> you know, we have not heard from them but it can't be a great day for the white house anytime we're focusing on this kind of a subject. >> well, we don't know the answer to that yet, because we don't know what's in the transcript. ken, i know you'll bring that to us as soon as you see what's in it. and now the other massive story, north korea threatening to walk away with that historic summit with president trump. it seems like it happened fast. it certainly did, all within the last 24 hours. it was just before noon on tuesday that we got word that north koreans were cancelling a high-level meeting with south korea that was supposed to take place today. the official reason, joint
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military drills, an annual exercise that kim jong-un amounts to military provocation. and also threatening to cancel the summit with president trump. it says the issue is, quote, loose talk from the trump administration. a leading official calls it quote, a sinister movement to impose on the dignified state of libya or iraq which has been collapsed due to the yielding the whole of their countries to big powers. if the u.s. is trying to drive us into a corner to force our unilateral abandonment we will no longer be interested in such a dialogue. in the last hour, sarah sanders responded by saying the at station
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administration is taking this in strive? >> this is something we fully expected. the president is used and ready for tough negotiations if they want to meet, we'll be ready. if they don't, that's, too. like i just said, if they want to meet, the president will certainly be ready. and we will be prepared. but if not, that's okay. we're still hopeful that it takes place. we think the same thing that we thought yesterday. that it's an important conversation to have. it's something that, again, we're hopeful that it does. this is the president trump model. he's going to run this the way he sees fit. we're 100% confident as we said many times before, and as we all know that you're aware, he's the best negotiator. and we're very confident in that process. >> no, sarah sanders, we're not saul aware that president trump is the best negotiator. i appreciate those are your views. i want to go to nbc's kelly o'donnell at the white house. where are we going from here?
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>> reporter: well, keeping calm and going on. that's not what the trump administration likes to borrow from the ick but that phrase seems to apply. they expected there would be in ripple in this from some 3 1/2 weeks from now when the meeting is set to take place. but at the same time, earlier in the year, one of the conditions was that north korea would not object to planned military exercises between the u.s. and south korea and. and so objecting now is curious, at the same time, it is also expected that president moon of south korea will visit the white house next week. that is a part of the buildup toward these meetings. and so, right now, the white house is saying they will continue the maximum campaign of economic pressure. if kim jong-un does not want to be at the table, we've seen how president trump has said he's prepared to walk away if there isn't progress even during the meeting. so, this is one of those speed bumps that the white house claims they expected. at the same time, lots of phone
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calls have been happening. the president has been checking in with the secretary of state and his national security adviser. but to try to have a strategy to deal with this iteration, but they expected some ripple in the energy heading towards june 12th because north korea, historically, has not always been a predictable partner in any kind of national negotiation. so, at this point, it's not what they'd like to see, but they are trying to play it cool and act like this is something that can simply be worked through. >> be calm and carry on is a way to look at it. we are dealing with an unpredictable leader in the north korea as well as here in the united states. i want to bring my panel here, a former white house senior adviser for the state department. a.b. stoddard and bill cohen, special correspondent for "vanity fair." should anyone be surprised by this, and i want to share a few
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headlines. new york magazine head line, narc surprises administration by looking like north korea. "the new york times" says north korea returns to form. and says it was entirely predictable. >> it was. you're dealing with personalities over process. that's where it has been the entire time as the summit has come together. donald trump who turned this into a massive pr stunt. kim jong-un, it's all about him and his dictatorship and how he wants to keep control of his country. there has been no official process of going back and forth and discussing what the negotiation is actually about. the priority has been having a big summit at the expense of any decision. and kim jong-un, frankly is taking advantage of that. he realizes that donald trump has put credibility on the line and talking about getting a nobel peace prize because of his summit. and kim is using that to his advantage, he's trying to get
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concessions and operating as anyone would in a proper negotiation process. unfortunately, the united states does not have the upper hand. >> all right. it was most likely premature for anyone to be awarding or calling that donald trump should be accepting a nobel peace prize. a.b., i want to share what "the new york times" said, the warnings caught trump administration officials off guard and set off an internal debate over whether mr. kim was merely posturing in advance of the meeting next month or was erectsing a serious new hurdle." >> i think they don't know at this point, he was acquiescing and going along so smoothly. and president trump was saying, look, no one has gotten us to this point before. >> and he was right. >> right. at one point, kim jong-un was going to at least try to get the upper hand and not have the weaker hand. he knew about these military
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exercises. there was no development that caused him and his government to make the statement overnight. saying we're not going to be libya, we're not going to be iraq. it looks like it was planned. it's a bump along the path to raise the stakes to inject some tension and to try to get some leverage again. pointedly, at saouth korea, he knows he has with president moon and with president trump, someone who wants a deal. i think it's not at all surprising that he was going to behave like his father and grandfather. remember that the meetings that he's already gotten with mike pompeo are historic and unprecedented. and the ending for the north koreans just to even have the summit in and of itself. the idea that they would completely denuclearize has seemed a stretch. >> exactly to your point, the mike pompeo meetings, huge development. if the summit takes place that would be huge. bill, what does the white house
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need to do to get the summit back on track? >> well i'm no fan, as you know of the quote/unquote trump motto of negotiating. >> it can be a good thing. >> it can be a good thing and has worked for him so far. i do agree, believe it or not, with sarah sanders when she says keep calm and carry on. there are any number of histo c historical references. but one of my favorite, during the cuban missile crisis, when they sent the kennedys two letters, one, we're going to blow up. and bobby kennedy chose to ignore the first threatening letter and focus on the second more accommodating letter. and that's the one he responded to. so, in this situation, i think, you have to ignore this kind of feeling that we're going to blow this up and not have the summit and just continue on. obviously, they knew about the gaming that was going to take place. he's got to flex his muscles. it was too smooth along the way.
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i think he's frankly testing mike pompeo the new secretary of state and john bolton. >> not showing all of the cards that you have is the smarter way to play poker. i want to stay on the john bolton quote. citing this as part of the problem, listen. >> i think the phrase that we've used and continue to use is complete verifiable and irreversible denuclearization sfp. >> but what is the u.s. prepared to offer north korea for denuclearization? is it just sanctions or economic aid? >> well, i would look for economic aid from us. i think the prospect for north korea is to become a normal nation. to behave and interact with the rest of the world the way south korea does. >> did the trump administration overstep? north korea also took issue with bolton describing this as the libya model for north korea. if i'm kim jong-un and i say the
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libya model, we know how that worked out for kadafi. >> right. the deal with iran and the -- really, kadafi and kim jong-un, all they have to offer their people is that sense of the authoritarian military doctrine. and without being a nuclear power, kim's not going to be able to maintain his control over -- not just his own people, but even his own military leadership. so, the idea that he would immediately come to the table and denuclearize is very difficult for him to stomach. this, the idea of verification, is exactly what caused north korea to walk away from the six-water talks under condoleezza rice, and george bush. the benefit of having multiparty talks and bringing other people to the table is the united states, in that situation, was not bearing all of the risk. there was additional pressure. you were able to spread the risk
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around to other countries. the risk i mean is the risk of saving face. this is going to be very challenging for donald trump to figure out how does he come out of this as seemingly the upper hand and not look like the united states has weakened i eer in the region. >> the north korean write, we shed light on the quality of bolton already until the past. and do not hold our feelings of repugnance against him. he wrote a preemptive strike? >> it's amazing what they're doing in terms of studying the heart of coalition, his supporters. there are a number of trump supporters that did not want him to pick somebody like john bolton. they were against it from the start. he was talked out of picking john bolton several timings over the years for different jobs.
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and this posture that bolton takes traditionally in his career, doesn't fit with what trump promised on the campaign trail. now, you see the chinese going after soybean farmers and trump is struggling to mitigate the effects of that in his own coalition and republican demonstrate states facing tough midterms as a result of those tariffs. they're very keen on hitting him where it hurts. and i know that bolton is a source of dissent anyway, that there's not a marriage between james mattis and john bolton, so it's interesting that they're not only trying to separate them from us. but also the north korean leader is obviously trying to separate people in the administration as well. >> the other thing about president trump, he gets his feelings hurt. we know this. i'm not saying it in a sassy way. in a statement, they go on to say it is a ridiculous comedy to
6:17 am
see that the trump administration still clings to the outdated policy on the dprk. if president trump follows in the footsteps of his predecessors, he will be recorded as more tragic and unsuccessful. those are where he exactly hits president trump where it hurts. he's an offensable guy. he wants to do better than george bush. and north korea said, sorry, guy. >> and he wants to do things that neither can accomplish. >> right. >> we know the motivation is there, it's nice he's a sensitive man. that's very important these days. i think the other thing, bringing it back to reality, last week, president trump tore up the iran nuclear agreement. >> he did do that. >> if i'm north korea, i'm thinking that was negotiated over many years, very complicated agreement, he's tearing that in a deal. then if i'm north korea, why would i want to enter into an
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agreement that he's just going to tear up and ignore down the road. >> maybe if i'm north korea, i don't want a contentious relationship. quickly, does the summit happen? >> yes. >> yes. >> yes. >> wow, yeses across the board. jackpot. we have to go to the breaking news i talked about earlier. thousands of pages detailing the 2016 meeting between campaign officials and a russian lawyer. what we found out -- next. but first, yesterday, we found out the president's tweet about chinese jobs had come just days after the chinese government agreed to put a whopping $500,000 with state-own banks with guess who, the trump organization. it's not the money but what the money is for. the one and only stephen colbert. >> it turns out the trump organization is getting money
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welcome back. i'm stephanie ruhle. updating you on breaking news. we're learning brand-new details from just released judiciary transcripts into the june 2016
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meeting between campaign officials and a russian lawyer. let's go back to national security reporter and fortunately for us a graduate of the evelyn woods speed reading course, ken dilanian. okay, you're going through the transcripts. first, i need to know, why would the senate judiciary committee release this? >> well, stephanie, we have a whole team of people actually going through the transcripts. one of the reasons the republicans who run through this, are framing this as a nothing burger. what they're saying in their guidance document, look, this is not evidence of collusion. everyone here is telling the same story. this is about a lobbying effort between a lawyer and her colleagues who helped to get that passed. and yes, there was this thing offered about the information on donors but the trump team really wasn't that interested in. -t. so far, we haven't seen anything
6:24 am
to contradicts that. what we have seen, a sideline, mr. aguilera, the oligarcoligar there's been reporting about that that trump wrote a letter to putin during that time. but this contradicts the late statements that he wasn't that interested in vladimir putin didn't know him very well. he was very interested in meeting vladimir putin in 2013 at the miss universe pageant. >> except, the sidebar is that this guy tried to set up the meeting with putin and the meeting didn't happen. well, then that could mean that trump wasn't interested in 2. >> no the meeting clearly didn't happen because on other reporting because vladimir putin's team didn't make it happen. but trump clearly wanted the meeting, stephanie. >> okeydoke. walks through, i see the ap is
6:25 am
reporting th reporting th reporting that donald trump jr. said he couldn't remember when he discussed the russians with his father. can he give that answer, i don't remember? and can he give that answer to robert mueller? and one more -- is he under oath? >> he's not technically under oath for these interviews, but it's a crime to lie to congress. it's a material distinction. if you lie in these interviews, you're committing a felony. but look, your point about robert mueller is well taken. robert mueller is not only going to ask the question, he's going to have a whole bailiwick of other evidence. if in fact they did discuss that with his father, robert mueller has some way to get at that. and there may be a reason that robert mueller, as far as we know has not yet interviewed donald trump or summoned him to the grand jury. he's interviewed many of the people that we've seen today, including that russian lobbyist
6:26 am
and others. and has seen the transcripts but has not interviewed don junior. i saw that don junior said he does not discuss this meeting with his father before it happened. that's an important disclosure because investigators want to know badly whether that's true. >> i want to share this excerpt from the transcript, donald trump jr. is what natalia veselnitskaya was talking about. i'm not sureful they were u.s. or russia-based, but business people who are supporters of the dnc. and perhaps hillary clinton were in some sort of tax scheme to avoid paying taxes to united states and russia. he asked if senator foster if veselnitskaya provided the names of those people. he answers, not that i remember.
6:27 am
it was fairly jumbled. it didn't seem at all relevant, so i don't recall, but she may have. >> yeah, this is consistent with the story that veselnitskaya has told nbc news and others have explained which is heis she's t to attack of the magnitsky act. and browder has supported democrats and some compatriots. and she thought bringing that to the trump campaign would be helpful for them. but they didn't see it at all and saw it as a nothing burger and a side issue. and that's the story. other people look at the thing and say was this a dangle, this is a woman who had ties with the kremlin. willing to meet with a russian lawyer with the promise of incriminating evidences about
6:28 am
their opponent. that's important, stephanie. zblal wi stay with us, ken, i want to bring in seth lassman. senator chuck grassley, a republican, leads this committee saying he wanted to release this saying this thing is a nothing burger. when i look at the senators in the room for the majority of this, they're democrats. why release this now? what's going on here? >> i think they're trying to continue their narrative that this is a nothing burger just as you put it there there's no collusion or conspiracy between the russians and the trump campaign on the other. but as we all know, bob mueller runs a very different investigation with much different tools, wiretaps, search warrants for e-mails. and it's those documentary records that oftentimes, in these kind of cases really tell the real tale. the fact that the republicans
6:29 am
put out this doesn't amount to much to me is like the preview of a movie trailer that is not very clear and we're not seeing the full picture here. unless we see the robert mueller evidence that there was this conspiracy. in other words, an offer for dirt on hillary clinton which is a classic quid pro quo that robert mueller can be using to exci indict or investigate a bribery scheme. i think that's what goes to the heart of bob mueller's potential conspiracy. >> tomorrow marks the one-year anniversary of bob mueller's investigation. releasing this, is that a smart move -- people across the country -- not everyone, but people are growing tired of this saying wake me up when you finally have the 10,000 pound gorilla. and if there's not the 10,000
6:30 am
pound gorilla, is that a win for republicans? as we look ahead to midterm and republicans are trying to figure out whether they're on team trump or not? >> i think this may be a short-term win. a day-win. going through 2500 pages is a lot of work. chuck grassley is a very crafty guy. obviously, he knows there's probably not much in here that would be considered a smoking gun and that bob mueller has a very different investigation going on. why not dominate the news for 2500 pages for a day or so, get a little bit of a wind, disrupt the democratic narrative and move on. and while we wait for bob mueller to land the 10,000 pound gorilla. >> if there is nothing significant, does this hurt bob mueller's chance to be protected with republicans? >> no, no, this is different. this is evidence that congressional republicans are continuing to work closely with
6:31 am
the white house on what rudy giuliani who is so wonderful and open about this stuff announces a campaign anniversary on the day of this probe to basically blast it quote/unquote. bob mueller is running a different investigation, members of congress know that. and they know, most of all of them, has said that bob mueller needs to finish his job unimpaired. with the exception of devin nunes and others trying to shut it down. they've all defended it including trey gowdy. they know it's a significant consideration. and know and have said things like they know more about the trump campaign than anybody on the trump campaign. >> how scary is that? >> they have texting that he did not only at 3:00 and before and after, and it refreshes the memory.
6:32 am
so, this transcript of don junior doesn't add up to much. it's good spin, you're right. it can make people say wow, sounds like a nothing burger. >> and we just got this statement from donald trump jr., i appreciate the inquiry into the judiciary. the public can say for five hours i answered every committee and was forthcoming. i once again thank chairman grassley and finestein as well as others for their courtesy and professionalism. i just want to remind the audience again, don junior answered i don't remember when asked if he spoke to his father, president donald trump about the russian investigation. so you can decide whether you believe that is or is not forth right. seth, i want to ask you about the development around the sean spicer, short-term volunteer.
6:33 am
paul manafort a former judge in d.c. denied that it's exceeding his authority. what's that mean for manafort? >> i think contrary to the republicans releasing the statement about the transcripts this is a federal judge in washington, d.c. who has provided a sweeping victory for the mueller team. she's denied that and did that on several grounds. he's a well respected judge here in washington, d.c. she said first that the investigation and indictment fits squarely into robert mueller's mandate with the trump campaign. she said based on that basis alone mr. manafort's fails. finally, she said that a private citizen like mr. manafort does not have standing or the right
6:34 am
to challenge internal doj or department of justice regulation. so, even if you didn't have the first two grounds, really, mr. manafort, as a private citizen, can't dig into and challenge the innerworkings of the department of justice. she really provided a sweeping victory to mr. mueller. a judge has taken a different view and off-the-cuff remarks he made, judge ellis. and one wonders whether this judge's decision in d.c. will lead into that second indictment against mr. manafort in virginia. and when that virginia judge issues his ruling whether it will look a lot more judge jackson's ruling in washington, d.c. >> to your point, judge ellis seemed to be tough a week ago. your last trial that you argued as a federal prosecutor was before amy berman jackson. who is she? what is she like? >> i did try my last case as a
6:35 am
federal prosecutor in 2016 in front of the judge. she's a well-respected judge. well-thought out. she provides clear guidance in court and her rulings. i think the ruling she issued is right in line with that. she set out multiple bases for gene denying mr. manafort's motion. and on top of that she made is it essentially appellate proof. in other words she hasn't left any ground for the appellate court to say this judge got it wrong. judge jackson has issued a well-thought out opinion that really grants as i said, mr. mueller's team a sweeping victory. >> we have a lot more of these page, 2500 to go through. and we'll keep updating you as we can. up next, a big day for the trump administration. on the hill, a senate committee has approved gina haspel's confirmation going to the
6:36 am
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but he hasoke up wwork to so he took aleve. if he'd taken tylenol, he'd be stopping for more pills right now. only aleve has the strength to stop tough pain for up to 12 hours with just one pill. aleve. all day strong. welcome back. i'm stephanie ruhle. we want to bring you a little more from the documents just released from the senate judiciary committee who is looking into that trump tower meeting that took place in 2016. at one point, the document
6:40 am
showed don junior being asked about his july 8th statement, the one in which he claimed the meeting was solely about russian adoptions. when asked if his father had helped draft that statement. he said, i don't know. i never spoke to my father about it. remember, "the post" had reported that president, quote, personally dictated that statement. don junior is later asked if the president provided any edits or input for that statement. he relies, quote, he may have comments through hope hicks. remember, hope hicks had been on president trump's communication team by his side, since the beginning of the campaign. she left the white house, i want to say a couple months ago. possibly the day after she spoke to the committee. and we've got more breaking news, moments ago the senate intelligence committee voted to advance gina haspel as president's trump to be cia director setting up a full senate vote for some time next week.
6:41 am
let's go live to kasie hunt. how is haspel able to pick up democratic support? >> well, stephanie, what really it was, a letter that she sent over to mark warner, the vice chair of the committee saying what he wasn't willing to say in the public hearing. she basically said we should not have used those interrogation techniques, torture. you see a piece of the letter right there. and she spelled out. and you'll remember, she came under tough exchanges with senators who are trying to get her to acknowledge that the program was immoral. she took a lot of heat that far. and then the flap with john mccain and the remark from kelly sadler, the white house aide. and then she sent this letter and today, we saw her approve by the senate intelligence committee, including vice chairman, mark warner, joe
6:42 am
manch manchin, you see there. and there are democrats on the scene right now who said they will support her. joe donaldlely. heidi heitkamp. and one of the things they're all facing tough re-election fights coming up in the fall. >> all right. i've got to ask you about epa chair scott pruitt. he's testifying today about his agency's budget. this has got to be a brutal one, given his lavish international travel and all of the bells and whistles he's got around him in that office. including that very special, very expensive soundproof phone booth in his office. >> and $33,000 i think was the price tag on that. and yes, you mentioned the raises for those favored employees. that was a favorite topic among members of congress when he was up here for a series of other -- these hearings are routine. he's not being dragged up to capitol hill to answer questions about the spending.
6:43 am
but yet, these are regularly scheduled programming to talk about the budgeting of the epa. but you will see democrats press him on these topics. he emerged from this relatively unscathed. he was surrounded by a group of aides. however, i will say, steph, we heard interesting words from the chairman of the senate yesterday, chuck grassley, who said he may have a different problem with scott pruitt. take a look. >> i think a person appointed by the president told us in january, he got the message from the government, he was in our office last november. he said he got the message. and if he got the message, you don't do things that detract from that message. >> so, what he's talking about there, are dual standards for ethanol, he said essentially, chuck grassley, that he would call on pruitt to resign if pruitt didn't stop offering these waivers for factories to
6:44 am
let them out of a certain amount of ethanol for their fuel which is important to grassley in his state where he's from. if you're unhappy with the situation with scott pruitt, they may be calling for him to resign, but so far, not a ground swell on all of that pile of ethics problems. >> well, if he didn't get the message, maybe that $33,000 phone booth isn't working. up next, money, power, politics. president trump filed for financial disclosure forms so what can we expect to find? later today, democratic senators will force a vote on net neutrality. they're trying to reinstate rules that the s.e.c. put in last year. it's a razor thin vote that is not expected to be taken up in the house. ils,
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6:49 am
bucks in 2016. and had a minimum net worth of $1.1 billion. so, why is this year's form drawing so much attention? experts want to see if it discloses the $130,000 reimbursement to michael cohen. that took place after cohen paid adult film star stormy daniels to keep quiet about a relationship. joining me now, nbc correspondent ben compton and along with a.b. stod erdard. when somebody is worth 1 point whatever billion dollars why is a payment like this that significant? >> well, these forms are just giving us a snapshot of trump's finances. the reason why we want to know the payment is, because did he lie about it? and we want to see how the
6:50 am
payment was processed did it go through any of these things giuliani has made some noise that they may classify as legal with the trip-up, is he he breaking any disclosure requirements? >> if he's breaking disclosure requirements, what's the punishment? even if he doesais does have a campaign violation, it's not that big of a deal. what's the ramifications? >> he could be looking at fines. there's some fines in the tens of thousands of dollars, and it also depends on kind of what the rest of the government thinks of it. he could face a congressional ethics hearing. it depends on how the rest of the government is going to react to it. >> okay. but do we think the government is going to do anything? all day long every day we talk about -- we use the word clrep tackcracy.
6:51 am
and the government has done nothing. 130 do you dolla $130,000 payment isn't going to make them blink. they're not worried about the chinese government putting a road through singapore. >> trump as president has never separated himself from his businesses and continues to profit from them. >> and he smiles and the government doesn't care. >> his foreign governments come and stay at the trump hotel in order to create favor with president trump. he's making a profit there. his -- his daughter is doing business in asia, this is sort of an open arrangement. and there hasn't been any sanction on it and it continues unabated. so far i think if you look at polling, the president -- no one cares in his evangelical coalition, in all of the people who support donald trump, everyone thinks he lied initially about the stormy daniels thing and no one cares that he did it. the best thing for is to put it out there, i don't know what he
6:52 am
did and move past it. his real problem is michael cohen, obviously, and other things that michael cohen was connected with in the trump organization and possibly connected to deals in russia and that's what the white house is nervous about. >> on monday night i was with businessmen who said i think he's reprehensible, self-dealing, it makes me sick but he's getting things done. i like my tax cuts. evangelicals like the judges so none of this matters. >> the businessmen like the tax cut? >> yes. >> they like it for their corporations, the clients. >> for the corporations. >> look, as mike bloomberg said to the rice university student the other day. >> extraordinary speech if you haven't seen it, watch it online. >> be honest, tell the truth, vining at the gritty. that's the biggest problem with this administration, lack of integrity, lack of honesty, lack of forthrightness. did the 130,000 on the disclosure form, to me, that's
6:53 am
small beer. but what about the hundreds of millions of dollars that we are definite continued to find out that he got in loans from russian oligarchs or russians corporations or russian banks that's he's not disclosed on any financial disclosure form, that's what i want to know about. >> but does that matter to the american voter or enough american voters? because what you just described about president trump is exactly the person he was a year ago. >> of course. >> i think if he -- >> they make up their mind. it doesn't matter did he pay stormy daniels out of the his personal account or with traveler's checks or with pennies. people have made -- >> traveler's checks, bringing it old school. >> absolutely. >> i think if he laundered russian money or his associates did, that it was owing ga-- ole oligarchs connected so them that's a big deal. >> do the people that supported
6:54 am
him still support him? obviously we'll see the first big test in november and then we'll get a read from the american people about what they think about all of this. coming up, the latest revelations from the testimony surrounding that 2016 meeting at trump tower, including how donald trump jr. describes the trump organization's business ties with russia. ♪ ♪ (baby crying) ♪ ♪ don't juggle your home life and work life without it. ♪ ♪
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6:58 am
breaking news. learning brand-new details from the judiciary transcripts into that june 2016 trump tower meeting between trump campaign officials and a russian lawyer. you have new information on jared kushner and it's important to explain that jared did not sit for an interview, he just schmitted a statement? >> that's correct. there's a reminder there are many of them that did interviews with the intel committee meeting. he i can submitted a written statement in which he describes his participation in that meeting as brief. he says he arrived ten minutes late and that he was so bored by the proceedings that he was e-mailing his assistant saying give me a call so i have an excuse to leave the room. >> that's respectful. >> so that lines up with what we've heard from other participants on the trump campaign side who have tried to portray this meeting as a nothing burger, there was nothing in it for them. there was another transcript that was revealed that showed that paul manafort was looking at his phone the entire time.
6:59 am
this is lining up with their idea that that therewas nothing new. what was interesting in his statement that he provided to the committee as well not having do with the trump tower meeting but having to do with another contact which hasn't been reported before, he says he received an e-mail from somebody identifying them self as gucifer who offered him bitcoin in return for not releasing trump's tax return. that's right. >> hold on one more time. >> i'll read it. >> gucifer e-mails jared and says if you do not release donald trump's tax returns i'm going to pay new bitcoin? >> that's right. he said he was e-mailed by somebody calling himself gucifer 400 or else he would release donald trump's tax returns. >> oh, i'm sorry. >> i want to make sure i get that correct here. >> this guy says you pay me 52 bit coins or i'm releasing your father-in-law's tax return. and what did jared do with that e-mail. >> kushner says he asked a secret service agent on the plane what do about it and he followed the advice to ignore
7:00 am
it. this is something that he's reporting in a due diligence effort. it's not clear whether this was a serious attempt at blackmail or extortion. that wraps us up this hour. thank you for your patience and staying with me. i'll see you again at 11:00. coming up right now, more news with hallie jackson. i'm hallie jackson in washington where it's a whirlwind wednesday starting with the breaking news, secret congressional testimony from donald trump jr. now public. what he says about that trump tower meeting with the russians, what he said or did not say to his dad about it, and what democrats say it all means and how it fits into the special counsel investigation ahead of the one-year mark for robert mueller. chuck grassley just speak, we'll bring that to you in a second. also right now on the hill, a cambridge collapse. that data firm in the spotlight with reports this morning the fbi and doj are investigating the now defunct company. we're also talking about what could be a


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