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tv   MSNBC Live With Velshi and Ruhle  MSNBC  May 18, 2018 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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for you, over to ali velshi in new york. >> good morning. we'll chat with you later on. good morning, everybody. my colleague stephanie rule as you just saw on assignment in england. she'll join us later this hour. >> president trump's attorney rudy giuliani had a lot more to say about the russia investigation. >> i think it should be wrapped up completely. i think they should apologize for putting him through this. >> rudy giuliani was on tv this morning. >> there may be a narrowing of questions. is that accurate. >> yes. as of wednesday night. i can't go into detail, but narrow og subjects for questioning down to about two. >> this is why -- >> he's telling the truth and has told the truth. he has no reason not to. there's no possible jeopardy here of any kind except from an unfair media. >> is there, in fact, an informant or not? this is something the president and his allies seized on. >> we're told there were two
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infi infiltratio infiltrations, two embedded people in the campaign. it just adds one more kind of heavy weight on paul manafort's shoulders. >> the fact that his son-in-law has flipped and is now cooperating with thorauthoritie raises questions about what secrets he may know about manafort. >> china is shooting down reports they offered a deal that would slash the deficit with the country by $200 billion. there was an effort to strike a deal and avoid a full blown trade war. >> when you're losing $500 billion a year on trade, you can't lose the trade war. you've already lost it. >> he doesn't want a trade war. he knows if he gets one, all of his achievements on the economy are at risk. his main focus is the number has to come down. that gets him into trouble, because it winds up hurting him with the manufacturing base and
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a lot of people who see the real world impact of tariffs and that stuff on their businesses. >> after rumbling back to life this week, kilauea blew. >> the massive volcanic eruption shot five miles into the air. >> fissures like the one behind me continue to blast open sending lava sky high. >> officials are worried about the new blanket of ash choking local communities. >> oh, god, it's putrid. it's disgusting. it's so thick. it's not even air. >> nothing has stopped the lava bombs and geysers of fire destroying homes. >> it's terrifying. >> while geologists don't know if that massive crater will blow again, it's also unsure when the fissures will stop spouting gas and lav va. it's a volatile situation on the ground. >> a lot of stories. reports of several people
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injured in a school shooting in texas. it happened 30 miles southeast of houston at santa fe high school. police and the atf responding to reports of shots fired just before 8:00 a.m. local time prompting a lockdown. the police say they have one person in custody. the school district confirmed the situation remains active. but it has been contained. here's what we heard from some students and parents as they left the scene. >> next thing we know, we just hear so many gunshots. teachers are telling us to run, run, go, run. me and my friend ryan ran to get shelter, and that's where i found my mom. i thought i was going -- i was having an asthma attack. and i just wanted to be home. >> he was in that classroom where the shooter was. according to him there were three students down in the classroom, and when they were
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coming out, there were students down outside the back door of the school. >> she called me and said mom, there's shots. i said what. she said there's shots in the school and she was crying. i turned around and just hauled it to the school. >> i want to bring in a retired nypd lieutenant and also tammy lightener. what's the latest information. >> the sheriff's office said that there are multiple casualties. the scene is controlled, though, in the manner that the shooter is in custody. all we know at this point is that he is a male. this all started around 7:45 a.m. when some of the students reported hearing a fire alarm go off. and as they were filing out of the classrooms, they said they started hearing what they thought were gunshots. around 8:10:00 a.m. the school went into lockdown, and then we
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started seeing students filing out of the school, and this is a scene that's played out so many times over and over. police officers searching the students, and that's something that's typical. they have to do that. they're not sure at that point if the gunman is mixed in with the students so they're searching all the student as they're filing out of the classroom. right now we know police are on scene. the students are out of the classrooms, but the officers are going tactical officers are going classroom to classroom to make sure that everything is secure. we know that atf is also responding on the scene. as i reported a few minutes ago, there are multiple injuries at this point. ali? >> darren, when tammy and i covered the parkland shooting in the early stages, we -- it took a long time to get reports of casualties. again, they didn't have the shooter in custody at the time that happened while we were in the live coverage on air. the idea that police say it's
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contained or controlled indicates they believe they've got the shooter or the totality of the number of shooters. >> i believe so. we're speaking from a position of conjecture at this point. the one thing that's interesting to me, i see a common demom nay or the. look at nikolas cruz. he pulled the fire alarm. the same true is in this shooting in santa fe. so generally speaking from a law enforcement perspective, we want to be available with the possibility of either sheltering in place or evacuation. but the shooter in these types of cases removes that option from sheltering in place. therefore, you now have the evacuation. and now it presents a very arduous task for law enforcement moving forward in terms of detecting the shooter or protecting the public that's evacuating as a result. >> right. because students are taught these days, sadly, about what to do in what's called a code red situation or an active shooter situation. when that -- what students can't
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be trained to do is understand the distinctions between these things. right? if a fire alarm goes offer, you're taught to leave the building. code red, you seek shelter in place. now there's an easy way to confuse them. if there's a shooter, pull the fire alarm. how do police responding to a scene like this deal with it? we believe that nikolas cruz went out with the rest of the students in parkland. >> it's a different approach based on the situations that you have. one of the things that we look at, the evolution in police training changed significantly. now we train the officer on scene to be that person that actively addresses the threat. and so when we look at what happened in parkland, for example, when we had the officer that stood outside. we train the officers to go inside and directly confront the threat. that officer on the scene initially, it's either ohe or se that's the focal point and
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protection of the students depending on when s.w.a.t., and resources get in. when we look at that particular component being removed, the students going out in the evacuation, it's a real arduous task. one of the things you have to focus on is your communications and these drills that the students go through in the past such as the lockdown drills you mentioned earlier. >> we received a tweet from donald trump. early reports not looking good. good bless all. it's interesting. usually the president waits a little while. obviously he has been briefed. we don't know whether the president is getting his information from watching television news or whether he's getting it from better sources. there's more information we're not able to confirm or report coming in from local news. we did hear the harris county sheriff's department tweeting multiple casualties. and we are now confirming, nbc through its affiliate is now confirming that eight people have been killed in the school
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shooting in santa fe, texas, about 30 miles from houston. nbc affiliates on the ground confirming eight people have been killed. darren, this is, again, i take us back to our reporting on parkland. the information now comes out largely because police are able to get access to the scene and see what happened. >> right. and in addition to this, this sets forth as an intelligence factor for us, because the shooter is now in custody. this is more of an aberration than the norm. we look at nikolas cruz. >> stand by. we hear we have doctors speaking outside. let's listen in. >> reporter: what is their condition? are they critical or serious? >> i know that one is in the operating room, and that's pretty much all the information i have about their condition. >> one in the operating room -- student? staff? >> i don't know. it's an adult. i do know that. >> reporter: adult male? >> i don't have that information, but that is possible. >> reporter: do you know if you have any students here?
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>> we have one person under 18 who i assume was a student. >> reporter: and the other two are adults? >> yes. >> reporter: were you expecting more survivals? >> we're ready for more patients. we're always ready to take patients with life threatening traumatic injuries and ready for more if they come. we have not heard that any are on their way at this point. >> reporter: i heard you had just done a mass casualty drill a few weeks ago to prepare for this. can you talk about what it's like right now in the emergency room? >> people are taking care of the patients, and waiting for more. there's personnel. we had additional personnel in and trauma surgeons. they're ready for more patients if they come. >> reporter: you say you have one in surgery. the other two, did they go into surgery already or they did not need surgery? >> one is in the emergency department and one has been admitted to the hospital. >> reporter: so will they need surgery too? >> i don't know that yet.
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they're still assessing their conditions, and i'll let you know at 11:45 at the next update. >> reporter: there are parents who don't know where their child is out or their loved one, should they come to the hospital? what can you say? >> we have an area set up with the social workers. if parents show up, we'll try to help them as best we can to find out what's going on with their children. i hear the scene is chaotic, there are resources for parents there also. >> reporter: and are people starting to show up, people with loved ones? >> i don't have that information. we did have a couple of family members accompany a patient, but that's all i know. >> reporter: what is it like for you guys right now to see this happening in your trauma center? >> it's heart breaking. our hearts go out to santa fe and the students and residents. >> reporter: those people that aren't in surgery, is that a sign that they are okay? that this is -- >> i don't know their condition. they may require additional
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care, but i don't know the extent of their injuries or what they're going to need later on yet. >> reporter: doctor, do you have anything else to add as well? >> no. i think as the doctor said, we're prepared and the patients are getting excellent care, and under the best care of physicians and nursing. we don't want anything like this happening anywhere, but we're always prepared. >> this is the first time this has happened in your trauma center. what's going through your mind? >> i think one of the reasons is we always think that it's never going to happen at your place, but we always prepare for it. you know, as you know, we always prepare for these drills here. we are a hurricane zone, so we always prepare for these disaster both manmade as well as natural. >> reporter: one more time for people tuning in right now, can you go over the injuries and the patients one more time for us? >> we've received three
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patients. two adults and one person under 18 years of age. we know one adult and you said it was a male, is in our operating room undergoing surgery at this time. one patient has been admitted to the hospital. i think that was the person under 18. and the other person is in our emergency room being evaluated and treated. >> reporter: what's the message to the families and community right now? >> we're here for you. we're ready to serve anybody that needs our services. >> reporter: thank you, doctors. we'll let you get back to it. we appreciate it. >> another update at 11 :45. >> harris county saying eight people are dead. harris county sheriff had just tweeted one is in custody. a second one detained. an injured police officer is being treated. the extent of his injuries are unknown. a tweet by the president of the united states saying early reports not looking good. let's listen into our affiliate kprc in texas. >> emergency room being
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evaluated and treated. >> what's the rmessage to the community? >> we're here for you. we're ready to serve anybody that needs our services. >> reporter: thank you, doctors. we'll let you get back to it. >> thank you. >> another update at about 11 :45. >> reporter: okay. if you're still on with us right now, i want to let you know -- >> all right. you've been listening to a news conference from the hospital. we know they have three patients at the hospital right now. >> a profound moment. as the doctor laid out the situation on the scene for reporters he said, you know, my heart goes out to all the students and teachers and staff at santa fe high school and he got choked up. the gravity of the situation really beginning to sink in in terms of the enormity of the tragedy and what took place this morning at santa fe high school. >> we want to bring you now an
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update from the scene right now. the harris county sheriff -- pardon me. twitter reactions. this is the mayor of houston tweeting his condolences right now. he says his concern are with parents and students, faculty and law enforcement. as we watch this unfold, a lot of people taking to twitter including the president and first lady. >> to bring you up to speed on what we know at this hour, eight dead in the shooting at santa fe high school this morning. an active shooter call went out around 7:45 this morning. shortly after that we've talked to multiple students who were in their class rooms. it's friday. their school day just about to get underway. many reported hearing shots, multiple gunshots. some say they heard four or five gunshots. one student said he heard up to eight gunshots followed by screaming. some of the students also recounting how their teachers
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quickly sprung into action. there was one student in particular who said his teacher told everybody to run. run for safety. >> we want to give you an update right now. >> you watching kprc in texas. we are getting reports from the university of texas medical branch that there are three adults. one is in the operating room -- three people from the scene. we know that one adult is in the operating room. one person at of the three is under 18. two are adults. that's what we're getting from them. i want to bring in clint, a retired fbi profiler and hostage negotiator. clint, again, we've been talking about too many of these things. what we hear is one person is in custody. but the harris county sheriff is saying a second person has been detained. that changes the way we think about this. >> yeah. it really does. that's highly unusual for two people to be involved. we can go back to columbine in
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1 1999, but otherwise we usually look for a sole shooter. and this shooting today makes number 22 for this year. that's over one school shooting a week in the united states since january, and at the same time last year we had 17. so unfortunately we see the numbers and the fatalities going up. >> clint -- again, as darren who is with me always points out when we're doing these things, we are still in a stage where we don't know all the details. we have little information. that's what we're sharing. we know that at least eight people are dead according to harris county and our nbc affiliate there. we understand there's still some being treated in a hospital. we know the students were evacuated from the school. we're not sure whether that was under orders or because of a fire alarm set off. when you are looking at this now, what are you thinking?
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>> well, are we seeing a repeat again? unfortunately shooters are not real original thinkers but they learn from those that came before them. if, in fact, this shooter went in and intentionally pulled the fire alarm so he or she would have students running in the hall creating a target-rich environment, that, unfortunately, speaks to a new level of evolution in the mind of these mass shooters that we're seeing. they're learning how to get more targets in front of them, and it becomes more of a challenge for a school when their normal reaction -- >> all right. stand by for me, clint, and darren. joining me on the phone angie martinez. her daughter was at the school when the shots rang out this morning. angie, tell me what you know. >> yes. this morning my daughter called me frantically telling me they had a fire drill so they did the
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normal procedure as far as walking out of the school. and then a few minutes later she heard gunfire shots. and i told her -- i said, i said calm down. i said find a hiding place. i said, and she told me they were outdoors. a lot of students were running. i said well, run to the bushes or run to the gas station if you can make it. and if it's not, find a hiding place. i said me and daddy are on our way to go get you. so she did. i said don't get off the phone. i said we are coming. so we got to the school in front of the school. i have it on my facebook live video. it was like an hour worth of traffic. my husband got out of the car and ran toward the gas station to make sure she was safe. and she told me that she heard
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four gunshots. people were running out of every which way, just running. >> wow. angie, what did it feel like when you first got to your daughter? >> it felt like oh, my god. i thank god that a guardian angel was protecting her or something, because she made it out alive. unfortunately other family members, you know didn't make it out alive. i pray for them. >> angie, what's your daughter's name? >> angel ka martinez. >> is she with you? >> yes, sir. >> can we speak with her? >> yes. hold on just a moment. >> hello? >> what grade are you in? >> ninth grade. >> tell me what you heard. >> so we were outside, and then all of a sudden, like, these kids were running from the
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direction, like, they were shooting from. and they were, like, run, run, there's gunshots, and so nobody believed them until the gunshots got closer and then they all started running, and everybody ran to the nearest gas station, and then waited for their parents there. >> are you trained to do different things when a fire alarm is rung versus when you get -- do you -- are you trained for a code red or active shooter? >> yes. we're trained to go -- it was a fire drill, so we followed the procedures. we didn't know it was going to be an entrintruder. >> if you thought it was an intruder, how would you have found out, and what would you have done differently? >> i probably would have hide if i knew there was an intruder in the building. >> when you spoke to your mom on the phone and she said get to somewhere safe, what did you have to do to get somewhere
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safe? >> like, get out of the school. get off the property. >> and was that what most students were doing? were you running along with other students? were they going in the same direction? >> yes. we all went to the nearest gas station. >> what are you heard about others who did not get out of the school? have you heard that others have been injured? >> yes. i heard that one girl got shot in the leg. >> anybody you knew? >> one of my friends, yes. >> how does it make you feel? >> it just scares me. we shouldn't have to go to school feeling scared. >> have you spoken to other of your fellow students? >> yes. >> and how are they doing? has everybody found their parents? have parents reunited with their kids? >> yes. >> and what have you been told by the school, if anything, as what to do? >> they haven't released anything. >> all right. i'm sorry for what you've had to
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go through. angelika martinez is a ninth grade student at santa fe. we'll stay in touch to find out what we can as this develops. i want to go back to kprc, our affiliate. >> the third person is someone under 18 who was admitted to the hospital. i'm sorry, the other adult was in the er getting checked out. no word on their conditions right now. they said that within the next hour or so they should be giving us an update, and they hope to have more information. this is a level one trauma center. they are prepared for situations like this. they even practice for situations like this. so they are on the ready. they have been trained to deal with gunshot wounds. they say all three people who came in do have gunshot wounds. they also said they were prepared to take more people in.
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they thought there would be more than three. as of this time, there's only three, they don't know if more are on the way. we'll have an update at 11:45. as they get more information, they said they would come out and share it with us here. we'll be standing by all morning long to get the very latest and we'll deliver to you as soon as we get it. for you, we're live in galveston at utmb. kprc, channel 2 news. >> lee makes a good point. she was talking about how they're trained to deal with those situations at utmb. it's a level one trauma center. they train for those types of things and go through practice drills. the same could be said also for santa fe high school. we talked to a student earlier this morning who said yeah, we've practiced these types of drills before, these active shooter situation drills. given the times that we live in today, school districts all across not just the state of texas but across the country instituted these types of
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policies where students and staff have to be ready in the event of an active shooter situation. so this morning when they heard the fire alarms, it certainly raised a red flag in their minds thinking something serious could be happening here. and depending on who you talk to, some students say they heard the fire alarm followed by shots. other students were telling us they heard the shots fired first then followed by the fire alarms. >> the situations are difficult. there's so much confusion even from people there and heard what happened. we do want to give those students some time to decompress and unite with their families. we want to update parents who have students at other schools in santa fe isd. the district sent out a message an hour ago saying the other campuses are operating under regular schedules. as far as the high school, obviously the campus is closed. students are being taken to this
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location, to the alamo gym at 13306 highway 6. a couple minutes away. parents are being asked to meet up with their students there. we saw a report from kathy hernandez saying initially students were being escorted and running out to businesses across the street to an auto repair shop and gas station there and parents were driving to the school. that's their first instinct. district officials are saying people are being moved out of the area. we have not seen many students left at the high school. parents who are concerned and getting off of work to this news trying to get down there, please go to that location. >> and if you look right now at the screen on your right, you're seeing video from earlier this morning. that is shortly after students were escorted by members of s.w.a.t. and other law enforcement officers from that school. students were being held there
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where they were searched by officers. they also had their backpacks searched. that was video shot earlier this morning. the video you're seeing on the left side of your screen really speaks to the tremendous law enforcement presence that still exists in and around santa fe high school as the investigation continues to move forward at this hour. the situation still active, but police and school officials telling us earlier that the situation is contained. this is a live picture now once again of highway six. you can't even count the number of law enforcement vehicles. you see all the flashing lights and certainly it is a very grim and sad day for the santa fe community. eight dead as a result of that school shooting this morning. we don't have any information on the identities of the victims. we want to go to the texas department of public safety.
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they're going to give us an update -- >> never mind. >> reporter: good morning. we're here. we believe he was about to give us a pres conference, but that is not the case. he just came over here to tell us where to go, and he said he can't give us any more information. it's still a very active scene. we're going to try to make our way over here. it's across the street where we've been seeing many law enforcement members coming over to santa fe high school. they're keeping us far back, and there's law enforcement emergency lights as far as we can see. but guys, we've been talking to a lot of students and family members here right after the shooting happened. so now we're just trying to gather more information, but as we know, they were very scared in here. the students said they heard a fire alarm go off, and so they started to get up and to leave their classrooms. that's when they heard multiple shots fired.
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even some parents are telling me that his son was in a classroom, and he believed the shooter was about to go in his classroom as well, and when they shot, they broke the glass to the window. that's when his son and other students jumped out of the window and ran to his house which is right behind santa fe high school. the father was at the house -- >> we'll continue to listen to kprc, our affiliate in texas. i want to go back to tammy. >> we're now hearing that nine people are dead. we're getting that from multiple law enforcement sources. they're also saying that number could increase also. we know that one person is in custody. a second person has been detained. as you heard from hospital staff, they have three patients right now. two of them are adults. one of them is an officer. one person is in surgery. one is also a kid or under
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18-year-old that is being treated. so the hospital doctors, they got emotional when they were talking about this. and ali, we've covered probably more school shootings than we care to remember. and you see these on tv, but when it comes to your own community like these doctors are experiencing, you just never know how it's going to hit you. it's an emotional thing. they say they can take more patients if necessary. but it hits really close to home. one other thing i want to talk about. when you were talking to the student just a few minutes ago. >> a ninth grade student in the school. >> exactly. she was talking about how she called her mother on the phone and her mom was kind of walking her through what to do. this is something that we saw with a number of the students at parkland, and it seems to be a trend that we're seeing over and over. students involved in these mass shootings at schools, they are calling their parents panicked.
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and these parents are telling them, either hide or get out of there, and they're staying on the phone with their students, and they're getting them through these moments. these moments of crisis, and they're trained -- these parents really are heros in these situations. >> but to be on the receiving end of that call, darren, let me bring you into this conversation. to be a parent on the -- it's a whole other level of parenting now. parents have to have instructions for their kids if they call them about an active shooter in school. >> it's traumatic, but children are taught and we as law enforcement teach kids on lockdown drills or when you have an active shooter, run, hide, and call for help. the students are doing what they're taught to do. as a parent, one of the first things you do, is 9-1-1 call is more important than calling your parents. i understand your parent is your loved one, but ultimately, we
8:32 am
want to get the adequate resources in there to eradicate the threat. as a important, you may want to say look, you make the call to 9-1-1 yourself, or you may want to instruct a child to do so. but we need to get the resources in. a parent trying to bring their child down is a difficult dynamic, because the parent is emotionally connected to this as well. >> you heard the mother. >> absolutely. >> she was emotional on the phone as a mother would be and should be. >> right. and you know, we have a sense -- >> but you gave her good advice. >> there's also a sense of post-traumatic stress kicking in as a result. we want to stick to what law enforcement teaches. run, hide, and call for help. that call for help should be to the police, not your parents first. the parents should be the secondary call, not the primary call. >> we have a retired atf agent joining us. jim, what i heard from the student i talked to, a ninth
8:33 am
stride student, they heard a fire alarm and followed the procedures you're supposed to follow when you hear a fire alarm. as they get out, they see students running from a direction from which shots were fired. a similar thing happened in parkland. we're not sure who pulled the fire alarm or whether somebody understanding there was a shooter thought get out of the school or whether one of the shooter or multiple shooters, we don't know that. we don't know why that happened. it caused a potentially dangerous situation for certains and certainly for -- students and certainly for law enforcement on the scene. >> that's right. first we saw it in arkansas years ago when two young shooters in middle school age, 13, 12 and 13. they used pulling the fire alarm as an entrapment tactic to get
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children out of the school and then murdered the children. it's not a new tactic by school shooters and shooters who are children. so it's not a new tactic. all school superintendents and school resource professionals should be training students that this is something that could happen. a fire alarm as entrapment, as you mentioned. parkland the fire alarm was pulled. a fire alarm in this day and age is not just a fire. it is -- it could be separate emergency. it could be someone pulled it like you mentioned, as they were leaving to alert everyone. but it could also be an entrapment tactic by a shooter. so the real advice for people, and this goes for businesses as well as schools. never run headlong away from
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something unless bullets are flying at your back. you don't need to be running headlong. even if you have a report of a bombing. let's take the boston marathon. you don't want to run from one report or explosion to the next bomb. you always want to have collected a slow trot. you want to be going kind of slower, keeping your wits about you, not really going crazy or running at full tilt. you want to kind of slow that down a little bit if you can. >> good, darren. >> i don't know if that explosive is confirmed but this is a very germane point we need to look at. the search of the school. there's a different strategy for law enforcement when we have a potential explosive device that's in play. one of the good things here is we have two people that have been detained. and this is more of an aberration than the norm. traditionally we have either --
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one person, we either have death by cop or the cops take this person out. so fortunately we can elicit intelligence from the individual in custody. going back to if there's an explosive in the school, we need to evacuate everyone in the school and then we're going to need something such as a bomb robot or something like that. this by no means is over. we still have the potential of an ied in the ground. i believe atf is either on the scene or on rout. atf should be at the forefront of this part of the investigation. so there's two parts in the investigation. you have the ied and also the downloading of intel from the person that's in custody. the two need to work together simultaneously. >> let's listen to what we heard from some of the people who were either leaving the school or collecting loved ones. listen in. >> they told us to back up. they don't know what's going on. they heard three shots. and the teacher said to run. so everybody took off.
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i grabbed her and ran to the tree line, and then i called my mom and heard four more shots and then i jumped the fence and we ran to the car wash, and then some girl shot in the knee limped toward us. >> i heard the fire alarm and i thought it was a fire drill. i left my bag and stuff inside, and then i went downstairs, and then i met up with him, and then all these teachers are telling us to get back. i didn't know what was going on. i thought the school was on fire, and then we just heard gunshots go off. he grabbed my hand. we took off running toward the bushes. >> all right. those are students from santa fe high school in san fa fta fe, t. nine people were killed. we believe two people are in custody. one is the person that police are referring to as the shooter. and then another person has been detained for questioning. we're not quite sure what the relationship is.
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as darren mentioned a moment ago, there's some discussion about whether there were pipe bombs or there's an explosive on the scene. as is always the case with these stories, we get a lot of information up front, but for obvious reasons, authorities are trying to keep a handle on that while they determine that everybody is in safety. so we're continuing to listen to that. we have had a tweet from the president saying that initial reports look like things are bad. senator ted cruz has also tweeted he and his wife are keeping the students and faculty at the high school in their prayers along with all first responders on the scene. please be safe and heed warnings from local officials coming from the texas senator. we're keeping an eye on the situation with our affiliate, kprc from houston. initial reports are sketchy. we don't know the full situation. and there does seem to be some confusion about people thinking
8:39 am
there was a fire or a fire drill and responding to that. to be clear, for some people who don't have young students, students in some parts of the country are trained by a combination of law enforcement and their schools about how to deal with fire drills. we've all learned that. but how to deal with an active shooter situation, a shelter in place type of warning. >> right. the requirement is for all schools national to conduct the drills. i believe this school just conducted one relatively recent. there's a difference between a fire drill or if there's an active shooter drill. as i mentioned earlier, the active shooter drill involves around run, hide, and call for help. a fire drill is a specific focus of get to the building. there's a to cal point outside the building. there's a gross difference between the two. but what happened with the student population, mass i ivepandemonium when a fire alarm
8:40 am
is rung. generally an announcement follows. but you didn't have an announcement. i'm not sure if an announcement followed or not. so it now focuses on how can the students get out effectively as quick as possible. it goes back to what we teach as law enforcement. this takes a germane component away from our ability to instruct the students leaving. that's the evacuation in place mode. we don't have the ability to evacuation -- shelter in place, because the fire alarm has been pulled. so now the shooter is controlling the narrative in this situation. >> right. jim cavanaugh, if there's an active shooter inside a school, what does law enforcement prefer? every is sheltered in place or people are getting out of the building? >> well, you have to take immediate action that usually you have to do a quick scan of your environment. are you where you can leave easily? you don't see danger? you could move without running
8:41 am
headlong at a fast walk pace, then you want to get away. the first thing is to get away. if you're deeply in a building and that's not available to you, you want to lock down and shelter in place where you know it's a safe place. and third, of course, you know, talking about call for help, of course, and you may even have to fight the killer. we just had a case in nashville at the waffle house where a man went in with an ar-15 -- >> jim, let me stop you in the middle of your thought. the president of the united states has walked to the podium. let's listen in whether he has comments on this. stand by. >> thank you. thank you. thank you very much. unfortunately i have to begin my expressing our sadness and heart
8:42 am
break over the deadly shooting at santa fe high school in texas that just took place moments ago. we're closely monitoring the situation and federal authorities are coordinating with local officials. this has been going on too long in our country. too many years. too many decades now. we grieve for the terrible loss of life and send our support and love to everyone affected by this absolutely horrific attack to the students, families, teachers, and personnel at santa fe high. we're with you in this tragic hour, and we will be with you forever. my administration is determined to do everything in our power to protect our students, secure our schools, and to keep weapons out of the hands of those who pose a threat to themselves and to
8:43 am
others. everyone must work together at every level of government to keep our children safe. may god heal the injured and confident the wounded and may god be with the victims and with the victims' families. very sad day. very, very sad. on another note, very positive note, i'm honored to be here today with so many -- >> president comments on this saying everyone must work together at every level to keep our children safe. that's something many people have said isn't happening and hasn't happened despite all the pressure from the parkland shooting. let's listen to the news conference with the police. >> a suspect in custody. a second possible person of interest that was detained.
8:44 am
and being questioned. there are multiple fatalities that have been confirmed. the number varies but it could be anywhere between eight to ten fatalities at the school including students and some adult staff as well. there was also an injured santa fe police officer that was injured that's being treated at a hospital. i don't know the extent of his injures. area law enforcement including the harris county sheriff eefs office -- sheriff's office is making sure there are no additional students injured or hiding. that's going on right now. and then we're also making sure that we conduct a thorough search to make sure there's no other devices or anything that could be at the school. so our thoughts and prayers go out to the entire santa fe community and those injured, suffered loss of life out here.
8:45 am
at this point, we do have an active crime scene we're investigating. they can expect a large police presence out here. we're being told there's a family unification center at the 13300 block for students to reunite with their students. right now it's limited. we're one of the agencies responding out here to offer support, and so that's what we have out here, multiple fatalities. it could be anywhere between eight to ten. the majority being students. one male is in custody. and then a second one, again, was a person of interest. both are believed to be students here at the school. that's what we have at this moment. and this happened a little bit before 8:00 this morning. >> reporter: sheriff, about the type of weapons? >> we don't know that yet. we're searching the school. it's an active crime scene. the details about specific injuries and firearms evidence will come later.
8:46 am
>> reporter: what time did they get access to the school? >> i don't know the exact time, but my understanding is right before school started. anywhere between 7:30 and 8:00 is my you saiding. >> reporter: how old is the shooter? >> just that he was a student at the high school so i would imagine under 18. [ speaking foreign language ] >> you are listening to harris county sheriff ed gonzalez updating reporters at the scene. some brand new information coming in about their investigation. we know that the suspected shooter, the accused shooter is a male student. we also know that another person was brought in for questioning and was also a student. nine confirmed dead. we are being told the majority of these fatalities in the mass shooting at the school are, indeed, students. >> yeah. we want to get some sound now -- >> i want to just go to david
8:47 am
marshal, the chief nursing and patient care students officer at the university of texas medical branch. last we heard three people had been brought to utmb. what's the update? >> yes. we received three patients. the first patient arrived at 8:12 at our hospital emergency department and was transferred to our level one trauma center with a leg injury from a gunshot wound. the second one arrived by life light at our trauma center in galveston. he is currently in the operating room undergoing surgery for an injury to his arm. and then we also had an ambulance bring a person that's under 18 years old. i assume he's at student at about 8:37 a.m. he had a leg injury from a gunshot wound, and he's been admitted to our pediatric floor
8:48 am
in the hospital. >> david, are those all considered matters that can be dealt with? are they considered life threatening? >> the person that's in the operating room i'm told is in critical condition. the other two are in good condition zmchl. >> your understanding is none of them are suspects? >> that is my understanding. there's quite a police presence, but i don't think they're in the mode of thinking that things are -- these are actors in the incident. >> do you have any information about people transported to other hospitals? >> i do not. only that one that arrived by personal auto at our lake city campus hospital. >> and we heard officials from your hospital, i believe you have another press conference coming up. we heard them say you're on stand by. you're level one trauma, and you're on stand by to receive other patients? >> we are ready if there are more patients. >> but you don't have word there are more patients? >> we have not been informed of that. >> have you got another press
8:49 am
conference coming up? >> at 11:0045 central time. thank you for your time. three patients are being treated at his hospital. one was brought in at 8:12 to another hospital and tra transferred. one was brought in and being treated for gunshot wounds and another under 18 being treated for gunshot wounds. a total of three patients. we're trying to get a handle on the number dead depending on sources you're listening to, there may be up to ten who are dead. i want to go down to kprc reporter brandon walker at the scene. brandon, you're there. what's the situation? >> reporter: well, ali, the sheriff for harris county ed gonzalez as you saw live briefed reporters on what we know here. he's confirming the casualties
8:50 am
this morning at the high school, somewhere between 8 to 10 people shot dead. the school is down the road on state highway 6. about 35 miles southwest of houston. events as far as what e been able to gather right now. the bell rang at 7:10. according to students who we've interviewed, they tell us they heard gunshots at around 8:00 this morning. another student telling us that they heard the fire alarm that was pulled and another student also confirming that it was a student who pulled that fire alarm to alert students as to what was going on another student picking up the story that after hearing the fire alarm she heard eight rounds coming from santa fe high school. sheriff ed gonzalez from the harris county sheriff's office confirming the gunman is in custody. also a student here at santa fe high skochool but we don't know how he may have got than gun and what may have led to this. law enforcement officials still
8:51 am
working to get that information to us. there are many victims being taken to hospitals in the area. utmb down in galveston on galveston island including a police officer, a santa fe isd police officer shot in the arm we are told. other law enforcement officials working to get a better idea of the number of victims in this morning's shooting but we can confirm anywhere from eight to ten people shot dead. students and adults, according to the harris county sheriff ed gonzalez. >> and we know -- we don't know what -- where the count is but we do know one of the patients at utmb, university of texas medical branch, is in critical condition. brandon, let me ask you to go over something that you said. your understanding from students is that it was a student who pulled the fire alarm? >> that is according to a student that we interviewed our on our newscast. that it was a student who pulled the fire alarm. we're hearing from another
8:52 am
student who said there was a teacher in the halls, too, who informed students to run to get out of the building because again they were hearing those gunshots according to one student, some eight rounds so we have heard it was a student but we have not gotten that informatio information. >> what county are you in and why is there another county involved in the policing there. >> so mutual aid coming in to assist. we are in galveston. the sheriff -- the investigators
8:53 am
also public safety down at the school here on state highway six working to get a better idea of the investigation so ed gonzalez came in to help them to get the initial information as to what they can confirm to reporters here who are trying to get some confirmation as to the number of victims, also information about the student who was a shooter at santa fe. >> the gentleman at gonzalez is the sheriff of harris county. brandon, i know you have reporting to do, we'll stay in close touch with you. . brandon walker from our affiliate kprc in houston. >> when i was on active duty in the military i was stationed in texas so i'm familiar with this area. harris county, galveston county border one another and they're 30 miles away from houston.
8:54 am
santa fe is a small area but they get resources from places like houston, although it's 30 miles away. so you have the three areas converging on the scene. looking forward, what could we have done to prevent this? it seems like it's a story we're going through over and over agai again. gun control is one thing but this needs to be channelled to law enforcement. law enforcement and educators need to work together. it seems to be seamless from student to teacher and law enforcement so they can counter the threat. we have more threats that are eradicated before they happen than these types of situations.
8:55 am
>> you've been with me on tv where that ice happened where we have had things stopped in their tracks by school resource officers or fast reaction to the scene we were talking about what it's like to get the text or phone call and then try to find your loved ones. let's get reaction to the mothers describing the scene when they got there. >> he was in the classroom where the shooter was. according to him there were three students down in the classroom and when they came out there are two more down outside the back door of the school. >> she called me and said mom, there's shots and i said what and she said there's shots in the school and she was crying. i turned around and just hauled it to the school. thank god i was close. and just stayed on the phone, tried to keep her calm. >> jim cavanaugh, are you still here? >> i'm style here, ali. >> i've been struggling. what are you supposed to do as a
8:56 am
parent when you get this phone call or this text from your student as who is confused about it. >> the bested a vice i can give to the viewer is this -- tell your child, look around, use your senses. do you see a threat, if not, if you can move away, do it. don't go at a full run. the reason you don't want to go at a full run is because you can lose danger around you. you want to move at a fast walk or slow trot. always scanning. if you see a threat and can't get away, shelter in place, lock it down, barricade, do everything you can do.
8:57 am
>> he's in the o.r. with chest injuries. >> and how is the woman doing? >> good condition. the younger patient is also in good condition. >> how many times was the male in surgery shot? >> that i don't know. at first i heard twice but i don't know the exact number of gunshots. >> all of the patients have been shot. they're being treated for gunshot wounds? >> that's correct. that's what i heard from the doctor who just told us that a while ago. >> can you repeat as far as the main bullet points go injuries wise? >> we have three patients here, one of them initially went through our leek city e.r. then was brought here. we received one patient life flight, someone in critical condition in the o.r., middle-aged male. one patient under age of 18 has been admitted to the hospital,
8:58 am
also a gunshot wound to the leg and then we have a female patient also shot in the leg in good condition also. >> and do we know if the person under age is a male, female? >> i believe male but i'm not sure. >> the person that came in by life flight, is that the critical male? >> i don't want to presume that was the case. i don't know. sorry. >> we don't know if that was the officer? >> that's correct. i don't know. >> we're hearing things on social media about needing bl id donations. do you know anything about that? >> i've not heard. we're prepared for this situation which includes extra blood for these multiple situations, multiple patient situations. when loved ones show up, if they know their patients, we're prepared to help them through this terrible time.
8:59 am
>> how long has that critical patient been in surgery? >> we had a briefing about 40 minutes ago so i would say about -- i don't know when they went in so i don't want to speculate. >> for people just joining us, can you bring us back into the emergency room right now? obviously it's chaotic, what's happening? >> i'm so -- and i'm so proud of these folks, we just had a mass casualty drill several weeks ago. they're very well prepared. they make sure everybody knows their job. does it get chaotic at times? of course, everybody is trying to do the best they can and move around quickly but is it something that they know what they're doing? absolutely. they're doing -- they all stay in the right place, they dual the right thing. >> we saw the chief nurse get choked up a few minutes ago. >> look, it's an emotional time. we have family, friends, staff members who live in the santa fe area so we're part of this community.
9:00 am
>> about life flights. did that come directly from the scene? >> that's what i understand that it came from the scene and landed here. >> at this time we have three patients in this hospital, one in critical condition who is currently in surgery. >> correct. >> a female shot in the leg. >> correct. >> who is in good condition and a male under 18 who also was shot in the leg in good condition. you don't know if he's a student? >> i just don't know. >> can you just -- what's the message to people watching at home right now? >> if you need more information call the school district. i'm sure they're doing the best they can to provide the latest information of everyone that's at that school district and i don't presume to speak to them. that's what i would do and our hearts and prayers go out and i do mean that. >> more patients on the way? >> as far as i know, no more patients.


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