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tv   MSNBC Live With Hallie Jackson  MSNBC  May 23, 2018 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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you have the president up and tweeting about witch hunt again. and separately the partner and the plea deal. one of michael cohen's business buddies making a deal with the government. they get his cooperation, they give him a get out of jail free card. so why should you care? it's the flip factor. we'll explain. and the other shad dpo over the white house, north korea with the new sfrons china after three options president trump's laying out. it will happen, these talks with north korea will happen eventually, or it won't happen at all. we've got new reporting on where this goes next. plus, overnight primary results and the headline women are in. sweeping primaries across the deep south. one of those women making history is here with us life, stacey abrams, the first black woman to be nominated ford a major party for governor will be joining us lafrt on in the show. our team is here covering it all and i want to start with what we're watching this hour. we mngsed paul manafort. he's argue the fbi searched his property illegally. he wants that evidence tossed out. it's coming ahead of his federal trial set for september.
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then have you michael cohen with sources telling msnbc a long time partner of his is working with the government. he's known as the taxi king. implications for cohen could be substantial. and have you top intelligence officials set to brief lawmakers bay confidential source the president has been railing against what he calls spygate without providing evidence that this actually happened. while democrats are notably absent from that invite list tomorrow. i want to start with ken dilanian, is he outside district court here in washington. ken, tell us what's happening in this court appearance today with paul manafort and how it fits into the broader kwas against him. >> reporter: sure. paul manafort's lawyers are arguing in a courtroom behind me that the fbi made a procedural error when they sernged a storage locker belonging to him in laexd dree ya. they got an employee to open up that locker before they had a warrant, and they they used the information they saw there to get warrant from the judge to conduct the search tlart day. manafort's arcing that makes the search unconstitutional. the government is responding,
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no, this employee of mania forts was the lease holder and had every right to lit us open -- l open it up. the bottom line is that paul man pa-a-for the is conducting a scorched earth defense in this case both here in washington, d.c. and the other place he's charged in laexd dree ya, virginia. we're all looking to see whether paul man for the is considering pleading guilty because that's the end game for robert mueller. he wants him to cooperate and tell what he knows about potential collusion with russia. there's no sthiechb right now. manafort is fighting every step of the way. >> do we know when this court thing will wrap up? >> reporter: it started at 9:30, they generally take an hour, 90 minutes, two hours, so it should be some time now. >> i know you'll be watching that exit scene if he speaks. i want to bring in tom winter now. tom, there's another case separately that the president and special counsel have their eye on. it centers around this guy, the taxi king. what do we know. >> so just to quickly take
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people through this process, this taxi king is involved with michael cohen. he reportedly manages michael cohen's new york city taxi medallion business. we see michael cohen getting into a taxi there. a taxi medallion for people that don't live in new york city and most people in new york city don't know this, in order to put one of those yellow cabs on the street, you have to have a medallion just to operate the vehicle. that's not the driver, but just to have a cab on the street you have to have a medallion. so those medallions over time really grew as far as their value. and a lot of investors in new york city bought those ma dal ions and then would loose back the medallions to the driver. it becomes an investment at that standpoint. we know michael cohen has those. and this taxi king that you alluded to, he was charged with tax fraud, not paying the mta of new york $5 million in fees that they were owed as a result of
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him operating his taxi business. we found out yesterday from public filings that, in fact, he has pled guilty to a much -- much lower felony count in new york state. he will not have to do any jail time. he will have to pay back the $5 million, but in part of that we've also learned that he is now going to cooperate in state or federal investigations. and obviously somebody that close to michael cohen and somebody that we've reported is being looked at, michael cohen is being looked at for his medallion business, that's possibly a significant development. >> it is, tom. and michael cohen just this morning is talking about this, right? he's got this statement, this tweet that's come out. he says, i am one of thousands of medallion owner who entrust management companies to operate my ma doll ons according to the myc taxi and limo commission. he says we are not partners and have never been partners in this business or any other. what do you make of that, tom? >> i find it interesting because the taxi king has said on
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several occasions to various news outlets that michael cohen is a client and that he considers him a friend. so we appear to have a little bit of a gap here as far as who operates with who and who works with who. so at this point it's a little unclear exactly what michael cohen is speaking about. you know, we reached out to his attorneys yesterday, i know a lot of other news outlets did so we didn't get a lot of clarity about this relationship. we see the tweet this morning, but obviously there's more questions we would have. >> i know you'll be working on those. run back to the camera when you get that. >> reporter: you got it. >> we need to explain who's who in all these different cases. you have man for the facing two trials after indictments from the special counsel. he ran president trump's campaign in the summer of 2016. the taxi king, who tom winter was just talking about, is separate but in some ways may be just as important. that's because he could now get squeezed for info on michael cohen, the president's long-time lawyer and might testify against
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him in a possible case if that were to come up. cohen, remember, the president's long-time lawyer already under investigation and made that now infamous payment to stormy daniels, $130,000 that the president later reimbursed. with us now is former assistant fbi director as well as former prosecutor greg brour. on set our panel for the associated cress catherine lucy along with national politico reporter. thank you all for being here. and, greg, to you first. talk through the significance of what you're seeing unfold with michael cohen and then separately with paul manafort. >> well, clearly michael cohen is of interest to federal prosecutors and now that we see an associate of some type of michael cohen's pleading guilty in new york state court, federal prosecutors will undoubtedly be looking to that person, the so-called taxi king, for any and all information he may be able to provide with respect to michael cohen's activities. and so this is a significant development, i would say. >> you've been reporting a
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little bit on the political overtlie this when it comes to what's happening with michael cohen, right? >> that's right. democrats rolled out their better deal agenda just two days ago. one of the planks of that is that they're going to, as their 2018 election message basically try to paint trump administration corrupted. michael cohen has piqued their from the he's the lawyer, long time business intermediary and two of the proposals they're looking at pushing are strengthening lobbying zis closures in a way that michael cohen would have to register. you can't be a strategic consultant and make money off of knowing people in public office such as the president. they would also toughen bribery laws in any way that him and the president would trigger them as a result of consul taltions that he's doing. democrats are interested in this and they're trying to take advantage of this politicalally. whether it will work, remains to be seen. corruption matters to voters. >> here's the thing purt have
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mike pompeo the secretary of state of state who's out on capitol hill today right now actually and we've been listening, we've been monitoring and had this interesting which exchange when it comes to what underpins all of this, remember, which is russia's interference in our democracy. here's what the secretary of state had to say. >> has the administration done enough to deter and countering russian interferes in our next election which is only six months away? >> elections are ongoing as you will all know better than i do. we have primary elections going on even as we speak. there's a great deal more work do. i would say i'm incredibly proud of the work that this administration has done in countering russia. it is light years better than was done in the previous administration. could go on for a long time speaking about them, i'm happy to enumerate them if you'd like to do so. but i have to say there's more work to do. we have not -- we have not been able to achieve deterrence, but
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this administration has taken enormous efforts to push back against russia. >> greg, you buy that? >> i do. i think the 2016 interference attempts by russia were a wakeup call for the intelligence community. i think the intelligence community itself, fbi, cia, and other agencies have been and are continuing to do a lot. and that will continue going forward. like i said, i think 2016 was a wakeup call and the ic, the intelligence community, i think has a very different view now of this russian threat and is taking a very different, very aggressive approach. >> yes, i think one thing that we should remember as you look at this huge web is that president trump privately has expressed more worry at some points about the investigations into cohen. >> right. >> even the russia investigation. >> yeah. >> because cohen knows a lot of things about president trump's past. >> that's for sure.
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catherine, stick around. greg, thank you for coming back on the show, appreciate having your perspective. we want to go over to the white house braus president trump is out blasting the person he calls a spy. we're talking about an fbi informant who helped in the investigation in the 2016 election. some republicans will be there tomorrow for this. you can see them on your screens. democrats will not be. peter alexander is over at the white house. we don't know where this meeting will happen yet and we're also hearing from somebody who was at the center of a lot of this, james comey who's coming thought morning talking big. >> yeah, that's james comey. first, the white house has not said where that meeting will take place. i asked them again within the last few minutes as you've been speaking here. we do know who's going to be there, the republicans heads, the house intelligence of oversight committees, fbi director, director of national intelligence and the top justice official, all those faces on your screen. democrats of course infuriated, that includes the top senate democrat chuck shumpert he's said had is outrate rageous.
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but the white house notes the democrats haven't been the one requesting this highly classified information about the origins of the investigation. it is those early days of the inquiry and the president cites again, this is the point he's trying to undermine it rapping up his attacks and saying it could be one of the biggest scandals in history. five new tweets on the topic this morning including this one. look how things have turned around on the criminal deputy state. they go after phony collusion with russia, a made up scam and end up getting caught in a major spy scandal, the likes of which this country may never have seen before. what goes around comes around, he writes. a big caveat in this, and the president himself said it over the weekend, true, there's no evidence to suggest the confidential fbi source was inserted into the campaign. here's what james comey the former fbi director is tweeting about it just this morning. he writes, facts matter. fbi's use of a confidential
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human sources, the you'll term, not informant, is tightly regulated and essential to protecting the wubt u country. attacks on the fbi and lying about its work will do lasting damage to our country. how will republicans explain this to their grandchildren? the bottom line, hallie, it's worth noting is that the message is breaking through from the president. it's like lie why he just tweeted witch hunt all caps with an exclamation point at the end of it. this is polar rising voters on the topic of this investigation. if you ask for a word cloud as some studies have recently done, you ask them what they think about the investigation one of the first words they come up with is witch hunt. it doesn't mean they believe it is one but it means his language is starting to break now. >> that's interesting. peter alexander at the white house lawn. i'll see pu in about two hours when the president leaves the lawn. ease heading up to long island. maybe he'll take questions for y us, do you think? >> reporter: he's up for talking today. maybe he'll just start talking.
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>> we have the republican from florida calling for a second special counsel. thank you for joining us here. the president has offered no proof of a spy in his campaign. what evidence do you have? >> well, we -- we've seen the same reports that have been made publicly available. one of the reasons that we're fighting so hard for transparency is so that we can get a broader amount of access to the evidence. i believe there was intelligence collected on the trump campaign. i don't know what form that took and it would be disingenuous to suggest that we do. but i think there's an obligation on the part of the justice department and fbi to introduce documents regarding their collection on a political campaign. that's a red line that we shouldn't cross. >> so what i'm hearing from you is that you haven't seen any evidence to support this claim, so how you can say that there was a spy planted in his team? >> again, i haven't said that there's a spy. i said there was intelligence that was collected on the trump campaign. i believe that one piece of evidence from that would be the memorandum that came out of the intelligence committee that talked about the extreme unusual
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and in many ways the procedures that departed from law and that were use god and obtain a fisa warrant on carter page because he was close to the trump campaign. i don't think there was great interest in carter page, i think it was his pox i am mitt at this time to the trump campaign that caused that fisa warrant to be sought but oy intelligence community. >> what happened when the fbi was investigating russian interference, let's go back to that. there was a person who was having conversations with people on the campaign as part of that investigation. shut fbi not have been doing that? >> yeah, the fbi -- >> what we heard was -- >> on the campaign, absolutely -- >> if they're having somebody talking to mefbts campaign, what else should the fbi have done? >> that was intelligence clition collection. that's one that is intelligence collection. there's a slippery slope there. once you go down the road of allowing political opponents to weaponize the intelligence community against each other, that's bad for republicans and democrats. that's not about president trump. >> you don't want to weaponize
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intelligence, then why weren't any democrats invited to this meeting tomorrow to review this intelligence? should they have been? >> yeah, they definitely should have been. we need to be bipartisan about this. and i think that it would be a lot more credible of a process if we were more inclusive. i think more members of congress outside of the intelligence committee ought to be able to determine -- to participate in this discussion and debate about what kind of country we want to have. i will add when i went and found bills sponsored by adam schiff, a democrat to revise the fisa process and when i filed adam schiff's own bill, he wouldn't cosponsor his own bill. i'm in search more democrats who want to work together to reform this process. >> let me ask you this. you talk about the idea of intelligence gathering related to the fbi investigation. law enforcement officials on this program that we've talked to both on and off camera have said that is standard procedure, basically, when you are investigating this potential attack on our drasemocracy. how do you distinguish from a
7:16 am
spy and the employee doing the work for an investigation? >> it's nolt not -- >> what evidence do you have it was a political rivalry? that's what i'm getting at. >> the evidence i would have is are the text messages from struck and page saying the white house wants to be involved, the white house is running everything. you had people in the white house that were very interested and involved in the activities surrounding the trump campaign and if one of the tools that were -- that was used was the collection of intelligence by going and talking to people on the trump campaign and trying to perhaps spy on them, perhaps engage in some other form of intelligence collection, my concern is that that crosses a red line. >> two quick questions four. you want to find out more about all of this as you've expressed very clearly here. but you're also implying that rod rosenstein say member of what you call the criminal deep state. the president picked rod rosenstein. why would he have picked somebody who's in the deep state? >> i don't know. not everybody bats 1,000. i don't know that rod rosenstein was the best pick for deputy attorney general. i think we had very high hopes for him. but we have to judge people by their actions.
7:17 am
what we've seen is that mr. rosenstein himself signed a renewal of a fisa warrant and fundamentally misrepresented the facts. never made any disclosure that christopher steele was the auth thundershower of that dossier when was the first and principal piece of evidence that led to a warrant to spy on carter page. >> i think some of that is in question. i want to get quickly before i let you go because we're running out of time. you adebris that the fundamental attack on our democracy on 2016 is critical. did you attend the election security briefing yesterday? i understand only bay tenth of your colleagues did. >> yeah, i was not able to attend that briefing but i have had other -- >> why not. >> well, because i've had other one on one briefings with elections officials where i was able to go into more detail. >> with kirsten neilson. >> not with her but with other people who interact with homeland security at the state election level where weir trying to get better access to. i find the briefings where every member attends, those are the least productive of getting
7:18 am
answers. the one on ones are more productive. >> you didn't think it was important enough for your attendance? >> i think it's plenty important but i don't know that that setting yields the most productive results. >> thanks for coming on the show. after the break, president trump another big story throwing down on whether that summit with kub is goi -- kim jong-un is going to happen. what this means for the president's negotiating power on the international stage. that's next. d i quit smoking wi. i tried, um, cold turkey. i tried the patches. i was tired and i was fed up. i wanted to try something different. for me, chantix really worked. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. chantix reduced my urge to smoke. when you try to quit smoking, with or without chantix, you may have nicotine withdrawal symptoms. some people had changes in behavior or thinking, aggression, hostility, agitation, depressed mood, or suicidal thoughts or actions with chantix. serious side effects may include seizures, new or worse heart or blood vessel problems, sleepwalking, or allergic and skin reactions which can be life-threatening.
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there's place where's we
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still have lots of work do to find common ground. i'm very hopeful that he and president trump will get a chance to elaborate on that further in the next couple weeks. >> that's secretary of state mike pompeo on capitol hill right now talking about that meeting that may or may not happen between trump and kim jong-un. these some live pictures of him there. the comments coming after president trump injected some uncertainty into those plan talks even suggesting china may be to blame for the recent tough talk. they told the foreign affairs committee the talks are still on for june 12th and the u.s. has not made any concessions. let me tell you what's happening in the region. you've got two dozen foreign journalists making the long trip to one of the north korea's nuclear test sites to witness its shutdown. they say that train triple take eight to 12 hours, then a few hours on a bus, then an hour hike to the actual site itself. journalists were in sleeping cars on the train. four bunks a pop. i'm joined now by msnbc victor
7:23 am
chod, director of studies and by evelyn farc cuss, former secretary of defense for russia, ukraine, and eurasia. i'm glad to have both uh on varsity with me. what do you make of the president's comments suck there's a substantial chance this doesn't happen. what do you puts the odds it actually does? >> i think it will happen. >> really? >> think he wants it. you could see the way he was answering questions yesterday there are voices on his shoulder who are telling him this is not going to work, but i think he really wants this. irrelevant mean, he raised expectations so high after the april 20 sfth north/south support mitt and the north koreans are going to shut down the test site today, he can point to that as a success. in the end for him it's about creating peace and winning the nobel peace prize. >> what about this idea he's blaming china, evelyn? >> think that's because there was a different tone after kim jong-un went and met with -- >> the second time. >> with president xi. >> the second time, right. >> and the second time we were
7:24 am
not told in advance, u.s. government and president trump was not told in advance. that's why he was feeling and expressing his discomfort with that. then kim jong-un came out and was more defiant. >> yeah. >> that's when he complained about the exercise and then of course he had his chief negotiator talking about john bolt bolton. >> and here's what he said about president xi, which was interesting. listen. >> china maybe discure rablinged? >> no, but i think that president xi is a world-class poker player. >> victor. >> so i think the fact that the second meeting happened and trump didn't know about really bothered him. on the other hand, this is the way north korea is. >> let me ask you this. is this the way north korea is when it comes to the idea of not showing up for meetings? >> of course. >> bauts washington post is reporting that a north korean delegation did not show fire planning meeting in singapore a few weeks ago. there's apparently another one this weekend with the deputy chief of staff and others.
7:25 am
is that also par for the course for pyongyang. >> we have both dealt with them and that is totally par for the course. >> so that's not a red flag. >> no. there are going to be lots of bumps in the road. this is just the beginning for singapore. there are lots of bumps in the road. for president trump it's an awakening. >> i like that you're both shrug your should rers like what do you expect. >> they're very trumpish, they like to keep you off guard. >> there was a really testy exchange, i'm told it happened and i want to play it for both of you. >> should we conclude that because you've not mentioned it one time, not once, should we conclude based upon that fact that you do not care about diplomatic security? >> no, you should not conclude that. as a nominee with diplomatic -- >> this is my time. >> that goes on for a couple minutes long they're idea that mike pompeo is focusing on diplomatic security or not, you
7:26 am
heard him say emphatically, i care about this. >> yeah. i mean, he was one of the gaz decide guys that was clamming the obama administration for their failure in the eyes of these house members to provide adequate diplomatic security. he's going to feel defensive, he knows what that means. >> next time you come on i hope we have 25 minutes to talk about this because it's fascinating. after the break, we'll talk about the landslide victory in georgia's governor race for a candidate that's make history. but can she pull off a win for democrats in a state that's usually a gop strong hold? there she is joining us next. liberty mutual stood with me when this guy got a flat tire in the middle of the night. hold on dad... liberty did what? yeah, liberty mutual 24-hour roadside assistance helped him to fix his flat so he could get home safely. my dad says our insurance doesn't have that. don't worry - i know what a lug wrench is, dad.
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medicare for all. democrat kevin de león the only true progressive for senate. change california now is responsible for the content of this advertising. we're back now with a look at this morning's headlines. over on capitol hill just today senators roy blunt and amy cobba schar announced their bipartisan bill aimed at fixing the way workplace harassment and discrimination claims are handled in congress. the legislation, according to them, would revamp the dispute resolution process, it would protect workers and hold members of congress more accountable. this morning, any minute a special investigatory committee is meeting in missouri. they're trying to figure out
7:31 am
whether to impeach governor eric greatens. he's been accused of coercing a women into sex and threatening her with a naked picture. he has admitted to having an affair but denies sexual violence or threatening blackmail. this morning, women ran and won in the three big democratic primaries, but they're running now in trump country. in six months face pretty tough general election ps the you've got democratic newcomer and fomer marine fighter pilot amy mcgrath. thooes she's going up against andy barr in november. in texas, attorney lizzy fletcher rode establishment support to win against progressive laura moser. hillary clinton won that seventh district by one point in 2016. democrats are feeling confident they can pick it up. and then there's stacey abrams who's now the democratic nominee for governor in georgia. she's making history as the first black woman to be a major party nominee for governor in this country. here's what she told her supporters. >> we are writing the next chapter of georgia's future
7:32 am
where no one is unseen, no one is unheard, and no one is uninspired. >> seissy abrams is joining me now. stacey, thank you very much for coming on the show and congratulations tous on your victory. >> thank you so much. >> and let's get into this, because i'll tell you what, republicans have waste no time in going after put today they are out with an attack and it comes from the rga, the republicans governor association, and it references something you've talked publicly about before, your personal debt, paying back taxes. i want to play that and then we'll talk about it. >> sure. >> meet stacey abrams. she wants to be president. only using georgia as a stepping stone. wants higher taxes on working families. but can't pay her own taxes. stacey abrams, out for herself, not georgia. >> so, stacey, how do you respond to what will clearly be a line of attack from your opponents connect are your personal finances to managing a state budget over the next six
7:33 am
months? >> i think i will tell anyone who has ever had a real life that it's easy to make decisions when you have plenty of money. but being able to manage a budget when you have to make priorities and put real people first, that's when i'm an expert at. i take care of my parents, i take care of my niece and my grandmother. you can defer taxes, you can't defer cancer treatment payments for your father or putting a roof over the head of your niece. and so what i tell every georgia an is i know they're struggling because i'm living it myself. but what i've been able to do is lead the democratic party and put nus a position where the rga feels compelled to attack me before they have a candidate of their own. this means that we're in a position to win and i plan to take advantage of that. >> you talk about the national profile that you have risen to at this point, which is obviously putting you in the crosshairs, as you mention reasonable doubt from opponents, from your republican opponents. and another line of attack might reference this. the atlanta journal constitution reporting that two-thirds of your campaign's fundraising dpram out of state the. you heard that referenced a little bit. what do you sty those who say
7:34 am
you're being propped up by liberal democrats outside your own state? >> we spend our dollars in georgia and the realitisy outraised my opponent locally. but more importantly, georgia say national state. we have the busiest airport in the world. one of the largest ports in the country. but we are a part of the national narrative. we are a locally grounded campaign that reached out to thousands of voters, but we're also nationally known because we know that georgia matters across this country. >> when you look at your race, when you look at your campaign, do you consider yourself part of the so-called resistance? >> absolutely. we are resisting the xenophobia that's coming out of d.c. we're resisting the temptation to actually hurt working families by passing the tax scam. we're resisting any conversation that says we have go backwards. i'm range campaign on a new playbook where we bring every voices to the table. if you look at our victory last night, we won across the state. diverse communities that look nothing like each other but
7:35 am
share the common georgia values of faith and family and service. that's what we're running onned on that's why we're going to win. >> when you turn to the general election, this is very different from the primary in the say state of course even in 2008 when barack obama won big he still lost georgia by five percentage points. you will have to win over some of these nonobama voters in november. how do you do that with the messing achbling resistance? >> we win with a message of progress. and here's the thing, that was a decade ago. georgia's a very different state than it was even ten years ago. we are speaking to all georgia voters, but we're also speaking to those independents who know that they want progress for their family, want good education, the expansion of medicaid, want help for their small businesses. we don't have to pivot to conservative values to win in georgia, we just have to speak about our own values and have bold and detailed plans about how we're going to make it work. >> before i let you go, you can reflkt a little bit on your -- what it means four to be the first black woman nominated to be a major party, you know,
7:36 am
governor from a state in the united states? i'm wondering if you can reflect on it, no matter what happens win or lose where you'll be from an emotional standpoint? >> well, i plan to win and when i win, i intend to stand in the said it sted of history. georgia is a long story in being first in a lot of ways, pushing civil rights, women's rights. i look forward to helping change the face of leadership. i want young women and men think about their futures to look at my campaign and know that they can achieve whatever they want. i'm excited about having the opportunity to be a part of that fabric. >> thank you for joining us on this program, i appreciate if the up next, new reports that the president is ordering an overhaul of his coms department reassign something aides to stop the steady leaks. plus, a new mark leb bow
7:37 am
vich piece that just drapd this hour. that's up next. they thought someday it could become fuel and power our cars wouldn't that be cool? and that's why exxonmobil scientists think it's not small at all. energy lives here.
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this morning the president is still battling against a leaky white house. politico now report egg demanded an overhaul of the white house communications team, a house cleaning the chief of staff john kelly reportedly signed off on too. the white house not commenting on this story. we have the white house politico reporter. andrew, what did you find? what does the president want to do. >> reporter: the president believes that the source of these leaks is the communication shop. that's up for debate but he wants a total overhaul.
7:41 am
john kelly rereported this morning has signed off on that overhaul and the white house official told me that thirngss still very much fluid, still kind of up in the air this morning. but at the moment the plan looks like it will be flushing out some junior and mid-level aides, the senior people, the people you see on tv every day are most likely going to stay. those people have won the president's affection, obviously. he's betting this is one way to sort of if not stop then stonch some of the leaks. but it isn't clear that the leaks aren't just coming from the communication shop, there are people you'll over the administration that leak and this isn't going to stop that. >> andrew, including inside the oval office there's no small irony. they're look at junior and mid-level staffers when the president we know is on the phone with his friends regularly talking about stuff that's happening inside the white house. andrew, take it away? >>? >> reporter: yeah, exactly. the president talked to any number of a dozen or so people every week and that information goes right back to reporters pretty quickly. could you make the dais case
7:42 am
that the president at least by exstengs one of the biggest leakners this white house. >> what's he going to do, fire his friends, catherine? >> it's hard to imagine he fires his friends. it's hard to imaginer fires himself. the president's not going to change the way he does business. and this gets at something that we've talked about a lot, which is it's really hard to be a commerce person for a president who thinks he's the ultimate communication specialist. >> i rudely cut you off, andrew, i apologize. i know i'm going to get yelled at for that. sorry. i want to talk about because tied to your piece is this other piece that relates to what cath trin i therein was talking about. for mark leb video vich, it came out while we were on the air and it says essentially the risky business of being a coms staffer for president trump, how difficult that is at a moment when the president wants to be his own spokesperson. speak to that idea. >> well, i think a lot of people who work for president trump and speak for him have been humiliated in someway, shape, or form or have been undercut by
7:43 am
the fact that they're not necessarily read in, there's not a top down process from the white house starting from the president that filters through his staffers. remember sara sanders was shocked, you know, when she found out about michael cohen and said she didn't know. >> the rob porter situation, i know a lot of staffers felt misled about. >> sean spicer was orders god out and make claim about krous sizes that were not true. this is a different world that a lot of these people would have been steeped in washington and communications have to deal with, an unpredictable and whimsical president who doesn't mind necessarily they end up looking embarrassed. >> and as we talk about sort of the turmoil, andrew, inside the west wing, there's this piece related to somebody else tied to the president, scott pru. i the there's this newspaper report that he spent $10,000 on office decor, twice the limit allowed by congress. he now has 14 ongoing, one pending and one complete investigation into his spending. but here's the thing, andrew. when you look at the numbers, like half of america doesn't even know who scott pruitt is. many this is not something
7:44 am
that's broken through voters. does the president have any incentive do anything here? >> i don't think he does at this point. the president, you know, by according to people that we've spoken to is frustrated with scott pruitt someone level but there's no information that he's going to be cand anytime soon. the president believes he's one of the most effective members of his own cabinet and he likes sort of playing this game. and the other thing is, scott pruitt is has been critical of the media itself and he didn't allow certain members of the press into an event yesterday. >> right. >> that's not going to, you know, make the president angry. obviously the president himself has been critical to media too. >> right. thanks for coming on the show, i appreciate it. in about an hour and 15 minutes from now, president trump will leave the white house, he'll head on the south lawn and maybe take questions from reporters. we noelle will be take his message to long island because he's talking immigration with the fight over dreamers heating up on the hill. why it matters for the future of that program that protects undocumented immigrants and how
7:45 am
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7:49 am
these aren't people. these are animals. >> so today one week after president trump made those comments slamming ms-13, he's taking his tough immigration agenda to long island in a couple of hours. 2:00 eastern he's going to be leading a round table on immigration and the impact of the violent ms-13 gong. federal and local law enforcement officers are expected to be there along with victims of gang violence. and then tonight the spres doing some campaigning. he's got a round table with supporters in manhattan. kelly o'donnell is on the road. she's joins us now from bethpage new york. fill us in on why the president picked long island. why's he going there? >> reporter: well, he wants to talk about the international gang known as ms-13, originated in los angeles, but they have had a real impact on long island with almost a surge in the last year or two with murders as a result. so real-life violence in a community where the president can point to this and say that
7:50 am
this is a part of his immigration policy. he took a lot of criticism for what he said in the clip you played at the beginning of this segment calling them animals. the white house has definitely doubled down that saying the president is specifically talking about violent criminals. so on that sense, he's in offense trying to push it. there's a homeland security center here. we're a bit of a distance away at more of a check point. it's a limited audience. about 200 in attendance. it will be broadcast live and there will be a presence certainly for some of the law enforcement who plan to talk after the visit with the president and give some of their views on this. this is an issue where the president seems to get traction with his supporters as we often find talking about criminals who unlawfully enter the country. that is one of his safe zones for his rhetoric. more broadly you have protesters who are also on the perimeter here upset about the president's views on immigration. >> will you sure you're not at a
7:51 am
truck stop? what is happening behind you, girl? there's a lot of action there. >> reporter: unfortunate moments in live television. very nice. >> thank you, kelly. >> reporter: it's complete now. they honked. >> you're the best. let's talk about the other end of pennsylvania avenue. while the president talks about immigration, you have paul ryan dealing with this back home. immigration showdown puts ryan's job in peril. maybe that's overstating it. ryan is leaving at the end of his term anyway, but talk through how it's playing. you cover the hill on the hill. >> democrat right now and a group of moderate republicans who are leading this have the votes to force a discharge petition. the house rules allow votes to be forced. ry the hard liners in the house
7:52 am
know they're check mated. i spoke to mark meadows. he said they have enough. he almost respected their tactics. he told me that the battle over paul ryan's job is kind of fizzling. there's no barnicles on the speaker's vote. he's going to be the speaker until november. this is probably going to pass the house, the discharge petition and who knows what's going to happen in the senate and the president might veto it. >> and katherine, you have the top republican donor threatening to stop helping lawmakers who do not sign off on the discharge petition. it's an interesting pressure from the donor community. >> you're certainly seeing republicans who want to take a vote. the political pressure for them to do something, and it's an election year and they want to be able to go back to their bases and voters and say they're doing something. >> i have to pause. we have breaking news we want to talk about about a military plane crash in mississippi. we are at the pentagon with
7:53 am
more. hans, what's happening? >> reporter: well, this is a t-38. a trainer super sonic jet. it crashed outside an air force base in mississippi. we called up to the wing. we can't determine the status of the two pilots. i think the crucial thing to look at here is this is yet another military mishap, a serious aviation accident, and officials here are scrambling to figure out why. you talk to some officials and they say this is what happens when you have years of underspending, the budget cuts. you talk to others, they say it's a lack of training and readiness. we're trying to find out more and the fate of those two pilots. yet another crash affecting the united states military. >> hans, come back as soon as you get more information. thank you. we'll be right back with today's big picture.
7:54 am
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7:57 am
as we look ahead to what we expect today. we know there will be more questions about the meeting with tomorrow with intel officials and two top officials. matt gates, the republican congressman on the show at the top of the show said yeah, democrats should be invited. notable, because he's been one of the closest allies to the president. talks with him frequently. do you think the white house will change its mind? >> i've never seen matt gates take the side of democrats in a dispute between the white house and democrats on this. and with republicans speaker ryan is not trying to intervene. >> the white house isn't even involved in the meeting.
7:58 am
john kelly put that together and then stepped away from it. it's not even something the white house has its fingers in at this point. >> i think that's the white house's way of saying we're mediating it. the reality is democrats are furious about this. just the fact that you have gowdy and nunes there who have been accused of not handling this fairly, to not have democrats there, i they they'll make a lot of hay about it. >> and it's heavily stage managed. it's hard to know. >> the other piece is hogan is out this morning saying reflecting with sarah said. democrats didn't even want to be invited. that's not true. chuck schumer said democrats should be part of the situation. they should be at the table. >> yeah. we're getting conflicting information. democrats certainly aren't sending the message now. we'll see today if they shift their rhetoric at all on this. >> i spoke to adam schiff, a counterpart to nunes who said he's reached out to officials about this. it's not as if democrats are
7:59 am
trying to avoid it. >> thank you for being with us onset. i appreciate it. we'll have you become very soon. the unbelievable situation happening in hawaii. this is lava flowing from one of the 20 huge cracks on the ground in the big highland. it looks like a highway. it's inching dangerously close to a power plant. and most of the dangerous material at the power plant has been taken out, but there's one underground well that can be vulnerable. there's toxic clouds that can drift up to 15 miles. one serious injury reported. a guy hit in the leg by what's been called a lava bomb. the photo here courtesy of the u.s. geological society. it's a story we'll continue to watch on this show. we love to hear your thoughts. and i'll see you tonight
8:00 am
reporting nightly news with lester holt. right now over to the capable hands of stephanie ruhle. >> thank you, my friend. i appreciate it. good morning, everybody. i am back. i'm stephanie ruhle. my partner ali velshi is off. it's wednesday, may 23rd, my son's birthday. >> a long-time associate of trump's personal attorney, michael cohen has now agreed to cooperate with government investigators. >> the question looming large, could the deal give prosecuters more leverage to get cohen to flip on president trump? it all comes as president trump stepped up his attacks against the justice department. >> if they had spies in my campaign, that would be a disgrace to this country. this would be one of the biggest insults and illegal. it would make probably every political event ever look like small potatoes. >> do you have confidence in rod rosenstein? >> what's your next question, please?


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