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tv   MSNBC Live With Alex Witt  MSNBC  May 26, 2018 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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that's our show for today. we'll be back tomorrow 10:00 a.m. eastern. before i go to alex witt i wish my boss lady evote miley's birthday today. happy birthday. she shares a birthday with pam greer, alex. >> she looks fantastic. >> isn't that a fly picture. >> great picture. happy birthday, yvette. those guys, bishop curry and bishop barber i feel like i just
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went to church, they're amazing. >> i needed that spiritual uplift today and they gave it to us. >> thank you for that. good day i'm alex witt in new york msnbc world headquarters. high noon in the east, 9:00 a.m. out west. a new sign from the white house that north korea summit may go forward, plus what leaders from the north and south talked about overnight and why there's much more to learn later today. the president tweets about immigration, why he's blaming democrats for the law that separates children and parents once they cross the border. new reaction to the nfl anthem policy, the message it sends to african-american football fans. plus a watershed moment in the me too movement. the impact of harvey weinstein's arrest on rape charges. but first this breaking news out of the korean peninsula, new video from a surprise meeting between moon jae-in and kim jong-un. the meeting lasted two hours in
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which they discussed a north american summit. we begin in seoul with nbc's bill neely. good day to you. let's get some of the details on the surprise meeting. i know it finished about seven hours or so ago. >> alex, this continues to be a head spinning story with a new twist every few hours. kelly will talk about the latest one, another indication there could well be a summit between president trump and kim jong-un after all with the white house advance team literally flying out to singapore but yes that announce md came just hours after the announcement of a surprise summit between conditionikim jong-un and president moon, only announced after it happened. if you want any indication what this means to south korea, take a look at this, a video produced by south korea's presidency, more importantly take a listen. ♪
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there you go, soaring music, beating drums, showing the two leaders meeting, smiling, hugging three times. yes, they met for two hours on the northern side of the demilitarized zone. it was a very obvious show of unity. remember, these two leaders were blindsided by donald trump who did not inform them in advance that he was canceling the summit so a message there perhaps to donald trump also that if you want a summit, just reach out, meet and talk. they talked about the cancellation of the summit according to south korea very candidly, and they also talked about their own preparations and plans for their own peace talks. it does seem like donald trump wants a summit between himself and kim jong-un. he was tweeting at around the same time that summit was taking place about very productive talks. perhaps in singapore, perhaps on
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june 12th. as one white house official said june 12th is ten minutes away. so look, you wouldn't bet on this summit, but the preparations do seem to be falling into place. this summit between president trump and kim jong-un does seem to be rising from the dead. alex? >> all right, bill neely in seoul with the latest, appreciate that. let's bring in nbc white house correspondette knt kelly o'donn. the two leaders of the korea we heard were blindsided by trump pulling out of the meeting. was trump blindsided by this meeting? do we know if he had advance notice? >> reporter: we don't know a specific answer although we asked for reaction from those involved in this process about what took place in north korea today. however, i think it is reasonable to suggest that the south korean delegation which has been very cooperative and very invested in this prospect
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for peace in a place that they stand the most to lose, would be in cooperation with the united states. there has been a good relationship. so the fact that the president put out a letter thursday canceling the summit in a very abrupt fashion, sort of jolting like an electric bolt everyone involved, this is certainly a helpful step. the president hinted at it, indirectly, if you will, by saying that talks are continuing. so we have learned from white house officials that conversations within this whole group, which includes allies like south korea are ongoing. the president is also tweeting today on this subject, one has to do with the president criticizing the media, dealing with the issue of whether there is any discord between members of the administration, that's not the correct tweet on that, by the way. >> no. >> reporter: that you're seeing on your screen. if there's any discord within the administration about the
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policy on north korea, there have been reports that there are differing camps and so forth. the president is saying that that is not the case. the president is also referencing a "new york times" report that quoted a senior administration official saying the june 12th date would be very difficult to accomplish for a couple of reasons, that they lost time because north korea was not communicating last week, and then we have these rapid series events over the last 48 hours or so, where there has also been lost time. the president lashing out saying that's a phony source. well, i was in the briefing where a white house official in fact did say that, someone who is directly involved in the planning, that may, of course, have changed now, because the president is saying june 12th is important, and could be the date. so the president lashing out claiming that's not a real person. that was absolutely a real person. they asked that not be identified by name but senior
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administration official. there's been a lot of confusion in recent days, a lot on the line and the president hinting strongly today that it could go forward june 12th and it might extend beyond that date, if things are developing. alex? >> kelly, just to back you up i'll read the tweet mistakenly put up there, that tweet we saw, for the next segment, but read "unlike what the failing and corrupt "new york times" would like people to believe, there is zero disagreement within the trump administration as to how to deal with north korea, and if there was, it wouldn't matter. the "new york times" has called me wrong right from the beginning." i just want to make sure people know exactly to what you were referencing. thank you very much. >> reporter: appreciate it. also new the president slamming democrats in the tweet you saw and the one we'll show again about immigration "put pressure on the democrats to end the horrible law that separates children from their parents once they cross the border into the u.s., catch and release, lottery and chain must also go with it. and we must continue building the wall. democrats are protecting ms13
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thugs." i just realized the president misspelled the word there, he used th-e-r-e and he meant t-h-e-i-r. guys, there's a lot to talk about in this tweet and josh, want to tackle the first part with you. the president essentially blaming the democrats for separating children from their parents. is there any truth to that? >> not really. so the president has, what the president has done has pushed a change in the policy at the border in terms of what you do when you have these families who enter the united states between ports of entry, rather than showing themselves at the border gate crossing, the border illegally. he ordered adults will be charged with a misdemeanor crime of illegal entry which requires the parents to be held for a criminal proceeding so obviously their children can't be held with them, they are placed in foster custody which is by the department of health and human services, which obviously is an
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extremely difficult circumstance for these families, and so it's not a new law. i against the president's point is he's doing this under existing legal authority but he has the prosecutorial discretion there and chosen to exercise in such a manner these families will be separated. in terms of asking democrats to change that law behe doesn't want a change so the families could live in the way that would have been allowed before they're released, given a court date to appear about their immigration status far in the future. he'd rather prevent them from entering the united states all together but the problem is we have certain international obligations to are people who seek asylum in the united states who can't just turn them away. the administration has been trying to negotiate an agreement with mexico similar to the one we have with canada, called a third safe country agreement which says these my grants coming from central america if they're in mexico they're safe in mexico, they should seek asylum in mexico. you need to get the mexican government to agree to go along with that and the president has been an tag nazing mexico in
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other ways that makes it unlikely they'll agree. mexico has a presidential election coming up july 1st that makes the domestic politics in mexico of any agreement with trump very difficult. the solution that the president is indicating that he'd like to have there he put road blocks in front of himself that make it difficult to do that >> thanks for clarifying that. let's look back at earl whier this month what happened when jeff sessions announced a goal to criminally prosecute 100% every person crossing the border illegally and brought up the issue of separation. let's take a listen to that. >> i have put in place a zero tolerance policy for illegal entry on our southwest border. if you cross the border unlawfully, then we will prosecute you. it's that simple. if you smuggle illegal aliens across our border, then we will prosecute you. if you are smuggling a child, then we will prosecute you. and that child may be separated from you, as required by law.
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>> okay, that was earlier this month. the president blaming the democrats, we saw it in the tweet, but that's his attorney general saying we're willing to separate kids from their parents. jay? >> well what the president is referring to is the fact that under president obama, there were some separations of children and immigrants coming into the country, but the difference was that under president obama the policy was to generally overall keep families together to make an effort to get families together in some circumstances children were separated. in 2016 there was one case where such a child had been separated from their parents was actually fostered with proven sex traffickers, not the situation you would want. what president trump is responding to is a ton of cable reports out in the last 24 hours that is reacting to a department of homeland security report that found that they can account for almost 20% of the 7,600 children they separated from parents this year so far and they don't know
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where they are. that's actually very worrying and troublesome if they've misplaced the children, sort of where are they in the united states, are they at risk, kidnapped by sex traffickers. it's the president reacting to the cable reports as the president is want to do and trying to say not my fault. this is something going on and also something the president wanted to do, not my fault, it's always somebody else's fault to begin with. >> i should note the vast in ajority of children unaccounted for are children who arrived as unaccompanied minors at the border, not children who were separated by the u.s. government from their parents at the border. obviously this is a large problem and it indicates something about the ability of the u.s. government to keep track of even more children under this trump administration policy not only with unaccompanied minors but separating children who arrive accompanied but it was a different policy about children who were arriving already without their parents with them at the border. >> josh is absolutely right and i want to be clear, there's only about 700 children so far this year that have been separated
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from their parents. the other children were unaccompanied minors >> those are the numbers through april. we'll see what may brings. i read a yahoo! news article i believe about a man who came into the country with his 18-month-old child. they were separated. he was subsequently deported, and when he was deported, they said to him, we don't know where your child is. somewhere in texas we believe, but he had to leave the country. so that's one example again of those cable news stories you've been talking about. want to talk about this week's controversial doj briefing, rudy giuliani telling the ap last night that he hopes to get a readout of all that information from the meeting, specifically about the use of a long time government informant. the calculation here overall, jay, is what? >> well the calculation has always been to undermine this investigation by bob mueller from the white house. this is just the latest example of them saying the entire basis of this investigation is really
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falls and this is a total waste of $20 million of the taxpayer money, taxpayer money and we should stop the investigation right away because the entire thing is just a house of cards, built on false premises to begin with which is not the case. in fact, senate majority leader mitch mcconnell emerged from the meetings of the gang of eight and said he felt the investigation was warranted, ongoing and doing a good job and he still supported it and the vast majority of republicans on the hill still support this investigation, but this is part of the white house's overarching strategy and certain his legal strategy to undermine the mueller investigation. >> yes, and specifically senate majority leader mcconnell went to one of those meetings, and he very much expressed confidence in the mueller investigation, so how much do statements by mcconnell and others, how does that undercut josh, the president's argument that suggests something nefarious was going on? >> i think when the president and his lawyer make these argument it's more a pr strategy than a legal strategy. it's very unlikely the president will be indicted while he is sitting. constitutional lawyers argue
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about whether it would be theoretically possible to indict a sitting president. there's existing department of justice guidance that leads us to believe that mueller will choose not to indict him, would instead issue a report to congress if there was wrongdoing on the part of the president and congress could decide whether or not to impeach the president. ultimately the president's fate is going to be a political matter more than a legal matter. this is the president and his team laying the groundwork for the argument the whole investigation was politically motivated and you shouldn't take its findings seriously. in response from the hill you've seen support for mueller on the senate side of the hill. on the house side more people using the same talking points as the president. in terms of the white house receiving a classified briefing about this i'm not sure how different that is from house republicans receiving the briefings and clearly passing information back and forth with the white house. lot of the house republicans have been acting as the president's arm, at the same time that the senate republicans in many cases have been sticking up for mueller. >> josh and jay, thank you both so much. >> thank you. >> thanks, alex.
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find your phone easily with the xfinity voice remote. one more way comcast is working to fit into your life, not the other way around. let's focus on things like that that i think are unifying for the american people. impeachment is, to me, divisive. again, the facts are there. the facts are there, then this
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would have to be bipartisan to go forward, but if it is viewed as partisan, it will divide the country and i just, i just don't think that that's what we should do. >> house minority leader nancy pelosi, just this past week once again warning democrats against using the "i" ahealed of the midterms. joining me is john steyer, pumps millions into a campaign to impeach president trump. welcome back. >> nice to see you, too. >> what is your reaction to what minority leader pelosi said right there? >> well what we're trying to do with our impeachment petition is to tell the truth and put the american democracy and the american people first. and if telling the truth and standing up for our country is divisive or upsets people then i think that's in the greatest tradition of american patriotism. so i don't think that we should
9:21 am
stop telling the truth. the most important truth in america, and let the president get away with reckless and lawless behavior because it's going to upset some people. i think we have to stand up and do the right thing. >> tom, can you do that without calling for impeachment? >> i don't believe you can, alex. the people who are complaining without doing anything about it are essentially doing nothing, and by doing that, they normalize the behavior. if the president's company takes a $500 million loan from the chinese government, which is absolutely forbidden by the constitution and nobody says anything about it, then that's okay and you've normalized that behavior. no, i don't believe that you can complain and whine without doing something about it. i think you've got to stand up and fight for what's right. >> what is the reaction you're getting at these town halls and how impeachment talks could divide democrats? what are you hearing? >> well, i was in columbia, south carolina, for a town hall
9:22 am
wednesday and it was filled with veterans. there were several republican veterans who stood up to say we think it's really important that we stand up for the country, that we protect our democracy. this is all about patriotism. that is what i'm hearing in every single town hall, alex, people who are patriots who are trying to protect our democracy, and are very scared that it's being slowly cut down and whittled away until there will be nothing left, while the politicians stand by because they think that it's not in their interest to speak up. >> tom, you know who controls congress. it is an uphill battle for you at this point. why not pull back a bit with the rhetoric, see what happens in november, see if the democrats get a control of at least the house, if not the senate as well, and then act? >> i don't think it's possible not to tell the truth for a long
9:23 am
period of time, because you think it's politically expedient, and then to discover truth all of a sudden. i think it's really important to stand up and fight for what's right, so people know who you are, and what you stand for. i think that everybody who is being very tactical and political is really saying we're only going to say things that are popular, and if they've got to be popular on both sides of the aisle, so in effect as long as people don't like what the truth is we'll bury the truth, and we're not going to do that. >> well, let's see, i have to agree the truth has to come out 24/7, that's for sure. i want to look at the latest general ballot. it shows that the democrats are losing the lead which helped propel the expectation of a blue wave in november though. are you concerned about the chance for the democrats to regain control of the house? >> gosh, alex, i think anybody who knows what's going to happen five and a half months from now
9:24 am
on election day is kidding themselves. we haven't had a correct poll in years. i believe what we're doing which is to tell the truth and fight for the american people and the american democracy is the only way to go, because you really can't tell how all this stuff is going to play out. especially not the pollsters i don't think anybody knows. we are traveling around the country -- i go around the country all the time, people are desperate for some leadership, for people who will actually stand up for what they believe in. they're desperate. i think anybody who knows what's going to happen in november is kidding themselves. you do your best, leave everything on the field, and let the chips fall where they may. >> as you are making these rounds, what are people talking about aside from impeachment, what are you hearing people say? >> i think that there is an absolute craving from americans for some vision and some leadership, and that means understanding how we're going to relate to each other, and what the relationship is between the
9:25 am
citizens and the government, and we're not hearing that from anybody in washington, d.c. people are desperate to know what we're trying to do as americans and we what we stand as a country in the 21st century. americans need to know that and they need to know that people are telling the truth about the most important issues of the day. >> instead of finger pointing what is wrong with the other parties. we've been talking about the unprecedented number of women running for office. stacey abrams won the georgia democratic primary. let's listen to what she said in the last hour. >> i'll talk about economic issues, about education issues, about making sure government is working for everyone. then it's the ground game been we can win when we have the right message and invest in our voters and that's what we did from the beginning of this campaign, knocking on doors, making those phone calls and
9:26 am
really pulling people in to this campaign. >> sounds to me she's doing what you said people want an expression of leadership, what they intend to do, how they intend to do it. is she someone whose grassroots campaign you could support? >> i think stacey abrams is fantastic, alex. i've haukd to her a bunch of times. she is incredibly passionate. she is exactly the kind of person we should be rallying behind. she knows georgia backwards and forwards. she's a true grassroots activist. i'm a gigantic fan. >> that's good to hear. how about what's next for you, tom, where are you heading next? what is on your agenda? >> we're doing town halls in the next ten days. minneapolis, reno and seattle. i'll be going door to door in
9:27 am
the central valley next saturday. what i spend my time doing is the greatest joy i could imagine. i get a chance to go out and talk to people to normal citizens, it is enlivening because americans are fantastic. >> tom, i like hearing you talk, because you are inspiring, you clearly have a lot of passion for what you're doing and saying it with a smile despite turbulent times. i bet you're wearing your track shoes running around the country. tom steyer, thank you. good to see you. . >> thanks for having me. a new report says the fbi maintained wiretaps of a putin alley, why don jr. should be concerned, one lawyer says. that's next. this is a jungle gym... and a baseball diamond... ...a mythical castle
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who passed laws protecting immigrants from trump... and helped dreamers stay in school. he led bold action against climate change. and only de león fought for universal, medicare for all. democrat kevin de león the only true progressive for senate. change california now is responsible for the content of this advertising. new demand from the president's lawyer in the russia investigation, rudy giuliani saying the white house should get a briefing on classified information from the justice department regarding the probe after adam schiff said there was no evidence to support the allegation that the fbi or any
9:32 am
intelligence agency placed a spy in the trump campaign. joining me former u.s. attorney joyce vance. thank you for joining me. giuliani's strategy, is it a legit request or another attempt to discredit mueller in the investigation in. >> it's more a public relations strategy than a legal one. giuliani a former u.s. attorney is well aware that a subject or a target of a federal investigation isn't entitled to know the evidence that investigators are accumulating during that investigation. there's a time for prosecutors to turn that information over, but that comes after the target of an investigation is indicted and legal proceedings are commenced. so what giuliani is doing here is trying to dirty up mueller in the eyes of the public, hopefully that won't work and people will see through it. >> here specifically is what giuliani said, if the spying was inappropriate, that means we may have an entirely illegitimate
9:33 am
investigation, any legal credence to that? >> so we know that spying is a term that the president deliberately used in an effort to turn the american people against this investigation. there's no credence to giuliani's argument rather than being a spy, this was a delicate effort by the fbi to learn about potential russian interference with the campaign in a way that did as little harm to the campaign as possible. they could have gone in with agents walking into the campaign headquarters, interviewing witnesses, and that would have become public quickly. instead, what they did, and this was a counter intelligence investigation, not a criminal one, and that difference is very important, because what the fbi was doing was not an investigation into misconduct by the campaign. they were trying to understand what the russians were trying to do. were they trying to influence the campaign? were they trying to recruit people from inside of the
9:34 am
campaign so that the fbi could put an end to that russian conduct and they had a confidential source talk with folks in the campaign so that they could learn what was happening, and protect the american people from interference. >> so in this intel briefing you had chief of staff john kelly and emmitt flood in attendance to "relay the president's desire for as much openness as possible under the law." the two did leave the meeting before it officially began. they did hear a little bit of what was being said at the beginning. they've gotten criticized for showing up at all. given flood's security clearance or lack thereof what do you make of their decision to make an appearance in the first place? >> i think it's disturbing that they appeared at all. flood has a great reputation and is widely believed to be someone with high ethical standards, and our understanding is that they were there for the beginning of the meeting and left. but the problem here is this perceptual issue that the president continues to act as though he's above the law, as
9:35 am
though his personal lawyers who are looking after his own personal interests, not the interests of the country, are entitled to intervene in law enforcement proceedings, and control them. that's dangerous, and out of an abundance of caution, an exercise of good judgment, the president's personal lawyer should have stayed far away from these meetings, which were already questionable as it was. >> and joyce, just in terms of the image here, if the reason they went in the first place, as they say, it was to transmit the appearance of openness, why not stay for the whole meeting? >> you know, it's an interesting excuse for being in the meeting, because the president did everything but convey an interest in openness. this has not been a process that has been on track. when you think about fbi counter intelligence work, it's designed to make sure that the russians don't take advantage of unscrupulous people in our society who might be willing to cooperate with the russians, and
9:36 am
so the idea that we want to expose these sort of operations to public scrutiny is really off kilter from the start. the idea that these representatives of the president had any business being in this meeting, even just at the start, is really wrong-headed. the idea they should have stayed through the entire meeting is clearly wrong. the president is not entitled to know what evidence is being collected in a specific now criminal investigation. >> one more thing i want to ask before i let you go is donald trump jr., a yahoo! news reports the fbi obtained wire taps of a putin ally who met with don jr. in may of 2016. spanish prosecutor says that donald trump jr. should be very worried. what is your reaction, joyce? >> so this is interesting, and earlier this week in an unrelated case, mueller's prosecutors filed a pleading that indicated there are non-public lines of investigation that the special
9:37 am
counsel is in investigating potential crimes that the public is not yet aware of. they filed that pleading in an effort to keep some of their information out of the public eye, and now we see this story about torsion, the russian deputy chief at the russian central bank surfacing, and it's interesting, because in 2016, there was contact between torsion and the nra and the trump campaign, ultimately resulting in this meeting with trump jr. during the nra convention during the national convention, and so mueller undoubtedly knows a lot more about this than we do, if a spanish prosecutor believes, based on wire taps, that trump jr. is in trouble, then we can be certain that mueller is looking into this and we'll hear more about it in the coming weeks. >> jace vance, always appreciate hearing from you, thank you. >> thanks for having me. in just a moment the uproar over the nfl anthem policy and president trump's role in it. managing blood sugar
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14 past, breaking news about an american held in venezuela since 2016. the president tweeting a few hours ago "good news about the release of the american hostage from venezuela. should be landing in d.c. this evening and be in the white house with his family at about 7:00 p.m. the great people of utah will be very happy." talking about joshua holt, a 26-year-old missionary from utah. he traveled to venezuela two years ago to marry a fellow mormon. he and his wife were arrested shortly after getting married
9:42 am
and two short videos of him pleading for help around a priz ouprising posted about a week and a half ago, coming up at 1:00 p.m. eastern, i'll speak with bill richardson's work to win holt's release. howard bryant senior writer at told me this is what's behind the move to fine teams if players to not remain standing or remain in the locker room during the playing of the anthem. >> they have decided that the black consumer is either unimportant or the black consumer is going to go along and watch football regardless of what the players do or what the owners do. >> let's bring in democratic strategist margerie clifton, principal at clifton consulting llc and michael steele, msnbc political analyst. michael, how do you make sense of the nfl's decision? how much of it do you think was prompted by the president's firestorm over the players
9:43 am
taking a knee? >> i think it was absolutely prompted by the president's firestorm. the nfl got itself caught up in donald trump's crazy world of political gamesmanship, being used as a deflection away from the heat coming from mueller and stormy daniels and other things. remember, donald trump said nothing about kohl colin kaeper first instance of kneeling until almost 18 months afterwards. the nfl responds when only seven players at last games were kneeling. this issue had sort of resolved itself over time. they did need to step into it the way they did but you have within the ownership structure those who are very big trumpists, and they wanted to be consistent in their support of this president's hot rhetoric around the subject. >> how much of this new policy do you think is about business, the bottom line? >> well, probably a lot, and
9:44 am
we've seen trump have a lot of influence over markets and businesses which is why in some ways he held them hostage. his comments can move markets in different directions. you've seen this in the pharmaceutical industry and within the nfl. michael said he started a fire where had quieted down. his role as the president is to be a unifier but also should be to acknowledge all sides of this issue, because it isn't just as simple as business here. i personally think that organizations like the nfl that have the ability to make social statements, to move hearts and minds and are at the heart of america should acknowledge what this is about. this is acknowledging why the players feel this injustice. >> you kind of lost me when you said the president is supposed to be a unifier. i'm like, well. >> in theory. in theory. >> on paper. on paper. >> anyway, michael, here is how the president reacted to news of this policy, let's take a watch.
9:45 am
>> i don't think people should be staying in locker rooms but it's good. you have to stand proudly for the national anthem. you shouldn't be playing, shouldn't be there. maybe you shouldn't be in the indust country. >> look, what should the president's role here be? should he be weighing in at all on this particular issue? >> no, the president needs to shut the hell up on this subject because he makes it -- he sounds stupid, and he makes it worse. you know, to infer that these athletes, because they don't conform to his conditions for behavior or showing the kind of respect he wants them to show for the flag, that they should leave the country is not only outrageous, it's lame-brained. i dismiss it on its face. it's just pan lum coming out of his mouth, synapses not
9:46 am
connecting. the nfl has to recognize it should be along with other big entertainment and social entities to be a beacon to show a way to be an example, since you're not getting that leadership from the white house and from this president, they should take on that responsibility. the idea that you're going to shut down respectful forms of protest. this wasn't burning the flag on the field. this wasn't doing anything outlandish. this was a respectful dissent around an important issue which has seemingly gotten lost. >> i ask whether people remember the genesis of all this, why it was, police brutality against people of color. i'm curious, overall, marjorie, does this impact and if so, how does it impact public perception of the nfl long-term? >> well, the nfl yes it's created another, again, firestorm in the press and people talking about what is the nfl -- the nfl has not had a seamless history because of all
9:47 am
of the wife battery and other domestic abuse issues they dealt with two years ago and they kind of ironed things out. i think they've put themselves -- you also have to look at how starbucks handled their recent issue with an african-american man being mistreated. they owned it, saying this is not okay, this is not how we want to do business ander this proactive about it. race relations are tricky. that's a complicated subject and it's okay to weigh in and say we're open. we want to figure out what the right way to do this is, and i think the nfl sort of again siding with trump is making one statement so he's not helping the issue, but let's not pretend and act like we're shocked when he says something crazy and weighs in. i think they're in any position to do tremendous good and choosing this path and not acknowledging the other side of it and as michael so nicely said, it's peaceful demonstration. this is not, you know, waging war, and so acknowledging that, and embracing that, and saying
9:48 am
there's a conversation that clearly needs to be had, because our viewership and our players represent a swathe of america that is very important, and it's very diverse. >> i have to say with regard to starbucks they are putting their money where their mouth is. i have it on my phone. it's closed on tuesday for all the training sessions. given the fact that i go to starbucks many times a day. yes, sir? >> i want to ask a question. all those folks who are heaping on top of these nfl players for kneeling, when they're at a bar, when they're at some other location, and the national anthem is played, do they stand and put their hands over their chest? i bet you they continue drinking. spare me the sanctimony how you should behave. people need to check what they do outside of being at a football game. >> you want to comment an that? >> yes, one other thought on that, too, trump weighing in the way he did has created yet another opportunity for him to distance himself from audiences of color.
9:49 am
it's showing in such an obvious way he doesn't acknowledge that he can't even comprehend why this would be an important issue to people of color, and that to me is also very tone deaf. >> okay, you guys anything but tone deaf. good to talk with you both. come see me again, michael, margerie, have a good one. >> thank you. in our next hour, who is to blame for immigrant families being separated at the border? the president says it's the democrats' fault, but first, how is hollywood reacting to harvey weinstein turning himself in for rape and sexual assault charges? a detailed report after the break. let's do an ad of a man eating free waffles at comfort inn.
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what does his punishment look like? >> shame. punishment means power being stripped away. it's okay to have one day of ex-uex ex-alitiation because it's going to get ugly and hard and harder but right now for today it's okay in this battle to have a moment of just like, yeah, yeah. >> actress rose mcgowan one of harvey weinstein's omost outspoken accusers.
9:54 am
joining me is dominique van pattpa patton. how are hollywood reacting to the images? are people echoing rose mcgowan's sentiments it's going to get ugly? >> a lot are. you see the times up aand me, too, movement, finally justice being served here. i think a lot of people and i've written about this before, a lot of people are worried there could be a backlash over this and also going to be witnesses, people are going to have to talk about this and i think things are going to have to go through some powerful and very harrowing emotional moments before the case of harvey weinstein at the very least is resolved. >> prosecutors are saying that a grand jury has yet to decide, dominic, whether weinstein would face trial. >> exactly. >> what would the charges really mean? >> exactly. in fact, harvey weinstein haes until wednesday could decide whether or not he wants to testify before the grand jury the manhattan d.a. office has
9:55 am
had going for a few months now. the whole thing is in flux. here is a copy of the actual charges that we had, first-degree and second-degree rape and a criminal sex act. this is the beginning. the da, prosecutors said there could be more charges coming. the investigation is ongoing and at the same time, there is a federal investigation that the u.s. attorney's office in new york are doing. there are investigations that could or could not happen out here in los angeles with the l.a. county da's office, jackie lacy's office has an investigation the lapd handed over to her and the beverly hills pd. series of events happening here. none of this is going to move quickly. in fact the thing that could move quickly as weinstein's lawyer said outside the courtroom, they're going to make a move to dismiss so already you can see the wheels are justice
9:56 am
are grinding along and many people like rose mcgowan and i'm so glad they do feel there's been some degree of vindication but this is a long haul. this is not "law & order." he's not going to jail by thursday. >> you mentioned benjamin brafman. "mr. weinstein did not invent the casting couch in hollywood. bad behavior is not on trial in this case. what is the interpretation of the comments? >> a lot of this is playing a media game. you have over 808 women who have come forward since the "new york times" did their expose about harvey weinstein's alleged decades of vile behavior, sexual assault, sexual harassment and more. benning benjamin brafman and blair burke want to find a way to derail this. in a case like this when you don't have a rape case, evidence, evidence of witnesses
9:57 am
and what have you and had previous cases like the one a few years ago the da's office decided no the to pursue when the nypd had a wire on italian model weinstein was dealing with, you have to be very delicate about this. did harvey weinstein invent the casting couch, of course not. is bad behavior on trial? weinstein's behavior is what's really on trial here, his criminal behavior and no matter how you rye to play that, that is what is going to sit in the courthouse and be decided. >> we'll have you back, thank you so much. good saturday to you. coming up next, a surprise meeting at the north and south korean border this morning. why there's an element of suspense coming from the south korean side. we'll speak with former governor bill richardson who has negotiated with north korea before, coming your way at the top of the hour. it took guts to start my business.
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