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tv   MSNBC Live With Yasmin Vossoughian  MSNBC  May 27, 2018 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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that's it for me. for a few precious hours tomorrow, i will extinguish the barbecue, and anchoring here in the morning, between now i'll be on twitter and instagram. enough aboutsh the new continues with my friend and colleague. >> hello, everyone. i'm eamon mohyeldin in, an advance team is head to do singapore to prepare.
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a what about president trump do? rudy giuliani continues his pr blitz, admitting that his strategy, believe it or not is to sway the public opinion, how he's now going after the obama administration, in his latest attack on robert mueller's team, and where are the children? 1500 immigrant kids misplaced by the government. it's a blow to the president's child separation policy. how can he be blaming democrats for something his administration is responsibility for? we have a lot to break down this hour. here we go. >> we're doing very well in terms of the summit with north korea. it looks like it's going along very well. we're looking at june 12th in singapore. >> i think the president has north koreans in some place that many other presidents -- >> this man -- and is probably
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afraid, i remain convinced that he did not want to denuclearize. >> i think north korea believes they can play trump. here's what they're going to learn. >> i hope we will see president trump end up proving himself to be a deal maker, not a deal breaker. >> we're all focused on the roller coaster, but the key issue is are they giving up their nuclear weapons? and unfortunately i think the answer is no. >> i don't know that the president has done the homework that would allow him to do this. >> i prefer the choice of diplomacy over fire and fury. they could hold historic talks. white house officials confirming to nbc news that an american team arrived in panmunjom.
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and a new olive branch from the north after his surprise meeting. moon says that kim commit to do talks with president trump and to the complete denuclearization. we have noel and gordon chang. we have mara gaye and danielle moody-mills. she's also contributor for -- let me begin with you, gordon, if i may, with we rewind to where we were a couple weeks ago, everything was going well. then we had this sudden bizarre set of comments come out of the republican and i would say the white house, about what regime.
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>> the advance, the one going to singapore, they'll probably meet a new yorkan team down there. that's because the north koreans really need this meeting. they need sanctions relief. they don't want the u.s. to strike their facility, and of course kim wants a meeting. that's legitimatization. from their point of view, they need this to go forward. >> does the president deserve the credit he has rattled with his unpredictability, rattled t the north koreans. he's elevating the chaos surrounding the talks, and in doing so, forced the north koreans to the table. >> the leading analysts in northeast asia say the threat to
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war have unnerved not only the north koreanss, but the chinese and south koreans. but i think it's the sanctions that have forced it. kim is not getting the money he needs to run his regime, so i think it's more of a money issue than a threat issue. >> i want to ask you about this quickly. the work denuclearization means different things to the north koreans, we heard victor cha, and he says he does not believe they will ever give up a nuclear weapon. that seems like that's what we're asking them to do. we want them to give up mare missiles, but we can do this. we have the power to do this. the question is whether the president is willing to do the elementsh to get them to do something -- >> it will be interesting.
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>> let and -- take a listen to this. >> i know will be very prepared. kim jong-un knows hi program inside and out. i i don't know that the president has done the kind of homework that would allow him to do this. the high watermark is they tay at the levels of principles, allow each side to cower, and then seriously begin a process that makes the peninsula less dangerous. >> so in essence, he's casting doubts on president trump's preparedness going into the summit. what do you think it would take for the president to be fully
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prepared. >> thankfully we don't have to rely on the president, i have to agree there's absolutely nothing we have seen from this president specifically so far that would suggest he's capable of threading the needle now, that doesn't mean that any american should be sitting there hoping for this to fail. that's not the same thing. however, the president has gutted the state department. we just have to hope. >> we don't have an ambassador to south korea. >> we just have to hope the right people have done their homework, and frankly what i'm also concerned is about what happens if this fails? john bolton is sitting right there, we have seen this before in some ways, so what is plan b in case this goes south? >> so let's pick up on that point. i want to plays this sound bite. this is from president trump yesterday talking about his
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strategy. take a listen. >> as you know, there are meetings going on as we speak in a certainly location. a lot of people are working on it. it's moving along very nicely. so we're looking at june 12th in singapore. that hasn't change d, so we'll see what happens. >> you have on some questions the president's preparedness. others are saying they're not even talking about the same thing, what is the president's strategy here? >> i think the president was total denuclearization. i think we all know what that means. a cease to their nuclear weapons, and i think that he brought up an interesting point about what is plan b? nobody is talking about plan b. we all know -- likes to come from a position of -- and i think that the north koreans
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really have more to lose. if you look at the company from an economic standpoint, they need money, this is -- they need the united states, and pumping in cash. we've already said that we are going to send or brightest -- some sort of a strategy to make sure that their country can get up and running with capitalism. so i think that kim jong-un also has another motive, to look at how he can bring back money into his country. and we're talking about north korea right now, not because there's some big economic power or threat. we're talking because they had these nukes and they were raumping up their tests and said we have a missile that can reach hawaii. this is why we have to put a stop to it. now we're at the negotiation table, and it's to their advantage to deal with the united states. >> what kind of deal, danielle, do you think has to strike with
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the north koreans as having the support of bipartisan group of lawmakers? again, not to harkin on the iran deal, but obviously the president is talking about something very different of the the fact that he just withdrew raises questions as to whether or not his negotiations and his strategy about nukes in general are very clear. there's respect, but is there a way to do this in a way where you have bipartisan support? >> yeah, i think that theres. i think one the president has to show up at the table. the idea that he pulled 0u69 this agreement, to, before kim jong-un did, because he was concerned about whether the north koreans would pull out, this is the problem with this administration. i think in order to get people to the table they have to show some goodwill. and start twitter wars other than start battles, that put all
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americans at risk. my concern is that if they does not come to the table and i have south korea that goes to the table and china, right? then they find a way to work out a decades-long issues without the united states, then where does that leave us? it leaves us in isolation, and i think that's what we should be most concerned about. so, you know, whether or not we'll have denuclearization, because i'm not 100% sure we will. it probably makes more sense to talk about a plan around containment that assuming when kim jong-un said, when i blew up these places, and we're going to take his -- >> >> we don't even need to have a meeting where they won't comes to the president's terms. i think that's why mike pompeo has been negotiating -- >> but when they have this accusation throwing out, we're going to -- this is really? >> i'm not even sure this
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take a listen. >> i'm more convinced as we see it that this is a rigged investigation -- >> so you think that the mueller probe is legitimate? >> not anymore, i don't. i didn't when i came? >> giuliani also suggested that former president obama and his director of the cia and national intelligence knew an informant had been embedded if the trump campaign. >> i have no regard at all for clapper and brennan. i think they're two clowns. clapper is talking about spying, and he doesn't realize it's spying on the trump campaign, he has an obligation to tell him. >> brennan was chief torturer in charge, and then he disowned it, and i don't know what he did with the cia, but he's the most political cia director i have ever met. >> the president continuing to use the word "spygate" and has repeatedly suggested that the fbi infiltrated his campaign for
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political purposes. so far there's been no evidence to suggest that's been the case at all. both brennan and clapper reject the claims, saying the informant was only used to determine the role of russia in the campaigns. great to have both of you, with us on set. mara, the president has used the word spy or spygate in some version 24 times in nearly 15 tweets. why do you think he's insisting -- >> without getting into his head, i don'tening we need to. discredit the probe. giuliani said it himself today. he's acting certainlially as an attack dog, and mueller can't really spoke for himself at this
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point. they're trying to control the narrative, trying to discredit the probe before it even comes out with its findings. not only does it play well, i think even a more dangerous part is a lot of americans don't entirely understand how government works at that level. when people hear it was obama's justice department or fbi, even reasonable people might say, wait a second, is that true? without understanding that those branches of government and those officials and civic -- let me stop. there are apolitical folks who do this work, career officials, so it was not politicized. but spygate suggests it's a scandal. >> let me ask this, marco rubio, obviously a republican, and to some extent has been an ally to the president. he had strong words about the
1:19 pm
investigation, saying it should go on and believes in it. >> as far as what i have seen to date, it appears there was an investigation not of the campaign, but certainly officials that have a history that predate the campaign, and when officials are in the orbit of a major campaign, the fbi who in charge of counterintelligence should look at people like that. >> in some ways he's undermines the president's argument. he's saying that there is some legitimacy to what the fbi was doing in going after individuals within the trump administration. does that kind of messaging from members of the president's own party undercut the messaging? or does it resonate? >> i think we need to see more of it. that's the biggest issue, trump has been saying that a spy was
1:20 pm
embedded in his and very, very few republicans are pushing back against that. marco rubio has been one, i think lindsey graham said something once over the last week or so, but they're allowing him to get away with the talking point. we saw last week exactly why he does this. he said he told leslie stahl that he wants to discredit the media, it can be the media, the fbi, but he said he wanted to discredit the media in particular, because whenever they come out with a story about him, he doesn't want any of the public to believe it. he told a friend of his, who then told the associated press. >> not to mention there are republicans very much with the president.
1:21 pm
and how can -- the fbi uses informants all the time and it's encouraged in the guidelines. emmitt flood, he attended this meeting earlier this week. but take a listen to this. the whole purpose was by getting information improperly from the justice department to feed to the president's lawyers. alarming?
1:22 pm
>> on a couple different levels. and try to glean whatever information they are giving. it's shocking, and the fact that he was there is bad enough. first of all t. investigations are not transparent. maybe we can set aside the hillary clinton e-mails.
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not just to protect their over safety and security, and then it's a little rich for the president, who has not disclosed his tax returns there are a number the things that don't add up. i appreciate all of you very much for joining this discussion. my grant children separated from the children, so why isn't he taking ownership? we'll talk about that next. that child may be separated from
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i support the affordable care act, and voted against all trump's attempts to repeal it. but we need to do more. i believe in universal health care. in a public health option to compete with private insurance companies. and expanding medicare to everyone over 55. and i believe medicare must be empowered to negotiate the price of drugs. california values senator dianne feinstein welcome back, everyone form the trump administration facing growing backlash for the immigration policies, especially
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after federal officials admitted to losing track to nearly 1500 of my grant children alone. that is getting renewed attention after homeland security secretary announced they instituted a tougher approach that will rules in more families being separated. the president is now distancing himself from his own administration's policies and believe this, blaming democrats in a tweet he writes -- put pressure on the democrats who end the horrible law that separates children. i'm joined by raul reyes. everyone else is still with us. explain for us what the law says.
1:29 pm
essentially says, this is the law. the without has pointed to two --, the paints, and yet when we look at these laws, neither have to do with that. the first one is an antitrafficking act in 2008. all it mandates is children should be kept in the least restricted environment. it wasn't passed by democrats, but unanimously will you congress and george w. bush signed it. and the other agreement is called the flora settlement. it's not a court case. it basically says children cannot remain in immigration detention indefinitely. it's very harmful. when ked talk about detention. it's providedsh print.
1:30 pm
that's where we are, it's very strange situation that the head of the justice department is making this claim, about you it speaks volumes this administration cannot find the legal justification for this honestly you don't have tosh been to be a parent. i think a casual observer can say this is not right. now even the president seems to be turning on some of his own staff members, saying he doesn't like it. noel, the federal government misplacing 1500 children, getting lost in the system. it has to rain ace large bells. is there any sense that this administration is pull the welfare as a priority as they develop -- >> this is a tragedy, a humanitarian crisis. this isn't right or left.
1:31 pm
we have to do something about this. this is an emergency. we have crisis. we have children at risk. yes, we can blame the republican administration under president bush, we have a lot of people to finger point. >> this should be motivation for the right and left to work together. he's obviously not wavering on it and it's funding the wall. >> i know they don't want to spend the money, but if you have the life the children, that you say they're unaccounted for, and children in detention, then that would be motivation for me as a democrat to be, economically irresponsible and go ahead and give president trump what he wants.
1:32 pm
>> why are we not seeing any movement on this, on the misplaced children, on the border wall, on immigration at large? >> i don't know what it is. something inside of me feels like we don't have the moral will. when you say kids will be held in detention, they're prisons, prisons for children. the children are as young as infants, ripped from their parents and have nod when they're going to be returned. the idea is not like why is congress not doing something. we have to create the public will to force koening to do something. they don't do anything without putting pressure on that you are neck. this isn't a partisan shows, it's a huge taken crisis.
1:33 pm
if we don't address this, who are we? the idea that they are uses these very vague laws to justify this kind of krufl behavior makes you understand this administration does not see immigrant families like they see american family. and by american families i mean white families. when can you justify ripping children away from their parents or unaccompanied minors risking everything -- think about what they are risking. think about what has to compel a family to leave their home, to uproot their family, to cross the border taking miles, days, week, in order to do that, to be rip apart. >> and ultimately ripped hay part. >> think about what you must be going through.
1:34 pm
>> i actually think that pressure is mounting. if you have been following twitter. >> in the last 48 hours. we couldn't have probably known about the 1500 children misplaced had it not somebody from hhs who mentioned it a couple weeks ago. >> i continue to believe that if this can be viewed as a humanitarian issue, if the public shows they care, especially in a midterm year, the people who represent them. >> do you think it would be an issue? not just immigration. >> and there are -- you know, people are veryout raged as they
1:35 pm
should be. there are potential solutions. so we wouldn't have a constant -- i don't think there's a political will in congress, including among democrats to do that. at the end of obama's last year, he instituted something called the central american minors program. this was a program where they could apply for asylum in their home countries without making that trip north. it was a pilot program, and it did work to the extend that once people filed their applications, they tended to stay to wait and
1:36 pm
see whether they were be approved. the problem is once in office president trump and jeff sessions canceled this program. >> not to mention that the homeland security secretary has had differences already with president trump about immigration. it's been a thorny many for many administrations, but the cruelty is intentional. >> i think. >> this is a stephen miller faction. that's what's happening. still ahead, blocked prompt and the first amendment debate on twitter. some critics are now saying that the president has to unblock those that have been very critical. within days, the nfl's new anthem policy came out. we're going to talk about that. is our first amendment under attack?
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welcome bashes. president trump violated the first amendment right to free peep entity blocking twitter users. that ruling from a federal judge? new york city saying it's actually a public forum. it's one of many examples in the past week alone of the president and his administration attacking free speech. the president civet same has
1:41 pm
resulted in a new league policy banning the practice. >> i think it's good. you have to stand proudly for the national anthem or maybe you shoot be in the country. tuesday it blocked crown and the associated press. the ap soul the report -- and -- the president in fact has reasons for the constant attack on the press. watch this. >> i want, you know, that is getting tired. why are you doing this? you're doing it over and over. it's boring, it's time to end that, you know, you have won the nomination. he says, you know would? i do it to discredit you, so
1:42 pm
when you right negative stories, no one will believe you. >> were you surprised at all by that? >>. >> a little surprised. it's been a very gray line form the idea that a judge has now said a a public forum opens up all kinds of legal matters. he's using it to transmit political information, and therefore -- but the idea that it is a public forum, that's huge, very big. now is -- which is very
1:43 pm
different is this going to open the floodgates? >> to that point, the seven twitters, they're saying in fact, the president has still blocked them. does the president actually have to abide by it? >> and does it matter? >> obviously there will be an order that will go directly to twitter and facebook saying you can't unblock them, and they will be order to do do it on his behalf. >> if that's what it comes down to, you won't have to make that decision. >> it seems so strange, though. >> it goes back all the way to
1:44 pm
the comments that we heard from leslie stahl. do you think that he's attacked the first amendment, even when it comes to issues like protesting in the nfl. if you're going to look at the first amendment, he does have a right to attack. it's a first amendment. you can make the case for the -- for colin kaepernick he has the right to do what is in his heart. you can also make the case for the nfl owner team that says i don't want you to kneel, because it's my team, i own and i'm depend able on funds. you can make the case for everyone to protect their first amendment. so yes, president trump that is the right to be able to attack the media. >> i'm talking about when it becomes the idea of denying access. in a way that's more aggressive.
1:45 pm
have. >> but they said there wasn't enough room? >> i don't know if i can buy that. >> that's their excuse. do you belief it or not? with his history he does not like what he considers to be fake news. is there a way around the nfl players, whether through the association or individually to continue their protests or take their issue of free speech? they're certainly looking for a way to get around so there's going to be some legal
1:46 pm
challenges. it's my understanding that there was an agreement. >> and viewers, and how it's affecting the nfl. >> i don't think that's accurate. i may have mised something, but they had. >> let me guess your thoughts. as much pop 'tis as he hayes. they should stand or be depor d deported. the fact of the matter is players have their first amendment right, that they have created for themselves the fact
1:47 pm
that it's making fans uncomfortable, it's the equivalent to what laura ingraham had said, just shut up and dribble. moments ago president trump tweeted something, that a u.s. team has arrived to make arranges. he continued by writing. i believe north korea has brilliant potential. kim jong-un agrees with some he on this. it will happen. we'll have more, stay with us.
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1:52 pm
platform against conservative thought. my name got a message warning with posts or tags you're saying can cause harm. really. you've got to be freaking kidding me. so much of the president's media bias. a lot of it is actually sometimes targeted against media coverage that he doesn't like. is there a fair criticism to say that the president just lashes out against media coverage because he doesn't like if? >> yeah. i mean, that's his m.o. that's the game. it's to discredit and demean. that's what we've always known, and he uses that as a way to get back at the media so that when they say things he can just say when they say things it goes against them, don't listen to them. >> how much of this is the president's actual doing and he's become so hostile towards the media, constantly attacking the media and claiming media bias but he's not on point with a lot of his own messaging
1:53 pm
coming out of the white house? >> he doesn't like certain media outlets because he says they are fake news and they are against him and they are all-out war on him but obama didn't like a certain network either and when he gave speeches, well, you know, this news, you're saying some untrue facts about me. so i think it depends on who is in office. now obama was very classy, very elegant about the way he handled, you know, himself with the media and trump is just, you know, he's just erratic and just says whatever he wants, and i think it drives people nuts, but the bottom line is he feels like he really feels like they are trying to discredit his make america great campaign. >> he accuses the media of constantly having false stories, but this was a very interesting story this week and i want to put this tweet up for you, president trump tweeting out against the "new york times" saying the failing "new york times" quotes a senior white house official who doesn't exist as saying even if the meeting were reinstated holding it on june 12th would be impossible given the lack of time and the amount of planning needed. wrong again. use real people.
1:54 pm
not phony sources. here's what's so troubling. the president of the united states did not even know that the white house held an off-the-record background briefing with a member of his administration who gave that information to reporters and the "new york times" and other media outlets based on that so the president seems he's unaware of what other members of his administration are officially doing in an official capacity. >> well, and that's one. issues with him tweeting at all. is he getting the information? is he being briefed and that's disconcerting when you hear tweets that unfortunately if he's not getting the information he's the president of the united states so think before you tweet i guess should be the m.o. but it also goes back to the modus modus operandi that you were speaking about, that that's a strategy that he's going to attack, attack, attack and that's part of his m.o. and strategy. >> what is that doing though to the fabric of our media, of the free press? >> well -- >> playing to the base. >> unfortunately, even prior to
1:55 pm
the 2016 presidential, a lot of people were feeling there's been lots of polling on the credibility of media, so i think that it's really just feeding into fears that people already had. this is disturbing because this continues to feed the media is not trustworthy and they are not credible and is this going too far. >> is he trying to create a balance between conservative media outlets and others or is this something more sinister? >> it's definitely more sinister. whether it's sinister or not the effect that it has it extremely damaging on the fenway park rick of american life as you said. attacking the media writ large is simply -- he's doing this because it benefits him and it plays to the base, but at what cost to the country? he doesn't care. >> i guess the question is what can the media do to reinforce credibility and trustworthiness to the american people. >> keep reporting the stories, but the president as he showed
1:56 pm
you in that tweet he doesn't even know what his own administration is telling reporters and blames the media for having a different story. >> there's people who don't have trust in the media. what is the answer to reinforce the trust? >> we can spend all afternoon talking about it. unfortunately, we've only got an hour. >> great to have all of you guys with us. right now preparations are under way in north korea with the cancelled summit and plans moving forward and kim jong-un still looking forward to meeting president trump. will the summit be saved?
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>> i'm ayman mohyeldin. thanks for staying with me this hour. a lot to break down. back on track. it looks more and more likely that donald trump and kim jong-un will get that face-to-face meeting they both wanted so bad, but who has the upper hand now? donald trump and rudy giuliani both desperately trying to sell the story of a spy in the trump campaign this weekend. if you repeat an evidence-free claim enough, can you actually bend reality? well, america is about to find out. plus, a tough week for three key figures in the russia investigation, including the president's son, but which one is in the most legal jeopardy based on what's happened in the last seven days alone? we'll look ahead at that as well. but let's begin with the very latest on this potential u.s./north korea summit. president trump confirming in a tweet just moments ago that a u.s. delegation is now


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