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tv   First Look  MSNBC  May 30, 2018 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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thank you so much for being here with us. good night from nbc news headquarters here in new york. sara. jarrett. okay. look at "roseanne." look at her ratings! look at her ratings. they were unbelievable. over 18 million people. and it was about us. >> that was president trump back in march. now roseanne barr lost her number one show. the latest on her swift down fall. and reporting on jeff sessions and the investigation into donald trump, just how angry the president was over the attorney general's decision to recuse himself from the russia probe. and president trump is still trying to revive talks with kim jong-un, despite intelligence saying north korea will never get rid of its nukes. but one odd concession, the
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north might be willing to make. burgers. we're going to explain next. good morning, it is wednesday, may 30th. i'm ayman mohyeldin, alongside yasmine vossoughian. a new report claims president trump put more pressure than previously known on attorney general jeff sessions, with trump urging the top law enforcement officer to intervene in the russia investigation on his behalf, after sessions recused himself in march of 2017. "new york times" reports according to former administration officials, sessions had flown to mar-a-lago resort because mr. trump was refusing to take his calls about a pressing decision on the travel ban. when they met, mr. trump was ready to talk, but not talk about the travel ban. instead, the president objected
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to sessions' decision to recuse himself from the russia investigation. he berated him, told him -- they're suggesting obstruction investigation is broader than firing of the fbi director, james comey. this follows reporting from "the washington post" that mueller has been examining trump's efforts to oust sessions last summer in a barrage of public and private attacks. special counsel team interviewed sessions in january. we're going to talk to lead writer of the "new york times" piece, michael schmidt, later this morning on "morning joe." president trump seemed to indicate he would stay away from discussing the mueller probe for a bit. tweeted yesterday sorry, i've got to start focusing my energy on other issues, not on the russia witch-hunt. two hours later he was back at
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it. the fake mainstream media has from the time i announced i was running for president run the most highly sophisticated, dishonest disinformation campaign. the president had more to say at the campaign rally in nashville. >> so how do you like the fact they had people infiltrating our campaign. can you imagine? can you imagine? can you imagine people infiltrating our campaign. is there anybody in this big, beautiful arena right now that's infiltrating our campaign. would you please raise your hand. that would take courage, huh? >> okay. so prominent republican who has been in the thick of briefings around the investigation
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disagreeing. this is what trey gowdy said last night as well. >> it was president trump himself who said number one, i didn't collude with russia, but if anyone connected with my campaign did, i want the fbi to find that out. it looks to me like the fbi was doing what president trump said i want you to do, find it out. i'm even more convinced that the fbi did exactly what my citizens would want me to do when they got the information they got and it has nothing to do with donald trump. let's switch to roseanne bar returning to twitter after they cancelled the reboot. so it all happened in less than 12 hours. she compared jarrett to an april. 8 hours later apologized to jarrett and all americans tweeting forgive me, my joke was
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in bad taste. by that time, outrage had spread. two hours later around noon, wanda sykes tweeted she would not be returning to the show. then before 2:00 p.m., less than 12 hours later, abc announcing it was cancelling the show, calling the remarks abhorrent, repugnant. she was then dropped by her agent. they also pulled reruns of the original show, followed by another series of apologies. barr last night apologized to cast and crew of the show. hours later, she was back on twitter. retweeting posts from supporters and detractors. after 1:00 a.m. i'm sorry for my tweet. and i will also defend myself as well as talk to my followers. so go away if you don't like it. i will handle my sadness the way i want to. i am tired of being attacked and
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belittled more than others that have said worse. valerie jarrett who was already booked on a special on racism last night responded. >> first of all, i think we have to turn it into a teaching moment. i am fine. i am worried about the people out there that don't have a circle of friends and followers that come to their defense, the person walking down the street, minding their own business, see someone cling to their purse. i want to mention bob iger, ceo of disney called me before the announcement, he apologized, said he had zero tolerance for that sort of comment and he wanted me to know that he was cancelling the show. >> meanwhile, donald trump jr. who writes conspiracy theories, retweets one of her posts, though he denies it. george sore owes is a nazi who turned in fellow jews to be
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murdered in german concentration camps and stole their wealth. a search of don jr.'s twitter account shows he retweeted it. he cried foul saying page six is lying and obfuscating. they know full well that i did not retweet anything that was anti-semitic, facts don't matter when they're dishonest click bait rag. #fake news. press secretary sarah huckabee sanders added her voice to the saga that the trump, kim summit may or may not be on. >> we expect it to take place but we'll see what happens. we're going to be prepared, if it takes place on june 12th, we'll be prepared. if it takes place at a later date, we'll be prepared as well. denuclearization has to be on the table and the focus of the meeting. >> while denuclearization may be a goal, it may not be realistic, according to a cia assessment
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that states north korea has no intention of giving up nuclear weapons any time soon. three national security officials tell nbc news that however not all is lost. the report says that kim may consider opening a western style burger franchise as a sign of goodwill. a u.s. delegation continues to meet with north korean officials in the dmz, and separate team taking meetings also in singapore. the white house says president trump will meet with shinzo abe in washington june 7th, less than a week before that possible june 12th trump, kim summit. the white house says secretary of state mike pompeo will meet with the north korean vice chairman later this week in norj. he is said to be the highest ranking north korean to step food in the united states since 2000. also happens to be under u.s. sanctions preventing him entering the u.s.
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the state department implied yesterday that a waiver was granted. >> if you remember, he wanted to sit down over burgers and discuss the nuclear negotiations. maybe it is a -- >> maybe they meet and have a burger. question is which burger. >> shake shack. let's get the latest on the on-going trade dispute with china. the u.s. set to approve a 25% tariff on chinese goods. a fine lial list will include g made in china. the u.s. set to announce end of june specific investment restrictions and enhanced export controls on china's individuals and entities in the tech industry. commerce secretary wilbur ross headed to beijing this week.
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moves are expected to create additional leverage in upcoming trade talks. joining us, news desk editor dave waller. good to have you with us. let's talk about how the president's move is being received abroad and on the hill. a lot of surprises this president after seeming to send signals they wanted to avoid a trade war has slapped tariffs on chinese goods. >> that's a big part of it, the fact that signals a week ago were that the trade war was ramping down. we were not going to see tariffs back and forth in the near future. steven mnuchin putting things on hold. there are european countries that want to take on china on unfair trade practices, intellectual property theft. what they're seeing is haphazard strategy from trump, he veers back and forth between peace and trade war and they're worried
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what he is going to do in terms of their industry, tariffs and things. when they see him starting to take more serious trade war like tactics, they get a little concerned. >> what do you think happened with wilbur ross traveling to china trying to get countries on board. >> the last time we got this agreement between both sides it was vague on the chinese side. no hard commitments on what they say they're going to do which is buy more u.s. products, so that might be something that wilbur ross will say we need to see something concrete. as you mention, there is leverage with the tariffs they rolled out, but not laid down a time line on. they left themselves some wiggle room. and also, the north korea issue hanging over this. we want china to keep playing ball to keep north korea under pressure. this is a pretty complicated process. >> wonder where we are with the
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negotiation with north korea, how it helps -- >> we're going to touch basin a little bit. donald trump and kanye west may be friends, but seems the president would prefer to keep up with the kardashians. >> i don't know what that means. tell you who is reportedly headed to the oval office today, and why. we're back in a moment. you never listen to your dad when you're a teenager. my dad- he always gave me two pieces of advice. one was to always be humble. and the second was to always do the right thing.
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welcome back. "vanity fair" reporting kim kardashian is headed to the white house to discuss prison reform with the president this afternoon. the visit is the result of her talks with presidential son-in-law and adviser jared kushner. kardashian is meeting with trump, likely in the oval office, along with white house counsel. she will reportedly discuss a pardon for alex johnson, a 62-year-old serving a life sentence without parole for a first time drug offense. it is another signal of what prison reformers see as an era
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of the celebrity pardon. the president boasted about support for the kardashian husband kanye west, who tweeted of trump, we are both dragon energy. he is my brother. trump tweeted back, thank you, kanye. very cool. thanked him on fox news and the nra convention. last night, trump add monday ishd his opponent for hillary clinton for jay-z lyrics more than a year and a half ago. >> the only way she filled up the arena was to get jay-z. and his language was so filthy that it made me like the most clean cut human being on earth. he'd stand up there before the crowds, and by the way, without any musical instruments i had much bigger crowds than he was drawing.
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but he'd stand up before those crowds and he'd use the f word, and hillary would sit back, hey, oh, i'm in trouble, i'm in trouble. please, don't have him use that kind of language any more. and then he'd finish and everybody would leave. she would be standing up, making a speech to 400 people. >> still talking about hillary clinton. not to mention the president certainly has an affinity for celebrities. sylvester stallone was at the white house, and the president granted that pardon. she may have success lobbying the president. >> the kardashians mentioned they voted for hillary clinton in 2016. >> wonder if that will be brought up. let's switch gears, get a check of the weather with bill karins. >> good wednesday, guys. overnight, we had problems in western north carolina.
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there's a little dam, had three to four hours of heavy rain going into last evening. they're saying the dam is in chance of imminent failure. thousands of people are evacuating middle of the night, trying to get them to safety. water is going around the edge of the dam. they're prepared for it in case. that's one of the big stories, flash flood emergency. this is associated with alberto, now in western portions of kentucky as a tropical depression. the center of the storm isn't causing problems, just breezy and rainy. thunderstorms in alabama. flash flooding near montgomery. and storms sat there in the hill of the country that caused problems. flash flood warning that's red, that's a flash flood emergency for that possible dam failure. couple of slifvers in the mountains of georgia, and flash flood around alabama, montgomery. evansville to hopkins, nashville
2:19 am
cleared out of this, so is atlanta. heaviest rains in blue, one to two inches. chicago and areas of western michigan could get drenched. severe weather, six tornadoes yesterday. 1 million at risk in western oklahoma. other than that, it is plain old hot. looks like a hot period across the country. and tragic stories, two journalists in south carolina killed. devastating news from maryland. searchers discovered the body of the missing national guardsman eddie herman. military instincts kicked in as he tried to rescue people in the floods that overtook ellicott city. witnesses say he was last seen trying to rescue a woman and cat when he was swept away sunday. his body was found tuesday morning. family and friends remember him as he should be as a hero.
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>> heartbreaking story there. hurricane maria death toll could be thousands more than 64 initially reported by authorities in puerto rico, according to new harvard study published in the new england journal of medicine. it claims 4645 deaths can be linked to the hurricane and its immediate aftermath. that's 62% higher than the death count in 2016. the study found the majority of deaths caused by lack of health care, electricity, utility services that were completely wiped out by the devastating storm. president trump if you may recall boasted about the low death toll visiting the island last fall. the puerto rico governor says he wants the real number to come out. nearly eight months later, puerto rico is very much in cleanup and rebuild mode. just last month, a blackout swept the entire island, leaving
2:21 am
it without power. >> eight months later, still talking about rebuilding the island. >> must be frustrating to people there, not getting resources and help or accountability with facts and figures. still ahead, major decision from the supreme court when it comes to police searches. more on new protections granted after this. . powerful potential... signature toughness... and one more thing... the world comes with it. the new, reimagined 2019 jeep cherokee. ♪ with expedia you could book a flight, hotel, car and activity all in one place. ♪
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themselves against the houston astros. bottom of the ninth, down by two. a two-run shot to tie it and send it to extras. now we go to extras. chapman overthrows the catcher, gary sanchez there. the ball perfectly bounces off the back stop. sanchez throws out the go ahead runner at third, getting the yankees out of that inning. bottom of the tenth. torrez with two outs, 2-2 count. lines the ball to right field, bringing in the winning run, giving the yankees the 6-5 victory. continuing his incredible rookie season. let's go to baltimore. bryce harper wasted no time against the orioles, launches the national league 17th homerun. the french open.
2:25 am
she won her first match since becoming a mom. her record 23rd grand slam title. gaining some attention, her choice of wardrobe, all black body suit, made cat suit a trending topic on twitter. >> what does this represent for you? >> all the moms out there that had a tough pregnancy, had to come back, try to be fierce. in the middle of everything. that's what this represents, and it's exciting. i think the cat suit is, you can't beat a cat suit, right? >> absolutely amazing. also prevents her from having blood clots, an issue she had had. let's go to the nba. golden state warriors are favorites to win the trophy all season. now as they're set to face the cavaliers in the nba finals for the fourth straight season, it is a little different, but odds are still in the warriors'
2:26 am
favor. they open as largest favored in 16 years according to west gate super book. they open is minus one thousand favorite, betters have to put down $1,000 to win 100. 12 point favorites to win the game. one of the series on thursday. lebron james enters his eighth straight nba finals appearance. out of nine appearances, teams have been favored only twice. the king in familiar territory as the underdog to say the least. watch game one thursday at 9:00 p.m. eastern. a little late for us guys, we may stay up anyway, right? >> it will be late, we'll catch the highlights the next morning. still ahead. a look at the morning's top stories, including the latest between talks between the u.s. and north korea. and ivanka trump didn't have time to answer questions on conflict of interest regarding many businesses and trade talks with china. we'll explain. s or no? do you want the same tools and seamless experience across web and tablet?
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welcome back, everybody. i'm yasmine vossoughian alongside ayman mohyeldin and lewis berg door of. three nbc officials say according to a cia assessment, north korea has no intention of surrendering nuclear weapons any time soon, flying in the face of recent comments of president trump who said he believes kim jong-un is serious about denuclearization. that assessment says kim may open a western burger joint in
2:31 am
pyongyang as a sign of goodwill. joining us live from seoul, top burger correspondent. >> i am voting for five guys. >> what does this mean for the summit, especially considering this new assessment for the cia? >> reporter: well, this is still firmly in unknown territory. top aide for kim jong-un is on his way to the united states, he left beijing today. and he's said to be meeting with secretary of state mike pompeo. there's a lot of speculation in south korean media he may be carrying a letter from kim jong-un to president trump. but that this top aide, a man that's been spy chief, has served all three kim leaders, that he is now involved in the process is a sign the north
2:32 am
koreans are serious. however, that doesn't mean there's any guarantee the summit will still happen. importantly, those negotiations continue today at the dmz between the u.s. delegation and north korean officials trying to hammer out an agenda, something that's going to produce a joint statement at the summit, something they can hold up as a sign of progress. otherwise, it will look like the summit fell short and it will be difficult, considering it is a known fact that north korea doesn't want to give up nuclear arsenal. and is not doing it any time soon in light of the cia assessment that casts doubt on president trump's goal. >> thanks. ivanka trump facing scrutiny for seven trademarks her company received from china. yesterday on background call with reporters ahead of the white house sports and fitness day, the president's daughter dropped off after being asked questions about chinese trademarks awarded to her company. meanwhile, the president of
2:33 am
trump's brand defended the trademarks in a statement writing the brand has filed updated and rigorously protected its international trademarks the past several years in the normal course of business, especially in regions where trademark infringement is rampant. we have seen a surge in trademark filings by unrelated third parties. it is our responsibility to diligently protect our trademark. many points of the timing of the trump deals for a cause of concern. may 7th, six days before the zte announcement, china approved five of her trademarks. may 11th, south channel 9 morning post reported a chinese owned construction firm signed a deal with an indonesian property development to build a theme park outside jakarta. includes trump hotels, residences and golf course. may 13th, president trump said he and president xi were trying
2:34 am
to save zte. may 21st, china awarded ivanka trump two more trademarks in snacks, spices, bleaching preparations. and new crackdown on illegally coming to the u.s. by themselves. senior officials telling nbc news the white house will require fingerprints to claim minor children from health and human services. immigrant advocates discourage parents claiming children over fears of being identified and deported. immigration and customs enforcement officials under obama administration reportedly proposed a similar plan in 2016. hhs officials at the time pushed back, saying the idea could delay family reunions, possibly intimidate parents from claiming children. white house press secretary sarah huckabee sanders yesterday addressed recent reports about separation of children from
2:35 am
parents saying that that's not what the president wants, but earlier this month attorney general jeff sessions announced the administration will do just that. >> if you smuggle illegal aliens across our border, then we will prosecute you. if you are smuggling a child, then we will prosecute you. and that child may be separated from you as required by law. switching gears. embattled governor greitens resigns. >> for the forces that oppose us, there is no end in sight. i cannot allow those forces to continue to cause pain and difficulty to people that i love. >> surprise announcement came hours after a ruling by a judge that would force the governor's campaign and dark money group
2:36 am
affiliated with him to reveal fund-raising information to a statehouse committee investigating him. he was accused of improperly obtaining a charity donor list to raise money for his 2016 campaign. kim gardner told associated press her office reached a fair and just resolution on criminal charges against him. now that he has resigned, he was indicted in april with a felony, accusing him of misusing the donor list. his resignation takes effect friday at 5:00 p.m. mike parsons will serve out the remainder of his term. >> let's talk about greitens first. do you expect them to drop the charges against him? >> doesn't sound like it is moving forward, it says the case is resolved. don't know what that means.
2:37 am
there's also a special prosecutor investigation into other conduct, that investigation is on-going. he may not be entirely out of the woods yet. >> turn to the north korea summit that seems to still be in limbo. are there indications that we could see both sides come to the table, and could we see a different type of summit than initially planned, not something at the highest levels? >> both sides want to talk. we have president trump giving encouraging signals. says it may not be june 12th. we're at a point both sides want to talk which is where we were a couple weeks ago. we did this backwards to begin with. had an agreement to have a summit before we knew what they would discuss, what the details they were trying to achieve would be. now there's a deliberate process under way to talk about what exactly this is going to look like, the protocol, what they're trying to achieve.
2:38 am
>> we talked about the trump administration planning to roll out a new plan to help children entering the country illegally by themselves. we have differing messaging coming out of the white house, disagreements over immigration policy within the white house. do you think we are likely to see the administration get on the same page? >> i would never bet on that on immigration. it is something that's been divisive within the administration for the entirety of the administration. it reminds me of daca, where president trump revoked the order on daca and said this is terrible, we need a deal. these are their policies that are driving some of the problems for people at the border, yet president trump and sarah huckabee sanders are saying this is terrible, we need to do something about it. so i'm not sure what to make of that. i wouldn't bet they're all on the same page anytime soon. >> good to talk to you. still ahead, mitt romney under fire from his opponent in
2:39 am
the utah race. the defense the former governor offered over his criticisms of president trump. and we're going to explain what sends this group of people barreling down a hill in england. like us after the show. and bill karins will be back with another check of the forecast. ♪ picking the right style takes time. ♪ one picky customer shouldn't take all your time. ♪ that's where office depot can help. our business advisors will set you up with the products and services your business needs.
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nobody else even comes close. it's about delivering a more comfortable shave every time. invented in boston, made and sold around the world. now starting at $7.99. gillette. the best a man can get. welcome back. former governor mitt romney faced a flurry of attacks. mike kennedy squared off in a debate. the contest took a heated turn when kennedy blasted romney for criticism of president trump, evangelical pastor picked to give the prayer to open the embassy in jerusalem who romney recently called a bigot. >> the president endorsed me in this campaign, shows he respects people that call them like they see them. number two, with regard to robert jeffers, this is a guy
2:43 am
that said joseph smith is a servant of satan. he's allowed to say that under the first amendment anywhere they want and the right to do that, the idea this person would be chosen by the state department to represent our nation at the opening of an embassy is simply wrong. for representative kennedy to call him, apologize to him is absolutely inexplicable. jeffers should be apologizing should be apologizing to people of utah and my faith and other faiths. >> interesting the president respects him even though he made that out there statement. police now need a warrant if they want to search vehicles parked on private property after an 8-1 supreme court ruling tuesday. the court found although there isn't precedent to search a vehicle without warrant, you have a right to private property being protected. the ruling known as collins versus virginia stems from the
2:44 am
arrest of a charlottesville man that led police on a high speed motorcycle chase. they saw the vehicle parked on the driveway, arrested him without warrant, they say the evidence was improperly obtained. bill, what have you got for us? >> depends where you are. east coast is soggy, wet. a lot of rain, flash flooding. middle of the country is boiling hot. that's going to continue to be the theme. still have tropical depression alberto crossing kentucky to southern illinois and southern indiana. a lot of thunderstorms in montgomery, and greatest concern is possibility of dam failure. a landslide interfered with the structure of the dam and water started to flow around the dam itself. had to evacuate at least a thousand people overnight, people from different communities helping with that process between nashville and charlotte in western north carolina. let's talk about the heat. if you have any friends in texas, they're saying wow, what's the rest of the summer
2:45 am
like from a stretch of hot weather in may. it will be expanding heat. everyone gets a piece of this the next couple of days. 108 in midland, texas today. 95 in tulsa. watch the warmth spread to the north tomorrow. little rock jumps to 94. omaha, 94. once we get rid of alberto, moisture is gone, the sun goes to work, it gets warmer. friday, we hit 100 in dallas. kansas city, 96. el paso, 102. it gets warmer in the east, not hot, but really, the heat is centered in the middle of the country. for today, soaking rains into the ohio valley. eventually rain in chicago from alberto and towards grand rapids. the southern heat wave continues. if you want great weather, head to the west coast. 71 in l.a. sounds just about perfect. >> sounds good. thanks for that. let's go to the most important story of the day. a man set a world record winning
2:46 am
his 22nd wheel of cheese in the cheese rolling race, in addition to taking home 8 pound fermented curd wheel, the 30-year-old takes home a torn calf muscle. to top it off, he says he only likes cheddar. >> interesting to see the strategies of those rolling down. some try to slide down. see this guy that's kind of sliding. the guy in black, there's a guy that tackles him. looked like he passed out. >> should try that one day. let's go. >> you guys get at it. >> better be a damn good piece of cheese. still ahead. political turmoil in italy sends markets in the u.s. tumbling, the dow shedding nearly 400 points. and jeff bezos up to face protests.
2:47 am
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welcome back. let's turn to business. markets are rattled as the political crisis deepens, dropping the dow 400 points yesterday, leaving european stocks mixed. is it going to continue to be a
2:50 am
bumpy ride? what more can you tell us? >> it could be, though looking at the latest numbers, stock market the government debt markets have stabilized a bit this morning. dow jones industrial average futures are pointing to a flat opening in the u.s. >> the current prime minister designate and imf director unable so far to present a new cabinet, a new government. there's a chance the two pop greater spending, tax cuts, that's why investors are worried about. another big story for the markets today involves the agra chemical sector giant baier forced to sell $9 billion in assets to comply with the justice department ruling for it to buy another major rival
2:51 am
monsanto, a $66 billion deal and the doj said it would have been unlawful without this divestiture and this move preserves competition. let's talk about amazon, their annual shareholder meet something later today. the company will celebrate a banner year and face protesters with demands on employee pay, working conditions and a longshot proposal to change the company's leadership with one group in particular planning a grand gesture to get their point across, what more can you tell us about the events. >> it was a very successful 12 months for the company. today we understand that the shareholder meeting a protest group is going to pay for a plane to fly over the meeting, carrying a banner that says bezos needs a boss. he's currently chairman and ceo of the company. people say that's a conflict of interest because he's chairman of a board of directors responsible for the ceo when he himself is also the ceo.
2:52 am
>> we'll see how it all plays out. willem marks live from london. coming up, axios' alexi mccammen has a look at this morning's one big thing. and "morning joe," the mueller probe turns attention to sessions recusal, the special counsel's interest over president trump's pressure on his attorney general over his decision to step aside from the russia investigation. plus the "times'" peter baker will break down his new piece on the lessens president trump has learned from the impeachment of former president bill clinton. "morning joe" just moments away. commission investment products, fisher investments avoids them. some advisers have hidden and layered fees. fisher investments never does. and while some advisers are happy to earn commissions from you whether you do well or not, fisher investments fees are structured so we do better when you do better. maybe that's why most of our clients come from
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hydro boost and our gentle exfoliating cleanser from neutrogena® welcome back. joining us from washington with a look at axios a.m. political reporter for axios alexi mccammen. talk about one big thing today. >> it's about black women running for office, there are at least 43 black contractic women running as challengers for the u.s. house of representatives,
2:56 am
but the democratic national campaign committee is only supporting one woman in her candidacy. lauren underwood in illinois. i've interviewed various of these black women running for office, who basically told me they feel the party is not investing in them the same way they've invested in the party over the years. >> how much of a role will the conversation of the party's support of the black community as voters on one side and candidates on the other play into the upcoming mid terms? >> this conversation is not going away any time soon. not only is 2018 been billed as otherof the woman. we've seen record number of women running for office, but black women in particular have been a crucial voting bloc for the democratic party in 2016, 9 4% of them voted for hillary clinton over donald trump in the alabama special election, 98% of black women carried doug jones to the finish line. now they're running as candidates and this is something you hear the party talking about more and more. calling them the backbone of the party. they're not investing in them in
2:57 am
ways that these candidates feel is helpful. >> it's insane that they're being ignored by democrats. in 2016, 95% of black women voted for hillary clinton. >> right, exactly. that's something that i've heard from them. when talking to them or many of these women who are running worked on doug jones' campaign. they're inspired by things that they see the party achieving. but they are concerned in the ways that the party is not reaching out to them. and one big thing i hear from them is like we don't even know where to start with fundraising. all we're asking for is best practices. or to help you know share guidance on things like that. we don't need handouts, we just need resources that other candidates have been given in the past. >> a lot of big races to watch for. stacy abrams running for governor of georgia on the democratic side. but in terms of the mid term elections what are some of the key races that you're watching where women are candidates? >> you know there are also record number of women running for senate this year. something like 42 women are running for senate. only 23 women senators currently
2:58 am
in nevada. we could see democrat jackie rosen take dean heller's seat in tennessee where trump was last night. marsha blackburn, a woman, is running for office there. there are a number of women running for senate in maryland and massachusetts, next tuesday, the california primaries, there are 20 or more women running for the u.s. house of representatives, those are big races to watch for women moving forward. >> i know that axios is looking at focus for ads for both republican and democratic candidates running for house. what seems to be the mag focus for both parties in hess ads? >> there's a fascinating divide in the stheems we're seeing. republicans are focusing on hard-line views to immigration which speaks to their base, it's an issue they're hoping turns voters to the polls. when they see how enthused democrats have been. democrats are focusing on health care, the specifically the idea of idea of expanding medicare that speaks to the polls we've
2:59 am
seen and that democrats have been given that show that health care is a top issue across the country for voters. especially since republicans tried to repeal the affordable care act. >> the me, too movement. we've heard a lot of politicians talk about themselves being victims of sexual harassment. is that likely to be a question that candidates face come mid terms? are we likely to see that being one of the more important issues on not just me, too, but sexual harassment in the workplace? >> we're also reporting at axios for the first time that we've seen in an election cycle, candidates are being asked explicitly about whether or not they have had instances of sexual harassment or assault either from them or against them. and i think we're going to see this come up along the campaign trail in various ways, again not only is it the year of the woman, but it's the year of me, too, in which women had a renewed sense of political power and autonomy and voice in these situations and we no longer want to have men or women in office who have a history of sexual
3:00 am
assault or harassment. i think we can definitely expect that to come up. >> very good point there, it's a very important issue to watch during the course of the election. we'll be reading axios in just a little bit. you can sign up for the newsletter at i'm yasmin vossoughian, alongside ayman mohyeldin and louis burgdorf, "morning joe" starts right now. she's one of the highest paid, most successful women in america. she has a household name and her face is known to millions. tonight, though, she is scorned by some, pitied by others, roseanne bar. >> abc firing the star of its hit show hours after she posted a racist tweet directed at a former adviser to president obama. >> from a tone-deaf national anthem to a blatantly racist tweet, those two reports on nightly news come nearly three decades apart. both on


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