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tv   MSNBC Live With Ali Velshi  MSNBC  May 30, 2018 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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he just fire him instead of nursing the grievance publicly. >> the president made his viewpoint known and i don't have any personnel announce its. >> the president said that drug makers will soon be announcing what he called a voluntary massive drop in their prices. is there anything else you can tell us when this is going to happen and how large the massive widespread drop in prices will be. >> i can't. we expect policy pieces to come out. >> has the president spoken to roseanne bahr which? why did he choose to address the abc policy instead of the underlying issue about a racist comment she tweeted out? >> i'm not aware of any conversations that have taken place. the president was calling out the media bias. the president is the president for all the americans and is
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focused on country. unemployment is at the lowest since 2000. opportunity investment zones. an opioid initiative to combat a crisis that impacts all americans. today the president signed legislation to give patients the right to try medication that could actually save their lives. i point out while the president signed that legislation and addressed that, two networks covered something totally different, a massive piece of legislation that had bipartisan support that was life changing, literally life changing for millions of americans, two networks chose not to cover the president's remarks on that. he is simply pointing out the bias. the president is pointing to the hypocrisy in the media saying that the most horrible thing about this president. and nobody addresses it. where was bob iger's apology to the white house staff for jamal hill calling the president and anyone associated had him a
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white supremacist. to christians around the world to joy bayer calling christianity a mental illness. where was the apology for kathy griffin showing her holding president trump's decab tated head. and where was the apology for bob iger hiring keith olerman after tweets saying the president is a nazi and comments against the president's family. this is what the president is talking about. no one is saying her comments were appropriate but that is the point he is making. >> does the white house have any evaluation of its own of the recently released study estimating that more than 4600 people died in puerto rico as a result of hurricane maria? and if that number is accurate, does this indicate the administration's response to the storm was inadequate? >> the president takes the situation in puerto rico extremely seriously. and the administration has been monitoring that from the
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beginning. we have been supportive of governor roselo's efforts to ensure full accounting and transparency. the two category four hurricanes that hit puerto rico were historic and we responded with the largest fema operation in history. we are going to continue to work with the people of puerto rico and do everything we can to be helpful. sorry. one question. >> any concerns or fear any risk in pushing china on -- continuing to push china on these tariffs and trade considering their relationship with north korea ahead of talks and what the president has said about that second meeting between president xi and kim jong-un? >> the president continues to have a good relationship with president xi. what the president is concerned about is making sure he stops the unfair trade practices that china engaged for decades, stopping the intellectual property theft that china has been engaged in, and making sure that we no longer allow china to play on a different playing
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field than the rest of us. he is not going to allow american workers to be taken advantage of. he is going the call that and step up and make those changes. at the same time we are continuing to work with china and continuing to have conversations when it comes to north korea and we hope that those will continue. john. >> thank you sarah. given the turbulent political situation in italy right now, is the administration monitoring it as well as the devastating effect it appears to be having on the markets in southern europe? and will the president consider strong intervention in that situation through the imf very much as the previous administration did with greece two years ago? >> italy is one of our closest allies, and we look forward to continuing to work closely with the new government after it is formed. we recognize that europe is composed of free nations that in a great tradition of western democracy are able to choose their own paths forward.
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i don't have anything about the made to's specific involvement. certainly we are continuing to monitor that stay in touch with our allies. >> extension ends again soon when do you think you have reason is aa announcement on what happens next. is there a chance there will be another extension. >> we will ownership keep you posted as we get closer to that date. mara. >> can you clarify the comments about trey gatty. you said there is still cause for concern meaning about what the president says was a spy who infiltrated his campaign or cause for concern in general about the fbi? >> i think both. the president still has concerns about whether or not the fbi acted inappropriately, having people in his campaign. and certainly the president has concerns about the overall conduct of the fbi when it comes to this process. blake. >> explain, who was in the campaign? what is he referring to when he said they were in the campaign? >> again i'm not going to get into those details but the president certainly has expressed very publicly his
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certain as has his outside counsel. blake. >> thank you, something appeared to have happened on trade. last weekend the treasury secretary said the trade war was on hold. a few days after that there was the threat of tariffs now on auto imports. after that, there is now going to be this $50 billion in tariffs. so what exactly happened from the trade war being on hold to a week later now it appears that the trade war might be back on? >> didn't say it was on hole indefinitely. look, the president ultimately makes the decisions on trade. when he does we announce them. that's exactly what has taken place in this process. >> sarah, two things. first my young colleague here has a very important question. >> welcome. >> i want to know how confident does the president feel that he is going to have an agreement on nafta before the summer? >> look, we are continuing to have those negotiations and we will keep you posted if they get a deal finalized. the young colleague in the back? >> thanks for the compliments.
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>> hopefully these aren't as tough as bring your kids to workday questions. >> at my school we recently had a lockdown drill of one thing that affects my and other students metal health is the worry about the fact that we or our friends could get shot at school. specifically, can you the me what the administration has done and will do to prevent these senseless tragedies? >> i think that as a kid and certainly as a parent there is nothing that could be more terrifying for a kid to go to cool and not feel safe. so i'm feel that you feel that way. this administration takes it seriously, and the school safety commission that the president convened is meeting this week again, an official meeting, to discuss the best ways forward and how we can do every single thing within our power to protect kids in our schools and to make them feel safe and make their parents feel good good about dropping them off. >> you mentioned bob iger a moment ago and asked where is his apology to the white house
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for criticism of the president and some of the incidents that you cited. has anyone at the white house been in touch with bob iger or anyone at abc on those incidents in specific and the cancellation of the roseanne program specifically as well? >> i am not aware of any specific or direct conversations. andrew. >> -- that the korean peninsula being the subject of discussion -- the main subject of discussion in sing sponsor. does that include the positions of u.s. nuclear bombers and submarines that are not necessarily on the peninsula to cover the peninsula as it from. >> i am not going to get into the details or negotiate that here. certainly our focus is going to be on total denuclearization of the peninsula and verify confirmation of that. beyond that i can't get into more details. >> by denuclearization you are talking about north korea and not u.s. weapons systems, correct? >> correct. >> if he still believes there is
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cause for concern, why doesn't he declassify the documents. >> the president receives a number of classified briefings. i'm not going to get into those, certainly not here and not today. thanks, we look forward to seeing you in a few minute at the sports fitness day. >> sarah where are the president's apologies. >> i'm casey hundred in for ali velshi. that was sfz finishing up today's press briefing. in this hour we are watching to eif president trump will continue to be as vocal in person as he has been on twitter today. in the next half hour the president will be on the south lawn to promote efforts on sports, fitness and nutrition to promote youth participating in sports. of course it's already been a field day on twitter for the president. early this morning he put his frustration against his own attorney general jeff sessions on public display saying he wished he had picked somebody else. his outrage comes just as the "new york times" reports special
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counsel robert mueller is looking into president trump's public and private confrontations with sessions over the russia probe. and it seems the president's repeated attacks against the investigation seem to be resonating among some of his supporters. >> it is a mazing they would actually be spying on a campaign. >> it was obviously a rigged system to put hillary clinton into a position. iffer willing to rig their own party why wouldn't they take the chance to rig him. >> do you believe there is a deep state. >> absolutely. >> do you trust the cia, the fbi, the just department. >> no, nope, nope. nope. i don't trust the government whatsoev whatsoever. >> michael cohen is also back in the headlines. stormy daniels attorney says michael cohen was forced to admit that he recorded conversations betweethe president and himself. now avenatti is calling for them to be released. >> these tapes should be released in full to the american people and the congress so that
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people can judge them for themselves and decide what appropriate action to take. >> the president hasn't spoken out about these latest developments, but did finally speak out about ablz's decision to cancel roseanne bahr's show over her racially charged comments. just before noon president trump tweeted quote bob iger of abc called valerie jarrett to let her know abc doesn't tolerate comments like those made by rows ann bar. gee he never called donald trump to apologize for the horrible statements made and said about me on abc. maybe i just didn't get the call. >> here's what sfz had to say about the president's tweet and whether he has spoken with the actre actress. >> i'm not aware of any conversations that have taken place. the president simply calling out the media bias. no one is defending what she said. the president is the president of all americans. and he's focused on doing what is best for our country. you can see that in the actions that he has taken.
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>> let's start with nbc news kristen welker in the white house briefing room. kristen, the long list, as per usual of headlines to cover today in the briefing. jeff sessions, of course, roseanne, what stood oud to you today. >> some of the top headlines do relate to jeff sessions. in the wake of that "new york times" report, casey, that president trump asked jeff sessions to reverse his recusal in the russia probe. of course sessions recused him because there werel revelations he had met with russia's ambassador during the campaign and didn't initially disclose those meetings. today sarah huckabee sanders was pressed about the tweet that he wished he had picked a different attorney general. she said she has nothing to do add to his comments.
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she wast also pressed on trey gouty. who has seen the intelligence, saying he has no indication there was an informant embedded in president trump's campaign as president trump as suggested. listen to how sarah huckabee sanders answered those questions. >> kristen i'm sorry. it look likeby we don't have that sound. let's talk more. it soundashough sarah huckabee sanders was essentially trying to make a whole long list of other cebriti who had, you know, said negative thing about the president and essentially hold them up as equal to what roseanne bahr beated; is that right? >> that's right. that's how we responded from a question from kellio done when pressed about why president trump didn't take this chance to speak out against race im.
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sarah huckabee sanders saying there is a double standard. a number of celebrities have made disparaging comments about the president and his supporters and the white house hasn't gotten al apology. important to point out a number of those who have been punished. including kathy griffin who lost her stint at cnn. so there have been actions taken against some of those clibts. one other question of interest here. a youngster offed a question about gun violence. >> we recently had a, lodown drill. one thing that affects mine and other students' mental health is the worry about the fact that we or our friend could get shot at school. specifically, can you tell me what the administration has done and will do to prevent these senseless tragedies? >> i think as a kid, and certainly as a parent there is
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nothing to could be more terrifying for a kid to go to school and not feel safe. so i'm sorry that you feel that way. this administration take it seriously, and the school safety commission that the president convened is meeting this week again, an official meeting, to discuss the best ways forward and how we can do every single thing within our power to protect kids in our schools and to make them feel safe and make their parents feel good about dropping them off. >> the press secretary, who of course is also a mom of three responding very emotionally to that question. but it is a question that continues to dog this administration as well as democrats and republicans on capitol hill. as you know in the wake of a number the recent shootings, particularly at parkland. we have seen young people, students, rise up, call for action today was yet another example of that. >> quite a moment. an unusual moment in the briefing room there from a very articulate young man who we are trying to figure out who he is so we can let you all know.
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kristen thank you. president trump is again possibly going after his attorney general and the recusal from the russia investigation. the president coated outgoing republican congressman tray gouty saying trump quote could have picked somebody else, to which the president tweeted quote, and i wish i did. exclamation point. it comes less than 24 hours after a "new york times" piece reports special counsel robert mueller is looking into the question for sessions to reverse his recusal. career lawyers at the justice department aadvised mr. sessions to step aside citing ethics concerns. mr. trump immediately recognized the potential effect of a recusal. he had his white house counsel donald mcgahn lobby mr. sessions to obtain oversight of the inquiry. don't forget this isn't the first time trump publicly lamb
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pasted his attorney general. >> i'm disappointed in the attorney. he should not have recused himself. if he was going to recuse himself he should have told me prior to taking office and i would have quite simply picked somebody else. a lot of people are disappointed in the justice department, including me. >> to talk about all of this, let's bring in stanley pottinger, former assistant foerge for the justice department civil rights division. his son works as a top official on trump's national security council. also with us, jeremy peters of the "new york times." our party had this report this morning about jeff sessions and bob mueller. it strikes me that perhaps with his tweet this morning the president may have added again to his own legal troubles. what is your view? >> that's exactly part of the issue here. what is riling trump up so much is that jeff sessions' recusal
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and donald trump's interference with that recusal is one of the more overlooked aspects of the mueller probe. i think you know what this says about trump as a person, as a president, is just as interesting, though. i mean, as you brought up, jeff sessions was one of the earliest supporters, back when candidate trump could hardly find anyone in the capitol to back his candidacy. jeff sessions was there, wearing a red make america great again hat and rallying voters to trump's side. that loyalty to the president, though, apparently wasn't enough. because trump really only sees loyalty in terms of what have you done for me lately? and this recusal of sessions is really kind of the original sin as far as trump is concerned. and that washed away any type of feelings of loyalty that trump may have had or that he may have seen in sessions. now what you have here is kind
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of an almost weekly ritual where the president of the united states takes to twitter to torment his attorney general. and it's really -- i think almost -- unthinkable in any other white house. >> i want to show you part of what the president was quoting there was trey gouty on cbs this morning talking about the attorney general this morning. i want to show you a little bit of what trey gowdy had to say on cbs. and then we will talk to mr. pottinger about it. actually we are not going to do that right now because we don't have the sound ready. i c ask about you stanley pottinger. gowdy essentially said it seemed as though he might be giving the president cover saying oh, yes of course i would also be frustrated. i think there was behind the scenes frustration as well that you know, sessions was a shoe-in for the attorney general job and to a certain extent reaped what he sewed. what's your take on whether the president has done damage to himself legally. >> good question about legally
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versus politically. take legally first. then i have a comment about the politics, too. on the legal side what the special prosecutor or any prosecutor would do is look for an impact of presidential words or deeds. in other words if the president thinks to himself gee i wish i had a different person all of us would agree his thoughts are his f. the president then said gee i wish i had picked someone else. then we would say that because you are venting frustration or because you want to put pressure on bob mueller. >> if he is saying it via twitter is that not an indication that hey you should step down? >> the thing is, sessions did step down. for him to say this to sessions when session is no longer in the chain of command is like a deaden, a cul-de-sac, right? >> sure. the question is did sessions take that will no one rid me of
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this -- whatever it is that theish about on said. in sessions took that and says gee i better talk to red rosenstein personally, quietly that's a different thing. that's the sort of thing -- in other words, did it have an impact or was it venting. venting thinking, wishing. no. if it's doing something more than that, maybe yes. but in terms of the election -- >> right. >> -- which is what you are talking about, too. i mean this is -- everybody is watching, right? people who are listening to this might have a different view just as i think you had a different view. this election is the jury selection this fall. what we are going to see is whether or not people vote differently because this kind of a controversy. >> i also want to talk to you about -- i'm going to ask the control room to forgive me. i want to throw them for a loop here. we have sound of tray doddy from fox news last night. and he was talking about the fbi. in quite a striking quite frankly defense of the fbi,
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especially considering how many other republicans are talking about this. let's take a look. >> it was president trump himself who said number one i didn't clued with russia. but if anyone connected with my campaign did, i want the fbi to find that out. it looks to me like the fbi was doing what president trump said i want you to do. find it out. he's not the target. i am even more convinced that the fbi did exactly what my fellow citizens would want them to do when they got the information they got. >> so stanley pottinger, this is somebody who has seen the information that devin nunes has been trying to get out of the justice department, and he is essentially saying this is not spygate, this is not how we talk about any of these things. your take? >> same thing. two different -- two different worlds. >> two different questions. >> what is my take about the impact on mueller? what is my take on the impact on the electorate?
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>> with regard to mr. mueller i don't think there is an impact because i think this was about -- want it about politics? >> it's also about standing up for the fbi and the question of the origin of his entire investigation. >> oh, sure. >> so devin nunes has been saying investigate the investigators, try to sew doubt. trey gowdy is saying there is no doubt sob sewn. >> trey gowdy, a republican with great credentials probably is somebody you will find people following heavily. not exclusively. because the other side of that, that trey gowdy didn't react to is something we also know a lot about. that is that the inspector general's report says that various things happened in the fbi that were wrong, shouldn't have been right. mccabe was fire. if you mix them all up with the electorate you will get a one result. mix them up with bob mueller you will get a different result. >> jeremy peters can i get you to weigh in on trey gowdy?
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i find him to be an interesting figure in all of this. enic mattic. somebody who was criticized by the left for the way he handled the benghazi investigation. but now has turned into paul ryan's protector in the vanguard. >> he and paul ryan are come from the same place in with regards to this investigation. they are both prosecutors. they both have respect for the law and are law enforcement institutions. trump doesn't care about any of. that all trump cares about is seeing himself exonerated. these committees, especially in the house under the current leadership, not under trey gowdy's leadership but under devin nunes's leadership are not investigating committee, they are exculpatory committees. they exist to exonerate the president and clear him from
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wrong down. i think what gowdy, a dui who respects and reveres the institutions of law enforcement realizes that under control of guys like devin nunes the institutions he respects and reveres have become tarnished. i think he wants to try to reverse that while he is still in congress. remember, the spectacle that unfolded over the last year and a half is part of what has driven people like gowdy out of washington. they just can't take it anymore. >> smart point. stanley puttinger thank you to you as well. on to what could be a potential bombshell in the investigation surrounding president trump's personal attorney, michael cohen. >> mr. cohen's attorney was forced to admit as a result of our efforts related to bringing these tapes to light, he was forced to admit in open court today that michael cohen was making recordings of various parties, and those recordings not only do they exist, but they are being kept under lock and key.
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he was forced to admit that some of them relate to my client, which is of huge concern to us. >> michael avenatti, who represents porn star stormy daniels is talking about tapes. this is during a hearing regarding the millions of pieces of evidence seized from cohen's reasons and hotel room. retired federal jones barbara jones now says she looked at 292,000 items. she says cohen, president trump, and or the trump organization has designated 252 items as being privileged. and more than a million pieces of data from three of cohen's phones are also ready to be turned over to prosecutors. joining us now to talk about this is msnbc legal analyst danny is a val owes who is
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covering today's hearing in new york city. first of all, congratulations on your recent wedding. i'm going to give away that i read the "new york times" vows sections. that's great. i'm happy for you. wondering why you are not on your honey moon but i'm happy to have you here. talk to us. what more do we know about these recordings? >> we know that michael cohen may have recorded not only telephone conversations, but possibly meetings. it's not clear exactly the context, the content, or even the volume of these recordings. in new york, this kind of recording by an attorney is frowned upon, ethically speaking, but it's not technically illegal. in many other states it's absolutely illegal if both parties don't consent. we also don't know whether or not these were consensual recordings or if they were vup tishs which can affect the law depending where the other side of call originated from. either way, these are all part of the large volume of terra bytes of data that have been seized by the government from
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michael cohen's office and his home. and what today's court date was about was getting an update on the status of the special master barbara jones and her review of these records, including things like recordings and any other data that's contained in the seized documents and determining whether or not they are privileged and whether or not ultimately the u.s. attorneys can see them. >> danny, can i just ask you about that? i think for a lot of viewers, certainly for me as a lay person and not a legal scholar, explain -- i mean, is it possible that a recorded conversation between a lawyer and his client could not be privileged? i mean what would the court have to prove in order for recordings of phone conversations between the president and his personal attorney to become evidence? >> it's important to know that not all conversations between a person and a lawyer are automatically privileged. it's actually the opposite. you have to create the conditions necessary for the previous to attach.
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you must be specifically seeking legal advice or services. you must not have any other third parties in the room. that will defeat privilege. so those are just a couple examples. but there are many reasons why just a conversation between a fern and even his own attorney may not be privileged. because privilege can be defeated by any number of factors. the fact that there is a recording involving donald trump and michael cohen, if it's about something unrelated to legal services, if it's about business or even what they did last weekend socially, that would not technically be privileged. privilege is something that must be created and maintained. and it's very easy to destroy. >> danny is a val owes thank you very much for that and congratulations again. now, she just can't help herself. just 24 hours after being fired by abc and dropped by her public li cyst, roseanne bahr keeps
12:30 pm
tweeting. here's the latest of many. she just wrote, quote, you guys make me feel like fighting back. i will examine all of my options carefully and get back to you. earlier, roseanne tried to blame her most recent racism on ambien, writing quote n giving excuse force what i di tweeted, but i've done weird stuff while on ambien. guys, i did something unforgivable. do not defend me. it was 2:00 in the morning and i was ambien tweeting. it was memorial day, too. i went too far and don't want it defended. a ambien maker wrote quote while all pharmaceutical treatments have side effects, racism is not a side effect of any of our medications. the president also tweeted about roseanne, bob iger the head of disney which owns abc called very wellery jarret to let her know abc does not tolerate
12:31 pm
comments like those made by roseanne bahr. he never called donald trump for the statements made and said about me on abc. maybe i just didn't get the call. we are unsure what horrible statements the president is referring to. but for more on this, ron taylor is the former vice president of diversity and development at fox entertainment. gee, ron, i hardly know where to start here with this, which i feel like i have said too many times on the air in the last 24 hours but let's try to walk through this. one of the things that sarah huckabee sanders also said from the podium today in that briefing that just wrapped up was pointing to all of the other media figures who said negative things about president trump and then questioning what happened to them. in some instances as kristen welker reported earlier, it's clear there were consequences for some anti-trump comments. but clearly this is the white house strategy for pushing back against this. >> well, i think the president
12:32 pm
likes to play the role of the victim. and that's generally a way to sort of fight back and push back and perhaps avoid an issue that would be disquieting to him especially as racism has been exploited i think to a great agree to motivate a political base. and that's an unfortunate reality that we face in these kind of paradoxical times when there is greater diversity and inclusion in media than ever before. >> this is not the first time that roseanne barr has made racist controversial comments. and there were clearly other opportunities for abc to have either not hired her in the firstdays place or to have taken some issue with her past statements. you have been in these kinds of positions of power before. you know, what kind of calculation and what kind of thinking should media companies be going through before they make a hiring decision like roseanne's? >> i don't fault abc for having wanted to try this.
12:33 pm
the reality is that in recent years there has been a trend in telephones particularly on broadcast tv to revisit familiar concepts, recycle older shows. abc lookedates at its inventory saw they had a hit show in roseanne and that was a hit show then and up until yesterday wassa still a hit show. it was a timely show then and more timely now. yes, there were unique risks because of roseanne's disturbing and lunatic tweets. one indication of the swiftness with which abc reacted, it shows they may have been prepared for that probable. >> derek johnson joins us. i want the play for you a little bit of what the president had to say at a rally last night where he talked about african-american voters. and then i would like to get your take. take a listen. >> okay. >> remember, when i make a speech and i talk about african-american and i would say highest crime rate, bad
12:34 pm
education -- i would go over like ten points. and they are always voting -- african-americans vote for democrats for the most part. you know, vast majority. they have been doing it for over 100 years. and i said, highest crime. bad education. bad this, bad that. and what did i say? what the hell do you have to lose? and now we have numbers coming out that are so fantastic. >> sir, i would like the start just you t fact check the president's statement there, what he said about african-american voters? >> >> you know, this is a president that lacks intellectual curiosity. it is mind blowing. first of all, african-americans have not voted one political party for over 100 years. that's historically and factually inaccurate. in fact until the voting rights act, african-americans the majority of those whom lived in
12:35 pm
the south couldn't even vote in the democratic party. not true. secondly, what do we have to lose? this president has not offer a single policy recommendation to advance working people's quality of life, and especially african-americans'. so we are in a situation where the leader of this nation is not intelligent -- provide little direction, but much insight around the culture of intolerance. it is unfortunate that we are here during this period of time. >> valerie jarrett responded of course at a town hall focused on everyday racism hosted by msnbc last night. i want to play how she responded to roseanne barr. take a look. >> tone does start at the top. and we like to look to our president and feel as though he
12:36 pm
reflects the values of our country. but i also think every individual citizen has a responsibility, too. and it's up to all of us to push back. our government is only going to be as good as we make it be. >> mr. johnson, how should everyday americans follow those suggestions from valerie jarrett to push back on this? this era of social media clearly made people feel as though they can say things that are unacceptable. and obviously this president has as she noted set a tone from the top. what can people do in their everyday lives to combat it? >> we are watching what is taking place. the me too movement i believe is a direct result of the president and the tone he set towards women. we are watching the political fallout in ways which we would only be able to measure years from now, whether it is the alabama election or the record number of republicans who decided not to run for
12:37 pm
re-election. the political climate is so toxic that individuals are now saying enough is enough. and this is a cross between black, white, male, and female and the tone is definitely being set from the top. the aacp, adl, meeting of the groups that monitor racial hate crimes and incidents, we have far seen a substantial uptick in the number of hate crimes and incidences. but we are also seeing a much more enthusiastic voting base who will reject the level of intolerance that we have seen since this president has been in office. >> derek johnson, ron taylor thank you for your time today and your speaker pektive. up next, president trump is about to hold an even at the white house with the goal of making americans more healthy. we will take you there live next. he worst times.
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12:42 pm
greatest to ever play the game, 13-time all-star pitcher for the yankees. i have watched him win so many games. does winning get boring to you, mario? >> no. >> never, right. >> never. >> i have watched him win so many. the incredible mariano rivera. and i have to tell you, i was with some people the other day, some very knowledgeable baseball people. and they were talking about who is the greatest pitcher ever. and you don't think of a reliever as the greatest. and three of them said mariano was the greatest to ever pitch. i would say not bad, right? you have heard it before, right? you have heard that right. he heard that before. second, a giant of american football, an incredible guy. i know him. he's my friend. and he was a big supporter right from the beginning. it's always good when they know and you they support you. if they know you and they don't support you that's trouble,
12:43 pm
right? the great herbel walker. what an amazing guy. thanks, herbel. and finally, three-time olympic gold medalist in beach volleyball, the really incredible -- and i've watched her so much, mostly on television, unfortunately, misty may trainer. incredible talent. and you know, we have bill bell check is also -- he is working already with the team but he's one of the great coaches ever, without question, and he's my friend. and we have the wake forest ncaa championship tennis team here. where are they? are they around here? look at these guys, one of them is 6'11" i assume he has a very, very powerful serve. and patrick is back there. but congratulations. that's a tremendous achievement. they have won just about everything in tennis. that team is fantastic. and we have a beautiful tennis
12:44 pm
court if you guys want to practice. okay? any time. that's wake forest. and there is a man that went to wake forest named arnold palmer. and not a bad golfer, right? go. he was something special. the demon deacons tennis team. thank you very much. glad that you are here. congratulations. so all of thee titans of american sport know that many of life's most valuable lessons are learned on the field of competition. there, young americans will discover -- that's what they do, they will discover, they are learning all the time, the importance of teamwork, social skills -- do i have social skills? i don't know. i have social media. that's for sure. i don't know about skills, but i have a lot of media. and the ability to overcome adversity, making life long friends all along the way. the skills learned out on the track field, and the court, and the diamond, and the gridiron,
12:45 pm
and the golf course, and those tennis courts are skills that will serve young americans for the rest of their lives. i want to thank all of the council members who are here with us today, incredible group of people. each of you joined this effort because athletes have meant so much to your own lives and you want to share that with great love and great affection for the next -- >> the president for you. we do want to talk a little bit about another extraordinarily important issue on the president's plate. and that is hurricane maria's death toll in puerto rico, which could be now in the thousands. for exceeding the official count of 64 deaths. that's according to a new harvard study published in the new england journal of medicine. it wound there were at least 4465 storm-related deaths. and today the fema administrator was asked about that number at a news conference and said he hadn't read the harvard study
12:46 pm
and that quote fema doesn't track deaths. those aren't our numbers. he went on to say that the agency depends on data from local coroners. white house press secretary sarah huckabee sanders spoke about this just a few minutes ago. >> the president takes the situation in puerto rico extremely seriously and the administration has been monitoring that from the beginning. we have been supportive of governor roselo's efforts to ensure full accounting and transparency and those who suffered from this tragedy deserve nothing less. >> many of the deaths were caused by a lack of hmm, electricity and utility services after the hurricane decimated the island. gabe gutierrez is in san juan puerto rico with the latest. >> good afternoon, here in san juan there is a lot of frustration, not so much is your surprise after that harvard university study suggested this staggering statistic that more than 4,600 people may have died in the aftermath of hurricane
12:47 pm
maria. that number higher than the government's official figure of just 64. the question right now, mr. puerto rico be able to withstand another hurricane. hurricane season starts on friday. fema took reporters around this afternoon showing them a warehouse with supplies. they say they will have the plans in place to be able to distribute those supplies. that's what the governor said yesterday as well. but critics such as san juan's mayor say this island is by no means ready. she says that 500,000 homes throughout the island still have the fema blue tarps and are in a very fragile state. the electrical grid here remains very fragile. and while the capital city here, san juan s back up and running there are still thousands of people without power, especially in those mountain communities. we spoke to one of the mayors of one of the towns hit especially
12:48 pm
hard and she says about 20% of her commune is still without power. again, the question now, with hurricane season starting on friday, can this island withstand another monster storm? back to you. >> important reporting from our gabe gutierrez. coming up, the republican governor who viewed to fight alvations of sexual misconduct and campaign fnls finance violations abruptly quits and his decision to resign could have national implications for republicans this november. that's next. my a1c, then i learn type 2 diabetes puts me at greater risk for heart attack or stroke. can one medicine help treat both blood sugar and cardiovascular risk? i asked my doctor. she told me about non-insulin victoza®. victoza® is not only proven to lower a1c and blood sugar, but for people with type 2 diabetes treating their cardiovascular disease, victoza® is also approved to lower the risk of major cv events such as heart attack,
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when missouri governor eric leaves office on friday, he may not face any charges connected to the scandal that brought him down. st. louis circuit attorney kim gardener says she's dropping a felony computer tampering charge. >> i remain confident that we have the evidence required to pursue charges against m mr. gritens. but sometimes pursuing charges is not the right or just thing to do for our city or our state. >> he had been under pressure to resign since he admitted in january that he had an affair before he took office. he also faced an invasion of privacy charge related to that affair.
12:53 pm
that charge was dropped earlier this month. a special prosecutor will decide if he should be charged again. nbc's ron mott has the latest. >> reporter: hey there, kasie. we're at the state capital here in jefferson city, missouri. a lot of lawmakers on both the left and the right grateful that eric griet ens has done what many thought he delayed too long and that is announce his resignation. we know there was a bipartisan impeachment effort underway. the governor who campaigned as a change agent in 2016 saying he wanted to clean up missouri politics is leaving with dark clouds hover above him. he carried out an extra marital affair with a woman in 2015. that woman is known publicly as k.s. she spoke to kstk our affiliate in st. louis earlier this month detailing how difficult her life became after the affair went public. she said he took an uncompromising photo of her
12:54 pm
without her consent and then threaten today go public with it if she went public with the affair. that led to an invasion of privacy felony case which was initially dropped by the prosecutor in st. louis. it has now moved to another jurisdiction. today that prosecutor in st. louis who dropped that charge also announced she was dropping a charge for computer tampering against him. his once promising political career seems all but over this wednesday afternoon. kasie, back to you. >> ron mott, thanks very much for that report. meanwhile, reality star and business mogul kim kardashian west is on her way to the white house to meet with president trump. apparently it's not to talk about reality shows. it is a more serious matter of prison reform. here's what she told about her activism. >> to go and spend my money buying material things just doesn't satisfy me the way that it used to and i'm just in a different place in my life. so i thought, well, if i could put the money into a shopping
12:55 pm
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12:58 pm
kim kardashian west is on a mission at the white house this afternoon. the reality star is expected to meet with senior advisor jared kushner, then president trump to discuss prison reform. she says she plans to bring up
12:59 pm
the case of alice johnson in hopes of securing a pardon. kardashian west first came across johnson's story on twitter in a video posted by mike this past october. the 62-year-old grandmother is serving a life sentence without parole for a first-time nonviolent drug offense. >> i lost my job. i struggle financially. i made one of the worst decisions of my life to make quick money. >> since seeing the video kim kardashian west has hired a new legal team for alice johnson. here's what she told mike she would say to trump if she ever got the shot. >> i would explain to him that just like everybody else, we can make choices in our lives that we're not proud of and that we don't think through all the way. you know, i really do believe that she's going to really thrive outside of prison and i
1:00 pm
would just urge him to please pardon her. >> so, we'll see what comes out of that meeting later today. i would also urge you to follow the instagram story on msnbc which i have been running from here on set today. for now that is it for me. thank you for watching. "deadline white house" with my friend nicolle wallace starts right now. >> hi, everyone. it's 4:00 in new york. the silent treatment, chilly face to face encounters and verbal abuse. no, we are not talking about a bad soap opera break up. we're talking about the president's treatment of his attorney general jeff sessions after he recused himself in the russia investigation. today the president is awash in buyer's remorse over the selection of sessions, but a block buster report in "the new york times" is raising new questions about whether the president's treatment of his own a.g. could pose the greatest threat to the president in special counsel robert mueller's investigation into obstruction of justice. from that newor


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