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tv   First Look  MSNBC  June 4, 2018 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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with the botox® savings program, most people with commercial insurance pay nothing out of pocket. talk to your doctor and visit to enroll. this morning new information about secret memo. it's sparking new questions. >> and counts down to the summit between president trump and kim jong un and what preparations are being made here in the u.s. and abroad. >> and new overnight, dozens dead after a volcano erupts in guatemala. rescue operations have been suspended later this morning because of dangerous conditions. good morning, everyone it's monday, june 4th. president trump's lawyers and
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spokes persons gave false denials to the media last year when they said the president had no role in drafting his son's misleading sta authe 2016 trump tower meeting wh russians. this weekend though the new york times published a 20-page memo from the legal team to the special counsel's office arguing against the need for a subpoena. in that memo sent back in january the president trump's lawyers wrote, you have received all of the notes, communications and testimony indicating that the president dictated a short but accurate response to the new york times article on behalf of his son donald trump but the responses claim that the subject of the meeting was about russian adoptions which was not a campaign issue at the time quickly fell apart after e-mails surfaced that trump jr. was told that the white house wanted to help with damaging information on clinton. the president is not required to answer to the office of the
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special counsel or anyone else for his private affairs with his children. but when the washington pos reported that trump dted the esident's then attorney told the national press fake news incorrect and misinformed of no consequence. that is one of several misleading public statements. watch this. >> the president trump didn't sign off on anything. he was coming from the g20. the statement released was released by donald trump jr. and i'm sure in consultation with his lawyers. the president wasn't involved in that. >> i do want to be clear the president wasn't involved in the memo. >> he weighed in, offered suggestion like any father would do. >> rudy giuliani was asked to explain the shift from denial to now acknowledgement and said it was a case of changing memories. >> this is the reason you don't
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let the president testify. if you know, our recollection keeps changing or we're not even asked a question and somebody makes an assumption. >> okay. so the trump legal team's letter to bob mueller also asserts broad powers and privileges relating to the president and the law regarding questions of obstruction it remains our position that the president's actions by his position as the chief law enforcement chief officer could neither constitutionally or legally constitute obstruction because that would amount to him obstructing himself. and that would allow him to pardon if he so desired. rudy giuliani elaborating on that again yesterday. >> do you believe he has the power to pardon himself? >> he -- he's not, but he probably does. he has no intention of pardoning himself but it doesn't say he can't.
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that's another really interesting constitutional argument. can the president pardon himself. it would be an open question. i think it would probably get the constitution says and if you want to change it, change it, but yeah. >> let's just file that one away, shall we? so this of course as the president accused his special counsel of misconduct. he tweeted this. snoon and just over a week president trump and kim jong un are scheduled to hold their meetings in singapore. kelly o'donnell has the latest. >> reporter: good morning. planning on the substance of new clear talks and choosing the setting for a high stakes summit typically takes months but only days remain. about this time next week president trump will travel 10,000 miles to singapore for kim jong un, the trip will be his farthest journey outside
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north korea since he took power. part of the preparation, president trump will welcome japan's prime minister here to the white house on thursday. abe's second visit tohe united states since april. i'm told one group is coming back to the white house so that fina plans can be made this week, a separate negotiating te state, defense and the national security council stays on in north korea a while longer. now back in the u.s., mattis again stressed the u.s. goal that north korea and its nuclear program in a final way. u.s. officials tell me the singapore government is providing significant help to both countries to make this happen. so far we haven't seen specific sites for the trump kim meeting, that's just an indication of the urgency to pull this off. it is a big priority for president trump and it will dominate his week. >> a lot to look forward to
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there. thanks for that report. joining us now, white house reporter for the washington examiner, steve nelson. let's pick up on that last story there. we've got a lot of other things to talk about. it's obviously now back on, the summit, but is it likely we could seeim walk away from this summit with a win? >> sure, it's certainly possible. president trump of course began talk of the summit with kim jong un by mentioning denuclearization of course. that being the big thing, but on friday when he announced that the summit was suddenly back on, he talked a lot about relationships, he talked about how in his words he never said it was all going to happen in one meeting. he talked about a formal end to the korean war, so it's certainly possible that h come away with at least something positive to talk about from this meeting. >> what type of concerns are you hearing from washington's end on all this? >> one thing that we haven't heard much about is concern about president trump's physical
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safety. we have to keep in mind that kim jong un's brother was assassinated allegedly with his -- on his orders a yeargo close to singapore with a creed of scheme involving precursors being put on his face. we haven't heard much about whether kim jong un is going to be inspected. we haven't heard much about the skur security procedures. we don't know much at all about the summit. so there are a lot of things we could ask questions about. >> i think that's why officials are feeling a little bit of pressure under the gun to get the security in place and making sure all the logistics are pulled off successfully. do you think we'll see any fallout from the newest admission that president trump did in fact dictate his son's statement about a meeting with a russian linked lawyer during the election? >> so the -- the trump line is essential that you can lie to reporters. that's not a crime and generally
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of course that is true. but where this seem to fit is the larger picture of whether it's deception in attempt to cover up by president trump and his allies, it really remains to be seen though, the significance. >> all right. we'll touch base with you in a little bit. switching gears here, at least 25 people are dead and 300 more were injured after a volcano erupt in guatemala. known as volcano of fire spewed a five-mile stream of scorching hot lava and sent a thick stream of ash over the city and other regions. officials are calling it the most violent eruption in deca s decades. rescue efforts are at a stand still because conditions are doo too dangerous. they expect the body count to rise after the small town was swallowed up by the lava.
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and more, those images are absolutely stunning. >> they are and as you were saying dangerous conditions suspending rescue operations and also bad weather, but they are expected to resume this morning actually around now. they were hopeful is when they could continue as hundreds of rescue workers including firefighters, police and soldiers look to continue to look for survivors but they do expect the number of casualties to rise. the violent eruption caused a flow which is essentially hot gas and volcanic debris that causes a wave of destruction and a river of lava as a blanket of ash covered the surrounding areas. the eruption sent an ash cloud more than 6 miles into the sky forcing the capital's airport some 25 miles away to close. really astonishing images of destruction. one rescue worker describing the situation in one town as a river
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of lava that had overflowed its banks. this is the second time this volcano has erupted this year. >> one question i have is did people there have any forewarning that this was going to happen? was there any warning? did people have time to get out? >> it's one of the most active volcanos in the region so i think they are used to eruptions from it but it seems like it was such a quick eruption and that's what caught people offguard. >> all right. thanks so much for reporting. we'll be sure to check back with you on that ongoing situation. now let's go over to hawaii where the kilauea volcano is still forcing evacuations nearly a month later. three people were lifted to safety. their rescue is the latest in a series of evacuations on hawaii's big island where water, power and cell reception is scarce and that's another scary situation. >> that's unbelievable to think about the eruption of these two
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vol kay flows. -- volcanos. and still ahead, does the president trump have authority over all federal investigations? a former prosecutor answers our legal questions surrounding the letter to bob mueller. >> and steph curry sets a record as the warriors top the cavs. a check on your weather when we come back. ♪ most people come to la with big dreams.
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are you making a case that he didn't obstruct or are you making a case that a president cannot obstruct justice? >> you never want to say he can't ever. you might want to say he has very broad powers. >> you say he could terminate the inquiry. does this mean he can terminate any federal investigation is that the argument here? >> yeah, i mean, that is pretty clear. i mean, the power of the attorney general is a
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presidential appointee. >> do you believe the president could also pardon himself? >> well, it's not going to happen so it's a hypothetical point. i think the presidential power, there's nothing that limit it is presidential power fro pardon from a federal crime, not a state crime. president trump is not g to do that. he's obviously not going to give up any of his pardon powers. the president of the united states pardoning himself would just be unthinkable and it would -- it would lead to probably an immediate impeachment. >> it's not going to happen. want to make sure we get that on paper. welcome back, everybody. that was the public face of president trump's legal team discussing the issues in that letter from the legal team to bob mueller. joining us now former pr prosecutor. >> nice to see you again. >> as we heard from giuliani's argument the president has the power to make these
2:16 am
controversial moves but that he's not going to. help us decipher what giuliani's message is here. >> i don't know that i can hat i would say is when --ssage. when we're asking can the president pardon himself, the answer is plainly yes because he can do that with a stroke of the pen. but the more important question is, if he chooses to do it what will the supreme court do? and you know, because we have heard time and again, no man is king, no man is above the law, i think those are the kind of positions that the supreme court has taken previously when they have passed on very closely related questions. for example, in the nixon case, the supreme court was asked can a criminal subpoena be used to secure the tapes? and the supreme court -- the add min strags -- administration
2:17 am
says the tapes can be used. when the administration, the lawyer's said a president cannot be hauled into court to be a respondent in a civil suit. the supreme court said wrong, yes, he can. and even if he can be hauled in to court to respond in a civil case, can he -- he can't be hauled into court during his presidency, it has to await the termination of his presidency, the supreme court said wrong. what do we think the supreme court will say this time in i suspect the supreme court will again side with the american people and side with the principle that no man is above the law. >> to that point i want to ask you about another argument. and that is the the presidency
2:18 am
protects him for subpoenas or indictment. yesterday giuliani told the huffington post that the president could shoot james comey and not be indicted for it. how is that interpretation of the president's constitutional authority? >> i mean, that to me sounds -- it sounds sort of laughable. you know, there really is no precedent suggesting that a sitting president is completely immune from being held accountable for his criminal conduct. again, the prior precedence suggests that that's not the case, and i think everybody has to believe for example how unconstrained is the president's pardon power. you know, if somebody walked into the white house and wrote the president for a million dollars in exchange for a pardon, the president can certainly issue that pardon, but guess what? thank goodness we have checks and balances in this country because the supreme court can
2:19 am
then pass upon the legality of that and what the supreme court is going to say i predict is that if you exercise presidential powers corrupt purposes, you can and will be made to account in a court of law. >> and so much of the talks surrounding this memo and giuliani's appearances this is really about public optics here. it's not about the legality of it all. great to talk to you again. thank you. >> thank you. >> let's get a check on your weather with bill karins. as the rest of the country experiences summer it is chilly and rainy here. >> who doesn't like 48 degrees and rain in new england? it's a beautiful monday. yeah, it's saturday was like exceptionally warm throughout much of the country. sunday koold down a lot in the great lakes and we got drenched down around d.c. still a lot of rivers in flood stage and more rain today in the areas of new england. it's pouring this morning.
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new hampshire, vermont. rain over long island. philadelphia, you are done. baltimore, you're done. you can leave that umbrella at home but the rain will continue through new york city for the next hour or two. boston will have till about the lunch hour. alba gnu is only 48 degrees this morning. it's jacket weather out there for a lot of people as you head out this morning. d.c. will warm up nicely. so let's time the rain out. notice the rain in vermont through new hampshire and the steady rain from providence to boston. the heavy rains this mornings, you will get a nice needed break. the rain should be over with by 6:00 p.m. just a few dotted showers. then as we go into your tuesday, we'll see tuesday afternoon and this cold front a couple of hit and miss showers and not the rainy day we have today. today is by far the worst day of the week and i'll throw it out there, in new england it's the worst day of june. >> oh, fantastic. >> yes, so better things ahead.
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the road. however the reigning nba champion came out looking like they had something to pre. vin durant and clay thompson combined for 46 points while steph curry set an nba finals record sinking nine three pointers. the warriors would shoot over 57% from the field. how do you contend with that? lebron james almost amassed a triple double. he settled for just 29. e caveat the warriors in the third quarter in terms of points scored but every time they made a run the warriors had an answer. warriors take game two and now lead the series two games to none as the series heads to cleveland for wednesday night at 9:00 p.m. eastern time. we'll all be watching that one. turning now to baseball where in minnesota, the twins in yesterday's ball game. he steps up to the plate with a game tied in the bottom of the
2:25 am
ninth. a hi fly to centerfield it's hit deep, zimmer back, gone! a walk-on home run for rosario, his third of the day. >> his third home run of the game gets minnesota the 7-5 walkoff in that one. and in atlanta where the braves cull verson gets his second walk off home run of the week. and a bit of a rocky start stday. general motors executive vice president crashes a 2019 corvette that is worth around $123,000 to exact on the pace lap. royce and a pass jr. were okay. there was a backup pace car as
2:26 am
well but if he shows up as your uber driver, i suggest maybe walking. you want to be a driver and boom, then you crash. >> i guess better him than anybody to crash a car like that, but he didn't seem like he was going very fast i got to say. >> i thought the pace car was supposed to stay in t middle of the lane. what was he doing trying to veer right or left? >> i don't know. don't have an answer. >> i wouldn't be able to drive it. >> we'll get our team on it. >> still ahead, much more on what we can expect between the upcoming summit between president trump and kim jong un. >> and joe biden sparking 2020 rumors once again. those stories and much more coming up. ♪ raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens ♪ ♪ bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens ♪ ♪ brown paper packages tied up with strings ♪ ♪ these are a few of my favorite things ♪ ♪ ♪
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welcome back, everybody. i i'm yasmin vossoughian. we are just a week and a day away from president trump summit with kim jong un which trump announced on friday which is now back on a week and a day after he cancelled it. watch this. >> we'll be meeting on june 12th in singapore, it went very well. it's kind of a get to know you kind of situation and i think it will be a process. it's not -- i never said it goes in one meeting. i think it's going to be a process, but the relationships are building. but i think you're going to have a very positive result in the end. not from one meeting. remember what i say. we will see what we will see. i think we're going to have a
2:31 am
relationship and it will start on june 12th. again, it's a process. it doesn't go -- weir n're not g to sign something on june 12th. we never were. i told h today, tak your time, we can go fast, we can go slowly. >> so that came after trump met with north korean vice chair in the office -- in the oval office for more than an hour. mike pompeo and chief of staff john kelly were also in attendance. john bolton though was not. he also hand delivered trump an oversized letter from kim and the president appears to have already made a major concession to north korea regarding his maximum pressure strategy. >> i look forward to the day when i can take the sanctions off of north korea. yes, i don't want to use the term maximum pressure anymore because we're getting along. you see the relation shi.
2:32 am
one thing i did do and it was very important, we had hundreds of new sanctions ready to go on. and he did not -- the director did noas but i said, i'm not going to put them on until such time as the talks break down. we have hundreds that are r to go. but i said i'm not going to -- why would i do that when we're talking so nicely? >> so north korean state media says bashar al-assad plans to visit kim jong un in north korea so if that occurs it would be the first time that kim hosts another head of state. the u.n. has previously said they shipped nuclear materials to the assad regime. >> joining us from washington, good to have you with us. let's start with the trump/kim summit preparations. it appears to be back on at least for the time being.
2:33 am
what final preparations still need to be hammered out between the two sides and what's the atmosphere like in the region ahead of this meeting? >> well, the atmhere in singapore is very much a city that's preparing for a big summit to take place. in terms of the details of the negoions they'veot t fire out the number of entrances there are to where people are going to sit, how the photo ops will be staged. these are all tricky questions they need to iron out. i think the big development is what we've seen in north korea with the dismissal of those three senior military generals from the previous generation being replaced by younger generations. the fact that there's been a shift in the leadership structure inside north korea i do think is significant as everyone is wondering what kim jong un's real intentions are. president trump is willing to give him some slack. he wants this to be a meet and
2:34 am
greet meeting. we heard from secretary mattis several times. saying no sanctions relief unless they do denuclearization and troops will stay in south korea. >> quickly, are you hearing anything more about this meeting with bashar al-assad and why it's happening now? >> no, but that's another curious development and i think you also had lavrov who met with kim jong un in north korea. the idea that north korea would invite someone like bashar assad who has been outside international norms and always a great deal of speculation about arms being transferred to other rogue states it's some sort of signal and it's not a positive one. >> that's a lot of concern. thanks. >> and former vice president joe biden is set to return to the campaign trail.
2:35 am
he's been one of the most active democratic surrogates of 2017 and 2018. advisors are hard at work that could have him appearing at as many as a dozen events each week. meanwhileenas not ruled out what would be his third run for the white house and while he is adamant that a decision won't come until after the midterms it should linger on to the end of the year. >> after a couple of weeks out of the spotlight, scott pruitt is right back under it amid a flurry of new headlines over his extravagant spending habits. e-mails released as part of a freedom information act lawsuit pruitt ordered thousands of personalized office supplies.
2:36 am
including pens for the low, low cost of more than $1,500. that breaks down to $130 per pen, believe it or not. meanwhile politico has cataloged the numerous spending and ethics controversy including renovations to his office that includes the locks he had installed on the doors for $5,700 and the new york sometimes has added a new ethics controversy to the list that pruitt enjoys vip seats at a college basketball game belonging to a billionaire coexecutive. pruitt attended the university of kentucky game sitting in the seats belonging to kraft. he visited pruitt at least seven times during his first 14 months in office. according to agency records and e-mails. that's more than pruitt met with any environmental organization.
2:37 am
he paid $130 for the ticket but that he paid cash so there's no record of his payments. something tells me there's something wrong $130 pen. what's wrong with one of these pilot g 2 pens? >> joining us now steve nelson once again. good to talk to you. let's consider the timing of these new troubles for the epa chief, scott pruitt. how unprecedented is it for a cabinet member to be under this much scrutiny for this long and continuing to remain in their role? >> it does s surprising and the developments keep on coming with pruitt. $100. more than $100 per pen sounds rather steep. the epa says these were gifts for foreign dignitaries which i guess sounds reasonable, but this new report solves a
2:38 am
previous mystery of pruitt allegedly requesting that these fancy pens be made without the epa's logo and just with his name on it. so it seems likely that pruitt is going to continueo surprise us. >> it reminds me of the toilets that cost tens of thousands of dollars just for one installation. president trump has once again vented his frustration with the mueller investigation, steve, especially its price tag. what's behind trump's most recent barrage of tweets, you think? >> so president trump of course is not too upset about the price tag. he flies frequently to new jersey or to florida for weekends. what he's really upset about is that this russia probe has consumed more than a year of his presidency. this is something that we're talking about again and we're probably going to be talking about for months to come. that's what he's truly upset with here. >> all right. steve nelson live in washington, d.c. for us. thanks. >> the new study yielding big changes in the battle against
2:39 am
breast cancer. why a number of women may be able to skip chemo in treating the disease. >> and bill karins has a check on the fraorecast including the chance of severe weather again today.
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tell your doctor if your asthma worsens or if you have a parasitic infection. fasenra™ is a targeted treatment for eosinophilic asthma. that's important. ask an asthma specialist about fasenra™. a new study is being called a game changer in the battle against breast cancer. >> that is finding that most women in the early stages could d chemotherapy. ann thompson has more on this. >> last fall debra reese heard the dreaded words, you have cancer. >> i was incredibly surprised. >> stage two breast cancer. she worried about chemotherapy but a genetic test revealed her risk was low so she didn't need chemo. >> i was relieved because that
2:43 am
add as whole different dimension to your treatment. >> that test was helpful to those with low scores like reese who didn't need chemo and those with high scores who would befiom chemo. but what about all the women in the middle? now at the annual american society of clinical oncologist meeting the largest study ever of women with estrogen fed breast cancer that hasn't spread to their lph notes gives doctors and patients thens as they sought. >> this is a game changer for these women. >> the study was released in the new england journal of medicine. researchers split that middle scoring group in two. some got chemo plus hormonotherapy. the outcomes from cancer recurrence and overall survival in both were about the same. >> now we can identify a larger group of women that we can avoid
2:44 am
chemo therapy and just give anti estrogen therapy and get the same results. >> the side effects of chemo can be devastating. now with the guidance of the gene test those with the middle scores can skip chemo therapy, a development that will change the course of treatment. >> a lot of my patients who are still wondering in their heart should they have done chemo or not, i think this will be very reassuring. >> for reese it's a decision she feels good about. >> it's always good to know that. always good to have reassurance. >> taking away harsh treatment and keeping survival rates the same while giving women a better quality of life. nbc news, chicago. >> nice to hear a bit of good news there. all right. let's get a check on your weather with bill karins. what do you got were us? >> an ugly monday in some spots and the temperatures around the country still very warm right
2:45 am
through june so new england is suffering right now. it was a cool sunday. it's a really chilly for a monday in june and the rain is coming through. new york city has about one to two hours. boston you won't clear out until 1:00 or 2:00 this afternoon. northern new england, tomorrow. as far as the mp thes gemperatu go, raw and chilly. with the clouds today it really won't recover much. highs only in the 50s and 6 os. for today this is a map that shows the temperature departures from normal. the only one unseasonably cool is going to be the northeast. from the desert southwest all the way through the northern rockies, this heat wave will continue. vermont, 15 degrees below average. chicago about 4 above. as far as anomalies go the new england area is the extreme. as we go into tuesday look what happens in rapid city. up 20 degrees warmer than
2:46 am
normal. portland, maine, though, still split. we will recover in areas of the northeast. won't be until thursday that it normaltart to feel close to boston gets to 77 by friday. d.c. up to 83 by friday. so much of the week is cool but the rest of the country is very warm. phoenix today has a chance to hit 110. >> wow. still ahead, global markets seem to be shrugging off concerns over tariffs on u.s. allies. >> and why meetings could ratchet up concerns of a global trade war and the other stories driving your business day coming up. time it takes to brew your cup. let's go to sumatra. where's sumatra? good question. this is win. and that's win's goat, adi. the coffee here is amazing. because the volcanic soil is amazing. making the coffee erupt with flavor. so we give farmers like win more plants. to grow more delicious coffee. that erupts with even more flavor. which helps provide for win's family. and adi the goat's family too. because his kids eat a lot. all, for a smoother tasting cup of coffee.
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skr . welcome back. let's turn to the markets. losses for the week and markets overseas seem to be following suit. we're joined live from london. steve, how long can investors expect to ride this good news wave? >> it depends really what they're looking at the moment. if they're looking at the domestic u.s. economy and growth picture, they're doing well. the jobs figures were great. the average earning component was up and that's what people want to see. they want to see wages going up as well. so a good set of numbers. sending markets higher again today, the nasdaq performed
2:50 am
dramatic last week. the international trade story not looking so good. the biggest 7 nations in the world singling out the u.s. and saying they're really concerned about trade, about growth and they're disappointed at the strump administration's pursuit of tariffs and of course the big china story going on and i'll tell viewers as well, we've got big trade figures due on wednesday showing how big the deficit is with the rest of the world. >> how likely are these changes that will maybe happen and what do they want to actually change? >> yeah, so i've been doing a bit of work on this and apparently the changes are very unlikely. they want a little bit more independence on the board as well. they're very worried that james murdock which is the ceo of fox, he's got too much on his at what's going right and what's going on wrong with tesla as te.
2:51 am
they're also worried worried about elon musk and his control over the company as well. when we think of tesla, we always think of elon musk. they need more independence, more accountability and less deference to the man himself as well. that will be very interesting. but as i understand very unlikely these measures will go through. >> always great to have you with us. coming up, everybody, axios's has a look at this morning's one big thing. coming up on "am joy," the president's assertion of russia probe. more on the 20 page letter to the president's legal team sent bob mueller making the case on why he can't obstruct the special counsel's investigation. plus, the u.s./korea summit is now back on with just over one week to go until president trump and kim jong-un are set to meet. admiral james stavridis lays out the difficulties the president faces with that sitdown.
2:52 am
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♪ all right, joining us now from washington with a look at axios a.m., political reporter, i know you were up late yesterday on kc/d.c. >> today we're doing a deep dive look into president trump's mind control super power. in president has quite managed to have the power of twitter to persuade people and move this is most evident in the silence of republican critics and this really matters because we're seeing how this strategy from president trump has emboldened not only himself but those around to move forward with untested legal arguments especially as it relates to the muler probe as we saw this weekend. >> axios graphic department is stepping it up these days with those graphics we're seeing.
2:56 am
you can't beat that. >> they're very talented. >> becoming the latest gop leader to claim no collusion despite bob mueller's on going russia probe. what does that signal to you, alexi, about how republican leadership is viewing this investigation? >> you know, there's all impot thing happe among republican loeaders and republican senators at large who are so fixated on this idea whether or not there was collusion between the trump campaign and russia. and that's not what we know mueller is looking at. we know for a fact that mueller and his team are looking at the president and things he has done after the election, which is about obstruction of justice. that is not about collusion with russia. so, while they are fix sated on this one topic, that doesn't mean the president is off the hook because he is still very much the subject of this investigation for obstruction and speaks to what i was just mentioning which is sort of this republican silence or republican
2:57 am
critics are silenced under president trump and they feel that they have to follow what the president is saying, which as we all know that this is a witch hunt and there's no collusion. and that is sort of dangerous when you're considering the gravity of the situation and how no one in his party is willing to step up to him no matter what they may personally believe. >> i have to ask you about some of the headlines that came out of rudy giuliani's comments over the weekend saying that the president, he's not going to pardon himself but he certainly has the power to do so. what are you hearing around town about the possibility that the president may either shut down the russia probe or potentially even pardon himself? >> you know, we all know i think in washington and around the country that the president is someone who will do whatever it takes not only to save himself but to save his family and to save those who are close to him who he really cares about. i wouldn't be surprised and i don't think many people would be surprised if president trump tried to move forward on something like shutting down this investigation by himself or even pardoning himself, but i think one important thing to
2:58 am
consider here is that the president has signalled in recent days alone that he is willing to pardon people around him, if not even himself. so i think what we should look for moving forward where the president moves to pardon folks like paul manafort or michael flynn who are swept up in the mueller probe and trump thinks unfairly. let's talk about the new reporting that axios has out this morning about students, including those surviving the mass shooting at marjory stoneman high school. what are they looking to achieve with this tour? >> the students are starting a bus tour, as you just mentioned. they are making 20 different stops in 20 different cities across the u.s. and they are really hoping to just not only register the 4 million people in america who are turning 18 before the november election to vote, but they want to push this gun
2:59 am
violence platform they have been fighting for since the parkland shooting. they want funding for the cdc to cond research on gun violence and ban automatic weapons. so this is something that they're doing ahead of the election to show their political power and make actual change. >> what do you think will be some of the most notable stops. what should we be looking out for? >> in florida alone, these kids will visit all 25 congressional districts is a smart way to keep it local to their home state. another state we should look out for is california where they could activate this grass roots progressive base that is likely to agree with them on their gun violence platform and going to places like south carolina and texas and i think texas is a really fascinating place for us to watch as this develops because it has been reliably red but we have seen instances where it's shifting blue.
3:00 am
>> we'll read axios a.m. in just a little bit. you too cann up for the newsletter by going to >> that does it for us on this monday morning. "morning joe," everybody, starts right now. we can get this over, this long nightmare for the american public over. >> my fellow americans, our long, national nightmare is over. >> that is rudy giuliani over the weekend borrowing a phrase from gerald ford, nixon of course was pardoned by his successor and rudy was asked repeatedly on sunday would president trump pardon himself? plus, remember when the white house insisted over and over again that the president had no role in drafting his son's misleading statement about meeting with russians. >> jay, of course, who you work for pat robertson. >> yes. >> religious freedom evangelical


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