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tv   MSNBC Live With Hallie Jackson  MSNBC  June 5, 2018 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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with my partner velshi. right now, more news with hallie jackson. thank you much, my friend. heim i'm hallie jab son in washington where the special counsel has three words for paul manafort, lock him up. prosecutors say the former trump campaign chair is hitting up old fronds mess with their testimony. and manafort's old boss, the president, is up and at them slamming the justice department and slamming the philadelphia eagles, pulling the invite to their party at the white house because of anthem protests. but fact check here, not a single player took a knee during the reseason the eagles. we'll have reaction coming in this morning from the city of the super bowl champs. we're also following breaking news in new york. harvey weinstein arriving in court just a couple minutes ago. you're look at that from just within the last 15 tes. he's set tonter a plea on those rape charges. we're going to head live tthe court when that ends. so far, eight states heading to the polls with democrats looking for serious momentum.
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tom steyer, pumping money into progressive candidates and steve stivers, chair of the national congressional committee are both here live with me this hour. do not miss it. let's start with paul manafort's no good very bad day or year, that could get worse with the special counsel now accusing him of trying to tamper with potential witnesses. prosecutors say he used enkriptded message apps to try to reach certain witnesses with one person telling the fbi mania for the was trying to, quote, subborn perjury. that means to bribe or lure. at least two witnesses have handed text messages over to officials. all of this while he was on house arrest. prosecutors don't like that and now want a judge to take another look. it means the 69r-old might end up behind bars until his trial later this year. we don't fwho who tknow who the witnesses are. manafort is not faces charges on anything connected to the campaign or the president. he's accused of illegally lobbying on behalf of the ukrainian government.
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i want to get to tom winter. tom, if the water under paul manafort is hot, it is boiling now in the is a guy facing 80 p. talk through what happens next from here. what's the next step that we expect today? >> at some point today we expect the federal judge to comethe to one, that she's going to g a hearing for the government and going to bring all the parties into the courtroom return colluding paul manafort. and at that point they would decide whether or not they're going to decide whether they would modify hisail even further. it's difficult because he's wearing a gps monitor and confined to his house, or revoke his bail erne tierl and he'ntir. he's facing charges in virginia as well as charges in d.c. in the federal system. but he'll have to be in jail through his virginia trial.
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and even if he's akwitdcquitted his trials, he'll have to being in trial for his d.c. trial. so we expect to hear from the judge today whether or not she's going to glagrant this hearing e government. we think she will. she could put an order in saying i revoke his jail science. we expe -- jail sentence. we expect his tornadoes at least have a say. >> any timeline? >> reporter: we do expect it sometime today. i would expect this hearing would be scheduled southeastern rather th -- sooner rather than later. a motion to tamper wh bail is serious and they're going to want to deal with this quickly. >> if it happens in the next 58 minutes i hope you come back and let us know. i want to bring in jeff. you're perspective here, how
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serious is this charge of witness tampering? >> let me say this. d.c. jail is not a fun place be when you're pending trial. and if manafort has that -- has the chance where he could go there, that could certainly impact on what he will do because what mueller is looking for is cooperation against trump. and sitting in jail while you're pending trial makes you think maybe i should do that. this would be a violation of 1512, 18 u.s. code 1512 tampering. what fueler hmueller has to sho judge is there was probable cause that a crime was committed. if he does that, then the other side gets the opportunity to be heard. >> what is the likelihood at some point today we will hear from that judge revoking this order and putting manafort behind bars or behind bars in the first place? what who you say are the chances of that happening? >> what you'd likely see is an order from the court giving the other side an opportunity to
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file something or be heard if the -- if they file something, it should be by the end of the week. it's very serious. defition of tness tampering and then just talking to people who may be being questioned by the special counsel? because we know somebody who is talking to people apparently who are being talked to by the special counsel and that's donald trump. remember that "new york times" headlines that he asked these witnesses about matters that they talked about. so -- elaborate on the difference here, . >> well, i recall donald trump calling michael cohen after he was -- his apartment was raided. at that point, cohen was not indicted. here we have a situation where you have somebody who's been indicted who's on bail conditions. and the federal judge has set bail conditions. one of the conditions is really not to contact or try --
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>> yeah. >> -- to talk to any witnesses. and impugn the credibility of the court. this is what allegedly hap or through a third party intermediary. what trump did was certainly something mueller is watching as well because if he was tryingo fluence michaecohen's testimony or try toearn information about what was seized, that's something robert mueller would certainly be interested in. >> jeff, thank you for coming on and talking us through that. the special counsel's going after paul manafort now. president trump is going after his political enemies. one person in particular who's supposed to be his friend, attorney general jeff sessions writing e only reason the russia investigation exists is because he recused himself. it's all going down on twitter as the president's legal team is gearing up for a battle, including the possibility of an interview between the president and robert mueller. and what do if there is a subpoena that's involved here. even his presidential lawyers say he's got nothing to worry about because not only can the president not obstruct justice,
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they argue, but can he let himself off the hook too, they say. onof the president's allies this morning pointing out first comes the pardon, then the problems. >> the president yesterday broadly declared that he has the absolute right to pardon himself. >> he does and the congress has the right to impeach him. that's what would happen. if a president was dumb enough to pardon themselves, that would be such an act -- that would be such an arrogant statement of power that the house would probably impeach him within a week and the senate would convict him. >> with us now on set washington post national political reporter, two white house reporters, a politico's nancy cook. bob, you know newt gingrich. what do you make of what he's staying sending a message to the president? >> it's a warning from the former speaker of the house who understands congressional politics knowing that just a few months before the mid-term
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elections republicans are wear rift escalation of president's legal team battling the special counsel and the political cost the party may have to pay this fall. >> the president is acknowledging in very clear terms that he wanted jeff ssions to do something real different when it came to the russia investigatio a -- catherine and nancy. what do you make of that? >> this is what he's said den again and again. ease furious that sessions recused. what you see about the comments he's making about sessions out pardons, he's trying to assert presidential power he has and the steps cotake he could t this situation. >> there's a new twist because what's different today that didn't happen yesterday, guess who's on capitol hill? members of congress. lawmakers have returned to washington after being on recess for a week and our crack team over on the hill caught up with them and asked them this question in the last 12 hours or so. what do you make as the
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president's comments as he tries to basically extend his presidential power in an unlimited fashion. watch. >> i think it's whether a president can pardon themselves. if you read the constitution, it's pretty wide open, it's never been tested. >> ultimately an issue like that uld -- would land in the lap of the united states supreme court. >> if i were president of the united states and i had a lawyer that told me i could pardon myself, i think i'd hire a new lawyer. >> i know nixon was one of the allegations against him was improper use of pardon powers, that's one of the things in impeachment. >> i can't imagine a president even bringing that up. i don't know where that comes from and i -- i can't imagine even referencing that. >> okay. well, bob corker can't imagine it, but we are here, this is reality, this is actually happening. what is the congressional obligation, nancy? >> think what the members of congress are trying to say and they're doing it through the president's favorite medium of
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television is they're trying to set up boundaries and set up some warnings that, you know, there are limits to presidential power. i think that one of the learning curves that this president has had is that there are, you know, different branches of government. there's the judicial system, congress, there are things that mean that the president is not a king. and i think that that has been something that donald trump has had to learn in office and it's still something that's that he's not entirely comfortable with. >> that's an interesting point because, what's learned that, bob? >> what we've seen is the president is encouraging mayor giuliani to battle publicly on a legal front and to be very combative. but privately the president's lawyers are readying for a subpoena bat that will could come from the mueller team. they're looking alt a potential interview. so you have these two fronts the private front and the public front. >> and this speaks to the point that you wrote along with your colleagues over at the post looking into this great story here. we know why the president's lawyers would not want him talking with the special
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counsel. but why would the president himself not want to t bob mueller? >> because you have the opportunity if you sit down with a federal prosecutor where even if you think you're telling the truth or your version of truth, if it's interpret by the federal government to be an tion oa lie, you are immediately open to criminal prosecution and your yfd intent, remember, mueller wants to figure out the president's intent. >> right. for example firing james comey and some of these other things. >> if you don't know the president's intent at this moment, if you sit down in front of the federal investigators you're giving them some idea of the intent. >> also, i think what we've seen with the investigation with mueller he's constantly two hree steps ahead of us. every me w fd ou something, he's already been there. and so going into this it's hard to know the scope of all the things he's looking at. that also presents a challenge. >>he preside is irked by th, that i not breaking news on this show or any other show. here's wha hs talking about this morning. he's talking about this investigation. he's talking about his
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department of justice. he's talking about the philadelphia eagles. he's talking a little bit about north korea and immigration. that's for better or worse his mid-term messaging strategy. this is what donald trump is the next six months whether ut nges it or not? >> that's exactly right. this is the culture war. at a time when there's no little legislation on capitol hill, these lawmakers are getting asked by the correspondents about the president's legal situation. what are they not talng about th infrastructure, there's nothing going on in capitol hill in this moment in a big ticket way. so the president knows this. >> now, the president aides will push back on that with you. they will say there's things we're working on, veterans choice for emp. >> there's not any legislation, to be clear. but there's not a big ticket agenda item to driest legislative process at this point. everybody's gettiurting up for mid-terms. >> he's going to keep talking about the things that he wants to talk about. >> but it's interesting because
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the things that they are gearing up to out to in the mid-terms, like the tax bill, by the time the fall rolled around that will have happened a year ago. when i talk to political strategists, one thing they're frustrated with this white house, republicans at least, they want a forward-looking message. what's the argument to keep republicans in power? and that's what what they're lacking. >> that's what we're goi to talk about later on in the show when congressman stivers, chair of the congressional committee joins us in a bit. nancy an catherine, stick around. bob, it's nice to have you on. i know you w eagles. >> we're eagles fan but we're staying away from the politics of this situation. >> there you go. we told you at the top of the show about harvey weinstein heading to court, you saw him walking in entering a plea on those rape charges. let's go outside the court in manhattan. what's the latest here? >> reporter: what we know, hallie, is that just moments ago harvey weinstein entered a plea of not guilty before supreme
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court judge. this is the second appearance for him in this courtroom and a formal arraignment on charges of two counts of rape and a count of criminal sex charge against him. again he has pleaded not guilty. he says that any sex that occurred it was consensual sex. this is involving a case -- cases around two women, one that occurred in '04, the other in 2013. we were told to expect that harvey weinstein's attorney would request a dismissal of these charges against him llinghe grand jury indictment last week saying that there's not enough evidence. that's pretty much a standard procedure. but also it's a standard procedure that the judge is expected not to grant that request. we're waiting for him to come out. he walked moo thinto this courto handcuffs and he's expected to come out this way soon. >> we'll let you keep aeye on the doorway and check back in for any new developments. after the break, the
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super bowl winners side lined to celebrate their win at the white house. first he said it it was low attendance but was itrowd size? how fans are reacting and what they plan to do this afternoon instead. we've also got this new call from the united nations just oi administration to stop separating kids from their parents when they cross the border. we have exclusive reporting on this later on in the show. you're is going to want to stick around. the smart ones look to fidelity to find them. we give you research and data-visualization tools to help identify potential opportunities. so, you can do it this way... or get everything you need to help capture investment ideas and make smarter trading decisions with fidelity for just $4.95 per online u.s. equity trade. fidelity. open an account today. ♪
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. it's a little disappointing
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that trump would cancel ari of that magnitude for the eagles' players because they aren't all supportive of him in his decision making. >> players that do want gone, they should have the right go. it's the white house and they were just practicing free speech. >> i can't believe that he would just cancel it like that. >> some of those philadelphia eagles fans not so happy this morning after president trump pulled the plug on this afternoon's white house reception for the super bowl champs. the source telling us fear than ten players plan to be there. philadelphia news not happy. check out this headline, bird brain they're saying with the president firing back on twitter. pumping up with the white house who's now calling a cebtion of america instead of the celebration of the super bowl champions saying we will proudly be playing the national anthem and other wonderful music celebrating our country today adding nfl no escaping to locker rooms. >> for the philadelphia eagles,
7:20 am
not a celebration but a cancellation uninvited from the white house after some players decided not to attend a planned photo op with the president. >> there's so much that's been kind of swirling around the administration that i don't think -- i don't see it as beneficial at this moment me t visit in a celebratory fashion. >> donald trump saying the eagles disagree with their president because he insists that they proudly stand for the national anthem adding the team wanted to send a smaller delegation but fans deserve better. fanning the flames of a cultural flash point after a season that saw some nfl players kneel during the national anthem in protest of police brutality and social injustice. >> wouldn't you love to see one of these nfl owners when somebody disrespects our flag to say, get that son of a bitch off the field right now, out, he's fired. he's fired. >> former eagles player torrey smith calling the president's move a cowardly act noting not a
7:21 am
single player took a knee during the regular season. philly's mayor arguing this only proves that our president is not a true patriot but an eag yeomaniac obsessed with crowd size and fear of throwing a attend.hich no one wants to let's got white house and geoff bennett. there will be a party it's just that the eagles won't actually be there. the president leaning in once again to the culture wars here. >> reporter: that's right. the white house is suggesting that this boycott was entirely about the president's insistence that players stand for the national anthem. but, hallie, that's a ruse bas several top players like crossling and jenkins announced months ago that they had no intention of attending the event because of the president's rhetoric and policies. not only that, not a single eagles player took a knee or stayed in the locker room during the season. the president was upset when he learned that so few eagles
7:22 am
players were planning to attend this white house celebration, so he canceled it kbaus he was all too aware of what it would look like of just ten or so players standing behind him. at this point the president is tweeting about the other championship teams he's hosted at the white house. led an invitation.irst time he also disinvited the golden state warriors after star player steph curry said he wasn't coming. the white house is still holding the celebration which they've rebrand as a bration of america. but we can expect the president to continue this pr war against the nfl. i'm told he's picking fights over the nfl anthem protests as a political winner this this mid-term election year. >> that's an interesting point, geoff bennett, one 2019 talk about with former nfl defensive end marvin washington who played 11 seasons for the jets, niners, and broncos. thank you both for joining us to talk through all of this. marvin, let me start with you here because you heard geoff tee up what's going on.
7:23 am
have you talked to any eagles players and communicated with these guys since the president yanked this invite? >> no, it just came out yesterday and i haven't had a chance to talk to any of them. but i've talked to current players before and the whole thing about this anthem and this protest and whatever, this is not on the players, this is not on the players association, this is for the owners that came out with this arbitrarily came out with this policy. the owners need to sforespond t 45, not the players. but 45 has shown he's not friendly to minorities, not friendly to women. he bashed the eagles and all the players in the nfl last year. so there wasn't going to be anybody that came to the white house fanyway because why shoul they when they don't feel welcome? this is not over. the nfl players thought they were going to kill this but 45 looks as this is something that's going to win with his is is something that's going resonate during the mid-terms so he's going to keep
7:24 am
this up. and this is not zblofr let -- o >> let me tell what you we're seeing on the screen. there were eagles players with their fists in the air. what didn't happen is them taking a kneel or staying in the locker room. fax showed a clip last night that showed some of these eagle players on their knees. >> they were praying. >> so they tweeted today, praying before games with my teammates well before the anthem is being used for yoor propaganda, just said. i feel like you guys should have been better than this. what do you make of this? >> it's my personal opinion that fox news is state news and they're playing to this narrative. >> i want to make this less about fox and more about the broader cultural component that's happening here, marvin, that you're speaking to, the idea that this is being used to divide this issue. >> of course. >> rather than try to rise above, in the president's case, by his own admission by what you
7:25 am
heard geoff report that the president thinks this is something he can lean into. >> because he's playing to his base. and instead of being the president of all americans he's playing to his base. whh is dividing this country. but this could have been predicted back in november of 2016 because it was going to be one side or the other. and as far as him, you know, being uncomfortable with people that are expressing their first amendment right and freedom of expression and freedom of speech, well, in a couple months warriors or cavaliers that he's going to counsel again. so, you know, this is sng something that's preblingtsed under the constitution what they're doing. they had the biggest stabling in footballf the super bowl last year where they could have done something they didn't. the eagles are a very socially charitable team and they're somebody that americans should look at instead of looking at them as an enemy and unamerican because they're far frun american. >> i know day of wants to jump in here. >> just that i communicated with one player who was very plugged in on the eagles. >> this was since the
7:26 am
cancellation. >> since the cancellation. and he described the response as laughter and anger. the laughter part is because nobody was really going to show up or very few players as was reported, fewer than ten. and so that wa would have been unprecedented. last year six members of the new england patriots did not show up to the white house in protest against what they felt like was racism that comes from this white house and that six was unprecedented. you've had one over two players in the past not show newspaper protes -- up in protest. this year they would have been dozens of philadelphia eagles not showing up. >> so laughter and anger. >> the anger part is this is being couched about the players protest against the anthem. as they've sagain and again, this is about using the anthem space as pst against police
7:27 am
violence and racial equity. it's getting them to live up to the performance that they need to put forward. >> do you think that's getting lost in the discussion? >> i think so. i think 45 wants it to be lost. but i think the people that know white players have been taken in are protesting. and the thing is, these owners trying to appease a guy that they don't even like. this is like rodney dangerfield in caddyshack, you know. but now rodney owns the country club. so trump is doing this against the nfl because, if you look back at that time, he got his butt kicked by the nfl in '86 when he got that $3 ruling and two yooeks years ago or three years aeg tried b the buffalo bills and they wouldn't let him into the club. so now he has something against it because we know he's vindictive and keeps a score and this is his way of getting even with the nfl owners. >> we'll have to leave of it there. marvin washington, day of, thank you both for come tong talk throu -- coming on to talk through this issue.
7:28 am
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with apologies to chuck todd, if it's tuesday is primary day, and todll eyes are on california where democrats are hoping to take a first step toward flipping a handful of house seats. but the process is little different in cal. you've got the top two finishers in each congressional district who will go on to compete in the general, no matter what party they belong to. that's a concern for democrats because so many of them are running in these competitive y primaries. their fear is republicans splde vote and then republicans end up on top. maybe not a million people behind you at the polling place, jacob, but it's breakfast time there. >> reporter: they're coming in. i have to talk to you in my polling place voice. it's like a golf tournament here
7:33 am
in the 30 nooith district. this one is that the republicans targeted specifically because hillary clinton won here despite the fact that ed royce was the republican congress. now with him stepping down they see it as a big opportunity, but because there are so many democrats running here and they have this top primary system, it mightows into chaos with two republicans finishing on top. i went and talked to some of those democrats running and the republican may ultimately win. watch this. >> can we look -- >> how are you? >> so this campaign headquarters? >> this is headquarters. >> nice, this is cool. >> this is where the work gets down flip the seat. >> flipping the satisfy, california's 39th was once considered likely by nna democrats ter hillary clinton won here in 2016 and long-time republican congressman ed royce announced his retirement. but there are six democrats running in the primary and no clear front runner. so sam jamal is calling every last voter he can before the polls close on tuesday. >> hello, is grant available.
7:34 am
>> grant is not that the number. >> is james available? hi, this is sam jamal, i'm running for congress and wanted to call and introduce my zblefl you already have our support. >> that must have felt very good >> those are always the best calls. >> do you get the sense that the national democrats know what's going on in the district? >> think what they're missing the cues, they're look at demographics. we're a diverse district and that say district that will be open to supporting democrats, but you still have to make the case. >> do you know she might be your next congress person? >> yes. >> it's true. >> oh, congratulations. >> yeah. >> democrat mae tran thinks she can go with this district. but she's got another problem to deal with? >> is it true that the national democrats asked to you get out of the race? >> they called me and is he we did a poll, the poll shows that you know, you don't have any
7:35 am
viability, so you should consider dropping out. >> was that a crazy thing to here. >> oh my gosh, it was. i said first who gave you that right and secondly, how dare you had the how dare. >> you it'a fny t t hear from a democrat. >> i know. i didn't want to do that. >> there are actually more icans than democra running in the 39th, but one of them is endorsed by the outgoing congressman and she seems to be the clear front runner young kim. >> welcome to 39th district. >> this is the district the democrats think is the most flipable in the country. >> not so. this is a very vibrant business district. i've talked to every single one of them and they come and talked to me about the issues that they care about. [ speaking foreign language ] we haven't had a voice, asian american voice in washington for too long. >> they feel like -- people here don't represent them?
7:36 am
>> yes. >> young kim, they know. >> you yes, she's famous here she's a big star. aryou going vote forer beautiful. are you going vote for her on tuesday? >> yes. yes. >> it's amazing every where you go people know. >> you of course. >> of course she says. at do you think? is the fact that the democrats targeted this district based on its diversity? were they overconfident? >> i don't know what they were thinking but to be honest, this is a district not just because it's an asian american they should automatically think they're g.o.a.t. going to be voting democrats. >> the idea that gratz might have thought diverse pity equals democrat, what do you say to that? >> not so fast. >> not so fast. >> not so fast. >> reporter: so democrats thought diversity was going to be one of the keys, it might turn out diversity is one of the keys. it's early, as you said, it's
7:37 am
pretty quiet. but in the meantime, you can take a ballot selfie after you're done casting your vote. i know you're a fan of the selfie. >> right up your alley. jacob in his golf whisper voic ank you, we'll be checking back in throughout the day joining me now is tom steyer. tom, thanks for being on the show put listened to jacob's piece, jacob's story there. democratic hopes of flichippinge house could die on the vine tonight. is it appropriate for national dems to come in and play inside of these races to boost their chances? >> well, i think that it's important, hallie, to understand how much enthusiasm is there on the democratic side and that the problem we're facing is that there's so many democrats who want to run against this administration and this republican party that we have an embarrassment of riches. >> but that embarrassment of riches, as you just acknowledged, is a problem. so what do you do about it? >> well, what we've said is the solution to this unintended -- possible unintended consequence
7:38 am
is more democracy. so we've made as many calls as we could. we've knocked on as many doors as we could to try and make sure that people show up at the polls. the more people that show up at the polls, as far as we're concerned, the better. so over last weekend we made over 450,000 contacts in california for the primary to try 10 to courage people to go out because we believe the enthusiasm is eye and the more people that show up the better to have a better outcome. >> even as you heard tit explained in that story? >> we know if enough people come out roar there will be enough democratic enthusiasm, even with so many people running there willa democrat in the primary. if we get a majority of the people clearly wanting democrats, there isn't unintended consequence of no democrat in the general but instead that a good democrat gets in and then people get a choice between the two parties.
7:39 am
>> you talk about the importance of having more democracy. but is a democrat to go in for the 48th district, hand out flyers telling people don't waste vote on dems whoren't endorsed by the state or national party. is that how you wanted your money used in are you comfortable with that? >> i can tell you we don't that. but we did what i said. >> an organization you support did? >> excuse me. >> an organization that you support did. do you feel like that's appropriate? >> actually, we made a decision before earlier this year to work independently, partially for this reason, because we believe that what we did is totally appropriate. which is to go out and try 10 to courage participation as opposed to i was listening to that candidate say how offended she was by being asked to withdraw and we don't want to put ourselves ever in that position. we wanted to encourage people to go out and make their votes count ready which are is what we did. >> part of your messaging as well, tom, seems to be anti-donald trump, that has been a clear point of view.
7:40 am
in fact, you have pushed the idea of peachmen have you thietition signed by 5 million americans to impeach donald trump. but i'm sure he seen some ofthe. cbs found that 40% of americans would be less likely to pick a candidate who supports impeachment. so is this strategy back firing? >> not at all. what we seeing -- >> the nrcc chair says it's firing up their base on the republican side. >> what we see in the over the 5.5 million people who signed our petition is about two-thirds ofhem don' vote if the if they in fact go to the polls, that's about 10,000 people per congressional district who normally don't show up. so what you're saying to me is, look out, you're going to encourage republicans to vote by pushing for impeachment. but what we know is democrats want impeachment and it's a spur for them to go to the polls. but if you look at california today, we're look at an
7:41 am
administration that disagrees profoundly with the way america -- with the way californians see the world. we believe in healthcare for all. we don't like any administration that tries to take healthcare away from people. we don't like an administration that doesn't believe in racial justice that works against racial justice. we don't like an administration that's against clean energy. so in california you're seeing people fired up against an administration that they profoundly disagree with. >> and we will see the results of those primaries today. tom steyer, thank you very much for being on. >> thanks, hall. >> i i'm going to ask congressman steve stiers about yo -- your remarks later onned in the show. running out of space for the hundred of kids separated from their parents under this new immigration policy at the border. we'll talk about how the overflow of kids mighting putting their safety at risk. but first, harvey weinstein just left court after pleading not guilty on rape charges.
7:42 am
his lawyer talked with reporters just moments ago saying as tarm as rape is, it's just as terrible to be falsely accused of it. we'll keep you updated on this as we get more. stick around. e here f t friends. and we got to know the friends of our friends. then our old friends from middle school, our mom, our ex and our boss joined forces to wishrthday. then we discovered our uncle use to play in a band.ung once too. and we found others just like us. and just like that we felt a little less alone. but then something happened. we had to deal with spam, clickbait, fake news, and data misuse. that's going to change. from now on, facebook will do more to keep you safe and protect your privacy. so we can all get back to what made facebook good in the first place. friends. because when this place does what it was built for,
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7:46 am
entering between the ports of entry, between the ports of entry illegally. and they're not -- younot give them immunity. >> that, of course, is attorney general jeff sessions with hugh hewitt this morning not backing off one inch defending the zero tolerance policy that includes in part separating migrant children from their parents at border crossings. president trump on twitter this morning said separating families at the board certify fault of bad legislation passed by democrats. border security laws should be changed but the dems cannot get their act together. remember, it was a trump administration policy announced in may that led to this. this morning we have new reporting too. look at this. hundreds of migrant kids who have been separatm their parents are stuck at border stations which are running out of space to shelter these kids. nbc news justice security officer julie ames is part of the team that broke that story. let's get into some of these numbers in your article.
7:47 am
you have 11,000 unaccompanied kids in the administration. 55%, more than half of the kids being held at border stations have been there for more than three days and nearly half of them are under 12. plain w explain whooip wy there's a ba here. >> there are special criteria under usa law for children who are alone alone crossing the bo. they need to have privacy when they sleep, medion attention, and mr. them are under 12 years old which dhs would call a tender age child. they treat them differently. there's this backup at border stations and why that three days matters is because no immigrant, no matter their age, is supposed to stay at a border station more than tee days because they simply do not have the capacity to care for them. sometimes they don't have enough bedding. some of these places called ice
7:48 am
boxes because they're kept so cold. sometimes they don't have privacy so children may have to share a room with a strange adult male who they don't know. they've been backed up and it's this crisis really a crisis that's been, you know, imparted by the administration for making this policy without getting the proper resources from hhs. hhs is able to care for these children while they're trying to place them with families or foster homes, but they're so backed up. as you pointed out, they have over 11,000 children, that as of today they are touring air force bases in texas for extra space to put these children. >> so, julia, quickly, you had to go in the course of your reporting to the administration about this. so what is the administration saying? >> they're saying we're starting to look at more space because we have been backlogged. you get more from the people who won't be named. two u.s. officials told me that hhs simply didn't have enough of a heads-up before this policy began in may. as you can see from the attorney general there, they're sticking
7:49 am
to it. they think this is a deterrent measure. >> thank you for that reporting. catherine and nancy are back me. nancy, you're reporting to the blow bf this reporting, right? >> absolutely. the president really basically enacted a very aggressive policy, his administration did, without having the resources in place to deal with all of the people that would end up being prosecuted because of this. and the president really feels like and his allies feels like he doesn't want to take the blame for this. they've started a working group to try to message on this, but the fact of the matter is the federal agencies that have to implent the policy like hhs just don't have the resources to deal with these yng kids. >> it caught our attention this morning that the united nations came out saying don't do this. saying children should never be detained for reasons related to their own or their parents migration status saying the u.s. should immediately halt this practice of separating families and stop criminalizing what should at most be an administrative offense that of a
7:50 am
regular entry stay in the u.s. is that going to be a persuasive argument to president trump? >> you saw the comments of the attorney general. they've been vocal about this policy. broad lit president views tough key campaign promise and a key thing tth broughtimo the white house. i wouldn't expect him to back away great from that. >> thank you for being with me over the last hour or so. i appreciate it very much. we know immigration reform is going to be on the minds of voters in california as they head to the polls. as expected the president is weighing in on some of that stuff. he's tweeting his support for kevin mccarthy to whom he's close. devin nunes, and asking his supporters to keep our country out of the hands of nancy pelosi, as he puts it. california is not the only other state we're watching. seven other states are voting today including alabama. a republican congresswoman who disavowed trimp is facing an
7:51 am
unusuall number of challengers. we'll talk about it with steve stivers. congressman, thank you for being on with us today. >> good morning. >> doing okay. let me pick up talking about broadly the idea of impeachment mobilizing democrats. "the new york times" reports you told a group of strategists in the gop the threat of impeachment is firing up your base. one says no, it's firing up dems who are going to head out to the polls. is he right? >> history would say he's not. lo t 1998 when republicans got excited about impeaching bill clinton. they tried to make the '98 election about bill clinton instead of about a view for the future, and i think that's the mistake democrats are making. i'm really excited tom stire
7:52 am
wants to focus on impeachment. moderate voters, as you quoted earlier to tom, are turned off by that. they want us as parties to tell us what we're going to do with the future. right now they're focussed on impeachment. we're happy with that if that's what they want to do. >> let me ask you about the independent voters in california. for the first time in state history nonaffiliated voters outnumber republican voters. that can't be a great sign, can it? congressman? might have lost the congressman. if you're still with us, would love any signs of life. but i don't think we have we're going to wk to get him back. in the meantime let me pose that question to nancy and katherine who are here. the idea that you have more nonaffiliated voters than republicans. what do you make of that?
7:53 am
>> it adds to the not confusion but what's going to come out of this. that we don't know exactly where this is going to fall. it's not easy to predict. we know from the last round of elections thatolling dsn't always reveal everyone, the way people are thinking. and then the way the primaries are structured, there could be surprises. >> and any time the congressman can hear us, i hope he yells loudly enough for us to hear. we talked at the beginning of the segment about this alabama congressman martha robi. she disavowed donald trump. she's made moves to tie herself to team trump recently. however, you have an interesting race here in which she now has four primary challengers, all of them are waving the trump flag trying to unseat her. is this a sign to other republicans they shouldn't speak out about the president, that they can't or they'll face problems? >> i think we've seen the model for republicans that has been most successful is to adopt some
7:54 am
trump y trump-like flphilosophies witho latching yourself directly to trump. let me ask the congressman. i think he's back. >> i'm back. sorry for the difficulties. >> thank you. first, will you come back on the show skins we got -- since we got interrupted? >> absolutely. >> thank you. alabama, martha robi distanced herself from donald trump. now she's facing a bunch of challengers. should people read that as a sign they should not speak out strongly against the president? >> i think people need to do what they think is right. i think martha is going to win her primary even if she goes to a run off. she'll win. but i feel confident that martha is going to hang on. she's a great woman and knows her constituents and what they want and expect and that's why we supported her with our primary patriot program. >> lightning round.
7:55 am
david cook announcing he's stepwa fm the network e of health problems as we're reporting. how big of an impact will that have on your fundraising? >> i don't think it's going to have that big of impact. we have to keep moving. >> president trump says he has the power to pardon himself. should he and does he? >> i don't think he's been charged with anything. i don't think he should. i don't think he can. but i don't think there's anything he's been charged with. it's all hypothetical. >> okay. congressman, we look forward to having you back on the show and hopefully with successful technical logistics. i appreciate it. we'll be right back with the latest bigicture. loved every step of fatherhood... and made old cars good as new. but i couldn't bear my diabetic nerve pain any longer, so i talked to my doctor and he prescribed lyrica. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions, suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worse depression, unusual changes in mood or behavior, swelling, trouble breathing, rash, hives, blisters,
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quick breaking news to update you on briefly. the story we talked about a of the show, paul manafort and the request by the special counsel to revoke his bail, a judge has said everybody come ba to court friday, june 15th. so we will update that story then. we'll wrap up this story this show as always with our big picture. we're headed to saudi arabia. this is a woman showing off her brand new driver's license. she's one of ten women in the country to get one with the ban on female drivers officially ending in a few weeks. it's a big step in the right direction. the ten women are only allowed to drive with male permission. this picture courtesy of the saudi information ministry via the associated press. hit me up on social media and i'llnsgram froehite house today. headed over there now.
8:00 am
i leave you in the capable hands of ali velshi and stephanie ruhle. >> we're one year old today. >> happy birthday. >> thank you. >> happy birthday. >> thank you. happy birthday to you. >> one year old. that means we're no longer newlyweds. i'm going to go with it. good morning, i'm stephanie ruhle. >> i'm ali velshi. it's tuesday, june 5th. our birthday. let's get smarter. >> is the president's former campaign chairman headed to jail? >>cuters working for special counsel robert mueller are accusing paul manafort of attempting to tamper with witnesses in his ongoing criminal cases. >> these new allegations mean he could be sent to prison before his trial begins. >> i guess the question is why paul manafort hasn't been in jail from the very beginning. >> he was with the campaign for a short period of time relatively short period of time. i've always known him to be a good man. >> it comes amid with critical


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