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tv   Deadline White House  MSNBC  June 5, 2018 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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that's it for me. thank you for watching. "deadline white house" with nicole wallace starts right now. ♪ hi, everne. it's 4:00 in new york. donald trump, who has called nfl players who kneel in silent protest during the national anthem sons of bitches today threw a celebration for america in lieu of the celebration for the philadelphia eagles. in response, the white house disinvited the team and upped the ante in the president's now year long weaponization of patriotism by inviting the fans to come to the white house anyway. for the record on the entire eagles team, no players took a during last year's anthem protests. the "new york times" writing, quote, what is usually a
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nonpolitical celebration of football instead has become a bitter reflection of the deep divisions in the united states over ra patriotis and mr. trump himself. here's the president at the super bowl champion-less super bowl celebration. >> we love our country. we respect our flag and we always proudly stand for the national anthem. beautiful, big celebration. actually, to be honest, it's even bigger than we had anticipated. >> god, it's alwayscolm jenkins it's hard to step out in the public and fight to make it better, it's hard to meet with people who don't agree with you and have uncomfortable conversations. this is what my colleagues and i have been facing for the past two years. we are athletes, but as citizens we're doing nefrg our power to make our communities better. it's not our job. we do it because we love this
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country. of the white house response, he said, instead the decision was made to lie and paint these players as anti-america, anti-flag and anti-military. to that end, here's sarah huckabee sanders on the selective application of free speech in trump's america. >> the white house supports the oe't the white house speech support players' right to free speech? >> the president doesn't think this is an issue simply of free speech. he think it's about respecting the men and women of our military, it's about respecting our national anthem. >> joining us today to discuss an issue that the president has now pledged to keep alive to stoke his base, some of our favorite reporters and friends. th us at the table eli stokeles. "washington post" opinion writer
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jennifer rubin and jonathan lamere white house reporter for the associated press. let me start with you, robert. take me inside how trump is the variable. this is decades-long tradition through democratic and republ administrations, super bowl champs always go to the white house. trump has managed to be that thing that shakes up everything, including the events that are supposed to have no political hangover to them. >> it's never real hi had muly f a political connotation. every team that's ever won a super bowl has visited the white house and taken pictures. it's not to sit down and discuss and talk politics type of affair that a lot of people want to make it out to be. in reality, it's a photo op and a little bit of a speech. there was a little bit of controversy years back when tom brady and some patriots decided
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not to go to see barack obama at the white house. but certainly nothing on this scale with an entire team being disinvited. >> how do you think the league is dealing with this? obviously the president made this an issue last season. he railed against players who exercised their first amendment right to protest police brutality or inequality. he made this an issue that fired up his base. there's that famous video of him calling on owners to get those sons of bitches off the field. how do you think the nfl is handling this? do the players feel like the owners and the league have their backs, or do they feel as though they've yielded to the president's pressure? from the outside, it looks like the league folded. >> it depends on when you ask that question. if you asked me a month ago, i would have said that aft the players' coalition met during the winter with nfl owners and
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started working towards charitable efforts in their communities that began to address racial inequality, i would have said that the nfl stood strong in aot of ways against trump's verbal treatment. but just two weeks ago, they came up with a rule where teams would be fined if players deluring the national anthem. their only recourse if they wanted to protest, was to abstain and stay in the locker room. as done without the consultation of the players' coalition, an informal group that has been protesting during the national anthem over the past two years, beginning of course with colin kaepernick's fight to raise awareness and fight against racial inequality in the united states. what's ironic is the nfl owners thought in passing a rule, that they would get trump off their back, not realizing this was a red meat issue for trump and he was going to find a way to criticize it in any case. >> i want to add to the
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conversation. nate boyar, former nfl player has a connection with colin kaepernick. he firstonnced him to kneel during the national anthem. it's my understanding that you were offended by him sitting on the bench. you guys had a conversation and you came up with a compromise. you've written very eloquently that's your hope for the president and the league. but today certainly doesn't look like it's moving in that direction. your thoughts on today's performance from the president and on the philadelphia eagles' decision to boycott the white house? >> first of all, i definitely would not call it offended. i would say hurt is probably a better word, just because of what those symbols kind of mean to me and a lot of the men and women i fought alongside, people that didn't make it back. it was more of like this place of hurt as to why he didn't feel strongly enough about his country to want to stand during
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the colors. through our conversation a compromise was sort of met. we came from different places. we sort of believed fund lot of different things. had a lot of things we agreed on, but we were able to hash it out respectfully, have that conversation and find a place in the middle where we both felt like we were appreciated and like each other's opinions and beliefs were appreciated in some way. that stuff just hasn't been happening lately through administration and players in the league and the league itself. i will say in defense of some of the league, i think organizationally the nfl and roger goodell have done a pretty decent job through all of this in working alongside the players, listening to the players trying to take into account their feelings and make sure that conrsationas edthem. however, last week or maybe two weeks ago at the owners meetings
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when the players were not invited, that was a little bit more frustrating and i think tough for those guys to swallow when they're then told you must stay in the locker room or you must stand. now to have this high school drama between the eagles and the white house is frustrating and shows, i think, a description of where we're at as a country. we're not moving forward. we're not working together on things. we're just butting heads and the drama is winning. >> i don't know what your future holds but i'd suggest politics or diplomacy. does it offend the men and women of the military when a player exercises his first amendment right to kneel silently in protest during the anthem? >> some people, yes. some people, no. the nfl is diverse as any slice of the american pie. we're all over the map on that stuff. i don't want to speak for every veteran. i speak for myself.
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i think there are a lot of people that disagree with me and i completely respect that. at thethe y, i think more than anything the veteran community just wants some peace and some understanding and to come home from fighting overseas fitior ultimate freedoms of many people, not just american people, but to come backo place where we respect one another, we are moving forward. when things aren't perfect, which they're not in our own country, we work together to solve those problems no matter where you stand politically. and we lift up the good police officers and people that work in criminal justice that are trying to fix things and do it the right way and we just -- just a little more peace and quiet and positivity. that's all we really want. >> last question. do you in both hats, as someone who served in the military and do the president's comments hurt or offend you when he calls your teammates or your fellow players
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sons of bitches and says they should get off the field for kneeling? >> yes. that would go for anybody that said that, even my folks. you know what i mean? it's inappropriate. tory smith said it best. he's a current player for the eagles. you know, people are like ting to figure out why so many of these players didn't want to go. he's like look at it this way, it's as simple as if you were invited to a party by somebody and that person had bad-mouthed your friends and you didn't go. people would never question why aren't you going to the party? well, you said this about my buddy and that hurts. you know what i mean? if you simplify things in that regard, i think people would understand a little better why a lot of these players chose not to go. >> let me come back to you really quickly. where does today's -- let's just call it a performance, because
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that's what it was. the president wasn't satisfied. i think the rsvp list was about ten. he is obsessed the crowd size. i think we have a picture of the two visits that the new england patriots made to the white house. you mentioned that in your earlier comments. so the one on the top is when obama had the patriots there. the one on the bottom -- and we don't have sean spicer here to convince that the one on the tt is bigger. we can see the one on the bottom is smaller. and that was president trump. take us back inside how this is rippling through the nfl. obviously, the president -- it's never about the team that won, it's never about winning on the field. it's about ctural politics and 's about race baiting. >> i think when the president called the nfl players sons of bitches was kind of a positive sign for nfl players in that many of the owners and general managers and coaches rallied
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behind them. i think all 32 teams put out statements in sort of players. it really created a positive conversation in terms of how to address their coerns. trump thw fuel on the fire and riled up his base, yes, but he also created some unity within the bafflingly, two weeks ago all of that was cast aside by the owners who came up with this rule to fine players. i think that nfl players aren't thinking about trump in their everyday lives. the guys that are protesting and on the eagles it's been in the form of a raised fist or in chris long's case, support for othepls wh raising their fists are thinking about ways to helpir communities and put their wealth towards causes that promote racial equality in a way that nfl teams in the past have stayed away from and stayed towards more
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partisan or bipartisan charitable efforts. i wasn't surprised that the eagles didn't end up going. i thinkwas a late breaking thing within that organization and among those players where guys who were in the middle of the road, started to side with more left leaning guys who were protesting and said, if there's n't thinwe to go. guys there, >> a presidential ally said to me today, nicole, i don't know why you're surprised that he managed to celebration. this is what he does. everything he touches he tarnished. >> he was furious when he learned how small the contingent of eles we going to be coming to the white house. >> he has no self-awareness that everything that's small that he loathes, it's so birre. >> it's all about sizith this president. he was embarrassed last year when tom brady skipped that. he was very upset what it would look like on the lawn today if
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only a handful showed up, so he ordered it scrapped. anthemause of his, which he believes is a real winner. he's said in recently days that this is something he wants to bring up time amid tind time ag. he believest's a winning issue with his base. he thinks it's good for republicans this fall. he thinks this is kind of a cultural war battlefield where he can win and of course it's a nice distraction from some of the other stuff with this white house. >> there's another standoff brewing. the nba finals are underway. lebron tweeted today, no matter who wins this series, no ones the invite anyways. it won't be golden state or cleveland going. almost sort of foreshadowing another standoff that's about happen. the president took off after
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steph curry last year when steph curry said that he wouldn't go. steph curry's coach steve kerr had his back. i mean, you've got these divisions in the nfl that do not reveal themselves in the nba where the coaches and the players seem more closely aligned and seem to understand how offensive trump's weaponization of patriotism is to most americans. >> right. they're different leagues. you're right, the nba is more cohesive about this. you don't see the same fault lines. but trump, all sports -- these are things that generally speaking in the past have always been unifying for the country, have sort of transsended polical divisions. trump has made sports political and tribal. that's what we're seeing now. everything is a referendum on him. this is something that the president d his supporters believe is a positive for him. he has no qualms about dividing people, about driving this wedge. he thinks it benefits him. not just hardening support with the base, but appealing to people in the middle who are
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flag, that don't hear, just like the president doesn't hear the claims that these people are kneeling about police brutality that has nothing to do with the flag. in terms of why the president is going to drive this during football season in the runup to the election, he's told people that he's not satisfied the nfl's response. what many see as a capitulation to him he thinks doesn't go far enough because players can stay in the locker rooms and not come out for the anthem. n politics when you treated voters like they were dumb, you lost. this is donald trump treating voters, treating citizens like they're too stupid to understand that you can be for the national anthem. the national anthem makes me weep, but i would stand and cry through the national anthem for colin kaepernick or any other players' right to kneel. the idea that they took to the podium today to defend a baker's right not to bake a came for a same sex couple, it seems like
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the hypocrisy will run out. >> it's obviously hypocritical. i'm wheru e on the substance of the matter. at the end of last season, there were sev pye kneeling. it solved itself. if the league hadn't done what it did and reignited the controversy, still fearing donald trump in some way, none of this would be happening because you were down to seven by the end of the season last year. look, i'm old enough to remember the 1988 presidential election when george bush ran on some symbolic culture wedge issues. one of them was the pledge allegiance. the other was whether you were a card carrying member of the aclu. another one was willie horton. it worked. donald trump is at a hyperbolic, cartoonish level, but this is not new, finding cultural wedges
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like this and driving them really hard between and around the notion of symbolic express conferences of patriotism. this is a play book that has served the p well in t. >> i'd buy all this, except i think it really bums the president out. i think he really, really, really, really, really wanted these guys to want to come and stand behind him. >> 100%. >> i think what he wants is for the cool kids like tom brady and the eagles to be there. he wants to trash players. he wants to stoke racial divisions. but he also wants the football players to stand behind him. >> this is like the kid who has a birthday party and no one shows up and he's embarrassed and angry. >> it's like the bully. >> no one wants to come. but what this has devovled into simply a cultural war. that kind of denotes two equal
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parties. this is an aauthoritarian creepy president who says you must salute the flag. in doing in, is he obviously exposing this deeply anti-democratic, racist view and that it is almost exclusively african-american players just makes the insult even greater. although we can talk about mr. it works or whether it doesn't, it's not the point. secondly, democrats are fired up as well. so every action that he takes in some sense has an equal reaction. does it work? perhaps if the midterms work out the way the democrats want, it will be seen as a losing tactic, which i think would be terrific for the country. >> if democrats try to prove if they won, they could prove the old play book doesn't work and that standing up for principles is the better politics.
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i've seen too many times where an issue i thought was disgusting has works for republican candidates. >> a former president said to me that you don't lurch towards autocracy, you slide there one freedom at a time. when we come back, the latest charges against paul manafort, witnessing tampering. is it possible that the next stop for the fois jail? also ahead, jeff sessions is donald trump's favorite mistake. trump attacks him again and wipes out one of his legal teams defenses on the question of obstruction of justice. and trump's woman problem. summer zervos has accused the president. a judge rules in her favor and trump may have to sit for a seven-hour deposition. (birds tweeting) this is not a cloud. this is a car protected from storms by an insurance company that knows the weather down to the square block.
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a surprise late night court filing by robert mueller's team could send paul manafort to jail. prosecutors accusing manafort of tar tampering with witnesses in his federal criminal case and asking aer judge to consider revoking his bail. prosecutors said that mr. manafort tried to contact witnesses by phone through an intermedia and an encrypted majoring program. one witness told the fbi that mr. manafort was trying to s incite perjury.
1:25 pm
the stunning revelation follows trump's seemingly out of the blue tweets over the weekend, distancing himself from manafort. it was trump's first mention of manafort's name on twitter since last october. joining the conversation mnow, what do you think is going on here with manafort and do you think he's going to jail? >> i think he's going to jail. this is the stupidest thing that a defendant can do, this sort of witness tampering. the only hope is to somehow try to construe it in a way that seems to make it different from what it was. it's a very ham handed, fairly blatant series of attempts. our friends, they never lobbied in the u.s., right? and we're trying to get in touch with you because i've told everyone that it's only in been
1:26 pm
in europe, right? that distinction is everything for the charge of the lobbying in the u.s. that he's been levelled with. prosecutors hate this, judges this. if they find this happened, there's a presumption that no circumstances exist that will get him safely there for trial. so there's the real prospect that he now goes to jail never to leave even until the end of his sentence. he might have been thinking before, look, i'll stay out, maybe even during appeals. that's changed dramatically. he's looking at being in prison, which is a very sort of focusing event by friday. >> doesn't this also argue against the idea that he's been promised a pardon? if you think you're getting a
1:27 pm
get out of jail free card, why would you tamper with witnesses? >> it's a great point. yeah. i was trying to think of this as well. it's a mystery. the charges against manafort are very strong. you go throu the different possibilities of what he's doing. one of them is sitting tight waiting for a pardon. yore exactly right, it not only lands him in jail, ut's a separa -- it's a separate crime. it's inconsistent with someone who's banking on a pardon. i agree. >> i'll say harry is obviously right. prosecutors do hate this. on the other hand, they also love it when they catch people at it. when they catch them, they can put them in jail and add more indictments and more crimes and more potential jail time. when they get to do that, it increases the pressure on getting the person to flip. >> how many chanrges are there against manafort? >> there's a lot and they keep piling up. >> how many?
1:28 pm
>> this was a superceding and there are two others. this will be four, i believe, all separate in terms of sentencing. >> so you've got now bob mueller -- you're frustrated by it but once you catch somebody at it, it gives youore leverage. if he's in jail, it puts the pressure on him and makes h whole prospect of what his future looks like, again, a longer jail term and he's no longer sitting in his multimillion dollar arlington townhouse. he's sitting in a prison cell. mueller's saying bad you a also good on you. >> one of the prosecutors, weissman, i think his name is on the filing. he signed it. he is known for his prosecutions of mob families.
1:29 pm
does anyone in the trump orbit feel haunted by steve bannon's prediction that the way to get to trump was to go through paul manafo manafort? >> he referred to this guy as the lebron james of prosecutors, to bring back the finals reference. >> sorry, lebron. >> lebron clapback to trump calling him u bum has remained the best one we've ever seen trump has never touched it. there's concern in trump world about this sort of exposure. don junior, yes, jared, yes. we know of certain meetings that jared kushner had with foreign officials during the transition. the platform toward ukraine changed at the convention last year. there are a lot of red flags
1:30 pm
here that i'm certain mueller's team is going to examine and connect if they're not doing so already. the president said last h-- >> we're talking about messages being sent. this is a message from the special prosecutor that these attendant crimes, witness tampering, obstruction of justice, perjury are real, they're important and without them our entire criminal justice system doesn't work. we're talking about this at the very time trump's very unable lawyers are telling us, oh yeah, he didn't take that document, which was a misleading account. isn't that the counter point to this obstruction? yes, manafort is stupid. but how stupid is the president of the united states to write something that is false with a buchb bunch of witnesses around that is going to be obtained in
1:31 pm
litigation? this is a mini trump example of exactly what he's going to face when he finally comes face to face with the speal prosecutor. >> if you look at paul manafort, this is consistent with that. he's always behaved in a way -- >> he's always had a dirty book of business. everybody knew it. >> no loyalty to the u.s. constitution and certainly not u.s. laws. trump you could argue sort of acted that way at least in the business world where he came from where anything goes, nobody will find out about it, get michael cohen to fix whatever needs to be fixed and move on. they are now dealing with the justice system inay that is very real. another thing that jumped out at me from the filing was the fact that manafort had a coconspirator who's not named. he's the russian operaty with ti -- operative with ties to russian intelligence. manafort was talking to him as recently as april. the big prize here is about
1:32 pm
russian collusion. >> i want to be the old man at the table one more time. pa paul manafort, roger stone. trump likes to say pauanafort came late to the campaign. trump has known these guys for 30 years. roger stone was his political guru and paul manafort's partner in one of the dirtiest lobby shops in washington. trump has been dealing with those guys forever. so the fact that he brought manafort on in march or april of 2016 is totally irrelevant. donald trump kne exactly what he was getting and knew exactly what kind of person he was dealing with. all of that transparency to what he likes, it's coming back to haunt him. >> the president tweeted about
1:33 pm
this yesterday. i don't believe for a minute that bob mueller's into giving donald trump headsup. but could manafort's defense attorneys know that something bad is coming down? could there be some of communication between manafort's attorneys and people in the president's orbit that would incite the president to tweet about manafort again. >> there's some communication between mueller's attorneys and manafort's attorneys. there's a very good chance, i'd say, this motion -- this motion, as soon as you get the information, you file it as john says. in part, you to a little victory jig and you think he's going to jail. but you let them know it's coming generally or maybe even say what the hell is going onto manafort's attorneys. so there's probably an opportunity for them to give something of a headsup to trump. now, that's not smart on their
1:34 pm
part. as jennifer says, the lawyering on the whole side of the president has really left a lot to be desired. it's at least possible, whereas i don't think it's possible that mueller's team gave the headsup to trump that this was coming. >> and the president c't help mself. he tweeted about it. when we come back, the president getting some heat for his treatment of jeff sessions from fox news. you're trying to lower your very high triglycerides with a healthy diet... and exercise. and maybe even, unproven fish oil supplements. not all omega-3s are clinically proven or the same. discover prescription omega-3 vascepa. the one that's this pure... and fda approved. look. vascepa looks different... because it is different. it's pure epa. vascepa, along with diet, is clinically proven to lower very high triglycerides by 33% in adults, without raising bad cholesterol. that's pure power. proven to work. vascepa is not right for everyone. do not take vascepa if you are allergic to icosapent ethyl
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the president again took a stick to his favorite pinata, jeff sessions, today. [ laughter ] >> what is the president's goal here? is it simply to remind the attorney general that he's really p.o..ed at him? is he tries to get him to quit? is he trying to emasculate him? what is the president trying to do here? >> the president's made his position on this extremely clear. i don't have anything to add beyond that. >> that was a fox news reporter.
1:38 pm
when's he going to start hate tweeting fox news? fake news. when is that coming? >> soon. >> that was john roberts. the president again took a stick to his favorite pinata john roberts said in the briefing, then asked what is the president's goal? is he trying to get him to quit? is he trying to esc him? fair questions after trump's latest attack this morning on his own attorney general. the president tweeting, the russian witch hunt hoax continues all because jeff in to recuse he was i would have quickly picked someone else. so much time and money wasted, so many lived ruined. sessions knew better than most there was no collusion. harry, i'm having a second monday. if he knew there was no collusion, doesn't that argue for the recusal?
1:39 pm
>> yeah. i don't think i need to be here anymore. that's the second brilliant point i hope to make. exactly right. think about it. >> he knew everything i did with the ns sat he just arguing for the f course. how does he know? because he's a witness because it's part of the campaign. so trump is basically saying he knows better so he has no business being there. more generally, it's really an outrageous charge on hispart, because they're sitting face to face in january before sessions is nominated. and what he's saying is sessions should have pledged to him, i won't recuse, boss, even if the doj tells me to, each if the law tells me to, even if it's clear the standards require it. in other, i'll be loyal to you over the law, the kind of thing that you could never ask an attorney general to do.
1:40 pm
>> he picked him in the transition when there was no investigation. this doesn't make sense. i know everything's upside down, but we still have clocks that go one, two, three. this doesn't make sense in the time-space continuum. he recused himself after he lied during -- when he did he want him to promise not to recuse? >> precisely. the probe had already started, it's true. but you make another great point. part of the reason he has to recuse is the dissembling to franken in his own testimony. so that again that post date this is discussion. it really doesn't make sense. trump's tweets say immediately after, no we're talking a few months after when there's more reasons that have occurred to make the recusal necessary. the main thing, though, is it's necessary under the law. and that law should come first
1:41 pm
before the law of loyalty to donald trump. >> our friend matt miller tweeting, trump's attorneys argued in their memo that he always expected the russia probe to continue and wasn'trying to end it when he fired comey and took other actions. this tweet about ssions proves the opposite. >> he i jeff sessions still that he has in recent weeks stopped using sessions' name. he won't say it. senior aides around the west wing have copied that. >> you're kidding. >> there are a number of people who don't call him by name. but what we're also seeing here is this is again the president and his allies really fixated on this coming inspector general's report out of the department of justice. >> when do we think that's coming? >> early next week or next.
1:42 pm
>> he's getting intel on that from within the department. he knows about the delays, et cetera. that's one way in which it hasn't been leak free. >> let's put up for our viewers the president on the ig report. what is is taking so long with the inspector general's report on crooked hillary and slippery james comey. numerous delays. hope report is not being changed things to tell..there are man e the public has the right to know. transparency. >> that goes to our new reporting today, that he's told people he's afraid that his adversaries in the department of justice may doctor the findings. this is the deep state or whatever you have it. it's not going to deliver the results that he wants. they think this report isng to be critical of james comey and it might be on his handling of the hillary clinton campaign and that investigation. they think that if it undermines
1:43 pm
comey, it also undermines him as a witness. >> a senior justice department official told me at the time of the andy mccabe being pulled out of the i.g. investigation and dealt with 48 hours before he would have bested in his own that there was already some discomfort that the i.g. process in and itself may have been -- corrupted is too strong, but may have been impacted by all the public facing influence from the president. what are the expectationsn this i.g. report? >> i think the president's expectation is that it comes out with information that is good for him. if it doesn't, it's from the deep state and it's from his enemies. all of this is reflective of donald trump's own view that the justice department is not there to be independent and to follow the rule of law. it's there to help him, to protect him, to fight his battles. he views jeff sessions that way. he's disappointed in jeff sessions as one of his attorneys
1:44 pm
because he didn't do what donald trump wanted him to do. he expects the same thing coming out of the justice department in terms of this report, in terms of the fbi director who's willing to pledge loyalty to him or not. everything starts a wh donald trump. he does not have people around him who dare to correct that perception and tell him how the justice system actually works. because they know if they do that, they probably won't be around. >> this is not going to go well. the entire premise that the fbi helped hillary clinton win the election -- oh, wait a second, she didn't win. oh wait a second, 11 days before the election it was the fbi that intervened. it is far more likely they will be critical of the intervention from justice department principals and processes than they are to saying he should have indict eed crooked hillary. this is the normal way in which
1:45 pm
the justice department works. of course trump isn't going to like it because he has this upside down view of what the justice department actually should be doing. i will say this. good luck and good going for sarah huckabee sanders. she's not saying anything anymore. she might as well just answer every question, who knows? >> given that donald trump applauded comey when he intervened in the election and that the i.g. report is probably going to criticize comey for intervening, does donald trump embrace the fact that it criticized comey just for the fact that it criticizes him? how does he grapple with that inconsistency? >> he is going to lead from behind to fox and friends. >> he'll use it as justification to support his position to fire comey. rudy giuliani told me earlier this week that if it's a battle
1:46 pm
of credibility between comey and trump, they think they can win with trump. they think this trump will be that damaging to comey. that's their belief. >> we're going to hit pause on this conversation. stormy daniels has stolen a lot of the headlines on the trump versus women front. today another woman engaged in a legal battle with the president scored a major victory. that story is next.
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you might take something for your heart... or joints. but do you take something for your brain. win inedientriginally found in jellyfish, prevagen is the number one selling brain-health supplement in drug storesationwide. prevagen. the name to remember. you almost caught us yakking. this morning a new york city judge dealt a blow to donald trump in the case of a woman accusing him of sexual misconduct. the judge ruled summer zervos can depose the president as part of her lawsuit. she has until the end of next january to do so. while michael avenatti and stormy daniels may be getting all the attention, as it quietly proceeds, this case appears to
1:50 pm
pose much more danger to trump. zervos is one of more than a dozen women accusing the president of misconduct, claims trump groped her in 2007. the president claimed it was a hoax prompting zervos to file a defamation suit. we done talk about her as much as stormy daniels. >> we don't. the first thing we learned is that when the judge ruled many this case that discovery would be allowed and what summer zervos wants is a huge amount of stuff related to trump's behavior around the time she was a contestant on the apprentice. >> what's the stuff, the tapes. >> the apprentice tapes where trump said these racist, horrible things. if the scope the court has
1:51 pm
granted at this point, all those tape will have to come forward and mark will not be able to with hold them in the court imposes to what its ruling is. that will bring a treasure-trove of things if the rumor s to be believed are there. >> just getting him under oath is a win. that's the paula jones problem. he will be asked about his behavior on the set. he will have a choice, does he lie on actually de lly tell tru. if he lies we're back to bill clinton and perjury in a civil matter. >> one of president's advi advi said the president and his corp. are afraid of risk. this case seems to represent a lot of respects and the president attorney moving no character has gone fp they wait until their plot turn comes
1:52 pm
back. the court of appeals is considering whether it that jurisdiction. two questions for you. one, do you buy that and two it seems that mark is aware of exactly what john and jennife is saying. the incredible peril that the zervos case represents to donald trump. >> i'll start with the second first. this is paula jones redo as jennifer is saying. there are six other women involved who are witnesses to the conduct. if that goes forward we're talking jennifer flowers.
1:53 pm
stl there's a parade. second will it get to the supreme court? no. they'll try to -- it's a procedural ruling that under new york law it's tricky whether or not it gets to the court of pilpil appeals. i would look for trump team to try to settle and probably for a pretty benpenny at this point. a deposition is really toxic for him. >> plolitico reporting her attorney had submitted a issue knee. information about those women is irrelevant to the case. i watched the cosby verdict and assignments like the way this is
1:54 pm
moving, judges are permitting more women to tell their stories. i remember from fire and furry that bannon said he dealt with hundreds of women for >> i raise this with a trump ally earlier today who just shook his head in displea and was like another one. it's like another front this president is taking on fire. whether it's stormy daniels or zervos or collusion, mueller. a new manafort development. it's just under siege. >> don't forget michael cohen. >> there's a real bunker mentality. people who feel like they are taking on fire from every side which leads to them putting a lot of eggs in this north korea basket. they are desperate for that win. >> let me ask you about the cohen raid. they seized recordings related
1:55 pm
to the access hollywood tape. there could be more information in the hands of prosecutors that the trump legal team knows about. >> i think they are worried about whaton't ow. the president isted a his people around, his attorneys are worried what they might say and do and reveal and give up. a seven hour deposition. i've talked to attorney who is have deposed the president over and said it's not that hard the get him to say what i need him to say. you just butter him up and off he goes. this is a president who likes to talk and talk first and thinks about it after the fact. you can understand the dread of his outside attorneys about the prospect of him being deposed for so long.
1:56 pm
>> depositions a real problem but video and audio are the bigger problem because they play it. >> let me give you a really quick last word. advisor told me yesterday the reason he is never sit for a mueller interview is because he would lie. bob mueller can add lying to federal investors. this is daft kind a different k situation. he could be charged with perjury for lying in a deposition like this. >> clinton, clinton. i think the republicans will stride to find way to try the distinguish but as generjennifes it's on all fours. what do you say to excuse it when he does. they like when they refer this sticky situation to use perjury trap. it's not a personjury trap. he either tells the truth or he lies and that's perjury.
1:57 pm
no trap. just perjury. >> you have the commercia break viewers to think about which one he'll do. we need to sneak in a break. we'll be right back fp it's pretty amazing out there. the world is full of more possibilities than ever before. and american express has your back every step of the way- whether it's the comfort of knowing help is just a call away with global assist. or getting financing to fund your business. no one has your back like american express. so where ever you go. we're right there with you. the powerful backing of american express.
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entyvio. relief and remission within reach. . for today my thanks harry, e lirharr harry. mtp daily starts right now. a series doesn't begin until the road team wins. s >> you know what side i'm on. if it's tuesday, there's an apb out for the gop. tonight the once and future pardon. why the republican party mostly silent on the president's power play. >> that's absurd. can't pardon yourself. plus grounding the eagles. what's the real motivation behind the president's cancellation of a white house tradition. >> if this wasn't a political stunt, the eagles fnc


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