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tv   All In With Chris Hayes  MSNBC  June 5, 2018 5:00pm-5:59pm PDT

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when we root for the home team and all players? when we truly become a unified crowd backing in athletic excitement. we've heard the term pal fo when yo a matter and try to exploit it politically. donald trump has now taken p otll. itself and made it into ni workr. president. couldn't have done it without you. that's "hardball" for now. thanks for being with us. all in with chris hayes starts right, rightow. tonight on "all in." >> i know mr. manafort, i haven't spoken to him in a long time. >> the man who ran donald trump's campaign accused of witness tampering. > that's what he said. that's what i said. >> tonight, new details on what the special counsel's alleging. and why it could have major implications for president trump. plus, why the trump tm is preparing for a app fight with robert muelle then. >> is it absolutely engineers to separate parents from children when they are detained or
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apprehended at the border. >> yes. >> exclusive new reporting on the he can ploeding number of children being separated from their rents by our goverent as jeff sessions tries to explain it away. most are not infants, a teenage number of younger ones now. >> apartment president of the united states snubbed at the white house. >> stop hiding behind the armed servicesional . >> thank you very everybody. >> when "all in" starts right now. ♪ stand beside her and guide her ♪ >> good evening from new york i'm chris campaign chairma president of the united states could be spending the summer in jail. that's after getting caught doing something that the president himself should probably take very serious note of. allegedly trying to tamper with witnesses to get them to lie to federal law enforcement.
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in a court filing late last night, robert mueller accused paul manafort of violati the terms of his bail by repeatedly contacting two former associates to get their stories straight about manafort's secret lobbying work in ukraine. that work is the subject of dozens criminalrg that manafort now faces. one of the former associates toldnvestigators they explicitly understood his messages to be an effort to "sun bosch perjury," in other words to get him to commit a crime. according to the filing he ukrainhan refred to aaussian person an a but he was identified as manafort's long time business associate constantine kilimnik. according to another filing back in march, fbi agents assisting the special counsel's office an seased that kilimnik has ties to a russian intelligence service. his latest feeling suggests manafort was in touch with
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kilimnik with these witnesses as recently as april a couple months ago, which if true, the president's campaign chairman, the guy that ran his campaign who leaded up his whole delegate operation at theonventio nths after being indicted on numerous charges, after being put under house arrest and forced to wear two ankle monitors, after his business partner ricktes, the prident's deputy campaign chairman pleaded guilty and agreed to cooperate with the probe, after all of that, paul manafort is sti,ccording to mueller at least, conspireing with actedussian agenting to deceive investigators and break the law. a spokesperson for manafort replied to the mueller filing, mr. manafort is innocent and nothing about this latest allegation changes our defense. we do our talking in court. his legal team has till friday to respond initially ahead of a june 5 hearing in washington, d.c. this would not be the first time he could lewded to defy the court.
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according to mueller, the two teamed up a few months ago to ghost write an op-ed defending manafort's work in ukraine. they were previously in touch throughout 2016 while manafort was workingnhe trump campaign. this russian hinch man kilimnik serving as the liaison t powerful russian interests. it was kilimnik who manafort contacted about leveraging his new role in the campaign to curry favor with the billionaire russian oligarch writing i assume have you shown our friends my media coverage, right? how do we use to get whole? besides the trump power meeting, that's about as close as we've come to a smoking gun on collusion. like manafort, this kilni is not acting like someone with nothing to hide. recent recently ukrainian law enforcement allowed him to flee to russia putting him out of reach foruestioning by the special counsel. i'm joined by senator richard
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blumenthal of ticut. whatyou mak of this latestfying from the special counsel? >> what i make of this filing is by soms digging deepeructive act into quick sand not only for himself but also for the becauspaulanafort has intimate knowledge about the president's involvement in potential collusion. it gives the lie literally to trump's claims about a witch hunt and hoax because here is paul manafort committing a serious profoundly severe federany witness mpering ich is going to make judge very, very angry and gives the special counsel even more leverage over him. >> there seems to be a parallel a little bit between the behavior we're watching from paul manafort d what we're learning more and plor about the white house. are you worried people in the white house engaging in sort
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of parallel activities as the special counsel's investigation draws cl. >> what's common is an utter contempt for the law. a sense the normal rules don't apply. remember also that before even all of the other violations of the bail terms happened, paul manafort hope was raided, a no knock predawn raid that could be justified to a federal judge issuing a warrant only on the representation with plausible evidence that evidence would be destroyed. another act of contempt for the rule of law. and i am extremely concerned that this obstruction of justice involving the white house as well as paul manafort and the people in that orbit will infect the special counsel's investigation and that's the reason why i hope my republican colleagues stand up and speak
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out to protect the speci counsel against the potential interference. >> two item from the president today. sessions had told him he would recuse. herwise wouldn't have named him attorney general which seems to be an admission that the russian probe was foremost on his mind when d who should be the chief law enforcement officer of the united states. >> and one of the reasons why he thought that the attorney general jeff sessions should not recuse himself was he knew there was no collusion. in other words, he ismplicitl alleging the knowledge that led sessions to recuse himself which was the right decision for sessions to make. so the level of absurdity simply increased. donald tshattering all the norms and unfortunately, as one of my colleagues has called it, the water boiling with the frog in the water as the
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temperature rises, we lose track of how absurdly contemptuous of the rule of law the president is becoming. > to that end, in the west that h is now obsessed with pardons. we've watched him hand out pardons, the ne d'souza last week. a white house official described pardons as the president's favorite new thing to talk about. he may sign a dozen or more in the next few months. are you worried he is moving towards using the pardon power as an extension of his attempts to sabotage the investigation into himself and his campaign. >> the messageo potenal witnesses like flynn or manafort or papadopoulosr others is that it could come into play and yes, i'm profoundly worried about it. some of our republican colleagues have spoken up today, the republican leader, mitch coid it b
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wrong. yesterday, it was chuck grassley, champ confident judiciary complete. there has to be a really resounding emphasis that there is no powerf th psi pardon himself. that was settled by a 1974 office of legal counsel opinion when the issue was r richard nixon and that's because no one can be a judge of his own case but also this is indiscriminate use of pardon power for political purposes as indicated by the d'souza pardon and the talk about stewart, martha stewart being pardoned so has to beountered very aggressively and vigorously. >> senator richard blumenthal, thanks for your time tonight. >> thank you. >> for more on the allegations against paul manafort, i'm ined by analyst jeremy bash, former chief of staff to both the secretary of defense and cia director and former federal prosecutor, juliet sorenson,
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northwestern school of law. jeremy, what do you make of the latest activity from mueller's office. >> these are serious allegations against paul manafort. first he is violating the terms ofis could be thrown behind bars and nothing concentrates the mind in terms of cooperation with the government than spending time behind barses. second is it could be a new offense, a new obstruction of justice offense. it's a clear signal from the special counsel they're taking the obstruction issues very, very seriously. it's also a sig nat not only to the president but to rudy giuliani and others in the president's circle. >> juliet, every lawyer i've spoke to since the news broke has been gobsmacked by the alleged behavior. they can't mang a client doing this. what do you make of it? >> seems to me this client isn't following his lawyer's advice. it is reckless to be sure. he's under house arrest.
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the kchbz his pretrial arrangement are obviously being continuously is your fail by robert mueller and his team. so it seems ludicrous to think he could get away with what is alleged. >> to follow up on that and something senator blumenthal said, what do you think the judge is going to make of this in terms of the way judges think about reviewing a pretrial release? >> well, the filing by mueller's team actually did not ask for a specific form of relief. it did not go out there and ask that manafort's bond be revoked or it did not ask for i specific remedy with regard to the violations of his home confinement. i think it's basically putting the judge and paul manafort on notice that they know exactly what's going on. the judge is obviously going to become assuming that she agrees with the allegations in the filing. but i would add one more thing
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to consider. and that is that there's a strong possibility that the special counsel cool introduce fort'sonsciousness ofnce of guilt. that is to say, engaging in witness tampering is evidence that he himself isg cover up the crime with which he has been charged. this is also sending a strong signal that mule worry seek to introduce that if this case were to go to trial. >> that is a great point i had not considered at. thers also the ft that, jeremy, kilimnik is a key pyer in this. this is someone he sends 'may to, this incredibly incriminating e-mail. how do we use to get whole? he just got hired on a presidential campaign, turns around, e-mails his associate in ukraine doing very shady business, how do we get money out of this essentially. the idea he would still be talking to him and kilimnik has fled to russia, what does that ?
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kilimnik is a former russian intelligence officer who was the business partner of paul manafort in the consulting realm and don't forget what they were doing was advancing the kremlin's agenda by supporting the pro-russian yanukovych regime stemming from an effort to get european leaders and politicians to lobby onides of the atlantic and illegally in the case of washington because they were not registered as lobbyists to advance russia'sply agenda. if you zoom back the lens and take a deep breath, what is mueller asked to investigate? he's asked to investigate russian political interference in the fairs of the united states of erica an advsaries efforts to undermine our democracy. that's what they were doing. >> do you think, juliet, the trial timeline here would put a trial starting in september. does that seem realistic to you? >> you know, the indictment against manafort, the superseding zimt that is, contains many allegations, many
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counts. it seems the special counsel and his team have their ducks in a row. if they need to get ready for trial in september, i think they can. >> jeremy i've got t play t bit, manafort talking backing in 2016 about whether had he contacts or entanglements with russian oligarchs. it strikes me as an important moment in that campaign given nge knoww. ta listen. >> so to be clear, mr. tru noinci relionships with any russian oligarchs? >> that's what he said -- that's what i said -- that's obviously what our position is. >> not super persuasive. i imagine we might finally learn the truth at some point. >> maybe hanging on the present tense from norah o'donnell's question that he kurp has done. and he looked at his shoes and said well, ifs that he what he said. beak he had no substantive response because he knows there are long-standing financial ties well downed between the trump organization and the kremlin and the key point here is during the
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presidential campaign, chris, the trump organization, donald trump were trying to build trump tower in moscow. that's the deal michael cohen and fee lich say thor were negotiating. > are great to have you both never mind what rudy giuliani says. there are new signs the trump legal team isre f legal showdown with robert mueller. more on that in two minutes. whoooo. looking for a hotel that fits... ...your budget? tripadvisor now searches over... ...200 sites to find you the... ...hotel you want at the lowest price. grazi, gino! find a price that fits.
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>> mr. president, have you changed y mind at all about beingtology sit with robert mueller? >> i would say this. if i could be -- i would love to speak. i would love to. nobody wants to speak more than me. in fact, against my lawyers because most lawyers say never speak with anything. donald trump's legal team has spent months playing coy will whether the president will they tk about conditions and scope of the questions and nothing. time keeps passing with no interview. last night his team leaked to "the washington post" they were making plans to prepare trump
5:18 pm
for a possible interview though they said preliminary efforts had not gone well due to the president's anger over the probe. it seems like the president is right, his lawyers don't want to voluntarily testify because it's obvious. the real news in the post piece are prepping for aubpoena from muler that would seek to compel trump testify in the investigation whicwould likely prompt a legal bat that will could be decided by the supreme court. joining me now is political analyst david zirin corn, washington bureau chief at mother jones and msnbc contribute ker betsy woodruff politics editor at "the daily beast." they've been making noises we're going to talk to him. it seems increasingly clear to me that is not going to happen and they'll try to force mueller's hand with the subpoena. >> i think that's right. person who perhaps matters the most in the conversation is the member of trump's legalm who is quietest. and that's emmet flood. he made a splash when he first
5:19 pm
joined the legal team about a month ago. since then he's been completely under the radar. he doesn't do this rudy giuliani schtick of sputtering from interview to interview. he's been almost entirely away media attention. i can tell you one person very familiar with flood's tg told me on e day flood was o be the white house lawyer workingn the mueller probe, na flood was likely to do everything in his power to keep the president from consenting to havi an interview with bob mueller. i think as we're seeing this shape up to look more and more to look like a subpoena fight, it's likely flood's influence is the component of this that's floated under the radar but that's very important. >> david zirin, you had a piece today tak step back and to betsy's point of heading towards this climactic battle over the subpoena and supreme court. you said donald trump is getting away with the biggest scandal in american history. what did you mean by that? >> i think it's the biggest
5:20 pm
scandal because it deals with the sanctity of our elections. in 2016, we call it med but really russian attack. it was an act of information warfare against account united states. we already know, this is where we get caught up in trump's mishigas, that's krezness in yiddish. >> thank you. >> about no collusion or witch hunt. over and over again. we get caught up following that. we already know while russia was attacking the united states, trump campaign with the trump tower meeting tried to include what they thought was a secret kremlin plot. we know during that summer when it was public that russia was involved in this attack, the trump campaign tried to set up secret contacts with russia, clearly sending a signal thatth happening, and then by the end of the summer, after trump was briefed by the u.s. intelligence community that this was happening, he kept coming out and saying there's no russian attack. it's all a hoax. in essence, he aided and abetted
5:21 pm
the attack. his campaign was involved in a profound act of betrayal siding with and helping a russian me, that's the essence of this. yet, we get caught up worrying about whether he's going to get subpoenaed or not, whether there's collusion and all these side things which are important but distract us from the core of the scandal. >> to that point, too, it's also the case that the sort of obstruction whether you want to call it that in a conceptual or literal stat tiery sense is happening in front of us. it's been fascinating watch the pardons rolled out. everyone now wants a pardon fro e esident. this is fascinate package. i want to play simona mangiante, the fe of george papadopoulos has changed her tune about her husband, his involvement in the investigation. i want to play this for you, betsy and get your reaction. it looks like to me the pardon dangling may be having an
5:22 pm
effect. take a look how she used to talk about everything and now. >> as soon as he found out he made a mistake he took responsibility for that and passed to the right side of >> the decision to cooperate. >> you exactly. i think he has been sort of the first domino in the russian case. >> dyorump shouldonder a pardon for george papadopoulos? >> yes, as i said i really wish for a pardon mostly in light of the circumstances that came out recently and they became public recently. they would completely justify and make a pardon appropriate in this case and deserved. >> betsy, she was calling him the john dean of the investigation. now she's saying james comey is corrupt. what do you think is going on here? >> he's courting president trump to try to pardon her. it would say something about ari melber's show if trump is decide who to pardon, that would -- that's quite a tact for hero take fox and friends might be the
5:23 pm
better route for her to court a pardon but such is life. you work with the materl you've got. the president himself has indicated in his own tweets that he would be open to pardoning somef these op. anytime the president tweets about lives being ruined, we ouie that as an overture to apardon. we should view that as the president saying he thinks not just the probe itself is a problem but that there are vips of the probe. the president is engaging in the process of victimizing all the people who have been punished who have been indicted who, have been arrested order had anyt of interaction with the criminal justice system because of the mueller investigation. the president is in the process of trying to persuade the american people that these guys are victims. that's what he's doing. and once you decide thaeone is a victim of the criminal justice system rather than justly punished for breaking the law, you've already laid the rk for potentially g pardons. >> do you agree, david zirin. >> what he's doing in a larger sense is trying to discredit the
5:24 pm
entire federal prosecution system. he's done that with scooter libby. he's done that with all his recent pardons. he says she is out of control prosecutors. well, who is thebe one victim in his world of an out-of-control prosecutor? it's donald trump. and again, he's trying to get us to focus on whether there was a spy plann in his campaign. of course, there wasn't. whether obama wiretapped him and now whether the fbi and out of control prosecutors are gunning for him all to distract us or at least change the channel from looking at what really happened and his own culpability for going along and somewhat helping a russian attack on an american election. >> david zirin corn and betsy woodruff, thanks to you both. >> ahead, t president heckled in his own backyard after his cancellation of a meeting with super bowl champions. and the attorney general gets grilled on the policy of stripping children away from their parents and a report on just how big the problem is
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the trump administration continues to lie about their own policy of tearing children away from their parents at the bord. donald trump tweeting today ghaen "bad legislation by the democrats was to blame," which is not true. it is a choice by the trump administration which began a so-called zero tolerance policy which they themselves announced and advertised toward undocumented immigration this year. they're prosecuting every single undocumented immigrant including crucially families with children crossing the border seeking asylum. administratin mshat they have to separate those families. it's a way for the administration to cater to its
5:29 pm
base while simultasl avoiding responsibility forever what it is doing. just like attorney general jeff session who's announced that zero tolerance policy himself did in an interviewhis mornin >> is it absolutely treasury general to separate parents from children when they are detained or apprehended at the border in. >>es, what's happen is we having more people coming, bringing children with them, entering between the ports from entry between the ports of entry illegally and they're not -- you cannot give them immunity. that'sn offense. we believe every person that enters the country illegally like that should be prosecuted. and you can't b giving immunity to people who bring children with them recklessly and improperly and illegally. they should never do that. those children are being well
5:30 pm
taken care of, within 72 hours they're taking to health and human services to be sure they're properly cared for. and those personsil have the adults will be prosecuted like the law requires. >> i understand the prosecution part but is it necessary to separate the children? could they not be detainein facilities where at least mothers and infants could remain together? >> well, most are not infants. most are teenagers although we do have a number of younger ones now, more than we've seen recently. >> in fact, the trump administration has detained so many kids they have now created another crisis. nbc reporting that shelter beds for immigrant children are filling up faster than authorities can make space. the nbc news reporter who broke the story julia ansley joins me now. what is going on in what did you find about the bed space for these kids? >> the first thing to know is that there is a place where children can be held and processed for about 45 days while health and human services
5:31 pm
try to find them a sponsor or foster care for them to go to for children who cross the border without a parent. what is new under this policy and it's a self-inflicted woun n is forcibly separating children from their parents korea agbacklog before they get to health and human services and it plays atder stion whereas they don't get the proper care. often there's not enough bedding. theyight have to sle on the floor or share a room with an adult male they know without their parents. so we see now that over half of those children, there are about 580 unaccompanied children who are in those facilities now at the border stations. about half of those are under -- about half of those have been there over 72 hours and aut 0fse are under the age of 12, that's ages zero to 12. we want to drill down on some of the youngest children and figure
5:32 pm
out how they're being cared for, whether or not they're getting the proper attention they need and why they haven't been able to be moved out of that care. on the other hand, hhs because they're scrambling and not able to take in the children, they today starred touring ace bases to take i more children. that also has been done in the past but under a surge of unaccompanied children, not children horn made unaccompanied because the administration came in and took them away from their parents. >> i just want to bear bee is i complicated. so there are these facilities we saw senator jeff merkley at one within an old walmart with the windows blacked out. it's run by a contractor hired by hhs to care for minors there. we're not even talking about those kinds of facilities. we're talking about a processing facility that is in no way, shape, or form designed to care for children. correct? >> that's absolutely correct, the children who want to get to that terrible walmart. >> that's the thing ty want to get to is the walmart with the
5:33 pm
blacked out windows at least in the custody of people who are professionally supposed to care for kids. they're not even getting there yet. >> right. we're talking about a border station, the very first place on boarder. i've toured these places before they became these places keeping hundreds of children. they they sort of have little offices in the back, small rely cel, some of the migrants call them iceboxes they have a word for that in spanish they use because they're ept can so cold. a lot of people are wearing very little clothing because they've meuc hot journey. the law says that people cannot stay there longer than 72 hours norheir age and now we have children younger than 1 who have been kept there past the legal limit because they can't even get into those places you're describing that the senator saw recently. >> i'm going to reiterate. jeff sessions the chief law enforcement officer of this country saying the law requires to us do xy and z. what you're reporting is finding
5:34 pm
he law requires -- a backlog they creat roug new policy. >> that's absolutely coect. we wanted dhs to respond to that. they did not respond. we got a document from dhs leaked to us. we understand that it actually goes completely against what the attorney general says. so there are people who have been kept there longer than 72 hours. 300 of them are unaccompanied children and about 150 of them are these young children that should be priority. under 12. they're known as tender age children. they would have separation problems leaving their parents and they should be prioritized. but even with those priorities, even with the way the law is set up, they simply haven't had the space to find them a place even in hhs care, let alone in a home. >> julia ansley, thanks for making time tonight. if you're interested in this subject and want to know more,
5:35 pm
listen to the latest episode of why is this happening, our new podcast all about the state of this policy and immigration more broadly. i was able to be talk to an aclu lawyer suing the government about this. it gives a sense of what's happening. get it anywhere apple pot casts and let us know what you think. the white house scrambles to save face after the president throws a tantrum after getting snubbed by the philadelphia eagles and the pruitt clan looking to get into the chick-fil-a game. that's tonight's thing 1, thing 2 next. for your brain. with an ingredient originally found in jellyfish, prevagen is the number one selling brain-health supplement in drug stores nationwide. prevagen. the name to remember.
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chick-fil-. thing 1 tonight, the swamp ti goingtr and scott pruitt remains the front-runner for most of corrupt trump administration official. whopping $1,560 on a dozen nt a customized silver fountain pens. and we wondered had we reached weirdness/pettiness from pru submit not so fast. yesterday we found out scott pruitt had, and i am not making this up and can't believe i'm reporting it to you bt' what happetacked his publicly f government employee assistant with tracking down a used mattress from the trump international hotel in washington, d.c., i guess to save a few bucks maybe? it seems like pruitt would be a
5:40 pm
little more concerned with what things cost when spending his own as opposed to yours. that was the absolute weirdest scott pruitt headline you could imagine till "the washington post" dropped this brute today. he enlisted epa aide to help his wife find a job with chick-fil-a. that story is thing 2 in 60 seconds. what might seem li small cough to you... can be a big bad problem that you could spread to family members, including your grandchildren bango be vaccinated against whooping cough are the most at risk for severe illness. but you can help prevent this. talk to your doctor today about getting vaccinated against whooping cgh. tbecause dangers don't justbout gexist in fairytales. now i'm gonna tell my momma♪ ♪th a traveller ♪i'm gonna follow the sun♪ ♪now i'm gonna tell my momma ♪that'm traveller
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trs™ light under control™ . >> a west report tonight, scott pruitt has once again misused administrator this time to get his wife a gig with chick-fil-a. new e-mails released as part of a foyle by the sierra club show he has an executive scheduler, a government employee who is paid through public money try to set up a meeting with the chairman and ce oth chick-fil-a company last year about a "potential business opportunity which," which is weird. he's running the epa. why is he doing that? chick-fil-a referred the request to the director of regulatory
5:42 pm
affairs assuming this was some sort of official business. erom the legal department and only then did he reveal the opportunity on his mind was a job for his wife marlin. he wanted his wife to open up a chick-fil-a franchise. a company represente also told "the washington post" mrs. pruitt started but did not complete the chick-fil-a franchisee application. well, that's too bad, but if she ever wants to finish that application, i hear her husband has fancy new pens she could obably borrow. whoooo.
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it's primary night in america and potentially pivotal for the democratic party's hopes of taking back the in the midterm elections in november. democrats are eyeing a handful ofeats in new jersey but the biggest target is california where democrats are trying to flip up t ten gop held districts. political correspondent steve kornacki is at the big board. the bigto is california tonight. overnight, tomorrow for the days to come, could be a long count. the votes are starting to come in new jersey. as you say, democrats nationally we know their magic number is 23 pickups in the house. threw need 23. they could get four out of new jersey. that's their grand hope here. districts right now.lican held one of them went for hry n, freelingic almost went for clinton. all potentially in reach for
5:47 pm
democrats. the question was were democrats going to get the candidates they thought were strongest out of some of these primaries in particular in the southern part of the districts they recruited a candidate, a little bit more conservative than we're used to seeing from democratic candidates, very early numbers they are getting that i candidate early. we'll see if this holds. a big early margin. not getting a lot of the nrs ere. this we want to flag for you. bob menendez hung jury in a bribery trail, admonished has what we thought was token opposition in the democratic primary tonight for renomination. did get a major challenger. party closed rank behind him. right now, we can update this number now. there's about 10% of thote in. ndez i sitting at about a 58-42 lead against a completely unknown democratic challenger. this suggests a lot of discontent in the democratic
5:48 pm
rank and file about the party getting behind menendez so kick quickly and so thorly. lifoia ni p.m. the polls will close. there are seven clinton-won republican held districts that democrats are targeting. the big immediate story is can democrats get on that top two ballot in november in the 49th, in the 48th, and in the 39th. there's the possibility that republicans could claim those top two spots tonight based on the number of democratic candidates sorts of things like that. 11:00, the action starts in california. chris, we've got stuff to follow on the east coast before that. >> we e watching the big board late into the evening. steve, thank you very much. after the break, the white house d now the at the administration is scrambling to spin it into a culture war. that scene after this break. ♪ ♪ gendary jock víctor espinoza is insatiable when it comes to competing. ♪ ♪ so is his horse. ♪ ♪
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is a free to keep our community before you do anormall, pg&e so y them out and mark yous when you dig. call 811 before you dig, and make sure that you and your neighbors are safe. today the tradition of champion sports teams visiting the white house, in this instance super bowl champion philadelphia eagles, was turned into something else al
5:52 pm
with a brass band out on the white house lawn and the president forgetting the words to "god bless america." ♪ god bless america land that iove ♪ ♪ stand besier guide h ♪ ♪ through the night with the light from above ♪ >>heics are memorable. the reason that particular spectacle took place, the president's petulant decision late last night to cancel the philadelphia eagles invitation to visit the white house because of bad optics. after many of the players decided to skip the event. then the president lied about why attendance would be so low with their president because he insists that they proudly stand for the national anthem. not true. because none of the eagles knelt during the playing of the anthem last season, and that sent the white house scrambling to regain some kind of cultural w hig ground in this ridiculous
5:53 pm
enterprise announcing theyould hold this afternoon'sriic celebration meca event instead insisting the eagles were the ones who had let down all their alleged fans that showed up to the event. yet when a philadelphia-area tv reporter asked six of the fans at the white house who was the eagles quarterback during the super bowl, not one person knew. i want to bring in jess mcintosh, cornell belcher, political analyst, and etan thomas, former player, author. etan, what is your take on this >> we f thof w my 10-year-old daughter and her classmates. they have their birthday parties and sometimes word gets out that one girl is not going to go to the other girl's party so she uninvites her a up a so trump basically uninvited the entire philadelphia eagles and made up a reason why. he said it was because they were disrespectful to the flag and all taking a knee when in actuality none of them actually took a knee.
5:54 pm
but that's what he does. he creates a narrative and he's doing it pretty much to be able to be divisive and appeal t his supporters during these mid-term els. >> they didn't wan use, a there was this great quote from someoney, yeah, let the white players go to the white house. >> the conservative players. >> they didn't want to go and stand next to this guy. he got mad and there was some reporting there would only be two or three owner mascot. what was interesting about this today i think they think they ha the better side of the argument, but they looked panicky and sort of on the wrong side of it today. >> i tnkhave always though they had the upper hand with this weird nfl fight, bu only place t actually plays is the 26% of america that vot f don trump in the first place. literally everybody else can see this for the racist ploy that it is.
5:55 pm
not to mention football is kind of an american pastimeike deciding y'r t sque off against football players is not really an easy seles pegsly f -- sell especially for the tough guy. >>have eveight to kneel during the national anthem but did not do that. >> they didn't. we can enaum rate all of the rren heseo put himse in front ha choir so we could all fiut he had not bothered to learn the words to the national anthem. and that he didn't know the words to "god bless america." he couave stood nicely off to the side, hand over heart, looking at the choir. he put himself front and center. must have known he didn't know the words to these. and then he filled the crowd with white house staffers. he couldn't even get people from philadelphia to be there. >> and the funniest thing is that someone actually knelt during the anthem who was in the
5:56 pm
crowd, aside from someone else heckling him. the message for theme october midtermsill bems-13 is coming to kill you and tplehat you love and those spoiled athletes won't kneel for our anthem and that is 90% of the messe rcan partbe i think they think that's where the blood is. i don't think they think it's in the tax cuts. they've learned that's not what's going to keep them in power. >> but i do think that's whe their base is. i want to add something i saw on social media. the story gets worse because le apparently is saying tt if they win they would go to the white house either and the warriors win, they won't go to the white house either which curry, i think, sort of nodded to agree to. you have to check that because it's social media and not everything there is true. but that's right. he is a creature of chaos a division and that's what he's fanning right now.
5:57 pm
i'm sad for the nfl who capitulated because they can't get out of this thing, right, and long term we did some lling around thid e majority ofan-american voters think that, in fact, the nfl owners are colluding against kaep and you have over a third of them saying they are watching less football or stop watching football because of it. and long term when you look at how america's growing more diverse and younger, the long term for the nfl, this capitulation i think is most problematic. >> just to be clear for fol who have not tracked this, the nfl announcing a new police off players who do not stand during the anthem, the players association objecting to that. to how to deal with this president, this is what you get. you capitulate and this is your reward in getting disinvited. the nba has taken a very different tact to this. this is what lebron james had to say earlier today when asked about the trump rescinding the eagles' invitation. >> it's typical of him.
5:58 pm
i'm not surprised. typical of him and, i don't know. i know no matter who wins the series, no one wants to invite anybody. it won't be golden state or cleveland going. >> steph curry agreed with th. that reprises the greatest lebron james twitter moment ever which was after steph curry and the warriors were disinvited for basically the same ons. steph curry said he's not going there. it was a great honor until you showed up. the nba seems to have a much clearer view of this. >> they do. that's one of the things i talked about in my new book. the nba, although they do have an anthem policy you don't get the feeling that you're going to be punished if you do speak out. the nfl has been very clear that
5:59 pm
they want to set a precedent and say if you do speak out, if you step out of line, you, too, will be kaep'd. the reasons why they were protesting in the first place was because of police brutality. it was because of the killings of unarmed black men and women. and that's the part that trump has so successfully hijacked as the message to make it about the military and say, look, these ungrateful black athletes are disrespecting our great military and he's drumming up his support of his base of having the line drawn in the sandre as the black athletes are ungrateful and all these patriotic americans and that's what he's doing and, unfortunately, he's successful at doing because so many people dact check after he says what he says. >> of course the military is full of patriotic black
6:00 pm
americans which i think is also a thing he forgets. the people who are really messed up by this display today are all of those republicans in hillary winning districts on t ballot tonight. >> in places like pennsylvania where it's not going to go over that well. thank you all. evening.all for "all in" this >> much appreciate it. thanks to you at home joining thus hour. election night. in states around the country we've already had some interesting results starting to come in as the first polls start to close. the big cajuna in terms of national implications is california where polls close in a couple of hours. polls close at 11:00 p.m. eastern, 8:00 p.m. local time in california. we're going to have coverage throughout the night tonight and into the wee hours here on msnbc. i hope you will be here for the duration. it should be an interesting night.will be honest with you, though, this is not the way


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