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tv   MSNBC Live With Stephanie Ruhle  MSNBC  June 6, 2018 6:00am-6:59am PDT

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athletes. >> no matter who wins the series, no one wants an te. so, we won't be going state or cleveland going. and winging it, embattled epa chief scott pruitt appears to be at itagn, again like he e-mailshow, he made his aide co ceo of chick-fil-a, portedly, to get his wife a job. but nonetheless, there's a lot of smoke and there might be some fire. >> we begin this morning with mexico, firing the latest shot in the escalating trade war between the united states and its allies. how is this going to play when the president sits down with the leaders of those countries on friday. we'll here to break it all down. but first, let's go through exactly what we'realking about. this is america's largest trade deal. more than $1 trillion worth of goods going back and forth to our closest allies, canada and
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mexico, every day, every year. but this president, he seems intent to letting the agreement slowly collapse. remember when he imposed tariffs on steel and aluminum, on mexico rehataliated with riffs. anit could yacost u.s. farmers $100 million a year. canada has imposed tariffs on more than billion worth of u.s. produc. but the administration indicated that it is looking towards the short-term disputes and focusing on the long term. instead of keeping one trade deal, the president now indicates he wants to two. members of his own economic team talked about that on tuesday. >> i think the president's approach is to negotiate with
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mexico, negotiate with canada and make better deals. >> canada is a whole lot different than mexico. it's got different problems. so, i thitant thought he he be moving quickly toward these bilateral >> -- whoa. >> -- instead of as a whole. >> if the president wants bilateral trade deals he's going to have to convince canada and mexico to get on the train because right now, simply not interested. members of jusn trudeau's government said, quote, we want a tri-lateral agreement. in addition, mexico is challenging trump policies at the world trade organization. not a great start in the negotiations. it's not just canada and mexico. french president emmanuel macron and british prime minister teresa may told president trump that his tariffs were a terrible idea. germany and the eu may have said the same. and what do you of the countries have in common? they're all going to be represented at the g7 summit under way on friday.
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you can bet when it get topic of discussion, global trade is going to be numero uno. mark thompson a radio host for sirius. and brett stephens, ist for "the new york times." brendon, you can make a case that president trump is playing one country off the other to get a better deal individually? >> i cannot me se. as you and i about it before, we have to credit the trump administration for taking trade seriously having bad effects on communities. the problem is the main culprit has been china. they produce too much steel. they subsidize their own industries. there's a list of things they have done wrong on trade. we do need to address that. instead of what we're doing, we're fighting a seven-front trade war that doesn't seem to make sense. one, it is hard in any case to do a bunch of bilateral trade
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income out ahead. two, it doesn't seem like the team that we have that is doing all of these potentially bilateral negotiations seems to know what they want or how they're going to ask for it. so, i don't understand whye' pickights with four or five allies when really, we need a different and bet trade relationship with china. >> okeydoke. brendan, you wrote a column friday. the administration is blowing up the foundations of global economic order with the sam mindless glee as a child popping bubble wrap. if trump's economic adviser larry kudlow had a gram of self-respect he'd resign. okeydoke. >> larry kudlow used to be a free trader before he traded all of his positions in for one in the white house. it's one of the many ways the trump presidency has corrupted a conservative movement. but it's also doing much more
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damage than this is. post-war order is bit on tariffs and trade. >> yep. t>re t tood how damaging the protectionism of the 1930s. of smoot hawley and how it contributes event to the catastrophe of the second world war. the president is doing this, as brendan said, sarah palin used to say about obams foreign policy, he's coddling our enemies while ticking off our friends. this is exactly what the president is doing on trade. he put off tariffs on the chinese which are the real problems here. but nadaexo andope are our best friends and this is how we're treating them. so, we are destroying the basis of this kind of liberal order that the united states itself was founder of 75 years ago.
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>> brendan, why have the markets hung along? >> well, we don't know what's happened yet. one of the things that you and i have been watching and talked about for the last seven years, markets have grown increasingly inured to the possibility of markets. we don't know. we don't know what the result is going to be. >> isn't that stunning that the markets have become desensitized to the words and rhetoric and threats of the president of the united states? it's like he neutered himself. how do you think is this going to play out in the g7? >> it's hard to predict, many of our allies are concerned and they're worried about this. talking about brendan, and trump is o the nixon playbook. we know what happened, nixon shot brenton woods. it's the exact same thing. nixon did it because he wanted
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to get re-elected, the ice isolationism, and trump is trying to play to his base. but he is picking off ing off f and allies and it's peculiar. it's almost like the same basis he used with the nfl owners supporting him. and he's making all of them mad. and "the new york times" said in an article yesterday, how putin -- trump is blocking football, putin is running up the middle, going to some of our allies saying i can be your friend because he it. >> i love this. i actually have the quote. we heard what putin said, here we go, it is not our aim to divide anything or a in europe. on the contrary, we want to see a united and prosperous european union because the european union is our biggest trade and economic partner. we tooperation with the european union. mr. greeley, those are the words
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of vladimir putin. >> i agree. that guy is so smooth. he just s t years tryin to disruptgermany's democracy with lies about crimes with immigrants or by immigrants. it's very clear that he absolutely seeks to divide europe. they sported rightist parties in different european democracies. it's such a bold lie that all i can do is chuckle at it. again, it's amazing what he's doing. having seemingly instructed trump. i don't know whether he did or not but trump acted like he had instructions to ignore angela merkel. putin is walki up to her offer his hand. with the united states, there's a corollary that there was always within germany, both on the far right and the far left,
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real sympathy with the russians who combine that with russian influence operations. the importance of the north streamed gas pipeline project. and it's amazing with suc a weak hand an an economy smaller than italy -- >> it's sh an important point. his economy is nothing. this g is roc it lik a world superpower, lik wrestling a white bengal tiger. >> trump has anbsession almost as old as his mama. that he goes back to the early 1980s. this idea that we're losers in win-win relationships with eels japan, mexico, canada. by the way, someone needs to explaithe prra is not so simple. value chain goes through many, many countries, and we export tons of goods to mexico.
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mexico and the canadians are going to be very smart in punishing republicans politica hitting those ag states higge on trade. >> someone needs to explain to trump. needso explain what a mulletks like while it goes over the side. longishness. i actually believe they may have invented the mullet. >> it's a bold tradition in maryland. it is. i want to stay on train, but i want to go to pork. how pork tarif are going to bo imct negotiations but it' another thing if you're a farmer who likely depends on getting a good price for those pigs. in the world pork expo.idn't be. i go there normally. kicking off as we speak. what are the farmers saying th'smp country. >> reporter: exactly. stephanie, in the context of the
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g7 summit taking place up in canada, more than 10,000 people involved in pork production. these, pig farmers. those that raise thepi. the barn builders, the big happening this week here in des moines. we've been here over the course of the week and just got off the phone with a man that i spoke with him three hours north of here after they put tariff on pork, your reaction? he said, number one, we were expecting it. until the president is able to go forward with the negotiations he said there's concern and anxiety. you're going to be seeing the people over the course of the next hour as we roll in here. i was just talking with c lynch's barbecue, she's two hours north of here. they have 462 hogs, stephanie, she charactered it a pawns in a high level chess me. and saying abo$500 million
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losses in profits what is expected over the course of the next year. purely off the market what is expected for the price of pigs th d after the chi tariff then yesterday's news out of mexico. stephanie. >> it is amazing, by the way, all tse barbecues behin you. you are going to have a pretty good day out there. but, when you look at these rmers, they have to be concerned about this on a day in and dayut how are they going to move forward. president trump loves to say, i could shoot someone on fifth avenue. can he, when this is his ba >> this is exactly it. this is an opportunity for democrats to turn many of the farm states ue, especially if de virtues of free trade whi they fortunately ha moved away from. united states is a major winner from an open trading system. we have a lot to sell the world.
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having a trade deficit is not a sign of economic unmanliness or anything of the sort that the president seems to think -- seems to think that it is. so, i amazes me is how these -- it's not even political for trump. i really think it's purely ideological. he really believes this stuff because this is hurting -- acreblican-led farmes ed in northtaet heidi heitkamp i the way you're going to do it. >> can t p make this argument that all of this is to protect the american worke i think i saw reinceebus say the other day if the republican party can keep t american workers supporting them, they'll win forever. >> only if voters --ow information voters uneducated, if you will, i think what brett articulated is clear. these are red states.
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this is their support. unfortunately, we've seen cases where he has hur the he's spo tbe helping. and they still support him and vote for him. the fact, frankly, that he's rgetinpork farmers, that might mean like he said about obama, maybes secret >> brendan, what do wnk congressional republicans are going to do hrdpushback against the trade policy, what levers do they have. >> well, stephanie, we've been talking about the american worker. we talk about agriculture. in america, that's a high-productivity product. it doesn't take lot of workers to r gs or grow soybeans. machining is anndusy tha w chill actually export in the u.s. we actually still have a lot of jobs that we produce. china is going about that with
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exports. what we're talk about is steel, what we're not talki about the jobs that china -- not the one it went after for the last 15 years. but the one they're going after for the next ten years. >> we're saying, oh, my gosh, people are going to lose their business, their jobs. at the same time, the white house is touting the economy hasn't been strg -- think sarah sanders since 1992. >> i think as strong as the tech boom 3.8, that's fantastic. there are areas i have given the administration credit. let's remember the top of the tech boom was thenceeded b the deepecone right after that. >> but one of the ways they're doing this, is sort of using -- i'm notg funny math but they're cherry picking t numbers they want to use. alking gdp, w had
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higher gdp, andbrendan, i know you talked about this in your news letters about how they're choosing data they look at and you say it doesn'te nse. e shg, they're p the lily a little bit. gdp, the way we talk about is percent change over a te then we turn that into an annual number so we have some sense of perspective. what they've done, percent change from a year ago. again that sounds wonky. but what it does, it completely changes what things look like. it gives you the impression we've had nothing but unstopgrow sce donald trump was elected. when in fact, he h kind of a byirst quarter. it's okay, everybody has kind of a crumby first quarter. quarters are crumby in general. when we look at the way we ally meare gdp growth, we've had some good quarters. i don't want to pretend that we haven't. but the story isunambiguously increasingly good as they want
6:17 am
to make it seem put with unemployment at 3.8, it's not a number to argue with. >> he'su . you're not in the wonkathon like brendan greeley is, if you're not a traditional voter, you'll never know what these numbers are looked at different ways. how dangerous is that, and what do you do about it? >> it is very dangerous. we can say the employment rate is low but that doesn't take into account thee have a stopped looking for jobs. it is down. but it's always and still is r atever reason,e of unemployment for whites is 2%, for african-americans is 4%, we ve to get into that. we have to continue to educate people the way you do, the way we all do when we come in and
6:18 am
talk and led them know that this can be a mess. >> african-american unemployment is down. i know i have to leave it mpssion is this, the direction didn't change. it didn't go like this in the obama administration and go like this. 'seen going like this for quite somesometime. credit to the trump administration, i'm glad things are moving in the right direction at a higher pace previously. but the direction didn't change when he won the election. gentlemen, coming up, results are pouring in from the biggest primary of the year. with republicans voiding a shutout. and the fallout of the biggest celebration. covering a visit cancelling the champions of the super bowl. more ahead. from capital one. with it, i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy. everything.
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a night in politics agency voters in eight states went to the polls with the potential control of congress at stake. but all eyes on the sunshine state as california democrats looked to pick up red seats and take back the house majority. just moments ago president trump took to twitter saying great night for republicans. congratulations to john cox on a really big night in california. he can win. even fake news cnn said trump biggerhey thought ch
6:23 am
possible. so much for the big blue wave it maybe a red wave. workinhard that it for the post. steve. what's the vote? >> welcome to the california election. the story after the day after the election invariably becomes -- to be continued. the answer to that question, we've got to wait. publican provisionally encouraged what they saw statewide. you see they're getting that candidate into the top two running for governor. the question is was the house races. republicans overall, i think they're encouraged right now provisionally about what they see. but democrats also have reason to be very happy about what happened last night because more immediately, democrats accomplished their goal. the goal was they have seven target conditions, make it into one of the top two spots. there's some doubts. democrats are going to man to
6:24 am
do this. 39th district. so many candidates here. top two, regardless of party get in. democrats look like they're doing it there. looks like the battle for second place going between two democrats. one will run against rohrbacker, democrats all underneath here. and in the 10th district this was not called yet. republicans about 1,000 votes out of the second spot, r om behind. right now, the more immediate question for democrats was, in those seven targeted districts can they get ahead? looks like they're going th ach. when you say republicans are continually encouraged. as we say, there are seven districts in the state, republican-held that democrats think they can flip in november. clinton -- i got to give it back to you, but i'll pick it up to you again, basicallyturnout
6:25 am
inev districts, republicans right now like what they see in terms of republicans but we'll see this >> bad news is, we don't have time, but the good news, we have months to cover it. sometis, it's like say nonburgundy in the pleasure right here. up next, president trump celebrates america by silencing his critics. the backlash growing after the white house cancels a visit for the philadelphia eagles. but first, a white house aide who came under intense criticism for mocking senator john mccain's brain cancer. she's of a job thismorning. kelly sadler is no longer employed with any executive office. and the president offered no explanation. it will be interesting if she's not part of the administration if she takes to twitter to publicly apologize. ow do you li♪
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preserving affordable housing preserves communities. so we are doing their kitchens and their flooring and their lobbies and the grounds. and the beautification of their homes, giving them pride in where they live, will make this a thriving community once again. ♪ welcome back. time for your "morning primer." everything you need to know to get your day started. we begin in guatemala where
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another volcanoic eruption has sparked panic in the community. 72 people have died. 200 remain missing. i hawaii, lava from kilauea has exploded as lava took over two ocean front communities. and the president and first lady will visit fema headquarters in washington to be briefed on the 2018 hurricane season. this will be melania trump's first public appearance outside of the white house in nearly a month. i haven't heard president trump talk about hurricane victims when we saw that number in puerto rico. stunning that the president hasn't acknowledged it. and a judge has ruled that the president must sit, are the for this, in a deposition in a defamation lawsuit in a lawsuit filed. trump has denied claims. and senator majority leader
6:31 am
mitch mcconnell has cancelled most of the summer recess.guys, k. and president trump with a harsh criticism for his decision to carry on with tuesday's celebration of america, after withdrawing an invitation to the super bowl champions philadelphia eagles. the latest battle with the nfl's ongoing feud with the nfl could traditio white house visits. leaders of the cleveland cavaliers and the golden state warriors say no matter who wins the nba championship, neither team wants to go to the white house. >> i know, no matter who wins this series, no one wants to invite anybody. so we won't be going nor state going. >> agree with bron. no matter how we handled things lat year, trying to stay
6:32 am
consistent with that. >> isn't that terrible? it's a tradition going to the white house. members of the philadelphia eagles accepted the president's invitation, he cancelled on them. mark thompson, brett is back with me. the white house claims they went on with the celebration because of the fans but a reporter asked the mix of whoas in that crowd meaning was it white house inapitol hill interns or real philadelphia eagles fans. and the white house didn't want to answer. there areriy were asking people in the crowd who's the quarterback for the philadelphia eagles, and people couldn't answer. i mean, listen, i might not be an eagles fan butful i was an eagles fan i sure as heck would know. there was even one who was walking towards the press line, he said, no, no, no, remember, we're not allowed to talk to them. >> i'm sorry, but this reminds me of certain regimes around the world. the maduro regime in venezuela comes to mind as it pumps out its followers to create an
6:33 am
appearance of unity and celebration when it's simply not there. what always stuns me and it shouldn't stun me because we've had 2 1/2 to 3 years to get used to this, which is theontinual weaponization of differences when we should have conciliation that is the sto tra of this presidency. >> sarah sanders was asked what the differee of the baker who turned on a gaye in lorado and the nfl's right to simply voice their opinion. >> my question is simpl so if the white house supports the baker's right of free speech, why doesn't the white house support the players' issue of free speech. >> he doesn't think it's about free speech. he thinks it's about respecting the men and women of our
6:34 am
military and standing out of pride for them. >> if you speak to people who do serve this country, they don't take an issue with it? >> right. and as usual, sarah is obfuscating. 60 years ago, bobby kennedy walked into the kitchen of the hotel, on his right rafe johnson on his left josey greer. they took him off the podium where he lost his life. literally 50 years to the day trump holds his ceremony. part of this movement to attack erican athletes. we talked about pork farmers. bobby kennedy won california and he can win a state like california and a rural state like south dakota we can have unity. what's trump doing? dividing america. that's what he's about.
6:35 am
and brett's words weaponized. he's weaponized the national anthem. so c stay in the locke room if they want toe a knee. others can go out. >> remember, no eagles. >> that's right. >> none. >> and so the union has to step in and come up with a collective policy so players won't or feel divided. i want to give a little credit because when this policy first came out, i came on this network and i said that the nfl season begins in september. perfect time for him to weaponize it for the midterms. the associated press spoke to an anonymous source in the white house on monday, and they revealed that that is his direct intention to use this and to keep bringing it up, especially in september and october. he wants to try to use the most popular sport in this country to divide the country even more than. >> nfl owners who are among the
6:36 am
wealthiest white men in this country who know that taking a ee durinthe national anthem is not standing againsthe military. those were wealthy and influential men have the opportunity to say no, mr. president. you're not going to weaponize this. this is a false premise. >> it also shows, the point you made at the beginning of the segment is so right, because, .ou know, to love freedom i and that is what i think those players are doing. i happen to disagree with the post. but they are exercising and therefore loving their freedom of speech. their freedom of expression. that's exactly the conclusion of the 7-2 majority vote in the supreme court. i don't agree with what the baker is doing. you know, i think you should give cakes to everyone. but he's exercising his freedom of consciousness. his first amend rigment rights.
6:37 am
this is almost an i.q. question. if you're just consistent, let's accept the players rights to protest as they see fit and say they're exercising their freedom. >> but you do it at the midterm. that's what it's all about. >> of course. or you can say let's put decency before politics, before business. and if you do have, you will pportunity to come together. up next, he's the subject of not one, not two, not three, but 15 instigations that over epa chief scott pruitt, he has survived it all. can a new scandal involving his wife and chill fick-fil-a bring down? i can't even believe this. starts in outer space. where satellites feed infrared images of his land into a system built with ai. he uses watson to analyze his data with millions of weather forecasts from the cloud, and iot sensors down here,
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righ w fallout fornirator scott prui. pruitt is now aboccused of usin his government position for reportedly trying to score his wife a chick-fil-a franchise. pruitt directed an aide in the epa. and pruitt now in 15 investigations involving spending on travel and security among other things. the white house is still sticking by their man for now. >> i haven't had a chance to speak with the president directly about "the washington post" new report. we continue to have concerns and
6:42 am
look into those and we'll address them. >> msnbc's garrett haake live om the hill with "money, power and politics." this one covers it all, my friend? >> it should go without saying but it is against the rules to try to get a job or a favor or anything of value for you, a family member or yourself, this flies in the face of those rules. when you and i talked yesterday, i said that scott pruitt is increasingly running out ofnd on capitol hill. i have tupdate that, it seems like he's a man without a country on capitol hill. he's losing allies fast. even his home state senator james imhoff, when i talked to him he said he's not sure recognizing this is becoming a bigger and bigger probl for the epadirector.
6:43 am
>> i've known him so long and i haven't see him doing something like that. nonetheless, there's a lot of smoke and there might be some fire. >> if scott 3r50u with the loses james inhofe with whom he agrees average everything on policy that shows he's got a much bigger problem under the radar here on capitol hill. but, stephanie, as i said yesterday, it doesn't matter as long as he's got the s back,ut what you heard sarah sanders, he still does. how much of this drip, drip, drip and how long of this story will the white house tolerate. >> drip, drip, drip in the swamp, swamp, swamp. i want to ask bret jodie ernst, republican has said she's as swampy as it gets. >> that's exactly right. the whole line that the trump administration was going to
6:44 am
drain the swamp is once again the opposite -- >> but this isn't democrats saying it. we need democrats saying it. it's not an idea of ideology, it's not a matter of regulatory performance. and as "the new york times" has reported going back to days in oklahoma appearing to trade personal favors for policy favors. this is the essence of corruption. >> it put stain on the trump administration because, again, it's not decent. if you put decency above politics, then we all could sort of unify here? what's your take, because those that want to say, look at the economy, i love it and love trump policies. they cannot answer for the chick-fil-a? >> but you say it puts a stain but where does it put the stain? it puts the stain on a different agency in the white house. we need to ask why he continues to have him on.
6:45 am
is scott pruitt serving as a pillow for the a foil for the administration? is that what scott pruitts even at the end of the day if the republicans say, let's get him out, get rid of him, they can make noise about that while still avoiding what the president is actually doing himself. i don't know thatcott pruitt doesn't rve the purpose of what he's doing. >> and the president hasn't shy about firing other, rex tillerson for various reasons. it's extraordinary. >> i get it chick-fil-a sandwiches, they're delicious. are you kidding me? tighten up your game. coming up former president bill clinton fires back after the "today" show interview about the lewinsky scandal. but first shoutout to pete williams, the radio television digital news association is honoring him with the 2018 john f. hogan distinguished service awardor his contribution to
6:46 am
journalism profession and freedom of the press. well, he's certainly a distinguished gentleman. congratulation, pete. i'm proud of you. carl? lowest price guaranteed. what about the world's lowest limbo stick? how low can you go? nice one, carl. hey i've got an idea. just say, badda book. badda boom. badda book. badda boom. nice. always the lowest price, guaranteed. book now at
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and i heard that my cousin's so, wife's sister's husband was a lawyer, so i called him. but he never called me back! if your cousin's wife's sister's husband isn't a lawyer, call legalzoom and we'll connect u attorney. me back! gaoom. where life meets legal. turn up vume for this one. former president bill clinton is expressing some regret over his
6:50 am
controversial remarks about monica lewinsky to the "today" show. currently said he's issue with the way nbc handled the interview. my and he's on with us now. what happened here? >> overnight formerresident bill clinton says that his today show interview he admitted it was not his finest hourakingtlb. he took issue with the questions that we asked him earlier this week. >> i watched you on the today show yesterday morning. i noticed you enjoyhat enti ivi. >> overnight on the latew with steven colbert, bill clinton responding again to his ti interview that aired monday here on today. >> my question is, would you like a do over on that answer? >> the former president appearing to suggest that nbc news took his words out of context. >> when i saw the interview, i thought that because they had
6:51 am
to, you know, distill it will and it looked like i was saying i didn't apologize and i had no intention to. and i was mad at me. >> at issue, mr. clinton's comments on monica lewsinsky and whether he ever apologized to the former white house intern for the sex scandal 20 years agoi t h impeachment. >> i didn't like this one because it started with an assertion that basically i had never apologized, as if i had never tried to come too grips with it and as if there had been attempt to hold me accountable. >> in fact, the exchange began with a question. >> did you ever apologize to her? >> yes, and nobody believes that i got out of that for free. i left the white house $1million debt. but, you typically have ignored gaping facts in discovering this and i bet you don't even flow zblem i asked if you had
6:52 am
apologized and you have? >> i have. pove i thworl >> but you didn't apologize to her? >> i have not talked to her. >> do you feelike you owe her an apology? >> no. i do not -- i have never talked to her. but i did say publicly on more than one occasion that i was sorry. that's very different. the apology was public. >> and you don't think a private apology's owed? >> i think this thing is 20 years ago, come on. >> our report included part of mr. clinton's public apology 20 years ago which the former president expressed again last night saying his "today" interview wasn't his finest moment. >> it wasn't my finest hour, but the important thing is, that was a very painful thing that happened 20 years ago and i apologized to my family, to monica lewsinsky and her family, tohe american people. i meant it then, i mean it now. i've had to live with the
6:53 am
consequences every day since. >> tuesday night mr. clinton also appeared at a "new york times" event in manhattan. >> what surprised me was the flat-out assertion that i'd never apologized. >> echoing his comments to colbert acknowledging his own missteps taking them to task. >> i got mad about being asked about it and i should have remembered that that man is young enough to be my son. i messed up and i own that and no mistake by anybody else including that young man aggressively saying i didn't apologize can just ny the faify that i got mad instead of saying i got a chance to tell a whole new generation that the journey i've been on the last 20 years is one the country has to take. >> president clinton told colbert last night that he believes the me too movement is long overdue, necessary, and should be supported as well. by the way, our full conversation with president clinton and james patterson, it lasted for 22 minutes and some
6:54 am
change. the conversation about me too did have some minor edits for clarity and length, but we put entire uncut interview on the "today show" weapon e website and we would encourage anyone watching and listening take a look at it and judge for themselves. >> i want to point out that you're not that young. >> thanks. >> i watch the 22-minute intervie this is at me, presint is basically calling you out saying they edited it, you know, he kept pushing me. i watched what you put on the tds sh "today show" on monday and when you watch the 22 minutes, the 22 minutes fairs worse. what do you think his goal is here? >> that's a really good question. i don't know what the goal is. but, i can tell you that the assertion that we didn't acknowledge that he'd apologized, that's not a fair assertion because, as you saw there in the tape, we did, in
6:55 am
fact, acknowledge it and we acknowledged it in the interview. we played his public apology from 20 years ago. t know. he'll be at another event today and, you know, we'll see if he talks about it again. >> there are some things that are air little bit baffling, too movement is overdue, e me james patterson did say this issue is 22 years old. which is it? is it that the me too movement is long over due or stop litigating the past? because that's where, to me, things don't seem to be adding up. >> james patterson also said some interesting things during the exchange as well, during the full interview that's on the website. >> i invite you to watch it. i did and i thought it was ve interesting. they did cover a lot, not just monica lewsinsky there are was a range of topics and it's always a good opportunity to get to sit down with bill clinton. coming up, he who shall not be named, things are very bad between president trump and his attorney general jeff sessions. staffers at the white house
6:56 am
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we're almost out of time but you know there's always good news somewhere and we think good news ruhles so i got to get this one in. officer james ramey of the oklahoma police department took a break on his patrol to shoot a few hoops with kids in the neighborhood. officer ramey may not be ready to face-off against lebron in
7:00 am
the finals, but he sinks a hook shot with the kiddos. and that right there s awesome community policing in action. thank you so much, officer. i'm stephanie ruhle and i'll see you again at 11:00 with my partner velshi. coming up right now, more news with my friend hallie. why were you not at the eagles celebration? you would have been one of the few there? >> i was there. i was standing right there. i was in it. i spoke with some folks in the crowd. >> you should have been there was a super fan with two foam number ones in your hands and maybe one of those -- >> steph, not all. >> and hard hats with a beer in it. >> not all super fans wear jerseys. we do have beerss. i am hallie jackson in washington and for a change this morning's big political news comes from out west with democrats didn't blow it. they avo


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