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tv   MSNBC Live With Velshi and Ruhle  MSNBC  June 6, 2018 8:00am-8:58am PDT

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meet the woman who started it all. lucas is the first baby with down syndrome to represent gerber. this picture courtesy of cook's we agree. saying that's really . i'm heading to the white house where see you later this afternoon. appreciate you joining us for this packed hour. tuing it over to ali velshi and s ruhle. who doesn't love a gerber baby? >> love that baby lucas. sweet pea. >>morning, everyone. i'm ali velshi. >> i'm stephanie ruhle. it's wednesday, june 6th. >> mexico firing the latest shot in the escalating trade war between the united states and the allies. how is this goingo play when the president sits down with the leaders of those countries on friday? >> how many people are in on forming this tariff policy and who is in charge? >> that's a great question. in fact, what you see right now is a big split inside the
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administration. >> legislation, we're working on, and we need to make sure before thosehis c even occur, you have to get congressional approval. >> facebook playing with fire in d.c. two nights ago we saw facebook having those deals with device makers, sucking up some of our data that we didn't know about. last night chinese device makers also having access to that data. this is like a red flag. >> trump's fixation with pardons is it a fixation we think is going to continue in the months ahead? who is he pardoning? >> looking seriously at the recommendation of kim kardashian, the actress and celebrity about a woman with a life sentence for drugme -- >> commiion look at the rule of firearms as it relates to gun violence i our schools? >> that's not part of the commission's charge, per se. >> i see. so you are starting gun violence but not concerning the rule of
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guns. >> we begin with the latest escalating trade war between the united states and the top trading partners including some of the closest allies and this one comes from mexico. the mexican president signed an order immediately imposing 15 to 25% tariffs on u.s. steel. also a 25% tariff on u.s. cheese and bourbon. plus a 20% tariff on american agricultural productncluding po potatoes, apples and cranberries. u.s. pork farmers alone could use $100 million a year. that's according to an estimate by the iowa farm bureau. this is after the trump administration eliminated tariff exemptions for our partners, mexico, canada, and the european unn. it also imposed a 25 % tariff on steel imports and 10% tariff on aluminum imports effective june 1st. with all this, the world bank has issued a warning that the escalating trade tensions
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between the united states and the major trading allies could have, quote, severe consequences for the trade and growth that would be equivalent to the 2008 financial crisis. nbc's von joins us from des moines, iowa where the u.s. pork industry is holding the annual expo right now. >> stephanie and alley, reminder. 10% of iowa pork alone goes to mexico. so we are he in des moines and the president is at the summit. this is the world's pork expo not only from around the country but 40 countries from around the world. there are individuals here. i want to bring in christy. she's a family farmer. you have 460 employees you're about two hours north of here and have a full operation. about 10,000 people here over the course of the weekend coming through. and you not only grill up the food but you also produce it and go through it. what do we see here?
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>> today we have whole pig and brats. pork loin and our baby bac ribs. >> family is involved? >> family is involved in the business. i am a fourth generation partf pork agriculture. my daughters are business. myfather, my sister, brother-in-law, and my husband. so we are not just a pork production family. we also employ a lot of other people's families. >> reporter: almost 500. >> that's correct. >> reporter: and stephanie and allie, there's a lot of people who are associated with the business as well. pork is foundational to the iowa economy. when you see the trade negotiations underway, the tariff that's put, what's your concern? >> well, the one thing is that if it's for the long term, that could be devastating for the industry, but wenow a lot of things because pork is a very flexible agriculture, some of these things are short-term. we feel like we're pawns in the chess game of the trade wars, but r the short time the american producers can have cheaper bacon and ribs for the summer.
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>> reporter: your message to president trump? >> my message to president trump, let's make things w for involved and not make -- let's make this short-term. we want to make it fair for everyone. >> can i ask question there, then? what i need to understand is when you sell pork to particular buyers and those buyers impose tariffen suddenly you n't sell to them, how flexible if you can ask your guest, how flexible is that market? she says americans will have cheaper ham and bacon perhaps in the short term. what is the way in which your guest there finds other markets to replace markets that impose tariffs on american pork? >> reporter: so each ear allie asked the question, you produce a certain number of hogs. if mexico, china, if the number of hogs going outse expor exports is limited, how do you find more markets? >> most of the time it's being innovative with the american market. we've gone through market instabilities before, and we've had to find new pork identities.
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so in the 80s when ery wanted leaner pork, and all the pork fattier and bacony, we had to change the genetics. we had to make that fit the consumer's desires. so right now a lot of people are going for all naturalpork, antibiotic free, organic pork. we've seen that on the american side as well where our con have become a more refined palate. >> how e ist f y adjust? >> it's not easy, but pork producers work hard, so they'll find a way to make it happen. a lot of people have been doing this for so many years. this is just one more bump in the world in the world market. >> that's great. that's about as an american response as you get. they're facing uncertainty. they're worried about it and coming up with innovation. that's remarkable. >> john, i shou tr you before, but when i saw von and the smokers behind him, i was dazed in a bacon bo
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nonza. sorry about that. >> made me hungry too. >> the eu announced it's going to be imposing retaliatory tariffs on u.s. steel and aluminum. canada also imposing tariffs starting july 1st can tariffs. that includes a 25 % tariff on steel and 10% tariffs on aluminum. you have yogurt, jam, whiskey. walk us through how this is going to play out. the fact we're hearing this could take us back tth 2008 nanciacrisis level. how bad can this get? >> well, i'd be surprised if it got to that level, because it usually when president trump meets formidable resistance, he backs off. so it is possible that given all the alarms that are being sounded by republican members of congress from agricultural states, for the business round table yesterday, national association of business economists yesterday downgraded
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in their survey, their forecast for growth in 2018 from the previous survey, this trade overhang is bad for the economy. republicans need a good economy to succeed in midterm election one possibility is president trump in the face of all this makes a lot of noise, rattles a lot of kangs and steps back. but if he doesn't do that, we're rheaded for trouble with allies at a time when we're not even addressing in the trade discussions that we're talking about right now, are the indications that we have. we're not even addressing the big threat from china over theft of intellectual property. we're fighting our allies at a time when we need them to confront china. >> there are people with legitimate concerns about the trade deals and how they've affected theirndustrieand
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jobs. and even president trump has campaigned saying he's going to do something and he's going out to do something about it. it is not business as usual he goes to the g summit in canada on friday where he's meeting with leaders of canada and the eu nations. at what point does this sort of bring a summit like this to a halt because everyone is angry at the u.s. or do they have business to continue to do while acknowledging the complaint on behalf of many american workers thew trade arrangements? >> there's some business they can do. there's a lot of routine business that goes on between finance and trade ministries of these various countries. but the united states, make no mistake, is becoming isolated. it is being condemned by its allies for the actions that king. and one of the things we've learned about the world over the last couple of decades is that you need allies to get something done. the world is too globally connected. you can't -- america can't be
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the world's policeman, but it can't vindicate it's own interests by itself. so that's a difficult situation. the present is now talking about trying to break up nafta into separate categories with mexico and canada. that is going to be a nonstarter. ultimately, i think he's going to be faced with a decision of either pulling out of the existing nafta or getting nothing done at all. >> it is worth noting, though, that in those various industrialized countries that comprise the g7 or g-20, there are constitntil ns. almost everybody in the world thinks they got an unfair trade deal from someone else. i'm sure there are canadians and we know there are britons because that's why they voted for brexit who feel we don't have trade deals with everybody else. >> that's why you have big multilateral trade deals. everybody has skin in the game. er has got to make
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compromises. so can a mexico were part of the transpacific partnership which renegotiated nafta. the president backed out, again, isolatinited stes on the world stage. >> thank you, john, and thank you to von in iowa. president trump reportedly obsessed with his ability to grant pardons, and we can see another one come any time now whether he's obsessed or not. that could be a woman who is happy he's obsessed. one of them would be that great grandmoer whom reality star kim kardashian is fighting for. we'll speak to her daughter coming up. george woke up in pain.
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we are back with breaking news. the white house has officially the 63 great grand grandmother serving a life sentence. >> the great grabd mother has been in prison for more than 21 years. she spoke from inside the jailhouslast year. listen. >> i think me one of th wor decisions in my life to make quick money. i became involved in a drug nspicy i just had a great grandson.
8:16 am
i missed that. both of my parents haved away. i was not able to be by either of their sides and their f days. that's an ache i had that never goes away. >> alice's daughter joins us w. we have confirmed from inside the white house that the pahas been prepared on yourmom. the president has not signed it, but it's ready for his signature. has the white house reached out to you, and how do you feel about all of this? >> no, the white house hasn't reached o me. 's surreal. i'm just finding out now on live tv that the paperwork has been prepared. i mean, this is something that my family and i, we pray for for years. it's just -- it's just surreal. it's amazing. >> wow. >> did you think this would happen? last week it was obviously major for you and your family when kim kardashian west went to see the
8:17 am
president. the next day the president didn't make an announcement. did you start to lose hope? >> no-ev let myself lose hope, because that's worse than anything. i don't think i could take not having anyhope. tentive, it's a reserved hope. we've been through so many ups and dnsouout the years with different appeals and things. so it was -- we're hopeful, but it's a reserved hope. you know? until she walks out that door of th prison. >> she said what she said and that she was part of a drug conspiracy. she admits to what she did. you started a petition that you write since being incarcerated she's been a model prisoner who mentors women. tell us abo w she is. she's become an ordained minister. that's a long sentence for a nonviolent drug offense. for americans saying why are we committing people with
8:18 am
nonviolent offenses, why are we doing this? >> she has tried the best she cano make a negative situation into a positive situation, as much as it can be. she really dedicated herself into helping owomen, and if she's -- plans on working with women who are incarcerated to help prevent recidivism. i think she'd do a lot more good outside of that prison than she is even inside a prison, even though she's doing a lot of good in there. she's just taking the bull by the horns and is really trying to be a positive person as she can be. i mean, she made mistakes, but she's human, and she's worthy of being pardoned. she's worthy of a second chance. >> how did kim kardashian west get involved in your campaign, and after she met with the president, did s with you what he told her about your mom's case? >> yes. she got involved with the case.
8:19 am
she saw the mike video and decided to reach out to my mom through her attorney. but the family, we didn't know who it was at first. shawn just told us i a female celebrity, a wealthy female celebrity who wanto advocate for he i had no idea. no idea it was kim be oprah. kardashian. when we found out, it was definitely a pleasant surprise. she has really been an advocate for my mom in a major way. she's really done a lot, and where she could have saw the video and said that's a shame and gone on with her life -- i wasn't privy of the meeting. wasn't there. all i heard was it was a po meeting, but i don't know exactly what was discussed. the exact language. >> we'll keep an eye on the story closely. we hope for the best for you and your family and mother. >> thank you so much. i'm -- thanks. >> good luck to you.
8:20 am
she has twins at home that haven't met her mom >> that will be amazing if they can. >> yes. also today rod blagojevich asked the president to commute the remainder of his 14 -year sentence. he was convicted on 2011 on multiple felony corruption charges. >> there's something else you prably didn't know about the privacy of your facebook acunt. >> i know nothing about that. all i know is i know nothing and everybody has amy informaon. enharing er infor wleast four chinese companies, including one flagged by u.s. intelligence as a security company. >> wasn't zuckerberg testifying before congress on this? did this come out? this is strange. first a new potential conflict for scoot pruitt. he's now accused of using a government aide to help score
8:21 am
his wife a chick-fil-a franchise. pruitt never spoke to the ceo of than told "the washington post" mrs. pruitt didn't complete the frchise application. this is a weird story. >> this is the definition of swamp. >> no kidding. we'll be right back.
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welcome back. here are the top stories right now. strong primary night for both parties in eight states. among the biggest concerns was democrats getting locked out of important house races in calirnia. the state's open primary system could have led to republican only general election races in the fall. according to the latest results, democrats made the two in two top districts? . >> lava in hawaii destroyed hundreds more hopes in the last two days overtaking who ocean front communities forced to evacuate last week. the lava also completely filled in extending nearly a mile from the coastline. and the deadly volcano in guatemala is showing signs of greater activity after it erupted again yesterday forcing
8:26 am
more evacuatis. the number dead at 75 with almost 200 people missing after the first eruption on sunday. before the break, stephanie talked about fax inspect facebook has allowed chinese companies access to your personal infon. the deals facebook still has in place, here's why they matter to you. huawei is one of china's biggest telecom companies. they access a trove of information, friends lists, rx and political leanings, work and education iti and more. on accused the company of state influence. saying the chinese could use the infopyn americans. the department of justice ban the sale of their devices on militarydevices. facebook it would end the partnership by the end of this week. at least three other companies
8:27 am
has access today a. lenovotcl and oppo. devices from one of these companies may be in your home if you picked up devices on black while these cn't known toavcte influence frhehinese government, the fanyf them have acceo your personal data should betroubling. facebook c be facingerious issues with the federal trade commission over the partnerships. somewhere in place after an agreement that was reached with regulators to more tightly control access to user data. as a former chief technologist for the federal trade commission put it, it's like having door locks installed only to find out all his lock smith gave the this is a remkable >> joining us now, n york con fessoreical reporter,ick
8:28 am
confessore. why does it matter they have access toacebook data? >> it matters in two if your d is going to the phone, it means your data could connect with other apps on the phone. th problem i why spreading the data through millions ofes around the world, through these partnerships and not through their own app, it puts your data at risk and creates vulnerability. this is not the app on your phone that says facebook. this is a streamf data from facebook central that goes to device makers and devices around the world. ook users ohese serve people devices. but it also putss data beyond the control of facebook. all right. facebook is banned in china. so this sort of begs the question why are chinese companies being given access to facebook data? and what do the want it for? >> we lo the main purpose of these partnerships on t
8:29 am
surface, ali, is tha people using thes phone and the re eager to get access to their facebook information. if nicko see his facebook account on the phone, and the phone can't support it for whatever reason, the phone can my information from my account, but also the information of all my friends and some of their frie so you quickly get up to huge amounts of information flowing onto these phones. and the question for the company is if the phones for these are getting thedata, are s actors in china getting the information? >> okay. walk me through this. atme if any, could facebook face for doing this? again, they have very little regulation. >> aside from potential lawsuits in the u.s., there's a possibility of severe problems in europe where the rules are
8:30 am
tighter. even here in the u.s., as y nodd into a consent decree that said you can't share the information of the ers' friends without asking the friends first. you got to stop doing that. and facebook has said , look, when you agree to share information with your friend on to share it with that friend on andevice they use. and that's where -- experts we spoke to said t not what the ftc was expecting and it defies what consumers were expecting. the ftc would fine them as well. >> i have to go back over the testimony from mark zuckerberg at congress as to whether he was asked any of these specific questions and didn't give the proper answer, because once again, i sort of thought that once mark zuckerberg testified at facebook, we'd be done with the new revelatio bad things that facebook has th your data, but it doesn't
8:31 am
end. it's kind of fascinating. it's like ok has found people to give our data to who i didn't know were looking for it. >> and they haven't owned up to it. >> it's shocking they didn't describe it in the testimony. zuckerberg said you control all your information and you control it and have privacy. and never mentioned these partnerships. but part of the reason is that facebook's whole idea here is that these partnerships are actually part of facebook. so they're slight of hand in my opinion is to say tha it's not important, and these aren't outside companies if facebook information is going to a phone sker is part of facebook. and so from facebook's perspective, there wasn't any breach. >> what is facebook saying? give us the goods on when you go back and forth with facebook pr on this, and this clearly at best is slight of hand tactics. what are they really saying to you? >> what facebook is saying is our entire frame for this is
8:32 am
wrong. what they're saying is look, there's no problem here. it's no big deal. so these companies, apple, samsung, blackberry, if they're carrying this data to users who want to use facebook, it's a part of facebook. it's all facebook. there's no third party involved and no breach of the ftc consent decree, but if you look under the hood, stephanie, if you look at how it actually works, facebook's own system, its platform, treats these phones like apps, and apps are third parties. it's actually a problem between how they describe it publicly and how it works. >> nick, good to talk to you as always. what a story. the chinese telecom giant zte is being rescued by the united stat >> why? >> well, what happened to the concerns about zte and our national security? we'll discuss that on the other side. >> why? but first the judge who give a lenient sentence to an
8:33 am
attempted rapist is being removed from the bench. california voters recalled judge aan persky yesterday. he sparked outrage by sentencing brock turner just six months in jail for assaulting an unconscious woman. he could have received up to 14 years in prison. i can't.
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welcome back. chinese telecomiant struck a preliminary deal to lift oh ban on components from u.s. suppliers. zte originally came under fire for violating u.s. sanctions by selling american products to iran and north korea. >> that'ig deal. in march the commerce department, march, that's p's c slapped the seven-year ban on the company after accusing them of violating an agreement to settle claims against it. the move for zte to cease operations last month jep sizing 70 nour 70,000 jobs in china. it includes a total penalty of $1.7 billion against zte, and zte repl the board and executive team been 30 days. >> mike, good to see you. thank you being with us. the commerce department through the spokesperson said tuesday
8:38 am
that no definitive agreement has been signed by both parties. where do you think we are on this? >> they seem to have a deal in principle. whether anything has been signed is the question. in terms of the penalty that thay, that includes additial purases wou make of u.s. goods, and we want -- the united states wants contracts signed. not just promises. >> that's the context around th isn't j a deal with the commerce departmtnd zte. this has larger implications about trade between china and the united es. >> this is really important. at its face, you could say this is absurd. the united states government, the commerce department were going after zte. if the united states wants china to play ball on trade, do they need to do something to appease the zte situation? >> it looks le they do. they announced a lot of changes as they try to bring the economy into a more integrated trading system.
8:39 am
this is caught up between t united states and china. and next week is the singapore summit. they need the chinese' help with north korea. that's playing in to try to reach a deal to get the chinese to help with the issues. >> this is what regular folk think is swampy, the deals made. we've made it clear zte did things that are regarded as bad and gone. chinese asked the united states to do this. what the chinese offer in return? what is america getting for doing this? >> it's the american worker, supposededly, we're doing this for. >> that's the real question. the chinese be ordering more american made goods because they need more. their economy is expanding. the question is what do they do in addition to that to get the deal done? we have reported that they're going to buy another $25 billion worth of oil and coal and some agricultural products. that's not very much. it's nowhere near the 200
8:40 am
billion donald trump says he wants. the question is is it enough and will they follow through? they announced earlier $70 billion in additional purchases and there were no contracts signed? >> so china agreed to -- i'm saying, if we say zte is back in business. we're imposing smaller fines. change your board, we're putting that in motion. what china as promised thus far, you're saying they haven't signed contracts and haven't done? >> they are buying things, but the direct connection isn't there, and there's no signed deal that says in exchange for this, we will do this. >> they are just separately saying by theway, we're to buyeoil. donald trump is on saysed -- is so obsessed with the trade deficit. china is promising to reduce it a little. >> last year they came to the united states and agreed to buy more liquid natural gas. they need it, and now the trump administration is including that in the chinese is buying more
8:41 am
because of the pressure, but that deal was already agreed to. >> michael, thank you for joining us. >> all right. a historic moment on the job hunt. for the first time ever, there are more job in the united states than people out of work. how that can actually hurt the economy and take money out of your wallet. i just want to know how people can get higher wages. can you actually love wearing powerful sunscreen? yes! neutrogena® ultra sheer. no other sunscreen works better or feels so good. clinically proven helioplex® provides unbeatable uva/uvb protection to help prevent early skin aging and skin cancer all with a clean light feel. for unbeatable protection. it's the one. the skin. it's thultra sheer. neutrogena®. see what's possible. with tripadvisor, finding your perfect hotel at the lowest price... is as easy as dates, deals, done!
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welcome back. for thst time in u.s. history, or at least for as long as we've kept record, there are more jobs available than there are people avail them. e unemployment rate ticked down to 3.8% in may. that's the lowest it's been since april of 2000. according to "the wall street journal" the only time the number has been l was 19d 69 when young men were drafted to serve in vietnam. it's a goodn for the economy and the country, but there's more to it than just low unemployment. >> i don't want to say low unemployment is a bad thing. it's a great thing. a terrific thing. there are plcomplexities that ce along with it. let's look at the big board.
8:46 am
as of april open jobositions the unid states stood at a seasonally adjusted 6.7 million jo is more than the 6.3 million americans who are unemployed. there are more americans unemployed, but these the people actively looking for jobs. 6 .3 unemployed looking for work 7 million jobs available. companies are forced to adjust the hiring approach that they've usn the past decade. they've got to loosen job criteria and pay higher wages and offer more benefits. this is the good part. for companies this can be a big struggle, by the way, if a company can't find the candidates it needs, the company won't be able to contribute as much to the economy. higher costs of wages can disrupt how much money the
8:47 am
company makes. profit margins and companies will have to decide costs are going to be passed onto consumers like you and me. you can see how t happens. if it becomes more expensive to emplpeople, you may bear the cost. here's how lower unemployment can cost you. higher prices w push enflags up. that pushes down the power of every dollar in your wallet. especially with wages rising slower than normal for this kind of employment picture, the federal reserve is keeping an this inflation rate. unployment is low, wages go up, your wages may not be going up as much, but your dollar becomes a little less powerful. if inflation goes up too much too quickly, the central bank gets involved, the fed gets involved. and the way they low down inflation -- remember, the fed only has gas and brakes. they have to hit the brakes. they do that by raising interest rates. that's great if you're a saver. it will help you if you have
8:48 am
money in a savings account. it will grow faster, but it's going to make it more expensive if you're a borrower. if you borrow for things like home improvement, college loans or car, it could get expensive. and complicating this is the concept of underemployment. while the employment rate is very low, underemployment refers to people who have a job but in the lower paying job than they could otherwise demand. these people are going to be especially vulnerable to rising inflation and rising interest rates meaning that just having a job isn't enough anymore. we have to look at the quality of jobs we have. again, i want to be clear, weove low unemployment. it is generally a very good thing, but once you get to this below 4% level of employment, you have to start thinking about the unintended consequences. >> i always think of this from a working mom perspective. child care in this country, we don't have public child care.
8:49 am
i think about what full employment looks like and the jobs available to people, they need to have fhedus. they need to be paid e o support their families. it's a complicated issue, and you hope once we reach this level at full employment is when we have a chance to say everybody has a job, let's look at the job. what does it offer? what does it pay? we don't just need people to survive. we need them to thrive. >>'mla we're moving into this part of the conversation. >> me too. after the mass shooling at parkland high school, the government set up a commission on school safety. education secretary betsy devos says it is not examining the role guns play in school violence. >> huh? >> that is like trying to prevent a heart attack while your cholesterol level is at 300. and, in fact, it's like trying to prevent a heart attack and never checking your cholesterol. >> we'll talk about that when we come back.
8:50 am
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welcome back to vels"velshi ruhl ruhle". a live look at the white house ere president ump is about to sign a bill that overhauls health care for our veterans. it'so cost about 50 billion. >> stick with us for a second. imagine a national commission about car crash deaths but also imagine the same commission didn't look at cars.
8:54 am
that's what's happening here. >> the federal commission on school safety will not study the impact on guns on school safety. the commission was formed after the parkland shooting where 17 people were killed. here is what betsy devos told a senate committee. the role of firearms it relates to firearms in our school. >> that's not part of the charge per se. >> you're studying gun violence but not considering the role of guns. >> we're studying school safety and how to ensure our students are safe as well. >> wow. in case there's any question about whether guns play a role in school violence, let's take a quick look at number. this year there's been 17 school shootings. that's the highestumber during any year in recent history. more students have bee killed at school this year than those killed while deployed in the united states military according to the washington post.
8:55 am
just look at last month. in four separate school shootings in may, ten students were killed. 16 others injured. if you look back, nearly 20 years since columbine in 1999, 141 students and educators were killed in their classroo another 287 have been injured. beyond the dead and wounded, what about the kids forced to witness their classmates being murdered o cower behind a locked door or behind a desk to avoid gunfire. more than 215,000 students have experienced gun violence at their school since columbine. these fro yearlong investigation by the washington post. the federal government does not track school shootings. >> why not? let's bring in the president of american fed ration of teachers. the second largest teacher's unn in country. do your teachers have a role in
8:56 am
this examination. we can't figure out why if the federal government is looking into school safety, there's more people getting killed byuns in scol g by anything else in school. why is this not the top of the list, yet alone not on the list? >> nothing any longer surprises me about what betsy devos does. it's just -- it's more than ridiculous. it says to people in america that the federal government doesn't work because it is the height of hypocrisy to pretend you're doing something but then actually not do it. stephanie just said the statistics that i would have said but let's put it this way. other countries have figured this out and betsy devos is not only not letting guns be an issue in commission that was set
8:57 am
up after the murder of children in schools by guns but she's also not going t the hearing today where you have people like abby clemons who survived the 2012 sandy hook shooting testifying. i would say to betsy is this, maybe she read the new york times today, at least she'll get some indication of what happened, the terror that happened in parkland. if you're so intent ongoing out of town and out of the cnt today to study what switzerland is doing in terms of career tech ed, why don't you study what australia and great britain are doing in terms of gun safety in schools. it's just hypocrite cal and frankly the problem is given this administration, the only thing we can do is actually not have this administration. they don't want to solve it. >> i understand that's your position but this is our current
8:58 am
administration. we've got work with who the president is. i know you wrote a letter to president trump back in february. >> he never >> him to meet with you to discuss school safety. what happened? >> never answered. there are issues, mental health issues wrap around services ng that we deal the issues. the red flag laws where if law enforcement or families or what governor cuomo extendt to teachers feel like a child is a clear and present danger and could be, this goes to it. there are other things question do. the problem is this. it's this is increasing right now. kids in santa believe it's a
8:59 am
matter of when, not whether. we'll have to work with governors. we'll have to work with legislatures. we will keep trying to get them to listen but if they don't show up at their ownhearings, the only thing one can do is kind of to shame them and to make what they are doing or not doing transparent. >> it was definitely shocking a hear a student say we expected it. this was just matter of when. good to talk to you as always. >> you're welcome. >> thank you for watching this hour of "velshi & ruhle.ruhle." i'll see you tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. >> i'll see you tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. time for our friend andrea mitchell. right now, missing melania. the president attacks the media. the media reports questioning the first lady's 26th day public
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