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tv   MSNBC Live With Katy Tur  MSNBC  June 6, 2018 11:00am-11:58am PDT

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chevy malibu to get her to and from work and volunteer jobs on the side. so, the students at san diego's was time to give back to the woman they call auntdebbie. th got h a gift. they spent three weeks restoring a donated 2014 mazda 3 and davis was able to trade in that beat-up chevy once and f all. and look at that smile. katy tur's picking things up now from california. i'll see you tomorrow morning on "today." hey there, friend. >> craig, i missyou. not really. >> come back -- no wow. she t left coas it is really nice here. there are great tacos. bring you back some. >> no, you won't. >> i probably won't.cos don'll . craig, thankyou. it is 2:00 p.m. in the east and 11:00 a.m. here in huntington beach here in california in california's 48th congressional distrihe
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republicans and democrats are breathing a little bit easier today with votes still in. bo parties appear to have survived thewo top primary systems and avoid being locked out of key races. the president is attending a briefing on the hurricane season at fema headquarters in washington. a stope' make with first lady melania trump. it will be her first public event in front of cameras in 26 days. she's been largely out of sight since undergoing a medical procure last month. back here in california, both parties, democrats and theyre happy.though do say that it is likely the democrats will have their candidates on the ballot in districts that could help them take back the house in november. and republicans will have a candidate in the governor's race. a businessman president trump endorsed, so naturally the president is taking somecredit. he tweeted it was a great night for republicans and
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congratulated john cox on a big nuer, adding he can win. with almost all votes in, cox is front-nnerewsom w d not waste a thatac about donald trump. >> we're engaged in an epic battle. and it looks like voters will have a real choice this november between a governor who'sng to stand up to donaltrump, and a foot soldier in his war on california. >> cox, who did not vote for president trump in 2016, is now trying to capitalize on the ide. >> how big a moment was it when the president endorsed you? well, you know, it was important, because i wasn't all atell known. it obviously vaulted me in terms of name recognition. >> if i'm the lieutenant governor, what do you want to say to me right now tonightming? >> look for a job in the private
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sector. [ laughter ] >> so today as we look back at what happened la gh big question ishat the california primary tell us about the 2018 mid-terms? joining me here in huntington ain, assistant edit for politicst the "l.a. times," chris bellatoni. and steve kornacki at the big board. >> there's something f i think each party to crow about with these results. for democrats it was the question of the lock-out. these seven ripe targets they think they've got, these republican-held districts in california. seven of them that hillary clinton carried in 2016 where democrats are going to be on the ballot if nove th open question in a few of them. looks like that's going to be a hurdle they clear. this is orange county, a good example. republicans running first but democrats it looks like securely in that second spot. the 48th district, again democrats fighting for second
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and third here but second place will make november, third place will go away. but democrats in one of those top two. they were worried about it here, the 49th district, the darrel issa district. republicans number one, democrats, two, three. if you kept going on this list, number four as well. they are looking good there. this district -- i should say this is one where democrats, it is not just that they are qualifying for general election. those seven districts that they are targeting, thi one probably hathe best news for them of last night in terms of mid-terms. if you add up all the votes cast, this is the only 1 of those 7 where democrats combined got more votes than republicans. you look at it generally in . ltl better than they did in the primary in these districts. that's how it seems to be working in this california system. so if they're already running ahead in that total vote in 49, that's the best sign for them here. for republicans what that means
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though is if democrats are only running ahead in 1 of those 7,i ahead in the cumulative vote. ttle over 50%, in the mid 50%s in a couple of th what's what republicans can crow about. they are saying look, we got a little roomerform not qui as well in november and still win most of thesedistricts. again remember the math here nationally, democrats need to pick off 23 republican-held housdiri bac house. we say those seven ripe targets in california. if republicans end up protecting four or five, six of those, three of those maybe even, those dense democrats in terms of getting to that 23 they need five, six, seven out of california. >> i was talking to the chair of the dccc about this a couple days ago. he said they really do need four or five seats california. oking at it now, what do you think their best chances are?
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which is the -- what are the l racethat you'll be eyeing in november now? >> steve has it exactly right. when you have an open seat ce, that is the best opportunity to flip parties. so that's darrel issa's seat where he is retiring and the ed royce seat, the 39th congressional district. dana rohrabacher, president trump tweeted this morning, oh, he did great. well, he actually didn't actually do that great for a sitting congressman. that's another race where they feel pretty confident that one of those democrats -- we saw some of them here yesterday. so it is important for those democrats getting out the vote. theyre pretty they don't like rohrabacher. now republicans don't have another choice in that race, it could allow the democrats to sneak through. the other one i'll mention is steve knight. that's the only republican congressman that represents parts of l.a. county large part of l.a. county up in the le area. looks like he's about to face katy hill, you woman a lot of national attention.
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>> yesterday we had a bunch of supporters from a democrat in the race who the dccc did not prefer. today it looks like they are within 70 votes of each other. >> in california it takes forever to count votes here. we've probably got another four, five, six days of waiting on votes as they count all of the ballots that were mailed in in the final days of that election. so the results could change. it is a very narrow margin at this point but somebody's going to break through the pack. then i iis that closehere might be legal action involved. >> let's talk about the governor race. gavin newso somsome that he wan john cox to win as in get second place, not antonio villaraighe . well, he got what he wanted. steve patterson was atohn cox's headquarters last night. >> lietno
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reat said that he wanted you in the general election because he thought he had a better chance at beating you. what's your response to that? >> be careful what you wish for. newsom?oes cox pose a real risk >> i refused to make any predictions after 2016. it is not like california hasn't elected republicans before. but when you look at results from last night democrat candidatir votes overwhelmingly more people chose democrats in the race for governor than chose republicans. it is very unlikely john cox is the next governor. but he's got money. he's got the support of the president. if i were the republican party and i was looking at races where i wanted to spend money, it might not be in california. gavin newsom gave a speech last night that really sounded like he was thinking about his political ambitions beyond winning in november. >> shocking. talkgh abo what issues are animating voters here, how much of it is this anti-trump agenda, this pushing baceverytn trying to do, and how much of it
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is being animated by what the system was intending to do, which is finding moderates, finding people who could reach across the aisle, people who could reach a conse w broad view as opposed to tse siloed political interests? >> i don't know. once we have the field sorted out i think we'll see some pretty clear republican/democratic contrasts. but the thing'lsent a thirchoice, i fullerton, a democratic state senator was recalled last night, removed from office, because he supported higher gas taxes. we know that the majority of californians -- we've done polling on this -- wants to repeal those gas tax increases. that's an issue cox campaigned on. that's an issue house majority leader kevin mccarthy has said really important so that cod e a l of things here in the state. a lot of people don't like some of the spending from democrats, some of the higher tax systems. you heard cox sound those themes
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last night. it could be a real test in november but i think gavin newsom is more likely to prevail. >> christina, we appreciate your time. see you soon. unfortunately, probably across a satellite. steve kornacki, thank you as well. we just have some video right now of melania trump, her very first appearance in almost a month since she had that procedure done. she and the president are visiting fema today. it is the start of hurricane season. going to be a lot of speculation about what happened to melania obviously going forward. i'm more interested personally in finding outtrump addresses what happened in puerto rico and what's still ongoing in puerto rico. also breaking news out of the white house. just last hour, president trump commuted the sentence of alice marie johnson. johnson, a first-time non-violent drug offender had served 21 years of a life
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sentence before reality star kim kardashian began advocating for her release. kardashian celebrated the news with a tweet calling the commutation the best news ever. this is donald trump's sixth act of clemency. but there is increasing speculation the president could use his executive power unilaterally to pardon even more people. phil rucker is the white house bureau chief fore washington post" and an msnbc political analyst. john lemire, white house reporter for the associated press and an msnbc political analyst. elise juror done, former aide for the george w. bushhite contributor to "time" magazine and an msnbc political analyst. guys, welcome. john, talking about this pardon. what stood out to you? kim kardashian went e advoc the president, giving this woman clemency. was there any dispute within the white house whether it should happen? >> there was some.
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chief of staff john kelly and white house counsel don mcghan each expressed some reservations to the president about in particular pardon or commutation in this case. but this is something the president has really grown enamored with, the idea of pardoning people. on one hand it seems to be an aspect of the presidency that works as he should, that he be sort of snap his fingers and get somethg done le he did atop his business. why he's been so frustrated by so much of washington like the legislative process. what we're seeing is a pattern in terms of people he is choosing to pardon. either folks who have had their causes championed by conservatives, people who have had causes championed by celebrities, in this case kim kardashian pushing for his johnson, or people who were on celebrity "apprentice," as he's talked about entertaining the possibility of pardoning rod blagojevich, the former illinois governor, or martha stewart, both of whom were contestants on his reality tv show. >> rod blagojevich's wife went
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on fox news and asked the president for a pardon. we saw george papadopoulos's wife do the same, asking for a pardon for george papadopoulos who's pleaded guilty and is cooperating in the russia probe. there was some talk about this being a pardon but it appears white house staff agreed to make it a commutation. do you expect that there are going to be m pardons beyond what we had already been talking about with blagojevich and martha stewart? >> i do, katy. i think there are going to be many more pardons or acts of clemency, rather. potentially dozens over the in ex -- the next few weeks and months. keep in mind, he's doing this in a sort of haphazard fashion. there is a traditional process at the department of justice where people can apply for a pardon, their case is reviewed by the u.s. pardon attorney, then it advances to consideration by the white house. in this case the president is picking people based on those he has relationships with or
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somebody that -- a select like kim kardashian brings to his attention and he is acting unilaterally on his own outside of that department of justice >> why is the doj not getng -- ottitself more in this procr are ty behind the scenesrying to reassert themselves? >> this is reall more about donald trump's one-off to grab at any given moment.s i really do -- i salute kim kardashian for champio gllandin getting the president to actually follow through in a way thet he doe't wit on various caians who lobby him noig tick picture? going and pardoning individuals who are first-time non-violent, drug offenses, piecemeal one by one is not effective. there needs to be overall federal sentencing reform in you are o legal -- in our legal
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code. that's something that jared kushner supports but jeff sessions certainly doesn't. so this really, the idea of lessening the sentences for non-violent offenders is something that i would love to see the trump administr federal. >> is there a discussion on that whatsoever behind the scenes other than jared kushner? is he being effective at all trying to push it with his father-in-law? >> kushner's been pushing it inside the administration but it's not become law yet. in the grand scheme of things, it is really a low-priority issue for president. atte c justice paid some reform but he has many o things g on right now. north korea. trade. week for the g summit.ter this so in the spectrum there it is not getting the same kind of attention. >> let me change gears for a second and just talk about truth at the white house. yesterday sarah huckabee sanders
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found herself having to defend her own credibility pretty fiercely to reporters. let's play that moment. >> the president, whether it's on his twitter account or otherwise, keeps saying thing that are not borne out by the facts. why, if things that you keep saying from the podium turn out to not be true, and things the president keeps saying in a number of venues keeps turning out not to be true, why should we be able to trust that the information we're getting from this administration is accurate? and more importantly, why should americans be able to trust that what they hear from this white house is always the truth? >> i work every single day to give you accurate and up-to-date information. i'm going to continue to do that. frankly, i think my credibilits probably higher than the media's. >> john? i think thi white hse has a ent
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credibility problem. i say that not just as a urnalist but as an ameran. thin that the president has said and the press secretary has said have either o in complete or proven to be less than the entire truth. we see that time and time again. d it is a difficult ask for the american public to give them the benefit of the doubt. and, i might add, the white house is so quick to point out when others -- when members of the media make mistakes. we saw the president this morning -- you saw the media clip of melania trump. he went on a twitter tirade today accusing the press of ramping up rumors and speculation and fake news about the first lady when that really ad of couehe president himself trolls in inaccuracies and untruths frequent frequently. there is not just a credibility problem but h problem. ckabee talk about
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it isoming fr e this administration or white house, even thepresidwn attorneys. just look at what giuliani has d 's repeatedla t president's beg fmed by 13 highly partisan democrats. the truth -- we've got a graphic with all of this -- the special counsel's headed by two republicans. robert mueller is a republican. rod rosenstein, appointed by donald trump, is a blan. donald trump also had said that he never fired james comey because of russia. he told lester holt that he fired james comey because of russia. sanders -- sarah huckabee sanders said there is no knowledge of any payments from e president to stormy daniels. he's denied all of these allegations. giuliani then said that president trump reimbursed his pelawyer, michael cohen, for the payments. raj shaw sah said john kelly wat fully aware of the extent of the allegations against rob porter. the fbi first had those pictures
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and that information about porter many months before that. then we have obviously sean spicer's claim about the crowd sizes at the inaugu n jt one or two isolated incidents. phil, this is a situation where they're conantly being confronted with the truth and it conflicts with what they've said. >> yeah. and it is ature throu the administration, especially in the white house and it's set by the president himself. remember, he wrote "in the art of the deal" one of his tips for how to be sort of a successful exagnd sometimes lie.lead, he said it is important as a marketing, branding, mechanism. i mean he's had a difficult relationship with the truth throughout his many years, including as president, and so he sets that culture at the top and he expects people who speak for him to public, like sarah sanders, and others, to say what he wants them to say, whether it is true or not. >> "the art of the deal" quote
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is the front of my book. it is called "truthful hyperbole." >> that's the phrase. >> what his co-writer liked to call it, at least. phil rucker, thank you. next, the democrat who's taking on senator feinstein. california state senator kevin de leone joins me live when our coverage from huntington beach, california continues right after the break. find the remote yet? nah. honey look, your old portable cd player. my high school rethainer. oh don't... it's early 90s sitcom star dave coulier...! [laughing] what year is it? as long as stuff gets lost in the couch, you can count on geico saving folks money. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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we have breaking news. a new lawsuit filed today by stormy daniels claims her former attorney betrayed her. in the suit daniels claims her former attorney, keith davidson, colluded with trump attorney, money, to get her to, quote, falsely deny she had an affair with don she allegation davidson became a puppet for trump and cohen. cohen paid daniels $130,000 to keep quiet about allegations that she had an affair with the president, which the prent
11:24 am
has consistently denied. nbc news investigations reporter tom winter is following this story. bringn danny cevallos, an msnbc legal analyst. >> the legal troubles for the president's personal attorney, michael cohen, keep getting worse because is he named in this lawsuit, as well as stormy daniels' former attorney, keith davidson. in the lawsuit, it says -- i'll quote -- that the two of them hatched a plan, and, quote, colluded -- that's michael cohen and keith davidson -- to get stormy daniels on fox news and ely deny an affair with the president, president donald trump. the suit alleges that trump was aware that cohen and davidson were talking and coordinating for the president's gain. th says davidson, quote, abdicated his rol as an advocate and fiduciary of his client, miss clifford. miss clifford being stephanie clifford, which is stormy daniels' legal name, and instead
11:25 am
elected to be a puppet for mr. cohen and mr. trump in ordat th expensof miss clifford. incled filingre veral ges of text messages michael avenatti says were exchanged between cohen and davidson on january 17th of this year. you might remember that was the same day that "in touch" magazine brought up and interview they had done with stephanie delivered about her relationship with donald trump. we can show those text message now. the first text message says -- i have tentatively scheduled for hannity tonight. that's cohen allegedly texting davidson. davidson then responds, she cannot do that today. she flying to la tomorrow. i am trying to get her to commit for tomorrow. over the hours the two message back and forth. at one point the suit says cohen complained the delay was, quote, no good. he went on to say, by doing tomorr, you just create another news cycle instead of
11:26 am
this i mhael cen to keith davidson, stormy daniels' former attorney. then later that evening theres anr xtessage from cohen to davidson. he says, the wise men all believe the story isnd don't think it is mart for her to do any interviews. davidson then apparently replies -- 100%. cohen's response, thanks, pal. nowng to the la the w men was a reference that iluded trumpnd alleges trump kn of the plan to get her to appear on hannity's show and deny a prior sexual relationship with trump, though the lawsuit includes no documentation of that so we haven't seen any evidence that. in addition to that, we have some other text messages that were sent in early march of this year. davidson telling cohen that clifford planned to file a lawsuit against him and the president. keith davidson, again stormy daniels' former attorney, said you calling michael cohen allegedly replies with flotus, give me a nute. flotus is the first lady of the
11:27 am
united states. and that's a reference to melania trump. our reporting from that time, the reporting ofy colleague, both michael cohen and melania trump were at mar-a-lago on that day. the suit speculates that cohen was there to meet with the first nd prepare for news of the lawsuit but again we have no substantiation of that contained in this lawsuit. we always have to note, katy, that this is a lawsuit that contains allegations from one side. certs of this, as i have suggested, have not been corroborated in the lawsuit. in addition to that, we have reached out to representatives for the president himself, michael cohen, keith davidson, as well as representatives at fox news and for sean hannity to get their responses to this lawsuit. of course, katy, we'll bring that to you and to everybody here as soon as we get those responses in. first instinct is to say, holy cow. what as a lawyer would you say? >> on one hand, it is not
11:28 am
uncommon for lawyers in an aide sari aide v adversarial presnd have a dialogue but not cross the line into revealing client confidences or breaching that duty of loyalty. attorneys owe to their clients a duty of confidentiality and a duty of loyalty and that is a li tha can be quickly crossed if you are aligning yourself th the interests of the other party or the other party's attorney. in fact, at the minimum, you could argue that these texts show that michael cohen as one side of the adversarial pcess, is dominating the attorney for stormy daniels and basically maki h do whatever michael cohen wants. what you'd like to see in an adversarial attorney relationship here is a little more push-back, and that fierce and zealous representation of the client at the core. >> hold on though. hold on though. this is what is sticking with me. you have michael cohen and keith
11:29 am
davidson talking about her doing sean hannity in order to -- i guess we believe from this, to deny an affair with the president, to go on television and to deny something that she says actually happened. she's been out there saying that she did have an affair. i'm a little unclear onhy they are attorney would coordinate with the opposing attorney to have her go on a prime time show aligned with the president to have her deny something that she says happened. >> so, katy, this is tom. looking back at that time period, this was wn there were discussions going back and forth. you remember that there was a statement that stormy daniels said that she didn't sign, that said that she didn't have an affair with the president. so there is all thisialogue going back and for the at that time. according to text messages ve present this lawsuit, there was a discussion about stormy daniels going on sean hannity to deny that affair. remember, there were statements that allegedly came from stormy daniels at that time that she's
11:30 am
denied ever sending or being a part of that said that she didn't have an affair with the president. and now she steadfastly says that in fact that affair occurred and sas stated so on "60 minutes" and in other publications. so at that t there was this back-and-forth about w w stormy daniels say, what would she agree to. according to these text messages, apparently, there was a discussion on whether or not she would go on sean hannity's pr the"i touch" interview comes out. we were o areveral weeks ago when there it was a hearing in the michael cohen search warrant case. that's a criminal investigation where michael cohen admitted that sean hannity -- we should put this out there -- sean hannity was in fact a client of michael cohen. so there's that angle, too. >> how did michael avenatti get a hold of these text messages, tom? >> katy, i have absolutely no idea. that's information that has n shar far as how he was oiable to get hold of these
11:31 am
messages. >> he has a lot of information, seems, that others don't have. a lot of documentation for things. he just seems to pull out of his pocket. danny, one last qstion for you. if it does endp looking -- or being as shady this looks, what could that mean for -- one, for keith davidson, and what could it mean for cohen? >> professional least, lawyers are governed by the rules of professional responsibility. there may be some discipline attached to some of this conduct if it crosses the line into revealing client confidences and breaching that duty of loyalty that we all have to our clients. not only with keith davidson and michael cohen have to fight this case in court, they may also be subject to discipline by the bar in each state in which they are admitted if this conduct crosses the line. >> again, to remind our viewers in case they are just tuning in, this is breaking news. a new lawsuit filed today by stormy daniels and she is claiming her former attorney,
11:32 am
keith davidson, betrayed her. in the lawsuit she's saying that davidsonolluded with trump attorney michael cohen to get her to, quote, falsely deny that she had an affair with donald trump. she alleges davidson became a puppet, her word, for donald trump and for michael cohen. cohen, remember, paid daniels $130,000 to keep quiet about allegations that she had an affair with the president, which he has consistently denied. what we are talking about here specifically are text messages that tom winter went thrgh a momentago, text messages between michael cohen and between keith davidson trying to coordinate an appearance for stormy daniels on sean y's show, presumably where she would deny having an affair with the president. this is back from january. we're going to stay on this story and bring you updates as we get them. do stay with us for that. but tom winter and danny
11:33 am
cevallos, thank you very much. in california, while senator dianne feinstein may have cr place, her bid for a fifth mid-term will not go unchallenged. democrats will face off on november 6th. li state senator kevin deleone joins me now. >> good morning, preciate i congratulations on your and f moving on. thank you. >> why do you think that you can ultimately beat senator feinstein? she's -- as of now, she's raised ten times more than you. what is your plan to take her on and what obvio expensive medirket central in california? >> well, first and foremost, welcome back home to california. you are right, she outspent me on a 10-1 ratio during the
11:34 am
primaries out here in california. but i do believe strongly it is time to have a debate on the values, on issues, on the prioritieson the ideas that we care deeply about as californians. californians want a voice in washington that willon the front lines, not the we can allre dangerous times -- >> what do you mean by the front lines and not the sidelis? what specifically are you talking about that you think dianne feinstein's not been aggressive enough on? >> a whole variety of issues. i don't think anyocrat should ever say we should p or ask for patience from this president. perhaps in the future he could become a good president. those are her words. not my words specifically. climate change, the vironment, immigration reform, these are issues that are p state like california. but not just in california but the entire country.
11:35 am
>> what about any room though for compromise? are you saying that you want to go to the senate to just stonewall this president? because it seems like if you're not going to send in legislation that he's going to sign, we're going to be in a gridlock. the republicans maintain control and the democrats ll,there's not going -- a lot is not going to get done. i want to ask you specifically th aut daca. do you think that there is any compromise that the democrats can make in order to get a deal for d.r.e.a.m.ers? >> i think there's always room for comprose, katy. we don't live in a world of salutes and we shouldn't be perched on a hill of sanctimonious ideology. i always believe that we can work constructively with folks on the other side. i have worked with folks in -- republicanin california -- to land really transformative deals that really have moved this economy in california. but that's a little different than washington, d.c. because 's become so polarized. clearly you should never allow
11:36 am
yourself to be used as a prop for president trump sitting in the white house, especially on really pressing issues such as gun control or issue of daca. i do believe strongly that there is room for compromise but as of today, that compromise has yet to be reached in wash. ould you sign off on border wall funding in order to get a deal for d.r.e.a.m.ers? >> that's a good question because that's not a question of either/or. i do believe that every nation has a right to protect its own sovereignty, including the united states of america. whether it is drones or better electronic surveillance on our border to the south with our friend, our neighbor, mexico, thhobe o the table. but to actually build a physical wall, to construct a wall when border crossings are in fact at a 50-year low makes absolutely no sense both fiscally for taxpayers, nor does it make sense politically for californians or for democrats. we shouldn't be block in to saying it is either/or. you want daca, give me a border wall. that's a bad deal overall.
11:37 am
>> the president or the republicans might be offering that as thenly option. it is not black and white vi talking other issue that's come up time and again, a lot of democrats are running on this idea -- or think that democrats should be running on impeaching the president. where do you stand on >> listen. i don't have the data or the evidence as certain members perhaps on the intelligence committee, on the senats well as the house, have with regards to donald trump's business dealings or dealings with the russians. i w say this, what we've seen is unprecedd in modern political history and donald trump in comparison to richard nixon, he makes richard nixon look like a choir boy. so richard nixon resigned because of the break-in in the watergate hotel. there is plenty of evidence there that this president can be impeached. that's obviously a political question with the dominancef republicans in both chambers it. however, i do believe the democrats should have a unifying
11:38 am
voice and be strong with regards to what this president is doing to reckon this nation. this just doesn't impact democrats. that impacts republicans throughout the country. >> kevin, congratulations on moving on. >> thank you, katy. have a wonderful day. after quick ea umeffect. how ityed at the polls in california and how it could play in november. bob shrum and shawn steele join me right here in huntington beach next. don't go anywhere. my grandma. - anncr: as you grow older, your brain naturally begiange which may cause trouble with recall. - learning from him is great... when i can keep up - anncr: thankfully, prevagen helps your brain andm - dad's got all the answers. - anncr: prevagen is now the number-one-selling brain health supplement in drug stores nationwide. - she outsmarts me every sing time. - checkmate!
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safe driving bonus checks. only from allstate. switching to allstate is worth it. the president is going to try to drain the swamp in washington. it's been an uphill thing for him. i'm going to clean out the barn in sacramento. i'm with him in terms of going after the career politicians and the special interests who are literallytroying the opportunity of people here califoia >> tha was on fox news. sounds like he's on the trump train. the republican candidate for governor here in california is taking the president's endorsement and running with it. even offering his twist on it this morning on draining the swamp.
11:43 am
the president says last night the trump iact was really big. much bigger than ever thought possible. so much for the big bluwa itay be a wave. i a democratic strategist and directo of usc's institute of politics. sean steel aubcan nationalcommitteeman in california. sean, what is the trump effect here in california? >> the trump effect a year waag was not very good. but things have changed. originally i was not comfortable at all with trump but he's been a very e presint and his nbers in orange county -- i can't speak for los angeles which is a thirdorld kind of poverty stricken area, but in orange county -- i can tell you, sadly it is. >> you're crazy. >> well, you lived here so o's crazy? >> i would not call los angeles that! >> it's got the highest percentage of poverty in america
11:44 am
for any major countyn au o housing. why don't you answer the question. instead of just trashing los angeles. >> hold on. don't argue.keoue thet's in charge of the there's a good democrat half partisan for you. let's forward. >> gentlemen! >> just shut up. >> when have you won a race once >> i'm going to kick you both offset. >> i didn't start this. >> he did it. >> bob, you answer what you want to say. >> a lot has changed in california in the last year. republicans are now the third party in the behind. donald trump is very popular with republicans and his endorsement in my view is what propelled john cox to the republican nomination aided by the ads put on by gavinsom which attacke a tive.
11:45 am
newsom knew exactly what he was doing. now tha been a huge asset for cox in the primary. i think it is a big lead weight around his neck in theeneral election. the president's popularity in vunpopular among t 25%. independents and he's disdained by democrats. >> disdained. that's true. california's seen as the hub of so what sean, is animating s. republicans in california? you say he's doing a good job. what specifically do republicans likehe president has done? >> in orange county in order for the house to be taken over by the democrats they havepi in califour of those seats at in orange unty. republicans instead have three women running and the democrats have four guys running for those seats. the republicans have a large number of asian women that have succeeded and moved up -- >> the question was what has trump done that's animating republicans? >> let me tell you this. trump has consolidated the
11:46 am
republican party in orange county which is the majority party in orange county. having that type of unity. plus, on the sanctuary cities like you are allowing prisoners that ought to be deportedo go back into the poor communities and raise terror. in orange county city after city, majority of them have endorsed it,luding the board of supervisors, which is a majority asian, two of them are immigrants and they support actions against the sanctuary state. those issues are powerful for the republicans. all four republicans are going to get re-elected, or elected. >> are you so confident of that, bob? >> listen. this -- the republicans got a majority vote in all the congressional threatened. >> yeah. that's because there were 12 democrats running in each of those races. are you confident if the democrats can solidify their bob?ort behind one candidate --. >> these issues don't work in for this a re base. sean doesn't want to talk about the fundamental math here. fundamental math is republicans are about25% of the state.
11:47 am
ump has about 25% approval. when you put that math together, it's almost impossibleo see how cox could win and i will bet money that the republican governor's association, which is very bottom-line about this won't put a dime in to this state. or if it does, it certainly won't put $10 million in, which is what -- >> christina just said the same things a few minutes ago on this show. gentlemen, we have to leat there. you took up too much time arguing. >> i'm sorry. >> thank you guys for coming. an issue on the minds of voters and candidates here in california as we countdown to election day is immigration. it's also on the mind of president trump and his administration. this morning on capitol hill health & human services secretary alex aczar was pressed on his department's role in taki of immigrant children who are separated from their parents at the border.
11:48 am
>> senator merckley was just down in it looks like kids were incages. >> that's completely incorrect. he actuay didn't see the children because he requested at 4:00 p.m. on frio visit either in texas or in california a facility. these are minors. these are grantees running a program. we accommodate requests from congress to go inspect and look at our facilities. these children are provided full education, medical care, dental, vision, they're provided athletics, meals, we take quite serious our obligation to take care of these children very well. >> an immigration reporter for the l.a. times joins me. cindy, we're trying to focus on this issue on my show because i think it is one that has very little -- not very little attention but there's very little that's clear about it. from what secretary aczar said a moment ago, does that line up with your reporting? >> well, i think the problem is access, right? to be able to see what's actually happening on the ground
11:49 am
an what's happening in these detention centers for children. i think we have to keep in mind though that unaccompanied children have been coming for quite some time and back in 2014, you had thif similar thing,too, where they -- the system was overwhelmed with children and so they were kept in these facilities thaupposed t temry but they ended up for mh longer than they were intended to be. >> are the kids being reunited with their parents even if their parents are being deported? >> well, see, that is the issue. i think that there is a lot of misunderstanding when it comes to why it is that we have this zero tolerance policy right now. right? so this stems back to a law that goes back to like the 1920s that makes -- basically makes it a crime to enter the u.s. illegally. for a long time, some people have been prosecuted and others have not. now the policy is that almost everyone is going to be prosecuted for coming
11:50 am
clandestinely or for asking for asylum through a non port of entry. what's happening is, since you have a zero tolerance policy now,re be detained -- and parents cannot be cannot be detained with their children in jail. they are going to be criminally prosecuted. that's where the trump administration is saying okay we are going to separate the children. that's where you have the zero tolerance policy. >> how are they -- they say they are looking after the kids but they haven't shown anybody what they are doing. >> that's right. >> and there are repor that hadr in the past areunaccounted for right now. they haven't been able to keep track of them, for whatever reason. what do you make of it. ? it seems like there could be hundreds or thousands of kids around this country who have been separated from their parents and we don't know what to do with them. how do you separate a 6-year-old from their mom? >> that's the issue. but i think we have to keep in mind that we have had --
11:51 am
immigrant families have been targeted for quite some time. after various administrations. in the obama administration, he resurrected family detention. would detainthem, iacilitie that manyd were not up to standard. what the trump administration is saying is what we are going to do is actually apply the law to everyone, a law that's basketban e books for decades, by the way. it wasot democrats. what we are going to do i that's going to be how we are going to separate they families. i think what the intent is to disincentivize people from coming to the u.s. illegally. whether that is successful is up for grabs. >> they can't say whether it is ufl or not because it's too early to tell. thank you for coming out and trying to help us understand this. it's such an important story. >> thank you for having me. thank you. >> of course. if the president has his way, the debate over kneeling and patriotism will not go away
11:52 am
any time soon. more on that when our live coverage from huntington beach, california continues after another break. it's pretty amazing out there. the world is full of more possibilities than ever before. and american express has your back every step of the way- whether it's the comfort of knowing help is just a call away with global assist. or getting financing to fund your business. no one has your back like american express. so where ever you go.
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what guides me is ensuring that the public is going to be safer and that these forests can be sustained and enjoyed by the community in the future. when the president yanked the philadelphia eagles invitation to the white house it seems it was not entirely about the national anthem. it was more about scoring political points and dving a wedge between the president's
11:56 am
beige and everyone else. as the "associated press" reports, the president told one confidant monday that he aims to revise the issue in the months leading up to the midterm elections believing its return to the headlines will help republicans win votes. we have a former eagles player to weigh in on this. dante stall worth. and a coauthor othe report i just read. a source told nbc news yesterday that the president's ego would have been hurt because the crowd wasn't big enough. >> the own is twofold. first is when they realized how fee eagles were going to cometh. he was embarrassed when brady didn'tuportriots celebrat. and then there was this. once that happened he ordered up this patriotic celebration that we are seeing footage of that
11:57 am
connected this to the anthem protests an issue he thinks is a winning one for him. he feels that hrt him over the nfl players. he thinks this resonates with republicans and thinks will it play well going into the mid terms. >> talking about how it resonated and how it played yesterday,a malco jenkins tweeted out a decision was made to lie and make it out that the players are anti-freedom, anti-flag, and anti-military. this was a ceremony the president said about respecting the flag. as we have been saying for days now, no eagles players kneeled during the national tan them. >> yeah, none of the players kneeled all season. i think it's important to highlight, though, there is an opportunity here for both the president and not just the eagles players but nfl players in general. the president has shown that he is not going to change his ways and his ideas, his thougs about the naturalnd players shouldtand. that's fine. but i think there is an opportunity here for the
11:58 am
president. he has been in the last week seemed to be open about criminal justice reform. he met last week with kardashian at the white housd now today as president has granted clemency to alicejohnson, 63-year-old great grandmother who has been in prison for over a decade. so the nfl players have been on the front lines of this. there is 326 million people in this country, that's about 5% of the world's population, in the statehas 25% of the world's prisoners. that's a number that is staggering and i think every american should be concerned and i think there is an opportunity for the players to work with the players. i think owe should take that opportunity. >> do you think he is going do that. on the one hand he is offering that clemency. but in the other he is wading into the culture wars and aides say this is all about getting votes in november. >> i think so, but you know what, you have got to be able to
11:59 am
try. the players have not stopped doing the great work that they have been doing the last two or. they have met with state attorney generals. they have been on police ride have hangs with police chiefs in their respective cities. they have met with members of congress here in washington on both sides of the aisle. i was there with them for a few days when they did this. these guys have been working hard on this and it's not going to stop. i would hope that the president would be open t this and they could come to some type of compromise where the president says i don't agree with what you are doing but i'm willing to work on this to help the country because criminal justice reform is something we need badly in this country. >> dante stall worth and jonathan ma mere, thank you for waiting around with us. >> tha. >> up this house, i'm katy tur in huntington beach, california. unfortunately i'm gti o ane and coming rkow. kasie hunt picks things up right now from washington. >> katy, it seems like they love
12:00 pm
you in california as much as we do here. good afternoon, i am kie h in for ali vels.we breaking newr an nbc exclusive. the lawyer fortormy is alleging collusion between the presidens peonal lawyer, michael cohen, and the former lawyer for standard, keith davidson. stormy, whose real name is stephanie clifford, just filed a lawsuit claiming davidson was a puppet for cohen and the president. here to break it down more for us and tell us what it means for michael cohen and the president i'm joined by nbc's investigative reporter tom winter, ari medical better, host of the beat, and kelly o'donnell at the white house. tom, this is our investigative unit reporting. explain to us what's going on here. and why it's different from what we've been talking about before. >> sure casey. today this lawsuit filed in california is a


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