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tv   MSNBC Live With Stephanie Ruhle  MSNBC  June 7, 2018 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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cardinal fans. such a class act, a wonderful man. i want to pay tribute briefly to him this morning because he will be sorely missed in st. louis and across the entire country and the world of major league baseball. >> an incredible institution not only to cardinals fans but to baseball fans everywhere. claire mccaskill, as always, thank you so much for being with us. >> thank you, guys. >> all right, thank you. and that wraps it up for us. stephanie ruhle picks up coverage right now. who will be interviewing somebody we all know. >> indeed, thanks so much, joe. good morning, everyone. i'm stephanie ruhle with a lot to cover today. starting with shameless. rudy giuliani, former mayor of new york city, his defense of the president is getting ugly, personal and i'm going to call it disgusting. after a new lawsuit claims the former lawyer for stormy daniels was in cahoots with michael cohen, becoming, quote, a puppet for the president. >> i'm sorry, i don't respect a porn star the way i respect a
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career woman or a woman of substance. >> woman of substance. giuliani's comments drawing strong reaction this morning from humans. >> you misogynistic fool. are you kidding me? >> it's so disgusting. >> squaring off, president trump reportedly expressing concerns about attending the g-7 tomorrow as tariff tensions escalate. this as members of his own party propose legislation to tie his hands on any future trade wars. >> i don't think he's going to get us in a trade war. think he's way too smart to do that. >> two of scott pruitt's closest aides resign in the wake of yet another pruitt scandal. the embattled epa chief attempts to brush off accusations he used his office to get his wife a chick-fil-a franchise. >> we love -- chick-fil-a is a franchise of faith and it's one of the best in the country. so that's something we were very excited about. >> well, you can do it on your
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own time then, sir. we begin today with stormy daniels once again in the spotlight. on a day when she filed a stunning lawsuit calling her former attorney a trump puppet. the president's top lawyer, former lawyer of new york city, launched an appalling personal attack on daniels' character and her beauty. i have a great panel here to break all of it down. but let's start with trump attorney. the one and only rudy giuliani and his attacks on stormy daniels. take a listen to what this man said at a conference in israel yesterday. >> i respect all human beings. i even have to respect, you know, criminals. but i'm sorry, i don't respect a porn star the way i respect a career woman or a woman of substance. or a woman who has great respect for herself as a woman and as a person and isn't going to sell her body for sexual exploitation. so, stormy, you want to bring a case, let me cross examine you. slight suspicion when -- excuse
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me, when you look at stormy daniels, i know that donald trump and look at his three wives, right? beautiful women, classy women, women of great substance. stormy daniels? >> don't you think someone could also say "rudy giuliani?" those comments on the same day daniels filed a new lawsuit claiming her former attorney was correctly working with trump's fixer michael cohen. the new filing includes alleged text messages that claim to show he colluded while still representing miss daniels. it claims that president trump knew the two men were working together for his benefit. davidson, who is also the attorney that negotiated is $30,000 settlement with cohen, called the lawsuit outrageously frivolous. he also called it another desperate attempt by michael
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avenatti to continue his publicity tour. here's what daniels' current lawyer michael avenatti said about the lawsuit. >> keith davidson was supposed to be representing daniels at all times. he was supposed to be looking out for her interest and only her interest. he was not supposed to be interested in helping out michael cohen and donald trump. these text messages are very, very disturbing and they show that keith davidson, instead of representing stormy daniels, was more interested in colluding with his, quote, pal, close quote, as one of the text messages notes. >> "pal." let's get straight to nbc news kristen welker at the white house. we just got a new response from rudy giuliani about his comment yesterday, and we have to remember to put into context this is the guy who was the mayor of new york city through 9/11. many people consider him a hero. three, four years ago, you would have thought he might get a bridge named after him in this town. and now the comments he's making
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are fit for someone living under a bridge. i mean, bottom dweller, vile, the way he's speaking. >> well, stef, he is standing by those comments. in a telephone interview with my colleague and yours, haley jackson, let me read you a little bit of what giuliani said to her a little bit earlier today in the telephone interview. he said, why would i withdraw them? meaning the comments. you're going to tell me being involved in pornography isn't demeaning to women? do you have a daughter? i think most decent women would consider pornography demeaning. they used to. and she, daniel, gets money for that. this is all part of ripping apart anything anybody says defending the president. haley asked giuliani if this was a part of coordinated effort to try to undermine and discredit stormy daniels. he denied that. he said, look, he's just giving the facts as he sees them. but it is remarkable because it
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fits into this broader strategy that we seem to be witnessing of the president's legal team not only getting tougher against the special counsel but getting tougher about stormy daniels. ty cobb, the president's former attorney, who's since left, never commented on issues related to daniels. so this is clearly a very different tactic. important to stress that the white house has continued to deny that the president had an affair with stormy daniels, stef. >> i have my dream panel here with me today. michael avenatti, stormy daniels' lawyer, joins us now by phone. michael, you just heard rudy giuliani's reaction, which in a sense is porn stars aren't people too. >> this guy is an absolute disgusting pig, he should be fired immediately. the fact that he has doubled down on his comments today show how in touch, out of touch he is with today's society. show what a pig he truly is. shows that he think he's above the law and above rebuke.
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and it shows that he must believe that this president will support him and back him for these outrageous comments against women and my client. enough is enough. this cannot be allowed to stand. we cannot have men in positions of power basically making these statements against women, any woman. it doesn't matter what a woman's profession is. it has nothing do with their credibility. it doesn't matter what a woman looks like. it has nothing to do with whether they should be respected or believed, period. enough is enough. >> michael, i'm lucky this morn, christine quinn and mika brzezinski are with me. >> the other women that have stepped up, are they coming close to going public? i'm talking about the ones that have approached you in light of
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the case with your client stormy daniels about other payments that the president gave them. where are we with that, michael? >> one of our clients is considering whether to come forward. whether she wants to be scrutinized by the public. you know, statements like this, we don't know what impact they have on her. i haven't spoken to her yet this morning. but, you know, it could go either way, mika. this could encourage her to come forward or on the flip side it could scare her into remaining silent because she doesn't want to be attacked by somebody powerful like rudy giuliani. so i have not had a chance to speak with her. obviously we're going to try to encourage her to come forward. we're going to encourage every other wm to come forward who had any involvement with mr. trump and who was potentially threatened or intimidated. >> this specific case you're hoping will come forward is a woman that you have proof had an nda with donald trump and got a
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payment from donald trump? >> it appears that way. we haven't been able to validate the nda but all appearances seem to suggest that's true. >> was the payment through michael cohen? >> i don't know yet. >> okay. >> tell us about the lawsuit you filed yesterday. >> we filed the suit yesterday against keith davidson and michael cohen for colluding against my client. it's fairly clear that michael cohen was able to corrupt keith davidson, my client's former counsel who was supposed to be representing her interest at all times. he had no business engaging in these communications with michael cohen earlier this year. we belief the text messages completely undercut any claim by michael cohen or by the president that they didn't believe my client, that they have no involvement with her, that the president didn't know what was going on. the idea that michael cohen would be permitted to meet with the first lady of the united states to talk about my client when they didn't believe her or
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had no reason to believe anything she said is absurd. why would they be trying to put her on hannity if they didn't believe her? >> michael cohen, i have tentatively scheduled for hannity tonight. davidson, she cannot today. i'm trying to get her to commit for tomorrow. cohen, by doing tomorrow, you just create another news cycle instead of putting an end to this one. cohen, the wise men all believe the story is dying and i don't think it's smart for her to do any interviews. davidson, 100%, thanks, pal. michael, who are the "wise men"? who, by the way, none of these men have ever watched pornography by the way, because you know what, it's just too disgraceful for them. >> again, any individual who has never voluntarily watched pornography should most certainly, you know, speak out against my client at all times and try to discredit her. that would be -- i don't know how many people it would be, but
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it would be a very, very small group in the united states. the hypocrisy of a lot of these people is truly astounding. but i want to go back to mr. giuliani's comments last night and then again today. this is outrageous. i agree with mika's comments earlier today. i saw them and i agree 100%, mika, with what you said. the time has come for women to speak out. let me say this, if rudy giuliani is not fired immediately by this president, it is an outrage. and it should send a message to every woman in america as to what this president thinks is acceptable. you know, if the "access hollywood" tape was not enough, this should be enough. at some point, the line has been crossed. it was crossed long ago. we should not continue to give
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these guys a pass. >> ivanka trump has raised her hand as the champion for women in this white house. stormy daniels, how you feel about her career choice, is neither here nor there. she didn't commit a crime. she supported herself, she supported her child. do you wonder where ivanka's voice is here? >> it's a fact, by the way that stormy daniel got the payment from donald trump through michael cohen, which he lied about first. i wonder where ivanka's voice is on a number of issues. on the rudy story, a couple of things. first of all, the hypocrisy is astoupd i astou astounding. because i know someone who spoke to donald trump recently about life in the white house and donald trump's biggest complaint was that he's not allowed to watch porn in the white house. so there you go. there's a little bit of news for you. he's upset he can't watch porn in the white house. >> i bet they have those 1-900 numbers blocked too which must
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be a disappointment. >> i'm not really sure. it just sort of flies in the face of this. i obviously with my know your value platform feel really strongly about these comments. they made my blood boil. i was shaking when i heard them. elise jordan, the one next to me, they were both shaking. going to do a major debrief on the entire thing on the know your value website. because it goes down to value. here he is, undermining a woman's credibility. because he says look at heard and laughs derisively. what a pig. and then talks about looking at donald trump's wives. what a pig. and this is a guy who ran pageants, donald trump, for his living, okay. so we're not even -- >> by the way, into the back room during teen pageants so he could watch those girls disrobe. >> i'm not a fan of pageants but i'm not going to judge someone doing pageants for a living and, you know, that's -- the miss
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america pageant is making great progress. so there's a lot to talk about there. but my point is, beyond the hypocrisy, this is a really bad day for women if this is exactly the person the president wants speaking for him. telling people to look at someone and then laughing derisively. and it's a woman talking about she's not credible because look at her. and then comparing her to the president's wives. this is not the america that you and i have been trying to pave the way for women for. we have a long way to go for women knowing their value. the president and his attorney have taken us back. like decades. >> it's a bad day for humanity. imagine if the three of us sat here and said look at those crazy old men. >> right. >> look at those crazy old cigar smoking wacky men spouting their mouths. spouting lies. i mean, they would say we're inappropriate, we're ageist. how is in 2018 rudy giuliani can
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say this and you don't have an immediate apology from the white house? how does ivanka trump stand up and say i'm making my way back to new york? this is too shameful. >> rudy giuliani, a man spouting absurdities about the type of women he values and doesn't value, which is so offensive and mika has said it so correctly. he's a man who divorced his wife on television. she found out, donna hanover, she was getting divorced when he announced it at a press conference. what kind of family values are those? he is the least qualified to talk about who is a person or parent of value. as it goes for ivanka, she really made representations she was going to be a champion of women, a champion of the community, but she has been nothing but a hypocrite and coward. doesn't say anything when issues come up that clearly deserve her response and her voice. >> i wonder, donald trump
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appeared in a soft core pornography movie himself called "centerfold" i want to say in the early 2000s. it's sort of stunning this suddenly rudy giuliani has found some sort of -- i'm not even going to say religion. some sort of highbrow family values nonsense. donald trump has over a dozen women who have posed in "playboy" and i'm not judging it on "the apprentice." he met daniels at a golf tournament. he didn't think she was too low rent for him then. do you file a defamation suit against mr. giuliani? >> we haven't decided what we're going to do, stephanie, but i couldn't agree with your comments more. it's the hypocrisy of this president as it relates to women and to -- it's really astounding. to have rudy giuliani criticize my client for how she looks and what she has done for a living. and basically tie that to her
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credibility and claim that she's not due respect is ridiculous. especially when you look at -- and i want to be really clear with what i'm about to say. the first lady of the united states, when she came to the united states, she engaged in modeling. some of those pictures show her ska scantily clad. they're beautiful photographs, by wait. no one judges her based on those pictures. if anyone were to do that, the white house would be clamoring. they would be demanding an absolute apology and that there be repercussions for that. rightfully so. we're demanding the same. giuliani should be fired immediately. not next hour. not tomorrow. not next week. right now. this cannot be permitted to stand. the last thing i'll say is mr. giuliani talks about daughters. let me tell you something. i have two young amazing
6:18 am
daughters. and regardless of what profession they may pick and regardless of what they look like ultimately, if anyone were to ever make these remarks about them as women, i'd absolutely knock them out. >> mika, the argument that we're trying to make here is about decency, not politicpolitics. don't you think the white house could win if they put decency first? >> it's also about equality. as we work toward our journey for equal pay, we're not going to get equal pay if we're being judged on our looks. that's half the reason we have this problem right now. because men like that are in power, who actually judge women on their looks and their credibility is attached to their looks and how hot they are or how sexy they might be. that equals credibility to them. that equals someone they want to hire to them. that equals sexual harassment on so many levels. that's why we have the problems we have today. men like him. men who talk like pigs.
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and that's how they think. and he's representing the president of the united states. talking about a woman's looks and then laughing derisively as if her looks don't measure up to credibility like the president's wife's, multiple wives, look. this really strikes to heart of a woman's value. and he has degraded women across the board, this president, every step of the way. i was in the president -- in the east room having lunch with the president, jared and ivanka, and i think reince was in and out of the room, me and joe. and ivanka was so excited to talk about the women's initiative. dina powell was coming on board. i was really hopeful so i wanted to be supportive. ivanka said to me earlier in the day, let's try and talk to him about the plan, about the women's initiative that i want to execute with dina. i said absolutely, i'll help
6:20 am
bring it up. we never got to it. he was talking about his crowd side and his muslim ban. we were trying to tell him it was a bad week. and michael flynn kept creepily walking in and luring over us. finally at the end of the lunch, i walked to the wall and i was getting out a chapstick and ivanka kind of sheepishly said, dad, can we talk about women? and he goes what? and she goes, women. the women's thing. and he goes what? and then i turn around and i go, donald, women. hour glass to help the idiot understand what we're trying to talk about. >> charades in the white house. >> he go, oh, oh, oh, women, yeah, honey, we'll get to that. and the rest is history. here we are with the president's lawyer. now judging a porn star paid $130,000 by your client, rudy,
6:21 am
like what are you doing besides driving his cases into the ground and helping the opposition, which would be bob mueller's team ultimately, not us, okay, not the media. rudy is running this case into the ground and in the process degrading women publicly. feeding on the idea that a woman's value is based on her looks. i can't tell you how i think how many reverberations this will have. if we don't step up and i'm telling you right now, anybody who is as upset as i am or even more upset or even slightly upset, say something, tweet something, get on your phone. say something to a group of people. write something. run for office. this is the time to step up. because women, what we have learned is no one is going to do this for us. nobody. so find a voice and use it. >> to that point, how difficult is this for republicans? until now, they're saying i'm not going to touch this, this is another category.
6:22 am
at what point rudy giuliani says this, how does every republican woman soon capitol hill stay silent? >> i don't want to be pretend hopeful. i think a lot of them will stay silent. we saw in the primaries the other day a congress member not beat a runoff, right, she's in a runoff, and people assign that to the fact she didn't support trump's election. so, look, the republicans have been cowards, they've been scared. i think we'll continue seeing that. everything mika said was correct. you have to remember, this white house is so wrong and so devastatingly discriminatory that what they may see and what giuliani did is loyalty. >> by the way, hello, senator, members of congress, republican, democrats, women and men, where are you. this is where we are. today. because you have done nothing or you have not done enough or you
6:23 am
have tiptoed around it. paul ryan finally today. finally the president is not above the law. my god. but the good news is -- >> degrading women, that's where we are. >> but the good news is we've seen in the ballot boxes just recently we are making gains on the right side. i want to echo what mika said because we can make a difference as rank and file human beings. >> i think it's going to be tough. >> but we have to keep it going. >> okay, before we go, some perverse silver lining that rudy giuliani's words have sort of proven that desperate times call for desperate measures? he must have no game if he's digging this deep while speaking in israel about stormy daniels' looks. if you are an innocent man, you've got the truth on your side. not this garbage. >> well, i agree 100%. we've seen that now for a few weeks. the personal attacks on my client. the personal attacks on me. they're trying to shoot the
6:24 am
messengers because they can't fight this fight on the facts and the evidence because they know they're done. they know that they're going to lose these cases. they know that what we have stated is fact and that we back it up. let me just say this lastly. if this -- if these statements were made by any attorney representing any fortune 500 company -- >> you know it. >> in america, that attorney would be fired immediately. if an attorney for proctor gamble or coke-cola or at&t or name your large company or even small companies -- >> attorney? no ceo of a fortune 500 or publicly traded company would still have their job if they conducted themselves the way the president has. >> well, now, my point's a little different. if any general counsel, i agree with that, but if any general counsel -- >> oh, lost the call. >> let me tell you something,
6:25 am
this client is really brave. i really hope more women step up with their stories. because there are more. >> and women -- >> there are always more. >> and we always -- totally agree with you. but we also need americans to step up and support the victims. >> yes. >> and say every time -- >> when there's real evidence, absolutely. there is in this case, there's a payment. i mean, unless he was paying for porn or something else. i don't know what the $130,000 are for. you could argue he was paying for porn. but if it was an affair and there's an nda to hide the affair, then we've got legitimate evidence. especially if that nda has been violated by defaming the woman who signed the nda, that's a problem. >> rudy giuliani, michael cohen, president trump, if the $130,000 was for nothing, i invite you to send a check like that here. christine quinn here runs the homeless shelters, the largest homeless shelter network in new york city. we'll take that money.
6:26 am
if you're giving out 130 gs for nothing, i'll send you my home address. >> i wouldn't do that. >> not my home there's. 30 roc. i also want to thank mika. she said, today for the first time on television. liberating. >> we don't like being judged on our looks so i just don't look good, i don't care. >> you look fantastic. >> i look casual and comfortable. that's it. i'm done with this stuff. >> sneakers and jeans. i was going to have to change in the car on my way to pick up my daughter from school. >> i do it every day. >> thank you so much. all right. you can continue this conversation and i know you want to online. go to and mika, we're going to see you tomorrow morning at 6:00 am on "morning joe." coming up, president trump scheduled to leave for the g-7 summit tomorrow. it is so bad that president trump is evoking the the war of 1812 in his conversations with the canadian prime minister to defend his actions. later, president trump commutes the sentence of alice marie
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moving on, president trump is considering dozens of pardons. that's according to a white house official. this, as he commutes the life sentence for that woman right there on the screen, alice marie johnson. she spent 2 1 years behind bars relating to a memphis drug ring. johnson spoke out on nbc's "today" show this morning. >> i want to take this chance to try to magnify what has happened with me so that people will remember that there are other people just like me who are nonviolent, first-time, nonviolent offenders who pose no safety risk to their communities. so i can't just walk away and forget about those who have been left behind. >> my panel back with me to discuss. christine quinn and ben white from politico here. christine, we need to just say, first, she was behind bars for a crime she committed. it was a nonviolent drug offense.
6:32 am
but it was a big drug ring she was running out of her home. >> yes. >> yesterday was a massive deal. for you, do you think this is the beginning of change we're going to see in the justice system? >> i don't. i'm sad about that. did this woman deserve to spend time in jail? yes. did she deserve to spend rest of her life in jail, no. did i think this clemency was the correct decision? yes. why am i not hopeful. because this decision happened because kim kardashian, right, and i thank her for doing it, went to the white house and got the president's attention. >> when you see presidential pardons, it's often people have a celebrity champion. >> absolutely, but if you look at the rest of the history of what's gone on in the white house around pardons, around clemency, around these justice issues, they're all headed in the other direction, right. this does not in any way seem to go, oh, you know, if you equate the kardashian visit back to three months ago with this,
6:33 am
things are heading in the wrong direction. how many celebrity champions are there going to be for the tens of thousands of cases that should be getting thoughtful process-based review by the white house? so i hope i'm wrong. but i think this is a one-off brought bey kim kardashian of which i'm grateful. >> is it a one-off? kardashian championed it. maybe at the very least if the president sees how popular it is, we know how much he likes ratings, and pardons cost him nothing. he can keep doing it over and over and over. whether he did this for altruistic purposes or his own benefit, that woman did wake up today with her children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren. >> sure. i think we can celebrate this individual's story. she paid her debt to society. spent a lot of time in prison for a crime she did commit. this is a nonviolent drug offense. christine is absolutely right about the longer-term trend and the efforts in this white house, this administration.
6:34 am
jeff sessions at the justice department is in favor of absolute mandatory sentences, going as hard as you can against nonviolent drug offenders. the whole idea of criminal justice reform? they're not going to look at the mass incarceration problems we have. we have an incarceration society with all of these people spending their lives in jail when they shouldn't be. >> to both of your exact point, president trump said basically this as most recent as three months ago. take a listen. >> if we don't get tough on the drug dealers, we're wasting our time. just remember that. we're wasting our time. and that toughness includes the death penalty. >> mm. >> not so much a new era of thoughtful review or even
6:35 am
compassion in a statement like that. >> the "new york times" is highlighting matthew charles, someone who was released early under an obama program. just found out a little over two months ago, oh, it was a mistake, we're sending you back in. what could and should be the next move for those inside the white house who are trying to fight for the alice johnsons of the world? how do they get this in front of the president to pay attention? >> clearly they need someone who is a bold faced name, a celebrity. i hate to minimize it to that. all the forces within the administration as we nexted with sessions and others, the reports that john kelly didn't support this move and other people in the white house. clearly there's no eternal advocates that have come up so far. ones that would be the most significant are on the wrong side. i think this is mostly the celebrity or people power making it a just huge campaign. >> he might feel like he gets a
6:36 am
little bit of positive publicity from this one. generally speaking, the republican party, the law and order party, do not appeal to voters -- >> yes, but if i'm a fiscal conservative. let's just say i'm a fiscal conservative. at the very least, alice johnson, the state no longer has to put up for rest of her life. >> right, but the law and order argument, the scaring people about immigrant, scaring people about crime in general is a more powerful argument than this idea it costs less to put people in jail. it's an insane amount of money we spend to warehouse people who do not need to be warehoused. >> alice johnson and her daughter will be joining -- i will not be here at 11:00. it's my daughter's last day of school. alice marie johnson and her daughter will be joining my partner ali velshi at 11:00 a.m. imagine, yesterday morning, she woke up, ate breakfast in jail and thought she'd be doing that for the rest of her life. today, she was home.
6:37 am
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when did you see the sign? when i needed to create a better visitor experience. improve our workflow. attract new customers. that's when fastsigns recommended fleet graphics. yeah! now business is rolling in. get started at president trump heads to canada tomorrow for the g-7 summit. neither the president nor the leaders of the other countries seem too happy about it. the back and forth over trade tariffs has led to harsh words and hurt feelings among some of america's closest allies. no surprise, expectations for the summit are being set extremely low. imagine that. a summit with our closest allies
6:41 am
and low expectations. "the washington post" reports that president trump has floated the idea of skipping the summit because, quote, he's opposed on many key issues with his counterparts and does not want to be lectured by them. i want to bring in eli stokeles, white house report for the "l.a. times." when the president has participated before, i've spoken to people, former members of this administration who said he doesn't like these events. he doesn't like walking hand-in-hand with other leaders. he prefers the royal treatment saudi arabia-style. so do you really think trump could skip this and have pence go? i mean, trade and business, that's his jam. or he claims. >> it is his jam, stephanie. you know, we also know he hates walking into a place where he feels he's going to be lectured. you know, he is, he has
6:42 am
potentially talked about skipping. with the possibility of some breakthrough with north korea, that is something he thinks can bring him glory, can help him politically, can be an historic moment. this moment, the g-7 and annual meetings of world leaders feel i think to this president a little more like a chore. they feel perfunctory, obligatory. he knows because he's had conversations with headings of state already, he knows they're not happy with him for the protectionist tariffs. there may just not be much place for them to meet in the middle and he is not looking forward to it, that's for sure. >> they are a chore. work is hard. walk us through zte. because it sounds like commerce secretary ross is saying they have struck a deal with china on zte. talk about how big this is. if they want to advance negotiations with china, we knew
6:43 am
this is what china would want. but given who zte is, their violations and even what wilber ross right there has said about them in the past, it's huge. >> it is a big development. apparently there will be a group put together that will be able to monitor this company, they will have to pay a huge fine so it does potentially pave the way for future negotiations here. ross going to china, meeting with officials and coming back, it turns out, with something. but, you know, still a little early to iron this out. the diplomatic wrinkles, there's so many of them in dealing with china, china's involved in the north korea negotiations. the trade stuff. i mean this is just very complicated, but this does look like a positive development for the administration. >> a positive development for the administration. possibly a positive development for negotiations on trade. all right, thank you so much, appreciate it. coming up, house republicans holding a crucial make it or break it meeting right now on
6:44 am
immigration. but will they address the policy that is separating children from their family at the border? this is a policy the president has said is an obama policy which it's not. it's a jeff sessions, president obama policy, put in place. are republicans going to address it, address the truth? how can we say when you book direct at you always get the lowest price on our rooms, guaranteed? let's get someone to say it with a really low voice. carl? lowest price guaranteed. what about the world's lowest limbo stick? how low can you go? nice one, carl. hey i've got an idea. just say, badda book. badda boom. badda book. badda boom. nice. always the lowest price, guaranteed. book now at
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let's talk immigration. house republicans are behind closed doors trying to hash out a deal on immigration. trying to prevent an internal sel civil war from seeing the light of day. what are they talking about? because simply saying immigration, there's a lot on that. >> yes, this started about an hour ago, led off by paul ryan, i'm told by a person inside the meeting, essentially catching people up on how we got to this point where leadership essentially risks losing control of the floor process and how they might handle an immigration issue. remember, there's this discharge petition that has been floating around that's just a few signatures away from essentially forcing house leadership to take a series of votes on immigration they simply don't want to take. what you're seeing here is the
6:49 am
republicans in the house trying to figure out if there is any consensus at all on what they can agree to on an immigration deal, on an immigration bill that they think perhaps the president would agree to and how they can move forward and stop this petition from being enacted. paul ryan talked about this a little bit yesterday at his weekly press conference. take a listen. >> i feel good about the kind of conversations we're having. our members are earnest and sincere in trying to understand each other's perspectives. we have a big swath of views on this issue. i really believe there's a sweet spot here. >> two political realities to keep in mind. after another meeting late last night, the house leaders were no closer to striking a deal between moderates and the more hard-liners on immigration. and the second reality is anything that comes out of this meeting remains very unlikely to become law. there's not a lot of appetite in the senate for taking up immigration again and there's not a lot of clarity still at this point after months and months of discussion of what
6:50 am
exactly could pass down here that the president would support. i think that's going to continue to be the key thing. leadership very much wants to see what they can get donald trump to sign before they move forward on this. >> while lawmakers are starting to start out those details on immigration reform, the a polic currently in place. there's talk about this. specifically the one that lets officials separate children from their parents if they are caught and arrested at the border. i want to bring my panel back in. qui christine quinn and ben white. ben, these people are breaking the law is the administration's argument but it is a misdemeanor. if i committed a misdemeanor i wouldn't be separated from my children. but does their argument hold water? >> well, i mean, it doesn't hold water from a humane sense or a decency sense or anything that appeals to, you know, our better natures and, you know, the trump administration likes to paint this as a democrat problem or an
6:51 am
obama problem which is absurd. >> humanity and decency live far outside i'd like to think politic. >> exactly. they're in charge. this is the administration in charge of i.c.e. and how you implement these policies and can decide to do it or not and jeff sessions talked about what a good policy this is. we need this deterrent and need to say to families don't bring your kids here because you'll get separated from them not working, not particularly useful because they're still coming and is it a just -- is it a hugh pain policy? the answer is no. >> but you just hit on an important point. it's not a humane policy and it's not even a legal tenable policy because they're misdemeanors but it's designed, i believe, to frighten families, right, and get moms and dads to stay and not try to come into the united states. >> okay, but -- >> it's not working? >> to that point the administration says this type -- you know, this is why border crossings are down, but look at the numbers. they're not down. they're not down. they're up.
6:52 am
>> so it's cruel. it doesn't legally make sense and it's not working. >> otherwise other than that it's great. inhumane doesn't work. >> what about people asylum seekers, people who are trying to do this to escape persecution, they're getting lumped into this. >> absolutely. >> right, which is another injustice. i mean, we built this country on the idea you could seek asylum here and take asylum seekers and not separate them from their ki. >> and who knows what peril the kids will be in, what more peril that asylum seeker will be in if they get sent back. >> how is this a winning strategy for president trump? president trump's base or a very anti-immigrant group might say rock on, we don't want them here but to your point if the numbers don't support them doing this, and it's inhumane so loads of people who sit in the middle could say, mr. president, this is inhumane why is this a winning policy? >> look, the numbers, he'll say,
6:53 am
are fake news and that, you know, the numbers have been misrepresented and he'll in the same way he said he's building a wall when he's not building a wall he'll tell us the numbers are different and he'll wrap them up in some contorted way that will end up being red petition for the cheap seats and i think this won't hurt him in his call it 33% base. i just don't. >> this gets to the problem that they're dealing with on capitol hill right now and why this immigration meeting is happening because you have a lot of moderate republicans from texas, from florida, from districts that have a lot of hispanic voters who are terrified by the fact we have these awful immigration policies and actually want to do something to fix them but then you have hard-lynn trump yan conservatives and the house freedom caucus -- >> you have texas republicans saying the wall is a third world solution. >> right. and they live there. they're on the border. they know these policies inside and out and know the border wall is a ridiculous idea and need to fix the separating families
6:54 am
policy and have a decent, logical humane immigration policy and cannot get it through the republican house. >> when alex cesar says they are providing education and support and a bed or a home, you buy that? >> you know, look, they may be getting as my father would say three hots and a cot but they're torn from their family and basically imprisoned without their parents. it is just cruel and against the kind of family values president donald trump said he would be. >> it's not who we are as a nation. >> it's not who we are as a nation. coming up, president trump's potentially legacy detyping moment with kim jong-un. bill richardson who has traveled to north korea eight times and negotiated the release of detained americans will reveal what the president needs to do to accomplish his -- to accomplish a lot in that historic sit-down coming up. it's time for your business of the week. robin raskin is a veteran and
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to lead healthier lives and that's invaluable. ♪ what an hour this has been. you though how i like to end the show and today we really need it. there's always good news somewhere and we think good news rules. today i want to highlight an incredible mentoring initiative glam4good that creates social impact and empowerment through beauty and style. the group hosted an event yesterday at a high school right here in new york city complete with a panel to mentor students and an incredible shopping spree. the high schoolers were invited to join their mentors to pick up brand-new outfits and accessories. why is this important?
6:59 am
well not only was it totally free of charge, it's helping them prepare not just to look great but for their future interviews. these young ladies are starting their careers post-graduation and they want to look their best. they want to feel their best. this organization understands that in order to put your best foot forward, you need to know how to do it. you need to look your best. i thank mary alice stevenson and that group for helping all of those great young women. you got to see it to be it and those ladies will look great starting out their careers. what an hour it's been. my goodness. by the way, congratulations, golden state warriors last night. kevin durant, what a game. you can find me all day long on twitter. i will not be here at 11:00 with my partner ali velshi because i'd love to interview alice johnson. i have to pick up my daughter. it's her last day of school. now i hasn't you off to my friend hallie jackson. >> school is out, summer. love that. >> pre-kindergarten is over. >> i'm done too.
7:00 am
i'm good for the summer. we're just going to go to the shore. >> you know me, all summer long, let's do it. >> i'm in. thank you, steph. i'm hallie jackson where the world stage belongs to donald trump, to shinzo abe of japan and rudy giuliani of brooklyn because you seem to have rudy going rogue telling me he doesn't regret any of his recent rema remarks including slamming stormy daniels about being a porn star and what kim jong-un did to land that sit-down with donald trump. that's why the minister is coming here for the abe lobby as he tries to make sure he is not cut out of those talks and that great grandmother pardoned by president trump. alice johnson now free, now talking, look at that emotional reunion. we'll show you her message to the president, to kim kardashian and other people just like her. >> i can't just walk away and forget


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