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tv   MSNBC Live With Velshi and Ruhle  MSNBC  June 7, 2018 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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ali velshi, to you. >> i was looking forward to seeing you on tuesday. we were supposed to do something together, but i guess you're going to singapore. >> i was excited for the philadelphia panel. me and you getting in person time together. >> i want to understand given the choice you chose singapore over philly. you always give me a bunch of goof about getting on the philly band wagon. >> this is my job. okay? ali. >> have a good rest of your day. see you later. good morning, everybody. it's thursday, june 7th. let's get smarter. >> when you live with -- i'm sorry, i don't respect a porn star the way i respect a career woman, a woman who has respect for herself as a woman, and as a person, and isn't going to sell her body for sexual exploitation. >> you misogynistic fool. are you kidding me? just look at stormy daniels? just look at yourself.
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are you kidding me? at this -- in this moment where we are in history with women, you are going to tell us to just look at her? are you out of your mind? you know what? that's your only excuse. and i feel really sorry for you. >> i obviously with my know your value platform feel really strongly about these comments and they made my blood boil. i was shaking when i heard them. >> i agree with what you said, 100%. the time has come for women to speak out. and let me say this. if rudy giuliani is not fired immediately by this president, it is an outrage. >> it's a bad day for humanity. imagine if you -- imagine if the three of us sat here and said look at those crazy old men. look at those crazy old cigar smoking whacky men spouting their mouths, spouting lies. i mean, they would say that we're inappropriate. we're ageist. how is it in 2018 rudy giuliani
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can say this and you don't have an immediate apology from the white house? >> they are a group of 13 democrats that make up the mueller team, excludeing him, are trying very, very hard to frame him. >> they are demanding that witnesses turn in their phones, follow hillary clinton's lead. delete all your e-mails and then acid wash the e-mails and the hard drives on the phones. then take your phones and bash them with a hammer to little tiny pieces. >> there's been nothing, literally nothing that has come out of the year and a half long witch hunt you' guys have been on. >> the president heads to the g7 summit tomorrow. the back and forth over trade tariffs has led to harsh words and hurt feelings among some of ameri america's closest allies.
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>> don't blame trump. blame the nations that have broken away from those conditions. trump's trying to fix this broken system. >> freedom for alice johnson. the 63-year-old great grandmother serving a life sentence for a nonviolent drug conviction. she was granted clemency by the president. >> i want to thank president trump. thank you to kim kardashian. she was the one who told me that it would happen, that i was free. that i was going to reach you and my family. >> and alice johnson is going to join us live this hour. first we have a lot to talk about today surrounding president trump. it seems the crazy train has pulled into the station. we have spy conspiracies, a porn star trump ally suggesting that people should destroy evidence, and it looks like the russia investigation was one of the first things on his mind today.
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it was his first tweet of the day calling the investigation a witch hunt. it's the 56th time he's tweeted that. he wrote isn't it ironic getting ready to go to the g7 in canada to fight or our country in trade. then off to singapore to meet with north korea and the nuclear problem. back home we have the 13 angry democrats pushing the witch hunt. joining me to talk about it is tom winter and mimi rocaw. this narrative, tom, gets richer and richer by the day. the 13 investigators on robert mueller's team didn't appoint themselves. they didn't gather in a room and decide that they're going forward with this investigation. they were appointed to do so. is there any evidence of a framing? rudy giuliani is talking about the -- this group attempting to frame the president. what do we know about this, if anything? >> first off, when i hear somebody is being framed, aassume they've been charged.
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to the best of my knowledge, the president hasn't been charged. we tistill have courts. someday, whether it's the president or somebody higher up in his campaign, although, somebody his former campaign manager has been charged, whether it be some associate of his, a family member of his, at some point whatever these 13 prosecuters that he keeps talking about, and robert mueller's team is bigger. we know special agents have been assigned to the team and it's broader than just these 13 people that the president keeps referring to. at some point if charges are brought, the government will have to prove that those violations of law existed in a court. the burden is on the government to prove it beyond a reasonable doubt. if somebody is framed? >> there's still a process and judge. >> a judge is going to have to decide whether the evidence was obtained lawfully. to make sure that somebody wasn't entrapped and there wasn't some sort of a
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malfeasance done against law in court. i mean, we just have a system in the united states that everybody is presumed innocent until they're proven guilty. and should anybody bring any further charges we brought or as these trials go forward, at some point the government is going to have to prove those cases. and so it's just -- >> right. we can discuss framing and things like that. >> it's baffling anybody would consider that before somebody has been charged. >> robert mueller's team has reportedly asked members of the team to turn over their phones. earlier we heard a little bit from sean hannity where he suggested that anybody who is being asked for their phones by robert mueller should destroy them physically. let's listen to sean hannity. >> where is the report on why the fbi looked the other way as hillary clinton literally destroyed evidence as she deleted 33,000 subpoenaed
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e-mails. acid washed her hard drive and had an aide break up her devices with a hammer? >> then he said that's exactly what people should do if they're asked for their phones by robert mueller. i guess if he's not part of the proceedings, it doesn't matter what he says, right? that there's nothing illegal about him telling people they should break their phones up before they give them to robert mueller. i guess it might be illegal for somebody to do that. >> i don't think it's that he's not part of the proceedings. somebody who q, first, his name has come up as a subject, witness, i don't know. but his name has come up. but the issue is really does he have the intent. and that's got to be sort of -- to get people to obstruct justice, and i'm not sure of the answer of that, but he also has first amendment protections because he's a journalist. he did couch it on if i were to tell people, you know, so he said all the right things that would make it hard for someone to charge him with a crime, but it's obviously incredibly
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reckless. let's think about what he's saying. he's trying to make it sound like mueller and his investigators are doing something wrong by trying to look at encrypted communications between people who are witnesses in an investigation about attacks on our democracy. that's exactly what investigators should be doing. they should be looking at all communications, especially the ones that possibly people were trying to hide and keep from laulaw enforcement. that's what the fbi and prosecuters do. the idea that hannity is trying to make that sound like somebody bad, that's a problem in and of itself. what are they afraid that mueller is going to find? what are they afraid of coming out? it sounds like they just don't want them to get to the evidence. so whether he can be charged with a crime, i don't think so. but i think the real issue is why is he making this sound like something bad and evil? >> something that really did sound bad and evil this morning were some comments from rudy
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giuliani. rudy giuliani has said some things recently that make a lot of people look twice and think twice, but this morning he made some comments, and you can judge for yourself what you think about the comments. i happen to think that they were disgusting. mimi, after we hear them, i'm going to ask you how the legal el e evaluates things like what rudy giuliani said. women and issue of credibility. first, listen to it in rudy giuliani's words. >> i know donald trump, and look at his three wives. right? beautiful women. classy women. women of great substance. stormy daniels? i respect all human beings. i even have to respect criminals, but, i'm sorry, i don't respe a porn star the way i respect a career woman, a woman of substance or a woman who has great respect for herself as a woman, and as a person, and isn't going to sell her body for sexual exploitation. >> now, we've decided in our
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legal system sometime ago that we do not -- the scales of justice are blind to what your chosen profession is, and what your history was. how does this sit with you? >> well, i mean, as a, quote, career woman, which i guess i would fall in that category, his comments are offensive. i think any person, not just women should be offended by them, and i am. i think rudy giuliani, i mean, it's hard to take seriously anything he says anymore. and i'm not saying we should just completely ignore it because i understand that if you don't respond it just sits there. >> and he's the president's lawyer at the moment. >> right. but he is once again -- this is just part of his distract, smear campaign, whether it be of mueller, of a witness who clearly, stormy daniels, it's a small piece of the case, but it's an important piece of the southern district case which is clearly going at michael cohen and looking stronger every day,
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and more damaging to mr. cohen, and that is potentially very damaging to the president. and to rudy giuliani is just throwing things out there that he can. if miss daniells were ever to testify, she would not be evaluated by her profession. i think it would come out as relevant to the story line, but maybe not even. that's just not part of how you evaluate people and their credibility. frankly, rudy giuliani's statements when you hold them up against the facts as we really know them, those are clearly not credible. and so for him to say that she has no credibility because of her profession is just -- >> i was a little surprised to wake up in 2018. this happened overnight, and to see those comments. all right. thank you very much. former u.s. attorney for the southern district of new york. tom winter, thank you to both of you. trump's tough talk on trade is hitting american jobs and
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businesses to a tune of a trillion dollars. there's tariffs on peanut butter and whiskey and pork. and president trump has had a heated call with justin trudeau on tariffs. it's actually kind of hard to get into a heated conversation with trudeau. he questioned trump's justification of tariffs as trump asked, didn't you guys burn down the white house? we think he was referring to the war of 1812 when the british bushed down the original white house. canada became a country in 1867. it's nonsensical, but we'll be back of it on the other side. i tend to play the tough guy. but i wasn't tough enough to quit on my own. not until i tried chantix. chantix, along with support, helps you quit smoking. it reduced my urge to smoke to the point that i could stop.
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the president is preparing to head north for the g7 summit. typically a meeting of allies to discuss economic issues facing the seven largest economies in the world. the u.s., canada, the u.s., the united kingdom, germany, italy and france. remember, this all started over the president's concerns of chinese steal flooding the global market and hurting american companies. now it's turned into a trade war with some of our closest allies. while the president gets ready to face our allies, let's go
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through what's at steak for the u.s. economy. and moves the president says are designed to protect american businesses. okay. the escalating trade war is right now focussed on three key trading partners. canada, mexico, and the entire european union as one trading partner. in recent days our allies have made it clear this will not be taken lying down. mexico announced a raft of retaliatory tariffs on u.s. products. look at these. everything from lamps to pork to cheese to various grouts and flat steel. some of the new tariffs aimed at the agricultural sector are set to double. the retaliation hits 3 billion worth of goods flowing south to mexico. the eu is targeting similar industries but also including whiskey, bourbon from kentucky. motorcycles, denim, cigarettes, juices, tobacco and more. tariffs from address the atlantic are going to hit goods
8:18 am
worth $3.4 billion. but canada, canada, my home country is taking the hardest stance of all. look at all this. this is just some of the list of products targeted by canada along with several items in common with mexico and the eu. canada is going to hit pizza, chocolate, paper products, condiments, household appliances. plywood, shaving creams, playing cards and more. it takes a lot for canadians to put a tariff on beer kegs. the tariffs will hit american products worth $12.8 billion. altogether that's nearly $20 billion worth of products going to three of our biggest trading partners that are not going to face tariffs. it may be taking a bite out of what used to be the president's favorite metric. according to an analyst j just the threats going back and forth pushed the s&p 500 down 4.5%.
8:19 am
that translates into about one and a quarter trillion dollars off the s&p 500's market value, or your retirement value. joining me now, john harwood. the argument is there is short-term paid to be had in favor of long-term gain. play that out for me. just work with me on that rationale. it looks like short-term and long-term pain. stock market pain. we have american businesses selling things to our major allies pain. talk to me about this. >> depends on whose pain you're talking about. if the president of the united states decides that it is of critical importance to the united states to manufacture a much larger proportion of primary steel and aluminum, the core products, then job gains from tariffs could put the united states out ahead. if that, in fact, is a core national interest.
8:20 am
and then you would decide by doing that that higher prices for american consumers and diminished exports are worth that cost. otherwise it's not worth it. and it's all pain, because -- and this is why economists think it is all pain. what the tariffs do is raise prices for american consumers, and they diminish exports that americans make money off of. >> it's a double whammy. it could be twice as harmful. the only way that this is good, because if you're increasing prices for americans and decreasing exports for americans, then the only gain can be what? what that you are preserving american jobs, increasing the value of the american jobs. >> in one sector. there was a study in the last couple of days that projected that president trump's tariffs will add 27,000 jobs in steel and aluminum. okay? that's 27,000 people who will be better off. but it said that 400,000 people
8:21 am
will lose their jobs as a result of higher prices of steel and aluminum inputs. these go into cars and soup cans and the other things we've talked about. then you've got the impact on american agriculture and other exports that are going to be diminished, and there's not debate among economists about this. even former trump advisers like steve moore, everybody agrees that this is bad for the economy overall. you know, trade policy is a matter of winners and losers, and it's certainly clear that global trade deals have some losers but the notion behind them is that the broader population comes out ahead. >> i was in canada during the free trade agreement negotiated before mexico was involved which evolved into nafta. there are a lot of canadians who think canada got the bad end of the people. there are always people in the trade deals who think they got the bad end of the deal.
8:22 am
you're not an alarmist about this, nor am i. the world bank has warned it could push the world to a situation similar to the 2008 financial crisis. i'm not sure how we get there, but talk to me about this. >> well, i'm skeptical of that too, but just look at the tone we're getting from business leaders who have been with president trump on things like tax cuts. the business round table came out with a survey that showed members of the round table becoming gloomier about the economy because of the trade tariffs. you had the national association of business economists downgrade their forecast from 2 .9 % in the previous survey to 2.8%. president trump's promise is to supercharge growth beyond 3%, maybe 4%. he talked about in the campaign even higher. but people are not projecting that they're going to do that, and the tariffs would weigh it
8:23 am
down. >> john, always good to see you. thank you for your analysis. >> the top of the hour, the japanese prime minister is going to meet with president trump at the white house. it's like the 30th time they've talked or met. they're going to hold a news conference this afternoon. they have trade to talk about and north korea to talk about. msnbc is going to carry that live. coming up next, i'll speak with alice marie johnson. she was released from prison yesterday thanks to kim kardashian and president trump. what she's planning to do now that she is free from a life sentence. first, a comedian made her first appearance since calling ivanka trump the c-word. she apologized but also called out her critics. >> a lot of people were disgusted and angry. it is a word i have used on the show many times hoping to reclaim it. this time i used it as an insult. i crossed the line. i regret it enapologize.
8:24 am
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this morning 63-year-old alice marie johnson woke up somewhere other than a prison cell. for the first time in 21 years. this was the scene wednesday evening in alabama when the great grandmother eagerly ran to embrace her family. johnson's life sentence was commuted by president trump, freeing her but not wiping away her conviction. johnson was sentenced to life without the possibility of parol by a federal judge in 1977 by her part in a drug ring that had ties to a drug ka tell. alice and her daughter join me now. alice, what does it feel like? we're not even 24 hours away from you running out of prison. something you didn't think you were going to see for many more years, if at all. how do you feel? >> i'm so happy. it's amazing what i feel right
8:29 am
now. my heart is overflowing with love and gratitude for everyone who made this possible, and for my family who made it possible by standing by my side. >> tell me about this. i don't think some time ago you and your family thought this was going to be possible. >> i mean, a few denials, like three clemency denials. my mom never gave up. she was like keep the faith. so long we had faith that -- as long as we had faith, and we did. >> alice, you're going to have another life now. you're going to put some of the work -- you described your life in prison as having turned you around completely. what does your new life look like? >> my new life looks like working again. just getting up and going to work every day. my life looks like spending time with my children and my
8:30 am
grandchildren and my sisters and my brother, my extended family members. my life looks totally different from what it did less than 24 hours ago. i can't tell you what i'm feeling right now, because it's still so unreal to me, but it is real. >> i can imagine. i can imagine that. we're looking at the video of you reuniting with your family. one of the things that eventually you're going to be called upon to discuss, and i know you've had comments on is sentencing problems in this country. we do tend to sentence people quite harshly, particularly inmates held on drug offenses. we have 279,000 people on drug offenses. now, look, on one hand you got to hold that we oversentence people. on the other hand, you were a bit of a bad apple back in the day. how do you square those two things? >> this is what i say to that. i believe that you should -- that deserved some time. i really do, but people say so quickly that if you do the crime, you do the time, but i
8:31 am
also believe that time should be fair and just based on the crime. you can't tell me a nonviolent first-time offender should have been given a life without parol sentence. i came into prison at 41 years old with no criminal history and actually when you say that things that took place, i paid my debt to society, and while paying that debt, i've done -- i'm going to use a word, incredible, some people term it as extraordinary rehabilitation. that is what -- that's what my rehabilitation has been coined as. do you think i deserve the same prison time as the unabomber? i don't think so. >> katina, the interesting thing is kim kardashian got involved. she saw a video of your mother and took that to the president. we're not sure of the president's motivations. i'm sure you don't care at this point because your mom is out. there are other families of
8:32 am
nonviolent offenders out there without star power. what's your message for them? >> my message for them would be don't give up. a way will always open up. no matter what happens, keep your faith. know that your parent, your mother, your father, your sister or brother or whoever they are, they're going to come home. one way or another, someone is going to open that door. and you just got to let them walk through it. and walk that path to their own freedom. >> alice, 21 years. so much has changed in the world in 21 years. we didn't have these phones 21 years ago. i mean, obviously you've kept up with a lot of things because you've been in prison. you've had kids and grandchildren. what's fascinating about the world? what did you want to do when you first got out? what do you want to do in the next few days or weeks just to reconnect with this world that's changed so much since you first went in? >> well, i have to tell you my answer because it's a true
8:33 am
answer. i want a telephone. i've seen everyone walking around with these smart phones and whatever the phones are called, iphones. i don't know all the different brands, but when i went to business, there was no such thing as twitter, facebook, and this is so fascinating to me. everywhere i look i see people with this little device in their hand pressing buttons and looking down. i peep over shoulders and i seen faces on those too. i can't wait to get a telephone. >> it's going to be exciting for you. what about the inmates themselves? you did do a turn around inside prison. you were ministers to people, i believe. what do you say to people who are serving harsh sentences, drug sentences like you? kat katina's message to don't give up hope. how do you counsel them to deal with their sentences? >> the way i always counsel people to deal with their sentences is even though you may be given a long sentence, for me it was life, the way you become
8:34 am
a fail yaure is if you allow someone to take your life. yo nd to take control of your life, make good choices. you landed in a bad spot, but that bad spot that you landed in, you've got a blank page where you can now do things to prepare yourself. if you have hope and faith, you're going to work on that faith. faith without works is dead. so it means preparing yourself for a life outside of prison. trying to do things to rehabilitate yourself. take classes. do things that will prepare you to walk out the door for that time when there may be sentence reform or prison reform. prepare yourself. that would be my biggest message. prepare yourself. don't give up your faith. prepare yourself is the biggest message. >> alice, we are looking forward to following your new life outside of prison and seeing what you do with respect to sentencing reform and mostly i'm interesting in finding out what kind of phone you get and what you do to set it up.
8:35 am
talk to me once you get it worked out. i wish you and your family well in getting reacquainted and giving her all the information about all the new things. put all the right privacy settings on her phone. >> oh, of course. of course. >> thank you. thank you so much for having us on your show. >> good luck. i don't get to say this much on tv, but good luck with the rest of your life. alice johnson an her daughter. >> thank you. coming up next, a sweeping but controversial overall for health care is coming for american's veterans. we're going to break down the new va mission act and tell you what it means for millions of americans. first, the tax cut tracker. we're seeing record breaking stock buybacks thanks to corporate tax cuts. more than $201 billion in stock buybacks and cash takeovers. apple made half of the total promising to buy $100 billion of
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to show you the lowest prices... so you can get the best deal on the right hotel for you. dates, deals, done! tripadvisor. visit welcome back. here are the top stories this hour. shin d
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shinzo abe is scheduled to meet with president trump. the meeting will focus on the meeting with north korea. we'll carry it live. this morning, wilbur ross confirmed the u.s. struck a deal with the chinese cell phone company zte to end american sanctions. it includes a billion dollar penalty, a major change to the leadership and a compliance team embedded in the company. the u.s. has evacuated several americans from the consulate in china. the state department confirmed one employee there suffered symptoms by those felt by embassy employees in cuba. they were diagnosed with mild traumatic brain injury after hearing strange noises. mike pompeo set up a task force to investigate. and a volcano has left entire towns and villages in guatemala covered. emergency crews are searching for nearly 200 missing people.
8:41 am
according to documents, u.s. government researchers believe it's only a matter of time before a cyber security breach occurs on an airline. researchers working on behalf of dhs conducted tests on aircraft including the successful remote hacking of a boeing 737. the overhaul is coming to the veteran's administration. president trump signed the va mission act yesterday. this is a three-part law that's aimed at offering veterans more access to private care. first it injects more than $5 billion into the existing choice program for the next year. that program was created in 2014 after patients died while waiting to see doctors. it allows veterans to see private, nonva physicians. during the next year the choice program and six other health care programs in the va are all going to be combined into one plan. this new single plan will expand access to private sector
8:42 am
treatment if the va can't provide a service or a veteran is facing long travel or wait times, or poor service ratings from a va provider. the va would still be in charge of coordinating this private care. president trump says it's all about choice and freedom for veterans. if they're waiting online for nine days and can't see a doctor, why aren't they going outside to see a doctor and take care of themselves and we pay the bill? it's less expensive for us. it works out much better. and it's immediate care. >> the second part of the new law offers more family care givers a monthly stripe end. under the old rules only veterans of the post 9/11 era were eligible. the third part of the law orders a sweeping review of v.a. facilities to see if any need to be closed repaired or expanded.
8:43 am
a report is due in 2022. the law comes with controversy. several democrats and veterans organizations say that this new law paves the way for privatization of the v.a. it's expected to cost about $52 billion and there's no plan yet to fund it. coming up nec, new details on the gop's effort on immigration. we'll tell you about this morning's closed door meeting and whether they can find a way forward for daca recipients. new trouble for scott pruitt. he loved eating at the white house so much he's been asked to eat there less often. he's been known to complain that the epa has no private dining area.
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when did you see the sign? when i needed to jumpstart sales. build attendance for an event. help people find their way. fastsigns designed new directional signage. and got them back on track. get started at welcome back. house republicans just finishes meeting behind closed doors in an effort to reach a deal on an immigration bill. minutes august mark meadows said the main stumbling block remains a path to citizenship for dreamers. >> there is no consensus.
8:48 am
i think what you'll see is leadership will take all the input from different members, points of view, and try to boil that down into more of a legislative framework in the coming days. ultimately what it comes down to is the citizenship question and how you deal with that. >> we just had a very productive conference meeting. to discuss the broken immigration system. members were engaged and it's clear there are a lot of areas of consensus. i'm pleased that members on all sides of our conference are engaging directly to find a solution. joining me now, immigration reporter, kate lynn dickerson. it's kind of a fascinating discussion. mark meadows saying we don't have consensus. really? we've been talking about this kind of forever. they can't come to an agreement. republicans do not have common
8:49 am
ground on what to do with dreamers. >> that's right. and there's still so much that is dividing republicans right now. it's not just the pathway to citizenship. but there are republicans who still are convinced they have to connect a border wall to any deal before they're willing to vote for it. and there are also some who say they won't move forward with a bill if it doesn't include limiting legal visas and legal immigration. these are huge questions that remain unanswered and we're in the same position. >> i mean, these issues have been going on for a very long time. this isn't new to anybody. and there are some people who legitimately can point to democrats for not solving the comprehensive immigration problem. now we're up against deadlines. what could possibly happen here? this is now going to become an election issue, a midterm issue. it's probably going to roll into next year again. what could happen? >> so i think what will likely end up happening is more punting. we could see a deal and
8:50 am
comprehensive immigration reform. i'm not going to hold my breath for that. we'll probably see more punting. that means for dreamers, they're waiting on courts to make a decision. right now the program, daca, that's protecting them and keeping them here. and then you'll see in the midterms battle on there are many people who are supporting dreamers, who will be excited about candidates who claim they will pass comprehensive immigration reform and there's a lot of voters who are excited about the opposite of cracking down on the border about increasing enforcement. you'll see both democrats and republicans use immigration as way to try to get votes. >> democrats all support some version of getting a vote on the floor and voting on it in congress. some republicans do, some republicans don't. this is becoming a battle between moderate forces on immigration and conservative forces on immigration and what you saw with paul ryan there is for the moment he and mitch
8:51 am
mcconnell are trying to walk a tricky line. it almost seems like they will being pushed into deciding with conservatives because nonaction favors conservatives now. >> we have seen punting the primary goal of the hard line conservatives because it's no realistic. there there's so many people who oppose these loftier goals like a border wall. holding off is really paul ryan's best approach at this point. >> all right. good to talk to you. thanks very much. coming up next, white house white house press secretary says absolutely nothing is come out of russia probe. for fact sake we're breaking down the charges, arrests and everything else it's produced. time for monumental americans. people who may deserve a statue of their own. we're celebrating dr. tom wadell. he excelled in athletics and
8:52 am
went onto become a stand out athlete in college. he became a there in the 1960s. he was drafted in the army. when he protested being deployed to vietnam the army sent him to train as a dacahlete. he placed 6th. he co-founded the gay games emphasizes sportsmanship. he died of aids in 1987. his last words were well, this should be interesting.
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look, there's been nothing, literally nothing that has come out of the year and a half long witch hunt that you guys have been on but -- >> why you keep calling it that. >> plenty of time focused on that. >> that was sarah sanders claiming that literally nothing has come out of year and a half long witch hunt. for facts sake that's just not true. let's update the press secretary on everything that's happened in robert mueller's investigation so far. alex vandser swan just finished serving his sentence. he was first one sent to prison for making false statements. there's four other guilty pleas. two of them are preparing for their own sentencing which is an indication they likely given all they have to give in the probe.
8:57 am
one of them is george papadopoulos. the former campaign energy advisor pleaded guilty in october to lying to the fbi. one always wonders why you have reason to l to the fbi if you have nothing to hide and republican aduthore memo confirmed that george papadopoulos triggered the counter intelligence invs. ga investigation into the campaign. the other guy pleaded guilty to selling bank account numbers, stolen american identities to russians during the 2016 campaign. the other two guilty pleas. michael flynn. remember him. president trump's first national security advisor. he pleaded guilty in december to lying to the fbi. he remains the highest profile cooperating witness and rick grea gates, former campaign aide and frequent white house visitor. he pleaded guilty to conspiracy and lying to investigators. four guilty pleas. there are more cooperating witnesses.
8:58 am
george nader. he facilitated a meeting between eric prince and russian contacts. sam nunberg initially said he's not going to work with the special counsel but ended up testifying. paul manafort opted the go to trial rather than please guilty. he's charged with conspiracy against the united states and money laundering. he sued to get the charges thrown out in washington, d.c. and virginia courts. there are also 13 other russian individuals and entities. the most symbolic was the charging of the russian businesses and oligarchs who will likely never face trial. the charges stand. if sarah sanders or anyone at the white house need a reference, i can send this to you in a link. these are the results of special
8:59 am
counsel's probe so far. right now at the white house president trump is about to greet japan's prime minister, shinzo abe. they will hold a working lunch and a joint news conference. we'll bring that to you live at 2:00 eastern time. that brings this very busy hour to an end for me. thank you for watching this hour of "velshi & ruhle." i'll be back here at 3:00 p.m. stephanie will be back here tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m. eastern. we'll be together tomorrow as well. check us out on social media. connect with our show. we'll have lots more coverage for you. right now it is time to hand it over to andrea mitchell. right now, trade, travel and tension. president trump has to weather a storm of criticism in canada at a g7 meeting. all angry about the trump tariffs. >> i think there are questions
9:00 am
about what are going to be the dynamic around the g7 table. rudy off the rails. donald trump's lawyer gets nasty about storm mirrny daniels in pl way. >> when you look at stormy daniels. i know donald trump and look at his three wives. beautiful women, classy women. women of great substance. stormy daniels. mirror image as the president does, well, so does mike pence. leading to a viral video sensation and lots of washington chatter. good day, everyone. president trump fo


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