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tv   MSNBC Live With Katy Tur  MSNBC  June 7, 2018 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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our number one priority issue. so president trump needs to address that. >> thank you both. appreciate your insight. that's going to wrap up this hour for msnbc live. katy tur back from california. i'll see you back here next week. 11:00 a.m. out west and 2:00 p.m. at the white house where the president says he doesn't need to prepare for the summit in singapore with kim jong-un. >> i think i'm very well prepared. i don't thinkvy to prepare very much. it is about attitude. it is about willingness to get things done. >> donald trump speaking right there with shinzo abe. they've been meeting, him and japan's prime minister, now for a couple hours. the two will hold a joint news conference at the white house in a moment. north korea will, no doubt, be a topic for reporters as we are sure it was a topic behind closed doors with the two world
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leaders. this is the 30th time that prime minister abe and president trump have talked and the eigh time that they've met one--one. this meeting though is particularly critical because it kicks off a who-knows-what-will-happen-next in world policy. 24 hours out, the g7 is already off to a rocky start. president trump's new tariffs on america's closest allies are not going over well, and he could get a frosty reception from justin trudeau, among others, as the french finance minister already called this the g6 plus 1 as if america wasn't coming in pass a true ally. the "washington post" reports that president trump says leaving the trip is a
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distraction from the singapore summit. shinzo abe wants assurances the u.s. will safeguard japan's interests, even as the administration attempts to strike a deal with north korea. how much will the president care? >> the japanese invited for the meeting? will you be meeting with everybody? >> when it comes to north korea, how much will statements like these from the president's lawyer matter? >> we said, well, we're not going to have a summit under those circumstances. well, kim jong-un got back on his hands and knees and begged for it, which is exactly the position you want to put him in. >> but other questions today about the president himself. when it comes to north korea, what matters more? preparation or attitude? and this is peter alexander in the rose garden at the white house. nick christoff is columnist for "the new york times."
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peter, the president said it is more about attitude rather than preparati preparation. do you know about any preparation that is happening behind the scenes? >> i was in the oval office a short time ago, he said it is more about attitude than preparation. he does say he has been prepared for this for a long time. we can report based on our conversations with officials here the president has been receiving what they describe as daily briefings for a series of days, perhaps more than that, even weeks, in advance of this summit. his secretary of state, mike pompeo, largely taking the lead in that effort. he's over my shoulder right now. he will be here in the rose garden when the president speaks alongside shinzo abe a short time from now. then he notably will be briefing reporters and americans later this afternoon, about 3:45 eastern time. it will be interesting to hear his perspective on this given the fact that he is the american liaison, the kimjong-un, the man that's met with the north korean leader twice so far. what struck me about our conversation in the oval office a while ago, i asked the
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president about how long he will stay. he said one, two, maybe even three days. he said this, most importantly, was the start of a good relationship between kim jong-un. this is certainly the rolling back of the initial expectations. the president saying this was a summit to try to nail down denuclearization. he says if they don't agree to denuke, then the sanctions will continue to be in place , as thy are as we speak. the exchange to the president about whether abe would be allowed, whether any of america's allies in that region -- perhaps president moon or shinzo abe would be allowed in the meeting. the president made it clear -- no, this is one-on-one, face to face between him and the north korean leader. >> politico is reporting that national security advisor john bolton has yet to convene a cabinet level meeting to discuss president trump's summit with north korea. they write, quote, since trump agreed on when to meet with north korean leader kim jong-un
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on march 8th, the white house summit planning has been half structured. trump has driven preparation exclusively on his own consulting little with his national security team beyond secretary of state mike pompeo. >> this just reflects indifference to facts and to substance and to actual knowledge that has already got the administration into trouble. president trump initially got in trouble because he didn't understand that by denuclearization north korea meant something different than what he thought he meant. anybody who was following north korea back to the beginning of 1992 would understand when that word was devised, it was a euphemism for something much different than what the u.s. might think. >> the president's team might argue, listen, we've gotten this far, we're getting them to the negotiating table. the difference may be donald trump's attitude. >> attitude obviously matters. but when you deal with substance, then it really helps to have substance. knowledge of that substance. one of the problems is, to think
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a president might be able to get by if he were surrounded by people who really knew the area, mike pompeo is is in general a smart guy but mike pompeo is the one who didn't know kim jong-un's last name, referred to him as chairman un. john bolton, to his credit, is very knowledgeable, knows the process. but he wants to blow up any deal. >> his demands are far from what the president is trying to go out there and negotiate. >> and the state department in general. to some degree the intelligence dmu community are really robbed of a lot of smart people on this issue. >> we are waiting for the president and prime minister, shinzo abe, to come out. hallie jackson having a slight interaction with mike pompeo. let's see if he answers her. maybe not. also joining us, a former cia analyst and south korean foundation chair in korean studies at brookings institution. john, thank you very much. north korea when they come in to this, how much is it going to be
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about attitude for them? >> well, kim jong-un is a one-issue kind of leader for north korea, the u.s. is it. so kim has been preparing for this type of meeting since he was young. this is a meeting with a sitting u.s. president that his grandfather and father wanted. and kim 3.0 has actually achieved this. i want to piggyback on what nick was saying about the policy processes. i was there for making -- helping to prepare for the policy meetings when i was at the cia and preparing my principals for these meetings and they are important for coordination and to find out what the equities are of the pentagon, of cia, of intel community, of state, treasury, and all of the functions of government who have a stake in these types of meetings. so the fact that the policy
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prophecy occurring is what i'm concerned about. >> peter, this is just from my observations over the past few years and watching him not only in rallies but as we watch on camera and as you see in person the meetings he holds with his cabinet or the meetings he holds pretty much anywhere he goes, they often go wildly off script. the "washington post" had a transcript or audio about what trump was talking about the other day when he was there supposed to be talking about hurricane relief with fema. he went off on a tangent. but listen. he had a lot else on his mind, soliloquies on his prowess in negotiating airplane deals and his popularity, the republican party's fortunes, the vagaries of the defense department purchasing guidelines, his
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dislike of magnetized launch equipment on aircraft acarriers. his uneasing love of coal. is there any worry that the president is going to walk in that room and start talking about his poll numbers with the leader of north korea? >> yeah. well, behind closed doors i think we will ehave to find out exactly what he says. certainly this president as critics say lax dcks discipline. the president believes he is his best communicator. he is the author of "the art of the deal" that he's demonstrated over his success over the years, his ability to get a deal done. what i would emphasize is this president and his aides and friends have suggested to me is that what makes him most confident is his real belief in himself. that's his biggest asset heading in to this. obviously he projects confidence as we heard from him from the oval office today as he heads
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into any type of negotiation like he's never dealt with before. we have reported repeatedly over the course of the last 16 months or so about how often the president sort of sides with the last voice in his ear on decisions that he makes. it is clear that prime minister abe wanted to be, if not the, one of the last voices in his ear, at least to represent japanese interests, before that sit-down just a few days from now. >> if the president goes into that room and starts talking about the tangential things as he often does talk about in these closed-door meetings, his prowess, poll numbers, success, et cetera, how are the north koreans likely to respond to that? >> when president trump goes into that room, it will be trump alone with his assumptions about north korea. and what is concerning to me is that he might have false assumptions about what kim actually wants. so while trump might have these types of ideas about what kim
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wants -- he wants to be rich, he wants his country to have status -- it seems to me that the north koreans are turning that against trump to potentially use it against him in the way that kim jong cho when he visited oval reportedly floated the idea of casinos in north korea and about economic development and about a peace treaty that seems to resonate with the president. so while the north koreans are doing their homework, there is much more information about how president trump operates, whereas we have very little information about how kim is likely to approach this summit. >> nick, you were studying the group of reporters and able to ask a question, what would it be? >> i think i would ask whether there has been any commitment from president trump on two of the issues that prime minister and japan really care deeply about. one is those people who have been abducted by north korea, that they have not returned. and the other is the issue of missiles that are not
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intercontinental but could still reach japan and the fear that japan has -- i think it is a reasonable one -- is that the u.s. will worry only about the things that can hurt it. >> nick, thank you very much. john, thank you, as well. peter alexander, appreciate it. we'll bring you the news out of the conference and the news confleco conference itself when it starts. the president may also be asked today about new comments from his lawyer. giuliani says there is no way president trump had an affair with stormy daniels because, quote, look at her. >> excuse me, when you look at stormy daniels, i know donald trum and -- women, classy women, women of great substance. stormy daniels? >> sound familiar. here was mr. trump two years ago. >> she said i made inappropriate advances. and by the way, the area was a public area. people all over the place.
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take a look. you take a look. look at her. look at her words. you tell me what you think. i don't think so. i don't think so. >> look at her. it seems to be the same playbook. a woman comes forward with claims about donald trump and team trump attacks her, calls her a liar and says she's essentially not pretty enough for donald trump. joining me now, former republican congressman david jolly and susan delpercio, who used to work with rudy giuliani and now an msnbc analyst. listen to a little bit more of what he was saying. >> i respect all human beings. i actually even respect krin criminals. but i'm sorry, i don't respect a porn star as a career woman or woman of substance or a woman who has great respect for herself as a woman and a person and isn't going to sell her body for sexual exploitation. >> what do you make of it?
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>> i'd like to see the rudy giuliani i worked with when i was working in his administration in new york city when he was mayor. i'm very proud to have worked in that administration. this is a different type of rudy giuliani. i can't explain it. i think that he thinks in some ways we're still in campaign mode. maybe that's what the president wants from him. >> campaign mode, what? >> i find it completely unacceptable what he said. there is no doubt about it. you showed that picture of president trump -- or person trump, who would be candidate once we had the photo. he was just private citizen trump. with stormy daniels. so obviously he was pretty happy to be there. i don't think there is anyone who would question actually if he had the affair with stormy daniels. i think basically everyone's kind of come to understand that and it is really just the payoff that's the question. >> giuliani tries to say that
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she has no credibility because she is a porn star and she has no credibility because she says she lied. again, we haven't caught her in a lie because from all we know she said she had an affair and the president denies it but she maintains that she did have an affair. but talking about credibility, we've caught the president in quite a number of lies. >> sure. sure. >> a number of lies. we've caught giulia in i ni in - or maybe he wasn't being told the truth. one time saying the president didn't know about the payment, then walking it back. another time the president didn't know what the payment was going for. who lacks credibility here? >> look, giuliani was truly trying to shame stormy daniels. he was doing so for his boss, donald trump and for donald trump's base. it is a good thing rudy giuliani is not the courtroom attorney for the president on this matter because it would not stand a legal argument for him to try to do that in a court of law. in fact the judge would likely instruct the jury that they cannot consider stormy daniels' profession when it comes to litigating this case. the failure of giuliani and
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trump's team is there is legal credibility that stormy daniels and her attorney will have to address this court, just as there is from the president. at this point there are four or five different statements and documents out there. . was there an affair, was it denied. she did accept the money. it is why avenatti has sued to say she was misrepresented, that her previous attorney did not follow through on his duties to her as a client. these are civil litigation matters. her profession is not going to be relevant to this case. rudy giuliani either knows that or he's become a very bad attorney. >> again, we are waiting for the plez and prime minister shinzo abe to come out. so far we've seen a number of the president's aides in the rose garden. we've also just seen the japanese delegation come out so it looks like we're going to be seeing the two leaders pretty soon. meantime, i think i can only describe dual giuliani's and th president's comments about women on the campaign trail as gross. >> they are gross. and it is wrong.
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and it doesn't matter that she is a porn star. you don't talk about other people like that. it doesn't matter what her job is. mayor giuliani was basically doing what donald trump did on the campaign and made a comparison to a woman's looks. that is just -- atrocious. it shouldn't happen. . i think that this is another case of mayor giuliani kind of getting caught up if these conversations with donald trump. i'm not making an excuse by any -- i'm saying this is how they are operating. this is what they want. this is what donald trump wants. he wants someone to go out on tv and say the things that he wants to say but can't. >> is this not what revs up what republican voters think? >> it is. giuliani is the closest thing to trump. there is one tactic and that's impugn the credibility of any critic of donald trump. if it is bob mueller, if it is avenatti, stormy daniels, if it is the mainstream media, giuliani is a puppet for donald trump trying to undermine any
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critic's credibility. >> former congressman david jolly and susan delpercio, guys, thank you very much. again, we are still waiting for the prime minister, shinzo abe, and the president to come out and talk to reporters. i do want to go back to nick christoff because he is still standing by. we were talking a moment ago about japan and what they want. if the president doesn't sit down in the meeting with kim jong-un and address the abductees, and if he does not address the missiles that can reach japan, how does abe react? >> well, i think there is a general sense that abe has misplayed his hand with trump. early on it seemed to be very successful. then abe really used the north korea crisis for domestic political purposes. he wanted to have a threat, he is a tough guy, a hawk, so he manipulated him domestically. in the course of that he lost an area and lost to some degree his
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influence in washington. trump is always very transactional. you know better than i. i think he hasn't have much to offer in this transaction. >> allies who want to cozy up to him now find themselves in a position where that did not work. we see it with trudeau, we've seen it with macron, we've seen it with theresa may. we've seen it with angela merkel. the only people the president seems to respect are the strong-arm leaders. >> the juxtaposition right now over the next week of a president of the united states who is systematically going out of his way to insult and abuse allies like canada, if only president trump were as warm and friendly to justin trudeau and angela merkel as he is to kim jong-un, then we'd all be better off. >> gibb the national security clause as it defends raising
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tariffs on canada, what kind of message does that send? >> it is preposterous, manipulation of trade statutes when canada clearly is not a national security threat to the u.s. purely at an economic level there is a lot of doubt about aluminum steel tariffs actually leave the u.s. better off or not because a lot of our manufacturers use imported steel or aluminum. national security, that's just absurd. it is not a national security issue. >> the french finance minister called this summit which is going to be happening in whistlwhistl whistler, canada tomorrow, the g6 plus 1. >> it was fascinating in the g7 plus 1 year, when russia was the eighth member of the g8, everybody was suspicious of it and putin was off on the side. now they're out and we are the odd one out. and we've done this to ourselves. this is creating an opportunity for putin and also for xi jinping because they can show they are more reliable allies to
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europe and other countries than the u.s. is. the fact that the u.s. president has not yet met a mexican leader but is about to meet a north korean leader? it's -- >> it's wild. steve clemmons, and jeffrey lewi lewis. steve, jucmp off what nick was just saying. what do you make the way the president's truth or allies versus the way we treat our enemy? >> i think nick really hit the nail on the head. regrettable as it may be, what we see is the world very soberly realizing -- at least our allies soberly realizing that they need to be organizing in a way that
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constrains the united states. we've become the rogue nation to them. we've seen foreshocks of this before from the president of the european union, from angela merkel who said we can't count on america anymore. but we haven't seen the depth of deep concern and the way in which foreign leaders are beginning to frame their options ahead as ones not partnering with the united states, and even potentially constraining the united states. i think nick is right. china and xi jinping, certainly vladimir putin, are taking this to the bank. they are going to take advantage of it. >> steve, here is the president and shinzo abe. they are making their way to the podium. we got a two-minute warning for them a little while ago so i'm curious to find out what everyone thinks the two men might have been talking about in those moments before they decided to come outside. we'll have to wait and speculate on that in just a few minutes. meantime, let us listen in to the president of the united states and the prime minister of japan.
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>> zatoday i am greatly honoredo welcome my good friend, prime minister abe of japan, to the white house. over the past 16 months, the prime minister and i have worked closely together to address common challenges, of which there are many, seize opportunities and advance the interests of our nations. today we have had another deeply productive and very valuable discussion. we have developed not only a strong working relationship over the last year-and-a-half, specifically 503 days. we've had a great personal friendship. i was honored by the tremendous hospitality the prime minister showed me when the american delegation went to japan last year. it was really something really special. and we had the prime minister and mrs. abe as our guest at mar-a-lago in palm beach.
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the steadfast alliance between japan and the united states is an enduring force of peace and stability in the pacific region and around the world. from the beginning of my administration, the prime minister and i have been working to expand our cooperation in a range of areas, including defense and commerce, which is what we discussed today. as i prepare to meet next week with kim jong-un and i want to bring up the fact that the prime minister and also president moon of south korea were extremely helpful, cooperative, and would like to see something happen. be great for north korea, south korea, be great for japan, the united states and the world. our partnership has been invaluable in reaching this important moment and we will continue to be in very close communication in the weeks ahead, including the issue of
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japanese abductees, which i know is of great personal importance to prime minister abe. i hope the upcoming meeting in singapore represents the beginning of a bright new future for north korea and indeed a bright new future for the world. a denuclearization of the korean peninsula would usher in a new era of prosperity, security and peace for all koreans, north and south, and for people everywh e everywhere. prime minister abe and i are also working to improve the trading relationship between the united states and japan, something we have to do. the united states seeks a bilateral deal with japan that is based on the principle of fairness and reciprocity. we are working hard to reduce our trade imbalance which is very substantial, remove barriers to u.s. exports, and to achieve a fair and mutually
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beneficial economic partnership. we're on our way. prime minister was telling us just moments ago that they're buying billions and billions of dollars of additional products of all kinds. military jets, airliners from boeing, lots of farm products. we're going to be doing a lot more business with japan which is what everybody wants to see. there has nef been a better time to invest in the united states. thanks to our massive tax cuts, historic deregulation, a strong trade policy which has just really begun, because i will tell you over the years it has been an extraordinary hely weak trade policy. the opening of american energy and return to the rule of law, our economy is absolutely booming. best it's ever been. unemployment is at the lowest level in nearly half a century. and for african-american and
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hispanic-american workers, unemployment has reached its lowest level ever recorded. we welcome and encourage japanese investors to open new plants and factories in the united states and that will happen. the prime minister has told me that will happen. we want new auto plants going into michigan and pennsylvania and ohio. and many of our states that have them and some that don't. and they will be doing that. japan has also remained a critical partner in our efforts to promote a free and open pacific region where sovereign nations uphold the rule of law, respect the rights of their neighbors, and honor the interests of their people. these core principles allow diverse nations to thrive and prosper all together in one beautiful peaceful atmosphere. we're all happy about it.
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it's what's happening now. prime minister abe, it is a true privilege to work with you. my great friend. want to thank you for being here at the white house. for for our meetings today. so productive. i'm also very proud to say that the bonds between our nations are stronger than ever before and i know that together we can unlock incredible new opportunities, achieve remarkable new prosperity, and ensure the safety and security of our citizens for a very, very long time to come. and that's what we intend to do. thank you very much. thank you. mr. prime minister. >> translator: mr. president, i am so grateful to you for your offer of great hospitality at such business time at u.s. and north korea summit meeting are
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upcoming. i also would like to express my appreciation to the people of the united states for always warmly welcoming us as your ally. in five days, u.s./north korea summit is to take place. first of all, i would like to pay respects to the outstanding leadership of president trump as he made thi decision that no past presidents were ever able to accomplish. in the last 18 months we have discussed this issue. we shall never repeat the past mistakes. while these thoughts are completely shared between us, we are able to witness an historic talk which will take place shortly. today, with president trump, our discussion was focused on issue
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of north korea. what should be the approach toward nuclear weapons, as well as peace and stability of northeast after shof asia after summit. on in topic we took great amount of time and had in-depth candid exchange of views. i'm not able to talk about the details what we discussed, but one thing i can say is that japan and the united states are always together. i strongly hope that this historic summit in singapore be a resounding success. there is a beautiful 13-year-old
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girl abducted by north korea. 45 years have passed since then, during which time family members single-mindedly prayed for her return and kept on waiting. her parents became old. remaining time is slipping away. it is the long-held desire of the japanese people to have her and all of their abductees come home so that the parents, while they are healthy enough to embrace the girl, and other abductees again in their arms. of course, i wish to directly face north korea and talk with them so that abduction problem be resolved quickly. to this end, i am determined to face all possible means.
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on beof half of the citizens of japan, i would like to thank president trump and the people of the united states for their understanding and support toward the resolution of the abduction issue. japan will continue to ask for complete implementation of the succe successive united nations security council resolution. to reach resolution and realize real peace in the middle east asia. this is what japan strongly hopes for. now a major step forward is about to being taken. donald, president trump, you are about to make a new history, not only japan, but the whole
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international community is strongly looking forward for the united states/north korea summit to open doors toward peace and stability of the northeast asia. north korea abounds with rich natural resources. north korea has diligently work for. if north korea is willing to take steps toward the right direction, north korea can see a bright future ahead for itself. japan, based on the japan/north korea/pyongyang declaration, is prepared to tackle the unfortunate past to normalize our diplomatic relations and to provide economic cooperation. japan wishes to play the role as much as possible. donald, i value highly your strong commitment to world peace and prosperity. in closing, i wish to add that japan stands ready to make every effort to assist you for the success of u.s./north korea
11:34 am
summit. thank you. >> appreciate it. so we'll take a few questions. >> mr. president, on the subject -- i have a question for the prime minister as well. on the subject of north korea, how far are you willing to go in terms of the economic security, political guarantees with kim? are you willing to move down the road to normalizing relations with north korea as the prime minister suggested he was willing to at some point? you teased this as well out on the south lawn here last week. you said that you might sign a peace deal to end the war. where are you with that? and, what was in the letter? >> well, the letter was just a greeting. it was really very nice. perhaps i can get approval to put it out. it was a very nice, warm letter.
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i appreciated it very much. nothing other than we look forward to seeing you and we look forward to the summit. and hopefully some wonderful things will work out. so it was really very warm, very nice. we appreciated it. i think, john, that we are going to have a great success. i don't think it will be in one meeting. i think it will take longer than that. this has been going on longer than many, many decades. this is something that should have been solved by other presidents, as i've said often before. long before this point. they waited until the last second and they shouldn't have waited. they should have been solved by many others. i'm not just saying president obama. i'm saying other presidents. long time ago this could have been solved in a lot easier manner. and a lot less dangerous manner. but it wasn't, so i'll solve it and we'll get it done. as far as the prime minister's concerned, we've -- we will
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agree and we have agreed that we are going to be helping -- if the deal is done, we are going to be helping north korea. we're going to be working with china. we're going to be working with south korea. president xi of china has been terrific. the border has been certainly more closed than ever before. i'd like them to close it a little bit more but it's been more closed than ever before. china has never worked with us this way. and i give them a lot of credit, because as you know, we are in a dispute to an imbalance of trade. it is a massive imbalance in china. so it's been that way for many decades and it should have also been handled by previous presidents. but it wasn't. so we'll handle that, too. but i give president xi tremendous credit and i give president moon tremendous credit. he would really like to see something happen. they've been living with the threat of war from the beginning. and it doesn't make sense. and i really believe that kim jong-un wants to do something. i think he wants to see something incredible happen for the people of north korea.
11:37 am
so we have a lot of great opportunities right now. shouldn't have waited to this point, but we have a lot of great opportunity. john? please. >> again, mr. president, would you be willing to go so far as to normalize relations with north korea? what about the idea of signing some sort of an agreement on the 12th to end the war? >> well, it could be. we could sign an agreement. as you know, that would be the first step. it's what happens after the agreement that really is the big point. but, yes, we could absolutely sign an agreement. we're looking at it. we're talking about it with them. we're talking about it with a lot of other people. but that could happen. but that's really the beginning. sounds a little bit strange, but that's probably the easy part. the hard part remains after that. normalizing relations is something that i would expect to do. i would hope to do when everything's complete. we would certainly hope to do that. i know that prime minister abe and president moon have told me very strongly that they are going to go and they will help
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them economically tremendously. japan has a tremendous stake, and so do they. we, on the other hand, are very far away. we're very, very far away. but japan will be helping. i believe china will be helping economically, also. i think china wants to see something very good happen, very positive happen. and certainly south korea has already stated their intentions. they will be very helpful. there are a lot of good factors lined up for north korea. lot of tremendous factors that give it tremendous potential. it has tremendous potential because the people are great. and we would certainly like to see normalization, yes. >> and prime minister abe, if i could aggreddress you, as well, know how important an issue the abductees is for you. president trump said at mar-a-lago during your last meeting that it is a very important issue for him as well. i know about the meeting was for
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police tick missi ballistic missiles. did you get assurances from president trump that he would address both of those in his meeting with president kim? >> today we have all matter of discussion with president trump. good amount of discussion. on the issue of abduction, i was able to have a discussion and i think president trump fully understands the situation he supports with the position of japan. last year president trump visited japan. on one occasion he met with the families of abductees. i told you about the 13-year-old girl abducted. the mother of this girl met with president trump, and very seriously he intently listened to the voices and views of the family members. so president trump, amongst the world leaders, i think he is one of the leaders who understands
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the issue the most, the greatest. so at the upcoming summit, the importance of abductee abduction would be explained to mr. kim jong-un. >> translator: what about the medium range missiles? >> translator: as i said earlier on in my statement, the security council's resolution must be implemented for all weapons of mass destruction and all ballistic missiles. these are the words used in the resolution of the security council. in other words, the security council resolution must be completely implemented. on this point between japan and u.s. and international community share the same view. i am convinced about it. thank you. >> translator: next question, please. >> thank you. i'm from pbs television. >> translator: i have question for both president trump, as
11:41 am
well as prime minister abe. you have not used the language of applying the largest pressure on north korea, but are you continuing to deal with the sanctions and denuclearization you will be asking for before that and what is the deadline for the denuclearization. and my question to the prime minister is, how to apply pressure to north korea and the tone of the language. are you in full agreement, complete agreement with the united states? >> translator: president trump has stated that we are implementing sanctions, and those sanctions are very strong sanctions. he also stated that until north korea takes the action the sanctions will not be lifted and japan is in full agreement and japan's position is perfectly in alignment with the united
11:42 am
states. and in our summit meeting this time we had in-depth discussion with president trump about how we should respond to north korea and ask for the future policy on north korea including the u.s./north korea summit meeting we have deep cooperation underlining our position. as i have already mentioned, japan and the united states are always together. japan and united states will be in full alignment to seek success for the historic u.s./north korea summit meeting in singapore. >> yes, thank you very much. maximum pressure is absolutely in effect. we don't use the term anymore because we are going into a friendly negotiation. perhaps after that negotiation i will be using it again. we'll know how well we do with the negotiation if you hear me saying we're going to use maximum pressure, you'll know
11:43 am
the negotiation did not do well, frankly. there is no reason to say it. we in the mean type haven't removed any sanctions. we have a list of over 300 massive in some cases sanctions to put on north korea, and i have decided to hold that until we can make a deal. because i really believe there is a potential to make a deal and i just don't think it is nice going into those circumstances. china continues to hold the border. again, we would like them to do more in that sense but they've been really good and the president has been very good.
11:44 am
>> thank you, mr. president. i have a question for the prime minister as well. mr. president, under what you said initially was you were willing to walk away from the negotiations if they don't do well. under what exact conditions would you be walking away from that summit? and if the summit goes well, will you be inviting north korean leader kim jong-un to the united states? >> well, the answer is yes to the second part of your question. but certainly if it goes well. and i think it would be well received. i think he would look at it very favorably so i think that could happe happen. all i can see is i am totally prepared to walk away. i did it before. you have to be prepared to walk away. we didn't walk away from the horrible iran deal that was signed. if you look at what's happened since i signed that deal, iran and in all fairness, i say it with great respect for the people of iran, but iran is acting a lot differently. they're no longer looking so
11:45 am
much to the mediterranean. they're no longer looking so much to what's going on in syria, what's going on in yemen and lots of other places. they are a much different country over the last three months. and again, i say that with hope that maybe something can happen. but when you mention sanctions, we're putting sanctions on iran, the likes of which nobody has ever seen before. including, frankly, north korea. that would have been the next phase if we did it or find it necessary so do. but nuclear to me is always first. and we're going to be fine. with respect to iran. but we've also got to get something out of it that's very important. a lot of people that write about this, some of whom i have great respect for but they haven't picked it up. iran is not the same country that it was a few months ago.
11:46 am
they are much, much different group of leaders. and i hope at some point they'll come to us and we'll sit down and we'll make a deal that's good for them and good for us and good for everybody. and it will be great for iran. i expect it to be -- i want it to be great for iran. but if they would have watched our side from some of the horrible provisions that you know, as well as i do, and probably everyone sitting here knows, we could have had a great deal. nothing wrong with a deal. but there's something wrong with that deal. we had a great opportunity to make a phenomenal deal. so i am totally prepared to walk. it could happen. maybe it won't be necessary. i hope it won't be necessary to walk because i really believe that kim jong-un wants to do something that is going to be great for his people, and also great for his family, great for himself. okay? thank you very much. >> sir, if you do invite him to
11:47 am
the white house -- to the united states, would it be here at the white house or at mar-a-lago? >> maybe we'll start with the white house. what do you think? >> mr. prime minister, y are the only major world leader not to have a sit-down or a planned sit-down with kim jong-un. you hinted in your address today that would be willing to do so on the matter of abductees. do you have any plans currently to do so and would it be focused solely on abductees or would you be willing to have a separate denuclearization discussion with kim jong-un directly without the united states? thank you. >> translator: of course. op the issue of abduction, we have to resolve this problem. with abe administration, this is of the highest priority. and if anything contributes to that resolution, if the talk leads to the solution of the
11:48 am
problem between u.s. and north korea or between japan and north korea, meeting we wish to have on the issue of abduction, chairman kim jong-un, and between me -- between japan and north korea the problem has to be solved. of course japan -- for japan this issue and nuclear issue very important. nuclear issue, missile issue. regarding these issues, if the u.s. and north korea summit meeting, first and foremost, i hope for the progress. and then on the issue of abduction, we will collaborate with the u.s. and international community. and japan -- we must talk directly with north korea in the
11:49 am
final matters. i am determined about that. >> prime minister abe, i am talking to prime minister as well as president trump. talking with prime minister, you have already information to certain degree on abduction issue in order to hold japan/north korea summit. the premise is that you need to approve results for the abduction issue. what kind of pathway are you envisioning with the summit meeting? in your meeting with president trump today, have you asked the president trump to raise the question of abduction at the u.s./north korea summit meeting in singapore? next is my question to president trump. you have -- kim jong-un has maintained his position that abduction issue is something
11:50 am
that already is is being resolve. so what kind of explanation has been given to the united states on abduction issue in the north korea to the u.s. consultations? and how should we approach the north korea in order to seek solution for the abduction? and what did you convey to prime minister abe today in this regard? >> i can speak first because i will tell you, on the prime minister's behalf, that he very much talked about abduction. it was preeminent in our conversations. he talked about it long and hard and passionately, and i will follow his wishes and we will be discussing that with north korea. absolutely. absolutely. prime minister, go ahead. >> translator: now, at our japan/u.s. summit meeting we had
11:51 am
at mar-a-lago in february, today president trump has already spoken on the abduction issue once again and i have conveyed to him the honest wish of the families of the abductees and president trump once again has stated that abduction issue will be raised at the upcoming u.s./north korea summit. now, at the u.s./north korea summit meeting after the -- in any case, japan's thoughts and position were explained at length at president trump, perhaps given his understanding, and he has promised that the issue will be brought up at the summit meeting in singapore and i am delighted of this. i would like to closely work
11:52 am
with president trump to find solutions to the issue. improving the abduction issue, japan itself has direct consultation with north korea. i have not changed my resolve in does so. and under this position and resolve, what will be conducive to resolve the abduction issue, of course i will have to think about the summit meeting for japan/north korea summit meeting, if we are to have the summit meeting on nuclear missile and what is more important, the abduction issue. the solution to all these issues must be sought and i hope that we will be able to realize the meeting which will lead to solution of the problems. but first and foremost, we need to seek advancement for it the abduction, nuclear and missile program, japan and u.s. should
11:53 am
closely cooperate with even other so we will be able to see great success for the historic u.s./north korea summit meeting. japan would like to give our all-out effort and support. thank you. >> i'd like to just close by paying my highest respect and regards and love, frankly, i've gotten to know them very well -- to the warmbier family, the incredible family of otto warmbier, who was a brilliant, terrific, beautiful young man. he has not died in vain, i can tell you that. he has not died in vain. so to the warmbier family, our love and our respect. . also, i'd like to say that we were tremendously successful in getting our three hostages back and i'm very thankful to the cooperation that we received from north korea and the three
11:54 am
united states citizens are now very happily ensconced in their homes with their families. they're very happy. they didn't think this was going to happen. and frankly, it would never have happened. but it has. so i just want to wish them well, also. they had a tough journey. but i really respect the fact that we were able to work with the north korean folks and get them out. they're very, very well engrained already. they're back into -- they're now telling me they are now going back to movies, going out to dinner. they're back. they're back in our country and it is a terrific thing. i believe we're going to have a terrific success, or a modified success. but in one form or another, it would also -- and things can happen between now and then. but i know many of you are going. i look forward to seeing you
11:55 am
there. i look forward to traveling with you. it is a long way. but i really believe that we have the potential to do something incredible for the world. and it is my honor to be involved. thank you very much. thank you. thank you. >> president donald trump and prime minister shinzo abe. let's bring back steve clemmons and jeffrey lewis. the first thing that struck me was that the president said that he will talk abductees with north korea as japan has asked them to do. >> well, it's an important thg. i think amecans don't really understand how terribly the north koreans behaved during the period in which they were actively abducting japanese citizens. they would just grab people off the beach and it was really quite a large number. the challenge is going to be what do you do about it? these are crimes that were committed a long time ago. . abductees have died. and so there isn't really
11:56 am
anything you can do that makes those families whole or achieves justice. we saw this a little bit in 2002, a conservative japanese prime minister met with kim jong-il in order to resolve the abductees issue. the first thing that the japanese wanted the north koreans to do was to acknowledge what they did and the impact of that in japan was explosive. just the act of the north koreans admitting, yes, they had a deliberate program of and ducking japanese citizens really turned japanese public opinion against any idea of a deal. >> as you said, they would just abduct them off the beach, put them on a boat and take them back to north korea. the other thing that struck me was the president talking about iran and the iran deal and saying that since he's ripped it up, that iran has changed its e behavi behavior. what did you make of that? >> i think the president's living on a different planet
11:57 am
from the rest of us. there has been no change in iran's behavior in syria or yemen. in fact, not so long ago there were reports the iranians were planning a missile strike on israel that the israelis had to preempt. we've seen the iranians talk about installing 190,000 separate work units of enrichment, which i know that's technical, but trust me, that's a lot of centrifuges. that's a lot of very advanced centrifuges. we've seen their rocket program advance. so from my perspective, things with iran are getting worse. although if you proliferation, i guess it is getting better. >> it feels as if the president just makes things up as he goes along and tries to paint every decision he makes as the best decision and look at all of the results that have come out of the decisions he's made. even when these results don't exist, as he's pointing to with the iran deal. as he goes to north korea and starts to try to make deals, is
11:58 am
there any assurance that he's not going to come out and try to spin something that didn't happen and claim things are improving when they're not actually improving? steve? >> well, i think that the president, as you just noted, essentially just demeans other presidencies for not being able to do the heaven lifting that he is doing. and then trying to sort of show that his sweat, his muscle, his will, his posture -- which he does with almost no preparation at all, which he has admitted -- somehow delivers success in ways that no one else does. he's constantly trying to define success in the eyes of everyone just about him. something very important -- i think jeffrey lewis sort of alluded to it -- this was a bit of a kabuki act. this is a desperate move by abe to try to demonstrate that he still matters and that japanese security and interest not be did he coupled from the united states. the abductee is a highly political and emotional issue in
11:59 am
japan and abe is a damaged political figure who's been damaged by accusations, particularly involving his wife, and his political position is tenuous. he needs to show is he still in the action and that there would not be a deal with north korea that the unitestates would do unless the abductee issue wer put on the table. we nee to be careful about how we frame this. these are two politicians trying to both pretend as if they are the center of the world and that they are moving things in a way that no others can. >> shinzo abe right there leaving the white house in his limo. jeffrey, last thoughts. 20 seconds. >> well, i was really struck that shinzo abe said he couldn't reveal details of the conversation. that to me is the recurring theme of this whole thing, is that everybody promises everything is going to be fine but any time you ask about the details or you try to get any kind of actual information, there's nothing there. i think that's the answer. there's nothing there. >> jeffrey lewis, gentlemen,
12:00 pm
thanks for hanging around with us. we appreciate it. that will wrap things up for me this hour. president trump says the meeting next week all comes down to attitude. >> i've become very well prepared. i don't think i have to prepare very much. it is about attitude. it is about learning to get things done. so this isn't a question of preparation. it is a question whether or not people want it to happen. and we'll know that very


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