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tv   Deadline White House  MSNBC  June 7, 2018 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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if donald trump or anyone other than donald trump, he could use this moment in his presidency to reintroduce himself as a leader on the world stage. an american president determined to denuclearize the korean peninsula and ease the grave worries of an entire region. but instead he's spreading lies, conspiracy theories and smears as fast as his fingers can type them. today's twitter targets include the special counsel investigation into russian collusion, the obama administration and republican senator jeff flake. just what you want when nuclear war is a real concern. here's how the president is preparing for that. >> i think i'm very well prepared. i don't think i have to prepare very much. it's about attitude. it's about willingness to get things done. >> all that time spent not preparing is freeing him up for, you guessed it, crazy tweets. we're only sharing them to illustrate the president's role in the broader war against the justice department and the special counsel investigation and ask the question, what is he
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afraid of? here are the highlights. quote, from the president, isn't it ironic getting ready to go to the g7 in canada to fight for our country on trade, we have the worst trade deals ever made. then off to singapore to meet with north korea and the nuclear problem. but back home we still have the 13 angry democrats pushing the witch hunt. then there was this. when will people start saying, thank you, mr. president, for firing james comey? comey of course a key witness in the mueller investigation into obstruction of justice. joining us to help unravel the day's developments from the washington post white house reporter ashley parker, msnbc national security analyst frank figliuzzi, former assistant director with the fbi, nick, and donny deutsche is in the house, which always means a good time will be had by all. let me start with you, frank figliuzzi and let me ask you a question. the president's excuse for not meeting with bob mueller for an
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interview was north korea. the president's excuse, as ashley parker details in some fantastic new reporting we're going to get to in a minute in the washington post, for not wanting to go to canada is the north korea meeting. the president opened his mouth and told all of us he doesn't need to prepare for that. he's got it all up here. what does it look like to investigators when the excuse that the president and his lawyer hold out falls apart in public view? and if you look at the mueller probe, you look at the cohen raid, you look at the women and their lawsuits that are proceeding, summer zervos and stormy daniels, what do investigators think when they see the president's conduct like what was on display this morning? >> it looks a whole lot like evasiveness to investigators and probably to much of the american public. this isn't mueller's first rodeo in terms of needing to interview very high-level senior executives in the corporate world and in the government. so, what you'll see, nicolle, is an offering of very flexible
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scheduling to include, by the way, an offer of weekend scheduling that might interfere with his busyness and his golf game, but should make him otherwise available. so, you're going see complete flexibility on scheduling here to work around the president's schedule. he is busy, but it's not the first time we've had a president being interviewed by a special counsel, by the way, and it can be arranged. >> let me also ask you, matt mitter tweeted this morning that it's incredible how deadened we've all gotten to the president tweeting absolutely absurd conspiracy theories, two in the past 48 hours that have barely registered. let me ask you what the consequence is -- and we've had a lot of these conversations. it's an ongoing conversation. people who don't have a voice in this debate are the men and women that have to show up in dangerous situations in bullet proof vests at crime scenes and other places. what is the consequence of the president spreading conspiracy theories that malign and smear
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fbi? >> so, it's interesting because there's been an evolution or rather things here, a couple months ago if you asked me that question, i would tell you and did tell you the men and women at fbi keep their head down and get the mission accomplished. increasingly what we're hearing from rank and file is this is beginning to get to them. and it's beginning to anger them. it's not getting them to shy away. you don't get to be an fbi agent if you're a wall flower. you're a type-a personality that's mission oriented. so this is just distracting them and getting them annoyed and it's not something we need to happen in the premiere law enforcement in our country. >> ashley parker, let me read you something your colleague philip bump writes, it is clear that trump and his team see political value in casting
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tainted br -- it will be cast as tainted by the allegedly unfair origins of the prone as existing revelations have already been. what is not clear is trump's frequent insistence his campaign was targeted for political reasons is borne of a belief in that having happened. now, i believe that the president doesn't really know what actually happened, but emmet flood at one time was a very serious attorney, a highly respected figure in the bush administration, a highly regarded figure during the clinton years. what do people with reputations doing as part of the president's conspiracy rabbit hole he seems to be circling down? >> well, you'll notice that emmet flood has largely kept his head down, especially publicly. and so if you look at the president's legal team, this has long been true, but is especially true now. there really is sort of a two-tier defense strategy. one of those tiers is offense.
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that's rudy giuliani going out and pushing the president's conspiracy theories, pushing his line that this is a witch hunt, that none of these agencies can be trusted that there's no there there, appearing at a conference in israel. then you have emmet flood according to people in the west wing behind the scenes is doing -- i don't have a ton of details, but what he should be doing, you know. he's preparing for if the president actually does end up having to testify, he is getting things ready. he is sort of -- he is being a traditional professional lawyer who is as much concerned with protecting the presidency, capital p, at large than he is with this president. and there is even some sort of rumor he may be someone who is in line to become the next white house counsel if and when the current one don mcgahn leaves. >> that doesn't sound like much of a prize these days. let me ask you, and i want to hear your thoughts on this, too,
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frank figliuzzi. this seems to me that the analog in law enforcement is what it was in race relation s to charlottesville. we now have a moment where the president has disgraced every respectable figure in legal circles and law enforcement with his daily -- and today hourly smears against the fbi and bob mueller, someone who is a recipient of a purple heart and other medals for his service in vietnam. how does no one quit when the president is constantly tweeting smears about law enforcement? >> one word, power. he's the president. >> power to do what? >> to be in power, to have power, the president is the most powerful guy in the world and they are defending his hold on that office. this president was only possible as a president because americans were mistrustful of all their institutions. he came in the house because of that. it is no surprise to me that his course of action in the presidency is to go after all the institutions that might challenge his power.
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it's his gut instinct palomino if somebody comes after him to go after them. he does not recognize boundaries and rules we talked about. he doesn't care about norms at all. he wants to stay in control. >> i know -- frank, let me bring you in on this. i know he doesn't care. here are the things i know, here are the things i'm tired of hearing on this show. his base is unshakeable. the president is comfortable obliterating norms and nothing is going to happen. something is going to happen, somebody is going to get hurt and where is the outcry for the enablers? there are real people standing by. the justice department just green lit a third briefing of classified information about a republican informant, none of us should know his name but we all do because the president wants to know what he knew about the counter intelligence investigation into his campaign. and i guess my question is when do people stand up and say, you were tainted by -- your silence is going to get someone killed. >> we seem to be losing our capacity for outrage, nicolle, i think it's a numbness that
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occurs when you're barraged with it daily. it's almost like an abused spouse syndrome. it happens every day and you don't realize how bad you've got it until someone points it out to you that you've got to get out of this situation. it's very similar. and those around the president, including, by the way, rudy giuliani, who in the last 24 hours has implied actually said directly that mueller and his team are fabricating or -- excuse me they are trying to frame the president. when i looked up frame in the legal dictionary this morning, it said fabricating evidence. he's accusing bob mueller of a crime. if rudy giuliani has evidence of that, he needs to bring it forward now. but rudy giuliani doesn't have evidence of that. he's one of the enablers that you're talking about that ultimately will be pinned with damaging severely almost irreparably the institution ands agencies in our government. >> so, donny, i know if i had a
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tv show i'd be shouting my outrage on the corner. my point is this is to me the moment in law enforcement that charlottesville brought us in race, as i said to nick. it boggles the mind that there are people humming about the west wing, people who before trump came along were serious people, people like emmet flood, people like don mcgahn, people at the justice department, they hum along and let the president smear and malign d.o.j. and bob mueller's investigation. >> nick's insight is just to be close to power does something to people. here are the two things, talk about in a second. it's interesting when we talk about the base. his approval rate sergio garcia 40%. 40% of americans think the mueller probe is tainted and shouldn't be believed. that's what we have. there is only one thing that is going to change because you and i, nobody else is going to go into washington and shake who i think are more criminal than trump, the people around him. trump came advertised. that's the next election. it's that simple.
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the democrats, people -- this country. it's not going to happen from our leaders. it's what the country was built on. i sound like steve schmidt. this has to happen in the voting booth. they have to take the house and senate, everything changes and there is a mueller investigation. we can talk all we want about the court of public opinion and what trump is doing. at the end of the day that is not going to change a legal process. there are two things going on. there is the political p.r. process, the legal process and there will be the electoral process. hopefully the latter two are going to make things right. >> ashley, let's get back to the legal process. let me show you rudy giuliani's latest on that. >> i could not -- if mueller said to me tomorrow, bring him in, two hours like you want, no questions that you don't want, and we're pretty much ready to clear him. i could not go to the president of the united states and say, take two days off to get ready for that and screw the whole thing with north korea. do you realize yesterday i felt terrible calling the president, i had to call him twice and i got to take him away from north korea. i told pompeo on friday,
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secretary of state pompeo that, please, don't get angry at me. i'll only do it if i have to. >> wait, wait, before you talk. here's the president now he's doing on north korea again. >> i think i'm very well prepared. i don't think i have to prepare very much. it's about attitude. it's about willingness to get things done. >> maybe rudy and trump should talk more, ashley parker. >> well, first of all, that sounds like a pretty good deal. rudy should call the president with two hours, only the questions you want and you're cleared right afterwards. that feels like interrupting all of that north korea briefing for. the sort of similarity between all of this is that the president is sort of proudly someone who doesn't prepare. he didn't quite say he's going to go in and wing it on north korea, but he's sort of -- he trusts himself. he trusts his abilities as a deal maker. he trusts his chemistry with the person he's sitting across the table with. he looks at history and believes he has a reason to be vindicated
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on this. he didn't really prepare for any of the debates and he did quite well in some of them. he certainly won the election. and then this is again the challenge, however, that his legal team is actually having. not only is he not maybe preparing for north korea in the traditional ways you would expect, reading briefing books, setting aside hours of time to sit with his national security advisors, but he's also by all accounts not really at the point where he is able to sit down and prepare for any possible interview with mueller. one thing that's been reported and we've heard is just the mere topic of sort of having to discuss this, this investigation that so infuriates him which you have to do when you're preparing for that investigation often gets him riled up and off topic. >> let me ask you about some of your great reporting to the. there is another -- in the bush white house, this was drd very low-hanging diplomatic fruit, trips to canada and mexico. but donald trump doesn't want to go.
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so, you report that trump complains about traveling to canada. president trump is planning to fly to canada on friday. he's not happy about it. trump has complained to aides about spending two days with world leaders. he said he fears attending the summit may not be a good use of his time because he's diametrically opposed with key issues on his counterparts and doesn't want to be lectured by them. who is left for him to talk to? i hope he and kim jong-un hit it off because he's running out of friendly safe spaces. >> here he has cited the north korea summit as the big thing he wants to get to and he sort of used the g7 as a mere distraction. and then there is just the issue of travel for this president in general. as we write in the piece, he's a home body. he's a comfort creature. he likes to be in the white house or at one of his branded properties. he doesn't really like to travel and he certainly does president like to travel to get lectured by allies who he often kind of views as lesser allies or
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frustrating allies or people who shouldn't be lecturing him. so if he's going to go abroad, he likes on his trip to china where he gets the salute of canons or having his face blown up on the side of buildings in saudi arabia. >> he likes swords -- >> he likes parades. he doesn't like g7 in a rural province in canada. >> can i defend the president for a second? have you heard me say those words? as far as his thing in not preparing, his job and what he's always done -- he's a salesman. i kind of was that ceo. what do we need to accomplish in the room? he's not going to be sitting there, i don't believe, moving chess pieces. here's what we want to get and here's what we have to offer. and the rest of it is going to be on the sheer force of his personality and his manipulative skills and his selling skills. so, his name and as scary as that sounds, i actually understand it. >> i'm not quibbling that. i'm saying it can't be all
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things. it can't be the excuse for not talking to mueller and the president says out of his mouth -- >> how about mornings, he takes executive time, you were in the white house, that means you're not working. so his mornings -- >> you know that the homicidal boy king in korea is planning for this meeting and he's a lot tougher than justin trudeau and he knows what he wants to get out. and the problem with not preparing in this case is that if you don't know what the back story is and the history and don't know what the north koreans want to get out of it, they can take you for a ride and that's what happened with the president in china. >> did it happen today, the president invited him to the white house. >> what they want is legitimacy. the whole thing on that screen right there are the two of them face to face on our tv screens is the victory. it is the victory. >> right. >> you put on the world stage alongside the president of the united states of america. >> the president said if it goes well, he'll roll out the red carpet at the white house. ashley parker thank you for spending time with us. we're grateful.
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when you look at stormy
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daniels, i know donald trump -- look at his three wives, right? beautiful women, classy women, women of great substance. stormy daniels? i respect all human beings. i even have to respect criminals. i'm sorry, i don't respect a porn star the way i respect a career woman or a woman of substance or a woman who has great respect for herself as a woman and as a person and isn't going to sell her body for sexual exploitation. so, stormy, you want to bring a case, let me cross-examine you. >> that sounds gross. keep in mind it was donald trump who sought out stormy daniels for sex. tough talk there from rudy. our colleague mika brzezinski weighed in on the power stormy daniels holds at this hour over the entire trump presidency. >> are you kidding me, at this moment where we are in history with women, you are going to tell us to just look at her?
1:22 pm
are you out of your mind? you know what? that's your only excuse and i feel really sorry for you. that is the most -- he was incredibly degrading. let me tell you something. stormy daniels could indeed bring down this president, so i hope you all just look at her. just look at stormy daniels and just look at everything she has to say and just look at all the evidence she just might have. good job, rudy giuliani, you have just emboldened stormy daniels and potentially any other woman who may have evidence against this president because right now after you said that, rudy giuliani, i bet they might want to step forward. i bet they might want to think, just look at me. just look at me. >> you go, mika. joining donny and nick and me at the table, laura bassett, senior politics reporter for huff post and emily jane fox senior reporter with vanity fair. let's first get reaction, though, from stormy daniels's
1:23 pm
attorney michael avenatti. go. >> nicolle, mika is 100% right. if you thought that we were focused yesterday or the week before or the month prior, we have refocused our efforts as a result of mr. giuliani's pigish comments. they are a disgrace. he should be embarrassed. he should immediately resign. and if he's not going to resign, he should be fired by the president. i mean, is this the message that we want to send to the world? is this the message that we want to send to our mothers, our daughters, our sisters that this is the way that we look at women? this is the way that we disrespect women? this is an absolute disgusting disgrace, and i have to tell you, i am angry. my client's angry, and every woman in america, whether you're on the right, the left or in the
1:24 pm
center, should be angry. >> i wanted to ask you about stormy daniels' reaction to this because i thought she was very precise in her language when she was interviewed to make clear that she did not feel like she was a part of the me too movement. she did not view herself as a victim. she was a sexual partner, alleged sexual partner of donald trump's. he sought her out. they watched shark week. the details have been shared. but i wonder how she reacted to hearing today from rudy giuliani specifically that he had more respect for criminals than a porn star. >> my client has been 100% consistent at all times that women should not be degraded based on their profession or based on the fact that they may choose to be a model or a nude model or even engage in pornography. she has been adamant about that. that regardless of your profession, women deserve to be
1:25 pm
respected and judged based on their own characteristics relating to credibility which has nothing to do with what they do for a living. this guy is an absolute pig. i said it last night, i said it this morning, i'm going to keep saying it until a change is made. if this man was an attorney for any fortunate 500 company in the world, he would already be fired as of this afternoon. and here's what we have heard from the white house. nothing. we've heard absolutely nothing, no leadership. >> michael, do you have -- can you tell us if there are more women that have contacted you as a result of flash points like this? the case -- you've not been at it very long, but you have been very public. have other women come to you? have you been able to vet them? are there more women that are seeing not just stormy daniels and you make the case, but are seeing the way the president and the people around him, michael
1:26 pm
cohen, rudy giuliani talk about them? is mika predicting something that's already happening or is she predicting something that may be the result of what giuliani said today? >> we certainly have had additional women contact us as a result of the media coverage her case has received the last few months. comments from rudy giuliani have one of two effects. they either bring forward additional women, they cause additional women to have courage and come forward, or they have a quashing effect on women and they intimidate some women because they don't want to be attacked by people like rudy giuliani. i mean, the image of this man sitting there in israel and making these statements and talking about his respect for criminals as compared to a woman that has engaged in pornography is outrageous, nicolle. >> let me just share some new reporting. "the new york times" maggie haberman just spoke with the first lady spokesperson stephanie grish a.m. and is tweeting she asked her about
1:27 pm
giuliani saying she believes her husband regarding stormy daniels, grish a.m. response, i don't believe mrs. trump has expressed her thoughts on anything with mr. giuliani. do you have any insights into sort of the lengths they've gone to -- giuliani has all but said that the hush money was paid to your client to protect the family from embarrassment. do you have any insights on the first lady's response or what she knows or may not know? >> well, here's what i'll tell you, nicolle. i actually think the first lady is a very intelligent woman. there is no question in my mind that the president nor mr. giuliani nor mr. cohen have been honest with her about what happened. there's no question in my mind. i mean, all you have to do is look at their public statements claiming that the affair never happened, which by the way no one really believes. only a very small segment of the population believes this did not happen. they witnessed my client's credibility. my understanding is that the
1:28 pm
first lady had occasion to see the 60 minutes interview. i've heard that from multiple sources, and i'd be shocked if she viewed that 60 minutes interview and knowing what she knows about her own husband, came away from it thinking that my client wasn't telling the truth. >> michael avenatti, if you could stick around the rest of the conversation, i want to bring in some of the our other friends. do you have a sense rudy giuliani went out there to throw more fog into the political conversation, or he stepped in it in a situation where stormy daniels came up? >> i think he's doing like donald trump does, which is trying to distract from the investigation and trying to distract from what stormy daniels is accusing him of. and it's a political strategy. i think the problem is rudy giuliani is the last person anyone wants to hear from about feminism, about women. the last person who should be moralizing about sex, really about anything. giuliani has been married three times. he cheated on his wife. he married his cousin. he's now working for a president who has been accused credibly by
1:29 pm
more than 15 minimum of sexual assault, who has two wives who posed nude for money, who owned miss teen usa pageant where girls were parading on bathing suits and getting judged. i could go on and on. he's body shamed women, he's called women pigs and dogs and slo slobs, right. giuliani needs to shut his mouth. >> i'm struck, i will never play a moral police woman here, but these weren't donald trump's morals because donald trump sought out stormy daniels for sex. so, my reaction wasn't, you know, wow -- he represents a man who didn't share his judgment that stormy daniels was worse than a criminal. he sought her out as a sexual partner. >> he allegedly sought her out as a sexual partner. >> and he allegedly sought out play boy play mate karen mcdougal. so rudy giuliani, no opinion on his personal conduct, but he is the president's lawyer and the president didn't have these views about women who were porn
1:30 pm
stars or play boy play mates. >> sure, but the president has incredibly sexist miss onogynis views, calling women pigs and grabbing them by their genitals. he may not shared the views of these specific women. but the way the president talks about women and behaves towards women it is not so out of line with what rudy giuliani said. what he said about stormy daniels was disgusting, gave me a pit in my stomach when i woke up this morning. my first reaction is this is so disrespectful to the first lady. >> let me ask you, you know more about the trump women, the trump family than anyone. what do they do on a day like today? are they the most stoic human beings, are they numb inside, are they paid off, what's their deal? >> yes, yes, i think they do not see president trump the way that all of us see president trump. they have such a distorted image of who he is that they don't have the kind of reaction that we do.
1:31 pm
it's almost some sort of spell -- >> they seem to be raising nice kids. how do they wall it off? >> you are looking at this as a rational person, but i have written this a million times. ivanka trump is the most masterful compartmentalizer america has maybe seen. her ability to separate this out from then going and sitting in the west wing and doing her job or going and visiting her father in the oval office, she's able to separate those things you and i probably can't understand. >> michael avenatti, rudy giuliani has a pattern of making your job easier whether talking about funneling money to michael cohen, hush money, calling stormy daniels names in a public setting in israel. what happens next for your client? will we see or hear from her again in response to rudy giuliani in the next couple news cycles? >> well, we're making that determination, nicolle. let me emphasize as much as i would like to see rudy giuliani stick around and as much as i would like to see him continue
1:32 pm
to make public statements, he's got to go. he needs to be fired this afternoon. this guy is a disgrace. he's a disaster as an attorney. he's a disaster as a spokesperson. this is not the kind of man that the president of the united states should have out there in america, in the world speaking on his behalf, period. >> michael avenatti, thank you very much. when we come back, the justice department under siege, another classified briefing has been scheduled to divulge more information about an fbi informant who the department had sought to protect before he became ensnared in the president's broader battle against the investigators. that story is next.
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the d.o.j. announcing in the middle of the night they will return to congress next week for a briefing on trump's favorite conspiracy theory, that the government was spying on his presidential campaign. the d.o.j. had previously claimed that information on the beginning of the fbi's
1:36 pm
investigation into trump and russia would compromise national security. what changed? joining us democratic congressman eric swalwell, member of the house intel committee. first let me ask you, richard burr, paul ryan, two republicans with access to the most sensitive intelligence in this country, both said there were no questions unanswered from the two classified briefings last time we went in and outed an informant. why is there a need for a third briefing? >> good afternoon, nicolle. there is not a need for a third briefing. in fact, it's e.b.n. everybody but nunes. all democrats, automobile republicans who attended that meeting except devin nunes have come forward and said there is nothing there. i don't know how many more exploding cigars the republicans are willing to smoke that the president offers them, but it's time to just stand up and say, this is nonsense. this invades upon the rule of law in our country and we're not going to be accomplices to this
1:37 pm
obstructive behavior by the president. i really don't see the need for it and i wish paul ryan would just quash it and let bob mueller's team move on unimpeded. >> that doesn't seem likely, but i like your optimism. let me ask you to respond to something the associate press is report thing afternoon. the democratic congressional leaders said giving trump or his lawyers access to the materials would set a dangerous precedent for an ongoing investigation and have asked the justice department to let them know if they do give that access. how do we know they haven't already done so? emmet flood and john kelly were in that meeting at the beginning. >> it's a real concern, nicolle, and actually during our investigation there were a number of times where we were concerned that information that was being obtained in our hearings were being passed to the white house. one of the reasons was that there were multiple witnesses who all had the same attorney and one attorney even acknowledged that he was in contact with the white house general counsel about what his witness and our house
1:38 pm
investigation was saying. and so it's a real concern, you know, nicolle, never before have we allowed a subject to a criminal investigation to be able to reach into the evidence locker and review the questions that are available or evidence that exists prior to sitting down for an interview. the best thing the president can do is sit down in bob mueller's chair, answer these questions and moves on. he complains this is taking so long. vice-president pence said it's time to wrap it up. but when you tamper with witnesses, when you lie to investigators and obstruct the investigation, it's going to take longer. >> let me ask you something we started the show talking about. the president, who had an opportunity, still has an opportunity with north korea, heading to canada for a summit, to act like for 15 minutes or so world leader, chose to spend most of the day today attacking the fbi and the bob mueller investigation on twitter. yesterday rudy giuliani said mueller's investigators were trying to frame the president. at what point is damage being done to law enforcement that is
1:39 pm
irretrievable? and i ask you this because i've talked to folks who think we're at a moment in law enforcement where the rhetoric against law enforcement agents, the rank and file who sort of have to go out into communities and be trusted when they knock on a door at a crime scene, there is a parallel to the conversation on race that the president -- the point he led us to with his charlottesville comments. where do you think we are in terms of what the president has done to the credibility and the safety of our law enforcement officials? >> we are perilously close to being irreparable. my two brothers are police officers. i worked as a prosecutor. when their credibility is constantly undermined for political purposes, it starts to creep into the public conscious. and then those individuals of the public who we need to be jurors or cooperating witnesses when crimes occur in their neighborhood, they may start thinking twice about whether, you know, the government is really acting in a political way. if you talk to most fbi agents or cops, they absolutely abhor
1:40 pm
politics. they want to keep their head down, do their job and keep the community safe. for the president to accuse investigators of acting for political purposes, it really -- it takes us to a place we don't want to go and it makes us act like a country who we are not. and if that's the long-standing damage he's doing, only republicans uniting with democrats and saying, we're not going to stand for this is the only antidote i see to the president's rhetoric. >> are there any? >> well, i was encouraged elise stpfonic said they're not going to go along with the president on this bogus spy issue. it's going to take us to really unite. i introduced legislation today, nicolle, it's called duty to report. it says that if you are a federal candidate and you're approached by an agent of a foreign power offering information about your opponent, you have to tell the fbi. i think that's a very bipartisan issue that we all should be alarmed whether it's a republican or democratic
1:41 pm
candidate that our foreign adversary shouldn't be able to contact them and citizens should feel no obligation. we want people to come forward. the trump campaign did not. a number of them did not. and i think in the future we want that duty to exist in a law. >> congressman, i'm old enough to remember when people came forward without a law. i applaud your efforts. thank you for spending time with us. >> of course. thanks, nicolle. >> nick, i want to ask you about d.o.j. obviously we don't know what they're building, but this seems like yet another principle that they're letting fall by the wayside, another classified briefing about an informant after there were no questions that remained, after the last two classified briefings about the same informant. >> well, look, i just say it's hard to know without understanding exactly what they're offering to the house, right? it's hard to know what balancing act they're strike being, what they're doing to stop a blow from happening by giving a little bit, right? but, yeah, it is an important principle. i mean, think back a few summers ago when the entire gop exploded because bill clinton was on a tarmac with the a.g. and they
1:42 pm
were right to worry about that, by the way. this is ten times worse. i think it shows, though, that the house republicans and the trump campaign and the white house, rather, are all fascinated by the same thing we are. what's in mueller's locker, what's in his head. no one knows. it is in fact a testament honestly to how that man has run that investigation. he has said nothing since being appoint today that job. he's just a face on the news reel and no one knows where he's going. and it must scare the bejesus out of those guys. >> frank figliuzzi, i have heard it does just that, scares the something other than bejesus out of the president of the united states. you know bob mueller. what do you think is in his locker? give sme somethi give me something good. >> we've heard the analogy about the iceberg. we're seeing 10 to 20% of the iceberg above the surface, mummer has the remaining 80, 90%. i keep coming back to this, this started as a counter intelligence investigation. what does that mean? it means that mueller has access and likely has volumes, perhaps,
1:43 pm
of top-secret intercepts, electronic communications from the various agencies not only in our government, but in allied governments we know had a piece of this. that should worry the president even more deeply that his voice, his communications or those of foreign leaders doing business with him and his staff have been captured. that's troublesome for the white house. >> i want to make everybody feel better at home, two things. number one, i'm going to go with frank and say it's not even the tip of the iceberg, it's the tippy tip. you have bob mueller with subpoena power the last 15 years to look at probably the most dishonest public human being in every way, shape or form. so there are going to be things coming out we haven't even imagined. and the second thing, i've said this all along, he has declared war on the intelligence community and the judicial system. those are two people you don't want to be in a war with when the rubber starts to hit the road. and i believe intelligence and
1:44 pm
the judicial branch will get the last laugh. nobody is bigger than the houls, our president is going to find that out led by bob mueller. >> do you agree? >> yes, i agree. i think that donald trump is clearly -- his whole team, there is a way they could behave if they really believe they are innocent. if they really believe there is not much mueller has on them, there is no evidence of collusion. but instead what they're doing is trying to peek behind the curtain of what mueller has, of what is going on at the fbi, trying to get fbi for the first time ever to kind of turnover materials in an ongoing investigation before trump has even sat down for this interview. i think if he were really an nnlt man he wouldn't be behaving this way. >> you know one of the people embroiled quite well, michael cohen. any new intel into where his legal situation stands, is an indictment imminent? >> i have no idea whether an indictment is imminent, if it's coming down the line ever or coming down the line tomorrow. i will say that with all this attention on the north korea summit next week rightfully with
1:45 pm
what's going on with the justice department, there is a deadline next friday where michael cohen is required to turnover everything to the government. the government then will have access to everything that was seized in the -- when the search warrants were executed in his apartment and hotel room and office. and i think that is probably the most terrifying thing for president trump rightfully. >> michael cohen is very angry at this point, very angry. >> like lip ly to do a deal to himself out of jail? >> frank figliuzzi, are angry people more likely to flip on the president and throw him under the bus is this >> depends what they're angry about, angry about the government less than their friend the president, they'll flip. >> i think he's angry with misguided loyalty. i believe that at this point. i believe there could be some nuclear things coming. >> nuclear things, all right. from nuclear to going rogue, a former fox contributor calls out fox news for attacking the rule of law and spreading propaganda
1:46 pm
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1:50 pm
>> i was looking down, frank figliuzzi because i couldn't believe my eyes. "the new york times" maggie haberman tweeted today, someone help me, jeannine a fox news pre weekend april corps -- here it is. interviewed to go to be the dag, the deputy attorney general. jeff sessions resisted. good for him, i guess. when he resisted, trump advisors told him if he didn't give her a hearing trump might end up giving her a spot on the supreme court. oh, my god. where are we? >> we are in a world where kim kardashian can show up at the white house and get somebody pardoned. that's where we are. and where tv celebrities get considered for deputy attorney general or worse, supreme court of the united states. we have got a president who revolves his day around watching a particular network and that's where he gets his thinking from. that's where he sees where the
1:51 pm
wind is blowing. and that's apparently where he picks top nominees for high level positions. >> janine pirro has the two call picks trump looks for. blind loyalty and she was a daytime judge on television. she was a l.a. in westchester. >> she is a real judge? >> no. she was a prosecutor. she was d.a., and then she played a judge -- i don't think you have to be a real judge to be a judge on tv. >> she was a county judge. i think. >> but the point is, she was a tv job, that's the ultimate top of the pyramid. that's the that counts. >> i have a book coming out in a week and a half, i hope i don't get in trouble. they have known each other for a very, very long time and she was flying down to palm beach with the president, then mr. trump on his plane and an associate of were mr. trump's was trying to
1:52 pm
have a conversation with him, and he said, i'm sorry, i can't concentrate i am just looking at her legs. have you soon her legs. >> i don't know how to say this, she was a bad ass she was brilliant, had a brilliant legal mind, what a downgrade to go from rachel bran to a tv judge. >> look at all of the people the president brought into washington. a circle of washouts and retreading from new york gop politics, people who hadn't done much else who had been around his circle or had found second careers on fox or in media. that was his whole world. it astound me to see how many have shown up in washington. on the supreme court, janine pirro? are you kidding me. >> jeff sessions -- i'm not a big fan but it seems like he is trying. >> he is trying to be honorable.
1:53 pm
i think he has been around long enough to recognize how weird this administration is, how not normal it is. with regard to who trump is hiring it's slim pickings at this point there is not a lot of people who want to work for the administration. look at the attrition. i don't have the most accurate numbers right now but so many people left. there were people who were in the white house less than a week in his administration. >> scaramucci. >> ten days. give him credit. >> ten days. >> i want to ask you about a development this the mueller investigation. cnbc is reporting that witnesses turn in personal phones to inspect their encrypted messaging pramts. that seems standard for what we've read about mueller's investigation. do you think there is a sense people are holding back evidence? do you think this is targeted toward certain group of witnesses? >> i think that there are going to be a number of people in the trump circle -- we know manafort is already one of them -- that
1:54 pm
are using these encrypted apps. i think it's becoming increasingly common in our society generally. i think -- i think if the mueller team hasn't already done this, and it looks like this is new to them, they have been remiss in understanding this. they saw manafort doing it. obviously they have gone to a judge saying look who he is trying to communicate with in an encrypted fashion. now they are going back to doing this. this is something you wouldn't necessarily get from phone records, which they probably already have. on fox news, sean hannity has come out and implied or suggested that people start throwing their phones away. >> let's play that. >> maybe mueller's witnesses -- i don't know, if i advised them to following hillary clinton's lead, athlete all your e-mails and then acid wash the e-mails and the hard drives on your phones, then take your phones and bash them with a hammer into little itsy bitsy pieces, use bleach bit, remove the sim cards.
1:55 pm
then take the piece asks hand them over to robert mutual and say hillary clinton, this is equal justice under the law. >> i have said that fox not state run media, the state is fox run state. do you think he is giving them advice there? >> look, so we have got now someone on national tv suggesting obstruction of justice from -- during a pending investigation. this is someone who has meals with the president at mar-a-lago. and this is a president who has gone on national tv and told the russians if you have the e-mails i hope you release them. so it's come to this. i'm almost speechless. >> nick, you are never speechless. >> sometimes. >> do you think sean hannity -- he gives plenty of advice on tv but he also talks to the president most nights after his show. do you think mueller would want to talk to him regarding state of mind. >> if he is advocating the
1:56 pm
mueller witnesses obstruct justice and maybe he should speak to them. ask him did the president tell you to say this? you can ask him all sorts of thing if you wants to go on the air and advocate for obstruction of justice. >> question for frank, does this give an opening for mueller -- not from a grand standing view but from a real legal imperative point of view to call in sean hannity because he literally was on the air mandating obstruction of justice and he speaks to the president on a at thisly basis. >> he said he was joking. caveat that for sean hannity. could that be something? we saw bob mueller saw all the press around fire and fury and was asking questions of steve bannon, could sean hannity be of interest to mueller? >> there is two i think aels that could be taken. knowing mueller kroeng he is going to light that fire under someone who gets free air time every day. one angle would be to say yeah
1:57 pm
look i'm going to a judge and i'm going to have you cease and desist this activity on national telephones. secondly, i want to talk to you and see if trump hat goenen this idea from you or vice versa. >> we'll be right back. the line between work and life hasn't just blurred. it's gone. that's why you need someone behind you. not just a card. an entire support system. whether visiting the airport lounge to catch up on what's really important. or even using those hard-earned points to squeeze in a little family time. no one has your back like american express.
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