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tv   First Look  MSNBC  June 8, 2018 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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nbc use contacted the senate staffer last night. he declined to kmnts. court documents described court documents with four reporters including watkins using encrypted messaging applications. wolf was not a source during the relationship. wats kins was a reporter for buzz feed when on april 3rd
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article with her by line revealed that carter page maeet with and passed documents back in 2013. with days to go with his historic meeting with kim jong un president trump is picking attitude over the sitdown and the president is teasing the possibility of another meeting with the north korean leader. peter alexander from the white house has more. >> president trump before ever meeting with kim jong un already dangling a second summit here in the u.s. if next week's face to face goes well. >> maybe we'll start with the white house. what do you think? >> the president projecting confidence heading into negotiation unlike any he's ever faced before. >> i don't think i have to prepare for much. it's about attitude and willingness to get things done. >> alongside japan's shinzo abe to make sure the allies are on
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the same page before they meet. >> this will be at a minimum, we'll start with perhaps a good relationship. >> the president no longer threatening fire and fury, instead looking forward to the meeting. >> we'll get it done. >> still the president says he's willing to walk and stuffiffen sanctions on the north. if thaw don't denuclearize that will not be acceptable. mike pompeo thinks the north korean dictator is serious. >> he has indicated to me personally that he has prepared to denuclearize. >> so what's the u.s. willing to give in return? economic development and a commitment to kim jong un's security. to make any deal stick pompeo says they would ask congress to
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sign off. >> right after the summit secretary of state pompeo says he will travel to japan, south korea and china to fill them in on what happened. >> all right. thanks for that report. now, some trump administration officials are hitting back at some of the comments rudy giuliani made this week while speaking to reporters in israel on wednesday. giuliani slammed stormy daniels as someone he doesn't respect because of her career as an adult film star. >> she believes in her husband. she knows it's not true. i don't think there's a slight suspicion that's true when you look at stormy daniels. >> so a spokes person responded in a statement yesterday saying i don't believe mrs. trump has ever discussed her thoughts on anything with mr. giuliani. giuliani also stated that north korea's kim jong un begged on his hands and knees for a summit
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with president trump. he later clarified to nbc news that his statement was a metaphor. here's how secretary of state mike pompeo responded when asked whether giuliani's comments could jeopardize those negotiations coming up. >> i know rudy. rudy doesn't speak for the administration when it comes for this negotiation and this set of issues. >> now to the latest fox news personality. reportedly angling for a top job in the administration. politico citing four people familiar with the conversation is reporting that she is interested in the job as attorney general. in 2006 she challenged hillary clinton for the senate but dropped out of that race. she ran for attorney general of new york and lost to cuomo. here's a look at what she's been up to since joining fox.
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>> does hillary clinton drop off her pants here for dry cleaning. >> you think maybe she's in the woods. >> have you seen her in the woods? >> hillary, do you think she's in the woods? i bet she's in the woods. >> it's time, folks. it's time to shut it down, turn the tables and lock her up. he's even argued that he doesn't want to release records of hillary because she's now a private citizen. >> with all the power and might of the department of justice behind him, he continues to do nothing. he refuses to take them out in cuffs. jeff sessions is indeed the most dangerous man in america. >> wow, so despite donald trump's very public frustration with sessions two white house aides says the president is not considering her for attorney general, but a former administration official tells the white house that he's
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dangling the idea of giving her a top appointment. responding to the politico story, interviewed to be the deputy attorney general, sessions resisted. when he resisted trump advisors told him if he didn't give her a hearing trump might end up giving her the supreme court. a new precondition for an interview with the special counsel telling the associated press that they want the same access to classified intelligence documents that congress gets. this after the department of justice and the fbi agroed to provide a third briefing on a confidential informant who spoke with trump campaign members for its russia investigation. a doj official told the associated press they would give the documents for review but not inspected by the members at the previous briefing. >> there is not a need for a
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third briefing and in fact, it's ebn. everybody but nunes. all republicans, all democrats who attended have stepped forward and said there is nothing there except nunes. so i don't know how much more exploding cigars the republicans are willing to smoke that the president offers them but it's time to stand up and say this is nonsense. >> and house speaker paul ryan says he supports the push by president trump's allies to get more information and also defended the president on russia. >> frankly, the sooner the department of justice complies with all of our document requests which are legitimate document requests, the better this is going to be for everybody and had they complied with these document requests earlier when we made them we probably could have spared the country of all this drama.
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in all of this, in any of this, there's been no evidence that there's any collusion between the trump campaign and the president trump and russia. let's make that clear. there's no evidence of collusion. >> but democrat mark warner disagreed with that. he pointed to the number of people directly involved with charges against them in special counsel mueller's russia probe and adam schiff is calling for the committee to release all of its russia related interviews believing they could be of help to mueller's investigation. all right. joining us now from washington d.c. capitol hill reporter for the hill, molly hooper. good to have you with us on this friday morning. >> absolutely. >> are we likely to see more fallout from rudy giuliani's comments about stormy daniels? do you think this could impact his standing within the legal team or do you think the
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president alone is very pleased with what rudy giuliani has been doing even if everyone else has not? >> it seems that the president is pleased with a number of behaviors demonstrated by various members of his cabinet that people up on capitol hill and around the country think are just, you know, they're not appropriate and if you look at giuliani and what he said, this isn't the first time that he's been out in front of an issue. and in fact, we had lawmakers on monday, republican lawmakers say that if, you know, and this is following giuliani's, you know, suggestion and statement that if the president wanted to pardon himself he could pardon himself. we had republican lawmakers like judiciary committee chairman say well, if that -- if my attorney told me that, i'd get a new attorney. so you know, giuliani is getting hit back by a lot of folks even on capitol hill. >> let me switch gears for a moment. i want to talk about this
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developing late last night and overnight. the former senate staffer indicted on leaking. is the scope of this investigation by the justice department unprecedented to go after somebody -- somewhat high level on the senate staffing side and could we see more of these indictments as the administration continues to target leakers? they have said that is a priority for them. >> here's the thing. i went back and i read the indictment and i've -- i know the senate staffer, but the indictment, he's indicted on lying to federal agents and that's what we're seeing charges of. i mean, if you look at the individuals who have been indicted thus far in the russia investigation. michael flynn, george papadopoulus, they were indicted on lying to federal agents and that's the key thing here. they've been lying to federal agents. i'm not sure if we're going to see more of additional movement on the part of the judiciary going after people who are
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leaking but if you're leaking i guess you got to tell people you're leaking and just don't get caught in that trap of lying to investigators. and keep in mind, this was not a journalist. the journalist -- when journalists are approached, in the past they've said i have the right to protect my sources and they do and we've seen journalists go to jail for that and i think if you stick by that principle you'll have backup within the journalist community as we've seen in the past but again it's one thing to say i'm invoking my 5th amendment rights against, you know, not to speak, not to incriminate myself, it's will the thing entirely to say no, i didn't do anything when they have evidence that in fact you did. >> it kind of started to leak out earlier in the week as well when congress was being told of an ongoing investigation with the department of justice. we'll touch base with you in a little bit. still ahead, new reporting on a possible compromise on
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capitol hill. plus the front page of the washington post says it all. d.c. celebrating a stanley cup win by the capitals since 1992. those highlights and a check on weather coming up next in sports. ♪ most people come to la with big dreams. ♪ we came with big appetites.
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welcome back. now to a possible compromise on immigration legislation in the house. two sources tell nbc news that a conservative proposal includes a new visa system for daca recipients that would lead to a path of citizenship. three members who support the procedure are holding out to see if the idea can be imported into the compromise. attorney general jeff sessions recently vigorously
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defended president trump's immigration policy. he was interviewed on tuesday and asked if immigrants entering the country on tuesday have the right legal representation. >> i think we'll agree there are some obviously coming as just simple economic journeyers. others are refugees, but don't they all need counsel to be able to navigate our system? i don't know that it's a constitutional right but it seems to be a moral right. >> no, i don't think it's a moral right. >> sessions comments have created a divide in the gop over immigration. republican congressman of new york responded saying that he did not agree with sessions' comments and that anyone appearing in an american judicial proceeding needs to have counsel. >> all right. let's switch gears now and have a check on your weather with bill karins. >> good friday to you. a lot of questions for this weekend's forecast.
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who's going to get wet and who's going to stay dry. we also have the belmont stakes to talk about too. much of the east coast, we'll have showers and storms in florida. that's typical this time of year anyways. so this is 7:00 a.m. saturday. we wake up, a little bit of rain possible. as we go through the afternoon, along the frontal boundary we'll get some showers and storms so washington, d.c. your saturday is not a washout but there will be afternoon showers and storms that may send you scurrying back inside or shelter as we go from about 3:00 to maybe 5:00 p.m. also a few toward ohio and then as we go through sunday, the coverage already greater sunday afternoon. we wake up in the morning, some showers near pittsburgh. maybe a cluster of storms and we have a chance of thunderstorms. ohio, western p.a. and sunday looks rainier as we go through saturday. so rainfall totals and last weekend we had a lot of heavy rain. doesn't look too bad.
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the highest totals are showing us about an inch and a half to two inches. d.c. about an inch of rain this weekend and if you get a thunderstorm in a half hour, that may be it for all your rain for the weekend. and also steadier rains indianapolis into ohio. a gorgeous day today. if you love great weather from the mid-atlantic all the way through new england it's really nice. warmest day of the week and it will be warmer today than it will be over the weekend. still very hot though. all of the inner mountain west, in the 90s all week long. summer heat continues in the middle of the country. we watch some rain coming in over the weekend to make it kind of cloudy and cool. sunday we're still great from new york city north wards but from philly south wards still periods of more rain and if you're wondering about the belmont come saturday, it looks dry in new york city so this
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will be the first time justify will be on not a muddy track. >> i wonder if that's going to work to his advantage or against him. >> we don't know. >> it will make it that much more exciting. >> the drought in d.c. is finally over. not the weather as you can imagine. as ovechkin and company bring home lord stanley's cup, all the details next in sports. i'm about to start the nature's bounty hair, skin and nails challenge. so my future self will thank me. thank you. i become a model? yes.
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louis is off on a nice summer weekend. the washington capitals went into the game against the golden knights with a chance to clinch the franchise's first title but the last time they blew a 3-1 lead was the capitals however, this would be different and it wouldn't be easy. the caps went up 2-1. but the golden knights fought back. actually went into the third period with the lead trying to push the series to game six. but eller, the name to remember, breaks its with the decisive goal of the game with a little over 7 minutes to go. now it's up to the caps defense. would they hold up the knight's effort? they do and with that, the capitals finally win their first stanley cup title ever. they were established 44 years ago. while bringing a major sports
2:24 am
title to the nation's capital this is the first time in 26 years, partying like it's 1992. wait, is that david over there on the left? the shot went away. we'll have to confirm with him a little later. ovechkin was aworded the trophy as the mvp leading the team with 15 goals in the post season. the star was a star solidifying his legacy of one of hockey's all-time greats and how about to the golden knights make it to the finals in their first year as a franchise. it was no easy feat and it was quite a ride. t terrell owens spent years arguing the case to be in the hall of fame. he was finally selected but he's not joining the rest of his induction class this august in canton. owens, he said no, he declined his invitation to attend the ceremony saying in a statement yesterday, after visiting canton
2:25 am
earlier this year i came to the real sooiization that i wish to celebrate one of the most memorable days of my life elsewhere. the pro football hall of fame said we are disappointed but we will respect his decision not to participate. >> more controversy out of patriots' camp where ed el man would face charges of half a million dollars of his salary. >> if you've been following hockey, you always knew that the capitals would make a great run, they would be on the cusp, they would say this is their year but then they would go ahead and blow it. >> if they would have ended up losing last night people would have freaked out. >> capitals fans were so close,
2:26 am
nobody was willing to celebrate until the last second. >> we've never seen a parade like that through d.c. >> the owner saying he wants it to be massive. so congratulations to the c capitals and the nooikts knight well. in a few hours the president will leaf for the g7 summit but just last night he clashed with the leaders over one of the key items on the agenda. plus, another day, another story about a new scott pruitt scandal believe it or not. this time, the epa chief is facing scrutiny over his favorite moisturizer, believe it or not. we'll explain that next as well. camping with my daughters was more than just a weekend. it was our time to unplug and be together. with my bladder leakage, i'm not doing that anymore. when i went hiking with the other product, it just didn't fit right and i was always readjusting it. so, now our camping trips are their camping trips.
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edelman. it's the bottom of the hour. let's start with the morning's top stories for you. president trump said yesterday that he is not doing much to get ready for meeting the dictator of north korea. >> what are you doing to prepare for the summit? >> i think i'm very well prepared. i don't think i have to prepare very much. it's about attitude, willingness to get things done, but i think i've been preparing for the summit for a long time as has the other side. i think they've been preparing for a long time also, so this isn't a question of preparation. it's a question of whether or not people want it to happen and we'll know that very quickly. >> so after trump's comments
2:31 am
secretary of state mike pompeo appeared in the briefing room where he said he had been personally preparing the president to handle north korea back to his time as the director of the cia. >> there were few days that i left the president that we didn't talk about north korea. so months and months, president trump has been receiving briefings on this issue about the military aspects of it, the commercial economics aspect of it, the history of the relationship and in the past few months there have been near daily briefings including today where we have been providing the president all the information that he needs and i am very confident in the president, he'll be fully prepared. >> president trump acknowledged that it may take more than one meeting to reach an agreement with north korea and he also left open the possibility of invading kim jong un to the united states if in fact that summit in singapore goes well. >> it's going to be much more than a photo op. i think it's a process.
2:32 am
i think it's not a one meeting deal. it would be wonderful if it were. >> we're going to have a great success. i don't think it will be in one meeting. i think this will take longer than that. this has been going on for many, many decades. >> if the summit goes well will you be inviting kim jong un to the united states? >> the answer is yes certainly if it goes well and i think it would be well received. i think he would look at it very favorably so i think that could happen. >> secretary of state mike pompeo says that kim jong un has told him that he is in fact prepared to denuclearize. >> what i have said publicly is he has indicated to me personally that he is prepared to denuclearize, that he understands that the current model doesn't work, that he's prepared to denuclearize and that too, he understands that he can't do it the way we've done it before. >> so president trump is set to
2:33 am
depart just a few hours from now. he is expected to receive less than a warm welcome when he meets with world leaders. adding that it is trump that he has become what trump has become in the wake of his unilateral trade insecurity actions. ahead of his departure, president trump didn't exactly ease those tensions firing off a series of tweets aimed at g7 members stating in one, please tell them they are charging the u.s. massive tariffs and create nonmonetary barriers. the eu trade surplus is 1 $151 billion and canada keeps our farmers and others out. the tweets came after the prime minister and macron both promised to confront trump on the tariffs but the two leaders will have less time to do that.
2:34 am
in fact, the white house yesterday announced that president trump will leave the g7 summit earlier than planned to head to singapore ahead of his meeting with north korean leader kim jong un. outspoken republican senator jeff flake on the floor yesterday, he warned his colleagues that the administration could be in the early stages of a trade war and urged congress to show leadership. just hours before that speech president trump criticized flake on twitter writing how could jeff flake who is setting record low polling numbers and was therefore forced out of his own senate seat without even a fight and who doesn't have a clue think about running for office even a lower one again? let's face it, he's a flake. just minutes later trump tweeted that he was looking forward to meeting with shinzo abe. the prime minister responded that he's also looking fore ward to their talks but in doing so he accidentally retweeted
2:35 am
trump's attack on flake. the prime minister's tweet was deleted but the senator responded to the news. the president was later asked to respond to trump's tweet. watch this. >> i've said many times it's -- this is a tough party right now for republican like me. so it is tough to get through a primary if you agree with the president's position or condone his behavior and so i just can't do that. >> all right. joining us now from washington once again, capitol hill reporter for the hill and the twitter diplomacy expert, molly hooper. >> who would ever imagine world leaders and senators tweeting at each other like that. >> he's obviously taking aim at trump once again after it cooled off for a bit. is this a sign that the retiring republican is testing the waters
2:36 am
very possible 2020 presidential run? it could be. he's been to new hampshire. he went to the must-visit politics and eggs breakfast up in new hampshire, you know, a stop for would be presidential candidates and he said it's time for republicans to remember why they are republicans and he's taken a lot of hits at this president and he's actually -- he's actually fielded quite a few as well, but at the same time he does have support from other members of the senate, even though they might not be as vocal as jeff flake. quite a few of them applaud the republican senator for speaking out when he has and this isn't the first time it happened. remember when president trump was then president -- you know, was then a presidential contender and jeff flake met, you know, was part of these meetings with donald trump behind the scenes and he stood up and took on the president behind closed doors. so again, this is not unusual
2:37 am
and we could see more of it in the future. >> let's switch gears and talk a little bit about the g7 and another front for the president where he seems to have another front of tension. it looks like the bromance between president trump and the french president manual macron may be over after many thought they had a good relationship. what should we be looking out for when all the leaders meet later on today? >> reporter: i would think a rekindling of the bromance if you will. le bromance. >> your french is impeccable. >> oh, but the thing is just based on his relationships with key members on capitol hill and this is something i still hear from members, one day he'll tweet that he loves you. the next day you're the worst person in the world and a few weeks later you're back to being in his good graces so it's really unclear as to how that proceeds, but when it comes to
2:38 am
this major issue of whether the u.s. will impose tariffs and trade restrictions and whatnot, that's something that may soon be a bit more out of the president's control if the republican senate and republican house do pass bills reigning in some of that ability. >> something tells me the hand shake between trump and macron may not be as gripping as the ones we've seen in the past. molly hooper live for us in washington, d.c. thank you. >> thank you. the alleged abuses of power by scott pruitt continues to grow with two new reports on his questionable practices. pruitt had members of his 24/7 security team run errands for him on occasion. the two citing picking up his dry cleaning and taking him in pursuit of his favorite moisturizer. he directed them to drive him in
2:39 am
search of a particular lotion at ritz carlton hotels. the site citing pruitt was known to sends staff along food runs. those sources say pruitt is particularly fond of finger food from upscale eatry dean and deluca and is also particular about his coffee. he would often direct an aide to brew him pour over coffee which he prefers to more run of the mill brewing methods. the continued onslaught are not sitting with some top republican lawmakers. >> the appearance of impropriety matters. the waste of tax mayer monpayer matters and if you can't use good judgment and put taxpayers first it's time to find another line of work. >> he is really abusing his
2:40 am
position of power and that is truly what i said. it's about as swampy as you get. >> skill aheastill ahead, forme president bill clinton's comments on the me too movement and what the house is saying over president's confusing comments about hurricane harvey. and we'll have a check on our weekend forecast when we return. stay with us. her salon was booked for weeks,
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welcome back. in the midst of the me too movement, clinton is weighing in on sexual announcement claims here's what clinton had to say about franken in the wave of the change as a result of the me too movement.
2:44 am
>> i think the norms have really changed in terms of what you can do to somebody against their will, how much you can crowd their space, make them miserable at work, you don't have to physically assault somebody to make them, you know, uncomfortable and i'll be honest, the franken case for me was a hard case. there may be things i don't know. it's done now. and i think that all of us should just be focusing on how to do better and how to go forward. >> from president clinton to president trump who made a confusing claim about hurricane harvey in a briefing with fema. >> i think this year the coast guard may be in terms of increased branding, the brand of the coast guard has been something incredible what's happened. save 16,000 people, many of them in texas for whatever reason that is. people went out in their boats to watch the hurricane. that didn't work out too well. >> all right. so the president's comment there
2:45 am
as you can imagine baffled local law enforcement in texas said that people going out in boats to watch the hurricane as the president there suggested was actually not an issue. the white house responded to nbc news' inquiry about trump's comments saying quote, the 1,600 people the president was referring to were those saved thanks to the heroic efforts by the u.s. coast guard. the president is aware that the great people of houston worked together to help each other. some went out in their boats to save others who were trapped in their homes and ultimately needed assistance by authorities. not exactly the same as going out to watch the hurricane. >> let's switch gears and bring in bill karins for a check on our weather. >> this weekend is a mixed bag. depends where you are. people are going to be too hot and others are going to be rainy and cool. this morning the worst weather is easily in areas of minnesota and the northern portions of iowa. also some decent thunderstorms have been sliding through areas
2:46 am
of the central south dakota overnight and a new round of storms, only half a million people at risk and hopefully storms out over the open plains and not hitting anyone, but these are some of the towns in the enhanced risk. maybe liisolated tornado. the best day of the weekend is today for new york city, philadelphia, washington, d.c., baltimore to richmond and even areas of eastern north carolina. so enjoy it if you can outdoors for lunch. humidity is low and temperatures are finally a little warmer. still hotter than we'd like throughout the middle of the country. we start to see that stormy weather. sliding through the ohio valley and through the mid-atlantic region, hit and miss showers in the afternoon, could be rainy if you have any beach plans. still hot in the middle of the country and if you're wondering about the belmont. justify, can he get the job done? 77 degrees. we've taken rain out of the
2:47 am
forecast so should be a huge crowd out there, you know, maybe he'll do it. >> time to get the drinks ready for a celebration. the new crisis hitting facebook as it alerts millions of customers that altered their privacy settings. details on that and the story driving your business day straight ahead. gary: i've been making blades here at gillette for 20 years. i bet i'm the first blade maker you've ever met. there's a lot of innovation that goes into making our thinnest longest lasting blades on the market. precision machinery and high quality materials from around the world. nobody else even comes close. it's about delivering a more comfortable shave, every time. invented in boston. made and sold around the world. order now at gillette, the best a man can get. ♪ with expedia you could book a flight, hotel, car and activity all in one place.
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welcome back.
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let's turn to business. while markets in asia and europe were way down ahead of the g7 meeting that's taking place in canada, the dow closed high on thursday. we're joined live in london. good to have you with us cnbc's joumanna bercetche joins us live from london. the dow, can it survive potential tensions that might flare up on the heels of the g7 summit? >> it appears not, ayman. the dow is opening up about is 50 points lower. through the key 25,000 mark. we did break through that again a couple of days ago. but it looks as though all the indications are for a much weaker session. we did have a weaker session in asian equities as well with most of the börses trading south and the german index trading down about 1.5%. elsewhere in some tech news,
2:51 am
facebook is under scrutiny yet again, they have revealed that 14 million users had their settings changed for four days in may whereby anything they posted on private mode was switched to public and facebook has since corrected that. and if you were affected, you would get a notification the next couple of days telling you. i think the major question is whether or not it's scary it happened in the first place or it's still going on after all the scandals that facebook has been afflicted with. >> it's a lose-lose situation either way. before i let you go, i have to ask you about a very important story that's going to affect parents and millions of kids around the world. especially in the u.s. summer is beginning to heat up. so is the crackdown i understand on permitless lemonade stands. what are authorities coming to when they start doing that. luckily for kids around the country. i understand that one lemonade company is here to help. what more can you tell us about this story? >> apparently finding kids for
2:52 am
lemonade stands is a thing so country time, a brand that makes powdered lemonade drinks is introducing something called league aid to help kids get remuneration for any fines they receive. and the way it works is, if any child has a lemonade stand, parents can apply for remuneration from this legal aid and if they comply, they can get up to $3 00 in compensation for running that stand. i still don't understand how it's going to be a feasible option for the company. but then again it's a good thing for kids. back to you, ayman. >> i hope they're not going to be rounding up kids and taking them down in handcuffs. joumanna bercetche live in london thank you. coming up, axios' jim vandehei has a look at this morning's one big thing. and president trump picking attitude over preparation for the korea summit. what the lack of planning on trump's part could mean for the final outcome of this historic meeting amid talks of more
2:53 am
sit-downs in the future. questions of credibility engulfing the president's personal lawyer, rudy giuliani following his controversial comments on stormy daniels. what it may mean for his time on trump's legal team. "morning joe" just moments away. hotel, car and activity all in one place. ♪ your plaques are always there at the worst times. constantly interrupting you with itching, burning and stinging. being this uncomfortable is unacceptable. i'm ready. tremfya® works differently for adults with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. with tremfya®, you can get clearer and stay clearer. in fact, most patients who saw 90% clearer skin at 28 weeks... stayed clearer through 48 weeks. tremfya® works better than humira® at providing clearer skin and more patients were symptom free with tremfya®.
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joining us from washington, d.c. with look at axios a.m., co-founder and ceo of axios, jim vandehei. what's axios' one big thing for this morning? >> mike has got an interesting scoop about what they call internally the book. the book is what they hand the president every night before he goes up to his executive residence, that art is genius, by the way. the book is his briefing book. the reason that mike writes about it is that aides continue to have a heck of a hard time getting the president to engage on material, on briefing paper, on details he needs to go to korea summit or to think about the trade negotiations. and the book is where they try to do that. they stuff in briefing papers,
2:57 am
bullet points, they tried everything from folding little notes in there to simplifying the bullet points so he'll pay attention to it. but there's still very frustrated that very rarely do they feel like they're getting him to engage in that content. unless they get him one-on-one in a room, in the moment when the topic is hot, they're having a hard time getting him to focus. >> if we could put up the graphic quickly, i can tell what the button is, that's the red nuclear button. what's on the right, the remote control for his cable tv? >> i'll go for the remote. >> i didn't know if that was the intercom to bring in the diet cokes. you talk about the briefing book, let's talk about the president's love of newspapers and how that factors into how he consumes information. we've seen this in the past. obviously he relies on articles calling fake news, he relies a lot on cable news what role does that play in his information stream? >> it's interesting. everyone assumes he doesn't look at newspapers and go online. he doesn't go online, but he
2:58 am
does look at hard copies of newspapers. early in his presidency, we're sitting with his top officials and he said you want to see how the president communicate with us? he opens his phone and shows us emails from the president. they each have a pdf attached to it, with the photo with a hard copy of a paper, with magic markers markings with hey what are we doing about this? that's still how he wants to communicate a lot of the information that he's reading. the complexity now is that officially becomes a presidential record. so someone has to grab those, they have to be filed, they have to be preserved because they often have important notes about who should go look at what, when. >> i know that like presidents always carve out some time of their day just for them personally. it's kind of like the president's executive time. how does this president and his use of the executive time focus on you know let's say tv watching, tweeting, is there any sense that anybody in the white
2:59 am
house wants to try or maybe even possibly curtail the way he does that tweet and watch tv? >> yes. everyone would love to have him tweet less and watch fewer fox programs. but they also know it's never going to happen. and he's very protective of that executive time. you remember months ago jonathan swan had that scoop about how they carved out until 11:00 a.m. in the morning for the president to be upstairs alone watching tv. often reacting on twitter. they're sort of, their view internally is trump is trump, let trump be trump. there's nothing that we can do about it. the thing that frustrates him and why the book matters is facts do matter and they feel strongly that he sometimes goes off on something that he just feels is right and they can't get him the real information to say, it's not. if he thinks the post office is raising rates, or is doing things that benefit amazon, even if the facts belie it, they have a hard time saying no, no, look, here are the facts of the
3:00 am
matter. a big scale, this stuff matters. you're talking about the north korea trade meeting, about nuclear, denuclearization of the peninsula. and the president saying, you don't need to do that much briefing. you go in there, you read the guy, you decide we can get a deal or we can't get a deal. most of the time it's more complex than that. >> it sounds like a scary thought to think of it like that. jim vandehei. thank you very much. we'll be reading axios a.m. in just a little bit. sign up for the newsletter by going to that does it for us this friday morning, "morning joe" starts right now. >> we have elements who are driving wedges between people on the basis of race. >> very fine people on both sides. >> income. >> i don't want a poor person. >> religion. >> total and complete shutdown of muslims. >> gender. >> grab them by the [ bleep ]. >> political affiliation. >> unamerican, someone said


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