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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  June 8, 2018 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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mitchell. the american president arriving late to the annual g7 economic summit and planning to leave early. not staying for the joint statement or talks on the environment or climate change. >> we are not going to live with the deals the way they are. european union treats us unfairly. canada, unfairly. mexico, unfairly. i think we'll very easily make a deal. >> born ready. president trump says he nedoesn need prep time for the summit with king jong-un in singapore. >> i always believe in preparation. i've been preparing all my life. these one week preparations. they don't work. just ask hillary what happened to her in the debates. tragedy repeating. just houring after a new report on the rise in suicides across
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the country, celebrity chef, tv personality and story teller anthony bourdain takes his own life. >> he was exactly who he appeared to be on tv. he was funny. he had no tolerance for bs. he attacked things like pumpkin spice latte and the term farm to table. he was just a real guy. good day. i'm an drdrea mitchell in washington. a big day. the president in canada this hour. the powerful and least pop you lar member. arriving so late to avoid a previously scheduled meeting with his former bff now twitter enemy france emmanuel macron. this morning mr. trump took another dig at america's friends
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by saying that russia ousted from the group of eight in 2014 after russia annexed c eed crim should get a free pass back in. >> i would recommend and it's up to them but russia should be in the meeting. whether you like it or not, it may not be politically correct, we have a world to run. in the g7 which used to be the g8, they threw russia out. they should let russia come back in. we should have russia at the negotiating table. >> joining me now nbc white house wor stkristen welker. we see one landing in quebec city and msnbc political analyst y eugen robinson.
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it's clear to a lot of us that this unusually delayed departure that something was up and not only did they announce he's leaving the summit before any final chun indicatiommunication four hours earlier than scheduled. he left washington so late and that has to be on purpose. he's arriving too late for the meeting with france's macron. >> reporter: that's right. our indication at this moment is that the meeting with macron will be significantly pushed back today, if it happens. they still are tracking that it will happen. again, to your point, he left very late today. no official word from the white house on what was holding him up, the official line. it couldn't be clearer. this is a president who had reservations about attending this summit based on conversations with sources who are familiar with some of these discussions behind the scenes
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that the president has even discussed the possibility of not attending. they determined it was in their best interest for him to do so. he's been spending the past 24 hours escalating his war of words with some of america's oldest and closest allies over this very thorny issue. he infuriated them after imposing new tariffs but really digging in on the issue on twitter. not backing down. the leaders of france, germany, canada making it very clear they are prepared to have some very frank conversations with president trump about that issue, about arrange of issues and now this new twist. this remarkable twist. on the south lawn earlier today saying that russia should be allowed back in to the g7 summit. we have seen a sharp backlash from a number of countries saying we do not support russia.
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that's why their membership was suspended because of crimea. a strong response. italy the only country signalled it would be open to the idea but lawmakers on capitol hill including a number of republicans saying they wouldn't support that. ben sass saying russia is not our friend. very strong words greeting the president as he touches down for this g7 summit. tensions are so high that despite the fact this is called the g7 summit as you have been reporting on extensively, a lot of people saying this is really the g6 summit because america is so isolated right now. >> let's recap what macron said in a tweet yesterday. that the american president may not mind being isolated but neither do we miepnd signing a country agreement. they represent an economic market which has the weight of history behind it and is now a true international force.
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italy barely has a government and not one of the 7 for a lot of a good reasons. they don't have that kind of economy. they're not major players here. the fact is that macron, according to other european allies misstepped by thinking he could be preeminent in europe. he could parlay flattery and buddy up with the president here at an ill fated state visit. now we see angela merkel suggesting she will try to negotiate some kind of fix with the u.s. behind the scenes. >> putting beside the fact there's been several decades of tension about whether france or germany are the bigger power in europe. angela merkel realized she was
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not going to enjoy the same relationship with donald trump as barack obama. emmanuel macron tried to, justin tr trudeau tried too. europe increasing that more than $3 billion but canada imposing duties on $12.8 billion worth of u.s. goods. you understand this is a massive deal for these countries. america is by far the largest trading partner for canada. to go down this road, this the beyond the awkwardness of trying b to be nice to donald trump and stand next to him at public events while he says unusual things. this is europe and canada daying so saying to the united states this is a serious trade war. this attacks the underpinnings of the g7. these trade relationships are basically mechanisms to resolve
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conflicts. inherent in any of these trade deal will be conflicts and these deals will say we will do a lot of business together but we will have a mechanism in place by which we resolve these things. many deals have been resolved. president trump talking about attacking the bases on which these deals are made is potentially very, very damaging to the u.s. economy and the global economy. i think these world leaders are taking that very seriously. they realize this is not just political rhetoric. this could damage the glow ball economy. >> one of the most offensive things about this to the other allies is the national security exception by which the president asserted these tariffs, imposed these tariffs because that meant he didn't have to get congress to agree to it. to say to our canadian brothers and sisters who fought alongside us in every war, are dying in afghanistan is part of the nato force. >> canada poses national
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security threat to the united states. that's deeply, deeply offensive to all of canada and much of america. this is all extraordinary. if you look at donald trump's history, he has no history of showing that he can work well with allies. he was a one man show. he had flunkies. people who would do whatever he said but not sort of allies with whom he negotiated and there was give and take. he doesn't believe in give. he believes in take. that's how he's trying to deal with some -- with europe. an economic power of the same weight as the united states and china. one of the big economic powers in the world. our closest allies. also to suggest just off hand,
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let's let russia back in. while russia occupies illegally and violently seized territory it stole from a european country and remains there. just built a bridge from the russia mainland to crimea to further incorporate it into russia. totally unacceptable to the european and to canada. just okay with donald trump. it's extraordinary. >> at a time when russia is being investigated for attacking the american election, to say nothing of the possible connection. >> he can pretend that's not happening, which he probably does. he must understand this is a very serious matter for europe. >> peter alexander, our
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colleague, on departure asked the president about a range of things including the reports that believe, according to his lawyers and what they filed back in february that he can pardon himself. watch this. >> do you believe that you are above the law if you can pardon yourself? >> i'm not above the law. i never want anybody to be above the law. the pardons are a very positive thing for a president. i think you see the way i'm using them. i have an absolute right to pardon myself but i'll never have to do it because i didn't do anything wrong. everybody knows it. there's been no collusion. there's been no obstruction. it's all made up fantasy. it's a witch hunt. >> kristen welker. >> well, striking to hear the president say what he has tweeted about. peter alexander put the big question that we've all been asking to the president directly. do you think you're above the
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law? he said no but then he said yes i believe i have the authority to pardon myself. what is so notable about this is that the president won't just say i don't want to talk about it because i won't need to use the pardon power as it relates to myself. it comes in the wake of a number of pardons that we have seen from the president just pardoning alice johnson earlier this week. the 63-year-old great grandmother who was serving a life sentence for drug trafficking charges. he had a other pardons that people said were conservative allies. people close to himself. on the list of potential pardons, martha stewart, rod blagojevich and a white house official says the president is considering dozens of more pardons. is he trying to send a signal to some of those wrapped up in the russia probe. the white house disputes that but still that is still very much at the forefront as we
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track that part of the story. >> of course he mentioned that he might want to pardon muhammad ali. no pardon needed because that conviction was overturned by the supreme court back in the '70s. thank you very much. thanks for joining us today. stay here you're rocking the red tie for a reason. the caps. the nation's capitals still celebrating our big win. expansion team on their first season in a thrilling final playoff game with a little more than seven minutes to go. lars ellar breaking a 3-3 tie. the whole team holding off repeated challenges to win their first stanley cup since it was created. fans in washington did not let that stop them from partying.
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a watch party spilled over into the streets as the city won its first major sports title in 26 years. he brought his dad out onto the ice after the win saying my dad, he doesn't remember a lot of stuff these days but this one will stick with him forever. you can guarantee that. >> first championship for washington since 1992. first championship for the caps. i could not be happier for the team. the best player in hockey last ten years. could never quite get over the hump.
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he's the king. >> great washington citizen. >> exactly. it's a great thing. i think there's going to be a parade. >> we'll be off. we'll be at the parade. coming up, winning attitude. president trump says that's what will get him through the singapore summit. it's all about attitude. gary: i've been making blades here at gillette for 20 years. i bet i'm the first blade maker you've ever met. there's a lot of innovation that goes into making our thinnest longest lasting blades on the market. precision machinery and high quality materials from around the world. nobody else even comes close. it's about delivering a more comfortable shave, every time. invented in boston. made and sold around the world. order now at gillette, the best a man can get.
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rated pg-13. president trump says it's all about attitude. explaining why he does not think he needs to cram for his critical talks with kim jong-un. >> i said i've been preparing all my life. i always believe in preparation. i've been preparing all my life. you know these one week preparations, they doenln't wor. just ask hillary what happened to her in the debates. i've been preparing for this all my life. it's the fake news. if you run, peter, just a little bit longer the clip, you would see i've been preparing all my life. >> while wchina is not at the table, beijing will have a
9:20 am
virtual presence. joins me to talk about this michael lighter. welcome both. thank you so much. victor, first to you. is kim jong-un going to be studying? >> oh, yes. he's been preparing for this meeting for, the north koreans for four and a half decades. they have been waiting for a meeting with the u.s. president. he's going to be well prepared and the trap doors for the president to slip into. the president may come out of meeting thinking he's got a victory and not realizing that he just fell into all of north korea's traps. >> if he agrees to suggeomethin
9:21 am
suggest wiggle room. >> flst a huge number of complications. other americans president had gone down those trap doors in the past even when they were prepared. this is not a simple you get rid of the nukes, everything will be good. you have enormo nor -- enormous issues. this is complicated. it's complicated for anyone and as depressing or distressing as the president's lack of preparation is a lack of inner agency preparation. the lack of any meeting amongst the principals, cabinet secretaries to discuss how this is put in place. it's part of dialogue that help set the agenda and help any president understand those trap doors. >> the president is now coming down the steps to do his part, the handshake, the formal
9:22 am
arrival. we should point out this is the official welcome. it was supposed to be proceeded by his one-on-one meeting with emmanuel macron, the french president. they've been tweeting each other all night for the last few days. clearly that wasn't something the president was looking forward to. last night they announced he would leave four hours early before any joint communique or perhaps there won't be something. the president now approaching prime minister trudeau and his wife. this is after the prime minister strongly objected on meet the press with chuck todd to this national security clause by which the president could unilaterally slap tariffs on canada without having congress' approval. it's not clear he would have gotten congress approval.
9:23 am
they have been with us and are with us in afghanistan. canadian men and women dying in the service of multilateral global goals. >> many americans don't realize that just in our most recent in afghanistan, canadians lost more troops during parts of that war than american troops. they fought and bled as much as any u.s. marine, army soldier. i think that really does -- it's a punch in the gut to say there's this national security interest with the canadians which is very hard for them to stomach. >> the juxtaposition of his leaving early from the g7 summit to go to meet with the north korean leader. the notion that the only diplomacy is doing in the world today is with north korea while at the same time we're slapping
9:24 am
tariffs on our allies. abandoning them in meetings. it's just unbelievable in many ways. >> let me talk about the goals of the summit and what china might be doing to us at the same time. just to get a declaration from north korea of what their weapon system compromise of will be a big challenge. they've lied before. they've cheated. the father and grandfather have cheated on past agreements. we need an accounting of a complex system that's buried under ground. >> when people say how would we know that the north koreans are doing it differently this time, first thing you would want to point to is fall and complete declaration of weapons precursor, facilities that could be fully verified by the international atomic energy agency. if we were able to get a commitment like that out of north koreans this summer, people would raise their eyebrows and say maybe there's
9:25 am
something different here. you have to know the history of negotiations to know what is new and different versus what is not. it doesn't appear like this president seems to be interested in knowing. >> that takes more than at constitu -- attitude. let me you about china. we've been report that china will be all over singapore. not physically but virtually. their ability to do electronic surveillance is unparallel. >> i'm not sure if it's unparallel. it parallels ours. the chinese is an e mor nonormo of this calculation. china will listen. they will look. they will watch and be aggressive on the intelligence front as they are here in the united states on these key issues. >> how can they hide these mie r
9:26 am
microphones and cameras? >> this president is using cell phones quite often. there's been reports using some of those tools here in washington. i guarantee you they are all over singapore. they will have people around the talk who is are intelligence sources. they will use all of those pieces because this discussion about nuclear weapons and the future stability of north korea, the only country that's more important in the united states and south korea is china. this is a key national security concern. they will be aggressive in their counter intelligence. they will continue that. they will use influence operations to try to shape the president's perspective on what should happen. >> what do you mean by that? >> some of the trade disputes that are going on or not going on between the u.s. and china. the removal of certain sanctions
9:27 am
on zte. i think in large part was influenced by china saying, mr. president, look at all we have to accomplish on north korea. this is kmchina working the tra angle, working the policy angle in a fsophisticated way i'm not sure the white house appreciates fits together. >> thank you. i'm heading to singapore tomorrow. senate insider arrested. a top staffer swept up for lying to the fbi. you're watching andrea mitchell reports only on msnbc. metastatic breast cancer is relentless, but i'm relentless too. mbc doesn't take a day off, and neither will i. and i treat my mbc with new everyday verzenio- the only one of its kind that can be taken every day.
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a top senate intelligence committee staffer was arrested of charges on lying to fbi. he's not charged with leaking classified information. james wolfe seen here escorting michael cohen into a senate committee hearing. he was not a partisan.
9:32 am
he was indicted by a federal grand jury of making false statements. indicted now in relation to whether or not he passed sensitive committee information to three reporters. president trump responded to the news this morning. >> i'm a very big believer in freedom of the press but i'm also a believer that you cannot leak classified information. >> let's get the inside scoop. jarp mm mmy -- jeremy peters an margaret from the daily beast. what's going on here? this is unusual. it's not that the obama administration did not also go after leaks and reporters but this is pretty extraordinary. >> it is unusual. james wolfe worked for decades
9:33 am
in a non-partisan way. it was his job to make sure that sensitive and classified information did not leak from the committee. he of more than anyone would understand what information could and could not be shared. it's important here that he is not being charged with leaking classified information. they started this investigation because they thought that some of the information put in these news stories was classified. they found the information he shared was sensitive. what he's charged with is not the information he shared but the fact he lied to the fbi about it. again, something he probably should have understood given his past working with this base and knowing what could happen if you lie to federal investigators. >> this is the first time that the trump administration, that we know of, is involved in this aggressive search for leaks. the obama administration did this as well and matt miller
9:34 am
said they retreated thinking it had geone too far. >> that's part of the reaction you're seeing to this story. people are saying they are surprised it took this trump administration this long given they had the template from the obama administration and warned everybody they were going to do this. you look at what the obama administration did. they did this over eight years. they went after james rosen of fox news. they tracked his movement in and out of the justice department and my former colleague, james risen. they went after him as well. there's a long history here and a regretful one, according to some former obama administration officials. >> margaret, what is the concern here that it would have on source relationships? >> one of the regulations that the justice department has is if you can get the information in another way, a reporter is your last resort.
9:35 am
they had all the information from his records. they went after the reporter back to her college records. >> why would they need to go back that far? >> no reason. very aggressive search of her telephone records. one person close to the committee told me that mr. wolfe targeted foreign relationships with young female reporters who were new. may have wanted to give them information in exchange for attention. in the indictment you'll notice the others are not named. i think we will come to stlee there was a pattern in his behavior. >> she had this personal relationship with him when she was working for a previous news
9:36 am
organization because she went to the new york times. this is a terrible outcome for her. she doesn't face criminal charges but it's a very difficult role for any journalist. >> yeah. i can imagine that. i think in this case it's important to understand that she said it was a romantic relationship. we shoe she told the new york times about this. it wasn't something she was trying to sweep under the rug. she went from buzz feed to politico to the new york times. i think what can happen here is a chilling effect on journalist. i hope not on female journalist as a young female journalist in this same space. the new york times seems to be supporting her. they are saying this is an overstep by the justice department and she should be protected to do her job.
9:37 am
at least her employer seems to have her back at this point. >> she was not covering the committee and the investigation. she was covering other aspects. this creates concerns about freedom of the press at a time when arguably we need the press more than ever. >> this administration, this president, more than any other in our times has made the press an enemy. he's said that. we are the enemy of the people. absolutely this is just one more extraordinarily chilling effect. >> yet this morning he said how much he loved the first amendment and freedom of the press. >> we'll remember that. >> add that to the list of falsehoods. >> thank you so much. coming up, all dried up.
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this time it stems from his fondsness of a particular skin moisturizer. he enlisted his security detail to run down the brand by the ritz carlton. the president defending him again today but heckled add a faith and freedom rally over the latest lotion commotion. >> it's interesting about this type of discussion. here we are talking about free speech, religious liberty and folks won't let you enganl in it. the left doesn't want to talk about truth. the left doesn't want to talk about results. they want the shouts and try to intimidate as oppose to talk about what's being done in this administration. there's great change happening across the country. >> the lotion controversy. joini ining me now rick tyler, republican strategist and stephanie cutter.
9:43 am
rick, how would you handle the lotion affair? >> the reason we're talking about this is scott pruitt seems to keep stumbling into misdeed after misdeed. i can understand the left doesn't like what scott pruitt is doing and attack but why does scott pruitt provide them so many opportunities in such targeted rich environment. i may agree with a lot of what he's doing at the epa. i think we're over regulated but we want to have a balance. he continues to give them reasons and excuses to investigate him and make him an endless cycle of bad news stories. >> indeed. there's plenty of reasons to argue on both sides about the level of regulation. >> sure. >> the fact he's violated every single one of these in these instances that are alleged. he has gone so far beyond the
9:44 am
pail of what is proper and legal. this is the president defending him again today. >> scott pruitt is doing a great job within the walls of the epa. we're setting records. outside he's being attacked viciously by the press. i'm not saying he's blameless but we'll see what happens. >> stephanie. where do you start with scott pruitt? >> these are not things that the left is creating. these are self-induced issues. we're not sending staff to the ritz carlton to find moisturizer. hee is. we're not trying to get his wife a job at clihick-fil-a. h he is. it makes him look like he's weird. he's weird and cheap trying to find a used mattress at the trump hotel. this paints a picture of a guy who doesn't understand the rules
9:45 am
of accountability. we would rather be talking about what he's actually doing at the epa. just recently he rolled back standards to check the tox zici in our drink water. these are dangerous chemicals that pollute our drinking water, put our children's health at risk. that's a more important conversation to be having. these are self-inflicted wounds. the guy has more ethics investigations against him than any cabinet in history. he's got to go but the reason he's sticking around is because he's pursuing those policies that i just laid out. that's what trump wants him to do. that's why trump is keeping him around. >> the iowa senator was on with chuck and chuck asked about scott pruitt. >> he is really abusing his position of power and that is
9:46 am
truly what i said. it's about as swampy as you get. >> what does the administration do? we know from sources inside the white house they are not happy about this but the president is still defending him. >> yes but he's defended a lot of other people. then all of a sudden friday afternoon they get fired. >> it is friday. we should check our inboxes later this evening. >> it's true. the president is trying to make news. i'd like to debate the issues about the epa and environment and regulation and over regulation. instead we're talking about hand lotion. he just doesn't seem to have any gauges to this make cause me a problem. scott pruitt doesn't seem to be liked within his own department because how does it come out that a security detail went to
9:47 am
the ritz carlton to buy a lotion. it comes out because people in the department don't like him and they want to sabotage him. >> it's just another friday in washington and we'll see what happens by the end of the day. thanks so much. >> i'll have to try that lotion. thank you. >> it's great. coming up, a terrible, terrible tragic loss. chef, author, adventurer, anthony bourdain dead at the age of 61. stay with us. the kenya tea development agency is an organization that is owned by tea farmers. every week we sell this tea, we get paid in multiple accounts. we were looking for a bank to provide
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for just $69- our lowest father's day price ever. anthony bourdain, world renowned adventure are, storyteller and chef died at the age of 61 after committing suicide. he was in france working on his hit cnn show "parts unknown." his death comes days after fashion designer kate spade took her life in her new york city apartment. nbc's willie geist spoke for him with his sunday sitdown on "weekend today." >> anthony bourdain never leaves you wondering how he feels. >> i'm thinking, really?
9:52 am
are these prime fishing waters? i don't know about this. >> that blunt personali alality combined with an endless curiosity of food made the chef a global star. >> i'm in love. that's good. >> for decades on a nearly constant culinary tour of the world from historic rome. >> actually one of the best. >> i want that. >> reporter: to war-torn libya. >> especially a cross-mode of firing molotov cocktails. >> reporter: leading viewers off the beaten path. and challenging our appetite for the exotic. [ speaking in foreign language ] >> anything you've had on the show you're like, good god, never again. >> yeah, yeah. they do a funky fermented fish in island that's just -- it's a has mac situation. >> here's the tongue. >> hmm. it's good. >> yeah? >> i'm eating tongue with anthony bourdain. >> nice to know who we're
9:53 am
talking about when we talk about places with really complex problems. some knowledge of, you know, who people are when they're sitting at home with their family eating, instead of just statistics. >> joining me now, dr. john torres, nbc news medical correspondent. dr. torres, thank you very much for being with us. >> you bet. >> this is really hard -- people who like myself i don't know him, i watch him faithfully, because he takes me places, some i've been and some i've never been to and want to visit because of the way he -- he paints pictures. you can taste the food the way he describes it. >> you can, and what makes it harder the back-to-back, the celebrities that have had this issue this week. a lot of times we think, okay. people that are going to have issues like this, people that actually commit suicide, die by suicide, they have problems that we can tell. we can see, look at that. this goes across all spectrums of society. this is the poor, the rich. those that are celebrities.
9:54 am
those that are unemployed. it crosses all spectrums. this shows you no matter what somebody looks like when you see them in brief periods like we're seeing these this week, behind the scenes there are things going on. a lot of times messages as friends and loved ones hopefully we can key into and help people out with. >> even people who are educated, have access, resources, access to help, can fall into such despair. president obama memorably did one of his programs, and tweeted today, low plastic stool, cheap, delicious noodles. cool beer. he taught about about the ability to bring us together, a little less afraid of the unknown. we'll miss him. of course, hanoi and his vietnam trip one of the most memorable. let's talk about the cdc report, because it's also a day after we have this startling report on
9:55 am
the rise of suicides. >> the cdc did come out with a report yesterday and what they said is, since 1999, the rates of suicide have gone up 30% across the country, at least half of states, overall 25%, to give an example, 45,000 people died by suicide in 2014 -- sorry, 2016 alone. that's just showing you not only rates increasing but very, very large rates, and it's going across, again, all spectrums of society. no one is really spared from this. this tells us we need to pay a lot more attention to this. parts of paying attention, the stigma. a couple different stigmas. one, it's personal. meaning people themselves are afraid to talk about it, embarrassed to talk about their own issues they have. two, national stigmas behind national health conditions. one study showed 50% because of mental health. others because of other issues. relationship, financial issues, substance abuse. definitely thing thats that need
9:56 am
to be looked at. >> thank so much for your medical advice and we're all thinking about anthony bourdain and his family and friends. and if you or anyone else you know is struggling, there really is help available. as dr. torres says. the national suicide prevention lifeline is available 24 hour as day at 1-800-273-8255. we'll have that on our website and also tweeting it out and find us on facebook. and we will be right back.
9:57 am
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and remember to follow us at michellereports. chris jansing takes over now in new york. >> i happened to notice you spent a lot of time at the top of your show talking about sports, andrea mitchell. >> just a little bit. >> congratulations to all my friends from washington, d.c. >> you bet. thank you. >> and in for craig melvin, i'm chris jansing. president trump canceled a meeting with one of the world's closest allies, france, at the last minute france said they'll be okay to leave him out of the conversations with g7. supposed to be the easy meeting with high stakes meeting with kim jong-un next on the docket. plus, pressure on pruitt. not one, not two, but 15 ethics investigations into scott pruitt's alleged misconduct. and a group of senators is asking


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