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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  June 10, 2018 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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till the day i die. that's all for this edition of "dateline." i'm craig melvin. thank you for watching. we have some breaking news at this hour, moments ago a historic meeting between the prime minister of singapore meeting with kim jong-un in the run-up to the unprecedented summit between the u.s. president and the north korean leader. good morning to you, i'm richard liu at the msnbc headquarters in new york city. we are awaiting just a moment an event in the lead-up to the trump/kim summit. this is a live picture of the singapore military air base. president trump is due to land there, we expect, any time. we are keeping an eye on that picture for you. also, new headlines from the g7 summit as president trump retracted his endorsement of the
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leader's final statement after the canadian prime minister justin trudeau's response to the president's trade threats. >> it's kind of insulting. canadians are polite, we're reasonable, but we also will not be pushed around. >> president trump tweeting, i have instructed our u.s. reps not to endorse the communique as we look at tariffs on automobiles flooding the u.s. market. meanwhile, the republican senator john mccain pushing back against the president and attempting to smooth over relations with allies saying, americans stand with you, even if our president doesn't. i'm going to start this hour with msnbc's chief white house correspondent hallie jackson at the military air base. and nbc's chief global correspondent bill neely on santos island where the summit will take place. but hallie, as we look at the air base there, this is not the same location, right?
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where kim jong-un landed just several hours before? >> reporter: and let me tell you what we're seeing here at this air base, richard, because i'll tell you, it is not the kind of pomp and circumstance that you sometimes see when president trump arrives in a foreign place. we know you probably can behind me, the stairs are set up. we know in 90 minutes the president will land in air force one, he'll roll in, the stairs will be pulled up as usual, but this is not going to be a fancy ceremony with a lot of pomp and circumstance as you have seen before. it's fairly bare bones because the president is then going to head over to santosa island, or his hotel, just off santosa island, where bill neely is. he will meet with the delegation tomorrow, have a day of prep, and the big action begins. his face-to-face watched around the world. i'll tell you, we have come a long way since fire and fury, a long way since little rocket man. what you have now to put this in
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context is a president who is leaving traditionally a meeting of the u.s.' closest allies at the g7, in which he spoke out strongly against our closest friends of canada, germany, and now is coming here to truly take the opposite tactic, the opposite attitude, the opposite tone to somebody considered one of the most ruthless dictators or somebody who had been. the president is hoping for a break here. we know what is on the agenda, denuclearization, but the president himself has said that is going to take potentially a while. he expects there to be more meetings and hinted at the possibility of perhaps a summit back in washington with kim jong u.n. if this one goes well. and richard, when will the president know if this goes well? he says within the first minute, he'll know by touch and feel, he says, whether or not this will be a successful one-on-one with kim jong-un, if the two will make progress toward talk. on the other side toward denuclearization and the talks.
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on the other side for kim jong you c jong-un, this is a win. he's wanted to sit down with the american president. a lot of reward here but a lot of risk, particularly looking at the international climate and where he stands with both friends and frenemies now as well as former foes and current foes like north korea. >> talking about north korea, bill neely, it's been a busy several hours here so far. as we have seen kim jong-un arrive into singapore and then just moments ago i understand he had a meeting with the leader, prime minister lee, there at the presidential palace. >> reporter: yeah, richard, he's been busy and that meeting is still going on. we are in unknown territory right now because almost literally kim has never been here before, but it's the furthest he's ever been outside
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the bubble of pyongyang. but diplomatically as well, unknown territory was the phrase donald trump used yesterday as to where we are, but kim is meeting world leader three in prime minister lee and will, of course, meet donald trump, number four, on tuesday. he arrived here d-afteoon, interestingly, on a borrowed air china plane. he was greeted by singapore's foreign minister. and he has brought almost the entire north korean leadership with him. and that is really significant because they are collectively therefore taking the risk by having a summit with donald trump. so the man who we saw meeting donald trump in the white house is there. the head of the army, the foreign minister, kim's own sister, a senior member of the public bureau herself, they are all here. then kim went in his trademarked black limousine, which we last saw in the summit with president
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moon inside korea, went through the streets, the north korean flags on the herd, gold seal of office on the side of that limousine with tinted windows. and inside the hotel, we saw the 12 north korean bodyguards running alongside his limousine leaving for the meeting with the south korean prime minister lee. tomorrow, we don't know what he's doing, we have no agenda, and that is perfectly normal for the north koreans. we have never had a timetable or itinerary. we expect he'll prepare for tuesday's summit and perhaps reflecting on what hallie was taking about. we just saw him withdraw his signature from the g7 communique. he may be asking himself, what is donald trump's signature or
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agreement really worth? and what is he going to do with me, is his signature worth the ink on the paper? that, perhaps, also something for president trump to consider as he is in the air and as hallie says will arrive in 90 minutes' time. >> we'll go back to hallie jackson where he expect the air force one to touch down here. seldom do we get the tick-tocks, but we have had a lot of change in the president's itinerary. your reflection on what will happen in the next 48 to 72 hours here? >> reporter: so to put this sort of in framing here, richard, i have been on a lot of foreign trips with this president, covered the administration since the day he was inaugurated. typically on foreign trips like these, there's a clear set of
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directives, goals, even of movements. we know where the president will be and when. we know when we'll see the president and when we won't. this, instead, feels more to the journalists covering this on the ground a 48-hour rolling breaking news event. there are a lot of unexpected moves. there's a lot of unexpected plans. you're already starting to see some of that, and i don't imagine that will stop. it has a lot of reporters ready to go at a moment's notice, because you don't know when the history-making moments could happen. we know roughly the time when we expect to see the two leaders together, but even that, richard, you have to remember, this is so, as bill was talking about, this is so unprecedented for kim jong-un to have the high stakes world moment on the stage. the other movements, the staging, the choreography, how the leaders interact is something different and new for kim jong-un and frankly for president trump. he's done this obviously for a year and a half or so, but it is not like he was in politics much before then.
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you have two leaders who can be unpredictable coming face-to-face for the first time. i'll tell you, it will be one of the most fascinating moments to watch when they do come face-to-face. we won't see a lot of it, look, listen, they presumably go into a room. obviously, there will be translators there. you heard bill mention kim jong-un's right-hand man back in washington that we saw a couple weeks ago. the president has the top staffers to the secretary of state and national security adviser. and we do expect there potentially to be more than one conversation. they'll meet, have other meetings, we are sort of waiting and watching and buckling up getting ready for the ride, richard. >> history is unfolding in front of us. and part of the history is the very pictures of what hallie is eluding to.
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we're not getting a tick-tock, bill, but the picture is coming over a facebook link from the prime minister. we saw pictures earlier there in singapore coming from the foreign minister. we're getting more ideas of what kim jong-un is today than we ever have and certainly bill, then, this must be new for again the leader of north korea and how he might react to all of this pomp and circumstance. >> yeah, richard, i think you can expect the unexpected as hallie was explaining and you just pointed out. nobody expected live streaming pictures from the singapore prime minister's office. and there was kim in his trademark dark suit looking perfectly relaxed. the entrepreneur is by his side.
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just five hours after the opening of the summit, we are hearing that kim jong u.n. is expected to leave that quickly. that doesn't mean it is true if it is scheduled, because let's say donald trump and kim jong-un get along with each other, yet he is scheduled to leave five hours after the summit start. hallie said, this is a historic time. kim jong-un had never met a foreign leader and now will meet four foreign leaders. as president trump said yesterday, this is a one-time shot. it's a great opportunity for peace and prosperity. donald trump says he's on a
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mission for peace. >> i don't have my compass out, but this could be the farthest he's gone from home for kim jong-un as he landed in singapore today. hallie, i saw you wanted to pipe in there. >> reporter: well, just to collaborate with what bill is talking about here, richard. you talk about the idea of the reuters discussion that he may be leave not long after starting the meeting. this is notable depending on how long this goes, how many times the two leaders meet again. expect the unexpected and predict the predictable, richard? >> they don't have any obligation to let us know where thaw are staying each and every night, but it is one hotel. and we are learning it will be at another.
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i believe these are pictures from earlier or live? >> these are pictures from right now. we have video of presidekim jon leaving and is heading to a five-star hotel that litter the hotel center of singapore. just the whole cad roadway there when we saw kim jong-un arrive from the airport, the commercial airport, about four hours ago. right now you're looking at 7:13 p.m. local time in the evening. that's a sunday night. it is a sunday morning here in
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new york city. so you can do your simple map and see that's exactly a 12-hour difference. and certainly, bill neely, as we do watch the schedule, and now kim jong-un moving back to his hotel here, we'll, of course, be wondering about security. but folks who know singapore don't necessarily worry about that. >> reporter: no, it is an extremely almost authoritarian state. where a demonstration on the streets requires a police permit and permission granted weeks in advance. i don't think you're going to see certainly a large scale demonstration. but what was really interesting, you may see that in the live pictures that you were eluding to a moment ago. >> we still got it, bill. >> reporter: one of kim's convoys was going through the streets. just take a look at the crowds. they were waving at him
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enthusiastically. i'm sure that is one thing to see. it is one thing to be in your bubble, the absolute dictator of a group of people, but it is another to come to a foreign country and have people waving enthus yaiastically at you. you will undoubtedly see dozens of the north korean bodyguards that have accompanied kim jong-un to singapore. in addition, there were refrigerated trucks at the airport thought to be taking pre-prepared food for kim jong-un and for all the other officials, because they simply won't trust the local -- it is not just the cooking here in singapore that is very good, but
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it is pure security. in a broader sense, that is what this summit is all about. it's trying to keep kim jong-un in power by possibly trading nuclear weapons for reductions in sanctions and for the economic development that kim jong-un so desperately wants and that he spoke about in his first speech to the north koreans. and that, in a microsense, is what the refrigerated trucks is all about as well. same thing for the bullet-proof mercedes stretchman. same thing for the dozens of bodyguards who no doubt will have swept the hotel for any sign of buck g bucking --
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>> this historic meeting is a meeting that they have so long hoped for. hallie jackson is still with us. he does finally get what he wants. he has singaporeans waving at him. he has the streets blocked off for him. he has, in comparison, of a president trump who will be getting the very same thing. and as you know, for the preparations for this, they have really concentrated on trying to have equity so that there would
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be no disearcernment that there no side favored of another. >> reporter: unfortunately, i'm not allowed to see the live pictures you're seeing because it sounds fascinating, but when it comes to security, that's one of the reasons cited to me by a member of the senior white house officials when this was ramping up, that's one of the four reasons they wanted to have this in singapore, and the diplomatic relationship with north korea and the united states, its location, but also the fact that singapore knows how to put on some really tight security here. we have been seeing that in the streets, even main the 24 to 48 hours we have been here, because of the fact that the two world leaders are coming in now. and the security preparations have had to be intense for both of them. that was something that obviously the united states was not willing to concede on at all, saying with pyongyang presumably. let me tell you with we are, in the last 15 minutes ago since we started talking to bill at the broadcast, this place has filled
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up. we are in the air base, sort of in a hang gar area off the tarm. it was you and i and the producer, now the entire press corps has come to see the arrival of president trump at the air base. you can see the anticipation build up here as we expect to see president trump in an hour and 15 minutes from now. at this point, richard, obviously he's on this very long flight from a refueling stop that was 13 hours, so that time can wiggle a couple minutes here and there. that is still tbd, but the stairs have been rolled out and rolled back into the air base here because president trump will come down those stairs, as will the rest of the united states delegation. as we have been talking about, there won't be a lot of ceremonial meet-and-greet here. we don't believe the prime minister will be here. we know the president will meet with the delegation of singapore tomorrow, so this is a, hey, come in, say hi, get to where
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the president is staying and get ready for the major moment with kim jong-un. >> when the president had wheels up at noon eastern, we knew this was going to be a long trip. if you were to pick, some might say, the most opposite point on earth from the northeast or from the east coast here in north america, it would be, singapore, other than australia. and in talking about this, bill, in terms of the security on singapore and some of the big events hallie was eluding to, the f-1, for instance, and the meetings there in singapore, those that are not familiar with the city and state, it's about the size of chicago, but with twice the population. about the size physically of chicago. but again, twice the population. and that is a country and island. because of that, bill neely, it
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is not only a financial center for asia, but it is also a place of security where the united states has a strong and long relationship with its country. >> reporter: yes, security is undoubtedly one of the things considered in terms of the location. we heard, you know, at the beginning when the summit was first announced, maybe it would be at the dmz, but singapore was always mentioned as a possibility. for a start, north korea has an embassy here and ambassador. and singapore has cordial relations since the 1970s with north korea, and as you say, with the united states. it's a secure state. it's a city state, a financial center. you know, i was thinking that when kim jong-un looks up from inside his limousine in the streets of singapore, this is the kind of place he would like
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ideally to turn pyongyang into. you saw the skyscraper in new york and the image of them looking out over the skyscrapers of new york, you thought maybe mike pompeo was saying, this is new york, this is what your country could be looking at. but this is an example of a previously poor, devastated asian city. remember in world war ii, it was ruled by the brutish until they kicked out by the japanese. it was a scene of major battles. sentosa island where i'm standing and the summit will take place was a prisoner of war camp. indeed, there were massacres of chinese citizens by the japanese on the beach here. from that terrible history arose a financial center and a city/state almost like no other
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in asia. so this is an ideal place for all sorts of reasons for the summit. and interestingly, it will be held at the copello hotel not far from here. that used to be a british army base during world war ii. and it will be the scene of tuesday's summit between these leaders. a truly, truly historic moment. remember, just add another fact, a north korean leader and united states leader, it is not that they have not met in 70 years but they have not talked over the phone. this is absolutely unchartered territory, richard. >> bill neely and hallie jackson, they will be with us all night, for them, as we watch to see what happens as president trump is about to arrive in singapore for this historic meeting with the leader of north korea, kim jong-un. there in a country, as i was
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we are still following the breaking news out of singapore. kim jong-un traveling to singapore for this historic meeting, the summit with president trump, who we expect to arrive at this location you see here. it is the air force base there
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in singapore. singapore at 7:30 p.m. local time on a sunday evening. the president after arriving, we're not quite sure exactly what will happen there, although hallie jackson on the ground, our chief white house correspondent saying that most likely there will be very little pomp and circumstance and that the president will quickly move to his hotel and then the meetings will ensue in the coming days. live pictures when air force one gets wheels down. we'll get you straight there and hallie jackson is on site to tell us what is happening. "the washington post" is reporting that kim jong-un did leave north korea on a soviet-era private jet that landed in singapore on an air china boeing 747. usually that is used by senior chinese government officials. the picture you see here is when he came down from the 747 and then being greeted by singapore's foreign minister and then moving away from the 747 of
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note is that this is the furthest kim jong-un has traveled since taking power in 2011. so a lot of firsts happening for this leader. a lot of firsts happening for the president of the united states as well. the question now, how far is kim jong-un prepared to go to make a deal? here is ben rhodes, former national security adviser to president obama. >> this is really complicated. what is a good deal? i have heard president trump articulate, what is he trying to achieve here? if you go into a meeting and don't know what you're trying to get out of the meeting, you're less likely to achieve something. my concern is north korea makes an empty process to give up the nuclearweapons, we will denuclearize, but there's nothing underneath that. they have done that before twice. and the question is whether donald trump just wants to celebrate a victory, but there is really nothing underneath it. >> we'll bring in adam mount, senior fellow with the american federal scientists.
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and we have a professor of studies with us as well. you have seen how kim jong-un has arrived. as we look at the information coming into us, this is a little bit new for us, actually, to put together the word leader of north korea doing x and doing y. and we have seen z. what is your reflection on what we have seen so far? >> it is unprecedented. and that is why this is captivating. north korea is very adapt at playing this game. they go on a period of relentless crazy-sounding provocations and dramatically train the tune to flashing supplies. and thereby they come across as a peace-seeking party and able to get the u.s. to give north korea a lot of


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