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tv   MSNBC Live With Alex Witt  MSNBC  June 10, 2018 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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this breaking news, the president arrived in singapore just a short time ago, with a
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date with history. kim jong-un arriving a couple hours beforehand. he was greeted by the foreign minister, and then with about 48 hours to go, they will have their first face-to-face talks. meanwhile, whatever glimmer of hope and goodwill the g7, the u.s. withdrew its support from the communique. and the you want firing off acrimonious tweets directed at prime minister trudeau over tariffs and trade. a very good morning to all of you. just a bit past 9:00 a.m. here, and of course this breaking news, monument at news, the president has landed in singapore. he'll be preparing for the historic summit on tuesday. both men were treated very equally, having both been greeted by singapore's minister
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for foreign affairs as oed to the prime minister, both heading directly to their hotels. this breaking news certainly historic, we'll cover this with hallie jackson, and bill neely. so halle, where is the president now? i believe we saw him arrives there at the shangri-la hotel? >> he's back in his how old. it is 12 hours ahead of east coast time, where you are. it's just about time for the president to get some sleep before tomorrow with the singaporean prime minister. he was greeted here by the foreign minister, and for much of the day, he'll be dose prep, versus briefings, getting ready
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for that meeting, about 36 hours from now with kim jong-un. most of the action here at the air base has settled down. air force one is still on the tarm tarmac, but the president got out. he said he believed he was feeling very good about the summit when asked by some reporters who were a bit closer to him. this is significant. just hours before the president habitsed, we saw kim jong-un arrive here as well. we had seen him on the dmz with the south korean president, but this is the first time a sitting u.s. president meets with the leader of north korea, coming as a critical geopolitical time. the and the president made that clear with our allies, including
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prime minister trudeau, french president macron, made it clear they didn't like the tariffs against the eu, fox. that was much testier to the president reversed course, pulled out of the communique, and on the way over here was tweeting about prime minister trudeau, very tough, raising questions from critics as to why the president is -- yet coming here, making peace overtures. this is a person, remember, back in january the president called him one of the worst dictators in the world. this is after little rocket man. now the president sees an opening to maybe get a deal done. as the author of a book about it, hoping he'll be able to do something to get king jeong eun to the table here.
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foreign policy experts say that's going to take a very long time. kim jong-un has largely gotten what he wants out of this, which is sitting down, having the photo op of coming face-to-face with the president of the united states, that is a win for north korea. there are real risks involved for president trump, but the biggest reward is that he hoping to convince kim jong-un opening up to the western world will boost north korean prospects if kim is willing to give up the nuclear weapons. we know the president is here with his secretary of state, john bolton, business his chief of staff as well. all of them now back safely at the hotel, ensconced at the hotel. security has been a real issue, meaning it's been a focus here in singapore.
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this location was chosen specifically in part -- really big events, and so i'm told by senior administration officials, that they felt comfortable putting the president -- comfortable bringing not just kim jong-un, but a whole host of north korean officials. so big 36 hours heal, as we get ready to watch it all unfold, and so does the rest of the world. there's a huge media contingent here, reporters were packed in here, and i expect that to grow in the hours to come. >> 36 hours practically right on the nose. hallie jackson, i hope you can get some shuteye, as the president as well. thank you so much. nbc's chief global correspondent bill kneely is live on the -- so, bill, give me a sense of
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what s santosa island is. >> reporter: singapore is not much bigger than the city of chicago, but all these aisles, santosa is one of the -- it was interestingly a place of great cruelty during world war ii. chinese prisoners were massacred by japanese occupiers. it's been rebranded as a place of fun, where the past and present can come together in luxury. that's the way they like to style it here. they'll be in 36 hours meet at the time capela hotel, there's a lot of colonial history to singapore. it's a state that really
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believes in security. it browns itself as a neutral state. it's often called asia's switzerland. that's one of the reasons it's here. north korea has had a diplomatic presence here since the 1970s, the u.s. of course as well. we saw today strict security not just on the streets, but in the air as well. apaches helicopters, f-16 fighter jets, and on tuesday the airspace above singapore will be closed off when these two leaders meet. as hallie was saying, president trump is at the shankry lal hotel. kim jong-un is at the st. regis. they are closer now than ever before, both literally and diplomatically. they have traveled further than ever imagined possible. cast your mind back to a year ago when it was fire and fury and little rocket man. i remember being in north korea. i was there four times.
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i was total over and over and over again, our nuclear weapons program is not up for discussion. well, it is now, at least we think it is. we don't have a clear idea what's on the agenda for tuesday. kim jong-un has already been at work. he's already met his host here, singapore's prime minister lee. during that meeting he looked relaxed, dressed in his usual traditional mao-style suit with an interpreter and apparently he said the entire world is watching the historic summit. his has brought with him and they are in the hotel at the moment almost the entire north korean leadership. that's significant, alex. it also shows that collectively
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the shone his head of his army, his foreign minister, his sister is here, too. she's a senior member of is the polit bureau. the reuters news agency is saying that kim is scheduled leave here tuesday, five hours after that summit begins. even if true, of course that it can change. president trump has made it quite he will go on his inside, it might maybe two, maybe three, they might agree to kind of peace treaty to formally end the korean war, there's a lot of might have beens. in every sense, alex, you can expect the if unexpected here.
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>> constant for news leading up to the meeting, thank you, bill kneely. neely. cindy kerry, senior fellow for american federation of scientists. a big welcome to all three of you. expectations time to all of you. sue, your expectations for this meeting, how much have they changed and developed, based on the information, based on the level of detail in preparation? how long do you think this will go? >> we'll soon find out. president trump says he's the greatest deal maker. we'll find out. thus far, he's been breaking deals. so we'll see.
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if he doesn't come out with more than just a vague statement, that is not a success. a success will mean we will have to have kim jong-un absolutely declare his intention to denuclearize as we define it. they need to agree to very robust verification regime, and a timetable for that. so that's going tube very tough. even if we get that agreement. the we have agreements with north korea. we had in the past many agreements. every one fell apart over verification and implementation. so we'll soon find out whether he's the greatest negotiator on the planet, as he claims. >> a lot has made about his preparation, as someone who worked for both the bush and
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obama administrations, do you think that president trump is ready for this? >> i'm not sure. as far as posturing goes, president trump saying it will take just one minute to size kim jong-un up. and he's i'm going to give you three hours and head -- i think kim jong-un's posturing is most convincing. however, north korea is very good at putting on highly choreographed, but impromptu-looking, so you would be surprised -- sentosa club is very pretty, and they might even have a beer in the hotel bar with dennis rodman at the end of a long working day, thus showing the world who is in charge,
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trying to exude confidence and gravitas. north korea is not to be taken lightly. >> to that end, when you say highly choreographed, but rather impromptu-looking, it struck me when bill neely was reporting and describing the island as asia as switzerland. this was not chosen by chance, the fact these two leaders arrived in separate locations, completely independent of one another, yet afforded the exact same treatment, it would appear they are trying to do everything possible to make sure that neither of the leaders cross paths before tuesday morning. how born do you thinking that? how important is it that singapore has weighed in and
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presis oriented? >> it's important for all three nations, the host nation sing amore, and the u.s. and north korea, because sentosa is really love by, but cordoned off across from the other nation, whi i convenient by blocking on the protesters, north korea's crimes against humanity according to the urine has no parallel in the contemporary world. the island also has a nice history museum which accent waits japanese atrocity, and that would play very well if kim jong-un were to visit the museum, because it's all about anti-u.s. imperial yiism, and anti-japanese sentiment. i see them meeting, and see an embrace, handshake and each party chaiming victory. with my apologies, you want
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to say that sue mi terry is the one who worked under both the bush and obama administrations. what should president trump be most wary of? >> denuclearization remains the central issues. it's been downplayed in recent months as the president has walked buy statements, but that's the core of the negotiations. the indications are pretty consistent. they have not budged from the line that they proposed at the beginning of this year. their view is they're a sophisticated nuclear weapons state meeting with the president of the united states. they they they gained in meeting as a result of testing and nuclear capable ballistic missile. so the question now is, you know, denuclearization is likely in the near term.
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verification would be exceptionally difficult. from their perspective, the question is, are there very limited vague claims as dr. terry mentioned? i think it's plausible we get symbolic steps. will the president hold them to the strict standards of verification for these measures? and then what is the president willing to give up in exchange for a vague promise? i'm highly concerned that the president doesn't appropriately classify what counts as a concession in these circumstances. there are some indications that he would like to discuss remove or downsizing of u.s. forces, that he wants to declare an end to the korean war for optical reasons, for political reasons. we need to be clear those are concessions of american leverage, should come at the appropriate time. they are premature now, so the focus should be on verifiable
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and not on political optics. >> sumi, president to ask you about -- looking at the fallout, and i think nods no other way to characterize it as fallout. the president has refused, the united states, to add its signature to the joint communique from the summit. yet there were smiles, accolades while face-to-face in those meetings? there was an underscoring of a bit of tension s to what extent do you think the chairman will look at that and think to himself, how much can i trust this president's word? how much can i trust this president's signature on a piece of paper? >> i'm not sure it's the fallout is really affecting kim jong- jong-un's mind, just like i don't believe that trump scrapping the iran deal reay
6:19 am
made him distrust the united states. north koreans distrust us for their own reasons. north korea thinking they are so exceptional and different, i don't know if the falloutil be that great. my concern from the fallout of the g7 is how the allies are treated by president trump. mea concerns has more to do with what adam is saying. would he concluded a peace treaty that undermines the rationale for the alliance and for our troop presence in south korea. will president trump conclude a deal with kim jong-un, for example on interconsequence innocent ballistic missile, or other missiles that threatens japan and south korea. clearly what he has shown is that he doesn't truly care about allies or how he treats allies. that's my concern. >> all right. thank you all for your expertise and lending it to us in this
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at 23 past the hour, we can safely confirm that the president's very likely to begin settling in at his hotel in singapore. he arrived there about 20 minutes ago. what you are seeing there
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happened almost exactly one hour ago. it happened about 8:20 a.m. eastern time. that would be 8:20 p.m. hallie jackson made a point that the heat is not condition to which the president was flying across the ocean there. weather can be steamy there. whether or not that reflects the conversations that will come up on tuesday, we have yet to see. we're all waiting. of course that summit is just about 36 hours away knew. so welcome to you both. talk about the expectations in terms of realistic good case scenario that could come out.
6:25 am
ozzie, you first. >> the expectation is can they two people make nice and show the world that people who have been sort of warring with each other can actually get along and a handshay. >> what are we looking for? guess what? we're meeting next metropolitan ago? >> the president over the past week has been tampering down on expectations u. talking about how the idea of ending the korean war could be a good thing. the administration, of course, is pushing the idea that they want north korea to abandon its nuclear program. that is the expectation set, but the president said he wants to look the leader in the eye and see how he feels. he says it's about attitude and how he feels.
6:26 am
the president briefed the president after that g7 meetings, and he onplayed the tensions. what was strong was the language cannot go on. whether it be -- justin did a really good job. i think the relationships were outstanding. >> so a couple points to follow up here. first, the prime minister, justin as he refers to him, that of course is prime minister trudeau. he struck a somewhat different tone in his meeting. do you have a sense of the true nature between these two countries? >> you have both men really advocating for their own kind of toughness in a way, right? prime minister trudeau is not going to respond in terms of trump's attacks on canada in terms of those tariffs by just
6:27 am
letting this slide, right? the question coming out of this meeting in terms of the president's favorable response toss russia and north korea, as excite to canada, whether there's a shuffling i'm going to ask my directo put up the tweet that president had, two rather scathing tweets. interpret those, the meeting behind them and how we move forward. >> how we move forward is a great question. justin trudeau has said when and you have tug of war, both lose. >> trump doesn't see it that way. he frames the parameters, sets the expectations by sheer force of the attention he puts into a conversation. what justin trudeau is looking
6:28 am
to do is bring together some type of collision, some type of agreement. how does trudeau get trump on board, avoid a tariff war, avoid some of the worst economic fights that could happened? trump is okay with that. >> i have a trouble reconciling what we just saw there. the bottom of the screen there, relative to justin trudeau, and saw pictures of them might get and handshaking. there's a disconnect there in my mind. thank you both for that. appreciate that. coming up next for all of you, we'll check back in with the situation, we'll get a live record from kelly o'donnell. and with the summit just days away, "headliners" unravel the mystery in a special hours hosted by craig melvin. it airs tonight at 9:00 p.m.
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when asked by a reporter how he is feeling about that summit, as he disembarked there, he said very good, then got into his waiting limousine. kellie o'donnell is following the developments from singapore. kelly, we just have about a minute or so. with both these leaders in singapore, what are the plans leading up to tuesday at 9:00 a.m. your time? >> well, for the next several hours, because it's evening here, things will be quiet. both leaders are in their hotels. they'll have the night to get settled here. tomorrow the president will be meeting with the singaporean. primary to thank them for helping to get this summit to happen. on tuesday, in the morning local time, the president will meet with kim jong-un for the first time, that face-to-face, and they'll begin a series of
6:34 am
meetings where, in part we're told we expect the president and kim will meet pridely, then as the day goes o. the delegations, their top advisers will also participate. that may be critical in part for all of the detail related to the expectations the u.s. has for north korea as nuclear program and to get a sense of what kim could be willing to do, if anything. so that initial meeting where they have time, man to man, leader to leader, that may be the point where president trump says he's going to test his gut. alex? >> we'll be watching this closely with your help, kelly o. thank you. joining me with more on all of this is "daily beast" world editor christopher dickey. it's good to see you long distance. talk about your expectations from what the summit will bring
6:35 am
some 36 -- a little bit less than that, hours from now. >> -- some kind of arrangements that ends the war initially, and looks forward to a peace and reconciliation. a lot of people didn't notice in jim clapper's book, when he went to north korea, in 20 , that was the line that was given to him again and again. let's talk about a treaty. he doesn't have the power to do that. now trump knows that's what kim wands, and he's offers it. then the question becomes what will kim offer in return? the real nitty-gritty is very long and very time-consuming, and donald trump has no command
6:36 am
of details. so it's not clear at all what will be delivered on that front. right now, you have to say that kim would walk away the winner, vets probably a peace treaty in the worse, and with the distinction of coming from the hermit kingdom, a little country with relatively small population, meeting with the president of the united states one on one. >> what we do know is what was delivered or lack thereof with regard to what was happening in canada at the g7 summit. the president pulled the u.s. out of the summit's joint communique statement, and this all is coming in response to canadian prime minister trudeau's closing remarks at the g7. this happened after the president had left canada. let's take a quick listen. >> it's kind of insulting. canadians are polite,
6:37 am
reasonable, but we also will not be pushed around. >> having ahead that, just moments ago, larry kudlow says that the u.s. feels betrayed, the white house feels betrayed by the canadian prime minister. let's listen toar kudlow. >> you just don't behave that way, okay? it's a betrayal. essential double-crossing. not just president trump, but the other members of the g7 who were working together and pulling together this communique. you know, you never get everything you want. there are compromising along the way. president trump played that process in good faith. so i ask you -- he gets up in an airplane and leaves and trudeau starts blasting him in a domestic news conference? i'm sorry, that is a betrayal, a double cross. >> in essence suggesting that trudeau stabbed the united states in the back. what is your reaction to the
6:38 am
comments, christopher? where do you believe the truth lies? >> the truth is there's an issue about tariffs. the tariffs on dairy products from the united states are very high in canada, and trump would like to see those get lowered, but there's also a real question about the judgment of donald trump, indeed even of the sanity of donald trump to fly into a rage over really what was not a very insulting remark by justin trudeau, and all of a sudden call him weak, denounce him personally. this is not the way you deese with allies. you have an issue about dairy tariffs, you negotiate those, you don't personally insult the prime minister of your closest ally and neighbor, but that's trump's way. which may everyone to believe that the world behavior, which larry kudlow was calling out justin trudeau for his behavior,
6:39 am
there are those who had suggest that could be turn back on this president as you have just said. christopher dickey, very good to see you, and i look forward to seeing you good. the art of the deal being put to the test. is he really a master negotiator. the odds thor of a new book will give us his take. this is important for people with asthma. yes. it's a targeted medicine proven to help prevent severe asthma attacks, and lower oral steroid use.
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i'm alex witt here in new york. we have this breaking news. the white house is keeping up its offensive against could nay usage prime minister justin trudeau, the president having called trudeaueak in a tweet last night as he instructed officials to pull out of the group communication, and then just moments ago, the president's advisers piling on during the sunday morning talk shows. >> we went through it, we agreed, we compromised on the communique, we joined the communique in good faith. then he holds a press conference and said the u.s. is insulting, he said that canada has to stand up for itself. he says that we are the problem with tariffs. he really kind of stabbed us in the back. he really actually, you know what? he did a great disservice to the whole g7. >> there's a special place in hell for any foreign leader that engaged in bad faith, and then
6:44 am
trying to stab him in the back on the way out the door. that's what bad faith justin trudeau did with that stunt press conference. that's what weak, dishonest justin trudeau did, and that comes right from air force one tom my friends in canada, that was one of the worst political miscalculations in modern canadian history. >> to that end, it appears it's being interpreted a bit differently across the pond, as we're hearing from the bbc that president macron, he's condemning president trump's fits of anger. let's bring in daniel moody mills, host of woke af, and chris wilson. welcome to you both. chris, how do you interpret these remarks by the president in light of his reversal on the g7 statements? how do you interpret all of this? justin trudeau, larry kudlow
6:45 am
weighing in, and apparently macron weighing in from france. >> it's pretty clear that the language on the white house is consistent, whatever conversations took place behind closed doors at the g7, that the entire white house feels betrayed by that. so i think more will probably come out. i don't want to jump for any conclusions, and macron weighs in, is interesting, but if there's one position that donald trump has had consistently over the course of 40 years he's been in the public eye, is that he believes the united states gets a raw deal. whether it's on deals, any sort of negotiations, so he's gone into the negotiations with a strong hand, believing it's his role to undo that. >> chris, i want to tell you, offices air as all this was was going down in terms of what we expected from the president. there was an unexpected. as a matter of fact, the president held his first press
6:46 am
conference in over a year. we got about a 15, 20-minute heads-up, which is quite remarkable when it comes to a presidential press conference. is it a possibility that he spoke with their colleagues, the president then goes to a press conference, makes his statements, which may not have reflected that which was the understanding of the other members of the g7. the president then takes off directly for air force one to get to singapore. can it be perceived as a possibility that the president initiated this difference of opinion and lack of agreement to what may have been discussed between these world leaders? >> i hate to really make a judgment of facts not in evidence here. there's so many explanations that could be driving there. the thing that's unique to me, coming out of the this white house at times you have mixed messages. that's certainly not the case between kudlow, the president, others who made statements and
6:47 am
comments have come out. so i really -- it's difficult for me to believe there was a misunderstanding amongst everybody who was there. bolton, you had a lot of very serious people who were in the room who obviously left with the same -- or apparently left with the same opinions in terms of what had been discussed. >> danielle, your reaction? >> my reaction is imincredibly disappointed. for the first time in my lifetime ever, we are a disappointment to the world. the picture of angela merkel that came out with all of the other leaders looking down at donald trump in dispoiismt and dismay is something that should be troubling to everyone in the united states and around the world. this president is going around like a bully on a school yard and picking fights with our allies, and then cozying up to america's longtime enemies. i don't understand what kind of topsy-turvy world we are living in right now, and the fact is this administration is making the world a less safe fwlas
6:48 am
business hi outbursts and inability to control his thoughts and fingers on air force one when he decided to tweet out against our longest-serving ally. >> one more question, danielle, can we try to get a read on the president's facial express on this photo? if my director can put this back up. he looks surprised, almost slightly bemused that he is being, as you said, talked down to by the sheer sort of placement of people, what do you think, danielle? >> this president loves attention, whether it's negative or positive. right now all its is woefully negative. every decision he's making is putting america in jeopardy, right? the why the that he's going after justin trudeau, that he's going after our closest allies, talking about them as if he is a school yard bully is damaging our reputation around the world. i'm sure he's amused by the fact he's causing all this controversy and that people are
6:49 am
talking about him, and he gets to see hi name on the ticker while sitting in a hotel room in singapore. this is about the safety of the united states and whether or not he is making us look incredibly bad, incredibly juvenile, and whether or not our democracy is going to be able to come back from this? what will happen with the next president that comes on board? will they pull out of the g7? will they reengage us? this is a real huge problem that america is facing right now, and i frankly am concerned. >> danielle moodie-mills and chris wilson, i'm sorry for the brevity. we have a lot of breakses news, as i'm sure you can understand. the negotiation skills about to be put to test. my next guest is an expert and gives his brutally honest assessment. there's a lot of innovation that goes into making our thinnest longest lasting blades on the market. precision machinery and high quality materials from around the world.
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♪ great big jim, there ain't no other ♪ -so, this is covered, right? -yes, ma'am. take care of it for you right now. giddyup! hi! this is jamie. we need some help. president trump is singapore now after announcing yesterday the u.s. withdraw from the g7 joint comminuque. the president's negotiation style pretty much on full
6:54 am
display there. he's hard core. tell me what you expect of what happens in north korea. >> it's interesting that you asked that question. he's been on open display with his negotiation strategies for almost 50 years in business and we know how he negotiates, pretty extraordinarily transparent in his strategies and tactics. i would expect based on his history, based on my research, that he's going to come out of that summit with what he perceives as a win. whether or not it's truly a win in terms of the safety and security of the world, that's an open question. >> he campaigned based on his deal making. you analyzed over 100 of his negotiations as a businessman in this book, is it accurate to call him a master deal maker? >> i wouldn't call him a master deal maker. in fact, we need to take a look at three different elements of
6:55 am
his negotiation skills. one, what he does, his strategies, his tactics. two, how he does it? his style, what's in his actual negotiation dna. and then we have to really make a significant shift in evaluating his business negotiations versus presidential negotiations. very different world and actually require different strategies, skills and tactics to succeed in each. >> when the president was queried about the extent to which kim jong-un is serious about giving up his nuclear weapons the president responded by saying i'm going to know in about five seconds to one minute by my feel and touch, i'm going to get a sense of that and if you feel that is an appropriate assessment. >> he negotiates and has negotiated for almost 50 years based on his gut. he's very instinctive, very off the cuff. he wings it. it's gotten him into problems in the past and that's what
6:56 am
concerns me about what's happening in singapore this week. if you actually take a look at the early '80s, his gut proved very profitable. he did very good. i'd actually give him an a minus as a negotiator in his early years, but then his gut took him on a u-turn. in the '80s, he stopped doing his preparation and he ended up overpaying and doing a series of very bad and poor negotiations. that's what concerns us right now, based on his history and based on the research i've done for my book on trump's negotiations. >> by your assessment there, the president has been negotiating in this style that you have concerns about for the last three and a half decades, which is going to prove to be interesting come tuesday. marty, i'm going to ask if you can come back next weekend and give us an assessment of how he did based on what you researched in your book. we'd love to talk with you then. thank you so much. coming up on "a.m. joy," the very latest on the arrival of
6:57 am
both the president and kim jong-un in singapore ahead of their summit. you wouldn't accept an incomplete job
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that is a wrap of this hour. i'm alex witt. stay where you are. "a.m. joy" coming your way. >> how long do you think it'll take for to you figure out whether he's serious. >> very good


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