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tv   Headliners  MSNBC  June 10, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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to tell the gang of eight behind closed doors. we have to go. my thanks to jonathan, john and amber. listen to john's podcast. we will be back next week from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. eastern. for now, good night from washington. a ruthless leader rules with fear and brute force. >> kim jong-un has total control. >> americans should be afraid of kim jong-un. he is a very credible thread t the security of the american people. >> a terrifying war of words. >> rocket man is on a suicide mission for himself. >> between a brash american president and a reclusive north korean ruler.
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>> translator: the u.s. main lamainland is in the range of our strike. >> we will have no choice but to totally destroy north korea. >> he may have 20 nuclear weapons, missiles that eventually might hit the united states. >> he sees having nuclear weapons as essential to his survival. >> after seven decades in near isolation, is the country's leader, kim jong-un, changing the global game for north korea? >> for the first time, the leader of north korea stepped into south korea. >> one of the first things he has done is make himself a more acceptable figure on the international stage. >> kim jong-un does something which nobody expects. he again changes the balance of this regime. >> as the historic summit between president donald trump and kim jong-un nears, what will it mean for north korea, the united states and the world? >> we have never had this kind of negotiation before. the stakes are incredibly high. >> this will be the critical test of the trump
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administration. this is what history will remember trump for. president trump accepted an invitation for a face to face talk with the nuclear armed dictator. >> it came like a bolt out of the blue. after months of taunts and insults between president trump and kim jong-un, in march 2018, the president suddenly announced they would meet face to face. >> we picked a time. we picked a place for the meeting. >> this would be the only time that a sitting u.s. president would meet with the leader of north korea, a country that is an adversary of the united states. >> the focus of the summit, a complete dismantling of north korea's nuclear program in exchange for lifting crippling sanctions.
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kim jong-un's decision to meet with president trump could end decades of global isolation while keeping his country and his rule over north korea alive. >> kim jong-un has come into power by making a promise to find a way to revive the north korean economy. he has to figure out how to get out from under these punishing economic sanctions. >> he sees that asia is just booming. his goal is to move now from the phase of building up his nuclear program to the phase of modernization. >> but getting to this point seemed almost unthinkable only months earlier. in the summer of 2017, kim jong-un wanted to show just how powerful north korea had become. the pentagon confirmed north korea's claim that it launched an icb missile that could reach
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alaska. >> it's a clear and sharp military escalation. >> 3 1/2 weeks later, kim launched a second even more powerful missile. capable of striking as far as denver or even chicago. then u.s. intelligence made a startling discovery. it believed north korea had successfully produced a nuclear warhead small enough to fit on a ballistic missile like the ones he had been testing. from his new jersey golf course, president trump responded. >> north korea best not make any more threats to the united states. they will be met with fire and fury and, frankly, power the likes of which this world has never seen before. >> kim jong-un escalated the tension with president trump.
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via state media he issued a threat saying, the north korean military is carefully examining a plan to strike the u.s. territory of guam. to make the point, north korea tested more weapons. >> tonight a new show of force. new threats from north korea claiming to have exploded a hydrogen bomb. >> south korean officials estimated the bomb to be at least five times more powerful than the one that exploded over nagasaki in 1945. >> rocket man is on a suicide mission for himself. the united states has great strength and patience. but if it is forced to defend itself or its allies, we will have no choice but to totally destroy north korea. >> from kim jong-un, an unusually direct message back telling president trump he would
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pay dearly and calling him a mentally deranged senile old man. the heated exchanges between the two leaders grew even more tense in january 2018 when kim jong-un, in his annual new year's day speech, warned the u.s. against any pre-emptive attack. >> translator: the entire u.s. mainland is within the range of our nuclear strike. and the nuclear button is always on top of my office desk. >> president trump responded with a tweet stating that he also has a button, one that is much bigger and more powerful. >> the korean peninsula is about to explode. we have two leaders at very high decibels insulting each other. >> the back and forth between trump and kim jong-un made it all the more surprising the two leaders agreed to meet. but plans for the historic summit were put in jeopardy when
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national security adviser john bolton gave an interview on "face the nation". >> i think we are looking at the libya model of 2003 and 2004. >> the united states pressured gadhafi to give up nuclear weapons. he did. not very long after that is pulled apart from a mob. kim jong-un sees it as essential to his survival. >> president trump tried to walk back the comments. >> the libyan model isn't a model that we have at all when we're thinking of north korea. this would be with kim jong-un something where he would be there. he would be in his country. he would be running his country. >> then only days later, during an interview on "the story," vice-president pence added fuel to the fire. >> the president made clear, this will only end like the libyan model ended if kim jong-un doesn't make a deal. >> the north koreans issued a
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statement insulting the vice-president, calling him a political dummy. and warning of a nuclear showdown. president trump responded later that day. >> we have breaking news just out of the white house. the president has called off that historic summit with kim jong-un after new ultimatums and threats from north korea overnight. >> this letter from donald trump calling off that singapore summit. >> president trump wrote, he is saddened by the north korean's anger and felt the summit would not be appropriate at this time. >> i found the letter be president trump cancelling the summit to be an extraordinary piece of history. it was written like an e-mail, without the polish of presidential speech in very personal terms. >> but then, eight days later, the summit seemed like it might get back on track. >> the president announced his summit is back on, fulfilling the goal of the north koreans, a meeting with the u.s. president.
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>> donald trump's view of the world as one unending deal means that he is always ready to walk away from the table, walk back to the table, call off a negotiation, put it back on again. >> is a deal even possible if north korea won't give up its nuclear program? >> kim jong-un made a decision to prioritize the nation's resources explicitly towards the rapid development of nuclear weapons. >> having a missile program and having nuclear weapons is his way of ensuring that he and his regime survive. north korea sees itself under siege with american troops on its border on the 38th parallel. it sees south korea as a puppet state and its leaders simply on strings pulled by washington. >> he is a dictator. he is someone who has imprisoned millions of people. western intelligence thought he
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was naive. they didn't think he could exert power and control. he has disproved that. we have misjudged him at every step. >> coming up -- >> my immediate impression meeting him was, wow, he is young. he is a very boyish face, soft hands. at times he felt deaf deferenti he was shaking everyone's hands. cold... warmer... warmer... ah boiling. jackpot. and if you've got cut-rate car insurance, you could be picking up these charges yourself. so get allstate, where agents help keep you protected from mayhem... me. mayhem is everywhere. are you in good hands?
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the power held by kim jong-un is the story of a family dynasty that has ruled north korea for over 70 years. >> the kim family has one fundamental strategic objective. that is the very survival of the kim regime. >> the nation dates back to the end of the second world war, when korea was liberated from
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japan after a 35-year occupation. >> korea lost its independence from japan. japan tried to wipe out the korean identity. this scar on history is crucial to the kim family's founding. >> korea was divided in two, with the south occupied by the americans and the north occupied by the soviets. with russian support, kim jong-un's grandfather rose to power in 1945. when the soviets withdrew in 1948, the democratic people's republic of korea was established, known at the dprk. >> the kim family's claim is that the dprk is the true continuation of the korean people. south korea, republic of korea is a puppet of the united states. >> two years after kim assumed power, north korea invaded the south with the goal of unifying korea under kim's rule.
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america entered the conflict in 1950. millions of lives were lost, including 33,000 american troops, who fought with united nations and south korean forces. the three-year battle ended in 1953 with a truce. >> there was no victory in korea celebration. no vk day. there were those who had reason to thank god. >> a 2 1/2 mile wide demilitarized zone was created along the border between north and south korea. more than 300,000 american troops troop s remained in south korea to defend against an invasion from the north. in the north, kim created a tightly controlled country, leveraging fear that an attack from the united states could come at any moment. >> north korea has been preparing for war from the moment the korean war ended. they have tens of thousands of pieces of artillery and rockets
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which could set that peninsula on fire. >> there has never been a peace treaty signed. so there is this constant feeling that the united states is the enemy and that they are in an active state of war. this really permeates throughout society. >> at school, children are taught, i have killed an american, i kill an american, i will kill an american to illustrate the tenses. >> it was that fear of american domination which fuelled north korea's desire for a nuclear bomb. a successful nuclear program also played into the legend of power kim jong-un's grandfather established about the kim dynasty. >> he was able to convince people that he was god. that he could turn pinecones into grades. when he died, people couldn't believe it.
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they didn't think that god could actually die. >> after kim's death from a heart attack in 1994, his eldest son kbecame the leader. he paid homage to his deceased father by naming him the eternal president of north korea. >> what they were trying to do is to confer legitimacy on the family itself. he is under glass. you can see him. it shows that the regime is based on the kim family. >> he proved to be a more ruthless leader than his father. at the beginning of his 17 years of rule, a famine struck the country. rather than accept outside aid, he allowed as many as 3 million north koreans to starve to death. that's according to the u.n. commission on human rights. under the kim's rule, the people
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descended into a figurative and literal darkness. >> a sat liellite image feature south korea almost as an island of light in the middle of the ocean. north korea at night is dark. >> it's this isolation that enabled control over the north korean people. a culture of limited information with communication and media all run by the state. >> kim was able to monopolize information. because of that, he fed the north korean people his image of what society and state and, indeed, ideology should be. >> primarily, it was his pursuit of nuclear weapons that brought him in direct conflict with the united states. in his 2002 state of the union address, president bush targeted iraq, iran and north korea as the most dangerous countries in the world. >> states like these and their
6:19 pm
terrorist allies constitute an axis of evil. >> if you were sitting in north korea and you said, they're going to invade iraq because they don't want them to have nuclear weapons, i'm getting them now. >> north korea success it wiful completed a nuclear test in 2006. the u.n. issued sanctions. but they pushed forward. then in december 2011, like his father before him, kim died of a heart attack. leaving his youngest son, kim jong-un in place as north korea's next leader. coming up -- >> kim jong-un came to power before he was even 30. he felt a great sense of responsibility. also, he had to establish his power. two motorcycles, a boat, and an r.v. i would not want to pay that insurance bill. [ ding ] -oh, i have progressive, so i just bundled everything with my home insurance.
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in december 2011, a new era began as kim jong-un was named supreme leader of north korea.
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immediately, his first priority was to advance north korea's nuclear program with speed and efficiency, far surpassing his predecessors. >> i don't think he cares about international opinion at all. certainly not when balanced against survival of the regime which he believes is grounded upon having a nuclear weapons capability that can threaten not just regional partners but also the united states. >> kim jong-un's life is so mysterious that not even his exact age is known. he is believed to be in his early 30s. making him one of the youngest heads of state in the world. he is one of at least five children fathered by kim jong-il. >> in his childhood, he was considered a weakling. some said he suffered from
6:24 pm
psychological issues. as a child, he was a nervous child. >> as a young man, he was exposed to western culture and developed a passion for basketball, especially the nba. when his father suffered a stroke in 2008, his failing health accelerated his plans to name a successor. he chose kim jong-un, bypassing his two eldest sons. >> kim jong-un was the one who had the dictator gene among the three sons. kim jong-un was slightly aggressive, was clever and could prove himself to be violent if need be. >> in a strategic move to win faf favor with his people, he appeared to align himself with the image of his father, the leader beloved by the people fwl
6:25 pm
. >> he started dressing like his grandfather. there was rumored he had surgery to look like his grandfather. >> it was surprising that when he emergemerged, he transformed look. >> while kim jong-un controls what information gets in and out of the country, a few details about his personal life have emerged. in 2012, state media announced his marriage. according to south korean intelligence, she was a former member of north korea's cheerleading squad. >> kim jong-un appears to love his wife. she's the mother of his only known child. >> together, they have a daughter. there are unconfirmed reports that they may have as many as three children. no heir has been revealed. without one, the kim dynasty's rule could be in jeopardy. >> the bloodli lineage is
6:26 pm
critical. kim jong-un has no intention to resign or give up his rule. he wants to install the next generation. >> the family members kim ju jong-un appears to most trust are his wife and the younger sister. >> she's the most capable of the children. but because she's a female, she cannot be the ruler. i'm sure she's also chief strategist. she's got to be closest to him. indeed, i believe that she is absolutely essential for the continuation of his rule. >> in a rare show of public trust, kim jong-un eventually promoted his sister to the pomo important political body, one of the few women to be included. while his small inner circle has access to him, kim jong-un is not frequently seen in public. 14 months into his rule, the world got an unprecedented
6:27 pm
glimp glimpse. media used his passion for media to gain rare access to the young supreme leader. >> one of the things he had come to enjoy was the chicago bulls, michael juror daordan. call the bulls and maybe they will go. and we will get an invite. we started going down the list of bulls. eventually found ourselves at dennis rodman. dennis was available. >> ryan duffy travels to pyongyang in february 2013 with dennis rodman and members of the glo globetrotters. >> it was an exercise in them showing us, everyone here is happy. look at our dolphin show. look at our water park. we were wandering through this village of sets they had created for us. >> the trip ended in an exhibition basketball game in front of a capacity crowd.
6:28 pm
then without warning, kim jong-un entered the arena. >> it's an experience i will never forget. the entire arena started clapping, clapping. that ovation went on for, i mean, what seemed like hours. >> as kim jong-un took a seat next to dennis rodman, the television crew captured it all on camera. >> sir, thank you. you are a friend for life. >> it seemed like kim jong-un was kind of elated to meet dennis. he carved out time in his schedule, a couple different times during our brief stay, to spend time with dennis. >> the game was followed by a formal palace dinner and photos taken by state media show kim jong-un personally welcoming each of his american guests. >> my immediate impression meeting him was, wow, he is young. a very boyish face. soft hands.
6:29 pm
at times he felt almost deferential as he was shaking everyone's hand. it was surprising. >> the image of the ruler did not last for long. coming up -- >> kim jong-un has total control. anybody that violates the north korean channel of leadership gets killed. her salon was booked for weeks,
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i'm richard lui. president trump and kim jong-un are in singapore. kim jong-un spoke on sunday and thanked the prime minister of singapore for their efforts in preparing for this summit. authorities are ordering new evacuations as fresh lava is flowing from the volcano in guatemala. it killed 110 people and 200 are still missing. for now, back to "headliners, kill jud kim jong-un."
6:33 pm
ten months after dennis rodman's first visit to north korea, kim jong-un once again made international headlines. but this time, it was not about his love of basketball. >> execution, big news out of north korea tonight. >> kim jong-un trying to cement his grip on power. >> has executed his second in command who was his own uncle. >> he was kim jong-un's ambitious uncle. he had a lot of different powers in north korea. >> as soon as kim jong-un was able to consolidate enough power, you knew he was a threat and had to be eliminated. >> the official north korean news agency reported he was executed for treason. then another mysterious incident involving a family member. security camera footage appeared to show a man walking through
6:34 pm
the airport in malaysia in february 2017. suddenly, he was accosted by two women who pressed something against his face. the man turned out to be kim's estranged half brother. he died later that day. malaysian authorities soon learned the powerful vx nerve agent was used in the attack. north korea denied having anything to do with his death. >> there were certain north korean exiles who wanted to have him become the leader of a government in exile. that very well may have triggered the timing for his assassination. >> for kim jong-un, staying in power means complete control over his people. >> there's a cult of personality. kim jong-un has total control. his people are totally s
6:35 pm
subservie subservient. they hate the united states. anybody that violates the north korean channel of leadership gets killed. or gets put in a prison camp. >> according to the committee for human rights in north korea, the number of political prisoners under kim jong-un dropped dramatically. but that's because many did not survive. >> the number appears to be lower now because of the astoundingly high rates of death in detention. the prisoners are subjected to an endless, vicious cycle of forced labor and induced malnutrition. >> north koreans were not the only ones held captive in harsh conditions. american citizens were arrested and used in negotiations. the policy would continue with
6:36 pm
kim jong-un. >> it was almost like a pattern. you keep threatening us, i'm going to arrest more of your people. >> 21-year-old american otto warmbier traveled to north korea through a chinese travel agency in 2015. celebrating new year's eve in pyongyang. one day later, the university of virginia student was arrested at the airport and charged with committing hostile acts against north korea. >> he stole a political banner. a very minor crime. but it was taped. >> i was used and manipulated. please, save me. please save my life. >> ten weeks after his arrest, warmbier was sentenced to 15
6:37 pm
years hard labor. >> in the past, these prisoners are used as marketing chips. >> ambassador bill richardson helped negotiate the release of americans held by north korea before. but kim jong-un was not interested in making any deals like his father did. >> you want him back? you give us a high level visit or you give us food or you give us something in return. that's been their pattern. kim jong-un, he has never said this is what i want in return. >> nearly five months after president trump was inaugurated, secretary of state rex tillerson announced that after 17 months of captivity, warmbier would be returned to the united states. but the talented athlete and high school is a lewd torian came home in a coma. >> i met with the north koreans in the last year 20 times in new york. they never told me that this young man was in this condition.
6:38 pm
it's a huge mystery. it's a mystery like everything that happens in north korea. >> media claimed warmbier slipped into a coma after contracting botulism and taking a sleeping pill. >> if you believe their explanation of botulism and a sleeping pill causing the coma and we don't, there is no excuse for any civilized nation to have kept his condition secret. >> six days after he was returned home, never regaining consciousness, warmbier died. >> they didn't care about him being a serious bargaining chip. that's never happened before. the otto warmbier case symbolizes how bad the u.s./north korea relationship is. >> that relationship would only get worse in the weeks after otto warmbier's death. >> the era of strategic patience with the north korean regime has failed.
6:39 pm
frankly, that patience is over. >> president trump wanted to do what his predecessors had not been able to. denuclearize north korea. >> this will be the critical test of the trump administration. this is what history will remember trump for. >> this woman was among a group of delegates that met with representatives to discuss the nuclear arms program in june of 2017. >> my takeaway from talks is that north koreans are much more confident, even arrogant, because their nuclear and missile capabilities have dramatically increased. >> with each advance in technology, kim jong-un continued to defy u.s. intelligence. >> no one is sure how north korea has managed to get, for example, the rocket technology that has allowed successful icbm tests. this program has gathered speed and success at an alarming rate.
6:40 pm
>> in january 2018, kim jong-un made his boldest statement yet about the readiness of his nuclear weapons. announcing the nuclear button is sitting on his desk ready and waiting. >> translator: the entire u.s. mainland is within the range of our nuclear strike. the nuclear button is always on top of my office desk. >> coming up -- >> i don't think the public really understood how dangerous the situation was. you wouldn't accept an incomplete job
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6:44 pm
trump and kim jong-un left the world on edge. fearing the two countries were building up to nuclear war. >> president trump is continuing his day long tweet storm. this time with a response to the north korean president's new year's eve address. i too, have a nuclear button. but it is much bigger and more powerful than his and my button works. >> the first time in memory you had the president of the united states speaking openly about the united states' thermonuclear weapons capacity against north korea. >> i don't think the public really understood how dangerous the situation was. >> but then, during the same fiery speech while kim jong-un threatened the united states, he extended an olive branch to the south koreans. >> north korea and south korea are meeting this evening for the first formal diplomatic talks
6:45 pm
they have held in over two years. >> the korean people, north and south, have the same gene pool. they have the same history. they have the same language. up until the korean war. they have a lot of reasons to try to bring their two countries together. >> the summit focused on a joint olympic team for the upcoming winter games in south korea. issues like family reunification and most importantly for the north koreans crippling sanctions were also on the table. >> kim jong-un was very clever. he was continuing to take a tough tone toward the u.s., but a much more conciliatory tone towards south korea. >> there is a question about whether the north koreans were trying to divide the u.s. from its south korean ally to open up distance. >> the next month, north and south korea marched together during the opening ceremonies under a united flag. >> it was an opportunity for kim jong-un to play a propaganda
6:46 pm
game, to try to show a much more friendly face to the south and to the rest of the world. >> suddenly, the north koreans appears less sinister. they appeared more like a country that was reaching out a hand. i think that's how he used the olympic games. >> the success of the olympics appeared to energize kim jong-un to make another surprising decision. nearly two weeks later, a south korean delegation arrived at the white house for talks. and passed along a personal message from kim jong-un. he wanted to discuss north korea's nuclear program and personally meet with president trump. >> i told president trump that now meeting north korean leader kim jong-un said he is committed to denuclearization. kim pledged that north korea will refrain from any further nuclear or missile tests.
6:47 pm
>> i think that kim jong-un has wanted to move toward a summit with an american president pretty much since he took power. he is seen building up a nuclear program as a way of getting enough leverage to move toward the united states. >> president trump immediately agreed to the summit. but it's a move that some advisors believed may have been made in haste. >> it was incredibly risky, because it had not been properly analyzed. suddenly, even before they had briefed him properly, he just said, yes, he will do it. >> this is a man who clearly hears chants of the crowd chanting nobel prize. the danger is that he will give kim jong-un what he has been dreaming of and walk away, in the end, empty-handed, with no more than what his predecessors got, which was promised the north koreans ended up breaking. >> the summit was scheduled for may 2018. in the meantime, news reports
6:48 pm
emerged that president trump was not the only world leader on kim jong-un's agenda. when the north koreans special train was seen entering china. >> kim jong-un and his father generally did not like to fly. there is a set of armored trained the north korean leadership has used for decades to travel to china and to travel to the soviet union. >> on march 26, kim jong-un arrived in china to confer with president xi. the visit was shrouded in mystery. from all known accounts, it was the first time he had left north korea since becoming supreme leader in 2011. >> china historically has an enormous stake in what happens in north korea and on the korean peninsula. kim knows that. kim knows he can't go into a summit meeting with president trump without at least sounding out the chinese president. >> the chinese are not the only
6:49 pm
ones pursuing back channel diplomacy. more than two weeks after it happened, it's revealed that cia director and secretary of state nominee mike pompeo made a secret visit to north korea and personally met with kim jong-un. >> by the way, he just left north korea. had a great meeting with kim jong-un. >> pompeo is the point person. he trusted mike pompeo to go in secret and to be as tough as he, donald trump, wanted to be in this overture, this first meeting. >> the white house said the purpose was to prepare for the upcoming summit between the two leaders. kim jong-un told pompeo he was willing to discuss the key demand. the denuclearization of north korea. president trump tweeted that a good relationship was formed at the meeting. >> got along with him really well, really great. i have a feeling it's going to
6:50 pm
work out very well. >> then a historic moment on the korean peninsula between two countries who after nearly 68 years are still officially at war. >> for the first time ever, the leader of north korea stepped into south korea. >> no north korean leader know leader had stepped across the border into south korea. it made it look like there was really peace coming to the peninsula. >> the letter sounded more like a high school break up. write me, call any time. it was very much in donald trump's voice. kyle: mom! mom!
6:51 pm
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6:53 pm
preparations were under way in early may, 2018. for a summit between president donald trump and north korean leader kim jong un. >> after all the rhetoric about fire and fury and the military options i would have never
6:54 pm
predicted this could happen within a few months. >> the north koreans have been waiting for this meeting for 45 years. they have been looking for validation, affirmation. that the united states re recognizes them as a sovereign state. this is a very important meeting for the north korean leader. >> in the weeks leading up to meeting a surprising move from kim jong un. >> the first lady. and president trump. along with the three detainees. >> around 3:00 a.m. trump arrived at joint base andrew to greet three americans who just 24 hours earlier were north korean prisoners. >> i remember there had been a young american college student who was also released but came out in a coma and died soon after. this was a happier out come. a better story for president trump. >> they're making their way down the stairs. onto the tarmac. it was an emotional moment. >> they had been held as prisoners for a year.
6:55 pm
on charges of espionage and unspecified hostile acts. >> for the second time in less than six weeks, secretary of state mike pompeo secretly flew to pyongyang. 13 hours later the three minnesota were free. >> kim jong un knew the idea of going to a summit while he was hoelgd american hostages. it would have been out rage from america. >> we want to thank kim jong un. who really was excellent to these three incredible people. we're starting off on new footing. this was a wonderful thing he released the folks early. >> later that day, the official date of the summit was announced. for the first time, a sitting president and the leader of north korea were scheduled to meet face to face. on june 12, 2018.
6:56 pm
in the neutral location of singapore. but then, with less than three weeks to go until the summit. those comments by vice president mike pence. >> pence floated this idea we were seeking libya option. which meant not completing a denuclearization but regime change in north korea. >> they were furious. they would never agree to the quote miserable fate that the libyans suffered. >> the north koreans responded by threatening a nuclear show down. president trump cancelled the summit. explaining the reasons why in a letter released by the white house. >> just moments ago the president tweeted revealing to the public the letter that we have already been reporting about. that he sent to kim jong un. saying sadly he was forced to cancel the summit in singapore. >> the letter sounded more like a high school break up. arguing over who is going to the
6:57 pm
prom. and write me, call any time. >> the next day, president trump hinted that the summit could be back on. >> just yesterday president trump hit the brakes on the june 12 summit. but today both he and his defense secretary suggested it may happen after all. >> it's a roller coaster. normally when you think about summits happening you normally don't have the president turning it on and turning it off. and turning it on within 24, 48 hours. >> five days later, another sign that both the u.s. and north koreans were still making efforts to come to the table. >> the secretary of state had dinner in the city this evening. with the right hand man to north korean dictator. kim jong un. >> the former head of the north korean intelligence service arrived in new york for talks with secretary of state. >> he's the most trusted
6:58 pm
intelligence and national security advise herb. >> he told secretary pompeo he had a personal letter for president trump. from kim jong un. >> on june 1, 2018. he hand delivered lt letter at the white house. >> the contents of the letter in the huge envelope have not been disclosed to my knowledge. we can infer that they said enough about north korean willingness to discuss the issues that the u.s. views as essential. the denuclearization of the north korea. and then u.s. willingness to help the north korean economy in exchange. >> after receiving the letter, there was a noticeable change in tone from the president. the confident commander in chief who believes a significant deal was imminent. began to temper expectations. >> it's a get it though you kind of situation.
6:59 pm
and i think it will be a process. i never said it goes in one meeting. it will be a process. the relationships are building. that's a positive thing. >> i think that the president has been persuaded by wiser more experienced experts including secretary of state. you cannot achieve complete irreversible verifiable denuclearization of the north korean peninsula in a day. in a week or month. in a year. >> it's probably going to be a successful process. we'll see. remember what i say. we will see what we will see. >> the deliverables for the u.s. will be north korean commitment to a complete denuclearization. of north korea. those words need to be said. or trump can't really claim he succeeded. for north korea the deliverable is american commitment to begin to remove sanctions. >> but. is kim jong un ready to make a deal?
7:00 pm
>> you have two unpredictable people. we have never had this kind of negotiation before. of the stakes are incredibly high. the risk of failure. and the blowing up and return to fire and furry. is catastrophic for the world. what i think is quite clear is the country wants to move in a different direction. >> a half century after his death, robert f. kennedy remains a hero to millions of americans. he was tough. >> whose back are you going to break? >> yet compassionate and idealistic. >> negro citizens are being treated as second class people. that's something that needs to be done about it. >> today as in 1968, america is deeply divided. >> what's going on in poor


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