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tv   Dateline  MSNBC  June 10, 2018 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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>> do wa to look to the 50th anniversary and talk about his funeral? no. i want to talk about those struggling with health insurance and lack thereof. that's what i want to look at. not like it stopped in 1968. >> we have the passion to understand. did you tell anybody else about this? >> it was bill cosby, mr. huckstable. i thought i was the only person he did this to. who will believe me? >> she spoke up and stood up. andrea constable for justice. >> he had three blue pills. i said, what are those. >> tonight, she shares her
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story, her mom by her side in her first and only interview. >> why did you want to do this? >> an important time to speak up. >> powerful new details with a warning at times that can get graphic. >> it's hard to tell the story. >> it's hard, jenna, for you to hear this. >> a powerful confrontation with bill cosby himself. >> i was yelling at him that you're sick. >> i don't know how it affected her. > wouldn't even worry about it. i'm serious about this. >> inside the battle. >> you're up xwrns a multi-millionaire superstar. up against amulti-millionaire superstar. intimidated? >> joan of ark, took us from victim to survivor. >> i needed to make the first step. after that, it was in god's hands. >> i'm lester holt. this is "dateline." here's kate snow with "bringing down bill cosby," andrea
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constand speaks. >> you may have seen her but you've never heard her speak until tonight. >> andrea, you are now going to be known as the woman who took down bill cosby. how do you feel about that? >> i never set out to bring down anybody. i haven't necessarily because i'm not alone. this is a collective consciousness. i would rather say we brought down bill cosby. but i just had the shoes on. >> for 13 years, through a civil suit and two criminal trials, the woman who confronted one of the country's most beloved entertainers has remained silent, never speaking to the public about her case. now, for the first time, andrea constand talks about bill cosby. >> for years and years and
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decades he preyed upon young women. >> about the assault. >> i was crying out inside in my throat and my mind for this to stop and i couldn't do anything. >> and about her journey. >> why did you do this? >> for justice. >> we talked to andrea and her mother, gianna constand in new york after cosby's conviction. andrea agreed to tell the story she told in court. speaking on camera wasn't easy. >> this is your first television interview. why did you want to do this? why did you want to speak out? >> it's an important time to speak up up and let people know who i am. >> she's an unlikely heroine, intensely private and humble, massage therapist. she's devoted to healthy living, the outdoors and her dogs. at 45 years old, she's calm,
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even serene. as a child, she was anything but. >> you were running around outside playing sports. >> if it wasn't my mother or father trying to find me, it was my grandma running out with a hose trying to get me to come home. i was a really rambunctious come boy. >> really, she was like having six kids, and i mean it. >> by high school, she was a star basketball player. >> she used to score 30 points per game. >> 30 a game? just you? >> my three points, that was my thing, i was a great shooter. that was my weapon. >> that weapon took her to the university of arizona on a scholarship. then, to italy, playing pro-. in 2002, she got a job at temple university in philadelphia as the operations manager of the women's basketball team. early on she met the legendary
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bill cosby, superstar, comedian famous for playing a happily married dr. huckstable on the bill cosby show. >> i'm so good i don't know what to do with myself. cosby himself had been married for decades to camille. >> big cosby was a giant present at temple university, wasn't he, at the time? >> yes. he was a giant presence behind the scenes. a board member, a trustee and also a graduate, alumni. >> cosby, who was an athlete during his time at the school, was an avid supporter of temple's basketball program. he later came to say he became romantically interested in andrea the first time he saw her. >> he was in his 60s at the time? >> that's right. >> just to be clear, were you romantically interested in him? >> never. >> they became friendly and bill cosby asked her to his home
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outside philadelphia? >> you thought you were going there for what? >> for a dinner, to talk to him more and maybe share sports stories. >> she had dinner at the house and the two talked. there was a weird moment after the meal. >> you said he touched you on your thigh? >> yes, he did. we sat down and were talking. kind of beside me, very close to me, and put his hand on my thigh, i wasn't threatened in any way. i thought that was very friendly for him. >> she brushed it off but when cosby asked her again she accepted. this time, as she testified to in court, his actions were overt. >> mr. cosby made a pass at me, a full-blown pass at me. >> tried to unbutton your pants, i think you testified? >> yes, he did. he reached over and put his hand right on my button and tried to unbutton, you know, jostled with my button and was actually trying to find the top of my
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zipper. >> what did you say? i leaned forward and i said, i'm not here for that. i don't want that. he removed his hand, respectfully, and i left several minutes later. so i kind of thought like this older gentleman just made a pass at me. >> you thought it was strange? >> i did. i did. >> some people might think at that point, distance, right, don't see him again? >> uh-huh. >> you did see him again. >> yes, i did. >> why not distance yourself? >> i thought i was pretty clear in what i said to him which is i'm not here for that. i thought he got the picture. >> but he didn't. what happened next and what she did about it would, over many years, turn andrea constand into a powerful symbol for scores of women. after she came forward, some 60 women would publicly accuse the entertainer of sexual misconduct
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everything from harassment to assault to rape. unlike andrea, most would never get their day in court. >> what do you all think of andrea constand? >> hero. joan of ark. solid, rock solid. grace under pressure. that's it. she took us from victim to survivor. >> when we come back, the night that still haunts her. >> he had three blue pills in his hand. >> three blue pills. >> three blue pills. i said, what are those. >> painful even now. >> i know it's hard to tell the story and hard gianna for you to hear this? >> uh-huh. let's do an ad of a man eating free waffles at comfort inn.
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by january of 2004, bill cosby and andrea constand had what she calls a working friendship. even after she rejected his clumsy pass, cosby was still offering her career advice. >> he wanted to help me with broadcasting, something i wasn't interested in at the time. >> he offered this? >> he did. he did. >> andrea was considering a different career change. she wanted to move back to toronto to study massage therapy. she wanted to thank him for his plans. >> i wanted to discuss the
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stress and considering resigning from my position. >> what happened that night would change her life forever and his. she told the full story in court and it is at times graphic and disturbing. >> i guess he sees i'm having some nervous thoughts, maybe i'm distressed about making the decision. we're just drinking water and i get up to go to the bathroom. when i come back from the bathroom, mr. cosby is standing right across the table where we were sitting and he had three blue pills in his hand. >> three blue pills? >> three blue pills. he put his hand out. i said, what are those? he said, they'll help you relax? i said, are they natural, an herbal remedy? he said, no, they're your friends. just put them down. >> they're your friends. >> just put them down. i get some water somehow and i swallow three pills down. >> why do you do that? >> i took them because i trusted
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that they were maybe just help me feel a little more relaxed? you trusted him? >> yes, i did, yes, i did. >> you take these and how do you feel? >> i started to panic a little bit as i was sitting at the table. some time had passed, maybe 20, 30 minutes. as i was talking to him i noticed my words weren't coming out right. i was starting to slur my words. i also had double vision and i had cotton mouth, really bad cotton mouth. i said, mr. cosby, i see two of you and i'm slurring my words, like something is wrong. he got up. he said, okay, get up, i think you need to relax on the sofa. i got up and when i got up my legs were very weak. >> could you walk? >> no, i could not walk. he supported me over to the sofa. >> he lays you down on the sofa? >> yes, he does. he puts a pillow under my head. i remember walking over there. he placed a pillow under my head and said, just lay down there
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and relax. so i laid on my side. and i passed out. >> i know it's hard to tell this story. >> yes. >> it's hard, gianna, for you to hear this. >> yes. >> so at some point, later in the evening, i suppose, i wasn't aware of time, how much time was passing, i remember feeling something penetrating my vagina, very forcefully, and i remember my breasts being groped, a hand being up my shirt. and i remember mr. cosby taking my hand, which i was not able to move my muscles voluntarily, so he took my hand and placed it on his penis and masturbated himself with my hand. >> what is your mind saying? >> my mind is saying, move your
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hands, kick, can you do anything? i don't want this, why is this person doing this and me not being able to react in any specific way. so i was limp, i was a limp noodle. >> did he say anything? >> no. no. he said nothing. that i could recall. i was in and out of consciousness. >> you don't remember being able to speak? >> inside, i was crying out inside in my throat, in my mind for this to stop and i couldn't do anything. >> andrea says she woke up hours later. >> i remember coming to, looking at my watch, and it was somewhere between 4:00 and 5:00 a.m. nobody was there. i got up and i was like, what just happened? i have no idea. i know, because my body, i could
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feel i had been penetrated in my vagina, it's a feeling of waking up though something was inside you. >> just to be clear, that was his fingers? >> that was his fingers. yes. i put myself together. i was disheveled. my pants were unzipped. i started walking to the front entrance and mr. cosby was there in his robe. he said, there's a tea there and there's a muffin there. >> he's offering you breakfast? >> he's offering me breakfast. and i just wanted to get out of there. i felt so humiliated and shocked. i put the top of the muffin in the napkin and i went out to my car. >> she'll never forget that drive home. >> did you call anyone? >> no, i didn't. >> why not? >> i just was ashamed.
8:18 pm
i just -- i think in anger, in different emotions started coming in. i was trying to figure things out for myself and really felt a deep shame of what he had done to me. >> you thought -- >> i went home because i think you go back and you say, why did i go there? why did i do this? instead of putting the responsibility on the person who has done this awful thing to you, i went home and i had a shower and i went to work. i had a good cry in the shower, but i went and i arrived at my office and i started my day. >> but the pain she felt that morning would propel her to a face-to-face confrontation with her attacker. coming up -- >> i wanted to see him in person and say, why did you do this to me? >> and her mom would have a confrontation of her own. >> i was yelling and saying to him, you're sick. you're a sick man.
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humiliated. >> did you tell anybody else about what had happened at the time? >> i did not. >> why not? >> i didn't think anybody would believe me. it was bill cosby. it was dr. huckstable. i thought i was the only person that he did this to. who's going to believe me? >> in the weeks after the assault, andrea grew angrier and wanted answers. so i wanted to confront him, not on the telephone, i wanted to see him in person and say, why did you do this to me? what did i do to deserve this? >> she said she told cosby she wanted to talk to him privately and he asked her to meet him at his home. though she was distraught she was determined to go. >> i said last time i was here, you gave me something and did something to me. what did you do to me? he fumbled his words and he said, you had an orgasm, didn't you? he changed the subject, got very evasive with me, would not tell me what he gave me or why he did
8:24 pm
it to me. i said, i don't think i'm going to get any answers and i'm just going to leave. >> andrea says after that confrontation she went ahead with her plans to quit her job at temple and move back to her parents' home in toronto. >> and my husband and i, as the month, you know, went on and on, i said, do you think something's wrong with her? it was like both of us were, something's not right. >> andrea insisted nothing was wrong. but then one morning, about a year after cosby assaulted her, an emotional dam broke. >> i woke up and i had a bad dream. that dream was that mr. cosby would do this to somebody else if i did not say or tell someone. so i woke up crying, and i said, mom, mr. cosby drugged me and he sexually violated me. and she was so caught off guard.
8:25 pm
>> mom, she says, he's a bastard. i said, andrea, who are you talking about? she said, mom, he drugged me and raped me. i said, who? she said, bill cosby. >> andrea's mom was horrified. she had thought cosby was her daughter's friend and mentor, not a sexual predator. gianna decided to take matters into her own hands. she testified later in court she called crosby to confront him. >> what's that phone call like? >> it was a 2 1/2 hour conversation. >> what was your tone? >> i was very very angry. very very angry. >> throughout the call she says, he called her mom. he tried to lead her to believe the sexual act with andrea was consensual. >> it was a lot of game playing, a lot of manipulation, my conversation with him. i think when i said, you know
8:26 pm
what, i said, it's best you're truthful, best you're honest. >> gianna says cosby asked to have andrea pick up the other line. she did and they say he made a startling admission. >> he said, i'm sorry, andrea, and i'm sorry, mom. >> gianna wasn't having it. >> i was yelling and saying to him, you're sick, you're a sick man, and he agreed. he said he was a sick man. >> he agreed? >> yes. and he felt very embarrassed. >> andrea decided to make her own call to the local police. canadian detectives interviewed her, then contacted the authorities in pennsylvania where cosby lived. they opened an investigation and that made news. >> bill cosby is the focus of a police investigation near philadelphia. it stems from an allegation -- >> did you understand, andrea, how public this all might get at that point? >> yes. >> were you scared? >> i was, yes.
8:27 pm
it sunk in more and more as the days passed. >> andrea's mom was worried, too, and wanted to protect her daughter. she did something unusual. she bought a phone recording device and used it the next time she talked to the comedian. >> why did you record it? >> because i was hoping to have his admission of what he had told me on the first call. >> i wanted to get back to you because -- >> but right away it seemed cosby wasn't willing to talk about what happened to andrea. >> i don't want to talk about anything except a mutual feeling for a friendship. >> and just as fast, gianna's plan started to unravel. cosby seemed to realize she was recording the call, so gianna tried to make an excuse for a sound he heard, blaming it on her pet. >> do you have a beeping going on on your phone?
8:28 pm
>> no. no, not at all. i have a parrot. >> i noticed a beep. >> no, no, i have a parrot, i mean, i don't have -- no. >> a parrot? >> cosby changed the subject and offered to financially help andrea if she wanted to pursue a graduate degree. >> yeah. i'll lay out what i think is the best. pay for the schooling. >> uh-huh. >> and whatever -- as long as she maintains a 3.0 average, she'll be fine. >> gianna says she wasn't interested in cosby's money but she did want the name of the drug he'd given andrea. she'd asked him for that in their previous phone call. >> are you really going to send me on that piece of paper the name of that stuff or not? or were you joking? >> oh, no no no no. we can talk about what you asked for later. >> okay. >> okay? >> okay. just because i'm concerned.
8:29 pm
i don't know how it affected her and i want to know. >> i don't think so. i wouldn't even worry about it. i'm serious about this. let's get with the other thing, okay? >> the conversation ended. days later, andrea was interviewed by police in pennsylvania. she hoped cosby would be charged. but that didn't happen. in a dramatic development the montgomery county district attorney said he would not file criminal charges citing a lack of credible and admissible evidence. yet andrea's story was far from over. if the d.a. wouldn't go after cosby, she would. coming up -- >> you started hearing from a lot of women? >> 13. every one had the same story. >> the attorneys who would turn everything around. >> you are up against a multi-millionaire superstar. intimidated? >> underestimated. once there was an organism so small
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hi, richard lui with the top stories. president trump getting ready to meet with the prime minister from singapore ahead of the summit. and justin trudeau attacks and saying there's a special place in hell for trudeau on his comments for terror retaliation.
8:34 pm
the prime minister's office issuing a statement saying trudeau had made similar remarks before including privately with president trump. now, back to "dateline." >> i just needed to make the first step. after that, it was in god's hands. >> it was early 2005, after the d.a. decided not to press charges against bill cosby. andrea decided to hire two suburban philadelphia lawyers. >> when andrea called me in 2005 little could i imagine we'd still be on this journey in 2018. >> they had years of experience helping survivors of sexual assault. after andrea's story made news, other women privately reached out with similar accusations. >> you start hearing from a lot of women, right?
8:35 pm
>> 13. >> all of whom tell you what? >> well, some of them were consensual relationships, but everyone had the same story which is i'm with bill cosby, the next thing i know, i drink something or i take a pill and i'm out. >> in march 2005, andrea sued cosby in a civil lawsuit. >> delores, bebe, you are a two woman office up against a multi-millionaire superstar world renowned comedian. >> we had noticed that. >> intimidated? >> never. >> never. >> really. never. >> underestimated. >> you were underestimated? >> absolutely. >> andrea's lawyers had lots of questions for cosby. because this was a civil case, the comedian was forced to sit for a deposition. >> can you describe what happened when you walked in the room? >> it was four days. and each day he had at least four male lawyers there. >> was he confident?
8:36 pm
>> he was arrogant. there was one part he uses to explain how, in his mind, women don't need to verbalize their consent because he just knows. it was very -- it was disgusting. >> andrea was there to look him in the eye and hear what he had to say. >> having to sit in the same room as mr. cosby and his attorneys i didn't feel as scared. >> cosby was now on the record, at times ignoring the advice of his own lawyers and freely offering crucial details. >> he admitted he had given andrea three blue pills, three round blue pills that were friends. >> and there was more. delores specifically asked him about quaaludes, a prescription sedative popular in the '70s. when you got the quaaludes, was it in your mind you were going to use these quaaludes for young women that you wanted to have
8:37 pm
sex with? >> he never takes them himself. he said he had seven prescriptions of quaaludes for young women to have sex with. >> in november of 2006, cosby settled the lawsuit and admitted no wrongdoing. andrea signed a non-disclosure agreement and cosby paid her $3.38 million. the depositions, sealed from the public. >> now, what was it you wanted to say? >> while a few other women made acquisitions against the comedian, the story essentially died out, until 2014, eight years later, when another comedian took the stage. >> i had a successful sitcom. so turn the crazy down a couple notches. >> hannibal burris added a bit about cosby to his routine. >> i've done this bit on stage and people don't believe -- people think i'm making it up. i'm like, bill cosby has a lot of rape allegations.
8:38 pm
>> for whatever reason the comments spread like wildfire on social media. more and more women whose stories went back years started coming forward. >> how many of you believe you were drugged by bill cosby? how many of you believe bill cosby raped you? >> women accused of comedian of everything of harassment to sexual assault to rape. back in 2015, i interviewed 27 of them. lily bernard. >> the next memory, i'm on the floor, on the carpet, and i remember the sensation of the carpet against the flesh of my back, like velcro, like this, and it hurt and i couldn't move because of the drugs. i remember him on top of me. >> many of these women said they had something in common. cosby took advantage of them when they were young and vulnerable. it was too late for most of them to have their day in court. the statute of limitations had run out. some expressed frustration cosby had never been prosecuted.
8:39 pm
heidi thomas. >> maybe we can address an ep dem i -- epidemic crime. >> a few years afterward a knew d.a. was elected in pennsylvania and he charged cosby in the constand case. >> today, after examination of all the evidence we are able to seek justice on behalf of the victim. >> in december of 2015, bill cosby was arraigned on three counts of aggravated indecent assault. >> mr. cosby, you want to say anything? >> cosby pleaded not guilty. >> mr. cosby, how do you feel, sir? >> with a trial, andrea would have to take the witness stand and relive her nightmare. >> coming up. the battle moves to the courthouse and andrea is under fire. >> the defense argued that you
8:40 pm
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8:44 pm
outside philadelphia for sexually assaulting andrea constand 13 years earlier. >> mr. cosby, are you confident today, sir? >> finally, it was time for andrea to tell her story to a jury. >> as well as i held myself, a part of me was nervous that i would have to again go through this traumatic incident that happened to me all over again. >> live through it again? >> yes. >> on the stand, she recounted that night back in 2004 at cosby's home. when she was finished, his defense team challenged her story, zeroing in on inconsistencies. on the sixth day of deliberating the jury announced it was hopelessly deadlocked? today, a pennsylvania judge declared a mistrial. >> when you heard it was a hung jury, was that devastating? >> it didn't feel complete, it didn't feel like justice. it felt empty. >> it could have ended right
8:45 pm
there. but the d.a. had a message for andrea and her attorneys. he looked at me and said, i'm doing this again. >> that day? >> that day, that minute. >> andrea was determined to testify again. this wasn't just about her, it was also about cosby's other accusers. >> women came out into the public into the media in droves saysing that they had, too, been drugged and sexually assaulted. and i believed the women. i believed the women. >> for trial number two, she would have more support. the judge ruled that five women with stories of drugging and assault similar to andrea's could also testify. it was a big win for the prosecution. four off those women spoke to us. janice baker kenny, lisa lot lublin, heidi thomas and shalan. >> thank you. somebody's listening. >> we will take this opportunity and run with it.
8:46 pm
thank you for letting us speak. >> lisa teaches sixth grade at a las vegas school. she didn't tell students she'd be part of bill cosby's retrial, but then one of them approached her. >> she wrote me a note. she gives me the notes before i went to philadelphia, and she told no be strong, and i never talked to her about it. she handed it over to me and i opened it up. just reading the note, i know she knows. >> april 9th, trial number two begins. >> mr. cosby, how are you feeling today? >> one by one, the accusers took the stand. >> i'll tell you right now, shaking like a leaf when i first got there, i was sitting on my hands the first part of my testimony. >> for each woman, fear gave way to confidence, even defiance. >> shilan locked eyes with bill cosby. >> he looked at me in the courtroom and he smiled and chuckled at me. that's when i made the comment i
8:47 pm
made. >> what did he say. >> now, you remember me, mr. cosby, don't you? because i knew he did. i look at you in your eyes, i know he remembered that day he drugged me. >> you saw recognition in his eyes? >> yes. >> on the stand, heidi thomas blurted out her reason for testifying. >> i said, i'm here to see a serial rapist convicted. then the courtroom was silent. and i thought, oh, man, i'm waiting for somebody to stand up and object to this. you could hear a pin drop. snow she was right to worry. for the second trial, cosby hired a new defense team, headed by famed l.a. attorney, thomas mesereau. >> i felt their strategy was one of something if this trial took place in 1970 or 80 it would have worked. >> what was the strategy? >> victim blaming. >> smear tactics. >> complete victim blaming. >> and smear techniques.
8:48 pm
>> it was so misogynist stick, so two decades ago. >> through his lawyers cosby has denied having sex with anyone without consent and not talked about consent at other than andrea's. a friend was there for support. angela rose started an advocacy group. >> we had to wait in a small hallway. i remember holding hands and saying a prayer for justice. i just told her, you can do this. >> for the second time in less than a year, andrea constand took the stand and described that night at cosby's home. as she spoke, she focused on the 12 people who most needed to hear her. >> i connected with the jury. i let them feel what i had gone
8:49 pm
through, and i tried to be as authentic as possible, as relaxed as possible. >> when she finished telling her story, cosby's lawyers went after her. >> the defense painted a picture, andrea, of you giving inconsistent statements to different police agencies, saying different things at different times. >> that's fair. understandably so. going through that kind of traumatic situation is very difficult. and the one thing that i've remained consistent of is what he did to me that night. it will never go away. it stuck in my brain for the rest of my life. >> your story on that has never changed? >> no. >> the defense argued that andrea was a con artist who preyed on a lonely man. >> that's despicable. that's not true. i'm not a con-artist. bill cosby is a con artist. for years and years and decades,
8:50 pm
he preyed upon young women and he's a true con artist himself. >> the defense argued that you wanted money. were you in it for money? >> no. this has never been about money, this has been justice. i wasn't talking money. i was talking police and justice. >> but it was also about a hollywood icon. 12 men and women were being asked to throw that image away and redefine the man as a criminal. coming up. >> had my fist clenched and i was holding my breath. >> after all these years, a judgment at last. >> there was a gasp in the audience. >> i think i was shaking. >> i was just overcome.
8:51 pm
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13 years after she came
8:55 pm
forward, andrea constand was still waiting for justice. but as the jury in bill cosby's retrial deliberating, she made her peace. >> i tried to just keep my expectations to just not be affected either way. that regardless, the jury was going to deliver a verdict and just be okay with that. >> the other women who testified were more tense. >> i didn't realize for how long i had my fists clenched and i was holding my breath. >> you all feel that way? >> holding our breath, absolutely. >> midway through the second day of deliberates, this jury had what the first did not, a verdict. for andrea constand the long wait was over. >> guilty, guilty, guilty. i was just overcome. >> the jury found bilsby guty of three counts of grae aggravated indecent assault. america's dad was now a
8:56 pm
convicted felon. >> i was so happy for her, and for the other women because i thought not only was she doing this for herself, i knew all along it was bigger than just her. >> the enormity of the verdict played out inside the courthouse, as accusers who attended the trial broke down. as for these four, they'd all returned home by that time. their phones blowing up with the news. >> i said, he's guilty! we did it! we did it! >> i walked in the door and my husband just walked out to me, and i looked at imandhim, and i, we did it. we beat go lie i can't say. >> we did it, we beat goliath. >> but the drama inside the courtroom wasn't over. immediately after the verdict, prosecutor kevin steele told the
8:57 pm
judge cosby was a flight risk in his own plane. >> he yelled, he doesn't an airplane, you a-hole i'm sick of you. there was a gasp in the audience. i thought, there he is. now everybody sees what this man is. >> bill cosby? >> cosby. >> cosby is free on bail until his sentencing this september. the 80-year-old faces up to 30 years in prison. his defense team declined comment for this report but right after the verdict, his attorney spoke to reporters. >> we don't think mr. cosby is guilty of anything, and the fight is not over. thank you. >> are you going to appeal, sir? >> yes. yes. very strongly. >> cosby's wife camile issued her own statement. she condemned the trial as mob justice, not real justice. but these four witnesses say
8:58 pm
camile's voice can't drowned out the verdict. >> when we last met beverly johnson, also an accuser, said this body of women are moving the needle. >> not much but we're still moving it. and that's the power we all feel. >> you think you moved the needle? >> absolutely. absolutely. >> yeah. >> i think we are exploding the needle off the charts. with each step we take, people who have been assaulted -- sexually assaulted feel more powerful to be able to come forward. >> after the verdict, andrea constand went back to toronto, back to her job and to the family and friends who supported her for years. >> when i got home and when i arrived at the door, there was a big three words and hearts stuck all over my door, and it said, you did it. >> now, when she hears the name bill cosby, she no longer feels
8:59 pm
anger. >> what do you think now when you look at him? >> i forgave bill cosby for what he did to me. i forgive him. it's been many, many years. and if i did not forgive him, i wouldn't have peace. and i sit here today, and i have my peace. >> and a new purpose. the last 14 years have changed andrea and the world around her. she's okay with that. in fact, she embraces it. >> do you consider yourself part of what everybody calls the me too movement? the moment that we're having in this culture? >> well, i think, yes, but i'm just proud of everything that has unfolded in the past couple of years. especially the past year. because we will hold people accountable. we will teach consent. this is just getting started. so i'm glad to be a part of where it's going and the future
9:00 pm
of me too, times up, so yeah, i'm in. i'm in. >> that's all for now. i'm lester holt. thanks for joining us. due to mature subject matter, viewer discretion is advised. >> you're a man. you're grown. we shouldn't have to do this. >> an inmate gets suspicious tax forms and becomes a problem for the jail. >> don't be treating me like i'm stupid or something. i don't got time to play these cat and mouse games. a mu e


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