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tv   MSNBC Live With Hallie Jackson  MSNBC  June 11, 2018 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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thing possible while doing it. the inspiring celebration carried throughout the whole weekend from local bars to baseball games. there's even a shot of him in bed with the stanley cup. that is a way to win, caps, and that wraps us up this hou m stephanie ruhle. coming up right now, more news with hallie jackson live from singapore. hi, hallie. >> hi, steph. all caps indeed. i am hallie jackson joining you live from the downtown core of singapore where we're on assignment, ten hours away from a handshake that will make history. in just the last 90 minutes or so we are learning that things are moving faster than expected, at least according to the white house. which says president trump is feeling confident heading in these talks with kim jong-un choosing to go it alone, at least at first. >> there are only two people that can make decisions of this magnitude, and those two people are going to be sitting in a room together tomorrow. >> it all might have critics wondering if the president's thinking with enemies like these
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two needs friends? the u.s. does but they're not making it easy accuse our international allies of trying to sabotage the summit. what the white house is saying about canada, it's leader and what did wants and why that war of words is hitting back home, here. plus, a look at a trade war. we wanted to know how president trump's tariffs are affecting americans so we sent a reporter to the blue state where the bourbon is flowing but not without a price. we are going to get to everybody in just a minute with some activity happening right now in singapore buthe let's set the scene for what's happening here in a few short hours. there's this new report this morning, we've seen the motorcade. kim jong-un taking a stroll not to far from where we are. they say those talks could work out nicely. while you yore sleeping you talked to japan's prime minister and south korea's president. separately teams from the u.s. and north korea met ghen just the last six hours or so.
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secretary of state mike pompeo says those working group talks are moving rapidly. next big meeting is the one we all showed up here for, president trump and kim jong-un. that's going to be the next time we see the president. i want to start with the chief global correspondent bill neely because the question that kim might be asking, curfew? what curfew? his motorcade has been spott out and about not too far from where we are in singapore and then he got the selfie asking hash tag guess where? i don't know where but some guesses on twitter seem to indicate maybe a casino, maybe they're out somewhere here. what do you think? >> reporter: yeah, absolutely extraordinary as we've been saying all along, expect the unexpected and kim has just delivered. less than an hour ago, his black limousine with a north korean flags flying left saint region justice hoe pell. it looked like a sudden departure because a lot of the other vehicles took a long time to catch up. then he was spotted touring the waterfront area where i am at the moment. this is sentosa, the island
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where the summit will take place. and then, you know, is that kim jong-un's very first selfie? i think it was probably taken by the foreign minister of singapore at a place called gardens by the bay. you can see the flowers perhaps behind those three smiling faces. just after that, he went to another luxury hotel here called the marina bay sands hotel where w his 12 body guards or at least a lot of them we couldn't count hume u how many there were. and we think he's on the rooftop of that luxury hotel where where he can see the whole bay. this is kim jong-un on remember only his third visit outside, his third trip really outside north korea taking in some of the sites of singapore which, of course, his half brother, the man who was poisoned with the
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"x" nerve gas, a city that he knew well. but getting serious, we think he's been preparing all day. and the koreans who came across him at the south korea/north korea summit said he prared verwell for that. and in a way, hallie, north korea has been preparing for this summit for decades. he will go into this meeting tomorrow well prepared. he is also presumably he has been studying the fallout from the g7 because, you know, if donald trump is prepared to do that with his friends, sign up to a communique and then rescind his signature as soon as he gets on the plane, the north koreans will be think well what is donald trump's word or his signature really worth? and as we've been saying, hallie, this is all about trust. so it's about building trust, but right now kim is out and about. we don't know when he's going to go back to h hotel. maybe he won't get an early
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night but a late one, hallie. >> and then an early morning. bill neely over on sentosa island. bill, tur. my colleague kelly o'donnell abouve from wre we are in singapore. kelly were we know now a little bit more about these talks that are happening in the working group and the idea that this is actually moving quickly as we heard secretary of state pompeo saying not too long ago. fill us in on what we can expect in the coming ten, 12 hours or so. >> reporter: good to be with you and sometimes it's the off-handed dmaent gives us the roadmap on what to expect. early on the president had talked about expanding this to perhaps beyond a single day. now the secretary of state describing a more rapid pace with the working group which is a unit of american negotiators who represent the state department, department of defense, expertise in noouclear weapons with north korean counterparts who have been working together across the
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table multiple times a week for a period of time. this is the period of scenes, little light on this, but it has been the kind of negotiation that really is the backdrop for anything substantive that can be had when two leaders get together. tonight, of course, this is a time when kim jong-un may be out enjoying the sites and getting that first selfie that bill talked about, but this summit really has to amount to more than that. sightseeing and selfies will not cut it on the international stage. >> right. >> reporter: so the question for the president will be what substantively can be obtained? now, secretary of state pompeo briefed reporters and was talking very much in the lane of the serious goals the united states has. here's what the secretary told reporters not long ago. the utility oective we seek from diplomacy from north korea has not changed. the complete and verifiable and irreversible denuclearization of the korean peninsula is the only outcome that the united states will accept. sanctions will remain until
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north korea completely and verifiably eliminates its weapons of mass destruction programs. if diplomacy does not move in the right direction and we're hopeful that it will continue to do so, those measures will increase. >> reporter: when they meet hours from now for the limited amount of time that we currently believe is in the schedule, that seals like an ambitious goal. really setting the stage when he said this is about starting a relationship and then going from there. hallie. >> kelly o'donnell, my partner and crime here in singapore, part of team nbc. with us back at home is jeremy bash at the pentagon, now an msnbc unusual security analyst. also victor cha, and professor at georgetown university. staying up late with me and early your time. catherine lucy along with white house bureau chief for the washington post philip rucker. gang is all here for sure and
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thank you all. victor, i'm dying to get your perspective on kim jong-un, the north korean dictator as kim jong-un the tourist here in singapore going and checking out some of these attractions, late night, ten hours now before he's supposed to be shaking hands with donald trump. this is a remarkable moment to see this man, the leader of what is often called the hermit kingdo out and about mingling and socializing. what do you make of this? >> this is clearly his big coming-out party, you know, summit in singapore, the whole world is watching. he doesn't have jet lag because there's not much of a time difference between singapore and seoul, and he's making the best of it. he is really using this opportunity to do this makeover. you have to remember just a few months ago he was the threat to the united states. the worst you'll man rights abuser in the world. and now he's on the world stage where every world leader wants to meet him and he's going around singapore seeing the sites, a man that's half the age of the president of the united
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states who's probably in bed now suffering from jet lag. >> do you make this out to be a continuation of the charm offensive that we saw him start to ramp up right around the time of the olympics? is he trying to humanize himself on the world stage here? >> i certainly think so. again, if you think about this, this is a man who the u.n. security council referred to the international criminal court for crimes against human nitdty. this is a man who actually murdered his half brother in southeast asia and his uncle. i mean, this is a ruthless leader who is now on the world stage. he's met with the chinese leader twice, the south korean leader twice. i think a meeting with putin will probably drop right after this summit is done. so he is really using this to the best of his advantage. and, you know, it's quite extraordinary, actually. >> i want to get to jeremy in a second, but let me bring in catherine and phil who i've seen in the press file, the hotel, the buses as we've been covering this summit so far. this is wild.
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i mean, we're all sort of looking at each other as we're watching the video coming in here, watching kim jong-un out. he's got this critical meeting tomorrow. now, much of the discussion is being worked up by the working groups, ambassador soon kim as we talked about part of that delegation. but i'm curious as to what you've heard from your reporting of what to make of this? >> it's a real contrast to president trump who's been here in singa for for about 24 hours now, a little bit longer and he's only left his hotel twouns have lunch well, the prime minister of singapore and otherwise he's been camped out at his hotel the shangri-la eating, hanging out with his aides, but not taking in the sites, not really particularly curious about this international city, not doing the sorts of tourism things that other presidents have done when they've traveled abroad. >> to be fair, kim say young man, he's a young leader. >> believed to be around 34 years old. >> he's a lot younger than the president and might want to see some things. and i think one thing we know going into this is that both of
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these are nontraditional leaders. >> this is unskrichted. >> -- unscripted. >> exactly. >> this is the best version of unscripted you could ask for. there's another piece that's going to be fascinated here. that is in again just under 12 hours from now, ten hours from now when the president and kim jong-un finally meet, they will talk one on one. senior administration officials have confirmed what we have been reporting that are it will be the two of them and their translators in the room. there are some real risks to that it seems. >> yeah. i think it is a risky proposition for the president of the united states to go into the meeting one on oneith kim jong-un. clearly the president is interested in represent e developing a personal relationship. but as you can see from the pageantry and the press that the north korean dictator has already received, it's an enormous concession to put him on an even par one on one with the president of the united states. i do think, though, that beyond the personal relationship, beyond the one-minute sizing him up, we have to focus on the substance because the only
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yardstick by which we should measure success for the summit is whether or not the north koreans ultimately give up their uranium enrichment, plutonium process, their long and medium-range ballistic missiles and maybe their chemical and biological weapons. everything else is just theatrics and will not help the security of the united states or our allies. >> i can ask you something? i was sitting in a briefing with secretary of state pompe just 4 1/2 hours or so ago and he talked about the idea that the u.s. will make different and unique security assure rans to doun help north korea feel better about giving up thaur nuclear weapons. he would not go so far as to say that would include pulling troops out of south korea. he said don't go over there, don't hypothesize it if i'm not bringi it up. but what are those that are different from what they've offered in the past look like? that's something concrete that could come out of this down the road? >> i think did could be a pull back of u.s. troops on the peninsula, maybe reduction in
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force. but i think it's a statement by the united states that we will not seek regime change. what i thought was interesting about the pompeo briefing was that he made clear that the objective is not as the president said in canada, just to get to know you. the objective is complete verifiable, irreversible denuclearization. and second he said there has to be a sequence. first they have to do all the denuclearization and then we will entertain normalization and a peace treaty. what i worry about because i do think they will try sign a document, it will say the words peace treaty in that. i think if it says the words peace treaty in that can document, that's a major give on normalization to the north. >> what's so fascinate as we take a step back here is how we actually got here. because i'm old enough to remember that united nations speech when the president took a very different tone toward kim jong-un, even old enough to remember what happened back during the campaign. we put together a little trip down memory lane for how we got to this moment. watch. >> there's a 10% or a 20% chance
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that i can talk him out of those damn nukes. >> at a very young age he was able to assume power. a lot of people i'm sure tried to take that power away. obviously he's a pretty smart cookie. north korea best not make anymore threats to the united states. they will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen. the united states has great strength and patience. but if it is forced to defend itself or its allies, we will have no choice but to totally destroy north korea. rocket man is on a suicide mission for himself and for his regime. he is a sick puppy. i just want to tell you we're doing very well with north korea. remember what i say, we will see what we will see. i think i'm very well prepared. i don't think i have to prepare
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very much. >> so we have been down the lane here, victor, from smart cookie to sick puppy and back again now ahead of these two leaders coming ce-to-face. what happens when the two are in that conversation in that roope? take us behind that door. what do they say? >> so i really think that the -- this initial discussion between the two leerts aders is going t focussed on whether the north koreans can take yes as an answer from the united states. my concernsy think president trump's going to put everything on the table and look him right in the e and say are you going to give up your weapons or not? and that will really be it. that will really determine where this will all go. i think outside of that there will be broad statements that will come out of the summit. as jeremy said, the key thing is for those of us who look at this as former government officials, are they going to put in place a negotiation process after the meeting that's real, that's substantive, that's led at a very high level and that's focussed on these key benchmarks, denuclearization,
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declaration, verification, peace treaty, things of that nature. >> yeah. jeremy, quickly as we show this graphic on screen, the north korean objectives out of the summit, we also have the u.s. objectivity out of this sum. i. i. north korea wants sanction relief, they want ability to stay in power. the u.s. wants complete, permanent and vir final denuclearization or dismantlement of their nuclear weapons. what realistically is each side going to get tomorrow? any of this? >> i don't know, hallie. i think the united states needs to insist on a direct timeline, specific easi specifics on how the dln denuclearization will unfold and we should be careful using peace treaty. >> thank you for being with us. catherine and philip, i want you to stick around. we'll be hosting a prime time special on this u.s./north korea summit with live reports from all of us that are stations here
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in singapore as well as around the world. it starts tonight 8:00 eastern right here on msnbc. we have so much nor get to n colluding the president sounding off overnight on trade mocking one of our closest allies after he said there's a special place in hell for the prime minister of canada. state says there's nothing to worry about here. plus, what was kim jong-un like when he was in high school? we spoke with his former teacher in switzerland giving us some clues on how those who new kim back then knew him. you're looking at the motorcade traveling through the downtown singapore with the we are about six stories above street level here. stick around. let's take a look at some numbers:
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7:20 am
surrounding the enter wrath there. we know he was out with the singapore prime minister checking out some attractions, including the gardens by the bay, which is one of the most popular sites in this area. and, again, it is tough to see. we're looking to see if we can get a different angle as kim and his crew disappears behind that tree there. as he's walking ang what appears to be the es pla nad or one of the water walk he wways by the shore. it's a ghostly image. there's not huge lights that are ill lum nating this because this was unexpect. this was impromptu. he apparently decided he was going to take in some of the sites about 9 1/2 hours, ten hours before he's supposed to be meeting with donald trump over on sentosa island. it's a remarkable image coming to us live. >> he loves the nightlife, obviously. he wants to get out. >> what's interesting is that north korean state media didn't
7:21 am
announce until 12 hours ago that he got own and i plane, traveled to singapore to meet with president trump. as we take a look at some of the faces that we can see just barely illuminated. phil, i wonder what north koreans will think when they look at some of these images if they end up seeing them down the ro. >> i think if they see tse images they will see a leader who seems confident and sure of himselinto this meeting with the american president. we were looking at the north korean state newspapers this morning that came out in pyongyang and they were really declaring this summit to be a coming-out party for north korea, a chance to normallize relations if the wornt happen overnight, it would come with time, but this was their leader coming here in a boeing 747 and visiting a different country for one of the few times in his lifetime. >> and you can see, you saw a glimpse of kim's face there flashing illuminated by one of the camera lights. it looks like that might be him right through the crowd there along with some officials from singapore. we know he's been out with the 14 minister, the person who greeted donald trump when he stepped off the plane here in
7:22 am
singapore. they're right by the fullerton. our set is here in the downtown core of singa port. there's a walkway and then a bridge, the es pla nad bridge leading over to where the fullerton is and it looks like at's where they are. they're behind us essentially. as i'm turning around, keep an eye on the screen, but we've seen flashing lights, security, police activity. that's been par for the course for the 48 hours we've been on the ground. the security sin tense with these two leaders staying about a half a mile from each othe their respective hotels ready to meet tomorrow as we look at that shot right there slowly making their way down that walkway. couple of cameras, presumably perhaps north korean state media where are we don't know, could also be host tv here in singapore. >> the other thing this plays into is something we've seen throughout these negotiations is this testing back and forth of both of these leaders, the meeting's on, it's off, there are threats, there are retractions. and today we saw donald trump
7:23 am
out earlier, we saw him doing meetings and get ailing birthda cake and we didn't see kim. a lot of news reports is that kim had been sequestered in his hotel. now we see him coming out showing a show of strength here on his part. i think it plays into that dynamic that we keep seeing them kind of test each other's boundaries. >> when you talkbout somebody who knows how to work a camera, who knows how t work camera angles, it's often donald trump, former reality show mogul who will understands the idea of news coverage, o understands the idea of grabbing the moment. yet donald trump is -- the president's back at his hotel. he's back at shang gng grshangr. we know trump likes to get moment proond duts show. >> i'd keep an eye on his twitter feed. >> look out for those twooeps tweets. if we know donald trump, he's watching.
7:24 am
maybe he's watching this fied right here. >> kim jong-un is smiling. he's on this charm offensive. phil, you described as did victor cha as his coming out party. this is a guy who has a laundry list of human rights offensives against him. had is a dictator who is believed to have starve dollars his own people, killed family members many southeast asia. you think he's trying to make people forget? >> clearly he's trying to make people forget and it's impnt to point out we've not heard anything from the american delegation about those human rights abuses pds that t. that was not something that mike pompeo talked about in his press conference a couple hours ago and it's not something that they've indicated is on the agenda. >> they've made it very clear that's not a top priority going into these talks. >> you're seeing the back of this delegation walk out and we're working to identify some of the members that are with him. we know that obviously huge security coin continue againstsy is there. we saw a couple glimpses of kim jong-un. we know he's been with the
7:25 am
singapore prime minister. it looks as though, and, again, they're basically behind us. we understand they're next to one of the casinos that just along the water there. that's where they were taking a little bit of a tour of. it's nighttime. remember, it's 10:24 p.m. we are 12 hours ahead of east coast time here in singapore. but it's verily the up. singapore say place that is in many ways meant to be seen as night. you have these huge buildings, these attractions, there's a big ferris wheel as you see the entourage loading into the motorcade there. he's trying to take advantage of this moment. bill neely has been watching a lot of this from sentosa island. bill, you're not far from where we are on set, but you're across the water way, you're across the bridge, a different bridge than the one that i think we're seeing kim jong-un on. talk us through some of ease images that we're seeing. >> reporter: well, extraordinary images. we have learned to expect the unexpected. but we didn't expect this. so for one hour and 20 minutes
7:26 am
now kim has escaped his hotel and is taking in the sites of singapore. you know, hallie, in a way singapore is exactly the kind of place he would like pyongyang to be. i've been to north korea four times and they're always showing off their latest attraction, their sky scraper, they're dolphin airium, their theme parks. but obviously they've got nothing quite like this. we think kim has just come from the 57th floor of the marina bay sands hotel which has a commanding view not only of where you are but w i am here on sentosa island where the summit will take place. and as we've seen, i don't think that was a selfie by kim, but i'm pretty sure that's got to be the only selfie that kim has ever appeared in taken by singapore's person to -- foreign
7:27 am
mince zer. th -- minister. then we got picture of men in dark suits if the was difficult to pick him out among his body guards. but then it it was quite clear, there he was strolling alg, smiling broadlyooking very relaxed in that trademark suit of his. remember, he's a young leader, only 34. he's only been outside north korea three times since taking power in 2011. >> right. >> reporter: one of those was tots dmz, not much of a stroll there. and the other two were to china. so for him, this san opptuniis opportunity to get out and see another city in asia that he aspires to. his very first speech as leader to his people was when he said you will tighten your belts no more. right from the beginning economicregeneration was part of his aim. and he's pursued this twin track
7:28 am
approach of military or building up his nuclear arsenal but he's now got to the where he needs economic regeneration. and that is exactly what singapore represents for kim jong-un. we don't know how long he will be out. we can see his motorcade now just from the pictures i'm looking at on the move with the we don't know whether he's going back to the saint regis hotel for for another stop. but clearly the night is young for kim jong-un. >> and on the left side of your screen you're seeing what happened just moments ago. right you're looking at a live shot of that motorcade head heading somewhere. bill, there's such a striking contrast between what you see in singapore regarding develop plent for people who aren't familiar with this, it's a very modern place, it's very wealthy. there's a lot of as we listen to so of the ones ringing there in somebody's live shot there's
7:29 am
a lot of development here, a lot of economic investment unlike what's happening in north korea. but that's exactly the selling point the u.s. is trying to use. you've heard secretary of state pompeo and others says we will give you western investment if you commit to giving up your nukes in a verifiable way. you have to wonder if kim is seeing what's happening here, seeing the development in singapore and think, there's a shot at maybe having that back home. bill. >> reporter: yeah, i mean, the north korean officials have also been very clear in saying that they are not willing to trade their precious nuclear weapons for either a promise or for some economic black mailing tactic from the united states. that is absolutely out. and the other thing they say is out is unilateral disarmament. what they talk about the denuclearization of the korean peninsula, they're absolutely clear that that also means that the united states removes its --
7:30 am
both its nuclear threats to pyongyang and perhaps, although we don't know, it's security umbrella, it's nuclear umbrella that covers japan and south korea. you know, kim jong-un has been waiting not just for this moment in singapore, but for this sit-down with a united ates president not only since he took power, but it was something that his father and his grandfather krafd. they -- craved. they wanted recognition and respect. and i think the pictures that we're look at at the minute show that kim jong-un has achieved run thing already. he is even before the historic handshake tomorrow here on sentosa island, he is out of international isolation. world leaders are now cueing up to meet him. he's now met president moon, president xi, he's. he the singapore prime minister, vladimir putin wants to bring him to moscow. president assad wants to be the very first visitor to come to
7:31 am
pyongyang. and president trump has even said yeah, maybe we kin variety him to washington maybe to the white house. so he's out. he's out of the international pariah status that we've all had him in as a kind of nuclear madman for the last seven years that he's been in power. so, you know, i don't want to put too heavy an interpretation on these pictures, but, you no, i, for kim jong-un to be out strolling the streets of singapore is something none of us ever imagined we would see you know, even eight months ago. >> bill neely, i'm going to ask you to stand by for a couple minutes. i want to bring back in victor cha. victor, as you look at these images, as you think about what bill was just referencing, kim having meetings set up with other world leaders, getting ready to meet, to come face-to-face with donald trump on the world stage, has kim jong-un already gotten what he wanted out of this no matter how
7:32 am
talks go tomorrow? >> yeah, i think so. even if -- even if they don't go well tomorrow rerp got, he got trip to singapore out of it. this is very unusual because in the past whenever the north korean leader goes abroad, it's usually only been to china, we know none of the details of the trip until after he's returned in the is clearly something very different for him. but the second thing is that for kim jong-un, this is being played domestically, it's being played domestically as north korea's now a nuclear weapon state and the world is coming to north korea. that's the way it's being played domestically. that kind of message, if that's what he's bringing tomorrow morning, is not going to going over well with president trump. >> and, victor, as we take another live look as what i believe is the motorcade coming down one of the main roads here in singapore right near the down tourp town core, it's not clear where exactly kim jong-un is going. he may be heading home at this point. we know what kind of prep donald
7:33 am
trump has done, the president has said he'll know within the first minute, by touch, by feel how this is going to go. he says he's been preparing for this and i paraphrasing for much of his life, he's been getting ready for this. that said, we know secretary of state pompeo has briefed the president, his national security team has talked with him according to reporting we've done. do we know anything about the kind of prep that kim jong-un has gone through for this meeting now coming up in just about what? 11 hours, ten, 11 hours or so, victor? >> so the big difference between the two leaders' preparation is for donald trump he's just come from the g7 where there's been this dig spat with the allies. for kim jong-un and foreign policy north korea, there are only two things that matter on the world stage, south korea and the united states. those are the only two things. so in that sense he has been preparing for this meeting ever single day of his life as the president has said about himself. the north korean leader has been preparing for this for a very long time. and they have the same people
7:34 am
who have been working these issues on the north korean side that were working them 20, 25 years ago. so they know every nook and cranny of the negotiation. what are the right catchphrases to use that will sound good to american ears but will achieve north korean goals? so i think the north korean leader will be extremely well prepared in his meetings with the south koreans, the south korean reflection was that that was a man who was not just well prepared but was never off script and knew exactly what he wanted. >> victor, here on set we have snuck in another guest, frank laugh vin, the former ambassador to singapore and the former white house political director under president reagan. catherine and phil are here as well. ambassador, you know this place well. did you ever think you'd see kim jong-un walking the streets of singapore here? >> no, i don't think we ever envisioned any kind of formal diplomatic interaction with kim jong-un. there's been meetings in the past, meeting tes u.n. in the
7:35 am
past and geneva but i don't think anybody envisioned this rapidly. >> they told me one reason they picked singapore sbaus of the security and that's something that's in stark relief when you look at these pictures. when you see the body guards surrounding kim and the motorcade and the police ers courts. that goes for president trump as well. when he landed at the paya lebar airbase just a few hours ago. the security is critical here. >> they run a good shop here. they take it very seriously. they have universal military inscription along the lines of switzerland or israel so they have a robust police presence here. they have a cybercrime unit so they take it seriously in the say very safe place for the two leaders to meet. >> you have seen multiple iter rations of this, you've seen this before. you've seen those things fall apart. what would you advise the president to do or say?
7:36 am
>> given your immediate point, i think the key advice i would give a u.s. president is go in with your eyes wide open that several presidents have come close to deals, believed they had a deal only to see implementation of that deal fade over time. it has to be some kind of mechanism where the united states can verify that they are keeping their end of the bargain. so i would look for incremental moves rather this a universal comprehensive move in the early days. >> do you feel like the administration is in line with those expectations? >> you have to establish the vision, as secretary pompeo did. i think detective right thing. we need to have that denuclearization of the peninsula but then you have to have the realization of what's going to happen in the meeting. but maybe you can take some baby steps. >> we talked about the human rights abuses that kim jong-un has been accuse of, like for example the u.n. human rights commission, talking about murder, enslavement, torture, raped, forced abortion, sexual
7:37 am
violence, persecution or sexual relation gender grounds, it's our understanding, all are our reporting this is t going to be a focus or the administration at all, for the president at all in these conversations. what are the impl occasions if the u.s. -- >> i would add to that the murder of americans. >> yeah. >> i would add to that otto warmbier. >> a family that's very close to donald trump. >> they met him. i would say, look, human rights ought to always be part of our discussions. it can when we dealt with the soviet union and the chinese but at what weight and balance is the question you're raising. i don't have a sense of what he's going to do but i think it would be a mistake for a u.s. president to go to this type of meeting and not raise the topic of human rights. >> does that send a signal internationally? >> yes. i think you don't need to take issues offer the table with north korea. >> well there are summit so far lead up to it has been unscripted and frankly so has this show as we've been rolling with somewhat we've seen. i'm going to ask you all to stick around here on set. we have a lot more to get to coming up, including the
7:38 am
geopolitical context to all of this. president getting ready in 10 1/2 hours from now to shake hands with somebody who has long been considered an enemy after alienating some of the u.s.'s closest friends. how does the g7 fallout affect what's happening here? we're talking about it next. on . i wanted to be clear. on . i wanted it to last. this. in i found something that worked. and keeps on working. now? they see me. see me. see if cosentyx could make a difference for you- cosentyx is proven to help people with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis... ...find clear skin that can last. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. before starting cosentyx, you should be checked for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections and lowered ability to fight them may occur. tell your doctor if you have an infection or symptoms. or if you have received a vaccine or plan to. if you have inflammatory bowel disease, tell your doctor if symptoms develop or worsen. serious allergic reactions may occur.
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i'm hallie jackson on assignment in singapore where secretary of state mike pompeo made some news today on another big story we're following. those tensions with our friends after president trump refused to sign a joint economic statement at the g7 summit in canada. secretary pompeo is pushing back basically saying rift? what rift? >> there are always irritants in relationships. i am very confident that relationships between our countries, the united states and those g7 countries will continue to be a move forward on strong basis. >> a little bit more from singapore but for now chris jansing in new york going to pick it up on what's going on with our allies abroad and developing news just happening in the last couple minutes. i had, chris. >> let's get to that breaking news first. the united states has decided, the trump administration, to slap sanctions on several russian companies, businessmen for engaging in cyberattacks and
7:43 am
assisting russia's military and intelligence services with other malicious activities. this came from the treasury department saying that it was going to impose these sanctions on five russian firms and three efr their executives. this is all about legislation that was past last year and an executive order that was aimed at punishing them for efforts to hack into u.s. computer systems. and all of this happening after what we just saw in singapore and, of course, several things we know about president trump that have to do with what we saw in canada and the g7. useful to point out, this is a president we all fwho thrives on chaos, right? he's certainly created some leaving canada. he sees combativeness as a sign of strength. and remember had he complete control over his company an approach he's clearly bringing to the presidency. so to those points, overnight we saw more venting from the president, mocking kndian prime minister justin trudeau yet again tweeting justin acts hurt when called out.
7:44 am
one of just many trump tweets on trade, tariffs and trudeau as well as the summit one read fair trade is now to be called fool trade if it's not reciprocal. i'm joined now by foreign affairs analyst, and msnbc tributetor for real clear politics. all of this as we watched over the last hour plus, kim jong-un reveling it seemed to me in the attention, in the cameras, in the spotlight. and there he is, very relacked. we should note this was supposed to be a down period, nothing happening all day, those meetings starting 9:00 p.m. east coast time obviously tonight. he fills that void showing that here i am, i'm out here, i'm a regular guy, contrast that to the photograph that i think may well be the one than endured from the g7 meeting in canada
7:45 am
and that is president trump, that's the selfie that was out there, but look at the picture from canada and president trump and how he has been -- there it is. isolated from the rest of the leadership, the look, perhaps, on abe's face says it all. bobby, put this all in context for us. what are you thinking about what's happened over the last 36, 48 hours or so? >> i'm wondering what justin trudeau is thinking and i'm wondering whether he's going back to his family has experienced this in the is not the first time an american president has aimed invekt vehicletive at the prime minister of canada. in 1971, richard nixon said some really unpleasant things about trudeau's father, pierre trudeau. and when pierre trudeau was alerted about this his response was one of the political all time classics. he said i've been called a lot worse things but a lot better people. and i suspect that justin trudeau might get some reassurance from that.
7:46 am
>> let's bring people up to date. in case they missed it yesterday. this is, you know, prime minister trudeau drawing the wrath, frankly, of the president and his top aides. >> i want to play what trudeau said and then what some fks from the trump administration said in response. >> i have made it very clear to the president that it is not something we relish doing but it is something that we absolutely will do because canadians we're polite, we're reasonable, but we also will not be pushed around. >> he really kind of stabbed us in the back. he really actually, you know what? he did a great disservice to the whole g7. >> there's a special place in hell for any foreign leader that engages in bad faith diplomacy with president donald j. trump and then tries to stab him in the back on the way out the door. >> a special place in hell. we are hearing from this president and his aides kinder
7:47 am
words about dictators, kinder words about murderers, kinder words about people who it's been suggested they should go before the international criminal court than we are hearing about our allies. >> yeah. this is the way this president operates and this is the way that the people around him, they basically parrot out the same language that the president puts out. i don't think the canadians are going to rise to this kind of bait. on the contrary, if you've been tracking, as i have, on social media, a lot of the canadian opposition, people who are in oppositioning to trudeau are rallying behind him. what president trump might have done with this latest blast of tweets is reassured justin trudeau's re-election a couple years from now. canadians are rallying behind their prime minister in a way you don't see americans rally behind their president. >> let me read one that stands out from a conservative political strategist. i think sometimes you know you have to tell the school yard bully that they can't have your lunch money.
7:48 am
and i think that's what the prime minister did today. i think most canadians would say that he that they were proud of their prime minister. you got to wonder, is the real outcome of this summit, as bobby said, that justin trudeau gets reelected? >> i think the thing that's happened here is president trump really thinks he's a clever negotiator, he mooids prides himself on that. he wrote a book called the art of the deal. i think that he pulled a tactic with kim jong-un over the last couple weeks that actually worked, which is when he said he was going withdraw from the summit he was able to show that the north koreans were really very committed to having the summit. instead of north koreans escalating they sort of backed down in their rhetoric and i think he was proud of the way that worked. i think all the tack fiks that he's tried it with canada over the trade issues have not worked. they think they can phm around to agreeing to eye sunset clause cho would lead to the president to eventually end nafta under his own authority which is not clear that he can do under current law. and the canadians have been telling him to pound sand.
7:49 am
i think that he's very frustrated that he thinks he ought to be able to do this sort of thing where he throws his weight around and yells and screams and back when he was in business and threaten to file lawsuits and peopleitould d morh ight with him hand he could within by being annoying. that hasn't worked in the g7. i think he's lashing out because of that. i think it has worked on a small scale in one aspect of the north korean negotiations. i'm not saying it's going to work on a grand scale there either but i think he saw little success with that band was hoping he would be able to apply tellsy. >> but then mike pompeo mike pompeo come in and say that san irritation, things happen among friends to, people get upset with each other. this, is it smso me, was this a missed opportunity for this president sne could have come out of this g7, maybe it wasn't going to be kum buya all around, but he could have come out saying here i am, we have a deal, i have the wind at my back, i have the rest of the democratic community of the western world behind me panned instead he comes out yet again in chaos. and apparently from some reports that's exactly what he wanted.
7:50 am
he came ou it, you know, feeling empowered. >> look at those interviews that you just played with larry kudlow and with peter navarro really on the same page as the president going canadian prime minister. so this was a strategic -- no matter what pompeosays, if you take the surrogates at their word, this was part of the strategy. i think what's interesting though is to assess what political consequences back home the president faces on this. he hasn't faced many. john mccain was one of the few republicans that stood up and pushed bac against this. lindsey graham, interestingly enough, on the sunday show says even though he agrees with free trade, he said most of the country sides with the way in which the president talks about trade policies. >> that's not where the polling is. >> it's not. he was pointing to the support in the republican party for the president, which is at 80% something, pointing to people like bernie sanders. you don't see republicans
7:51 am
standing up in mass, protesting the way the president is approaching this. i think that shows, you know, there's not yet been political consequences for him. >> they believe the president is tough. what got him into office is what will keep him there. thanks to all of you, again, on extraordinary morning. i'll toss it back to hallie in singapore. great to be with you this hour, my friend. >> i wish we had more time to talk, chris jansing. it's been a busy evening here. busy morning where you are. much appreciated. after the break, we'll take a closer look at the man you just saw walking the streets of singapore. kim jong-un. his early life. how it may have shaped him, and what little we know about his time in the western world. today, there are more sensors on our planet than people. we're putting ai into everything, and everything into the cloud. it's all so... smart. but how do you work with it? ask this farmer. he's using satellite data to help increase crop yields.
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we are back now, live on assignment from the downtown core of singapore. we have breaking news from back home out of washington. new sanctions from the white house on russia. you heard chris jansing explain a little bit about what this is. nbc's kelly o'donnell, who covers the white house with me back home, is joining us now. she's just down the street from where we are in singapore. i'll ask you to put you white house hat back on. as the president is presumably sleeping or resting or doing whatever at his hotel currently, the white house has announced these new sanctions against, i believe, russian businessmen and companies for some of the cyber cyberattacks, right? >> reporter: that is the
7:56 am
bulletin coming from the department of treasury. it is an example of how these departments keep moving on their own track, even when the president is overseas. it is notable that this is coming at a time when russia is something we haven't really ut this trip. we've been talking a lot about other things. when the president was in canada at the g7, he was vocal there, saying he believes the group should be expanded as it once was to include russia. believing it would be better serving of the common issues if russia was involved. that's a separate matter. today, the department of treasury is enacting new sanctions against five russian firms and several businessmen. this goes toward the issue of working to try to break into u.s. computer systems. this is the kind of thing that, of course, got a lot of attention and is still part of our national dialogue when it comes to the election cycle. this goes been yond that to cyb hacking. it'll impose sanctions. really, penalties that'll cripple the companies from functioning, based on the new evidence presented by the
7:57 am
department of treasury. a hit on russia while the president is here in singapore. hallie? >> nbc's kelly o'donnell t on theth floor. thank you very much. catherine and philip are back with me. as we talk about the russia factor here, another striking moment, talking about images we've seen of kim jong-un in the last several weeks, has been of him with sergey lavrov. vladimir putin tries to muscle in on the north korean action, you can say. >> absolutely. you're seeing other leaders start to show up here, which means that kim is really not just -- i mean, you talk about a coming out party, but it is bigger than that. it is a diplomater moment f eic him, trying to move on to the world stage more. >> and from the perspective of what we saw over the last 90 minutes -- we're showing you the video, some of which you saw life her live here, as kim jong-un walked the streets here, down by the bay, with the singaporean foreign minister.
7:58 am
they took the selfie by one of the most famous tourist attractions here in singapore, gardens by the bay. and hit up the 57th floor of a place you were just at. >> last night. >> spoiler alert. last night. working, obviously. >> the symbolism is sostriking. marina bay, the tower behind us, is everything that he would want to bring to pyongyang. it's got a casino, rooftop bars, infinity pools. there is a big louie vuitton store, built by the las vegas casino magnet. that's the prosperity kim jong-un would like to bring to north korea with normalized relations with the u.s. i think it a bit a tease for him ahead of the talks tomorrow, about what could be. >> you and your colleagues have done some reporting just out in the "washington post" about what might happen tomorrow, when president trump and kim jong-un go at it one-on-one, alone in a room together with their translators. having covered this president
7:59 am
for a year and a half, the campaign before that, he may bring up, how was your night last night? it might be a topic the two of them could talk about. i wonder if president trump will use this to make the point he and his administration want to make, the economic investment in exchange for giving up the nuclear weapons. >> what trump has been saying is north korea can have a better country, a better life for their people. more prosperity and wealth if kim jong-un would give up the nuclear weapons. he's teasing it out here. >> philip and catherine, i hope you two get some sleep. we have a big day coming up in ten hours. >> you, too. >> thank you for being with me on set. we end the show like we always do, with a big picture. for today, we're heading over to poland. check it out. you're looking at a rainbow in downtown warsaw. it is there for gay pride month. this is no average rainbow. in years past, these skuculptur have been burnt down.
8:00 am
this is just made of water and light. a symbol that cannot be burned or ruined. t love to hear your thoughts on facebook, twitter, snapchat and insta. i'll see you on "nightly news" later on, as well as for more coverage on the summit in singapore. roughly nine, ten hours away. i'll turn it over to my colleagues ali velshi and stephanie ruhle, home in new york. >> going to be a long day and night for you. hope you get a little sleep in between. >> we're ready. >> lots to watch there. thank you so much. hallie jackson for us in singapore. good morning. i'm ali velshi. >> i'm stephanie ruhle. it is monday, june 11th. let's get a little smarter. >> this is the north korean leader here in singapore right now, making his way back down the street. this is a live shot that we have coming in. again, i know it's dark, but you can see the flashbulbs going off here. kim left his hotel about an hour ago, roughly. got in his motorcade. look at all the


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