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tv   MTP Daily  MSNBC  June 11, 2018 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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my thanks to the panel. everybody is coming back tonight. we are all going to be here all night long. you guys better come with us. too. brian williams, rachel maddow, chris matthews, all of us will be here for special coverage of the summit starting at 8:00 p.m. on msnbc. that does it for our hour. i'm nicolle wallace "mtp daily" starts right now. >> where are you? >> theyed me tother studio. i will note here tonight, but i will be watching at home from my couch. >> okay. that's good. i wish i were on your couch. >> you will be with me, sort of. just on television. nicolle wallace, thank you very much. if it's mondaye have almost reached the summit. >> tonight, just fall. how the trump brand of international diplomacy is rocking american allies' faith in the u.s. >> i want to say that canada picked a fight with us.
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>> plus, the gop wall of silence. where the party of free trade and alliance is keeping mostly quiet on the aftermath of the g7. >> if you are going to do sanctions and tariffs and trade wars you ought to be more focused on our enemies and not our friends and our allies. and the nuclear summit countdown. what to expect are the president and kim jong-un as a new day dawns in singapore. this is "mtp daily," and it starts right now. good evening. welcome to "mtp daily." you are looking live right now, in just a moment at singapore, where we are just hours away from that high stakes summit between president trump and kim jong-un coming just one day after the president blew up talks with our closest allies at
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a summit in canada. in the hours leading up to his meeting with kim, the president met with singapore's prime minister, predicting things would, quote, work out very nicely. and the white house said that mr. trump is planning to leave singapore early because things armong more quickly than expected, which raises the question, what are they expecting? kim meanwhile was seen posing for pictures and selfies, taking a tour through singapore earlier today. the next we will see him will likely be when he meets with the president at 9:00 a.m. local time. that's 9:00 p.m. eastern. guys, we ultimately have no idea what to expect from this meeting. donald trump and kim jong-un are very different men, but they share a mercurial quality. it's arguably why, though, this historic confrontation is so momentous, if not a bit terrifying in terms of what it could mean for the world. what it all means for the president politically here at
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home is perhaps equally as consequential. this weekend's disastrous g7 summit with our glowsest allies renewed criticism that this president is an unreliab negotiator, that he is prone to dishonesty that he is someone who is better at breaking deals than making them. his critics call him a destabilizing force for america's national security and an ill prepared reckless figure on the world stage. yet here he is closer to making a deal with north korea than many thought possible. ultimately, will this summit with kim neutralize the criticisms i just mentioned or val date them? it's not clear what the white house will consider a success from this summit. and it's not clear if there is anything substantial president trump and kim jong-un can agree on. i'm joined by tonight's panel. eddie gasoline to is an msnbc contributor and princeton professor. john podhoritz is an msnbc contributor and editor at commentary magazine.
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and julianne at the time is with the financial times. julian, how much political capital do you think the president has the gain from this meeting? >> i think he will -- anything he can tweet in a short snappy way that's going to be understoody the voters before the mid terms. i think it's important to underline the domestic context that's driving this. the other thing you need to understand is that donald trump is convinced that the aggressive billying tactics he used in north korea to get to this table for negotiations in singapore has worked. that's kind of informing the way he approaches trade. 's informing the way he approached the g7. he's convinced that playing tough and aggressive has delivered results. so it's going to be very interesting to see what he comes away with. i mean he will be keen to produce something. he has created quite a lot of
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wiggle room by stressing it is a multi-level process and saying he will just walk if he doesn't feel they can accomplish something. >> wiggle room, when he is meeting with a dictator, you could argue that kim jong-un has already won. he is walking around singapore. he is being followed by cameras. people are cheering him when he walks into a hotel. almost as if people are forgetting at least in that space that's dictator who is a murderer, who is currently holding hostages, who has deplorable conditions for prisons and detention centers. i mean, this is not -- it's not a democracy. it is an authoritarian regime he is leading. >> right. so we have the situation in which kim, you know, nine months is firing enter continental ballistic missile tests making it clear that his aim is to develop a weapon that can reach the american mainland. trump taunts him, and yells at him, and he yells back, and they
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have this ridiculous war of words. and then everything softens suddenly. so why? so the key indication that we have of the reason that kim softed started making nice gestures at the olympics and stuff is that his nuclear test site collapsed. there is a mountain, north korea, it collapsed. he may not have many cards to play. he has to reconstitute a nuclear program. she's claiming he is going to end it. it may have ended itself by the mountain collapsing. and so he made, you know, he may be in a weak position trying to play a weak hand as west he can. >> will our president know this? after all he said he would walk into the meeting and he would know immediately whether or not good things would happen. let's play that sound byte, what the president says he can expect were this meeting. >> how long do you think it will take for you to figure out whether he is serious about -- >> that's a good question. how long will it take. i think within the first minute i'll know.
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>> how? >> just my touch, my feel. that's why. that's what i do. >> that's a bit ludicrous. >> that's just non-sense, actually. >> his touch, his feel, he will know when -- >> it's hyper masculine bluster. i th we have the intelligence with regards to the test site. i think trump will come in with that information. >> are you sure he will come in with that information. >> he has been exposed to it. >> how much prep could he possibly be getting from his team? this is a man who does not read unless his name is in it. and he only reads the headline. >> i know he has been exposed toy. whether or not he has digested it is another question. it's going to be interesting to see what china's position has been in navigating north korea, navigating what has been happening on the peninsula. pompeo signalled to us over the course of the last two days they had on the table removing u.s.
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troops from the korean peninsula. that should create enormous anxiety from abe and the folks in japan. one of the most interesting things about america first policy is he seems to forget that other have their national interests. >> he is not thinking about them. he is thinking about america first. doesn't care about the other actors on the stage. i think he made it clear in the g7 summit over the weekend that julianne it's not about trudeau. it's not about may krone, theresa may or angel markle. it's about donald trump, it's about america. and hin to how the reporter from the atlantic sums it up according to a white house official who spoke to them. the president believe has the u.s. owes nothing to anyone, especially its allies. they are saying the trump doctrine is we're america -- b word. >> that's the kind of thing that really make the japanese particularly nervous. the japanese have been living
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with the north korean threat for years. it's all very well donald trump potentially finding some deal which is going to curve the risk of intercontinental ballistic missiles but what about the missiles that can reach tokyo, reach japan. in japan, people have already been told prepare for the worst in recent months. it is a very, very real kind of threat. the other thing that's worth remembering is that donald trump may feel he can go in there and have his instinct tell him within the first minute or so how the negotiation will go, that he doesn't need preparations. we have spoken with people who negotiated with north korea in financial times and they point out unless you know the history of the negotiations it's likely he will have the wool pulled over his eyes and be blind sided. for example, one of the phrases the north koreans like to use is the idea of peaceful coexistens. that's a phrase that donald
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trump would love to tweet out. when the north koreans say that they mean peaceful coexistence as. >> clear powers. those subtle tees can be important. unless donald trump understands them he will end up essentially just doing north korea's pr for him. >> not the mention the differing definitions what have denuclearization means between north koreans and -- >> absolutely. uniting the peninsula, or having a sort of military-free zone. all of these issues are difficult. they have been on the table many times before in gotiations. >> it's also the case that it wanly two weeks ago that the north korean preppers didn't show up in singapore and the sum was canceled. remember that? >> yeah, yeah. >> like everything moves so fast. we forget that the summit fell apart and reconstituted. the idea there is a solid basis for negotiations other than trump's touch and feel -- >> what does the president want here? does he want to just get in the room? is he ultimately trying to walk in there and make what he might
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consider the ultimate deal now that he has left peace in the middt behind, and he is going to use this to his advantage in the mid terms and in 2020. this is don't listen to russia, i just negotiated peace with north korea. don't worry about the democrats, i just negotiated peace with north korea. you have got to vote for me. >> look, if he does it, that's one thing. he can also claim night he is going to claim it regardless. >> no, ultimately, the thing to concern one is that the north koreans aren't honest negotiators and they cheat on their deals. we have had five different deals since 1994. they cheat on all of them. they cheat with their -- so he and kim can have a handshake and kim can say i'm denuclearizing the way you want me to and then he won't do it then what happens. >> but it's short-ter f the president. the president can walk out and say i had a great meeting we'll see. and his voters say that's a statesman he is getting things done that nobody can get done
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because they want to believe that because they want to into the best in him. >> righ >> who does it hurt other than -- >> it's not only his voters. nick chrisoff in the "new york times" is saying we could have a new model of international relations being set up here between trump and kim. now, i think that's ridiculous, but if there is a crew of people who are so excited at the prospect of deal uberalis, just say you have a deal and that's great, he can ride that for quite a long time, until the actual truth comes out and there is no deal and everything was garbage. >> i think we need to make two distinctions. one, i think it's reasonable to want donald trump to be successful here. >> totally reasonable. >> of course. >> we are in a great position not to have people talking about how big their buttons are. that's a good thing. the second thing is we need to understand that trump is full of blus ir, he lies, he exage rates, the people who follow him follow those lice and those exaggerations and we need to understand i think theically
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when you read the atlantic piece that it feels like trumpian foreign policy is being run by a bunch of college frat boys. >> i would say it's like austin wers. office scary villain, drama, mellow drama because you never know what could happen next. >> austin powers was amusing though. >> indeed. >> stay with us. ahead, the summit countdown, the stakes could not be higher for both trump and kim jong-un. what does a diplomacy win look like though, for both sides? we are going to go live to singapore next. mean wish i had e care of my portfolio, but.. well, what are you doing tomorrow -10am? staff meeting. noon? eating. 3:45? uh, compliance training. 6:30? sam's baseball practice. 8:30? tai chi. yeah, so sounds relaxing. alright, 9:53? i usually make their lunches then, and i have a little vegan so wow, you are busy. wouldn't it be great if you had investments that worked as hard as you do? yeah.
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president trump and north korean leader kim jong-un? speaking over the weekend, the president seemed to be lowering expectations for what he hopes to get out of this summit. >> i think the minimum would be relationship. you would start at least a dialogue. as a deal person i have done very well with deals. hopefully we will have liked other and we will start that ocess. >> but secretary of state mike pompeo sealed to strike a more upbeat tone earlier today. >> i am very optimistic that we will have a successful outcome from tomorrow's meeting between these two leaders. it's the case in each of those two countries there are only two people that can make decisions of this magnitude. and those two people are going to be sitting in the room together tomorrow. >> kelly o'donnell joins us from singapore. here with me, gorn chang, author of nuclear showdown, north korea takes on the world. kelly, i few hours ago i told you to go to sleep. now i realized why you laughed. because you had to wait up for this at least.
2:18 pm
give me andea of what's been happening there in singapore. i know it's overnight but bring us up to speed. what should we expect? and when tonight? >> katy, if we were taking a apshot of singapore and i told you one leader was reclusive while in town and the other was show boating before cameras would you have been able to guess which which? president trump hasn't been seen publicly except for his time visiting with the president singapore. and it's kim jong-un, the supposedly reclusive and certainly infamous leader of north korea was treated like a celebrity in a walk-about with the foreign minister of singapore and others. the attention drawn to him. that's the kind of celebrity magnet that is in part not about the substance of who kim is but it's about the spectacle of this event. there will be a handshake seen around the world in hours.
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it will ultimately be in the biography of both men. this is high stakes. what can be achieved. you are right, dialing back expectations has been happening. they will have 45 minutes allotted after the handshake one on one. there are a series of opportunities to see these men together. photoon, if you want to call it. but it's also recording history. the handshake will be seen. we will also have a chance to see a bilateral meeting and then a working lunch. when the other officials are in the room that's probably where a lot of the substance on specifics will be accomplished. but this the sizing each other up, consider the fact that president trump who has a birthday of days turning 72, will be sitting across from the scion of a naep in north korea. you have a generational divide. kim has a deep sense of history and a deep sense of what this is
2:20 pm
for his people. in many ways both men are great at getting headlines, at positioning themselves. it's curious that so far president trump has been kind of hanging back in terms of his public viability. kim own front. and it appears that kim is sort of driving the time line here. from what we can understand he is indicating a time to depart after the president said he could spend a couple of days here. now at least as the schedule goes the president would be also speaking to reporters, which we don't expect can imto do. answering questions at the conclusion of the summit, heading to air force one and the journey home. already in the time we have been here some things have been surprising and there is still a lot of expectatis baked in here, whether about accomplish, whether it is about relationship, whether it is about spectacle. we are waiting to see it unfold. however serious it might be, it is something we are watching literally hour by hour it is a the overnight here but believe me the anticipation is
2:21 pm
certainly building. >> do you get to sleep now. >> i get two hours, and a shower. and that sounds good. >> that's what it's like being overseas. kelly o'donnell, thank you very much. gordon, to get back on a serious note, i'm style -- i'm riled, i'm surprised, i can't believe we are talking about a kim jong-un, a dictator who is also a murderer, being treated like a celebrity because of this what in the world is going on in the world where someone like this will be cheered just because sitting down with the leader of the united states? >> kim is defying expectations. ery outgoing.uch like his not very much like his father, who was reclusive. the one thing about kim is that he needs sanctions relief. the one way to do that is to create euphoria of change. one way to create euphoria of change is to immediate the president of the united states one time. the president of south korea two times. the president of china two
2:22 pm
times. and he is going to meet putt putin apparently. >> photoons at least make it look different. in terms of a win, what would a win look like for north korea versus a win for the united states? >> a win for north korea is to have the photographs because that's legitimatization. that solidifies his shaky role back how many. he has created problems with the military about talking about giving up weapons. so he needs to show hill to be on the world stage. you know, the equal of president trump. that's the win there. the win for president trump is a lot more complicated. that's getting north korea to give up its weapons, give up its infrastructure to create those weapons, and also of course inspections because those are critical promises to be made. >> what is the u.s. prepared to giveaway? when the north koreans talk about denuclearization i'm under the impression they believe that means districts of the peninsula, as in the u.s. taking
2:23 pm
away their nukes, and the u.s. not having troops in south korea any longer. is that on the table? >> well, that's what the north koreans want. they want the u.s. to end its alliance with south korea, take our 28,500 service personnel off the peninsula. also in the past when the north koreans have talked about denuclearization they have talked about the u.s. giving up its nuclear arsenal as well. so that's a very broad term, and obviously there are a lot of things in there that are just not acceptable to the u.s. but those two definitions, ours and theirs, are miles apart. let's listen to secretary of state mike pompeo on what he expects on what he is willing to give to the north koreans. >> reflects in part what the north koreans seek, which is to denuclearize the peninsula. is that a shift in your position? >> there is no shift in the policy. it is the case that we are prepared to make security assurances necessary for the
2:24 pm
north koreans to engage in that denuclearization. that is, we are prepared to take actions that will provide them sufficient certainty that they can be comfortable that denuclearization isn't something that end badly for him. >> what does kim jong-un hear when he hears security assurances from mike pompeo? >> i think this goes back to what kim apparently told president moon jae-in of south korea on april 27th, the first of their two meeting when kim apparently said look i want two things and i'll givup my arsenal completely. one of them is the u.s. to sign a treaty to forrally end the korean war. sec thin is a pledge from the united states not to attack me. i think what secretary pompeo was saying at that press conference was essentially the u.s. was willing to give anon-attack pledge, something we don't give. so this really would be breaking ground for us. you know in terms of getting the north koreans to give up their arsenal it's probably worth it. >> thedent is not bringing up human rights. good or bad idea.
2:25 pm
>> first of all he needs to bring up the japanese abductees. >> he told abe he would do that. >> he told him, and that's important for abe, who has a shaky tenure at home. it has to be on the table. that is a human rights issue. this is the one year an verse of otto warmbier coming back to the u.s. and dying shortly thereafter. i think we should talk about it. conversation. be part of a broad you know, we have a lot of issues with north korea. we need to get them on the table. otherwise the north koreans will think that we are afraid of talking to them. >> china how does that country play in or not into these negotiations? >> this is a bad story for us. kim arrived in singapore on an air china flight, the chinese flag carrier. that's xi jinping the chinese ruler saying to president trump north korea is my vassel and you better not treat him badly. china over the last three months has been violating u.n. and u.s. sanctions and it's been blatant about it. that has given kim jong-un i
2:26 pm
think the confidence to be able to say look i don't have to deal with president trump in the way i thought a couple months ago. so i think that china has been a maligned factor here. if we get a good deal with north korea we can ignore chinese and russian sanctions busting. but if we don't, the united states then has to go after moscow and beijing because they are the ones who are giving kim the ability to defy the international community. >> during the commercial break you said maybe the u.s. is trying to woo north korea away from china? >> yes, despite what secretary pompeo said there has been a lot of air that's gone out of our effort to take away weapons from north korea. you go back a month or so u.s. officials were saying look there is not going to be a summit unless we have assurances a firm pledge from north korea to dismantle their weapons program. we are not hearing that. haven't heard it in the last ten days or so. that's an indication that something changed inside the administration. one thank that could change, katy, is that essentially we have decided look, let's take
2:27 pm
north rea away from china. china is much more dangerous to the united states than north korea. even if we leave north korea with its nukes, that's a debackcal for china. because then you have the koreans who have been hostile neighbors to the chinese, who are nuked up, they have missiles. that puts china in a very difficult position. and north korea is china's only fill terry ally. if we are able to break that alliance, woo north korea and make them a friend it puts china in a world of hurt because it undercuts all of their narratives that they are the rising hedgemen. that makes beijing really look weak. >> gordon chang, thank you for helping us understand this. we appreciate it. ahead, is president trump a friend indeed, after skipping outs on the g7 early he is putting some of america's closest alliances to the test. but what a powerful life lesson.
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welcome back. as we have been talking about, the stakes are high for both sides at tonight's singapore summit. president trump has his top advisors with him. so does kim jong-un. and also, there right in the thick of it sore seemingly no earthly reason at all, former nba star dennis rodman. he arrived at a singapore errant a short time ago. adding an unusual west to the unusual event. rodman traveled to north korea in the past and the rad man/kim bromance is well document.
2:32 pm
an unlikely pair but as rodman said we laugh, we sing, karaoke, we do cool thing together like ski asking riding horses rodman is backing thedetweeting to call potus a friend he is one of the best negotiators of all time. in fact, rodman isuch a big fan, he is even starting to sound a bit like president trump. >> we will see what's going on. i hope it goes well for everyone in the world. that's why i'm here. >> i think they would like to see something happen. if we can work that out that would be good. >> people expect so much the first time. >> i told him today take your time. we can go fast or slowly. >> it should go fairly well. >> i think it' probablying if to be fairly successful. >> we also noticed rodman decked out in a t shirt for a marijuana start-up called pathcoin, which sponsored his trip. >> hey, i told you the stakes were high. we'll be right back.
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welcome back. remember what he republicans criticized president obama for alienating u.s. allies? >> instead of managing american decline, leaving allies to doubt us and adversaries to test us, we will act in the conviction that the united states is still the greatest force for peace and liberty that this world has ever don known. >> under my administration our friends will see more loyalty and mr. putin will see less flexibility and more backbone. >> the past eight years gave witness to a serial degrading of our alliances and partnerships all across the globe. >> it feels so vintage. after the president called the prime minister of canada, canada, dishonest and weak and refused to sign a joint statement from a summit of major
2:37 pm
u.s. allies those same republicans have been silent. this is all over an issue that's long been one of the republican party's central tenets, free trade. the canadian prime minister earned president trump's ire by saying his country would respond with reciprocal tariffs after the trump administration imposed tariffs on canada. one exception to the republican leaders' widespread silence, john mccain, who tweeted to our allies bipartisan majorities of americans remain pro free trade, pro globalization and supportive of alliances based on 70 years of shared values. americans stand with you, even if our president does not. >> i'm joined now by south de coatans senator brown. what do you thinking of john mccain's tweet, do you agree? >> i agree with senator mccain that we are pro trade and most of us want to see free trade.
2:38 pm
i like the idea that president trump suggested early whier that we eliminate all tariffs. the challenge is that it's not that easy because everyone wants to make sure if one country happens to sub sid eyes their product theyave to be able to protect it. >> as i suggested earlier, i would like to know what the rest of the story is. i didn't see anything in what the prime minister suggested that he hadn't suggested earlierer. so i would like the know what was in the agreement that the group had about what the statement would be like or how they were going the treat it. clearly his attack was -- in my opinion it was out of character without something something that caused hip to feel fee very strongly about an agreement that had been broken. so i'd like to know the rest of the story. >> when you say it's out of character i'm a little confused
2:39 pm
because the president has made a presidency out of breaking deals that we have been in with our allies. the iran deal. the paris climate accord. he did not sign onto tpp. the list goes on. this seems like it's completely in character with him to walk away from joining onto a joint statement from our allies. >> i understand that he believes very strongly that he can make a better deal than what we had. i would like to have the tpp in place today. i would love to have the nafta agreement completed and back in force again. the president truly believes he is going to have to come in and create some chaos in order to get a better deal. it doesn't mean it would be the style that i would use but i'm not the president of the united states. he is. and what i think he trying to do is to make better deals for our producers. what concerns me, and the reason why i suggest it's out of character is that he very seldom attacks -- he normally
2:40 pm
counter-attacks. and what i don't understand is what the agreement had been that might have caused him to be as clearly irritated as he suggested in the white house statement. because that was a very, very strong statement that we don't like to see happen between s of our best friends that are out there. clearly, canada is one of our closest trading partners and one of our very closest allies. and we don't want to see bad blood between us. >> again, we have a surplus with canada when it comes to the trading of goods and services. >> i think -- let me -- katy -- >> okay. >> before you go from there. remember there are also things in there that a lot of ago producers fool uncomfortable about. it doesn't mean it's per effect. if there is a way to make it n it was i'm in pave of the president trying to renegotiate. >> your fellow senator joni ernst says if he is going to close down certain markets he has to be opening up new
2:41 pm
markets. as far as i can tell she is waiting for the new markets to open the up. there are a lot of farmers in the midwest who are concerned. >> i would concur on that. >> yeah. >> it's like look if we are going to have arguments about nafta and did after the big dog, china, tpp would have really put us into a better trading position because that's a half a billion people who want to do business with us. and it's one area that china would love to see us fail in getting those folks to do business with us, because that leaves china as the big trading part they are for those folks that otherwise would like to do business with the united states as well. >> senator, with all due respect why are you giving the president so much benefit of the doubt here when you clear disagree with what he is doing? why don't you call him out and say this is not right, this is not the way we behave. we need them? they are our allies, you don't go throwing a temper tantrum. >> we believe he had to have some sort of agreement in advance.
2:42 pm
i don't know what it is. >> would you have given this sort of benefit of the doubt to president obama? >> i'm sorry. >> would you have given this benefit of the doubt to president obama? >> i have, and i would until i know the whole story. in each particular case you are going the find i think we all agree that we want free trade. i think we all agree that we can do better than we have had in the fast and that it's not going to be easy. i think we all want to be able to negotiate from a position of strength of it is a not the style that i would use necessarily coming after them and taking them all on at once. but if the president came here to make change, he has change coming from all directions. personal personally, i would have liked to have seen nafta put together and completed. tpp in place or something similar to it or at least one trade agreement completed before we start going after china. but this is the approach the president has chosen. the end result is we want to see -- we want to see what his game plan is. we want to know what the end game is. >> what is the generous reading,
2:43 pm
since i think you are going to give it to him. the generous reading of why the white house trade adviser would go on another cable news new york and say there is a special place in health for an ally who engages in bad faith diplomacy with donald j. trump. why would he say that as the president is going the singapore to talk with one our enemies, why would he say that about an ally? >> i can't tell you. i don't know. what i do know is that there was a suggestion there has been an agreement. clearly it was a very strong disagreement that the president felt had been broached, that the prime had done something he totally unexpected. that's the only explanation that i can give because most certainly we don't like that kind of language. the hyperbole involved in that is something that youery seldom ever here and it's
2:44 pm
something we don't want to see ever had he we talking about trading partners and closest allies. i would like to hear the rest of the story and the explanation. we haven't heard it yet. >> i would cal that an attack. not a hyperbole. finally on russia. he wants to let them back into the g7 and make it a g 8 again. what do you think. >> i disagree. i think mr. putin has proven himself to be untrustworthy and not a member that deserves to be back in the g7 to make the g 8 once again. what he did in literally the annexation that he was actively involved with clearly was wrong and russia has held accountable for that. >> why do you think the president wants to let them back in. >> i don't know. i honestly thought to begin with it might be because one way in which this president thrives is if there is chaos. where he can take all the building blocks and start over again. the only thing i can think of is
2:45 pm
that he clearly wanted to send a message that he is going to drive the discussion, drive the narrative. and part of it, everybody was talking about it, it gave him the opportunity to get his points across. and you could see in all of the different pictures that were issued a so forth the other folks weren't happy with the president. nonetheless, he didn't come there to make them happy. he came to represent a better trade deal for the united states. i don't understand it. i would sure like to understand the end game he is going after personally. i don't get it. >> senator mike brown, thanks for coming on, we appreciate it. ahead, the sunshine state showdown. a new development in a race that could decide which party ends up controlling the senate.
2:46 pm
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2:48 pm
bloc in florida. people at or near retime. age cast about two thirds of florida's votes in 2014 even though they made up less than half the voter roles. it's possible younger people could make up a larger share of e florida vote this time around given the voter registration efforts in the wake of the parkland high shooting. but it will be tough for them thou crack retiree's dominance. we will watching. and we will be right back with more "mtp daily."
2:49 pm
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2:51 pm
things or mitt romney saying the same thing. i feel like i'm taking crazy pills. >> we, you were. katy, you are. we all aris is politics at its >> donald trump is one big crazy pill that we take every day? and not get thrown off. they decided there's no percentage in them -- >> but there's also a real disconnect, and a real -- there is real damage potentially being done to just the way we do big politically in this country. the way our institutions are trusted. by the republicans not going after their president when he goes after the justice department or goes after our allies, not pushing back saying this is not normal, these not okay, they're saying to the
2:52 pm
people who voted for donald trump, this is fine, he's right, we have a reason to stand by him. let me give you two number. donald trump got 63 million votes. paul ryan got 108,000 votes. mitch mcconnell gets about a million, they're not the size -- this is how bill clinton took down newt gingrich. newt gingrich thought he was the equivalent of bill clinton. he went toe to toe, he got 115,000 votes, clinton got 53 million votes in the country. they are not equal. >> i know what you're saying trump is not alone.
2:53 pm
>> so i think it's important, whether trump is on the stage blowing up the g7, as much as i have a problemith nafta and the trade agreements, as a progressive, i understand -- he talks about the deep state and globalists. there's a way in which there's an ideology that's driving how he's approaching in interesting sorts of ways international foreign policy and the like that plays to that base, right? it's the greatest time for conservative values. trump is not alone. if we think the problem is just him -- >> i think you're right about that. jillian, i want to get you in on this. do they just think to themselves
2:54 pm
donald trump often approaches domestic negotiations something out of the wrestling ring, and in a sense you have the drama melodrama, the hype, the manufactured conflict, you call people crazy names, and he's transposed that wrestling ring culture into politics. what is interesting right now is the degree to which investors and markets around the world, business people and other leaders are willing to say, you ow what? this crazy melodrama is just melodrama, we can ignore it, because the most interesting thing of what's happening at the g7. after all that incredible drama, today the markets didn't react. we didn't see a big sell-off. you didn't see investors panicking. you didn't see other foreign leaders going into meltdown. 18 months ago that might have
2:55 pm
happened. now we're almost see a creeping -- and in ten years' time, will people regard this entire donald trump melodrama as just like another wrestling match that's over, finished, but the key institutions are there, or will you see a more fundamental erosion of trust in the system. >> jillian with the big question. jillian, eddy, john, guys, thank you very much. ahead, let her rip. hi i'm joan lunden.
2:56 pm
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how many times have we seen photos like these, where they proudly display his newly signed executive orders? that doesn't apply to all papers. sometimes he's just as happy to let her rip. politico reports that he has a tendency to rip up papers he's finished with. the presidential reports act, which requires many documents to be preserved in the national archives. politico reports that aides cannot get him to stop, so one former records staffer says his entire department was dedicated to the task of tape paper back together. just to be clear, there were at least for a time people who work at the white house whose job it was to tape pieces of paper together? that the president should not have ripped up in the first place? mr. president this is now how
3:00 pm
you break will you to bureaucracy. you can't just shred it and forget it. suffice it to say the president is on quite a tear. i wonder what kind of person is the person that rips up paper after a meeting. who? i don't know. that's all for tonight. chuck will be back tomorrow with more "mtp daily." "the beat" with ari starts. are you that kind of person? >> in the legal profession, there are lawful ways to use a shredder. >> which are? >> as long as you haven't been issued any kind of document request -- we're on tv, so when you do that, it's on air. we're just delivering coffee for the show. literally it's happening. if you don't have a document retention request, or a subpoena, you can eliminate documents, so people do that. >> ari, be nice to your
3:01 pm


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