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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  June 12, 2018 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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but now plan on how to do it. ending joint mitary exercises with south korea or what the president called c eed war game. >> it's a very provocative situation. i think it's inappropriate to be having war gam number one we save money, a lot. number two, it really is something that i think they very much appreciated. pomp and circumstance with american and north korean flags waving side by side. the two leaders shared lots of hand shshakes and back slaps bee signing an agreement with one of the most repressive regimes in the world, something the president would not do with america's closest allies. >> great personality and smart. good combination. >> we're proud of what took place and we developed a special bond. people will be very impressed. it's an honor to be with you.
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great honor. >> what's next? is this the beginning of a new friendship? will trump will making a visit to pyongyang? >> i said i will. that's a day i look forward to. i will be inviting chairman kim at the appropriate time to the white house. good day. i'm andrea mitchell in singapore where the president made history. producing a signed document with kim jong-un promising to eliminate nuclear weapons with no time line, no verification, no enforcement. the president shocks south korea by giving kim something north korea has long wanted. viewed as a critical part of america's commitment to depending its allies. joining me kristen welker who
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will be with us throughout the hour. washington post white house bureau chief phil rutger with me here in singapore. you were at the news conference with the president and asked one of the critical questions. we'll get to that a bit later. just the fact ofning an agreement and putting so much stock in it and then teeing it up, promoting it and when we read the actual text, it was no there there. >> yeah. andrea, there was such a build up to find out what the deteals were -- details were. they signed it and wouldn't reveal what they signed. is this a peace treaty or really detail agreement to denuclearize
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the peninsula or something more vague. there wasn't a lot of meat on the bones but trumpee it's a step forward and something he's eager to claim victory over. >> victor, let's talk about the what iss in this several pages that were signed with such ceremony. what are the hard facts of it? what did we win? >> i think going into this, what we wanted was a clear statement of declaration commitment to a declaration by the north koreans of all the weapons that they have. a time line in terms of trying to get this done in terms of denucleariza 2020. everything would be verified. verified by international inspectors. what we saw from the vague statement is we didn't really take a step forward on any of those things. if you look at the phraseology
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on denucleait's several steps backwards from where we were in previous agreements. whether it was the 1994 agreement or the 1995 six party agreement. for president trump it might have been a step forward because he never met the north korea leader wfr. the bar for the summit, if goes badly then we go to war. that's a pretty low bar. he's above that bar. in the broader spectrum difft problem for the past 25 years, i don't think we have taken a step forward yet. >> let me drill down on that with you for a moment. where is this less than what was done in '94 than in 2002? >> in 2005, the north koreans agreed to abandon all nuclear weapons and return at an early date to the non-proliferation treaty. that's much more specific language in terms of abandonment of weapons by north korea as well as the time frame in terms of early as possible returning
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to the mtp. we have none of that and any of the documentation for this summit. presume presumely -- presumably they will try to negotiate some of these things. there's not a lot of meat on these bones. it will be up to the negotiators to try to put some meat on these bones. >> then the question of how does this get verified. what kind of inspecti inspectio? first they have to declare what they've got. until you know what the weapons count is and the precursor materials, you don't know what you're trying to verify and there's no agreement on inspections. >> north korea is the hardest intelligence target on earth. we, in fact, i think the president revealed something kind of sensitive during his press conference when he say one of the ways we know was through heat sensor. it goes to show you the great
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lens through which the intelligence community must go in order to understand the full extent of north korea's weapons progra programs. we'll have to get a full declaration. when they are dismantled, it's done clearly and full view of the international inspe community. >> the president was is countdown about this how are you going to verify denuclearization. let's play a bit from the press conference last night. >> did you discuss with chairman kim methods to verify either with the united states or international organizations, thery process? >> yes, we did and will be verified. >> how is that going to be ? >> it's going to be achieved by having a lot of people there. i think he's going to do these things. i may be wrong. i may stand before you in six
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months and say i was wrong. i know that i'll admit that but i'll find some kind of an excuse. >> kristen welker, he was so much in his element. shed. feeling so proud of what he was on the stage. ept saying i'll take more questions. this was only his second full news conference. he went for more than an hour. i think it was about 1:20. he kept saying i'll take some more questions. anyone else have a question for me. >> reporter: there no doubt this was a president who was eager to declare victory and yet based on the conversations you're having and the analysis of this, there's so many unanswered questions surrounding the denuclearizati denuclearization. how much nuclear sites does he have? the verification process.
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i go back to the concession on the part of united states that you first talked about, the fact that president trump said they're going to halt those joint military exercises with south korea. really surprising south korea and way, those joint military exercises not aimed at provocation but rather military readiness and securing the peninsula. that was one of the components of this deal. bottom line a lot of unanswered questions as we continue to track this. >> victor, the secretary of state is heading to seoul tomorrow and is going to be briefing the japanese and the south koreans in seoul before heading to beijing. do get theense that the south koreans were not expecting this promise to suspend these joint military exercises twice a
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year which had been an essential part of our detere with our allies. exercises happen once in the late summer and once in the spring. to throw that out without telling your military ally is not the best way to aach this sort of thing. when we think about negotiations with north korea, we have to remember we can't throw our alliance connec alliance equities on the table but that's what we've done. by the full-titime we get to aue
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will reach a decision point. at that point the united states will have to decide whether it's going to suspend the august exercisesr whether it's going to go forward with them. >> you worked at the pentagon, what do you imagine secretary mattis is think wing where the president mentioned not flying the b-52s from guam? >> i think they were blind sided. he said he thought a wast funds and effort to fly bombers from stand off positions like guam and the asia pacific region into the domain there. that's a critical part of ou det deterrence and it's something airmen are doing each and every day to ensure security.
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you have to wonder what else was promised that we haven't yet heard about. >> republicans on the hill are slow to comment on this. i think everyone is trying to absorb the details because it broke overnight. the chairman of the foreign relations committee who is not running for re-election and has been inspedependent at times di speak out today. let's watch this. >> i thi i always to taith folks and meet with folks. i don't kn that there's anything of concrete nature to trust, if you know what i'm saying. look to me there were some things they were aspiring to but it's difficult. then there were comments made about the exercises. i don't know where all t goes. >> i think he was being polite. >> a lot of uncertainty. shee he seems uncomfortable with the agreemthat was signed here
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today and was reluctant to speak out about it. it's clear in that tape what he thinks. >> look at president trump, the man who said who wrote a letter cancelling this meeting at one point. he said he's willing to walk away from the deal but then kept saying i'll know within a minute and i'll know right away. he didn't wait the knto know. he said it's going to be terrific. we'll have tremendous success. i'm honored to meet him. >> what trump really wanted to get out of this was the fphoto ops commaing the global stage. introducing kim jong-un to a new international audience and forging a relationship.
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>> it is clear from the reporting when secretary pompeo on monday came in to the broom her and told us, this is going so well. it's going o be shorter. we don't need the second day. we learned the president was going to leave early, which he did. is that because they had cemented this joint statement or because they had failed to get some things nailed down and had decided to water down the joint statement? >> i think the latter. i think they made calculation with having a friendly rapp we know from the reporting in these working level group segs that the various representatives from both countries have been having over the last few weeks were at an impasse over the timing of denuclearization and what it would mean and whether to prioritize denuclearization
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or security guarantees for kim. they were not finding common ground there. >> we'll have a lot more on this. on the substance and the pomp and circumstance of it all. stay with us. we'll be right back. much more ahead with my panel on the must see moments of this histt. there were pley. we're live in singapore. only on msnbc. at&t gives you more for your thing. your getting serious thing. that moving out of the friend zone, moving in together and getting two of everything thing. those fur babies preparing you for real babies thing. that one for me, one for you, us together for the rest of everything. buy one iphone 8 and get one iphone 8 on us. more for your thing. that's our thing. visit att dot com.
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will you travel to pyongyang any time soon? >> at a certain time i will. i say that will a a day i look very much forward to. i also will be inviting chairman kim at the appropriate time to the white house. i think it's really going to be something that will be very important. he has accepted. i said at the appropria. want to go a bit further down the road. >> president trump preparing to roll out the red carpet for kim jong-un in washington. possibly also visiting north korea's capital after a day of remarkable interaction between these two leaders. the president so enjoying this.
9:19 am
talking about how great their moments were even showing off his presidential limousine. take us through that. >> reporter: there were some critics who expressed real concern about those optics. the fact that president trump was so warm. showing him the beast. we're looking at that video right now. saying he was honored to meet kim jong-un. shaking his hand in front of american and north korean flags that were standing side by side. a lot of people say that puts north korea on a level playing with the united states. what's the broader implication offense that. it's possible these two leaders speak the same language to same extent. you go back to little rocket the question is what when the two of them were in the same room really just with two
9:20 am
tra translaters? is there something to allows them to communicate. that's where the real devil's in the details. that's where the focus will be moving forward. >> as a white hor kim jong-un a good idea? >> i don't think any time soon. mote vague but i feele this moment may come sooner than we expect.
9:21 am
there will be some talk about the north korean leader coming to the u.n. general assembly center and that may become the occasion on which the president will try to invite the north korean leader to come down to washington, d.c. this could come upon us sooner than we expect but the silver lining is it gives way test whether the north koreans and whether the north korean leader is serious about rving is nuclear weapons. try to get tangible process toward denuclearion by the fall. >> phil, when you were at the news conference yesterday, this unusual news conference, only the second news conference, you asked him about the sharp contrast with our closest allies and our toughest adversary. >> what do you say to america's ally who is worry you might be jeopardizing our long time alliances and worry you might be
9:22 am
treating our historic friends as enemies as friends as enemies? >> canada does have very big advantages over us in terms of trade deficits. we have a big trade deficit with canada. i was reading it's a surplus. it's not a surplus. when i got onhe plane i think that justin don't know tha a force one has 20 teltelevisions. he's giving a news conference about howe will not be pushed around the united states. push him around. we just shook hands. i really did. other than he had a news conference that he had because he assumed i was in an airplane and wasn't watching. learned. that's going to cost a lot of money for the people of canada. you can't do that. >> phil. it's going to cost a lot of money for a lot of farmers and auto workers in the midwest too. >> i think that's right. there's such a contrast in the
9:23 am
last three or four days how the president is treating other countries around the world. he's calling the prime minister of canada by his first name. calling him weak and dishonest. here he is with kim jong-un, a notorious human rights abuser, totalitarian and calling him talented man and gushing with praise. calling him with his title, chairman. giving him the respect he did not give our neighbor to the north, canada. >> we do have an apology from the hard line trade representative who has been at war with steve mnuchin over some of these tough tariffs. he, on sunday, really incredibly said there's a special place in hell for people justin trudeau, the prime minister of canada. he's just apologized for that. i think we have that tape. let's play it. >> the problem is that in conveying that message, i used
9:24 am
language that was inappropriate and -- >> special place in he lerll foe prime minister. >> lost the powerf that message. i own that. that was my mistake. those were my words. if i may quote the words of, when you make a mistake, you should admit it. learn from it. don't repeat it. what i learned -- >> are you apologized? >> absolutely. >> jeremybash you've operated at top levels with cabinet secretaries around our government. have you seen a white house aide on sunday television speaking that way about an american ally? >> i haven't. >> i think he agrees and i think that's the appropriate response. there's a larger context here
9:25 am
which is i think actually diplomacy with north korea is a prominent thing. we have such over that we should be taking diplomatic risks. that's okay. we have strategic overmatch our trading partners and should be able to take risks there for the benefit of american people. >> the fact he did apologize but that doesn't change the trade policy whands the president is still saying. they are wedded to this policy which according to any economist doesn't make sense. >> reporter: they are wedded to this policy and larry kudlow has been defending the president and saying, look, we've got to shake up the world order when it comes
9:26 am
to trade. this was a key campaign promise for the president and don't forget the political imply kag offen -- implications of this. we are entering a tough election year for republicans. a number of them facing an uphill battle. will this help or hurt in we've been talking to a lot of farmers in trump country who say the bottom line is they are concerned. they are waiting to how this impacts them and whether or not it does hurt their bottom line. >> thank you so much. coming up, missed opportunity. prt trump brushing off north korea's deplorable human rights record. the top docratic on the intel comme joins me next. stay with us.
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i think without otto this would not have happened. something happened from that day. it was a terrible thing. it was brutal. a lot of people started to focus on what was going on, including north korea. i really think that otto is someone who did notie in vain.
9:31 am
>> president trump saying the death of college student otto warmbier was a catalyst for this historic meeting with north korea's leader kim jongjong-un. warmbier was detained and turned to the u.s. dying sixays la human rights violations were not discussed at the summit. first of all, your overall reaction of what was achieved d the fact that human rights was not on the agenda. >> i think they got everything they could hope to get from this first meeting. the north koreans got to be on the stage with the president of the united states. they got to loobike they were o par with the u.s. they got to be greeted as an
9:32 am
equal and a cessation of exercises in. all we got was vague promise. i think it was a good summit the north koreans. it's better than going to war but at the same time we appeared to have bought a pig in a poke at this point. >> we should note that in 2014 the united nations estimated that up to 120,000 inmates were kept in north korea's four major political prisons and subjected to gruesome decisions. when he we talk about, this president was asked about this at the news conference. let's play some of that for us. >> i wonder what you have to say to those people who have no ability to hear or see this. the hundred thousands kept, are you betrayed them? >> i think i helped them.
9:33 am
i think they are one of the great winners. the large group of people you're talking about. i think they will be one of the great winners as a group. >> what is your reaction to that? >> well, it's hard to see how these people are winners when the president of the united states is embraced kim jong-un, talked about what a terrific leader he is given the fact that all these hundreds of thousands of people are kept in deplorable conditions. it shows once again what a great self-promoter the president is. he can say things that seem completely at odds with reealit and do so with a straight face. i don't think there's been any concessions about any improved conditions or any willingness or commitment to address human rights violations. if anything, kim has got to walk away from the summit with the understanding that as long as he
9:34 am
says nice things about donald trump, as long as he continues to meet with him, that he can expect the president to say nice things about him no matter what he does to his own people. >> the president also was talking about war games. the military exercises with south korea and referred to them as being too expensive. what does that bring to mind? >> well, by criticizing these joint exercises which are necessary for our national security and that of our all lies by calling them provocative and using the language that north korea and china uses to describe these, he's undermine our position. as someone who likes to portray himself as a great negotiator, this was terrible. he used the vocabulary of our adversaries.
9:35 am
gave concessions without getting anything in return. it's even more vague than in the past. there's been no declaration of what kind och nuf nuclear weapo they have. no agreement to put inspectors on the grnd. all the things the president cite si krcriticized about the iran nuclear deal. to talk about taking our troops off the peninsula, to surprise our allies like the south koreans who he gave no advance notice about it, let alone our own military this is not how you go into a negotiation. it is a product of going into goer negotiation unprepared. >> he also seemed to be approaching this as a real estate guy. this was one of his comments out what north korea could gain in they denuclearize and rejoined or join the world community and got rid of
9:36 am
sanctions. >> they have great beaches. yo that whe they are exploding their cannons intohe ocean. i said they would make a great condo. you could have the best thoels in the world. think of it as a real estate pecti perspective. how bad is that. it's great. >> some years back i went with a delegation trying to recover remains of our soldiers and saw the most devastated landscape. completely eroded. i don't think the president has any conception of the the fam e famine, poverty, destruction of
9:37 am
what's taken place. >> i think that's sadly too accurate. people are really forced to try to eat that vegetation to strip whatever resources they can to provide for their families. i manage they don't have a chance to go to the beaches of what the president is talking about. a lot of what the president says is deeply worrying. in the n korean regime doesn't fulfill its commitment that he'll probably never admit it. even if kim doesn't fall through, the president will make up some excuse. that's the best assurance you can have that this president so needs to call this a win that practically anything you do, say or promise will be enough. if it isn't, you can account on
9:38 am
the president of the united states to make excuses for the north. >> congressman, thanks for being with us. >> thanks. coming up, the $82 million . new details about earnings last year. the inside scoop is next. stay with us.
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businesses outside the white house in 2017. while both have given up daily oversight of their companies, the filing show the extraordinary income flow from outside enterprises that is raising alarm bells for some ethics experts. let's get the inside scoop. the cup's attorney says they have complied with rules and restrictions as set out by the
9:43 am
office of government ethics. their net worth remains largely the same. what is the broader significance here? they have complied with the letter of the law. these forms are not good at determining net worth. they have continued to make government.s of money while in they both work as unpaid senior a advisors to the president. they are sacrificing privacy and getting news stories. it does not seem they are sacrificing financially. >> you bring me to my next question. let me read you that statement
9:44 am
we have t charles curb mkushner. i look at what my kids have sacrificed with the only intent of doing good and what they have sacrificed in the daily barrage of negative media and theperfecl have a very good life but they sacrificed a lot. jonathan, what do you bhmake of those statements. does it not undercut that we are operating above board. what do you make of timing of this. in terms of suggesting they were above the fray. this comes at the same time as a federal judgruled, sort of suggested a negative ruling could be coming to the president in terms of trump hotel in wa. the profits there may be
9:45 am
violating emoluments clause. it came out last night during the midst of this anticipated singapore summit and the eyes of the world were watching presump and kim jong-un. this seems like way of trying to bury this news. >> it felt like a document dump. that's forsure. we learned last night that larry kudlow suffered a minor heart attack according to the white house. you spoke with your paper -- your paper spoke with his wife. what can you tell us there? >> my colleague spoke to his wife who does not nofr marmally to the media. she felt it was important to get the information out there.
9:46 am
he's doing well considering something like a minor heart attack. he's at walter reed. he's being treated by the best doctors and expected to recover. >> we all wish him a full recovery. coming up, past presidents. donald trump trying to out do his predecessors. stay with us after a quick break.
9:47 am
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you have a different administration. you have a different president. you have a different secretary of state. you have people that are, you know, it very important to them. we get it done. the other groups, maybe it wasn't a priority. i don't think they could have done it if it was a priority. i'm not just blaming president obama. this goes back 25 years. i was given a very tough hand. >> president trump taking credit for today's summit. stressing that this is something that other presidents could not do. in his view. but other presidents did try. kim's father cheated on a nuclear deal with bill clinton in 1994 and again with george w.
9:51 am
bush in 2002 joining me now is michael green. nbc's chief global correspondent bill neely who's here in singapore. first to you michael green, i that a fair comparison, that this president at least got to meet with a north korean leader, unlike his predecessors? >> bill clinton and george w. bush could easily have met with the leader of north korea. kim jong-il at the end of the clinton administration came close to getting bill clinton to pyongyang and president clinton i think wisely pulled back because he could see the north koreans really weren't serious about denuclearizing. when i was in the white house, the staff of george w. bush, the north koreans made several overtures to get bush to meet with kim jong-il. they wanted it because they wanted to demonstrate to the people that the nuclear weapons test had bought the american president. that it had won them a reputation and prestige around the world. so bush, clint and obama could have done this, could have had a
9:52 am
summit. that's not new. what would be new is if the president really got them to denuclearize. we just haven't seen any of that yet. >> and just to follow up, what did you see in this statement that was signed with such fanfare that is specific or that leads you to think kim jong-un would end up declaring what his weapons are and dismantling them? >> the short answer is nothing. i mean, the joint statement is shorter and has less detail than either the clinton or the bush statements. it's possible secretary pompeo has something up his sleeve and will get concrete steps. but so far, we haven't seen it. >> bill neely, you of course spent a lot of time in seoul. south korea has got to be a little bit back on its heels given all of their promises of close cooperation, communication, pompeo's going to seoul tomorrow.
9:53 am
yet they really did not know that the president was going to suggest giving up these joint military exercises. >> i think that was a bombshell to all of us, andrea. i'm sure it didn't go down very well in seoul. there were statements from the south korean military and the presidential office. you know, basically saying, you know, we're looking into this statement because we don't know what it means. president trump phoned president moon from his plane. south korea issued a statement from president moon. which did not mention the cancellation of military exercises. i think it did come as a shock. those exercises, remember, were due to start in two months time, in august, with -- they usually have 300,000 military personnel. so secretary of state pompeo, who will be in seoul tomorrow, may have a lot of explaining to do. president moon said he had a sleepless night last night.
9:54 am
may have more. and it is perhaps no way to treat an ally, andrea. >> and by the way, when you are heading back towards seoul, harry harris is the nominee to the ambassador. we haven't had an ambassador in seoul since this president took over. and he is the former head of pacific and. so he's a military guy. he and secretary mattis have to be really concerned, bill. >> yes, and what a start for admiral harris in his new role. andrea, just to pick up on what michael was saying about the vague words in the declaration. i just want to read you something which north korea agreed to some time ago. it agreed with south korea not to test manufacture, produce, receive, possess, store, deploy or use nuclear weapons, and it agreed to inspections for verification. that wasn't even in 1994, that was in 1992, 28 years ago.
9:55 am
those words are far, far more precise than anything that was in the declaration today. you know, we didn't hear or see the words verifiable or irreversible, neither on paper, or from the president. >> michael green, your thoughts about those specifics. >> well, as i said, it's possible secretary pompeo in his negotiations can get from the north koreans what we have not gotten before, a declaration, an inventory of their weapons. that's how you begin. they have to tells what they have. there's another narrative that has emerged from this summit which is really unnerving for ally, not just in asia but everywhere. when the president announce wrae announced we're stop ourg expin exercises in exchange for not
9:56 am
much. and then he said eventually he'd like to get all troops out of asia. that will send ripple effects across the entire globe to allies not just in japan and korea but nato, australia. i thetary mattis, pompeo, are going to have a lot of work putting that back in the box, trying to assure allies we're serious about our defense commitments and maintaining stability. not just vis-a-vis korea but china. so i think not only the denuclearization specifics but clarifying our commitment to allies ismattis, pompeo -- >> thank you. we're going to have to -- >> and one would hope the president himself. >> thank you so much, michael, bill neely. learn type 2 diabets puts me at greater risk for heart attack or stroke. can one medicine help treat both blood sugar and cardiovascular risk? i asked my doctor.
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it's 1:00 a.m. in singapore. let's go to katie tur at 1:00 eastern in new york. >> hi there, andrea, hope you're able to get some sleep before you head home, amazing coverage. >> thank you. >> good afternoon. i'm katie tur, in for craig melvin. it's a sal bond. the president and a dictator are both on their way home after handshake, a meeting and a signed agreement. but what will that agreement actually do? and what did the president g


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