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tv   MSNBC Live With Ali Velshi  MSNBC  June 12, 2018 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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be verified. president trump considers this a done deal and deals is what trump says he's quote "great at." >> all i can say is they want to make a deal. i know when somebody wants to deal and i know when somy does not. a lot of politicians don't. it is not their thing but it is my thing. i think he's going to start now. >> i do trust him, yeah. >> and the reaction is pouring in. japan's minister, shinzo abe, calls the sign documents a first step to comprehensive resolution. south suckorea's president callt quote, "a new chapter of peace and cooperation." lawmakers on both sides o f the isle are cautious. >> i think the threat of nuclear
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conflict went down last night but only a very small amount. this was only a first step. >> i think the president ought to be given some latitude pursuing this historic negotiation. when you are talking you are not fighting. fighting would be devastating to not only the people who live on the korean peninsula but for the rest of the world. >> it looks more of a press release with no real commitment on any kinds of details on what so ever. >> at this hour, vice president pence is briefing majority whip steve scalise and house majority leader kevin mccartney. joining me now with the latest is the tire less kelly o'donell who's live from singapore. kelly, the devil is in the details here or lack there of,
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what do we know that have agreed to. >> reporter: so we had reports that the president called the vice president from air force one to fill him in on what took place and we know the presidesp leaders here in the region including vice president president moon. and because the president seems to like the toyest of the officers at least the capabilities of something like air force one. too placed a call in transit to the group of republican senators to give them sort of his personal take on what happened here. so that's what's going on right now. the document itself has certainly the nice tease of diplomacy. it does not drill down the kind of details that would result the big question of what will kim
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jong-un actually do with his nuclear program. it talks about things like building a relationship between thunited states and north korea, one that has not existed. that's a diplomatic move forward. they're i thtalked about establishing a plan of denuclearization. it is not the specifics of how it. president trump says he was able to add in in his conversation with kim jong-un a request for the re-patriation. president trump indicated that he made some side deals that are not contained in the document. that's a big question mark. one of the things that is sort of typically trump but also frustrating is that when you have those sorts of conversations with an unpredictable world of counter part like kim jong-un, it would be difficult for any of the
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players who are involved in this whether it is other world's leaders or members of the negotiation team to know what the exact conversation that's included unless more than a record we are led to believe. there will be ongoing meetings to get to some of that. he also told reporters on air force one kasie that kim jong-un has a total plan for denuclearization and he believes that he'll begin right away. that sowunds like something but we don't know how to define that. u so much.nell, get home safe, >> thank you. president trump says there are plans to pull american troops from south korea yet. >> no, we are not reducing anything. at some pointi i have to be honest and i have said this during my campaign. i want to get our soldiers out bring our soldiers back home. we have right now 32,000 soldiers in south korea.
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i would like to be able to bring them back home but that's not part of the equation right now. >> as a reminder, the pentagon reports there are 28,000 active duties and reserved personn stationed in south korea base those troops bordering the north are always on high alert. joining me now is nbc news correspondent hans nichols. president trump did not say the troops are willing pu. he did agree to pause the military exercises between the u.s. and south korea. it seems as though we are getting mixed messages now based on what i am hearing on capitol hill. >> president trump did not that term, military exercises, he said they paused war games. they always say training is important and they shy away from the war game explanations. what we heard from senator garter on capitol hill that vice
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president penceriefed the senators and he says training will continue. take a listen of senator gardner. >> we'll continue to clarify what tdent hav talked and exercises will continue with south korea and look further for comments and clarifications from the president. >> what does corey gardner mean by exercises? if it is day-to-day routine training, that's something here at the pentagon say is necessary to maintaining the strengths of the alliance. in terms of calling off all war games, the next war games that are scheduled to something called ufg, they are basically computer simulation that happens in august. there is all kinds of training exercises that take place in the western pacific on the korean peninsula. you call them training exercises or you call them war games. only people wenow that they're called war games are american adversaries are now president trump.
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>> for those of us watching back home, there were several instances over the course years or so since many of these discussions of north korea have been underway where there is been a response from themilitarn that took the form of it is not war games or exercises that were perhaps unplanned, is there another category along those lines? >> they try to do is along the e alliances. if they were testing of icbum, you would see them apply japan and u.s. and fly with the variety of aircrafts to let you know that there would be a response to this sort of military testings that you have. those are response in one off event. there is this training cycle and the big event is in this year, they actually delay those military exercises because of the olympics. because o f that delay that
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allowed to be some space for the diplomacy to take place that brought us this point. the idea that you would hold off on military exercises. it was done in the 90s is not toldly formed. the idea that you call them war game and they they have provacative which runs contrary to everything the pentagon says is new and it is different and it is a departure from stated u.s. policies. >> kasie. >>s nichols at the pentagon. >> what happens next to discuss all that. joining me now is laura rosenberger and with us, is meryl cooper. and bob scale, he's chairman of
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the secretary advisory board on our marine forces. general scale, i want to start with you and pick up with the point of quote on quote, "war games." it was extraordinary unusual for the president to use this term? >> not at all. that's ridiculous. we use the term "war games" all the time. when you conduct it, it is rmally a simulation and it is done in facilities and all digital and there is no one out on the ground or flying in the air. an exercise is far more scripted and larger and a joint exercise, it normally what you call operational exercises. >> is it clear to you that the president was making that distinction when he said we are going to stop these war games, was he talking about the games you are referencing or all of these exercises?
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>> that's a different question. in terms of terminology, using the word "war game" in the military is a common phrase. in using the phrase at all. >> so it does seem though there may be a distinction of what the president said where he assured kim jong-un we would horticulture war games and now vice president mike pence is up on capital hill saying to corey gardner that these exercises are going to continue. >> that's absolutely right and it is worth knowing why the president seeming concessions on these exercises have put them on sudden pressure. it became clear after he meets these statements u.s. forces on the korean peninsula have not been notified of his intentions to make these modifications nor has our allies in south korea have been notified of these
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changes. really eager to know what's up because this would be a significant change to our be made without serious uld not confrontations of our south korean allies. onto on top of that, he has in fact raised the risks of the issues of these exercises will become a hot spot going forward which is to say if he does not cancel the p exercises, kim jun will be wondering why he did and act according >> l, do you think what president trump says of the war game essentially handling all of auer leverage and giving it >> if we talk about levege, there are a couple of places where we given up the vast majority of leverage that we have going in gotiations. number one, kim jong-un's biggest prize, the prize that his father and grandfather always sought and never got was a meeting with the american
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president. what we saw that kim jong-un handled that handedly. we looked at theague commitment signed together, we did not get a whole lot in giving that lethe max numb came pain have bn part of working with our partners and allies to get kim ng-un to negotiate have been really important. it has been something that the trump administration made real progress on. maximum pressure is over. president trump said pressure would remain until we have the commitment in hands and implementations. as you noted earlier. the chinese havaid to the u.n. that the u.n. should lift the sanctions and on top of that, we have what we just talked about with exercises and that's another si koreans and the chinese. when we think of the fact that we did not get much out of the summit itself which for me is
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about a photo opt and theater. the real process is coming down. this specifics and the commitment is all of this stuff that's really, really critical and working out the details of what we are meaning when we are using these terms in the first place. that's where we need leverage that we already burned. >> the president says he trusts kim jong-un for now to follow through in this. mall come up with something to explain why i was wrong here or i was not ever or that i never actually said this. i asked bob corker whether he can trust kim jong-un earlier today. i want to show it to you and general scale, i would like you to weigh in. >> do you trust kim jong-un? >> look -- i trust you. like i think in this business, we deal with people and then we get things committed in writing and hope people honor it but i
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think it is always good to talk with folks and meet with folks and i don't know of anything of concrete nature to trust if you know what i am saying. >> general scale, i am not sure if that was a ringing statement of trust, do you think we can trust kim jong-un? >> let me just say this kasie, i happen present w the agreed framework was drawn up. i remember the u.s. representative waving the paper in the air saying at last we have an agreement. there was never any dialogue or attempt to establish the dialogue. it was all about lying in and lying out on documents. we can't say the last 48 hours was at least an effort by the president to establish some
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report or se persona relationships with president kim. what you can say is this, is it theater? yes. at least weked back from the edge of armageddon and we started an exercise which overtime will allow us to build trust and denuclearize. at the end o f the day, this is not about anything else. it is not about theaters or exercises. it is about nuclear we mkeep tha mind. >> do you think somebody involved in this in the '90s. have president trump gotten further than any of his predecessors? >> from a personal standpoint he did because president clinton was not there and this was unusual to have two heads of state in such ad dynamic and public atmosphere. in '94 this is right after
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kim-il sun died. this has a more intimate atmosphere. >> laura, you are nodding along. >> i think there is something in the negotiation process of building the chemistry. one of the things of bear in mind with the north korean team and the american team, everybody that was around the negotiation table have engaged with the americans before or have been watching americans and our policies and our diplomacy very carefulfully and the sort of main working level is somebody that any of us who ever negotiated with the north koreans. we know her very well. she's been around the block and she knows all the trapped doors. it is pretty clear that kim jong-un has studied very, very closely. he's been controlled throughout the process and he kind of choreographed a lot of it. to me, i used to have a boss who
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said diplomacy is a team's sport. i think that's exactly right. that's one of my concerns about what we see with president trump which feels like a one man's show. >> you are saying kim jong-un is playing with his team and has his team behind him and president trump is kind of one man alone? >> yes, i think what's going to be important here as we head out to this process as t set up of this part of the agreement that secretary pompeo and national security adviser bolton is going to lead these negotiations to be determined. are they empowered, do the decisions where they take it on the negotiation table. do they stick? do they stick? we saw a tweet before he met with kim jong-un, yeah the team is doing great preparatory work, that does not matter because i am the one that's going to be doing the negotiations. it puts us at a real advantage. >> i am n sure president trump
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does anything by the book. laura, thank you. major general bob scale, thank you all for your time. >> coming up next, while we were focused on the north korea's summit. the white house quietly released ivanka trump and jared kushner's financial disclosure. the conflicts surrounding some the more $80 million they collected last year. you are watching msnbc. tion. it's the one. the best for your skin. ultra sheer®. neutrogena®. see what's possible.
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. on busy day just a few hours before the summit of kim jong-un and president trump, the white house released the disclosure forms of ivanka trump and jared kushner. much of it coming from stakes and businesses which they did not fully divest. the office of ethics says both jared kushner and ivanka complied with ethic rules. we are joined by bob acosta. the question is how did they manage to make billions of dollars where in theory they were supposed to have divested financial interest behind them
12:23 pm
where ivanka made a decision of taking an actual government job. >> it is a great question. when you go into government you are able to make money and the holdings that you have and those things can accrue different kinds of gains over the course of the year. while this shows while there has been many sacrifice by anyone who enters government and certainly take a pay cut, you have seen many politicians, public officials do really well having a position of power and seeing their own investment improved overtime. >> can we talk about the trump hotel for a second? >> according to these reports ivanka trump made $3.9 million in revenue of the trump hotels. we know from our reporting and others have done that it is becoming gathering spot in washington and if you sign up at the bar or the trump hotel, you will see an array of people and a lot of the drinks run 20 plus dollars and there are events held by foreign countries at
12:24 pm
this hotel. what kind of questions about ivanka trump making so much money from the business they're doing there. >> the washingto post is focused on accountability journalism with regards to the trump enterprise and the whole company and the hotels. the one in d.c. located in the same street as the white house, pennsylvania avenue. those direct lines can't be drawn of trump investments and government activity, there are sometimes certainly blurred lines. that's what deserves public scrutiny. are they benefiting in any way by having the president of the united states being affiliated by having his children affiliated even if they have not directly involved in public policy decisions or someone with this kind of wealth at the top of u.s. government is something that demands daily attention cht let me ask you also and i know you are talking to sources last night as we were watching that
12:25 pm
historic handshake, the president tweeted of larry kudlow saying he h s a heart attack and he's being treated at the walter reed medical center. >> they say he's doing well and he's recovering and expect him to be back on his feet sometimes soon and they say one piece of evidence about his state is he has been making phone calls and talking to friends and family by phones and meeting with some of them at t hospital. the exact details of what happens remains a bit maze hazy the timing when he fell ill. docto doctors said he's on the road to
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the two leaders ended their meeting in singapore by signing a joint statement. kim reaffirmed working towards denuclearization of the korean peninsula. they also established relations between the u.s. and north korea and commit tbuilding a quote, "lasting and stable regime on the peninsula." to work together of remaining of prisoners of war. the president says kim promised to destroy a missile testing site quote "soon." he adprgreed to suspend joint military korea. itarong this will take. the two leaders did not set a time line. u.s. intelligence officials say they believe north kor has 30-60 nuclear weapons.
12:31 pm
the process can take up to ten years to complete. we want to go now to some breaking news back here at home of the back and forth over exer korea. senator corey gardner says the vice president told memory the militaryrcises and training would continue. that's somethi that the vice president's staff pushed back on immediately. the senator doubled down in a tweet saying vice president was very clear, regular readiness training and training exchanges will continue. with me now to kind of explain this as it is unfolding,sten welker and gary hayes. the president is winning his way back here to washington. i am sure it will be a thrill to descend into this confusion of
12:32 pm
what exactly he has promised. garret, i want to start with you if you can give us a lay out of what the president is doing and we'll talk to kristen about how the vice president responded and how we'll try to clarify. garret, what happened initially. >> this whole new cycle is 45-minute long. when republican senators having their weekly lunch, they had a briefing from the president and a phone call from the president from air force one of what exactly happened in this summit. then their news conference, senator corey gardner, the korea expert, came out and said the idea that these large scale military exercises with the south koreans would continue. you have the blow back immediately from the vice president office saying no that's not true and those war games will be cancelled and gardner following up tweets saying training and readiness
12:33 pm
exercises will continue. what we may have is a question of how many joint forces can dance ahead of a pen if you will. we may be talking about two different sets of things whether we are talking about large scale war games verses readiness exercises. what this underscores, kasie, of the risk to the white house only the president in the room with kim jong-un and other points of a small group of people knowing what exactly was agreed to and what was put down on paper and what was a verbal agreement and that confusion may not be cleared up until or after the president is back on u.s. soil to say what his view of what he actually agreed to was. >> kristen welker, could you shine any light on the answer to that. it seems the president's office wants to push back on any idea
12:34 pm
that the president was differ from the president in any way. it seems as though those senators in the room feel that they clearly heard and they have been concerned about all morning of this idea that we'll stop th south korea readiness without getting anything in return. >> corey gardner is trying to clarify his official statement what is the vice president's office says? the report that the vice president told them of the joint military training exercises would continue. the press secretary telling me in a phone conversation moments ago that exact the vice president was on the same page with the president indicating those will be halted. however, i spoke with a senior administration official who says those training and readiness exercises will continue.
12:35 pm
the u.s. forces are on the ground there and need to a under go in order to be ready for anything. this underscores the fact that th many questions of what the president agreed to and what is in the joint statement, what was signed and verballyto? i have been talking to lawmakers throughout the day. they say they are eager to get a riefing this. the vice president being there and we'll want to hear from the cretary state who was right there and some of those critical meetings what we all watched over night. they are eager to get the details to put the meat on the bones of what specifically the president have agreed to with the areness that therere a whe lot that still needs to be hashed out. >> major questions still need to be answered. bob corker told me he wants pompeo to come the. kristen welker and garret, thank
12:36 pm
you for both scrambling to the camera with that breaking news. confusion aside, accomplish yesterday? some analysts and commentators say were little. joining us now is nicholas kristoff in his column today that president trump was quote ", outfoo "outfoxed" by kim jong-un. it is good they are trading words than war. if you look at what was agreed upon in singapore than north korea reaffirm what they have been saying way back in 1992, the denuclearization of korean
12:37 pm
peninsula by which they name of the u.s. no longer takes in south korea and its nuclear shield. north korea promises nothing new and while the u.s. provides a security guarantees to north korea gave kim jong-un the legitimacy of the summit and president trump lavish praise on him. most importantly you have this cancellation of the military exercises which as you just showed that we don't really know what it means and i suspected that president trump himself may not know what it means. this is something that north korea has been demanding for years both north korea and china have proposed that we cancel the exercises in exchange for substantial concessions by north korea, it seems that president trump gave them up --
12:38 pm
>> i am uncomfortable of spending exercises. you're 100% correct. after trump bend over backwards to be conciliatory. >> some ways what their statement in singapore was as sp aspirational, there is a lot of reasons for skepticism. in terms of negotiator rubio point is that sanctions can always be escalated against. both south korea and china now
12:39 pm
are working of anything to ease sanctions rather than to escalate them. i think that moment of maximum pressure is behind us can't be resurrected. i think it is hard to imagi imagine -- there were all kinds of thing that is we were expecting and we thought okay, north korea will free its plutonium program, it has done that before. why would it not do it again? it would promise not to have anymore missile tests or no more nuclear tests. there were all kinds of things that you would expected and would have promised and we did not get these basic things that have been promised in the past. >> i also want to ask you on a slightly different topic about human rights which is something that i know you cover extensively, in an interview of
12:40 pm
"voice of america,"he president says kim is smart and love his people. the posture that the president took on human rights is damaging to u.s. and our reputation overseas? >> yes, absolutely. i don't think that human rights ould hav been a condition for a nuclear deal but i absolutely think that it is appropriate to raise them and absolutely inappropriate to have an american president praising a north korean dictator and defending him and taking his position. president trump says military exercises are provacative which is north korea's position. he said that in the interview, he says his message to north koreans was that kim jong-un is looking after your interest. i just found it astonishing that an american president end up being a defender of aorth
12:41 pm
korean leader on human rights. >> thank you. >> up next, sessions making it impossible for people seeking domestic and gang violence victims generally no longer qualify for aasylum. you are watching msnbc. humira can help stop the clock. prescribed for 15 years, humira targets and blocks a source of inflammation that contributes to joint pain and irreversible damage. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculos that contributes to joint pain and irreversible damage. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers,
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today is the deadline for house members to vote on ill congratulatio immigration. the show force is being led by moderate republicans who say they want to by pass gop house leadership and get these votes on the floor in in order to protect dreamers. >> i think it would be
12:46 pm
devastating for something for the dream act to pass, it threatens national security. it does not secure the border. what we want to do is get a real agreement that secures the border. >> i am joined by jim jordan of hi ohio, sir, it is nice to see you and you are the man of the hour. >> i don't know about that, if i am on your show if that makes me the man of the hour, so be it. good to be with you kasie. >> well, you are. how this critical meeting is coming up with leadership and moderates. y >> yes. >> what's the harm in having votes on these fou bills and the conservative proposals on this. would you support? we know what the outcome is going to be. it is a piece of legislation that passes that's not in any way consistent with the mandate of the 2016 election. you mentioned in your intro that
12:47 pm
we were hard liners. i don't think doing what you toll t told voters do makes you a hard liner. the election is about border security. >> we are talking about dreamers. >> we are talking about immigration bill. if we are going to deal with the daca population, those individuals, then we better deal with what the election is about and what we told the american people to do. deal with the sanctuary and the asylum policies, i don't see that flying and i don't see as us keeping our words. >> what's the status of negotiations, i know you have been working with this group of moderates trying to find some sort of compromise bills that you could get. is there still hope -- >> no, there is always hope.
12:48 pm
there is always hope and americans are optimistic people. i still have hope. even though we were talking about congress. >> i do hope. sthoo y >> you got a couple of hours here. >> we made some progress. if the discharge petition happens, it happens. i will be opposing three of the bills and i will be supporting the good legislation which as i said is the one that's consistent of what we told the american people we are going to do if they put us in power and what the president said. this is the issue when the president comes down that escalatole of years ago. this was the key and immigration was the key issue throughout the campaign and i would argue one of those key issues why president trump is president and why he won the nomination and this is about keeping our words and that's what we are focussed on doing. if this petition goes through, do you see that as a sign that aside for the remainder of his term. >> it will be a problem because
12:49 pm
speaker ryan promised us 2.5 years ago that no immigration bill would pass the floor of the house without supporting it. i do not see those of having anything close to a majority republicans. >> what are the consequences for the speaker? >> well, what we should be focusing on is makin sure this discharge petition does not happen. that's why we have been working to get the bill consistent with the mandate of the election past. that's why i have been in these meetings and count less discussions and we should continue to do that right up to the last minute to see if we can find the solution that's consistent with the mandate. >> if you can't, what should the consequences be for the speaker of the house? >> if we can bring up the bill and postpone it, there are all kinds of those things there. we still have a chance to get some agreement. there is a meeting later this afternoon that i will be apart of and hopefully we can get an agreement again that's consistent with our promise.
12:50 pm
let's talk for a second of some of the policies we are seeing trump administration fapplied nw at the border. jeff sessions announced he's changing the rules they are victims of domestic violence will not be able to find asylum here in the united states. do you think that's a christian? >> what i do know is the asylum laws need to be changed. we've got to change our asylum laws. >> i'm asking you about a young woman who comes here and says i'm a victim of domestic violence because our laws previously said she could come here and apply for asylum. g in a gener sense our asylum laws have to change. anybody who shows up at the border can be coached to say i have a credible fear of
12:51 pm
persecution. we don't want any domestic violence victims not getti safety and ugrefuge. the asylum laws have to be changed. everyone agrees with at. >> you're saying that's the christian approach to that? >> no, no. >> is it christian? >> asylum laws have to change. we need an immigration bill that is consistent with what we told the american people -- sanctuary cities need to be changed, building a border security wall. let's focus on all of those policies that were front and center in the campaign and then we'll deal with the daca population. that's consistent with what we told the american people we were going to do. >> i'm still not hearing you argue that it's a christian policy, sir? >> of course it's not a christian policy to say someone who's being abused, you shouldn't help them. we've got to know all the facts of what's happening on the
12:52 pm
border. that's why i'm answering the question the way i am. the language is credible fear of persecution. they come in and say it and whatever they say they get in, whether it's true or not. if someone is being abused, of course we want to help those individuals. >> congressman jim jordan of ohio. coming up, if it's tuesday, it's primary day. our number crunching expert joins me after the break with the races we should all be watching.
12:53 pm
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maine, nevada, north dakota, south carolina and virginia are all holding primary elections today. and maine is using a new method to choose who will run for governor. it is called ranked choice. instead of voting for one person, voters rank candidates from their first choice to their last. a candidate has to get more than 50% of the vote to win. if no one is able to do that, the candidate with the fewest number of first choice votes is eliminated. their vote share is credited to whichever candidate was listed second. that process is repeated until one cdidate has a majority. how odd. msnbc national political correspondent joins us now. steve, what are you watching for tonight? if you have any thoughts on the maine ballot, i'm really confused. >> we tried a couple of
12:57 pm
simulations and this thing blew up. no. we haven't actually tried it yet. it's great. last week in california it's that top two primary. now in maine it's the instant runoff. a lot of different sort of formats, methodsng tried here. let me show you some of the marquee things we're following tonight. virginia, a state that's going to close its polls by about 7:00, we should get some numbers pretty early. here's a race we're going to talk about a lot in the fall, the 10th district right outside washington, d.c. we have talked so much about those suburban areas that swung from trump toward the democrats. that is the key for democrats. if they are going to be able to take back the house, it is knocking off incumbents. barba b no expectation that she's in troubled tonight. we'll see if she's got any kind
12:58 pm
of surprise. remember, virginia's the state a couple of years ago where eric canter -- my god, the number two republican in the house is going down. funny things have happened before. we will keep our eye on that virginia race. we're going to find out the fall matchupeats where democrats think they have a shot at taking out republicans. south carolina, mark sanford, former governor left off seemingly in disgrace, emerged again a few years later, won this congressional seat in 2013 there, has been in congress since. he's being challenged from the right in a primary today. this is about loyalty to president trump. mark sanford's voting record in the house, he's gone against the administration. he's called on the president to release his tax returns. things maybe trump-friendly republican voters don't like to hear. he is getting a challenge here.
12:59 pm
>> are there any broad trends or things that are kind of on your mind or any nuggets that stand out to you? >> yeah. we talk about this question of loyalty to president trump in republican primaries. if mark sanford were to lose tonight, think about what we saw in alabama last week. martha roby from a very republican district in alabama. she was forced into a runoff. sanford could be in that too. >> very interesting. we also want to let all of you know that moments ago vice president mike pence left capitol hill after briefing lawmakers on the president's summit with north korea and sparking confusion over the status of those military exercises with south korea. for now, we are out of time here. i will see all of you from capitol hill tomorrow. please be sure to tune into
1:00 pm
"kasie dc." "deadline white house" with nicole wallace starts right now. ♪ hi, everyone. it's 4:00 in new york. america's reality television president staged a dramatic finale for the first season of the u.s. versus l rket man yesterday in singapore. with a hand shake and a diplomatic embrace of one of the world's most reclusive and violent dictators. the summit rumored to have been on the rocks just a few weeks ago never was. donald trump's closest advisors readily acknowledge that trump never ever have stayed away from the media spectacle that covered this summit. while true denuclearization of the korean peninsula would be an extraordinary accomplishment, it's not clear that the esident of the united states heappraise upon the north korean leader will necessarily us to end. that's where


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