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tv   Deadline White House  MSNBC  June 12, 2018 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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capitol hill tomorrow. please be sure to tune into "kasie dc." "deadline white house" with nicole wallace starts right now. ♪ hi, everyone. it's 4:00 in new york. america's reality television president staged a dramatic finale for the first season of the u.s. versus l rket man yesterday in singapore. with a hand shake and a diplomatic embrace of one of the world's most reclusive and violent dictators. the summit rumored to have been on the rocks just a few weeks ago never was. donald trump's closest advisors readily acknowledge that trump never ever have stayed away from the media spectacle that covered this summit. while true denuclearization of the korean peninsula would be an extraordinary accomplishment, it's not clear that the esident of the united states heappraise upon the north korean leader will necessarily us to end. that's where donald trump
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focused his energied. >> the man you met today, kim jong-un, as you know, has killed family members, has starved his own people, is responsible for the death of otto warmbier. why are you so comfortable calling him very talented? >> well, he is very talent. anybody that takes over a situation like he did at 26 years of age and is able to run it and runt tough -- i don't say he was nice or i don't say anything about it. he ran it. very few people at that age, you can take one out of 10,000 probably could. >> how do you trust a killer like that? >> george, i'm given what i'm given. this is what we have and this is where we are. i can only tell you from my experience -- i met him, i've spoken with him. this started very early and it's been very intense. i think that he really wants to do a great job for north korea. i think he wants to denuke.
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really he's got a great personality. he's a funny guy. he's a very smart guy. he's a get negotiator. he loves his people. his country does love him. his people you see the fervor. very smart, very good negotiator. wants to do the right thing.he . with all of that being said, i can't talk about -- it doesn't matter. weromscratch. we're starting right now. >> in exchange for that endorsement or maybe slobbering kisses from the leader of the free world, kim jong-un offered only a vague recommitment to nuclear disarmament on the korean plaeeninsula and a tooths pledge to work toward peace. kim made no specific commitment to relinquish his nuclear arms and ballistic missiles or a timeline in which he would do so. rather he committed solely to abiding by a mostly symbolic agreement he had made during a summit with the south korean president in april. the president and the dictator
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despa departed the historic summit with no structure in place to verify that north korea will follow through. trump says he's content to rely >> do you trust him? >> i do trust him, yeah. now will i come back to you in a year and i'll say, gee, i made a mistake? that's always possible. a lot of things can change. he trusts me, i believe, i really do. he said openly and he said it to a couple of reporters that were with him that he knows that no other president ever could have done this. i mean, no other president. he knows the presidents. he knows who we had in front of me. he said no other president could have done this. i think he trusts me and i trust hi >> oh my god. joining us at the table, elise jordan and jeremy bash is back.
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twitterless jeremy bash. i want a peace prize if i get you on twitter. i may need to see some of that again. this is what trump said about kim jong-un after having a fight with justin trudeau. kim jong-un knows how to run it and run it tough. he's a funny guy. funny. loves his people. he starves his people, he's murdered family members, people die b firing squad. that's the most merciful way in which he dilkills his citizens. what is wrong with him? >> the flags and the flattery are a bit much. it's really over the top the way the symbol of freedom in the world is showering all this praise on the dictator of north korea. it would be one thing if that was the price you had to pay a little bit to get an ironclad deal. but theally is very weak. it says nothing about the way
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we're going to verify their denuclearization. there was this side agreement in which the president of the united states committed to suspend or end american military activities tean peninsula. that wasn't in the document. now today we see the confusion fanning out all across our capital and capitals all around hat commitment president trump made in that private discussion with kim jong-un. >> so former senior intelligence official -- and you were the chief of staff at the ciaid --h were concern were that he went into that one on one without any intelligence officials in the room with him to remind him of what they possessed, to remind him of the danger they posed not just to this country but to their neighbors. the second was, before he even walked into that room and created a coequal in kim jong-un by sitting face to face with an american president,e h already gotten himself on a different page from secreta of
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state mike pompeo and the question of vifiable denuclearization. he's now at odds with his own vice president. take us through where all the fractures are at this hour? >> going into this actually the state department -- i commend them for doing an excellent job. they tried to douch preparation as theycould. pompeo went over there once in secret and then once to get the hostages back. >> he went there in secret until trump leakedit. i would have stayed secret if trump hadn't -- >> that's right. he tried to lay the ground work as much as he could. even going in, he was clear about what the expectations were. when he gave the press conference to the press corps in singapore yesterday morning, he said the goal is complete verifiablerreversible dismantlement of a nuclear program. president trump tried to down play negotiations and say we're going to get to know you. >> we're going to have a good hang. talk to me about the hypocrisy
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of celebrating and wanting to be celebrated for at this point what is at best a premature accomplishment on the nuclear front while ripping up and trashing the iran deal, which was certifiable. >> obviously president trump is driven by one thing, this is a desire to out accomplish and destroy the accomplishmentings -- accomplishments of president obama. >> i think you wake up today and you have to say it is obviously better to see these two leaders talking as opposed to threatening eacher with nuclear annihilation on twitter. definitely better than where we were a few months ago. but you don't give firearm of the year to an arsonist who sets fires and then puts them out. donald trump inflamed this conflict and now he wants credit
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for december-- deescalating his own crazy rhetoric. >> one, this was never off. that was a trumpian fake. one person told me that the sun king would never miss an opportunity to demand tcommand d stage. this was never off. that was a hoax. talk about fake news. two, the president needed this so desperately. this is not just foreign policy, this is not just about nuclear weapons. this is about his own political attributes of showing himself as a strong leader. if you look at the way fox news covered this, they all but awarded him the nobel peace prize. can you talk about the political importance of what went down yesterday? >> all of my reporting lines up
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with what you're saying. this summit was going to happen. that was a bluff. he was never going to relinquish this spotlight. you saw him yesterday command the cameras. it was all stage managed much at his behest. even at one point said make us look skinnier to the pool camera that was there. >> i buy that. >> kim jong-un was bafed by that exchange. the president was desperate for a victory here for reasons. one, it provides him immediate cover. this is going to be an argument that he and fellow republicans can take to the voters on the midterms and suggest, don't vote us out, look at what we just accomplished. it also provides cover with the russia investigation in some ways. how can you indict me? how can you talk about throwing me out of office after what we're accomplishing? it's also his bid for the histor books. when he came to office, he truly believed middle east peace would be his ticket. that would be the first line of
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his presidential obituary. he abandoned that quest and then he fixated on korea, believing that no president that came before him was able to get this done, he could. >> he and he alone. but i was surprised to see how many conservatives who have not exactly been profiles in courage over the last 15 months were critical. this is steven hayes from the weekly standard, editor in chief, wrote, another failure with the president having staked so much of his credibility and that of the united states that could be catastrophic. >> steven is much more of a neo con than i think what donald trump demonstrated. >> he's not more of a neo con than john bolton. >> but john bolton isn't getting what he wanted at all. that's the big splinter within this administration. you're watching how mike pence and john bolton seem to be completely opposed to what donald trump has envisioned for peace with north korea. i think that it is testament to donald trump's belief in his own
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cult of personality that he got to this point. i think it's a good thing that from this point onward, donald trump is going to have not as much firsthand contact. it's going to be -- >> he invited him to the white house. >> well, exactly. >> he just opened the door. i talked to two former senior intelligence officials who said to pte i out of tube. he is now a coequal to the united states of america. >> he has done that. he has elevated kim jong-un. i do think he's the only person whcould have gotten away with doing it because he has so much cover from the right. he has cover with john bolton being his national security advisor. no other american politician could have conceded so much and have not reaped a political whirlwind from the right and from the left even. >> if barack obama had done this, he probably would have won the nobel prize for this, but he would have been impeached the next day. >> do you agree? >> no other president could have
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done this. no other president, though, would have done this. >> right. >> no other president would have gone of, elevated this dictator the way donald trump did, lavished him with praise and got nothing in exchange. the same thousands of missiles are still pointed at seoul korea. the same nuclear capacity existed today. they did not agree to do anything about that other than endeavor to maybe think about it in the future in some way. >> i endeavor to do a whole lot of stuff in the future. >> i do think that at least the talking is a positive first step. lord only knows where it can go from here. it could be really, really bad. but it's better than it was yesterday. >> it's better than being on the brink of war. let me ask you about otto warmbier. everything i heard from staffers suggest that the president was personally very moved by the pain and suffering of otto warmbier. however, he didn't bring up
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human rights. he didn't bring up the atrocities that kim jong-un carries out on a daily basis on his own population. so square that circle for me. >> otto warmbier did affect the president. humanights abuses in north korea were in a state of the union speech. what we saw yesterday or this morninis what he has done time and time again. this was a template that was established on his very first foreign trip. i was he said i'm not here to lecture. i'll respect you, you respect me. he has creeded that bully pulpi american presidents have. american presidents deal with unsavory characters from time to time in the name of strategic interests. but to have it be so blatant, this pragmatism. he said it's rough. it's rough in a lot of places, by the way, not just there.
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it was a moral equivocation that sounded a lot like char s fine with torturing. >> he said to joe and mika that america kills people too when asked about vladimir putin killing. >> he's kind of a wimp in person. his face to face encounters with ign leaders are almost always about slathering kisses. he what ccked the g7 and justin truedeau from his twitter accout on his airplane. >> let's watch him on trudeau. >> when i got onto the plane, i think that justin probably didn't know that air force one has about 20 televisions and i see the television and he's giving a news coerence about how he will not be pushed around by the united states. he learned that's going to cost a lot of money for the people of
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canada. he learned. you can't do that. >> everyone in the world or anyone with that the geo knows there are tvs on air force one. >> the president's tv is always on fox news. >> yeah. i think he monitors some other channels, my reporting suggests. i think it's dangerous to separate out the slobbering kisses for the dictator that runs north korea from the trash talking, the insults, the twitter bashing for america's loest and closest allies. i think it's dangerous and i think it'st he wants us to do. those two international incidents happened as one. >> american presidents have always been able to talk squarely and clear eyed about our interests but also to articulate our values. in every foreign policy situation you're going to tweak the balance between the two. but to totally ignore the fact that america stands for human rights, for democracy, for the freedoms tt we obviously understand and appreciate in our own country and try to
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promulgate around the world. to totally ignore that is really an abdication of a central thing that american presidents have been doing throughout our history. >> that's not new. he didn't speak of freedom in his inaugural address. he has notromised to stand for any d ameran value that other presidents thought were important. to expect him to do anything different with north korea, it just wasn't going to happen. he frankly does not care. he only values the oceanfront property in north korea that has development potential n. >> he didn't speech up face to face with chinese president xi. he didn't even scold duterte from the pilhilippines. also ahead, propaganda video selling north k as a garden spot. it was not made by north korea. it was made by this white house.
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this joint statement does not talk about verifiable or reversible denuclearization. >> yeah. >> is that a concession on the part of the united states? >> no, not at all. if you look at it, it said we are going to -- let's see here. it will be gone. i don't think he can be any more plain than what we're asking. issued related to the establishment of the new u.s./dprk relations to building. we talk about the guarantees and we talk about unwavering commitment to the complete
1:21 pm
denuclearization of the korean peninsula. this is the document that we just signed. >> that i might be looking at for the first time. for a president who claims to have one of the greatest memories of all time, it took a minute tock whether or not nuclearization was part of the signed agreement with north korea. that seeming lack of preparedness speaks to a larger theme we've seen play out over the past few days. big on style, short on substance. joining us now is former cia director john brennan. i was thinking about you last night. i was thinking about your concern that donald trump had been duped by kim jong-un in the way this all came together. very eager to hear your thoughts. >> i don't even know where to start. >> take all the time you need. >> let's start on the positiv side of the ledger, which is compared to six or nine months ago, the level of tension and
1:22 pm
the broad sides going back and forth between the leader of north korea and the leader of the united states, that's not happening anymore. it's brought tension down. i think the prospects for some type of military engagement i think has gone down significantly. that's positive. >> is it enduring? >> well, that's the big question. for now, at least things are on a better keel. but i think it has long-term implications and sequences. what did kim jong-un get? well, he got a fully paid few days in singapore, which he seemed to like and enjoy. he got the world stage. he got to sit person to person with the president of the united states. he got a number of concessions in my mind from the standpoint of having that me but also then mr. trump says we're not going to have war games as he said. when i look at that statement, it couldn't be any more vague or any more benign in terms of there's nothing at all there that indicates that there is a seriousness of purpose on the part of kim jong-un to actually
1:23 pm
go down a denuclearization path. now, i hope that we're going to see more progress and things are going to be happening behind the scenes. right now we can only react to the words in that statement and to the word of mr. trump. at this point, i don't think he has an understanding of the complexities. and he talks about great things are going to happen in north korea. north korea is in many respects an economic basket case. it has no infrastructure. it doesn't have the potential in the near term for any real significant development. yet he's promising resorts and other types of things. it might entice kim jong-un, but i have not seen anything yet that indicates that kim jong-un is seriously going to dismantle ogram, which means dressing the facilities that produce uranium and plutonium. doing away with the stockpile of several dozen nuclear warheads, as well as the facilities that fabricate and machine the
1:24 pm
warheads, ballistic missile facilities, mobile and fixed. there's so much here. so what is the sequencing? you've already heard that china has called now for a relaxation of sanctions as a result of what mr. trump has called a historic summit. relaxation of sanctions for what? >> you've spent your career getting at the why. that's all the what. we understand the why from kim jong-un's perspective. he'd never left the country other to go to boarding school in switzerland. he'd never met with a leader. what is the why for donald trump to stick his finger in the eyes of our six closest allies over the weekend and then to go and literally slobber all over kim jong-un? i talked to two former senior intelligence officials who said not having an intelligence official in that meeting, there's no way he has any idea what their arsenal looks like unless he saw that parade on tv too and liked it as much as the
1:25 pm
frer french one. i'm not sure he knows very much about their arsenal. >> i don't think he knows much about, quite frankly, anything when it comes to foreign affairs, national security. even a thing like the war games, our military exercises with south korea are not just designed to send a signal to north korea, but also to make sure that in the event of more chinese adventurism in the area that interoperaability is going to be there. >> we talk about pulling u.s. troops out -- >> we're not going to play the war games. i wanted to stop the war games. i thought they were very provocative. but i also think they're very expensive. we have to fly planes in from guam. that's of 16 1/2 hours away. who's paying for this?
1:26 pm
>> it sounds like he's parroting north korean talking points.pla? >> the man is way out of his depth. he said that kim jong-un is a skilled negotiator. he is, he's managed to get everything that he wanted in thisirst meeting with president trump. kim jong-un is going to be seen as this accommodating statesman, who is at least according to mr. trump, seriously going to pursue denuclearization. what the why for kim jong-un is that he wants to draw out this process and see whether or not the chinese call for the relaxation of sanctions is going to gain traction. there is a big issue here as far as the sequencing of what you do, we do in order to incentivize north korea's continued movement toward denuclearization and what is the order of those type of steps. >> have you ever seen a bilat
1:27 pm
between two leaders with so free preconditions. there was none of the kind of leg work that goes into a meeting with an exiled nation that went into this meeting yesterday. >> this is mr. trump's impulsivity. hed doesn't nee to prepare much. i'm sorry, there's no way he could have understood the complexity of this issue. my understanding is that he spends very little time absorbing information. >> he doesn't read the pdb. he's not on the same page as pompeo for verification. i believe he's now on a different page as his own vice president on this question of military exercises. do you think he understands the difference between military exercises and war games. >> no, i don't think so. i'm also curious as to what they mean by irreversible. i think we have learned over the years that a lot of the things
1:28 pm
you can, in fact, dismantle, can be brought back together. because you have expertise, you have material. i don't think he understood any of the intricacies of this issue. moreover, i think his credibility is zero. he continually lies to the american people and to the public. so a one on one with kim jong-un as well as the things that he's saying now in the news conference, how can anybody believe what he is saying? >> coming up this summer we have a nato summit where he's going to sit down with the other 27 members of the nato alliance. and they are obviously, as you know, the cornerstone of the nato alliance is our military interoperab interoperability. what's the signal that's being sent vis-a-vis russia in the context of nato if he's now saying i'm not even sure we should have troops in the asia-pacific region? >> i think the signal is he wants to pull back from our
1:29 pm
global commitments and our global presence and our global investments in allies and partners that allow us to be ready to push back against soviet aggression or chinese aggression or other types of aggression. u.s. leadership on the global stage is just totally, totally collapsing. >> hasn't he alrea achieved that? didn't putin -- i don't know who he has high fives around the kremlin. didn't putin have reason to celebrate this weekend with america growing more and more estranged from o closest allies and moving closer to our adversaries? >> absolutely. when i see what mr. trump is doing, i can see mr. putin saying wow this is really great. putin doesn't have to pursue russian foreign policy interests because mr. trump is doing it on his behalf. this row with canada is just, you know, outrageous. >> let me come back to something you testified to shortly after the president's election. you talked about whether wittingly or unwittingly
1:30 pm
russians had aided perhaps donald trump's campaign. is it still your belief and has anything that's happened -- i'm not talking about the mueller investigation. i'm talking on the world stage. do you just chalk it up to a coincidence that russia's getting everything it wantsut of american foreign policy, or think they're calling the pla plays? >> i don't think they're calling the plays directly to mr. trump. i'll give him at least some credit for not being a pawn in mr. putin's hands, at least a witting pawn. but i do think the russians are very, very capable and sophisticated in terms of how they shape messages. just like they did in the presidential election, they know how to get certain information, certain propaganda into the u.s. system. and so unfortunately, i think the types of things that mr. trump is doing is very much consistent with what vladimir putin would like mr. trump to do, again, pulling back from allies and partners and having a
1:31 pm
much less robust u.s. global presence. even things like protectionism in terms of tariffs, i mean it really is making people question the united states is out for itself. it is no longer going to pursue what has been 75 years in the making, which the united states believes that by helping the world security and stability and helping all boats rise, it really is in u.s. national security interests. if we want to take a very myopic and parochial view, other countries are going to say that's really unfair. the u.s. is using its mue ining are going to disadvantage others. putin had bee >> last question. i'm sure you know men like mike
1:32 pm
pompeo and coates and john bolton. do you think it's that they haven't walked into the oval office and articulated that it's precisely what russia wants for america to be estranged from nato, to bexstranged from estra g7 countries. do you think there's a lack of willingness to tell him the truth about russia or a lack of willingness on the president' part to do what pleases vladimir putin? >> these are some smart people. mike pompeo is a smart individual. but i think like many others who surround mr. trump, he doesn't want to displease mr. trump and he believes he is going to be able to influence him. but i think what he's doing is enabling him. he is allowing mr. trump to really put at great jeopardy u.s. national security. but it's time for these people to stand up and get a backbone and say, mr. trump, you are going down a path here that is
1:33 pm
really going to be detrimental to u.s. national security interests. i hope the people in the republican party, particularly those on the hill are going to realize that we have a chief executive who is way out of his depth and is playing with our national security in a very, very dangerous manner. >> tmuch spending some time with us. when we come back, the white house is giving the tourism industry a run for its money with a brand new video promoting north korea as the next big thing.
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history is always evolving and there comes a time when only a few are called upon to make a difference. but the question is, what difference will the few make? destiny pictures presents a story of opportunity, a new story, a new beginning, one of
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peace, two men, two leaders, one destiny. there can only be two results. one of moving back, or one of moving forward. >> i'm sorry, but that was not a tourism video produced by the north korean regime. that was a video created by the white house for kim jong-un and the north koreans. 's how the president tried to spin it. >> we had it made up. i showed it to him today actually during the meeting, toward the end of the meeting. and i think he loved it. we didn't have a big screen like you have the luxury of having. we didn't need it because we had it on the cassette. and an ipad. and they played it.
1:38 pm
about eight of their representatives were watching it. i thought they were fascinated by it. i thought it was well done. i showed it to because that's the future. that very well could b future. the other alternative is just not a very good alternative. it's just not good. i showed it because i really want him to do something. i don't think i had to show it because i think he wants to get it done. >> go. >> it's the best four minutes you'll spend in a while. >> honestly? yeah. >> there were reporters in the room who initially thought it might have been something that the north korean government had put together as opposed to the white house. i mean, it is built like a hollywood trailer. it's like a blockbuster movie with its two central stars, donald trump and kim jong-un. they're the two men who could bring peace to the world. there is even a brief cameo from that pardon ceremony a few weeks
1:39 pm
ago. it is a remarkable -- >> what is wrong with them? what is wrong with them? i saw that. and then i said what's that thing in the corner. that looks like white >> it is. >> what is is wrong with them? >> could you imagine as communications director at the white house if you had overseen putting together a video lik this? >> no. >> i think we had barney cam where president bush's dog at christmas time. but this is just beyond. and the strangest part is the destiny productions, which is apparently the name of a film company out in l.a. they just inserted it into this video. that poor production company has to have this attached to their name too. >> poor production company? i'm guessing the taxpayers paid for that. >> yeah. i mean, every spring thousands of high schoolers make prom proposal videos that have better dialogue and better production values.
1:40 pm
i think it does illustrate some point here, which is that the presidency and department iplom about dialogue. president trump showed he was an utter failure at that at the g7. instead he did the one thing he could do, which is sell condos, sale real estate. he thought this marketing video would be basically in lieu of diplomacy with kim. >> let's watch that part. that's good. let's watch that. >> they have great beaches. you see that whenever they're exploding the cannons into the ocean, right? wouldn't that make a great condo. instead of doing that, you could have the best hotels in the world. >> stop. come out. >> think of it from aeal estate perspective. >> think of it from a real estate perspective. >> i've got to see it again. at the beginning i think he says when the cannons are going off, when they're nuking their
1:41 pm
neighbors. go. >> they have great beaches. you see that whenever they're exploding their cannons into the ocean, right? boy, wouldn't that make a great condo. instead of doing that, you could have the best hotels in the world right there. think of it from a real estate perspective. you have south korea, you have china and they own the land in the middle. how bad is that, right? it's great. >> when they're testing their intercontinental ballistic missiles, what a spot. it could be like boca. just like boca. what is that? what is wrong with him? i want to bring back the mocha test. i want ronnie jackson under oath on capitol hill. what was that? >> you know one day in the oval he said to his people we should really produce a video and make it like a hollywood trailer. you know, he's this, he's that. together they are -- >> watching an icbm test the
1:42 pm
first thing i thought was let's make boca. >> location, location. >> it opens a critical window into how donald trump views the world. he looks at it in transactional financial terms. he doesn't see an icbm that could wipe out the united states. he sees that's some prime real estate and maybe i could convince him to stop blowing up the intercontinental ballistic missiles. >> i actually think the video is for him. i think the staff put it together to convince him that he could be a superhero in this dialogueh kim jong-un. that's what this was all about. they're trying to show him in a communication strategy that he can understand. >> every real estate ceo has movie making fantasies. i'm sure that donald trump thinks that, yes, he should produce this video to save the world. >> let me ask you a serious question, though. where are the freaking grownups? how did that happen? >> the charitable explanation is they know kim jong-un is a fan of western pop culture. maybe they thought that would
1:43 pm
resonate. it is a degree of absurd propaganda. >> whatever you think of him, he's not a man that permits something like that to happen on the world stage. neither is mike pompeo. whatever you think of these mme men -- what's going on with the grownups? >> i can't explain this. this is not only a waste of taxpayer money, but i think it sends entirely the wrong signal about what the future is. the future is going to be about very hard work, very diligent efforts to hold north korea's feet to the fire. deadly serious and sober. we better buckle our chin straps and settle in for a very bumpy ride with the north koreans. >> i think you're wrong. michael cohen is busy. they're going to go -- >> that's why when people think it's drug louriridiculous, just
1:44 pm
the video. >> this is a president, he thinks he makes deals. well, he doesn't actually make deals. he just kind of gives things away and shakes hands. it's all about building hotels and real estate and growing the trump organizati we're going to talk later about his kids making $80 million this year while they worked at the white house. it's so detached. even with all of the corruption and craziness of trump, there is going to be no trump tower of pyongyang. this is a country that is many decades away from having a beautiful beach front trump resort. >> it's been i believe possible to separate our national foreign policy, what that is from whati family financial interest. we are not able to distinguish the two is a dark cloud that is
1:45 pm
hanging over everything this administration is doing. >> as ron just mentioned, jared kushner and ivanka's unpaid dpidpigigs in the white house are paying quite well. it took guts to start my business. but as it grew bigger and bigger, it took a whole lot more. that's why i switched to the spark cash card from capital one. with it, i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy. everything. and that 2% cash back adds up to thousands of dollars each year... so i can keep growing my business in big leaps!
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♪ i love you baby applebee's 2 for $20, now with steak. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood. despite being unpaid advisors to the president -- i'm still laughing about the video. i'm sorry. okay. get it together. jared kushner and ivanka don't get paid as advisors the presidenbut their wealth is still growing. the couple's total income last year was between 82 and $222 million. they're doing quite well. they get paid the same as interns but they're still getting rich. >> it's not just that they're getting rich. we should also talk about how they're getting rich. $4 million in ivanka's take from the trump hotels in washington, d.c. it literally is like putting a cash box in the west wing.
1:49 pm
>> right. >> foreign lobbyists, political allies have events at the trump hotel that go straight to her pocket. $5 million from licensed products with her name that the chinese government has granted new copyright protection to. yes they're getting super rich but they're also trading on the name, the white house, the power of the presidency. >> do you think that the public just can't get their brain around the emoluments clause and this is all too hard to understand how the president and his family could have these financial -- why do you think this doesn't get more attention? >> i don't know. i certainly know that if secretary clinton got a few more votes last november and chelsea clinton made $80 million and worked in the west wing, washington, d.c. would be set on fire right now. you know, maybe people just expect less from trump. maybe this is kind of like we knew what we were getting. he's in it to cash in. his family's in it to cash in.
1:50 pm
this has really gone -- there's no precedent for this in any prior administration. >> and i guess the difference between ivanka trump and eric and donr is she was supposed to separate herself from the businesses. she' from trump industry. >> it's still benefitting from this. i think your point is right. i think it's a combination of, donald trump made no secret on the campaign that he lived his whole life trying to make every last dollar. that's part of the appeal. some of his vote rs say if he takes a bit along the way, it's okay. and it's als drowned out by everything all day. your average voter can'trasp it all. >> i think this ideal that people didn't expect anymore from this family is central. the bar was so low. >> i think that corruption is the greatest political liability that america faces.
1:51 pm
just today a new survey from the oecd was out about people in 15 different countries see as the greatest political risk as corruption was number one. i can't believe that'sctually feel about my own country that corruption is directly at forefront of everything this administration is doing. just tonight mike pence is hosting faunds raihost ing a fund raider at the trump hotel. that's money being funneled to the president. >> they don't give any of theeds things away for free. we'll be right back. oh, you brought butch. yeah! (butch growls at man) he's looking at me right now, isn't he? yup. (butch barks at man) butch is like an old soul that just hates my guts. (laughs) (vo) you can never have too many faithful companions. that's why i got a subaru crosstrek.
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so many tweets from the president. he's on his way back from e after unbelievable trip. great progress was made he tweeted on the denuclearization of north korea. hostages are back home. we'll be getting the remains of our great heroes back to our fe families. got along great with kim jong-un who wants to sew wonderful th s things thing things for his country. >> as we come around the bend on the hour, let's get back to the principal he diplomacy is good. we want the president to talk to our adversaries and have the
1:56 pm
back of our allies. we like that. some of the spin in the tweet that's no research happening. that's just not true. we'll have cut through the spin. we'll have to cut through some of the misrepresent tation abou what is in and not in this deal. sglo t >> the north koreans have said nothing. >> they have signed a very short statement of principals. >> we have to sneak in our very last break. don't go anywhere. we'll be right back. but for cyber criminals it's plenty of time
1:57 pm
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my special thanks to my friend who is got me through the hour. mtp daily starts right now. nicole, we got to celebrate the caps, stanly cup. congratulations to the warriors. >> you are such a big person. thank you very much. you'll win next year. >> it was well deserved. we'll see. lebron needs oo la lot more hel. >> i think he's going to houston. >> i think he stays in cleveland and chris paul, from houston, comes to cleveland. if it's tuesday, with friends like these, who needs allies. >> tonight, does a dictator debut with the leader of the free world cross a line between history and infamy. >> he's a very smart guy. a great negotiator. he loves his people. can the u.s. really hold north korea to its denuclearization promises?


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