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tv   MTP Daily  MSNBC  June 12, 2018 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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my special thanks to my friend who is got me through the hour. mtp daily starts right now. nicole, we got to celebrate the caps, stanly cup. congratulations to the warriors. >> you are such a big person. thank you very much. you'll win next year. >> it was well deserved. we'll see. lebron needs oo la lot more hel. >> i think he's going to houston. >> i think he stays in cleveland and chris paul, from houston, comes to cleveland. if it's tuesday, with friends like these, who needs allies. >> tonight, does a dictator debut with the leader of the free world cross a line between history and infamy. >> he's a very smart guy. a great negotiator. he loves his people. can the u.s. really hold north korea to its denuclearization promises?
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>> i think the threat of nuclear conflict went down last night. >> what if the president is wrong? what happens then? >> maybe six months from now he's say he's wrong. >> i don't know if ever ever admit that. i'll find some kind of anc se. th is mtp daily. it starts right now. good evening. the summit in singapore was certainly a lot of theater involving president trump and kim jong-un. that certainly better than armed conflict involving president trump and kim jong-un. while it's a good thing that we're not on the brink of nuclear war, let's acknowledge that we never seen this before. i'm not just talk about a u.s. president shay shaking hands with the leader of north korea. i'm talking about the fact we have a president who seems intent on making friends out of our enemies and perhaps enemies
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out of ourfriends. have you ever seen a u.s. president, not just meet with a ruthless de ruthless dictator like kim jong-un but shower him with praise arve wafter ward. >> he's got a great personality. >> you trut trust him? >> i do. i will be inviting chairman kim at the appropriate time to the white house. >> it's a funny guy. he's a very smart guy. he's great negotiator. his country does love him. you see the fervor. >> anybody that takes over a situation like he did at 26 years of age and is able to run it and run it tough. very few people at that age you can take one out of 10,000 probably couldn't do it. >> tough included poisoning his half brother. have you seen an administration talk about the leader of north
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korea like that? while then talking about the the leader of canada like this? >> there's a special place in hell for any foreign leader that engages in bad faith diploma with president donald trump and trying to stab him in the back on the way out door. >> he's giving a news conference about how he will not be pushed around by the united states. that's going to cost a lot of money for the people of canada. >> today peter navarro kind of sort of apologized. he said his message was appropriate but the language he used wasnot. moving on. you ever seen a protect talking about protecting regime about north koreas while making them rich. >> they have great beaches. you see that when ever they are exploding their cannons into the ocean. i say look another that view. wouldn't that make a great condo. i said you can have the best hotels in the world right there.
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>> have you ever seen an administration talk about bidding up north korea like that while talking about tearing down our closest allies like this. >> it was discussed relatively briefly compared to denuon but they will be doing things >> he starves them. he's brutal to them. does he se people? >> he's doing what he's seen done. >> you seem him do it seemingly out of spite, insist a hostile power like russia be excused for ding another country and justify a human regime atrocity within three days. if you seen a president suggest he's totally misplayed his hand, make something up. >> i may stand before you in six months and say, hey, i was
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wrong. i don't know that i'll ever admit that but i'll find some kind of an excuse. one more. come on. >> joined by tonighs staffer. welcome all. i would say an a list panel for this. i'm appreciative of that. susan, i'll start with you. i want to set things up on what you thip was real from this and what was it. here's the president's explanation about taking north korea's word. take a listen. >> how do you ensure that north action? >> i think can you ensure anything. can i ensure you're going to be able to sit down properly when ? you can't ensure anything.
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all i can say is they want to make a deal. >> so, is this the same deal that every other president passed up that donald trump is taking and he's the first one to take a deal like this? or is he doing something different? >> we've made not only a deal like this but a better deal with nortrea before that they have broken. the six party talks included an agreement not only for verified denuclearization but the idea they would halt all plutonium enrichment. he spoke about this was a comprehensive agreement but it's a series of fourhort bullet points. the word verified is nowhere in it. north koa has many, many times not just under kim jong-un but his father and grandfather promised denuclearization in ways that suggest when he says the word denuclearization it
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doesn't mean the same thing. >> i don't think they agree on the same definition. >> absolutely. the definition is two. previous presidents have debated doing exactly what trump the only difference now is that unlike his father and grandfather, this kim actually already has not only nuclear weapons but an arsenal of nuclear weapons that reach the united states. he's earned his summit by doing exactly what we tell over >> you're given the benefit of doubt on this. president obama does the exact same thing, would you be giving him the same benefit of doubt? >> no. 16ar weapons changes it. i would say that phillip rutger, they were saying there was a pep in the step of the president after this.
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he was nicer to the media that he's been because there's a lot that was explicated fromtext >> there's nothing in the text. you couldn't create legislation out of it. >> he said there will be americans on the ground. he said we will suspend military exercises. he said a lot of things that are not in the text. if michael pompeo comes back and lays out specifics when if it doesn't, we'll know within months. not seven years but very quickly. >> i suspect the president is going to be declaring this to be grea victory. a month from now and six months from now because he is allowed himself that wiggle room. you have to be kind of willing fly blind to the history of north korean behavior and american agreements to think that this is a great victory for the united states today. the victory such as is is we're no longer, at least for
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the moment, at the brink of nuclear war but who got us there. the north koreans and donald trump with vetheir language. this is an empty agreement. an empty agreement combined this shameful failure to hold him responsible for the atrocities that he and h family have committed on his people. >> republican senators clearly were uncomfortable on the president's praise of kim jong-un today. take a listen to what i would call tepid responses. >> he talked about how he is loved by his people. >> look, again, i think that's the style of president trump is to -- that's his style. >> i'm not sure i want to question the president's conclusion when he night know about it more than i do. >> can we trust the north korean sns. >> the president said i do trust
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him. >> i think he's trying to be cordial. >> do you think kim is very talented? >> i have no earthly idea. >> i got to add marco rubio's tweet. one more thingut kju, i know powe t potus is trying to butter him up. he's not talented guy. he's a total weirdi who would not be elected assistant d dogcatcher is any democracy. >> i think the irony is lost thatse are very similar to the words that marco rubio used to describe the trump family and their arrival into business. listen to the incredible obvious anguish and discomfort of these republican senators. they are being called out as enormous hypocrites. this is one of those terrible sort of naked emperor in the room moments for people who spent years, years talking about
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the atrocities of north korea. the failure of not just democrats but our national security establishment, correctly, to really address it. it was really more of a problem that we contained. stuff like the statue of democracy weeping over the capitol here. this is shocking and embarrassing for americans. >> the difference between '94 and today is 60 nuclear weapo exist. what lindsey graham said to me as well today is the conditions on the ground change opinion he. he's a ganger. >> is it right to suck up to him and he believes in his people, he's good for he's people? >> only in six months from now if he denuclearized. >> let me throw somebody up in nix so you're not just beating up hugh. >> he can take it. >> there's congressman pompeo and secretary of state pompeo. i want to put up couple from
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congressman pompeo. congress pompeo kroet the obama administration has a penchant for giving unilateral concessions. this hallmark of the obama-clinton foreign has resulted in some of the most dangerous forge policy decisions america had made. that's him in march of '16. where did president obama go. the republic of cuba. president obama is giving fidel castro a huge public relations coup. there's a reason no one has visited for 88 years. that was congressman pompeo. this is the big criticism of this president. you gave kim jong-un the greatest propaganda gift his father and grandfather have dreamed of when they were alive. >> the facts on the ground have changed with these missiles. i'm all for kind of being realistic about that. you did not have to give him
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what you gave him. all the pomp and circumstance of a summit without any concessions on his part, any concessions on his part. even if you're going to do that because you had som theory of art of the deal and i'm the one who can get it and will nail down those details later, to lavish him with the kind of praise he was lavished with. >> the if on the other hand in six months it will not take a launch. one launch; test, the deal is a sham. if it were provable i might be able to swallow the rhetoric and i don't believe that was
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necessary to get this. >> i agree. when president obama went to cuba he still talked about human rights problems. you couldrgue about whether it was a good thing or bad thing for him to do it, but he didn't pretend as if there was no oblem. this was fantasy land of happy north koreans with their soon to be built condos. >> hughu you're a great admirer of ronald reagan. i might not have thought this at the time but the truth is reagan did exactly the opposite of we're talking about with trump. he was able to find way to negotiate with the soviet and be tough and also to preserve a line and a vision of human right and democracy and what america is about. that's the point i wanted to actually make is not so much on the nuclear front. we all agree we don't know enough yet to know on nuclear piece of it. if you combine the vents of the
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last few onald trump does not believe in the same vision of american leadership that ronald reagan beli in. >> is american exceptionalism dead in the era of donald trump? >> absolutely not. >> he doesn't as a moral leader. >> i think he views us as the one and the only. >> he says everybody does bad things. we do bad stuff to. >> he was doing the press conference called out kim jong-un for the people that might be helped by this.
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lindsey graham said it, if you play donald trump, that's the end of your game. i believe we're at a path where we ought to be talking about if he does cheat because i think it's military conflict. >> why would they think having done that rather successfully, now they've got, as you pointed out, the missiles and warheads to back it up. >> john bolto on made his career in the '90s bashing bill clinton and his too hopefulness of the koreans. >> not to mention george windchiw. bush. >> what's the incentive if your a rogue dictator? >> be prepared to see iran dealt with. >> stick around. this discussion is going to continue. promises, promises, the agreement with north korea signed, but what is it? we'll talk to someone who knows that region better than anyone else. her salon was booked for weeks,
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gentlemen, i have just received word! the louisiana purchase, is complete! instant purchase notifications from capital one . technology this helpful... could make history. what's in your wallet? we have developed a very special bond. people will be very impressed and happy. we're going to take care of a very big and very dangerous problem for the world. >> welcome back. as we've said and you just heard there, president trump struck a triumphant note but pledges of nuclear disarmament remain vague despite declaration offense a new friendship. north korea doesn't have a great track record when it comes to upholding agreements when it comes to its program. why will this time be any
2:21 pm
different or will it be any different? i'm joined by an msnbc dmacy expert. good to see you, sir. >> thank you. >> let's start with is. why did kim jong-un come to this summit? >> well, i think he came to the summit to sit on an equal basis with the president of the united states. to have the north korean flag interconspira int interspersed with american flag and become the great leader that he wanted to be. this is just pennies from heaven from the north koreans. their propaganda will be full of this for a long time. i think he's done well. he hasn't given up anything. i think your last panel pretty much nailed it on that agreement. i was up watching the moment when the president came in and kim jong-un came in to do the signing and nobody knew what
2:22 pm
they were about to sign. werey exchanging autographs. it was really odd.ed applauding. i think we ought to just forget about this thing that was signed. this awful document and then turn it over to pompeo and say, okay, mike, you got to run with the next phase of this and put together some kind of action plan and go to work and, i don't think he's going to get any help from the national security advisor, john bolton. i think it's kind of in pompeo's now in the hot seat. he's going to have to take this somewhere. i think the first question they're going to have to ask is what do they want to do with south korea, japan, china? >> let me go to south korea and ask you this because it seems to be news to the south koreans that president said he would no longer call off war games and he called them because they're very
2:23 pm
provocati provocative, number one, i'm curious of what you thought of that language that the president chose to use to describe military exercises between the united states and south korea but second is it laalarming tha the south koreans didn't know that was on the table? >> it is. the fact he gave it way to a meeting in north koreans and gave the north korean explanation for this war games. what they are is annual exercises where we test the ability of u.s. troops to work with their south korean counter parts. they are peaceful exercises designed for the purpose of dealing with north korean invasion and the north koreans have nothing to fear from this. for the president to take the north korean line, and say this is something we're going to get rid of and then he makes the frankly, bizarre argument that they cost a lot of money. well, they may cost a lot of money but they cost nothing compared to a war.
2:24 pm
once again, i think it was was kind of shocking. i hafriends in south korea who were just horrified that out of blue comes the fact they're not only cancelling exercises but he also made the point he's made before but kind of chilling to see him make it in singapore after meeting with the north koreans that he wants to bring the troops home any way. >> you sound pretty skeptical. you're septembkefical they will up nukes. is it possible the president has stumbled upon a strategy here that might work? what has done that you said it's not what i would have advised but maybe withhis weird leader in north korea it might work. >> first of all, i'm skeical and at least of the view it's going to be very difficult to do
2:25 pm
this. i'm absolutely of the view this should be u.s.olicy to make new york get rid of those nuclear weapons. in negotiation it's always easier if you can be closer to your interlocketer than further away. for all the people who think we ought to be standing at a distance shaking our fists at the north korean, try it sometime. it's not a very good way to negotiate. i kind of understand what he was doing. obviously some of the stuff was over the top and the whole issue about human rights, it was a non-issue in the whole summit. i think what has to happen now is pompeo has to figure out a regional strategy. he's got to sit down with the chinese who are not disinterested by all of this. he's got to sit down with the south koreans and japanese and come up with something. obviously, the president doesn't want to hear about six party talks. that was so george w. bush. he just doesn't want -- >> that's multilateralism.
2:26 pm
no. >> he thinks he can pull this off by himself. i think pompeo or secretary pompeo should understand he needs chi and needs these other partners. by the way, i mean i wouldn't get going about t beachither but i think there can be a compelling case to be made to the north koreans that their lives are going to be miserable as long as they hold onto these nuclear weapons. >> would this have happened without ali liberal government south korea. at the end of the day the south koreans control this process. this government wants peace. i don't know at any price but at many prices. without it president trump wouldn't have this much room.
2:27 pm
>> with due respect to mr. rhodes, i think it's far more complex than that. there's the government invested in the idea of reaching out to the north koreans. in this case it was a progressive government invested in the idea of kind of pulling donald trump back from the ramparts and getting him to engage. i get that. it's also a progressive government as with any government in south korea who understands that the bedrock of that country's militarytrength is its relationship with the united states. i can imagine the sleepless night. mentioned he had a sleepless ni that moon ja in had. as the president said war games. this is a big problem for the south koreans and is the guy whose got to get serious and fix this.
2:28 pm
usually when you've had 3,000 years dealing with someone you get a sense of their patterns. i think the south koreans have liked this distant alliance that we have. we're pretty good ally partner. we're not looking for territory. we're pretty good partner to have. we've helped make south korea have one of the most capable militaries in the world. not to speak of their economy. the problem now is going to getting back to some kind of work plan and again, i would just trashhat thing that was signed. as someone who worked on the six party statement, worked every word of it and still had john bo bolton come after us, it's just amazing. >> i think we all have diplom
2:29 pm
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welcome back. if the trump administration wants o cut a lasting deal with north korea they'll probably going to have to sell it to congress. the lack of a deal is what ended up sinking president obama'sdea. what does congress think? joining me is somebody who took the lead on taking on president obama and the iran deal. it's arkansas senator tom cot n cotton. i'm curious what he thinks of this deal now. welcome back to the show. >> it's good to be on with you. >> i've seen what you've said to hugh. i know you're cautious skeptic or optimistic congress. what is the role you have congress to play on this deal or do you want it to be just as stringent as with the obama administration. >> we don't yet have a deal. we have commitments to
2:39 pm
denuclearize. as the president said it's going to take many months to negotiate that out with secretary pompeo leading the negotiations on our side and we should be skeptical because of the kim family long history of duplicity. whatever happens, i think it will be a durable agreement and it will have longevity that other agreements in the past, the senate ratifies it add treaty. secretary pompeo says he wants to do that as has the president. when you get 67 senators to disagree to anything, that represents a widespread broad, bipartisan agreement among the american people. that's the way to have a durable, stable, lasting agreement with north korea and kim jong-un is serious about his commitments. >> i want to bring up a statement you put out about a month ago. you wrote this. north korea has a long history of demanding concessions merely to negotiate while past a administrations of both parties have followed through this, i
2:40 pm
commend the president on seeing through the fraud. you put out the statement is that 48-hour period where the president cancelled the summit. then it went back on. it looks, to me, as if the president gave concessions in order to negotiate which is what you were hoping he wouldn't do here. what do you think changed? >> i think the main point is that the president hasn't given any concessions on the most important measures we have that brought north korea to the negotiating table which is our maximum purchase of sanctions. the meeting today was a meeting that needed to occur on a face-to-face basis. past administration of both parties have been too willing to relax sanctions on north korea for the fact of sitting down to start negotiating or for easily reversed promise. that's what president trump and secretary pompeo said we will
2:41 pm
t do and i don't expect we will in the months ahead.>> the concession, as far as some are concerned, number one calling off military exercises with south korea and number two, calling them provocative and war games which is the rhetoric of china and north korea. >> chuck, i think the secretary of defense has since come out and said he was aware of the president's decision and he suorts it will maintain full readiness. we continue our day-to-day exercises with south korean troops. the single biggest exercise we conduct with south korean troops just occurred about a month ago. we'll have 10 or 11 months before the exercise begins begin to know whether kim jong-un is keeping his commitments. >> doesn't like you would have advised the president to put that on the table in this first meeting? >> i would have said we should
2:42 pm
continue to negotiate at the ministerial le the biggest single exercise happens in the spring. it will happen in about 10 to 12 months again. >> the president does seem intent on getting the u.s. military out of that region. out of south korea. i was talking to ambassador hill as he said there's 3,000 years of historical evidence as to why the koreans aren't intereste in china being their security umbrella and would still like the united states to be that security umbrella. are you concerned the president doesn't believe in the security umbrell umbrellas? >> i think the president recognizes they are our two partner ps p one thing i think
2:43 pm
the president is acknowledges is we do have breakthrough in north korea. not just to denuclearize but allow the korean people to negotiate and finally sign a peace treaty 53 years after the korean war ended and maybe reyou -- reunify as germany did. that's years away. continue our military presence in south korea and japan which is a guarantee of stability in that region. >> i want to ask you about zte. i think you in a bipartisan way have been along the leaders in this and pushing back on the trump administration for cutting a deal to try to resurrect zte. you have said you believe the deathenalty for this chinese telecommunication company is
2:44 pm
good policy. why are they trying fromp this company up? >> it's an arm of the chinese communist policy. for eight years zte ranwild. e became the fourth largest telecom company many the world. when the president took office, he began to change that. they negotiate it down to life without parole. i think the death penalty is the right penalty for zte behavior. >> are you confidence that the president won't veto essentially
2:45 pm
the defense thorauthorization b. >> i am. we have many months to go on this. i'pleased that a hundred senators agreed with me. we still have to negotiate with the house. whatever happens on this bill, the american people need to know that companies like zte are a threat to our national security and a threat to their privacy. >> would you ever use a phone that was had zte service? >> no. i've asked that question of every leader of our intelligence community in open hrings and not a single one have said they would use it. i said that's not fair question. what about members of your church or family or your neighbors? they said they wouldn't recommend for anyone to use a zte telephone or product. >> that does say a lot senator come cotton, republican from arkansas.
2:46 pm
thank you for coming on. >> thank, chuck. we want to update you on the health of the director of the national economic counsel and a former member of the nbc family. he suffered a heart attack tuesday the former cnbc anchor is in good condition. he's expected back at the white house very soon. mild heart attack is the description here. treasury secretary tweeted today that kudlow is well and is in good spirits. we wish him a speedy recovery. cat wa to banter back with you pretty soon. back in a moment. so if you have heart failure, ask your doctor about entresto it helped keep people aliveure, and out of the hospital. don't take entresto if pregnant. it can cse harm or d to an unborn baby. don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren, or if you've had angioedema with an ace or arb. the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure, kidney problems, or high blood potassium. entresto, for heart failure.
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the cloud for smarter business. welcome back. it's tuesday. somebody is voting somewhere. today those somewheres are nevada, north dakota, south carolina, virginia and as we mentioned earlier in the show, maine. one of the cities is south carolina where another sitting member might get forced into a run off for being disloyal to president trump. president trump returned the favor. trashing sanford as mia and nothing but trouble. he went there with this shot. he's better off in argentina. his opponent is out with a last
2:49 pm
minute robocall highlighting the president's pacific ocean and endoee endorsement. we'll be back after the break. her salon was booked for weeks,
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on demand tech support for as little as $15 a month. this week get boise case paper for only $29.99 at office depot office max. we can't do that because we'd be upsetting the president. the president of the united states. i can't believe it, but no, no, no. gosh, we might poke the bear is language i've been hearing in the hallways. we might poke the bear. the president might get upset with us. the united states senate right now on june 12th is becoming a body where we'll do what we can do, but my gosh, if the president gets upset with us then we might not be in the majority.
2:52 pm
>> well, bob corker. he's for context this was he's the one sponsoring this stop president trump from issuing these tariffs act. i don't know how else to call it. he wants congressional oversight over some of these tariffs. i think there's a constitutional argument against it. i understand why some are saying they the idea but. that's one frustrated guy. he is right as to the excuses republicans are giving. they're afraid of trump. >> he is -- it's so fascinating hear that come out in the open because you talk to republican senators and republican members of congress and say why are you not speaking up. they say, my constituents. >> i'll give you two words. jeff flake. >> look at what's goingwith mark sanford. you speak up or you fail to
2:53 pm
express your fieldty to the dear leader and you get tweeted at. >> five minutes senator cotton took a stand against zte. this president with cotton does it. lindsey graham often does it. i think corker checked out. i think jeff flake checked out. they are lame ducks. people who want to be engage, speak like cotton did. >> that's the first time he's truly gone after the president and sponsored legislation and gone here. it's a bipartisan deal. >> i think it's always fascinating right now to see what are the areas where republicans are willing to disagree with trump. i think hugh hass an insight tht
2:54 pm
goes to the tactics. you have to find way to disagree with him on policy but not challenge the alpha male, not get in the donald trump, justin trudeau head space. >> lindsey graham has been good at hthat. >> yes>> lindsey grahaay learne. >> you could argue he's spent a lot of time biting his tongue and doing what bob corker just said on the senate floor. many of these senators it's not as though they are only acting on principal and when they stand up with trump. they are biting their tongues many times when they violently -- >> someone go and say the family separation policy is inhumane and it has to end. it's best done in the oval office. >> what are about the tariffs that are about to re-elect john tester, re-elect joe donnely. these tariffs are having a huge
2:55 pm
political impact in the agricultural midwest. >> we did see something fascinating today which was peert peter navarro dialing back a tad. i see a lotatta boys. >> we need not be the voice of free trade. >> again, which reenforces the point -- >> corker is for retirement. he doesn't have anything to fear. >> right. he should be speaking up even more by that argument. why isn't he? >> senators represent entire states. trump will win the majority of these. >> what a day. thank you all'll be back with
2:56 pm
arguably the biggest day right here in washington.
2:57 pm
we had long deployments in iraq.
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mpb mpblt today was not the day to drain the swamp. the swamp was clogged with tens of thousands of washington capitals fans celebrating this town's first championship in a generation. the stanley cup victory. the city hosted parade of champions down constitution avenue. we hasn't done that a while.
3:00 pm
we didn't know it was a parade of champions because we don't champion anything. loo look at all that red. we'll be back tomorrow. the beat with ari melber starts now. >> i'm hoping someday when i've worked here long enough, you'll take me to a game. >> let's do it. hockey, banseball or basketball. >> you bring sports. i'll bring some lyric. >> i think it's weird for a seattle grunge guy to be such a rap guy. >> thank you. i'll take you up on the rain check. tonight, we have an exclusive set of guests for


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