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tv   Hardball With Chris Matthews  MSNBC  June 12, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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charged and wants a judge to keep a lid on who gets any access to intel from the probe. that does it for me. i'll see you back here tomorrow when dave chappelle and ben jealous are my guests talking about chappelle's first ever political endorsement. as for right now, "hardball" is up next. >> greatest show on earth. let's play "hardball." good evening. i'm chris matthews in washington. an american leader owes his country more than a 24 lash 7 circus of tweets and self-celebration. unfortunately, the latest episode of trump tv, what else can you call it is all sizzle and no stake. ask yourself where is the beef in his meeting with the north korean despot. the answer is kim jong-un agreed
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to let us look for the bodies of american servicemen his regime has hidden for a quarter century. how can you not love a guy like that. what a sweetheart and caring human being this guy kim is. it's apparently enough for donald trump. tonight trump is flying loam after a day of pageantry and theateriatrics in singapore. today he tweeted got along great with kim jong-un who wants to see wonderful things for his country. he complimented him for his great permanent and called kim funny and very smart. a dramatic shift from a year ago when trump mocked him as little rocket man and threatened his country with fire and fury and called for new relations between the two country and a commitment to complete defluke yearization of the korean peninsula. watch. >> i think it's a terrific document. it's a starter but a terrific document. >> they have to get rid of all
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their nuclear weapons? >> i really believe he will. i've gotten to know him well in a short period of time. >> denuking. and he's going to start quickly. i think he's going to start now. >> the joint statement from the to the two leaders fell short of the president's own hype. as the "associated press" put it, rather than a detailed statement filled with concrete restraints on the north it seemed to amount to a restatement of long assumed principles and an agreemo keep talking. north korea's promised denuclearization before going back to a '94 agreed framework. at a press conference tonight, overnight, trump was pressed on how the united states would verify that north korea follows through. let's watch. >> we talk about the guarantees and we talk about unwavering commitment to the complete denuclearization after the korean peninsula. this is the document that we
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just signed. >> did you discuss with chairman kim methods to verify either with the united states or international organizations that very process? >> yes, we did. >> do you have a timetable. >> it will it be verified. it will be verified. >> how will it be achieve. >> by having a lot of people there. >> you defined success of this meeting by north korea giving up its nuclear weapons. >> that's what they're doing. >> can you say why you didn't secure those details in this agreement? >> there's no time. i'm here one day. we're toge for many hours intensively, but the process is now going to take place. >> for president trump, a lot comes down to his newfound trust in kim jong-un. let's watch that. >> i believe that he wants to get it done. >> you trust him? >> i do, yeah. now, will ome back to you in a year and you'll be interviewing and i'll say gee, i made a mistake. that's always possible. a lot of things can change.
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a lot of things are possible. he trusts me. i believe, i really do. he said openly and he said it to a couple of reporters with him that he kno that no other president ever could have done this. he knows the presidents. he knows who we had in front of me. he said no other president could have done this. i think he trust meez and i trust him. >> i'm joined by chief white house correspondent peter baker, bill richardson hop negotd co, with the north korean government before. gordon chung and mieke eoyang. i want to start with peter with the reporting here. do we have any evidence to ains and what major garrett was asking about, any evidence that there was a worked plan f verification of any kind or any kind of agreement along those lines? >> that that has to be the f ma. the north koreans have an
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ested 141 different sites as part of their nuclear program. you can't walk in there and switch off a switch. this is going to be a very complicated negotiation going forward. first of all logistics, what kind of time frame, what kind of declaration give so we would have a baseline and know what we were talking about in the first place. we have our intelligence on it. they've never made a declaration the united states considered to be satisfying. you figure out how do you verify and know they've done the things they're promising to do. this is the beginning of the process, not the end. >> do you have any evidence that the north korean people, have they heard anything about denuclearization? i just saw a wire thing that came out on their government news agency that never mentions it. all it does is say we've agreed to withdraw our irritating
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exercises fromhe parallel. has kim told his people he's going to denuke clearingize. >> the report i just saw from there state television indicated they were emphasize the meeting itself, the fantastic he had this meeting with the american president that he was on a peer level with the american president and didn't talk about due unique clearization. it's not like he's worried about popular support and suddenly they're going to abandon if he gi nuclear weapons. the fact is he could get more popular support if he can deliver some economic benefits. that's the tradeoff donald trump is implicitly suggesting here. showed him a video what a future north korea cook look like, modern and him and economically prosperous. that's the deal here he's trying to get kim jong-un to buy into, a vision of a new north korea more like its southern neighbor. >> governor richardson, you've been through this before,
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positively and sometimes unsuccessfully but you've been great at the particulars of gettle out over there. are we safer now after yesterday? >> well, yes, we a safer in that there's a defusion of tension in korean peninsula. south korea is on a program of bettering relations with north korea. japan is still very jittery because they're susceptible to their missiles. china is helpful on the sanctions but they're trying to keep -- they're weakening them. we are a little better off in terms of tension, in terms of there's a movement towards normalization. the problem is that we got nothing in the area of timeline spes fit and any kind of inspection regime whatsoever. the north koreans obviously resisted. you know, had the administration asked me although secretary
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pompeo did call me once, i would have told them. the north koreans always want us to go firsts in negotiatio then maybe they will do something. we went first and made the mistake and said we're going to stop some of the suspend some of the military exercises with south korea. i would have said do it concurrently, don't give him something right away especially when on the inspection issue on the nuclear, on the missile negotiations, they've gimp us nothing. so in 60 days, if they don't an inspection regime, if they don't have a specific plan for freezing and destroying some their nuclear weapons, they've got maybe 60 or their miff sites or conventional weapons, you know, i think they got the better of the deal. >> let me go to mick cag on this. i was struck by the fact after this 3/4 of a century, since the korean war, the actual fighting stopped, we haven't been able to
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get our bodies back. the most minimal humane thing. let us have our bodies back of was people they killed in that war. we'll let you go look for them about a million bucks a person. this is such a small and even repellent offer to us to say you can go look for the offers. >> it does nothing to address the security threat to the united states as governor richardson said. we're not talking about the missiles that can hit the united states or the nuclear weapons. allowing the united states to search for p.o.w.s and ma's it's important to us but.other countries do that. it's not like we should have to pay for that privilege. when trump says we're going to stop our military exercises we're undermining our own military readiness for the troops there now and their ability to interact with the south koreans in case of war. >> donald trump suspended joint military exercises with the south koreans and referred to the exercises as provocative,
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the same word used by the north koreans taking their side of the rhetorical war here. watch. >> you talk about pulling troops out? >> we didn't discuss that. we're not going to play the war games. i wanted to stop the war games. hought they we very provocative and also very expensive. >> according to nbc, both the pentagon and south korea's military appeared blindsided by trump's statement. his concession. the "associated press" reported trump's own advisers urged him against halting exercises. "new york times" columnist nicholas kristof wrote kim seems toes have completely outnegotiated trump. he doesn't realize this. the cancellation will raise questions among our allies such as japan been america's commitment to those allies. gordon, that's the question. if pirp japanese person reading the papers today, i would say wait a minute, we're not even working together to keep ourselves in shape to defend ourselves against north korea anymore. why did we stop practicing these
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alerts and exercises? >> that would be a grave mistake because our readiness depends on these exercises especially because we very two separate militaries working together.ife we've got to defend south korea and these exercises are critical to that. so i hoperesident trump reverses that decision because that is a mistake that is going to have problems with our chris, you're right about the japanese. you know, they are looking at the united states as being a shelfish power negotiating to protect itself and not japan. there was no mention of the abductees, japanese citizens kidnapped by north korea. there was no mention of that in the joint statement. there should have been. i hope there will be when they come up with a more defintive arrangement. >> peter, immediate 18 on the trump front whereike pence is telling people on the hill we're not going to stop our exercises. what gives? into there was some confusionin
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about that. immediately after that there was a subsequent report saying he didn't say that. i haven't gotten to the bottom of that. it does indicate how ad hoc this whole thing is.usually there's for, there's a way to inform not only the allies who seem caught off guard but your republican alis ali lies on the hill. certainly this confusion involving what the vice president said up there indicates that's sort of what the -- that's how he rolls. he's a freewheeling kind of person, not somebody -- he said he didn't need to prepare for this that he would beak go off his gut. that's what we're seeing. > during his press conference this morning, donald trump spoke about otto warmbier, the american college student imprisoned by north korea and died shortlyer returning home in a coma. let's watch that. >> otto warmbier is a very
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special person and he will be for a long time in my life. his parents are the good friends of mine. without to, this would not have happened. i really think that ot tote is someone who did not die in vain. i told this to his parents, a special young man. i have to say superb parents. special people. ot tote did not die if vain. he had a lot to do with us being here today. >> according to trump the issue of human rights was discussed briefly at the summit and trump thinks kim jung un is committed to making in his country. >> watch that part. >> they will be doing things. i think he wants to do things. >> what would you say to the group of people who have no ability whatsoever to hear or see this press conference, the 100,000 north koreans kept in a network of gulags? have you betrayed them by legitimizing the regime nel pyongyang. >> i think i've helped them.
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now at a certain point, i believe he's going to do things about it. i think they are one of the great winners today, that large group of people that you're talking about. i think ultimately flea they're going to be one of the great winners as a group. >> governor, this is orwellian to talk about how they're going to be better off in the gulags because of this friendly meeting this date he had with the kim jong-un, the dtator and it's a grotesquery to say somehow a guy beaten up, his brain was beat up, comes back barely alive and somehow after the torturing of that guy that somehow led to this summit. what does that mean? morally speaking to say somehow he was, i don't know how to explain why trump would say that. your thoughts? >> i can't understand why he's saying that. i was involved in trying to get otto warmbier back, my foundation, but it was the state department that ultimately did that. you know, the north koreans take
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american prisoners and use them as bargaining clips. . on the whole issue of human rights, it barely was discussed, not just the gulags but issues of torture, issue, a lot of these people are starving. they don't know the how to you coexist. air agriculture, many people are jobless. if you're in the military, and you're members of the elite, yeah, you're taken care of. but i think at the very least, e're going to promise economic assistance, prosperity investment, that has to be tied in like our foreign assistance programs withvements in human rights. allow access 0 and necessity international, human rights watch, the united nations. we don't know how bad things are. i can tell you they're pretty bad even though when i visited eight times, they don't let you the do anything. i once tried to get into the subway. i barely got in to see how
4:16 pm
people are. it's very restricted what you're able to see, full access, unfettered access to determine how we can improve the human rights situation and the life of these people. this is the poorest nation on eah where a lot of people are starving. >> all you have to do anybody is watch any of their prayeds, anytime they come out in public, they look like they're autom maptons. they have to biv totally according to what they're supposed to do in that moment, freakishly controlled by their government. there is no freedom in that country. you can see it every time we get a picture of them in one of their parades. thank you beater baker, gordon richardson and meek yak eoyang. president trump's praise nor kim beats nuclear threats. trump said he trusts him, his country loves him is touch
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hoping to flatter this guy to a deal? plus new reporting how the president is trying to save himself for russian investigation. what does it say his lawyers are in ca hoots with the lawyers for other people caught up in the investigation? i guess he believes in multilateralism when it comes to lee defense. and why trump spent part of the summit talking about e.r.a. deals. he's going to bring sandals i goes north koreaing? and he's punching at robert de niro. finally let me finish with trump watch. this is "hardbl" where the action is. why we've been doing this...forever. my dad has roots in the mountains of northern mexico. home to the strongest runnin the universe. my dad's ancestors were african bantu. i bet they told the most amazing stories. with twice the detail of other tests... ...ancestrydna can show dad where he's from- and strengthen the bonds you share. it's only $69. give it to dad for father's day.
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welcome back to "hardball." following yesterday's hick summit, president trump is headed back to washington right now with a blossoming appreciation for kim jong-un. while in singapore, trump heaped praises on the leader calling him talented and smart.
4:22 pm
let's watch more of this. >> well, he is very talented. anybody that takes over a situation like he did at 26 years of age and is able to run it and run it tough, you'd be very surprised, very smart, very good negotiator. really he's got a great personality. he's a funny guy. he's a very s guy. he's a great negotiator. he loves his people not that i'm surprised by that but he loves his people. i think liked me and i like him and i understand the past and nobody has to tell me he's a rough guy. he has to be a rough guy or he has been a rough person. but we got along very well. >> his country does love him. his people they have a great fervor. >> a lot of the individualism. this seems part of a pattern of this president who praises autocratic leaders and bad mouths our allies. watch him. >> its an a great honor and
4:23 pm
privilege because he's become a president erdogan of turk. he's running a very difficult part of the world. he's involved very, very strongly and frankly, he's getting very high marks. and he's also been working with the united states. we have a great friendship. as countries. i think we're right now as close as we have ever been. >> we've had a great relationship. >> he's killer though.essful. putin is a can ier. >> a lot of killers, we've got a lot of killers. why, you think our country's so innocent. >> that sounds like michael corleoneny new godfather 1? for trump, this was an opportunity to make history but for the north korean leader it was a public releases success cementing his trump-backed legitimacy in the in world stage. i'm jby the certainly
4:24 pm
assistant to president obama and vivian salama a reporter for the "wall street journal." why the praises? i can we got along okay. we talk about communiques like that, constructive talks, the language. he's coming out like a kiss butt. it's outrageous the way he talks. this guy is a killer. >> i see two plainses. one is that trump is jealous of his people. >> bullies. >> it's a natural proclivity towards tough guys. >> he wants to ride around on the horse with his shirt off like putin? >> i think the other possibility is donald trump is a salesman trying to say what does it get to get you in the time share video? what do do i do to get to you sign on the line be? if he wins, it's a great feeling. > you're an old commie like him. he's saying you've got to make this a resort, use your beach
4:25 pm
property. what is this -- what are you talking about in trump's talking like some real estate developer which is what he is? >> he doesn't hide that. he sees these negotiations as boardroom mentality where you have to talk tough. >> do you think wants to loosen up his country and turn it into a resort town? >> many people are rightfully skeptical. i'm sitting here because i'm still recovering from g-7 coverage which i've just done where were still to this day even in singapore when he's coming off had this historic summit, president is still trashing justin trudeau for criticizing him after he left. >> why? >> because he feels that that justin trudeau was unjust in his attack because he did it after the president left. >> those weren't really attacks. it wasn't that tough. >> you it wasn't anything new either. it wasn't something trudeau hanes said before. >> the president was asked why
4:26 pm
he had harsh word for allies like prime minister justin trudeau. watch him explain that. >> what do you say to america's allies to worry that you might be jeopardizing our long-time alliances and worried you might it be treating our friends as enemies and enemies as friends. >> i had a very good meeting with the g-7. we are being taken advantage of by virtually every one of those countries. i have a good relationship with justin, other than he had a news conference had he because he wasn't watching. an airplane and he learned. that's going to cost a lot of money for the people of canada. you can't do that. >> you like that threat? >> that was a serious threat. >> you like that? >> it's petty. this is the president of the united states. we're the most powerful country in the world and treating our friends, the countries that fought and died with us to
4:27 pm
preserve liberty like an extortion racket. it's horrific. >> let's talk about values. i don't want to get too squishy. we believe in values and like democracies, countries where they get to pick their leaders and dump them when they don't like him. we can get rid of jimmy carter and geo and bush. they don't have the freedom to dump kim jong-un. he's a third generation character who inherited a job and probably got it for life. certainly not a democracy. >> this is the debate after the g-7, let's let russia back in. they're economic liberal democracies. russia's a smaller economy than brazil, india, almost the republic of korea. >> why does trump got him in. >> he's putin's ally. >> does he want to be allies with north koreaing? friends? it seems like that's what he wants. he was dating with the idea of marrying.
4:28 pm
i'm not kidding. a pretty good metaphor. he wasn't just saying i'm going singapore. he was talking up a relationship. at least in the beinning he wants to see other people. he's definitely on the path to date him exclusively. he think that's his legacy. >> friends he's made will, erdogan in turkey, putin it, he doesn't like anybody elected. >> putin, x, kim, erdogan and the people he'sting up up on are the germans, british, french, canadians. everything is upside down. >> we're going to need these allies for a lot of negotiations coming forward. we're talking about china tariffs moving forward. the deadline is this friday just to get china everyone had come compliance with some of the demandses there administration is pushing. we need our allies to form unified front. >> ronald reagan believed we were sitting on a hill and believed we were a role model. whatever you think of reagan, he
4:29 pm
loved the fact it was a liberal democracy. people had rights and got roong with the rest of the world. he always tried to get along with the rest of the world. he negotiated. thank you john and vivian. up next, president trump's ers are working with attorneys for other people who n caught up in mueller probe. is that a sign than trp's legal team is worried? he's using multilateral agreements with the other people in trouble with mueller to save himself. interesting. this is "hardball" where the action is. shouldn't drive us apart. but when you experience sudden, frequent, uncontrollable episodes of laughing or crying that are exaggerated ordon't match how you feel, it can often lead to feeling misunderstood. this is called pseudobulbar affect, or pba. it can often lead to feeling misunderstood. ition that can occur from brain injury or certain neurologic conditions like stroke or dementia. nuedexta can make a difference by significantly reducing pseudobulbar affect episodes. tell you doctor about medicines you take. some can't be taken with nuedexta.
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welcome back to "hardball." there's recent developments now in the mueller probe overshad overshadowed in the wake of the president's north korean summit. the daily beast is revealing the president's defense team has a joint agreement for other witnesses allowing the lawyers to share information without violating attorney/client privilege allowing them to pool their knowledge about the prosecution. according to one source for a while the lawyers even had regular conference calls with other lawyers to discuss the investigation. while such agreements are common it suggests trump may it be familiar with the defense strategies of witnesses and defendants including paul manafort who faces a bail hearing and arraignment in friday. on friday we'll learn whether manafort will have his bail agreement revoked which could land him in jail pending trial.
4:34 pm
this is serious. i'm joined by joyce vance, former u.s. attorney and msnbc analyst.ooks to me manafort is going inside and he may not get out ever. >> i thinkhat's a strong possibility. prosecutors don't like defendants who go out and try totacher with witnesses. usually judges don't like that any more than prosecutors do. he could find his bond revoked on friday. >> he's got a hobcyian choice now. he can wait for a pardon with trump, there he is stoically going into and out of court all day or wait and think mueller might get him down to five years. the way mueller is stacking up charges, how can he let him off free including witness tampering? >> it's hard to know what kind of deal mueller might be contemplating giving to manafort. it's unlikely frankly he gets a deal where he doesn't have to do any time in prison.
4:35 pm
depending on the information that he would have to share that could make cases against other defendants, he might get some consideration from the prosecution. >> do you think lawyers and public interest lawyers and public defenders and aclu people, do they think mueller might be throwing the book at this guy in a "hall" way over the top? basically manafort is being squeezed so hard because everybody thinks he's going to be the star witness against trump that, he knows all about it, he was chairman of the campaign and chairman of the convention. he's a russian expert. he must have talked russia a lot with trump. there's so much they're trying to get out of this guy. the way they' going after him is so hard and tough. fair? >> we're having a conversation about criminal justice reform in this country. you know, we're talking abouting whether people should be charged as heavily as they have been and go to yale for as long. i'd say in manafort's case the charges clearly fit the conduct. this is serious conduct.
4:36 pm
this is white collar fraud involving millions of dollars and foreign countries and our international interests. if anyone should be treat this had way, it's paul manafort. >> mcclatchy is reporting new connectibetween russia and then ra which spent an estimated $30 million to boost the trump campaign. according to photographs and an anonymous nra source, several prominent russians summoned putin's inner circle have been identified as having contact with the nra officials ding th2016 uz election campaign. those russians hosted an nra delegation for a week of lavish wining and dining in moscow in december of '15. they include the russian prime minister of defense as well as aleksander torshin who spoke with donald trump jr. five months later at the nra event in kentucky. what's the common interest of the nra and moscow >> that's the $80 million. whetr there was a common
4:37 pm
interest in getting trump elected, then candidate trump elected and whether russian money was illegally funneled into the campaign using the nra as the cutout. >> is that legal? >> that's not legal. you can't use foreign money in a u.s. election and you can't use we would call the nra a straw person someone who looks eligible to make the contribution. you can't funnel money through a prohibited it would be a conspiracy to contribute money if the evidence lends that way. >> the nra have been selling themselves as the patriotic front in this country. that they care about our country more than anybody. now if they're conspireing with patriotic to me. >> they don't and they have denied all of this. the nra reports it has not yet been contacted by mueller's prosecutors to tell their side of the we'll have to see how that plays out. >> up next, the "hardball" roundtable weighs in on trump diplomacy. why was the president talking real estate potential was north
4:38 pm
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welcome back to "hardball." after that historic summit in singapore, president trump was asked about the future of north korea, should kim jong-un give up the country's fugue clear weapons. the president made this sales pitch. >> as an example, they have great beaches. you see that whenever they're exploding their cannon into the ocean, right? i said boy look at that beach. wouldn't that make a great condo. i said instead of doing that, you could have the best hotels in the world right there. think of it from a real estate perspective. have you south k, you have china and they own the land in the middle. how bad is that, right? it's great. >> for more let's bring in the
4:42 pm
roundtable. george wills, nita kumar, and jason johnson from the and msnbc contributor. george, i thought i was listening to a real estate developer there. >> you were. he thinks north korea's beaches are grea yd seecuba. if cuba had in 1959, 1960 decided to open itself up, it would be a tourist meccaen a very wealthy country. turns out the castro brothers weren't interested in that. they had other goals for their dictatorship. the same is true with north korea. mr. trump is demonstrating the ultimate parochialism which is to believe everyone wants what americans want. >> i don't know if tre ready to have their first club med or sandals opening. i'm guessing. what do you think? >> i don't know. he's had the same message for the last few weeks, few months. he didn't a it quite this way. he keeps saying if north korea
4:43 pm
goes through with this deal that it's going to be better for the people there, that it's going to be an economic engine. he hasn't talked about the condos and beaches and the developer stuff. that's what he relates to. he came into office with no other experiences than being a businessman. he likes talking like that. >> this fellow has had many years tomy think about whether he would have nuclear weapons or condos. he's chosen the nuclear weapons in every instance. i think as of today, the north koreans have heard nothing about denuclearization. >> probably not. look, i don't want to see what kind of hotel service comes from prison camps and slave labor which is what kim jong-un has in a lot of places. the particularly disturbing part is this president is like a walking emoluments claus violation. >> you think he's selling his hotels?
4:44 pm
>> of course. he's not talking about marriott. >> trump may have been fawning over kim jong-un but he's got a new adversary in robert neri. deneri slammed trump saying it's no longer down with trump, it's f trump. you can figure out whathat word was. trump punched back writing robert de niro a very low iq individual has received too many shots to the head by real boxers in movies. i wanted himt night and truly believe he may be punch drunk. i guess he doesn't realize the economy is the best it's ever been with unemployment at an all-time high and many companies pouring back into our country. wake up, punchy. george, your comment? >> why are we commenting on that? sfl. >> because the president of the united states has poken about one of the leading actors of our time. >> he's a great actor and probably as ignoranten broccoli about everything outside the celebrity bubble in which he lives.
4:45 pm
he gets up in front of a friendly audience and says what they like to hear. the president reflexively attacks him and four adults are talking about this. >> it's called trolling, it's when people want us to get something to say about them. >> the audience may have loved robert de >> where were you? do you think he have said that about the president of the united states. >> i don't think either of them should have said it. >> how about robert de niro. do you think robert de niro should have said that? >> i don't know. >> i'm willing to say cultural part of this country has got to maintain some nobility in these times so people can know there's an alternative to trump in terms of val unz you don't go to his level. >> both of their audieniences l them. >> grown adults aren't supposed to get on stage and use cuss words. did it get anybody laek order
4:46 pm
change any policies? did it stop jeff sessions? >> i think it helps trump. it helps the resistance. i don't see why these temper tantrums on either side do any benefit to anybody in america policy. >> i was a guest on the late show last night. here's a clip from that show that will cause a little excitement here. go ahead. >> i know you like the movie "man for all seasons." i love that movie about henry viii and about thomas moore, the great thomas moore who died for his religion. there's a great scene when henry viii gets out of his boat and watch how everybody babes. >> i heard you like this. we pull this had clip. show imagine that shaw is trump. >> ha-ha.
4:47 pm
>> that's them. that's the republican party. >> he was a monster, robert describes him as a monster who none dared gain say. >> today these guys are all like mike pence. they do exactly what trump does. >> is that what we're seeing with the republican party after trump met with kim jong-un, they're all applauding him? george, you spoke eloquently about mike pence. >> today about 85% of republicans very, very strong approval of donald trump. that's above the 75% that had the same feeling for ronald reagan at thi point in his presidency. this is a trump party now. >> yes, therefore say no evil about the president. >> we've said ten or 20 times
4:48 pm
something was the breaking point and they wouldn't follow him and they are. that doesn't mean they likeit. they mig have the anxiety about it. >> they're marching in step. they're smiling when told to, applauding when told to. they're not wearing those big hats but short of that acting like north koreans, republicans. >> everybody is goose stepping with positions that they did not like a week ago. they're instep with this president. the been the most important thing from a political standpoint. all of this is about trump. the guy las no coat tails. his behavior works well for him but does not trickle down to the republican party as a whole. if he can take that 87% approval and start moving races. >> we'll see tonight when h we after marksanford today. it makes me like mark today. up next, these three will tell me something i don't know. you're watching "hardball." every way we look out for
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we can help with the financial ones. ♪ ♪ i love you baby applebee's 2 for $20, now with steak. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood. there's a special place in hell for any foreign leader that engages in bad faith diplomacy with predsj. trumpthen tries to back on the way out the door. >> that was white house trade adviser peter navarro on sunday lashing out at canadian prime minister justin trudeau following a fraccious g-7
4:51 pm
meeting. today navarro said his language was inappropriate. >> my mission was to send a very strong signal strength. the problem is that in conveying that message, i used language that was inappropriate and. >> special place in hell for the prime minister. >> basically lost the power of that message. i own that. that was my mistake. those were my words. >> we'll be right back. if you use some of these moves way too often... then you might have a common condition called dry mouth... which can be brought on by many things, like medication and medical conditions. biotène provides immediate, long lasting relief from dry mouth symptoms. it is clinically proven to soothe and moisturize a dry mouth. plus, it freshens breath. biotène. immediate and long lasting dry mouth symptom relief.
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4:54 pm
as the presidential candidate of the libertarian party in all 50 states. >> if it's bernie versus trump, there's an opening somewhere in the middle. >> we posted a story awhile ago how the trump administration is looking into creating erecting tent cities to deal with the increase in the unaccompanied minors coming over the border. this imethingone before but not during the trump administration. they're looking at texas right now. they'll be at military installations. >> you may know the supreme court ruled states can now get taxes off of gambling.this m so biggest educational crisis in america. a study just was done for a 25 cent charge for every dollar bet on the nfl, you could play every athlete at every college in america. >> are we going to have a sports book on politicsing in elections. >> yeah, we can. >> money to be made for us. so-called experts hike me go
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trump watch tuesday, june 12th, 2018. in my old political days, a remember a young candidate coming back from a meeting with the brooklyn political boss. he was overhimself with how well the meeting had gone, how thrilled he was with being in the presence of this tough leader. what did he say his political consultant asked him? he was great. he could not have been more friendly. i can't tell you how wonderful it went. what did he say? did he promise to endorse you? >> it was kind of he said it. he was wonderful. >> what did he say? what did he actually promise to do the old pro kept at it? what did he say. finally the young candidate realized he had been had. he didn't say anything. donald trump has just come away from his big meeting with the north korean leader feeling
5:00 pm
great. what did he get from that boss? what did kim jong-un say about inspections to make sure it's done? the answer is he didn't say anything. thanks for being with us. all in with chris hayes starts right now. >> tonight on allin. >> they have great beaches. you see that whenever threw exploding their cannon into the ocean. >> the president sells america >> think of it from a real estate perspective. >> new confusion what the president agreed to. >> we will be stopping the war games. >> and the high stakes of donald trump's sales job. >> i just raised the stakes. >> new reporting that michael cohen is preparing for arrest. new details on the russian full-court press on the nra. as the trump policy of family separation continues. >> it is so morally wrong what we are doing to these people. >> --


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