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tv   First Look  MSNBC  June 13, 2018 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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new overnight. president trump offers more insight into the meeting with kim jong-un and continues to praise the north korean dictator as lawmakers weigh in on the summit and what comes next. republicans reached a deal to vote on two immigration bills, the full house gop conference is expected to meet this morning discussion. plus republican congressman mark sanford loses his primary after a negative tweet from president trump. we breakdown last night's biggest races. good morning, it is wednesday,
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june 13th. i'm ayman mohyeldin alongside yasmine vossoughian and lewisbu an active night on social media, the president tweeted about meeting with kim jong-un. twice thanking him for taking the first bold step to meet and suspend nuclear tests. he took aim at domestic critics said a ago that said the job couldn't be done begging for conciliation and peace. now that we met and have a great relationship with kim jong-un, same haters shoutout you shouldn't meet, do not meet. he said more in an interview on fox news. >> other administrations, i don a policy of silence. if you said something bad and threatening and horrible, don't answer.
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that's not the answer. that's not what you have to do. i think the rhetoric, i hated to do it. sometimes i felt foolish doing >> strategically you do it. >> yeah, and you gain respect. he is a strong guy. people say what's he like. he has a very good personality, he is funny and very, very smart, he's a great negotiator. he's a very strategic kind of guy. >> talk about the difference between past administrations. >> yes, but i can't say that, i don't want to be the one saying it. at some point i'm sure he'll say it. >> what would he have to do to get sanctions lifted to get the economic opportunity opened up for the people. >> he wants security. i understand that, and he'll get that. he wants to see if they can make that incredible location, it is incredible, between china and south korea. think of it. i'm in the real estate business, think of that.
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how good a location is that. you have china and south korea in the middle of both of them surrounded by water. that's called hard to do anything better than that. it is beautiful land, incredibl land. i think he understands that. i told him about that today. >> meanwhile, reuters reports north korean state media told its audience that president trump agreed to lift sanctions against north korea in addition to providing security guarantees, and that state run media quoted two top leaders gladly accepted each other's invitation to visit the other's nation, yet specifics of the agreement seem to be ahead, lack of detail leads to caution from capitol hill, mitch mcconnell suggesting eventual deal must be submitted to congress, something the president said himself last night. >> i think it would be widespread interest in congress
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for having involvement in this. if the president can reach a significant agreement with the north koreans, i hope it takes the form of a treaty. >> i think it is important to say we don't yet have a deal with north korea. jong-uto kim whatever happens, it will be a durable agreement and long he have tee if the senate ratifies it as treaty. >> otherwise it doesn't mean much. i would think anybody would want it approved by congress. >> lots to breakdown. joining us, nbc international news correspondent cal perry. it has begin to sink in a little bit. what are the big take aways besides the president emphasizing north korea is a great piece of real estate between china and south korea. >> and he understands how planes work. >> and it is a long flight from
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guam to north korea. >> you said it yesterday, military exercises, that was the big thing given to north korea. the thing that's unclear, who knew the president would make that announcement. according to u.s. forces in south korea telling "new york times" we received no updated guidance on execution or cessation of training exercises to include this clause. exercises they add. we will with current military posture until we receive updated guidance. they're not even saying they're cancelling the exercises. >> waiting to hear from jim mattis. >> we heard from the pentagon on a background briefing he was consulted and there's no drama there. all of this is born out of a system where a president is not communicating with department of defense. >> he is waiting to feel, he may have not decided to make that concession until then and there. >> do you think we are expecting too much to expect more than the joint declaration, do you think we were expecting too much and not getting a drawn out plan as
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to what happened. >> we were expecting a show man, a show. th. feels like they went into the room, we don't know what was said in that room, on the call between trump and the president of south korea. there we don't know what was said. we got this big show. kim got a big show. i don't know who benefitted from it more. i am interested if the president was surprised by the -- >> have we heard from north koan state news? >> they're super happy about this. saw papers with full, colorful pictures of the president walking with kim jong-un. a lot of talk abo what the s. gave up, not a lot of talk from north korea about denuclearization. >> interesting to hear members of congress say they have been blien blindsided by the issue of exercises. there's a push to get it ratified. what do u think congress' appetite is for this? >> i get a sense congress is not happy th weren't consulted, ment of defense is not happy they weren't consulted, this is on the heels of
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everybody criticizing president obama for taking everything to congress. >> did they expect to be consulted in the 24 hour period? that's a high expectation to have. >> you look at the state department, we talked about this a lot yesterday, there were no prep meetino level meetings. >> working groups in vienna until this was so tedious, it was none of that. it was led by the two leaders. all right. there's developing news overnight on immigration reform. moderate and conservative house republicans have reached a deal to vote on two competing immigration measures next week, according to paul ryan's office. his spokeswomanidore details. said loirepublicans would discu it later this morning. they sought to force votes on broader range of immigration proposals. republicans unable to compromise
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on a number of points, protections and path to citizenship. sources say conservatives daca participants that would lead to a path to citizenship. moderates ar spectacle. we expect to learn more as the conference takes place later this morning to mark the milestone of the gop's longest serving senate leader, mitch mcconnell spoke t. he said the past year and a half has been extraordinarily satisfying, citing victories on taxes, deregulation, and opening alaskan wildlife refuge for oil drilling. he added that republicans could not have asked for a better partner on the specific matters comes to core republican issues. mcconnell tells nbc indistinguishable from what we would have expected from marco rubio or jeb bush as president.
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kansas senator bob dole served the leadership position over 11 years. a judge ordered special counsel robert mueller's office to tell paul manafort the identity okey fig in the inal case against him. u.s. district court judge added manafort shouldn't have to be surprised at later point by the addition of any name. manafort faces a hearing friday on revoking his bail because of alleged witness campering. in a separate court filing, mueller said foreign efforts to interfere in u.s. politics are continuing, asked the judge to nyvince request by one of the indicted russian companies. special counsel office contends until the russian executive appears before the court, they are not entitled to review any discovery. the battle between the justice department and house republicans is escalating, following a fox news report that claims back in january deputy
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attorney general rod rosenstein threatened to turn the tables on the house intelligence committee. it reportey came during the standoff earlier this year when the committee threatened to hold rosenste in contempt for refusing to hand over documents in the russian investigation. according to e-mailsd by fox news that documented the encounter, rosenstein threatened topoena e-mails and text messages if he were held in committee described it as a personal attack. on-going clash came to a head when conservatives pounced on the attorney general for defending his deputy. >> did the deputy attorney general threaten to subpoena the e-mail or phone records of members of the house intel committee? >> i was not in the room, i can't speak to what occurred. all i can say is people at the -- chris wray was there and did not see it in the
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faion. >> so as a factual matter, you don't think that happened. >> i'm confident that deputy rosenstein 28 years in department of justice did improperly threaten anyonn that occasion. >> what do you think about what you heard from the attorney general? >> almost flabbergasted. what is the attorney general saying? in essence, head of the justice department rod rosenstein was threatening members of the house intelligence committee for doing their job, for trying to get answers for the american people, and the attorney general says that's okay, we're doing just fine. i didn't know he said tha i am like are you kidding me. >> for the attorney general to say he's confident that rod rosenstein did everything right. i'm confident he doesn't know what he's talking about. i'm here to tell you, we're fed up with it. >> cnn reports that rosenstein plans to call on the house to conduct an internal investigation of its staffers. and new reporting that
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president trump's son-in-law and white house senior adviser jared kushner is traveling to the le east week. according to senior u.s. official, kushnerill visit israel and saudi arabia to discuss next stages o the peace effort and crisis in gaza. it doesn't include a meeting with palestinian officials who are refusing to meet following trump's decision to move the u.s. embas to jerusalem. this comes as bloomberg reports that kushner expanded personal ties to the israeli financial firms. according to bloomberg, the most recent financial disclosure shows a line of credit. jumped to as much as 25 million in the year from under 5 million in late 2017. that financial disclosure shows jared kushner and his wife ivanka trump have at least $82 million in outside income serving as senior white house advisers last year.
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ivan >> excited to see what the peace plan looks like when he those efforts going. >> are you? >> not based on what we've seen. republican senator bob corker criticizes members of his own party being afraid to anger president trump on trade. we'll play his message to colleagues. elizabeth warren goes after the health secretary over the price of prescription drugs. those stories and a check of the weather.
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welcome back. senior career lawyer in the justice department resigned in protest of the trump administration move to stop defending the affordable care act from lawsuits filed by states. he worked for doj more than 20 years. his resignation hights
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growing frustration within the department. "the washington post" reports citing people familiar with the matter as a decision made by jeff sessions with white house approval is a bold swipe against the aca which survived this by republicans last year. in a brief last tday and in accompanying letter, they argued because the aca provision requires most amens to carry health insurance will be deemed unconstitutional, consumer insurance protections under the law preemptively invalidated as well. the decision effectively erased years of legal work performed by he and his team for which they received award for exceptional service in 2013. and elizabeth warren faced off with health secretary yesterday at a hearing before the committee on health, education, labor and pensions to hammer down on the proposed drug price impact. may 30th, the president said in
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reaction to release of the drug price and blueprint, drug companies would be announcing voluntary massive drops in prices within two weeks. senator smith and i sent letters to the top ten drug manufacturers to see how many have lowered prices in response to the blueprint. 0 out of 10 said they lowered any prices. 0 out of 10 gave any indication they plan to do so. and in fact 1 out of 10 said prices are going to go up later this year. >> many companies are looking at substantial, material decreases of drug prices. after further questioning, avoided giving direct answer, saying only we're going to work on it. let's switch gears and bring in nbc meteorologist for a check of the weather. bill, what have you got. >> big temperaturehanges for the ea l feel like summer.
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we'll add humidity to the equation. the worst weather in oklahoma and texas with a cluster of thunderss. small hail reported. that's just about over. later today, cold front slides in through the great lakes into pennsylvania and ohio valley. people at risk of severe storms. we will see general thunderstorms, cleveland, columbus, cincinnati. notice storms may try to make it to washington, d.c., baltimore, philly. shouldn't be severe by the time they make it to new york city. here's the timing of the mess. this is:00 p.m. this evening. there's the cold front. you can see little dots. those are individual thunderstorms out ahead of the front. not everyone will get hit and have afternoon plans rained out. especially central new york and central pennsylvania, best chance for storms. by 8:00 p.m., nothing by d.c. and new york. if anything, try to blow through 10:00 p.m. to midnight. come, that front sags through the carolinas, hit and miss
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storms on the gulf coast. should be dry through areas of the ohio valley. storms today, areas getting it are dry tomorrow. how about the heat. 98 in dallas. salt lake city, 97 excessive heat warnings for phoenix and many areas in the desert southwest. could hit 113. the heat is the story, guys. it will spread east by the weekend. >> thanks for that. still ahead, dualing championship parades, one on the west coast, one on the east coast. tell you about both next in sports. i was just finishing a ride. i felt this awful pain in my chest. i had a pe blood clot in my lung. i was scared. i had a dvt blood clot. having one really puts you in danger of having another. my doctor and i chose xarelto®. xarelto®. to help keep me protected. xarelto® is a latest-generation blood thinner that's... proven to treat and reduce the risk of dvt or pe bld clots from happening again.
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nextera energy. welcome back. time for sports. we begin in oakland. second year in a ro bay area celebrated the golden state warriors. confetti flying everywhere. they finished a four game sweep of lebron james and the cleveland cavaliers last week in the finals earning the team's third title in four years. steph curry looking very happy. on the east coast, hundreds of thousands took to the streets to celebrate stanley cup champion capitals. they went down constitution. all looking packed there on the mall. as summer approaches, nfl teams gear up for the new
2:24 am
season. indianapolis colts quarterback andrew luck made longawaited appearance at the colts mini camp, throwing the football in front of the media the first since october. he had surgery in january of 2017, said he has no doubt he will be ready to start the opener against the bengals september 9th in what will be his first regulare since end of the 2016 season. big pay day for former running back reggie bush after a jury ordered rams to pla the player $12.5 million over an injury suffered in a game in 2015. that's when he was playing for the 49ers, suffered a season ending knee injury slipping on what they called a ccret ring on the sidelines. attorneys for the team said they plan to file a motion for new trial. turning to major league baseball. freddie freeman had a six run,
2:25 am
sixth inning against the mets with leadoff homer to right field. the grand slam stretches the lead. they go on to beat the mets 7-2. >> question for you. how many championships until we call the warriors a dynasty to be put up there with some of the greatest teams like bulls, lakers. >> doesn't three do it? that's what i thought. >> i don't think that's enough. but they're making a strong run, being there four years in a row. >> i think cal perry is itching to get in on this. >> we're going to talk about the washington capitals. >> how about the amount of people on the mall for the washington capitals. >> can we get a se by side? >> looked more than the inauguration crowd. >> thanks for that.
2:26 am
still ahead. how president trump caused confusion among members of his party over his surprise announcement the u.s. would stop holding what he called war games. and rare apology from member of team trump. what navarro says about his comment there's a special place in hell for justin trudeau. yep. he said that. that's coming up. ♪ bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens ♪ ♪ brown paper packages tied up with strings ♪ hese are a few of my favorite things ♪ ♪ ♪ hese are a few of my favorite things ♪ the blade quality you'd expect from gillette... at a price you wouldn't. the new gillette3 & gillette5. available now for $7.99
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welcome back, everybody. i'm yasmine vossoughian alongside ayman mohyein and
2:30 am
louis burgdorf. one of the biggest take aways from the singapore summit was president trump's announcement he was halting the war games the u.s. holds with south korea. during the post summit news conference said it is provocative and cited costs in reasoning. during a briefing yesterday, vice president mike pence said those military exercises will continue, according to one of those in attendance. >> i think what the vice president said today will continue to clarify what the president talked about, exercises will continue with south korea. look forward to further comment and clarification from the president when he gets here. obviously exercises are important, men and women on the korean peninsula remain important. >> mixed messaging there to say the least. and he later tweeted the vp was clear, regular readiness training and exchanges will
2:31 am
continue, later adding pence said war games will not. senior administration official clarifying the vp said while the biannual war game exercises would cease, readiness training will not. so on capitol hill republican senators were not as eager to share president trump's respect for the north korean dictator. >> do you think we can trust t north koreans to live up to promises they made? >> the president said i do trust them. >> i think he is trying to be cordial. >> do you think kim is very talented like the president said? >> i have no comment. >> i am a senator, not commander in chief. off a secretary of state talking to kim for three or four times
2:32 am
over long periods of time. i could not draw that conclusion, but i'm not sure about the president's conclusion when he might know more about it than i do. >> i know potus is trying to butter him up to get a good deal, kju is not a talented guy. inherited family business from his dad and grandfather, he is a total weird oh who would not be selected assistant dog catcher in any democracy. we're getting word the president is landing at andrews after a long trip. very exciting 24 to 48 hours for the president it seems. cal perry back onset. >> that's how planes work. they land back.
2:33 am
>> this was a long flight compared to guam. >> you really loved that. let's talut somef the pos, take aways that we have from this time in singapore. >> if you're a trump supporte one of the things you want is the u.s. to withdraw from around the world, become more isolationist, this did it. the thing that separates the u.s. from other kunls aroucount our allies, countries that stand with us as we execute our foreign policy around the world. south korea stood with the united states in every conflict since 1953. but donald trump was clear in his campaign, very clear to supporters, he wants to withdraw the u.s. from around the world, bring u.s. troops home at any cost to another country. is it america first or america alone. right now, it is the sort of the latter. >> good point on twitter yesterday, it is not as if any
2:34 am
other u.s. president could not have made the same choice to meet with kim jong-un. >> right. we heard president obama when he was debating this saying he would, and he was ripped for it. he was lambasted for it. he was really taken out. john mccain specifically who it it is important we talk to our enemies. you're not going to make peace with your friends. the question is is this any kind of lasting deal. >> how do you think reaction is from allies when he called trudeau distant and weak and hearing this praise on a leader he met for a handful of hours, saying he is a tough negotiator, talented, gracious. >> we had a peaceful border with canada. if this deal was to take any shape or form like the iran nuclear deal which was a thorough deal, at some point you need inspections. who are we calling to do inspections, french or
2:35 am
canadians? probably not. >> perspective is that this is not the end of negotiations, this is just the beginning. the jcpoa was culmination of two years of ground work and secret negotiations d of fli the script. that's why concessions you made with stopping the military exercises, working to open the country economy with legitimizing kim jong-un with the fact he is going to ultimately be meeting with the russian president, the fact that he met with the chinese leader twice. all those things have been put on the table. >> and continuing to talk positives, russia will be happy with the way this went, china. >> but they're going to want in. >> of course they want in. there are serious financial things coming down the pike here. the other thing is we're back from the brink today. at's a positive. we are back from the brink. two leaders yelling at each
2:36 am
other, little rocket man and dotard. >> today we're back from the brink. there's not that rhetoric being thrown around and that's a positive thing. >> is there something to be said about the approach president trump took to bring us to this place? no other president has taken this approach. then we have him sitting down in singapore with kim jong-un. something to be said about the approach he took with the leader of north korea. >> if it works, i feel bad for state department staffer working for 30 years on international diplomacy and rules of engagement with foreign leaders because it doesn't seem like that matters any more. the way the meeting was pulled off, again, not clear how substantial the agreement is, but it wasn't done with the state department, waesn't done with normal avenues. >> i think a lot of u.s. allies
2:37 am
from the initial reaction that we have gotten, including japan and south korea, wae've gotten reactions from the chinese. there's moreion. d from the blue house in korea saying they want to hear more clarification, more explanation in terms of what the president wants. >> if you withdraw the long range missile capability of the north koreans, you haven't withdrawn the capability of them to hit japan and south korea. when you add to that that we're going to potentially remove 30,000 troops on that peninsula, if you're south korea, you're getting very nervous. you want this deal to be substantial that will protect you. what you're seeing now is two leaders out there for this propaganda. we talked about historic. i don't think because something happens makes it historic. what is historic is donald trump is changing the presidency. that's what's historic. >> see how this plays out. keep the live images up, see as
2:38 am
he disembarks if he makes comments or gestures towar the mea upon landing. otto warmbier's parents responded to remarks about their son during his post summit news conference. the president said otto did not die in vain and that without otto this summit would not have happened. in the statement, the warmbiers say we appreciate president trump's recent comments about our family. we are proud of otto and miss him. hopefully something positive can come from this. >> bringing up otto warmbier brings up the discussion we had yesterday which is should the president have talked more about the mass atrocities the north korean regime committed, human rights violations. yes. some can argue national security is more important than human rights. and shouldn't be a quid pro quo.
2:39 am
but nonetheless, didn't seem like the president got into it the way he should have, considering the regime he was dealing with. >> some of the people on air yesterday pointed out, we may get to human rights, not that national security ore important, but the urgency is deal with the immediate threat and ultimately if there's progress on the north korean front, it would include progress on the north korean front. we were talking about this yesterday. what surprised people is not that you can have the conversation with kim jong-un, it is then pivoting and saying things that he saif you may recall during the hour long news conference, the president said he was in a tough position when he inherited this country. and it sounded like he was praising him for being able to keep the country together. people were pointing out, this is a guy thatuns death camps, laborcamps,eds of thousands of people. you mention what he has done to family members.
2:40 am
>> the question also and this is something we discussed a little yesterday, what does it say in that region. take singapore, a capitalist sort of pocket run in a semi authoritarian regime. philippines which is run as authoritarian regime now. what does it say to those leaders? america sort of lose standing of being able t say you need to embrace ideals of personal freedoms and human rights. it is very difficult for the united states to make that statement to other countries when you have these opportunities with the 34-year-old dictator who has done horrible things. >> the question is what happens next. the president says mike pompeo would sit down with the team next week, start to plan out details of the agreement made with north korea. but how long is this going to take? if we were to remind people again, the main thing that we have on our plate is iran to
2:41 am
refer back to, we didn't hear about secret negotiations iran until the vienna meeting in 2013. then the jcpoa was signed two years after that. a seven year stretch. could this survive a two term trump presidency? >> and what happens if there's no real movement on denuclearization. at what point does john bolton, i would love to know what john bolton thinks about everything. this is a man who was proponent of military action against not only north korea but iran. at what point do people like john bolton lose patience. >> will you ask the same from north korea that you asked for iran in cutting off the jcpoa? >> and if president trump takes everything that president obama did and slowlyearing it apart in the oval office, what does that say for this agreement and future presidents. >> we heardothing about icbms. >> nothing. >> four point statement did not address, i went through the document, read it again. i looked for key words.
2:42 am
no mention of verification, monitors, observers, no mention of ballistic missiles, weapons programs. the word denuclearn was only in the context of the entire korean peninsula, not specific to north korea. lot of experts raised questions as to whether or not the word denuclearization means the same thing to both sides. obviously we want that for north korea. they want that for the entire peninsula. does that mean the united states has to movets nuclear umbrella entirely away from the region, including as far away as from japan so it doesn't include south korea in that nuclear umbrella. those are a lot of the questions people were raising with concerns, saying why have this summit, why create such a big show when you didn't begin to answer those questions. you could have begun the conversation with the north koreans as you had in the past couple months at state department level with the director of the cia and save this kind of crowning moment of
2:43 am
the world leaders establishing diplomatic relations towards the end of answering questions. >> it speaks to the president's personality and the way in which he wants to make deals, the confidence in himself to get kim jong-un to come to his of thinking. i think it is very much sort of the mo of president trump. >> as we wait for him to come off the plane, what kind of attention span does he have to see this through? >> we have been talking, there's a lot of reaction from capitol hill, catching members of congress off guard with the prest's comments. let's take a listen to democratic senator bob menendez from new jersey. >> i have to be honest, this is the weakest statement i have ever seen come out of any engagement with northkorea, much less at the highest ranking of t president of the united states. >> quick programming note, senator menendez will be on morning joe to talk about his reaction to that. what does that say to you, cal,
2:44 am
in terms of how some members of congress, including members of the president's own party, republican party, how they have been reacting to this. >> i think everybody is watching and wondering not only what's next but how is president trump going to continue to of the pr driving these things forward, driving geopolitical major issues forward. there he is. not sure if we have audio. we'll cut as soon as he comes downstairs. peality driven. what is the next chapter of this. does he do something like this or the reverse of this with iran. >> i'm also wondering what an agreement like this would mean for mid term elections. you look at mark sanford who should have won the primary, but because of a eet, not necessarily because of the tweet. >> factors in. >> we saw the tweet from the president not endorsing mark sanford, boasting his poept wopt
2:45 am
who won in the primary. is that on the mind of the president? >> you see the president there, seems like he is having a few words in the direction of the media. can't make it out. see if they can make out what he said. we'll get that to you as soon as we get that. to your point, the president himself among the republican party, a lot of republicans have not wanted to go against the president on some of the big issues. i think with the exception of a handful of senators who are retiring at the end of this term, obviously bob corker, they're more outspoken, paul ryan, they're the ones more outspoken. >> steve was saying last night, a lot of people are criticizing publicans, why aren't they speaking out against the president more so. >> you see the president on his
2:46 am
cell phone. i wonder if we should expect a tweet any minute. >> maybe just texting his wife saying i'm back. just quickly, this point was made on air saying people criticize republicans why they don't speak out more against the president when they disagree with what he does, case in point, mark sanford. >> people are afraid of his base. his base will love this. >> the president is arriving back from singapore. take this to break. back in a minute. her salon was booked for weeks,
2:47 am
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2:50 am
justice department which says it is disappointed with the decision sued last year to block the merger, citing concerns that at&t which owns satellite provider charge more for timearner content, dis content. resulting in higher prices for consumers. the ruling is expected to spur a wave of deals in the telecom industry. in a potential bidding war with disney. >> with more, cnbc's joumanna bercetche joins is live from london did the at&t decision just escalate comcast's bidding war? >> stht second biggest deal of all time. the other was also with time warner in 2000. it does open the floor to other potential deals. and one is that of comcast. last month they said they
2:51 am
planned to make an all-cash offer for fox's assets, that includes the studios and networks, subject to this at&t deal being approved. now that it's approved, they haven't released a price guidance yet, but what we know is that disney, who have already made the offer for fox's assets, their offer is $52 billion and some analysts are expecting the offer from comcast to be as high as $60 billion. so all should come to fruition in the next couple of days. and markets after the decision, fox shares rose 1 %. comcast shares fell 2.5%. so the markets are anticipating a bidding war. generally speaking, markets have been muted since the singapore summit. somewhat of an anti-climax. the dow ended slightly in the red and other markets have traded a little firmer in overnight trading. but it seems as though all the attention is now back on the u.s. central bank. the feds are expected to hike
2:52 am
rates today to the tune of 25 basis points. back to you. >> sometimes a muted reaction is a good reaction, bercetlive from london, thank you. coming up, axios' jonathan swan has a look at this morning's one big thing. and on "morning joe," president trump turned salesman over his sit-down with kim jong un. the president pitches the korea summit as a win for the united states as critics point t ck of specifics in the agreement with pyongyang. senate foreign relations committee members democrats chris murphy and bob menendez along with democratic congressman tim ryan weigh in as whether the summit was actually a success. nd former homeland security secretary jeh johnson joins the conversation. there is no going back.
2:53 am
2:54 am
everything's changed. we're not on an island anymore. genetic power has now been unleashed.
2:55 am
we've entered a new era. welcome to jurassic world. [ scream ] rated pg-13. welcome back, joining us from washington with, a look at axios a.m. national political reporter for axios jonathan swan. jonathan, good morning to you. good to talk to you. tell us about axios' one big thing today. >> the art of the film, the movie trailer that the president showed kim jong un offers extraordinary insight into how the trump team is viewing this whole production and how they're viewing kim jong un. this is a 34-year-old pop
2:56 am
culture-obsessed tyrant. who grew up obsessed with video games, watching dennis rodman and the chicago bulls. and probably very aware of trump's own celebrity. so this movie literally casts the two of them, donald trump and kim jong un, in a sort of '70s-'80s, buddy style movie. except one of them is a murderous dictator. >> i thoug of the interesting things is some of the people in yesterday's audience in the press briefing room who watched that video for the first time actuay thought that it wasnally north korean propaganda video until it had to be told to them that this was actually from the white house. so i'm curious, jonathan, i'm curious to get your thoughts in terms of what kind of reaction is this white house video that was given to the north koreans now receiving? >> well you just hit on a really important point so also mike pence, the vice president, showed this video at the republican senate lunch yesterday and the reaction is very much the same. sort of a sneering, how funny, it's so kitsch.
2:57 am
it's an incredibly sort of, it does look like north korean propaganda. designed for. y good reason audience. this was designed for a 34-year-old pop culture-obsessed tyrant who is a narcissist. produced by the national security council we've since learned. i can imagine, we reported some of this on the weekend, using the intelligence community's assessments ofong un's personality profile. >> we know that trump threw a curve ball out during yesterday's press conference. when he said the u.s. is going to stop military drills in korea, leaving some in his cabinet pretty shocked. is this seen as a major con eggs from the united states? >> well itbjectively is a major concession from the united states and we've been hearing allies with concern trying to find out more information it doesn't appear that people were entirely looped in. bu sort of pull the camera back a little bit.
2:58 am
this is part of a broader theme from donald trump, he wants to pull american troops out of the korean peninsula. his team has been at pains to say this is not on the table but in trump's mind it absolutely is on the table. because he sees these troops as a waste of money and i can just tell you from my ownting some of hisional security visers have tried to explain to him that he actually won't save money by pulling all thesroops out. unless you're going to fire them all and you can't, in the military, you're going to have to relocate all these troops back to america, probably pay for a massive new base to house them all, huge relocation costs, t may end up costing more money. >> an interesting point. let's switch gears for a moment and talk about domestic politics, we've been reporting on the primary results out in a key few states. we've heard the president tweeting about mark sanford in south carolina. tell us w these resull you about trump's america and his standing right now in the country.
2:59 am
>> well the candidate that beat mark sanford, kenny arrington, in her victory rally said we are the party of donald j. trump. i think that sums up better than anything else what this tells you. absolute loyalty to the commander-in-chief. has become the most prized asset in republican primaries. we have a president who is deeply unpopular in terms of the country overall. but among republican voters, is secoy to george w. bush at this stage in his presidency, in recent political memory. you are seeing in virginia, we have a senate candidate cory stewart, who has said some very unsa unsavory things over the years. and republicans are worried that he's going to energize women and
3:00 am
democrats in november. >> jonathanswan, live in washington, d.c. thank you very much. reading axios a.m. in a little while will be easy. you can go to axios to sign up for the newsletter. "morning joe" starts right now. i would argue that the president has unleashed not in any way totally. but personally tolame for demons that have been unleashed, whether it's what i saw at a senior center back home and people saying f-u, f-u. at a senior center. the fact that you've got the top you in the face, why don't you and i'll pay your legal fees, that's bizarre, we ought to call it as such. back home some of these people have been frankly weird and different, in a town hall meeting, i said what is going on? they'll say look if the guy at the top


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