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tv   MSNBC Live With Stephanie Ruhle  MSNBC  June 13, 2018 6:00am-6:59am PDT

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accomplished from george w. bush about the iraq war. that's a worrisome admission. >> if they submit this as an executive action, republicans say youan abrogate that with the iran deal. there's nothing here on paper that will survive this presidency. >> that does it for us this morning. stephanie ruhle picks up the coverage right now. >> thanks, mika, hi there. i'm stephanie ruhle, look where i am live, in washington, d.c. this morning, a lot to cover. starting with sizing up that summit. the president returns to washington fired up after his deal, i guess that's what you would call it with kim jong-un. but his greatest challenge convincing congress and leaders from around the world that it was money just a glamorous photo op. >> i hope we get to the point where he abandons his nuclear weapons. abandons his missiles and takes the country in a different direction. i'm just is not optimistic about it. >> with him or against him, trump congressman mark sanford
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loses his re-election bid hours after president trump slams him on twitter. >> i think there are trooper think they're hiding under their desk because they're afraid of donald trump and they're afraid of those tweets. and border battles. after late-night negotiations house lergts legislators agree a contentious bill to the house floor. an housing children. here's a question, why? >> they literally never had a chance to say good-bye to their children. some of the child are as young as 6, perhaps younger. it was heartbreaking. we begin today with the hard work still ahead, hey, mike pompeo, when it comes to that nuclear agreement president trump signed alongside kim jong-un. just how accomplished was t summit? we're going to answer that question. i've got a great team. first, up to speed with the developments. the president landed at joint
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base andrews early this morning, fresh off that historic summit with the leader of north korea. at the same time, secretary of state mike pompeo is in seoul to discuss the summit with the president and japanese foreign minister.the presidt describing meeting, no surprise, as a big success. he tweeted before taking office people were assumed we were going to war with north korea. president obama said that n dangerous problem. no longer. sleep well tonight. last night, he told fox's sean hannity that things are running in the right direction. >> we really have gotten a lot. you haven't seen missiles going up in seven or eight months. you haven't seen nuclear tests. i talked about we have to be denuked. his country has to be denuked. he fully understood it. >> i'm going to have to watch that full interview bause i
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remember back in 2007 when obama is said he'd be willing to meet with north korea's leader and it was sean hannity what an awful disgraceful idea that was. i wonder if he said it to president trump last night. well, presi critics are saying he gave away too much by offering to suspend military exercises along with south korea. the details remain clear that the vice president may be indicating that some activities may be halted, not allthem. here's how t president explained that move. >> i hate to sound like a pure businessman, but i kept saying, what's this costing? i would look at them coming in from the sea and bombs exploding. i said, what does this cost? i don't even want to tell you, but it's a lot. so, we're not going to be doing that. as long as we're negotiating in good faith, which i think we will be. >> it's a lot. i want to tell you the military budget i know from a white house insider is $700 billion annually. these exercises cost $1 billion.
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so, $1 billion is a lot. but when you put it in the context of $700 billion, do you consider it a lot? it's insurance on that side the world. i want to bring in nbc's geoff bennett live at the white house. geoff, where does the administration go from here? becauspresident trump is talking a major gain, and it's mike pompeo whose got toer it? >> yeah, you're right. good morning, steph, welcome to washington. >> thank you. >> yeah, the president, look, he's got to sell his nuclear strategy with snanorth korea toe public. and he has his work cut out. north korea came away with more tangible victories from the summit than did the u.s. but you can already see how the president is trying to spin the talks with kim as a success. here's what he tweeted this morning. just landed. a long trip but everybody is now feel a lot safer tha theay i took office. there is no longer a nuclear threat from north korea. meeting with kim jong-un was an interesting and very positive
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experience. north korea has has great potential for the future. the joint statement, as we know, contains not the vaguest reference to how the disarmament would be verified. the whithouse is clearing up that confusion over the repeated interpretations what the president really meant when he called off the military drills between u.s. and south korea. the president calls him war games. and the vice president briefed a few senators. suggesting that the war games as the president called them will actually continue. but now the military says that the military will continue to train with its south korean counterparts and conduct routine military drills just not the large-scale exercises. the president is taking kim's view in this calling the exercises callingm provocative and saying theyost too much. for all of the hand writing what this agreement does not contain, i can tell you one white house
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official says and the president signed a document affirming their intention to work toward a better diplomatic relationship that that really is the best that could be expected from a single day of talks. but here's the thing, as the president overstates the process, he underestimates the serious work ahead. steph. >> thatident's he works for it. he gets extremely strong headlines. he gets major cheers for it. and then mike pence quietly talks back to a place that's far more rational and reasonable. i want to bring in the panel. corey shockey served under george w. bush. peter leno. and mark leibovich, chief correspondent for "the new york times." i'm thrilled with the panel. corey, i go to you, the president says no nuclear
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threat. i'new to'niqunukes. north ko to 60 nukes. they've got missiles that are bioperational and chemical weapons pointing toward south korea. to me, that doesn't sound like no nuclear threat and mike pompeo is headed to seoul to stephanie, congratulations, you have just proven yourself a better nuclear analyst than the president of the united states becadently did not do that arithmetic, claiming there's no nuclear threat. and i would reinforce that the summit statement tha they gned contained language even more vacuumous earlier than what north korea has signed. in fact, the only nuclear issue that was really affected by the
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summit was the preside of the united states has just demonstrated the enormous value that crossing the nuclear threshold has poorly repressive governments. because they get the undivided attention and affection of the president of the united states. >> and that is what is amazing to me. i remember obama signs a multilateral agreement to curb iran's nuclear capabilities. legitimia dictator.'s and now the president begins to do such a thing with kim jong-un, and the gop saying he's saving the world. can you explain thatme? >>ah, hypocris and cowardness is the short version. it's a demonstration that this is a party -- it's not really even a party. it's a cult of personality. >>t works. >> it -- >> he's the president so it appears to be working. >> well, it worked in 2016, right? in the h see,
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because reality ultimately prevails. but, look, i ale aee with this analysis. summit was a farce. thing the question is trying to keep it from becoming a catastrophe, not only were the concessions front-loaded it is having sized trump up is going to think he can get away with a huge amount here. there are parallels here khrushchev and kennedy, and khrushchev thought that kennedy was weak. >> rest of the country is living with the consequences? >> that is exactly the problem. if it was just his toown delusional world and he were a businessman that would be one thing but he's the president. and he's drawing us into that delusional world.
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people are treating him much too gingerly. he's coming apart. if you combine the summit with kim jong-un in singapore wit the wreckage of the g7. this is like an inverted world where canada is told -- the prime minister of canada is supposed to burn in hell. and portrayed -- you know, he's stuck a knife in the back of donald trump. we're fracturing our alliances. and donald trump is not only giving away to concessions he's ad bob was to saddam hussein. he's making the case morally and repeatedly for the most repressive dictator on the planet. >> wow, ttron words. mark, i want to the way h korean news agencies describe the deal. kim jong-un and tru had shared recognition to the effect that it is important to ainside by the principle of step-by-step and simultaneous action in
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achieving peace, stability and denuclearization in the korean peninsula. do you think north korea and united states see it the same way? >> i think if you listen to donald truj. trumtrump, what th and german press said coming out of the g7, you have what peter just said. also i underscore something that peter just said. reality prevails. what we're talking about are headlines, spins and photo ops. these are ephemeral reading ofe. i don't think anyone will be surprised in two weeks, two months, this whole thing went because you are basing this on a very, very -- you know, it's unreliable access of an unstable dictator. ego thinks. what his ego will lead him to do. you jus of wonder what is thispap made >> it makes you wonder how do
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thoritarian leaders think about this. months ago, this exact plan is what china suggest happen. and i think it s nikki haley saying no way, "the wall street journal" has reported that putin may have given trump the idea of >> well, it does suggest that we have underestimated the risk of our adversaries. what the white housecribed as the return of great power competition. the deal that we made with north korea is going to be celebrated in moscow and in beijing. >> but could that be, because the president doesn't view decline, russia or north korea as our adversaries. he thinks the eu and canada are? >> well, i agree with peter's assessment of the enormous damage the pre has america's alliance relationships. because i think the president standing side by not side with allies is a source of strength for the united states.
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and the way he treats the chinese, the russians, the north koreans. and cannot seem to get along with the canadians, the germans and the french, is -- it is a world upside down. and it's genuinely damaging to america's security for the president to be reckless and behave in this way. >> all right. but take a different perspective because we knew we were going to get something different out of president trump. many people said, it's so crazy it just might work. and north korea was a massive threat. that's what obama told me, this is our biggest issue. i want to show what trump specifically said about how his rhetoric led to the summit. >> well, i think without the rhetoric we wouldn't have been here. i really believe that. did sanctions and all of the thingst you do. i think without the rhetoric, other administration, i don't want do get specific on that, but he had a policy of silence.
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if they said something very bad, threatening, horrible, don't answer. that's not the answer. that's not what you have to do. the rhetoric, i hated to do it, sometimes, i felt foolish doing it, but we have no choice. >> is he wrong here? because on some level, trump does understand kim jong-un. they're similar guys as absurd as it is to see dennis rodman wearing a potcoin shirt. this could work. 're all similar beings. >> no, it went work, and it is wrong. rump it' to pposition for those have summit than not.hamberlain summit with hitler. the reason why this could be dangerous, not just a farce but a catastrophe is because what trump is setting in motion can eventually make north korea more aggressive and stronger.
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it's going to weaken the sanctions. if the argument that trump is proposing is true and he's not said it which is they're not a nuclear threat, what's the argument for sanctions? what happenshe starts up a dynamic where we withdraw american troops from south korea which could lead to conflict. so, if you believe simply gettgether for 24 hours and talking is some greater hiew is right. that's not how diplomacy works. that's not how the real world works. and you have to see this in an arc of events. this is something from a historical perspective makes thing more dangerous. >> look at how the administration has been stacked. and i said it yesterday, trump things diplomacy is for dodos and wimps. is the real argument here, mark, lyne who cet a summit mp is the like this, but the only one who would take a summit like this?
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>> i think it's the latter. i think barack obama, george w. bush, they all could have had sim rl ssummits. we wouldn't have gotten here if it weren't for my inflamed rhetoric -- what is here exactly? such a great like undefanged threat is very faulty. i think, again, we're going to see what happens in the next few months. right now, i'm n so convinced that this is a safer place than it was two weeks ago. >> well, only time will tell. kori, thank you so much. gentlemen, stick around. a gop congressman who publicly bashed president trump is ousted in the key primary. will it effectively silence other republicans. i don't know, they seem pretty silent to me, who are thinking about speaking out against the commander in chief. before we go, we'll be talk about reaction to president
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trump. fox news show he cheered president trump. but mr. nnity has been taken to task by another fox news host. do you know? sean hannity. >> i think that the president deserves a lot of credit being willing to talk to somebody that everybody thought would be a bad idea. >> is it just me or does it look like president obama is willing to give more time to enemies an allies. >> i see a lot of parallels between donald trump and reagan. >> barack obama is literally the ne chamberlain. our time. but how do you work with it? ask this farmer. he's using satellite data to help increase crop yields. that's smart for the food we eat. at this port, supply chains are becoming mans. tha's smart for millions of shipments. in this lab, researchers are working with watson
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welcome back. i'm stephanie ruhle here in d.c. the top rung of the trump party, you know, the ones running is it, came out on top last night. congressman mark sanford lost his primary race in south carolina to a pro-trump insurgent just hours after president trump attacked him on social media. this morning, trump is taking a victory la tweeting my political repntative didn't want me to get involved in the mark sanford primary thinking that sanford wouldasily win. thin a few hours left, i felt that kie was such a good candidate and sanford was so bad. i had to give it a shot. congrats to katie rington. steve kornacki at the board.
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>> sanford, of course, we should say before all of this brought his own baggage to this. he's the former governor of south carolina.he's the onet wea few years ago, turns out he was in south america with his paramour and hiking the appalachian trails. >> with his paramour, you're so sweet to say it that way, steve. >> thank you, i appreciate you appreciating that. >> i would have said sidepiece.. we don't know, trump's tweet came less than three hours before polls closing. katie arrington is hitting that magic number of 50% which is means avoid the runoff. the significance here, when you talk about members of congress who irked president trump who op sthings, who stand up to him on some things we see a bitf a pattern here. last week in alabama, another republican candidate, martha
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she was challenged in t primary by somebody who said i want to stand with trump. sh health ld in 30%. now forced into a runoff. two members failed. the other one we want to show you, this one could have big implications in virginia. cory stewart, he's the winner. this is what the republican establishment suspected might happen and feared would happen. cory stewart, one of his big issues is the confederate mon youme monuments. he will go up again tim kaine. the problem for republicans,
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stewart esn't make beating tim kaine that much tougher, virginia has three house seats reprby republicans that could wave here go, that could go to democrats. having cory stewart with those associations. that baggage and that kind of political headache at the top o the ticket is going to put all three of those republicans in very difficult positions that could drag the entire ticket. republicans nationally, noto much doing the senate race they're doing this morning. that's that magic number of 23 house seats. they've got to keep the democrats from getting that number. and the democrat test in virginia may have gotten after last night. >> we'll see. mark sanford losing, he lost the primary, but did he maintenance his pride? he wasn't surprised, he said months ago, he said i'm a dead man walking for doing this. but these politicians they're in fice, they're plic eye for years and years. is this okay for him? >> well, obviously, it is. this is sort of what -- this is
6:25 am
someone who is willing to lose, basically. what we have in washington now is -- yeah, this is something that happens in both parties but right now in the republican party, you have self-perpetuation, getting re. doing what it takes being the overwhelming impetus for everything that they do. and mark sanford decided, made a determination, look, i don't mind losing i don't mind if this is what brings me down. whether he can sleep any better, i don't know. what is ironic mark sanford disgraced this morning this morning was called the conscious of the republican party. i assume it's a very small sliver of the republican party saying that and wishing that, i think it's an emblem of where the republican party has come in the last few years. >> peter, you know quite a bit about the conscience of 9 republican party. cory stewa virginia, a guy although defends monuments. he tweeted last year, nothing is
6:26 am
worse than a yankee telling a southat his monuments don't matter. so that happened last night. and in the last week republican congressman steve king retweeted and not even making big headlines. talk tme about conscience of the republican party. anymore. it doesn't exist and that's going to make it even truer. it's an odd thing if you talk to republicans as i have, including our ranking republicans, they would share the same view that i have about donald trump, politically, morally. and the stories that they can tell you are much worsehan we but they won speak publicly, because they are afraid of losing. and the results have now strengthened trump's grip. last night, on the party. i do think in the long term interest of the republican party and the republic itself,
6:27 am
republicans ha lose in the midterms. the only way that trump's grip on the republican party is going to be loosened if republicans that like being attached to him are going to come at a cause. they're not going to speak out against him. as far as cory stewart, look, this is emblematic of wherehe republican party is. he's not going to win the race in virginia. but he'sng to sa ingtay in the republican party. it's not even a party you can't identify ideologically, trump has no thought to ideas. it's a cult of personality. no matter what trump does, they unite behind it. because he has a disorder personality, the republican party is taking on that characteristic. >> when you say what they say publicly and privately are so
6:28 am
different. what i say privately are the same things i say publicly just with more curses in it. i thin have the sound of what the last 16 months have been like. >> in my view, the last 16 months have been the single bod since i came to washington since ralph indicated back in 1985. this is not hyperbole. >> huh? >> i'm not sure mitch mcconnell would say th privately, to be quits on with you. look, they obviously accomplished a great deal. but what we're talking about here, i don't know if you call it cowardice, it's not news that politicians talk different privately than they do publicly. right now, it's more pronounced. look, at some point, we were saying this during the break, voters need to speak.
6:29 am
we don't know what the toll will be on republicans for speaking out until voters render a verdict. it's not just the republican primary voters that we're talking about today, they're going to make cory stewart, they the key roy moore and uptick candidates also. at some point, the voters are going to make a verdict here. >> okay. but the issue is conservative principles or values versus policy. it almost is like mitch mcconnell saying is this a conservative 16 months. what he's pointing to all of the federal judges appointed. sore it may be the tax cuts. when i think values i i think morality. i think that's where my massive confusion comes from. >> that's ridiculous, even on the grounds of policy, trump has not achieved that much. the tax cut was the big thing. the reality is what he's achieved versus ronald reagan or
6:30 am
any bush or democrat or republican in the first year is minimal. beyond that, donald trump is not a normal candidate and that is what is going on is not a normal event. this is a man who is a pathological liar, who is not only engaged on an assault on truth, he's trying to rule truth. and they're deep in immorality, not just those terms, but a person who believes that night makes right. and the republican party which was born in the era of the civil war and lincoln, who is the greatest leader that america's ever produced is now aligned with this person who is a moral idiot. >> okay. so, we can agree to that. buwhato to evangelical christians who say you don't need to like the boss as long as he gets the job done.
6:31 am
so from the judicial appointment standpoint, don't you think they're saying, who cares, i'm not going to know that guy in four or eight years. and these judges will be position for a lifetime? >> yeah, a couple of things, they're selling their soul for judges. and i don't think that's a good trad there's a tremendous and huge discrediting effect that's happened to evangelical christians. they were ones, during the clinton years and before, who argued about the centrality of morality in leaders. they can never make those arguments again. and where the real hypocrisy is, they could easily say, look, we agree with trump on judges. we agree with him on abortion policy. and he's actually done things we care about. but on the other side, the pathological lies, the cruelty and crudity. all of those other things really
6:32 am
baurng bothers, but they will not say that. instead of what they've done, they will not give a voice of dissent. that is a discrediting judgment on it. >> well, when we try to raise decencyhich should be above politics, peop often get criticized for being cry baby snowflakes so that doesn't make sense? >> what i would also a, ronald reagan governed during the cold war. and george w. bush was tested by very, very really and threatening events. again, we keepeminding people, but donald trump has not, at this point. your morning primer, a the news you need to know to get your day started. we begin with a raging wildfire in the colorado rocky mountains. forces residents to free after burning a total of 90 acres. so far, no homes have been lost. an foreign for former fbi director andrew mccabe is suing the justice department, inspector general and the fbi.
6:33 am
they claim the government has repeatedly refused to provide them with the poses and procedures that the justice departmentlowed when they fired mccabe two days before his retirement. in just a few , j wolf, the former senate staffer will appear in a washington, d.c. courtroom. he's accused of providing sensitive information about the senate intel committee to two reporters. and elon musk's tesla is planning to lay off 4100 jobs. in a tweet, ceo elon musk said it was a difficult and necessary move to cut costs and become more profitable. and after late-night negotiations speaker paul ryan will now bring two immigration bills to the house floor for a high-stakes vote next week. his office did not give anyore details but said republicans will discuss the plan in a closed-door conference later this morning. and that, of course, comes agency the trump aas
6:34 am
the trump administration is rolling out its zero tolerance policy separating children. and jeff sessions ruled people fleeing gang violence in home countries may no longer be able to seek asylum in the united states. i just get choked up over that. nbc's gadi schwartz is in san diego. gadi, walk me through this. how are the policies affecting people there. this gets painted as illegals crossing the border. but they're ending asylum for those fleeing g violence. >> reporter: yeah, the implications are huge. the vast have come to the sbord and presented themselves illegally because they're seeking asylum and looking to be
6:35 am
free from persecution from gang violence in central america in three countries in particular. but now that that path maye spread and fears spreading. in fact, most of the fears of gangs are specificfears. we're not talking about general fears, specific fears of violence and brutal murders like the one you're about to hear from the woman named mariza from el salvador. close 500 children have been separated from their children according to a document obtained by nbc news. now the rules are changing. >> people don't want to be separated from their children. they should not bring them with them. >> reporter: attorney general jeff sessions overturning a court's ruling recognizing women fleeing abuse as a group for political at a detention center in
6:36 am
seattle, the democratic congresswoman said women from behind these walls had their children taken from them from u.s. authority. >>thy literally never had a chance to saye to their children. some perhaps as young as 6. it was heartbreaking. >> reporter: also statihat protected status may no longer apply to victims of violent gangs, a rule that could affect 700,000 pending cases of asylum. families like this who came with her young daughters in say recent migrant caravan. shust ask that people put themselves in her shoes. pares, mothers, all they want is to be with their kids. and kids, all they want is to be with their family. >> reporter: she says she's been on the run for over a decade fleeing to guatemala and to mexico, in order to escape a gang in el salvador that sheid s again and again tried to take
6:37 am
her daughters a payments. she said they're not criminals, they're not delie just people. they're just looking for peace and tranquility and they're looking for safety. now, maritza and two of her daughters were released a couple weeks ago that is before the latest from jeff sessions. but she still has one daughter here in detention. that daughter was 18 yearsld and separated from the family. that during tells us she does n know when she'll be released or when she'll see her mother again. her mother says if her daughter or anybody in that family isle deported back to el salvador, they'll be killed. >> gadi, my gosh. hugh, can i get your reaction to what we just saw? >> sure, it's all of. there are a lot of problems condmrating but ltsz the responsibility of the
6:38 am
administration to not separate families. he responsibility to modify the flores set which has been in place since 1977 to build more facilities for families to stay today. and provide for the adjudication. >> i know thi is emotional and distrefr disstres. and i don't want to conflate issues. what are we doing here? >> the first is family situation. that's new under president trump and it's got to end. where children are taken from their parent it's and housed under the department of meland services facilities more than 100 in the united states. >> and why? what is the rational argument for why you would do this? >> well, i don't think it's rational. it's at least a inhuman argument. i guess the rational argument is it would create disincentives for undocumented immigrants to come here. but ial aee with you. he says it has to end.
6:39 am
it probably won't end. i would take a step back. i would just say what's happening here are lincolns in an ugly chain. and that chainonsists of nizing rhetoric which donald trump using promiscuously during and after theelection. one of the listenings in the chain is the syria refugee policy where we take at least no syrian refugees which i think is a moral sting on this country. and now, you have this policy separating parents and children. and itoes to this deeper pathology, within the republican party, which is located donald trump. which is the dehumanization of the other. and that the instinct. and that is why, in a way that is very different from when the way you and i were wrong and really products of the reagan era where there was kind of a humane and right now immigration
6:40 am
is a cultural flash point. that's why every time donald trump gets in trouble politically, what he does to try and energize his base is to try and dehumanize the other. and go to immigration. that's the thing, race and immigration is the thing that fires up his base >> then is inhuman l or unnecessary charging those? >> yes, it is it's destroying the security of border security by deterring what is going to be held in the house this week. i do not blame president trump exclusively for this. idol go back, i've read the consent decree. the ninth circuit opinion that came out as recently as last year. there's a little bit of truth in what the attorney general told me last week, his hands are tied because of his consent decree. here's the an, modify it and build more facilities for children. >> can i just ask you, when you
6:41 am
say there's a little bitf truth, you're also saying there's a whole lot of lie? >> not lies. there's a whoot of emphasis wha obama's years, 500,000 people were separated. they chose to separate. >> which one is it, these are obama's tough awful policies? or obama had no border security because trump makes both arguments. >> it's all coherent. they have to start over and build facilities for families. >> yeah, of course, donald trump is incoherent, too. so that makes a lot of sense. i just want to say there's a decision, a temperament and attitude on these issues. that is, jeff sessions and donald trump could lean the other way. if what they wanted to do is take in the lost sand dispossessed and people in the
6:42 am
shadows of society and try to help them, they could do that. that's not what they want to do. they want to try and target them. and that speaks to some kind of deeper mealadymalady. >> trump says immigrants are stealing our jobs, that's why americans are suffering so much. at the same time, we've got the greatest economy ever and everybody loves it, we've all got jobs, which one? >> with the trade policy, the highestmployment ever. >> h is it that immigrants are stealing our jobs? >> there are some sectors. here's what needs to happen. overbearing trump isn't going to help either. onblem. >> first people incoherent before it's okay to be. now, the president is lying to us on immigration or the economy. it has to be one or the other.
6:43 am
>> jeff dunham has the solution on the house floor which is to advance dacaborder security. luck to b >> petwhat was incoherent, it's much more incoherent with trump. >> it ask what i'd like to focus on is getting the republicans to change and build these facilities. >> but they will not do it because they will not cross donald trump. >> only with the win in the back with republicans in favor. >> right now, that wind is in their face and donald trump >> that's shifting. >> i think that's shifting. >> people are going to get killed on this because not only is it morally terrible, it's every night on the news. >> if it's shifting ask mark sanford. >> that was no immigration sue. it was about the state house of south carolina. >> how about korkcorrespon cory?
6:44 am
>> i voted for treat afreitas. don't ask me. >> my guess is you don't want to understand it because of what it says? >> i have no idea why he won. freitas is a green beret in the state house. i don't get it. >> no, i'm saying if you take a step back to what's happening to the republican party is a moral catastrophe. >> it's not a moral catastrophe. we've got great nominees. >> is president trump a moral catastrophe? >> no. >> why? >> mitch mcconnell said it best, more has been done for the rule of law in the last 18 months than years. >> i didn't ask you that, i asked you if president trump is a moral catastrophe? >> he's not. the president and the government does not guide my morals, your morals, pete's morals.
6:45 am
>> i asked you a question about morality. >> he's not a moral catastrophe. >> i'm not talking about his private morals. hugh, this man an assault, a one-man assae's pathological and chronic liar in a way that we have never seen before. that kind of assault on truth, in a party that once stood for objective truth, that once said that subjectivism is wrong. that there had to be a moral basis of politics. that politics was the exercise of ethics, that party now has lined up behind donald trump. katie addington w will beat sanford said this is the party of donald j. trump and it is. it's not just his private morals. it is the man, the public attitudes and public views of the man that are such an offense. and that is what the party is standing for. and they're going to pay a price for it. >> we're going to leave it there. remember, it was just two days
6:46 am
ago that president's adviss called him stabber. up next, the white house reveals financial disclosures with ivanka trump and jared kushner raking in some serious dough despite their positions in the trump administration being unpaid. where did all of that money come from? billions of mouths. billions of problems. dry mouth? parched mouth? cotton mouth? there's a therabreath for you. ther rse anlozeng help relieve dry mouth
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time for "money, power, politics" a s you might have missed because of north korea summit. newly released financial disclosures of ivanka son-in-la earned more than 82 million bucks in outside income during 2017. jared, he made more than $5 million from a kushner company property quail ridge. an apartment complex paid for in large part using israeli financing firms. in fact, bloomberg reports the kushner company line of credit at israeli banks increased five fold in the last year. ivanka trumped raked in 4 million bucks in her stake in the trump hotel in d.c. this comes as a federal judge was highly critical of president trump's financial interests in that hotel. accord together washington post justice department lawyers say the president, he's not break the law because he's not trading favors in benefit. david is a political reporter and a beast when it comes to all
6:51 am
things trump and money for the washington post. first with the hotel. even if the trumpven if the judge rules against the president, which he already has in another matter, what's actually going to happen here? because president trump, jared ivanka, they could have a couple uncomfortable news days, but that's a whole lot of dough. >> well, this lawsuit you're talking about is a lawsuit from the d.c. and maryland attorneys general where they say that trump is varietying the emoluments clause. they say the president and other federal officials can't take presents or gifts from govents. so the question is is he doing that by having other foreign governments embassies have events at his d.c. hotel? so the most -- the proximate consequence of this if he loses this current flound court is that d.c. and maryl attorney general may get a chance to have discovery, take a look at what companies and countries have been spending money at trump's hotel. that's something we know little bit about bow don't know that much about.
6:52 am
they've tried to keep a lot of it secret. in the end they could be a ruling saying president trump op doing business with foreign governments 'the most likely outcome for the d.c. a maryland attorney general is at least discover. >> i but that's nothing, though. think about the amount of money the rnc has spent at trump properties, foreign governments, lobbyists. so even the timing of them releasing this information in the middle of the north korean summit thinking that none of us would cover this, all it is is uncomfortable for them for a few days. if the worst case scenario is discovery, no problem. if you're making tens of millions of dollars. if i'm a guy who had gone bankrupt over four times i might say it's okay, i don't mind bad prets. >> speaking as a reporter i would say discovery is not nothing. i would love to know what's going on. >> as would i. >> my interest is knowing are any of these countries spending money in a way that influence as president trump's decision making that you can expand that to the jared and ivanka
6:53 am
disclosures sptd there anything about jared kushner's very complicated family business with overseas -- overseas companies that's changing the way that is he handling his job, which you'll remember is trying to be an honest brokernd work out middle east peace. >> when you reach outo the white house on this, jared kushner, many of us never even heard his voice, but we did the day he spoke in israel when they moved the u.s. embassy. and to know that jared's making a huge amount of dough from a project largely financed by israeli investors, whatoes the white house say to you when you ask about that? >> other folks have talked to the white house directly about this haven't. the way jared seemsow view and the white house seems to view middle east peace is not a question of sort of morality and morals and american values, it's about person relationships. what's his relationship with mbs, the effective ruler of saudi arabia. what's his relationship with cutter are people in the ue. how you can get to me. >> how could be morally
6:54 am
acceptable if on the back trend weren't business deals. >> right. so i guess they're talking about -- i'm saying they've chose to frame middle east peace not in some way where we're representing american values but he's going to be personally the one figuring it out. he could say i have ties to all these people but i'm still going to honest broker. >> you have new reporting about national security adviser john bolton. what do you have? >> he released his personal financial disclose closures this week and he listed a whole bunch of speaking engagements before he was appointed the national security adviser in march. biggest one, he got paid $115,000 to appear on two discussion panels run by this thing called the victor pin chuck foundation. >> two discussion panels 115 large? >> it's worse than tha li of your t >> one of these panels in h newt gingrich so it was about five minutes of his time. one of the panels he wasn't on the panel he was in the audience they called him and said something.
6:55 am
victor say ukrainian steel businessman, he tried to foster ties and that's including given a ton of money to the clinton found drartion trump foundation, and he's apparently paying folks who were ex-u.s. officials who still have a lot of >> will there be any impact besides people saying this smells funny? >> i don't know any reason to think it was illegal, it was before b was in office. certainly it's something that you'd want to take note of when you see how he relates to russia and the ukraine. but i don't know what consequences that will predict. >> there was stinky fish in the fore, there's stinky fish in the swamp now. coming up, a radical proposal to split california in three separate steps. is a step closer to reality this happening this morning? could be. the controversial plan straight ahead.
6:56 am
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and since the onset of the drought we've doubled efforts. i grew up in the forests out in this area and honestly it's heartbreaking to see all these trees dying. what guides me is ensuring that the public is going to be safer and that these forests can be sustained and enjoyed by the community in the future. you know how we like to end this show, even when queer in washington. there's always good news somewhere and we certainly believe good news ruhles. charitable giving surged to a record high in 2017 as americans donated over $400 billion for the first time ever. i love that news. according to the new report and tally from giving usa foundation's annual report on philanthropy. giving usa sites a strong stock market and a booming economy for the increase in giving. that is great, great news. people making more money and they're giving more money. that wraps us up this hour.
7:00 am
you can find me all day long on twitter. i've got some work do here in d.c. so i won't see you with my partner at 11:00 but i will see you tomorrow. and i hand off to chris janson in new york. >> good wednesday morning. i'm in for hallie jackson who's back from sing 0 pore. someone who's already back is president trump taking an early morning victory lap on not one but two fronts, first declaring north korea is no long air nuclear threat. thanking kim jong-un and going after his critics. this morning, though, questions persist about the deal and what it means for the military. second, and breaking overnight, the president scoring at least one win in tuesday's primaries. south carolina's mark sanford is out, but a nightmare scenario is now a reality for the gop in virginia.


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