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tv   MSNBC Live With Craig Melvin  MSNBC  June 13, 2018 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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and that does it for this edition of "andrea mitchell reports." craig melvin is up next right here on msnbc and craig, i hand off a very busy news cycle to you, my friend. >> indeed it is. good to see you kristen welker. craig melvin at msnbc headquarters in new york. following eaking news. a legal split. trump's longtime personal lawyer and defender michael cohen plans to ditch his legal team. talk to a reporter who has sources saying cohen expects to be indicted. also, drain the swamp. even more news about who else. scott pruitt. this time he reportedly asked a top aide to reach out to republican donors who might hook his wife up with a job. and trumped. another blow to a republican who has spoken out against the president. mark sanford voted out of office last night and emphasizes yet again the gop is now the party
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of trump. so where do all of the republicans who do not agree with the president find a political home? get to that. we start with breaking news in the michael cohen case. nbc news has learned cohen is expected to split with his attorneys and get new lawyers. we do not know whether this signals a change in legal strategy or, perhaps, future cooperation. cohen, of course, president trump's former personal attorney, and "vanity fair" reports that cohen could soon be indicted. we have details this afternoon from "vanity fai gabe sherman, also an msnbc contributor. daniel goldman, former assistant u.s. attorney for the southern district of new york, and msnbc legal analyst danny is a vauv loe
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-- savalas is standing by. >> cohen says he feels the legal news closing in around him. yesterday indicated he thought he might be arrested at any moment and we know from today he is worried about the prospect of an indictment coming as early as tomorrow, and what he has told people is that he is considering making a deal with the sdny. my reporting, he has no officially flipped. reports earlier today he that. my reporting says she in the process of contemplating that. this comes as well as the time he decided to go separate ways with his legal team. >> talk more about what flipping might look like in a second, but bring your tweet up here, gabe. gabe sherman's most recent tweet there. person close to cohen says he hasn't flipped yet. he's sending up a smoke signal to trump, i need help. help like what? >>well, you know, you see the raft of pardons the president issued. he has signaled he is the power to pardon even himself.
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if you're facing years in prison, you have to feel abandoned by this president and wants to make s if he faces indictment and prosecution that there may be some legal way out for him in the form of a pardon. >> talk about this flipping, daniel. something that's come up a lot over the last few months. when a witness agrees to cooperate, what does that mean and look like? >> contrary to popular belief, the government is not out there trying to coax a potential witness into a deal that they just give out. the cooperation process is very long. it's very extensive. i'll speak to the southern district of new york where i worked for ten years. what it means is tt michael cohen would have to go in and meet with psecutors and fbi agents for hours and hours and hours. he would have to admit to every single crime he ever committed. whether the government knows about it or not. whether it relates to trump. trump organization, or some joe schmo down the street. he has to tell them if he stole
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a candy bar when he was 16 years old. at that point, then, the government will as whether they believe, a., he's been truthful with them and, b., provide substantial assistance, basically means he can help them with this or any other cases. so it's a long process, and what michael cohen may be thinking about is not so much what the charges are that he's facing right now, but what other skeletons of his own does he have in the closet had we woulde to plead guilty to. that's required in cooperation. pure speculation, but if he has a lot of other criminal conduct he thinks to himself, it's not worth it for me to cooperate. >> danny savalas, why would one change lawyers right now? >> slightly different from dan goldman's. as defense atto chief pers like donald trump, the entire process, tremendously
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incentivizes someone like michael cohen to do embellishing. dan is right, u.s. attorneys will check carefully making sure this person is telling the truth in a proffer session they can't necessarily verify everything. the chief complaint defense attorneys like me have about the entire cooperating witness program is that governm is especially -- essenti using criminals to catch other criminals, and lo and behold, what a surprise, many criminals have an incentive to lie if they know their parents and their children andir wives are waiting for them, and if they get long prison sentences. when will they get to see them next? that, plus the war of attrition. the federal government puts a defendant through after a year or so you might be completely out of money, and a d who originally may have said, i'll never cooperate, suddenly a year, two years down the road is singing a different tune. that is exactly the main
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complaint defense attorneys have about the cooperating witness program, but it is devastatingly effective, no matter what. >> those reads. nearly 4 million documents taken back in april. this was cohen's residence, his business as well. he face as friday deadline, i believe if i'm not mistaken. a friday deadline to complete a review of materials seized in the raids by federal agents. is that, perhaps connected to this in some way? that deadline? ught it might be. i don't know dan shares this opinion, but my thought might be that michael cohen is seeing that the special master may not conclude that as many documents were privileged and team cohen had hoped would be. maybe realizing what this friday deadline, uh-oh. a lot of this stuff the government gets to look at and it won't be privileged. maybe i'm not too comfortable about what is in that dat orll of those tara bytes ea ter
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government canview. >> because of getting rid of lawyers that means he's cooperating? generally speaking, they could easily cooperation. therapy not mob lawyers against cooperation. usually it comes down to money. this is an incredibly costly process that they're going through. they have 15 people working full time around the clock on this. so it may be a situation where two things. one is, they're expectative lawyers. if he's going to cooperate hd like someone a little less expeive to sit in the room with the government awomen fwitr hours and hours or two, fight it, go it trial and maybe these aren't the trial lrs he wants. could go either way. i wouldn't assume much from changing loys rightnow. >> want to paint this from the trump perspective. in trump world there's a feeling the russia investigation has actually been going swh trump's way. that his attacksen mueller contained a lot of that, but the cohen matter is really the thing
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that scares people in trump world, because he, as trump's lawyer, knows all of the skeletons, where all the bodies potentially are buried. reports he tape recorded telephone conversations and would do the president's, you know, dirty work as his xer. trump advisers that i talked to are less concerned these days with robert mueller's investigation as pertains to the actual campaign, but are worried about what the cohen matter might uncover. >> we have no idea what >> someone told me yesterday if there is one person that can blow up trump it iscohen. >> according to a source close to cohen, we show note, reached for comment, cone wrote in a text message to "vanity fair," "your alleged source is wrong." from michael cohen. all we have as of late. is he scared? is cohen, is he fearful right now? nervous? is he anxious? what are your sources telling you about his emotional stat if will you? >> volatile and there have been reports to this in the past. he's feeling isolated.
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feeling betrayed by the president. he wishes the president would show more loyalty to him. this is a man michael cohen who said publicly on the record weeks back that he would take a bullet for the president. so i think this is -- in a certain way one person explained this almost as a cry for help saying i may flip if you don't help me. please, do something. it's an s.o.s. and speaks to his state of mind. >> what does this mean for stormy daniels and/or michael after na ? >> i don't know if it affects that case. the ara series of civil cases theyt to intervene in, in the matter here in southern district, but ultima ultimately their relationship, a little too tenuous. at it really means for michael cohen ifny of those documents, any of the discovery, any opportunities for michael avenatti and his team to get some of that discovery, it will probably help them in their civil case, but those two are very, very different.
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>> and a finer point on it, i think, with michael avenatti. he has filled the void that the silence from the prosecutors has provided to this point. where it's been a one-sided propaganda affair from trump and his associates. at the end of the mic avenatti's case and stormy daniels's case is really irrelevant to what michael sown does. michael cohen is at risk of going to jail as a criminal for multiple crimes. that is what's on his mind. not the defamation suit or the $130,000 lawsuit from stormy daniels. >> if michael avenatti is arrested, indicted -- >> michael cohen. >> excuse me, excuse me. michael cohen. my appall jieologies. if arrested what would that mean for the special counsel's inion? how does that affect them? view, if the southern district is handling everything unrelated to the president, and what the agreement i suspect is,
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is that anything that the southern district finds, that t russia -- and there are things we've learned about michael cohen in connection to -- >> from moscow and others -- >> even after election. the peace plan he reportedly delivered to michael flynn and otr things. the relationship with columbus movie virginia and the russian oligarch. those thing would probably flow down to the spe counsel, everything se, particularly anything related to the trump organization, my guess would stay in the southern district. >> they wouldn't just gobble up the other investigation? wouldn't just -- that will be a closer call. the trump organization, i think. given the overlap. my guess, they'll keep the finance campaign stuff. taxi medallion stuff and other criminal acity here in the southern district. >> to be clear, folks joining or listening, breaking news right w. michael cohen, the president's longtime personal attorney, according to "vanity fair" says he expects to be indicted. we can also report that he's breaking up with his attorneys
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as well. cohen is. really quickly here. again, daniel, you're familia with this particular district more so than most, the southern district. if he is indicted, what does that then tell you about the evidence that they have? >> well, look, i think their evidence is strong and i think if he doesn't cooperate he will be indicted. most defendants are better off cooperating pre-indictment. you get more credit. you're a better cooperating witness for the government, i you are indicted and don't see the evidence against you. you acceptity earlier. so if michael cohen is going to cooperate it is better for him to do it before he's indicted, but he may want to see what goods they have and may want to see what he's charged with before making that decision. >> that dovetails with what i'v people that he wants to see what charges the government comes up with. seems to be a game of chicken here and maybe by signaling he's open to cooperating he wants to
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see them put their cards -- >> see the government's cards. yeah. >> does the government typically bluff? >> no. >> no. the federal government. no. they absolutely do not bluff. that's why it is the most difficult thg to negotiate with the federal government. they are parsimonious when it comes to handing out deals. the notion of non-prosecution deals are not something u.s. attorneys earn taint lightly if at all and if they do i've almost never heard of it. >> leave it there. good spod. gentlemen, fascinating conversation back to reality. president trump back at the white house. taking a bit victo lap his su kim jong-un, but nowhe hard work really begins. will this momentum, will this attention, turn into a real bona fide deal to denuclear ice the korean peninsula? we look at that. also, scott pruitt is back in the spotlight. how a new report says he turned to party donors to help his wife find a job. e in luck.
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secretary of state mike pompeo is in south korea today, pushing back on reports tha the agreement is not verifiable. the secretary says there will be more engagement with the north probably next week. meanwhile, back at the white house, president trump is extolling his historic meeting in a series of tweets that read in part -- there is no longer a nuclear threat from north korea. president obama said that north korea was our biggest and most
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dangerous problem. no longer. sleep well tonight. but there are, in fact, many issues that remain unresolved. among them, the agreement includes no timetable for denuclearization, and also no process for verification. kathleen steecphens, under presidents bush and obama, joins me from california. and the director of korean and public policy at the wilson center and opened associate press pyongyang bureau in 2012. the first western news outlet in north korea's capital. honored to have you both. dam ambassador, start with you. start with the president's tweet. this idea that north korea no longer poses a nuclear threat. ? >> well, it's obviously not correct. north korea has not given up anything yet. it has frozen its testing program for now, and that is
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very welcome, and there certainly has been a lowering of tensions, but much hard work lies ahead, and north korea not only as long as it possesses nuclear weapons poses a nuclear threat and a conventional threat on the peninsula and all of these things need to be addressed going forward. >> it seems like, to a lot of folks at least, the only definitive thing to come out of the summit as a result of president trump's determination to stohese joint military exercises in the region, south korea seems to have been taken a bit back, by surprise, by that. is that accurate, madam ambassador? >> yeah. well, i mean i actually think coming out of this summit is a start at the top. unconventionally, and then at a very sort of trumpian way, but of a dialogue which is a good thing. i wouldn't set that aside entirely. but, yes. i was disturbed and think a lot of south koreans were to hear
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president trump announce apparently kind of unilaterally, without prior notifications to the south koreans, the suspension of what he called provocative war games, what in the past we've called military exercises or training. this, on the korean peninsula. i'm sure that's going to be a topic of conversation with secretary of state pompeo in seoul. certainly i think there are ways in which you can ,dapt military exercises as confidence building measures to make them more transparent to help the process, but, yeah. both the fact that he announced it the way he did and the words he used to characterize it is provocative was quite disturbing. >> you lived and worked in pyongyang for a number of years. what do we know about what the people there are being told about this summit? >> this meeting with president donald trump has been splashed all over their stays media. the main party newspaper
10:21 am
dedicated four pages all over the front page. first four pages of the paper, to this summit, and i can tell you that most north railrokorea seize these posted at the library, subway stations, they'll be jostling to get a close look at these pictures, a close look of donald trump and amazing for them to see their country's flag next to the american flag and their leader standing shoulder-to-shoulder with the president of arguably the most powerful country in the world. >> beyond the optics, though, in terms of the substance. here's a country for generations they've been told that the unitedtates of america is the devil. and now all of a sudden that narrative changes? >> no. it actually -- evolves. so what they're going to say is look how masterful our leader was, in getting the president to the table. they are going to give him credit for that. give kim jong-un credit for that, and it's really stark in you look at the language they
10:22 am
say the two leaders -- the two top leaders, they are putting him on an even footing as a nuclear power with the united states, and that is designed to tell their people, look, he has made the right decisions. it will strengthen his position at home and i think it will embolden his position internationally. >> i want to play a bit of a video here. this is a -- part of a video that the president shared with kim jong-un during their meeting in this, it i guess a hollywood trailer. take a look. >> announcer: history is always evolving and there comes a time when only a few are called upon to make the difference. but the question is -- what difference will they make? destin pictures presents, a story of opportunity. a new story. a new beginning. one of peace. two men. two leaders. one destiny.
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>> mad a.m. ambassadoam ambassa the white house home page. what is that? >> pretty unconventional diplomacy, i grant you that, and i will turn to jean for her speculation about how it might be received by kim jong-un or by the north koreans if they saw it more generally. i don't know if they d. it w. >> i will say this, one, i think it does -- i think president trump is right to appeal tohat is kim jong-un's genuine determination to turn north korea into an economic powerhouse. sounds crazy to us but i think he really want to do it, do it while still holding on to his nuclear weapons, but the economic carrot is a huge one. and the notion that he can be a world statesman, again, very over the top at summit. sort of stomach turning in many
10:24 am
ways. if he can be recognized having standing, i think the notion is that will allow him to feel secure a move towards denuclearization. >> leave it there. madam ambassador, jean, next time you come on we'll talk about that video. thank you both. in limbo. the rules for people who come to this country seeking asylum. the rules changed, and it affects thousands. the story of one woman who came here to escape gang violence that kill add family member now stuck in the system.
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know day, another scandal for the man who runs the environment protection agency. the "washington post" reports scott pruitt had a top aide cabinet republican donors to help his wife land a job with a conservative political group. it is the latest in a long and growing list of allegations of misconduct by the former oklahoma attorney general. days ago revealed he may have violated federal rules demanding his $3 million security detail run errands for him including picking up his dry cleaning.
10:29 am
and finding his favorite high-end moisturizing lotion at the ritz-carlton. scott pruitt is the subject of at least 15 separate government investigations going on right now. a.b. stoddard, associate editor and columnist with neoclear politics. good to see you. thanks for coming on. >> thanks, craig. some other things scott pruitt has been accused of. renting a apartment from a lobbyist for $50. installing a sound-proof booth in his office. spenting $100000 on flights in his first year all on the public dime. leave this up a second. a lot of information for viewers to take in put that screen back up for a second. what's it going to take for the white house or lawmakers to pressure the administration to boot scott pruitt? >> craig, that's the big question kicked around in
10:30 am
washington for months now. even after a number two deputy administrator was confirmed. people were thinking maybe that was a move that would cement scott pruitt's, you know, departure and then he didn't depart. more scandals revealed, for those paying attention to them, we lose track of them and this has been going on so long, it's almost -- mean, it's clear now that scott pruitt is sort of contemptuous of the taxpayer dollar and doesn't see job as accompanied by any kind of accountability. he is in donald trump's favor. it's very important that people see the reporting that maggie haberman and other "new york times" reporters did this weekend. another story about trump sort of unbound, not listening to chief of staff kelly and other things. >> you called for it. put it up from the "new york times" on sunday. amorning the president's other confidants is scott pruitt. mr. trump dismissed advice of several aides who tried to
10:31 am
persuade him to fire mr. pruitt in light of questions about misuse of authority. the two speak frequently and th negative view of jeff sessions, the attorney general, with the em battled epa leader. so best we can gather, he's sorts of his gossip bud dy? how he's kept the job? >> several months ago sort of speculation in washington that scott pruitt was trying to convince president trump to replace jeff sessions as attorney general with him. with mr. pruitt himself. then there was talk about whether or not he was the one leaking those stories. it goes on and on. quite a drama in respect is also the case, craig, with a backed up log of confirmations on capitol hill, republicans who control the senate, worried about headwinds going into november's elections and they did say several months ago, no more firings. we don't have the bandwidth to look to new candidates and confirming new cabinet
10:32 am
secretaries. after mike pompeo became the new secretary of state, and that had become a bit of al biter at the end. there was some protection from senate leadership of scott pruitt. of course, thereave been more of a cascade of stories about his ethical missteps and lapses since then and you see people like conservative commentator laura ingraham saying he's got to go. this is making the president's judgmek really d. i think that there is, you're going to see increasing pressure, because scott pruitt is basically become sort of a democrat's midterm commercial. for him to go. it's interestinge retains the confidce of the president a few days ago said at an event, doing a great job, ripped by the press but doing a great job and it's totally unfair. >> 15 federal investigations. thank you. >> thanks, craig. high-stakes vote on immigration is finally set to reach the house floor. house republicans reached a deal to vote on two separate measures next week and it comes as
10:33 am
growing number of migrant families are being caught and separated at the border under the trump administration's zero tolerance policy. many of them are seeking asylum after escaping domestic violence, and gangs at ho nbc's gadi schwartz talked to one such family and joins me from san diego. gadi what did you find out? >> reporter: well, craig it is difficult to convey how big these implications are going to be thereare about 700,000 cas that are pending right now in the immigration system for asylum. this will affect so many of those cases. in fact, it's going to affect basically any case where somebody comes to the united states seeking asylum because they are escaping gang violence. accept tral to their case, this will play central to what the judge decides. the difficult to really understand this system. it gets very, very complicated and unless you know somebody going through it, i want to troduce to you awoma we met
10:34 am
her in chicago a few days ago. part of that immigrant caravan that came to the border about a month ago asking for asylum. escaping gang violence. the story is graphic. she did not want to tell it to us in front of herng children but it's important to nd when you' trying to figure out why she came and exactly what she's trying to escape. so take an listen. >> the family went out to look for their dad, and then they found him in the field, and that he had been decapitated and his head was found a distance away, and his body showed signs of torture. his nails were gone. his teeth cut out. and -- she -- knew they had to escape. so she took her daughters and they moved, and they moved to guatemala first and then to mexico, when a man found them in guatemala, and each time she would move to the different countries -- this man with the
10:35 am
tattoos, at the very -- very distinguishable tattoos on his face would find them and this man woulday -- everything that happened el saador has been forgiven but you no ed to give me your daughters. >> now, fortunately, she was able to escape with her four daughters. she has three of her daughters and those three daughters and her were released about two weeks ago. this happened before jeff sessions' latest edict. one of her daughters, her oldest, 18 years old, staying at this detention center. they were separated when they came into the country asked for asylum and now says she does thought have a court date or a release date and doesn't know when she'll see her mother again. and she falls under this category of people that are fleeing that gang violence. it's unclear exactly what's going to happen to her case. what's going to happen to so many of these cases.
10:36 am
but one thing is clear. we are going to see a lot more deportations, and the fear is, from families like this, that if they are deported back to el salvador, they'll be kied. craig? >> back to you. >> gadi schwartz. gut wrenching there in san diego. gadi, thank you. and victoria difrancesco, immigration and political science expert at the university of texas joins me now. victoria, we know according to best guess estimates here, 550 migrant children separated from their families so far. as i understand it, just this past april, you were at a detention facility in texas. you've seen firsand what some of these families areoing through. what did you see? what did you find? what did they tell you? >> right, craig. i was at the center in texas, one of the few family detention centers where mothers are with their children. the story we heard gadi talked about sadly is not the
10:37 am
exception. we see hundreds of women fleeing this type of violence, fleeing domestic violence as well. the situation in the central american countries is dire, and i think it is very easy for folks in washington or folks who don't have contact with immigrants to say, let's have zero tolerance, get tough on immigration. let's separate out the kids. bhut you're sitting there across from these women and you're hearing their story and you see their children, heart wrenching doesn't even begin to describe what one feels. >> and an official with the department of -- health and human services, confirms that they are looking at expanding these facilities. i want to playomething that the attorney general of the ed states, jeff sessions, said on monday. this is him ruling in his -- no, it's not sound. read it to you. the asylum statute does not provide redress for all misfortune. the mere fact a country may have problems effectively policing
10:38 am
certain crimes sump as domestic violence, gang violence, or that certain populations are more likely to be victims of crime cannot itself establish an assay lumb claim. what do you make of that assertion from the attorney general? >> so, craig, technically, he's right. so under our refugee and asylum laws there are five categories under which you can claim this status. persecution based on race, relation, nationality, political opinion andrship in a particular group. and this last piece, the membership in a particular group is where there's been wiggle room in the past. previous administrations would allow folks who are part of a group that's not a ga, and they would get people in for asylee status a based on that. jeff sessions is saying that that last category he's not allo allowing the wiggle room previous administrations allowed
10:39 am
for. this is where the door is being shut on these women that i saw in the detention sender and that we see all across the country who are fleeing that gang violence. that, you know -- they -- they will risk their lives and their children's lives because they know that death is the only option if they stay. >> victoria, thank you. we'll continue to stay top of the story and hope you'll come back. >> thank you, craig. a republican congressman who stood up and said, no, to president trump, voted out of office. so -- when republicans disagreeing with the president, where do they go from here?
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get to know geico. and see how easy homeowners and renters insurance n be. a stunning midterm upset in last republican primary in south carolina's first congressional district. incumbent congressman mark sanford lost to state legislator katie arrington. president trump took credit on twitter. his representatives didn't want to get involved but arrington was so good and sanford so bad he had to give it a shot. joining me to break it down, steve kornacki and david joely, former republican congressman at the board, start there. sanford's performance last night in the primary. was it a strong indicator of the path ahead for gop hopefuls who are hoping to buck trump or an anomaly? >> no. i think this gets to the bigger
10:44 am
question about trump, his relationship with the republican party and-the-voters. we know mark sanford has baggage pre-seeding the trump era. the affair as governor, resignation all that. he beat stephen colbert's sister.ght he was set for life,d was -- critical of trump in a number ways. the trump tweet yesterday. what's happening, as a candidate, aligned herself strongly with trump gets that majority and gets, avoids the runoff. makes this more than just sanford and anything particular to him is, w saw this last week in another congressional this was in alabama. mth ro martha roby. denounced trump in 2016. all of those scandals played out in the campaign. got challenged by bobby bright, ched parties. said i'm with trump. this means she's going to a runoff. when an incumbent is under 40% in a primary, goes to a runoff,
10:45 am
boy, a bad sign. she's in grave danger for basically the same reason at mark sanford of losing her seat. you get two republican inco incumbents both defying trump in some way and earning the ire of trump supporters going down in consecutive weeks tells you a bigger thing what's happening in the republican party. >> and katie arrington beat sanford. what she said talking about democrats and the gop. >> they believe in higher taxes, bigger government, fewer jobs, and that's the problem. it's not -- it's the job of washington to fix it. we are the party of president donald j. tr >> we are the party of donald j. trump, david joely. do you agree? if not, where do so-called establishment republicans like yourself go? >> sure. no. look, i think this completes donald trump's strangle hold of
10:46 am
the republican party. we can't look past that. the party that we once knew as one of principled ideas has been taken over by a persality. take the comments by ms. arrington right there. the very first comment about taking on higher taxes and higher regulation and wanting less government, has been m sanford's platform for the past 20 years. 20 years a he was the ultraconservative liberty loving smaller government guy. its was the second part of her statt that is most informative. this is donald trump's party, craig. nowh to go if you're in a republican district than to embrace donald trump otherwise you suffer a fate like we saw with mark last evening. >> steve kornacki, how much is about primary voters in gene wh do we know about people who typically sfloet prima v in pri >> in south carolina, this state, sort of a key turning point, a key milestone, if ycal it on donald trump's path to the republican nomination and to the presidency's when he appealed to
10:47 am
south carolina's republican primary voters no 2016 shattered myths there. south carolina was a state, donald trump came down there and attacked george wncht bush. over the iraq war. the myth about republican primary voters that was shattered, you can't attack bush, his handling of the war, not in a state with that many veterans and in a state with so many evangelical christians. he won in 2016. one of those moments we looked at, this is really going to happen. those same voters clearly have not forgotten folks who weren't ready to line up with him when that happen>> senator bob corkeg he said that caught our attention about your party. >> it's not a good place for any party to end up with a cult-like situation as it relates to -- to -- to a president that happeneds to be purportedly of the same party. >> senator corker obviously his
10:48 am
republican colleagues are free to poke the bear. bear beingsid david joely. as we march towards midterms in november, is it reasonable to expect that fewer republicans be willing to criticize this president or his actions? >> sure. look, it's district dependent. what senator corker pointed out, this is a party loyal to a man now. not a set of ideologiideologies. look what he's done on foreign toles, trade and deficit and one of the most popular presidents of all-time among republicans. in a republican delinquent. mark sanford, martha roby, you embrace donald trump for who he is. in one of those more moderate districts, there are, there is value to distancing yourself from the president to prove your independence, but craig, reality is, a lot of those moderate districts, republicans are going to lose the cycle. congress will be more trump-like among republicans next term. not less. and if i may on mark sanford,
10:49 am
because he's a friend appointed personal privilege. once pulled me aside and reminded me the privilege to serve. mark learned a lot of lessonsing on the way. he was serving his district. congress will be less because mark has now left. good spot to leave it. thanks, as always. steve kornacki, thanks as well. southern baptists and the #metoo movement. how one of the country's biggest denominations is acknowledging its failures and working to protect women in the future. and just like that we felt a little less alone. but then something happened. we had to deal with spam, fake news, and data misuse. that's going to change. from now on, facebook will do more to keep you safe and protect your privacy. because when this place does what it was built for,
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. rgest protestant community in the country, kicked off a convention amid several high-profile scandals. self-of the church's top leaders were ous sexual misconduct allegations and t of women. nbc's katy beck is in dallas for us. first, what are some of the resolutions coming out of the convention? >> the resolution just passed yesterday, craig, is basically focused on honoring the dignity
10:54 am
of women. this resolution was sort of groundbreaking for this church denomination. many here saying this was not an issue they've ever really discussed at this convention. but in the wake of these allegations and in the wake of the me too movement, discussing how the church treats women is a top priority. this resolution was passed without any contest yesterday. there was wide support for it. basically saying we need to respect the dignity of women. we need to protect them from abuse. and when they are abused, we need to report it to authorities. they're also very adamant the church pastors and leads neared normal education on what to do when abuse is rorted to them. that was just passed yesterday and that big deal for these folks. >> vice president mike pence spoke a short time ago. what did he say? what are you hearing from attendees about his speech? >> well, there was some mixed reaction to his attendance here. yesterday there was a vote put to the floor where a good --
10:55 am
several hundred members of the baptist church voted against pence being here to speak. and the reason for that was because they didn't want to pol. they wanted to keep it strictly to religious values, talking about the things that are important to their denomination. we did speak to a couple of people coming out of this event who said they felt this was more of a stump speech than anything else. vice president pence did talk an awful lot about the administration's successes, the economy, the fight against trim. he mentioned north korea for a great deal of his speech. so i think some people inside the convention hall were a bit turned off by that. several saying, that's not the greater mission of why we are here. and that's why we voted against him coming. ultimately that vote did fail and they still were respectful and honored vice president pence as he had the stage. but this speech certainly contained more political meat than religious. >> catie beck in dallas, texas, thank you. we'll be right back with a story to myou smile.
10:56 am
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and now a story that will leave you with a smile. the raccoon that climbed a remarkable 25 stories stories up reaching the top of the ubs tower in st. paul early this morning. the raccoon quicklyent viral on twitter with the #npr raccoon for minnesota public radio. the lit adrenalin junkie, safe and sound.
11:00 am
he was apparently lured into the hands of wildlife officials with cat food and he is, we are told, unaware of his news celebrity status. he's going to be released back into the suburbs. 'll have an update for you tomorrow. katy tur standing by to jump in here. i'll see you tomorrow morning on "today." >> a source close to me said that that raccoon didn't want to be a climber reaching for the top, didn't want to be anywhere where he didn't know where to stop. >> you've been working on that all day, haven't you? >> no. >> just came to you? my crowd git. >> i listen to your music. i just just don't want to join in your little club. >> okay. from a story that will make you smile to a story that's going to make you go, "huh"? start the with breaking news. 11:00 a.m. out west, 2:00 p.m. out east. walls could be closing in on former trump attorney michael cohen. a source close to cohen tells me he does expect to be arrested soon. but is that what he's telling


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