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tv   MTP Daily  MSNBC  June 13, 2018 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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adviser, actually. apparently, he calls him up and they talk. >> in this instance i'm rooting for laura i think a ram. my thanks to you panel. that does it for our hour. i'll nicolle wallace. "mtp daily" star now. for once i'm on time. hi, chuck. >> hi. tell mr. swan put the lot in the et. pution in the basket. >> no. we were playing silence of the lambs. i would play it for you but then it would be late. it puts lotion on its body or it gets the hose. >> just put it in the basket. if it's wednesday, ain't no party like a donald trump party. >> tonight, trumping the gop. is the president taking ultimate corol over his party? >> it's becoming a cultish thing, isn't it? plus, is the president's fixer in a fix? while michael cohen is uncoupling with his current counsel. >>and late with immigration votes now set for next week, is the republican rebellion over
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daca really over? >> we are not abandoning the discharge petition. this is "mtp daily," and it stigarts rht now. ♪ good evening. i'm chuck todd here in chicago. welcomily." we are going to tell you what's really going on with the president's lawyer, michael cohen. is he flipping? is he not flipping? what's the deal with splitting with his lawyers? what's it all mean for the president? this is a story that's been the subject of intense speculation today. but the key word is speculation. okay? the only confirmed is he is going to get a new lawyer. we will get to the bottom of that later in the hour. we bin tonig with a development that's arguably much more urgent in this moment. folks n the last 24 hours have seen multiple warn prosecution inside the republican party that presint trump isn't just overtaking the gop. he's turning it into something
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that resembles a cult. all of a sudden, that word is starting to pop up more and more, and it's all coming from the right. here's republican senator bob corker earlier today. >> it's becoming a cultish thing, isn't it? it's not a good place for any party to end up with a kultd-like situation as it relates to -- cult-like situation as it relates to a president that happens to be of purportedly of the same party. >> then there is republican congressman mark sanford. he's someone who has warned the party about becominge ing ing a personality. he did sn this show. but his criticism the president cost him his job. sanford wasefeated in his primary last night after the president told the base not to vote for him. here's sanford's warning to his party as he concede the race last night. >> we are about as a nation is
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not being for or against one personal. again, we are a nation of laws not men as the founding fathers said. >> here's what an ideological congressman said? >> mark sanford's losing in south carolina is pretty much proof positive that the gop is not really caring about government. it is really a cult of personal. there is that warning again f. those warnings are right, bar the door. ask yourself what that means for the guardrails of american democracy. it's congress's job to act as a check on the president. but in the wake of sanford's loss, this was the message from some republicans. >> donald trump's popularity with republicans is unprecedented. so with all politics being local, if you are not on the same page as the president, in 85, 90% of your base is you
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could see where that could cause a problem. >> look n my district, i got 70% of the vote in the general election. the president got 66. if we get in a fight he keeps his 66 and i keep my 4. >> i love that tom cole. he would keep his four. probably right. can you blame them for being worried? they have seen some of the most conservative voices, pure conservative voices pretrump lose because of insufficient loyal to trump. folks, if this is the president now, you have to now start thinking differe about the consequences of saying, ousting mueller, firing rod rosenstein, pardoning michael cohen, using the justice department to settle scores, limiting press freedom, flexing your executive authority. you name why would theepublica party stand up against any of that if they see that standing up to him on just one thing can bring an end to your political career no mart how truly old school conservative you are.
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tonight's panel, david ignatius, carol lee, michael steele. man, michael, i swear, you are days you get put in this horrible box. what's -- is your party a cult? is donald trump's following a cult following? >> it is. >> is bob corker -- are they right? >> i think they are, chuck. i think in large measure they are. you see it play itself out in how the leadership has responded to this president, the lack of pushback against the things that do go outside the bounds of the institutions that we support, the policies that republicans have traditionally held on to and advocated for. all of that has gone by the wayside. the president has been very effective at leading up to and now executing on using his popularity and that relationship that he has been able to forge with what was once a small
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minority of the party, now bigger part of that party as a cudgel against those who don't support a policy or the outside of this who personally he does not connect with where there is this disconnect because you know they are n on the same page as the president on a lot of other things that go beyond policy. yeah, i think this language that's now beginning to revolve within the party around this cult of personality has resonance with a lot of members because they are acting very afraid of it. >> david ignatius, here's what -- more from eric erickson. the president pees in the punch bowl of the g7, insist the russians come back into the organization then apply flies off to singapore to make kissy face with a man who inhumanely treats his own people. do you think that's right? >> i think the silence from the republicans over this last week
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of the strange in some ways unprecedented actions president trump has taken -- the silence has been deafening. i take michael steele seriously when he says this is in effect a cult of personality. i go back two years to just remembering the way donald trump mowed through the republican establishment during the primaries. it was an insurge ensy. it was aimed at the party leadership. it was aimed at sweeping away gop leadership, i traditions. it has come full circle. people in the party are afraid of him. they don't want to cross him. we will have to see what's next. the only thing that will change this i think is if there is a buildout democratic victory in november. then republicans will come back to where they came from. >> to me, i'm with david on this. i think it's the ballot
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changes the calculation for these republicans and nothing else at this point, mueller -- mueller could have i think president trump in prague with physical evidence. >> right. >> and i don't know if this republican party would feel comfortable standing up to him. >> yeah, i mean that's -- we've seen the only thing that scares republicans is notng t re-election. and right now the thing that's causing that to happen the most is donald trump. trump is now the head of a party that essentially rejected him in terms of the establishment and the institution of the party. what better revenge for him to turn it into a test that the ultimate test for him, the only test he really cares about, which is a loyalty test. and we have seen this become sort of increasingly almost a self fulfilling prophecy where the republicans are afraid to take ontrump. those who do wind up losing an election and are weakened and
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trump essentially gets more power and gets more influence. whether that changes in november based on the election results, i don't think we know yet. >> michael steele, there was another trump tweet that i want to highlight from today before he landed. i think he was getting close. he sai funny to watch the fake news, especially nbc and cnn they are figg hard todown p korea. 500 days ago they would have begged for this deal. lab like war would break out. fake news, promulgated by fools. head of the republican party, president of the united states basically says kim jong-un is to be believed more than america's free speechless at that and yet not shocked anymore by him. why is this a cult, why is the information loop that the trump followers are following that is allowing this to be -- allowing them to be so easily bam
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boozeled? >> they believe that trump is going to deliver on the vast majority of thing that he set out to deliver on as a candidate. they look at the tax cuts. they look at -- even on the health care battle they don't fault the leadership on the trump team. they fault the leadership in the congress for that failing. at turn they continue to make the excuse for the president. this is the success and the strength of this president. he's not held accountable for anything he says, does or anything that he tweets. there is no penalty he has had to pay. everyone else has had to pay in response to what he has said, done, and tweeted but not him. i'm not convinced with the november elections coming up that that turns against the president if he loses the house. honestly, i don't think he gives a damn where whether he has the majority or not. because the only player in any room he is in is him. he doesn't need the leadership
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to negotiate for him. that's what the base and supporters like. >> i think you are right, it is an interesting point, which is -- democrats blow republicans out in november. the president will say, well, it's because they are all the old establishment. that's the old guard. good riddance. he probably will say that. >> he may well snooshs what will wake up the republican party? >> chuck, he may well sayment that but the democratic controlled house next year means a very different world for donald trump. it acts as a significant check on hispower. you mentioned the i word, impeachment. but let's hold that aside for the moment. you know, he may think this is what the republican establishment deserves, but his presidency would be significantly altered, and he understand that. i just think it's going to be fascinating, through the summer, through the late summer, to watch how republicans play this.
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that will be the best barometer on where trump really is. serve yen to him or will they speak out because they are afraid of going down. >> carol last week we had joni ernst gently confronting the president. and sh -- but she had a political chit on her side. her farmers were essentially panicked about tariffs. but that is a gentle pushback sothing in your own backyard that contradicts the president for you to be believed. >> right. i think lindsey graham talked today about criticizing t president to make added vae. that's line that republicans are walking. i think when you see the president get in the mode of settling scores and lashing out at people, it's when they have gone into what he perceive as making it personal, about him. or somehow -- you know, not just criticizing his policies in a way that's a little gentler, but
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the personal stuff. so you haveine republicans who managed to be successful with criticizing the president on a policy issue or gently disagreeing. they have largely been successful because they have stayed away from the personal attack. >> david, before i let you go, and before we go here, i wanted to turn the conversation a little bit to sort of the internatio that pps made with the g7. and goat susan rice. she wrote this in an op ed. if mr. putin were calling the shots he would advise withd from the tpp. pull out of the iran nuclear deal, there is no evidence that putin is dictating american policy but it's hard to imagine how he could do much better even if he were. not mentioned was cancelling military exercises with the south koreans, and cutting a -- basically cutting your own deal with the northans. >> this has been deeply unsettling for u.s. allies.
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trump's movet the g7 to alienate our traditional closest partners and adversary back in i particular was upsetting. i think people should remember, in this period of seeming uproar, houses turned upside down that there are elements of power, especially on military tionships that remain pretty much as they always have been. nato continues to operate. the u.s. military continues toffoli ason every day arouto h day around the rld. there are elements of continuity. the inteigence relationships similarly continue. i think what i hear from diplomats that i talk to is that that's an element of reassurance when the white house is so disruptive. >> all right. very quickly, how concerned are you that more and more elections
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around the world right now in some of our ally countries will basically -- from the most anti-trump, answer american candidate can win -- i'm thinking most acutely mexico, and that this is now going to me contagious. >> if i could follow that up. you put your finger on the issue. the question is, what's the political blowback from president trump's actions as countries and their publics begin to react to an america that no longer seems friendly in the traditional way. how do they begin to change? how do they reach out and make new arrangements? in particular with china. whatever else you could say about this period, china has been an enormous beneficiary. >> i'm going to leave it there. but that has been -- if anybody has benefitted more, more than even russia, it's been china. thank you, stick around. up ahead, michael cohen's legal drama.
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the president's attorney is expected to part ways with his own attorney. why is that? what would that mean? does that mean he is thinking about flipping? there is a lot of speculation to get into. we will have that after the break. at fidelity, our online u.s. equity trades are just $4.95. so no matter what you trade, or where you trade, you'll only pay $4.95. fidelity. an accounto until her laptop cras. her salon was booked for weeks, having it problems?
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in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. the name to remember. welcome back. a significant development in the legal situation surrounding president trump's personal lawyer michael cohen today a. course close to michaen tells nbc news that the president's longtime personal lawyer and fixer is expected to split with his current set of lawyers and plans to hire new counsel. folks, we don't know why cohen has decided to change up his attorneys but we knot has a lot of people talking and wondering. it could mean that cohen preparing to cooperate with
2:20 pm
investigators. we know that that's how rick gates changed lawyers dpus just before he agreed to cooperate with robert mueller's investigation. multiple people familiar with the matter tell nbc news cohen hasn't even spoken witness federal prosecutors yet. this could be about money. maybe his lawyers decided he can't pay. or it could be that cohen's lawyers think cohen has lied to them and they want out. even still, it could be that cohen is trying to signal to the white house that he is in trouble and he might need a pardon. or it could be none of those things. the move is a significant development for michael cohen. but time will tell if it is a significant development for president trump. i want to bring in a couple of experts, two msnbc legal analysts from sort of both sides of the table here. oner district in the southern district of new york, prosecutor side of things and criminal defense attorney danny is a val owes. i wanted both of you because i wanted to see if we could get
2:21 pm
into the mind-set of both sides of this. danny, i want to start with you. you change lawyers why? >> there are a number of reasons why a client may separate from his counsel. it could be non-payment of bills. that happens all the time. defense attorneys call this rule one, as in the first rule is you have to get paid. it could also be a situation where the attorneys mt withdraw. attorneys must withdraw from representation for example, if a client is seeking advice to commit a future crime. i'm not saying that's what is happening here. but that is one of the instances where attorneys have to withdraw. one example might be that cohen simply doesn'tt these attorneys anymore. there has been irretrievable breakdown in the communication between counsel and client, disagreement on strategy. any of these reasons are valid reasons why attorneys and clients separate from each other. there e some instances where it' voluntary and some instances
2:22 pm
as in the commission of a future crime where an attorney must seek to withdraw. without knowing more, and we are not likely to hear more, because it's privileged communication, we are left speculating as to what the true reason is, whether it's money or something else. >> mimi rocha,hespeculation, the rumor wire went berserko because the initial report about michael cohen changing lawyers sort of indicated this could be him preparing to flip. walk me through that side of things. what does that look like, when you guys were working with be some you were going to prosecute that suddenly was going to cooperate. walk me through that process? >> well, so, danny is exactly right. as you said, we are speculating as to why cohen has switched lawyers. but it is true -- i can't give you a statistic, but in my experience people do often change lawyers before they
2:23 pm
cooperate. here's why. in order to cooperate, someone has to come to terms with the fact they are eventually going to have to plead guilty and accept fom responsibility and admit to crime. and a lawyer who is advising a client to do that, somes the client doesn't want to hear that. so the instinct may be i want a new lawyer because they want a lawyer who won't give that advice, we go to trial, beat this. i don't know what happened here. but in my experience that happens quite a bit. then what happens is you get another, and another lawyer who is also hopefully a good lawyer tells them the same thing. sometimes cliento hear it more than one time, from different lawyers before they can come to terms with it. >> interesting. >> it does often -- that change, that kind of turmoil in the team, in the legal representation, there is often a shakeup before there is cooperation think for that reason. i wanted to make one point, though, which is about what cooperation means. cooperation is a process in the
2:24 pm
federal system. even today when people were saying he has a new lawyer,goin. even if that were true, that would mean he is beginning the process and starting to meet with federal prosecutors. this is going to take a long time. if he ever does cooperate it's not like he is going to decide to cooperate, and the next day plead guilty and that's it. it is a series of meetings and discussions, they are called proffers. it takes a long time. here i imagine it would take a particularly long time because he would have to meet with different sets of prosecutors, both federal, state, and mossbly from mueller's side. >> gabe cherrermsherman, he twe this, a person close to cohen says he hasn't flipped yet. quote, he is sending up a smoke signal to trump, i need help. now, danny and mimi i'm guessing
2:25 pm
it's not every day that either one of you deal with clients who have the opportunity to perhaps get a pardon in order to deal with their situation. but danny, let me start with you. first of all, havyou everence w perhaps had an access to a pardike this? and if not, what do you make of trying to sendnal lik this. >> no, i have never dealt with a pardon. most of my colleagues never dealt with a pardon. the pardon process is so distinct from the criminal justice system that i can't think of a single colleague who has handled one although they are certainly out there and i could probably look them up if i needed to. you are absolutely right. in this case we have a rare instance where a potential targetaybe a future defendant like cohen -- it may be sending up a signal saying, i've changed attorneys, if that makes you nervous, mr. president, now is the time to pardon me. the clock is ticking. because if michael cohen goes
2:26 pm
into a proffer meeting, enters into a proffer agreement, provides information to u.s. attorneys, and enters into some kind of deal, you can't unring that bell. the ausas who hear the information he hase them unhear it after it's out the door. so if time to pardon is -- if it's going to happen, the time is now. and cohen certainly knows that. and maybe within theext couple of days we will see what president trump's temperature is on the pardon process. >> mimi, does a pardon cover the evidence? like if's say the president pardons michael cohen tomorrow. all that evidence that was gathered up by prosecutors and to decide how much of it falls under attorney client privilege and how much of it can investigators legally use -- what happens to that under a pardon situation? >> nothing. the evidence still exists. you know, it's the same thing
2:27 pm
people talk about mueller getting fired. even if mueller was fired tomorrow, the evidence still exists. technically, the evidence before someone is charged acty belongs to the fbi not to the prosecutor's office. although obviously they share it. >> interesting. >> but the evidence is still there. d while they m be able to prosecute cohen for federal explained,here is still the possibility of prosecuting him for state crimes. there are some double jeopardy issues and it's kind of complicated but there is definitely that possibility. and there is certainly the possibility that that evidence is still used to prosecute other targets. we don't know right now how far outside the circle cohen the evidence goes. but you know we have had indications it's not just about michael cohen. >> mimi, the last -- >> yeah? >> no. go ahead. >> i wanted to make one other point along the lines of sort of what we can read into the attorney shift. i think we will know a little bit more we see what
2:28 pm
attorney cohen gets. right? >> right. >> so there areyceattos that do people. they have a policy against it. they a philosophically opposed to it. that happens more in the sort of mafia arena, that there are attorneys who represent people d when of those attorneys was retained you knew as a prosecutor okay thi not coming in. >> gotcha. >> there is that kind of indication. it could be he goes for a smaller solo practitioner. that might indicate it was a financial thing because it's likely to be a lower rate attorney. so there are different things that we might -- if it is a former prosecutor for the southern district of new york that might tell us something. i think we will have more in the smoke signals when we see that. >> mimi, danny, you made me understand this better. i imagine i hope it made viewers understand better. thank you very much. up ahead, president trump
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welcome back. "tonight, i'm obsessed with" how we got here. how on earth did we get here? how did we get to this week's totally unconventional jaw dropping extremely weird moment in world history. president trump and kim jong-un defying expectations and to some
2:33 pm
extent the world. two leaders from widely different backgrounds shak hand on primetimetelephones. there is a good reason to be skeptical that the summit will amount to anything positive diplomatically. but it makes you wonder if maybe, justmaybe, it could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship. cue the theme song from the sitcom "perfect strangers". ♪ ♪ ♪ on the wings of my rice an fall on the wing of my dreams ♪ ♪ rain and thunder wind and hale ♪ ♪ i'm bound to set the stage for my life, my dream, nothing is going to stop me now ♪
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ensuring that the public is going to be safer and that these forests can be sustained and enjoyed by the community in the future. after months of hand wringing negotiations and the threat of a rank and file rebellion, house republicans are now barrelling towards votes next week on immigration in an election year. so centrist republicans were trying to force votes to protect the young immigrants known as dreamers who are at risk of deportation. that group, which had the backing of all the house democrats fell short of a gathering of enough support to force their bill on the floor via something called a discharge petition. speaker paul ryan moved to quell the rebellion and avoid an embarrassing vote on that legislation that the republican base would hate. now the house will vote next week on two immigration bills one fy the more conservative members of the conference and another
2:38 pm
compromise measure that's still being written. what happens now? is there any compromise that can pass the house and do so without democratic votes? joining us, carlos crubello o of leading centrists pushing for this vote in his own party. welcome back to the show. >> good to be with you. >> you -- i've heard some of your comnts earlier today. we don't know what this bill looks like yet. why are you cavionfident you do need a discharge petition to force them to do a true protection vote when you don't know what's in this bill yet? >> two things. number one, the discharge petition remains alive. last night when the speaker announced we would be ha these votei made ate point to put out a statement telling colleagues we must remain committed to the discharge
2:39 pm
petition. the discharge petition is the driving force behind everything's happening here on the hill. i'm grateful to my democratic and republican colleagues. you we have been making a difference. a month ago this was dead in congress. no one thought immigration would have a chance at being didn'ted and considered for the rest of this year. leaders decided tot and wait until after the next election as they have done for many years. we have changed that. now we have the possibility of votes on the floor next week and of getting a product over to the senate that will force them to act. we will see what happens after that. we either go to conference or take something from the senate and get it to the president's desk. this is what we have all been waiting for for years. >> all right. what is speaker -- speaker ryan said a couple of thing. he wasn't going to put a bill on the floor that didn't have at least a -- well i think number one is he wasn't going to put a bill o floor that the president wouldn't sign.
2:40 pm
is that still the sense you get, that whatever compromise bill is put on the floor is something that speaker ryan believes the president will sign? or is that not the agreement that you ended up with? >> that is my understanding. and i believe that the speaker's office and the majority leader have kept the white house abreast of all of the negotiations and what i'm hearing is that the white house is inclined to support the slation. now, this is important, todd. because our goal here is to make law. for members like me, the dreamer issue is so important. we know that towards the end of the year these young people could be exposed to deportation depending how the court case goes. that's why our goal is to make law not just to get a vote where members can say i voted for this or voted for that. even though we are an inbranch of government and i'm not the type to want to wait for any white house to give us permission to proceed, in this case i do think it would be helpful if we knew the white
2:41 pm
house would sign something. that way we know we are not wasting our time and we are working on a product that can result in the protections that dreamers need in securing a future for them and getting them into the legal immigration system. and then of course addressing a number of other priorities like border security and reforming the visa system, which is important to the white house and i think to a lot of americans as well. >> i want to go back. why didn't you, to keep the pressure on, actually get your 218, and then be willing to table it but have it written down. have it there so you tell speaker ryan, buddy, if the compromise bill better be what we are saying we are feeling it immediately. by being short of the number aren't you losing some leverage? >> well, no, because, chuck, we will still have the opportunity in july to discharge the rule that includes these four bills that we had proposed debating on the floor. we have 216 signatures. those signatures are still on
2:42 pm
the petition. and at any point, today, tomorrow, two members can go down and sign it if we feel that in any way there has been a breach of trust. >> okay. >> or if someone isn't keeping their word. the discharge petition rem alive. at the same time we are sitting -- we are at the table negotiating. andcan come up with a product - close. and look, this isn't the bill that i would have sat alien and written. but it is the product of a compromise between centrist republicans and our colleagues on the right. hopefully we can get this done and have a win on immigration in our country for the first time since george w. bushntroduced this idea in 2005. >> do you imagine that the compromise bill that you would be more inclined to support, over good lot, i assume that's the conservative alternative but we'll see. do you assume you would have to get democratic votes in order to get it passed.
2:43 pm
? if so, what do you do about nancy pelosi who said today, if republicans plan to use dreamers as a way to advance donald trump's kpeeno phobic agenda they will get a fight from house democrats. did you take that as a threat pulling back from support on your efforts? they have been supportive our efforts congressman j i think it's clear they on the would be willing to support this compromise legislation. it's regrettable, becauset is the all or none approach that has gotten us nothing on immigration for 13 years. i would ask them to consider it, hen it's published. hey, worst case scenario f them we get a republican only bill out of the house. it goes to the senate, through the bipartisanrocess the mes back. maybe some of them can support it then. ideally we can do this in a bipartisan nature. it i controversial issue that's politically charged of the that makes it harder. >> congressman carlos curbelo, from my neck of the woods, where
2:44 pm
i grew up in south florida thanks for coming on and sharing your views. >> thank you. >> we'll be right back. southern coast of ireland. i think it's why we've been doing this...f. my dad has roots in the mountains of northern mexico. home to the strongest runners in the universe. my dad's ancestors were african bantu. i bet they told the most amazing stories. with twice the detail of other tests... and strengthen the bonds you share. it's only $69. give it to dad for father's day. it's only $69. the first survivor of ais out there.sease and the alzheimer's association the first survivor is going to make it happen. but we won't get there without you.
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visit to join the fight. welcome back. today in meet the mid terms. last night was another big primary night for democratic women, especially this the state of virginia. four women will be the democratic nominees in virginia's key house race this is fall. but there was an exception last night to the storyline of democratic women success.
2:46 pm
and it happened in nevada. where harry reid's preferred candidate for governor, steve sisolak beat the candidate who was backed by emily's list and hillary clinton. that probably says more about harry reid's politic clout in nevada than anything else. we told but maine's new voting system where they rank their preferred candidates one two three four five. they voted 55-45 to keep the new system. yes, they voted on how to vote while voting in this new way. long story. google it and figure it out if you want more details. but because of the ranked candidate voting we are still waiting on results in the crowded democratic primaries for both governor and a house seat. the ballots have to be retabulated in both races based on people's secondices because nobody received 50%. that's now the future -- once and future way that maine will be doing their elections going forward. we'll be right back with more "mtp daily" after the break. i've analyzed the data. these days all networks are great.
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time now for lid. the panel is back. david ignatius, carol lee, michael steele. i'm going to go with scott pruitt here, carol. it is sort of almost comical at all of the allegations against him, sort the he's managed his personal and mixed his politics and profession. you now have his home state senator calling, probably saying it's time for him to go. not quite. laura ingraham, a media voice from the conservative side saying it is a time to go. yet president trump seems to almost embrace the fact that everybody hates pruitt, and he almost wants to keep him in there in spite of theed a gagss. is that what's going on here? >> or to spite everybody else. there is definitely elements of that going on here. you have a president who is digging in and defiant as to
2:50 pm
what he sees a the media establishment and others who are out to get him. it's almost as if he sees some of himself in this -- in what know, the interesting thing to watch here to me media and the commentators do and tuned intoularly and if that drum beats start to really build. that could change his calculus. >> michael l, just as she said that, national review became the latest to say least got to go. to me national review is sort of not a public indication that president trump would listen to. laura ingrahamg he's got to , maybe. who are the leaders on the right that have to give up on pruitt for trump to say i'm out in. >> i think at the end of the day sean hannity. seriously. i think -- >> you're probably right. >> the network of people that the president tunes in to and really takes counsel from and i say that seriously.
2:51 pm
he takes counsel from these individuals. i think hannity would be the one. if and when you see hanni come on his air and say the word scott pruid almost bet you look forward to three the five days scott pruitt is gone. >> david, the elephant in the room in this case with scott pruitt is everything he's being labeled as unethical for doing whether it's finding his wife a job or different things like that, there's some projection onto president trump and when people ask, i can't believe scott pruitt would do this and i do look at the guy at the top. he didn't divest from his businesses. he's confidentable mamfortable off of being president why shouldn't scott pruitt feel the same comfort? >> donald trump is not man who cares deeply about conflicts of interest. it's sad that scott pruitt is up with of his confidants. he's one of the people the
2:52 pm
president likes talking to. whether it's because he identifies with the fact that scott pruitt is under attack. whethe likes his political views as determination that over turn past practice at the epa. we just don't know. i do think that we've seen over this last 18 months that when donald trump finally decides whether it's because sean hannity tells him so or not, he's pretty ruthless in getting it do. that's it. you reached your moment where he just cuts his losses and so i think that moment may be ahead for pruitt. we'll see. >> that's what you would assume. senior senator from scott pruitt's home state. a political ally of him. there may be joopen ing in the white house for chief of staff. white not move scott pruitt from epa to chief of staff?
2:53 pm
>> my tongue is only slightly in cheek here. happen.'s because anything could ouldn't be thatunheard of. if the president likes somebody personally and feels lik they are unsustainable in one job, we've seen it before. he could shift them into some other job or he gets rid of people or is still in contac with them. when you -- the president has a relationship in the way with somebody with the way he has with scott pruitt, you can see there's a real reluctance there. >> with chief of staff he'd get a security detail. he may enjoy that and could eat at t white house without anybody wondering should you be eating here every day. maybe i shouldn't be giving the president ideas. up ahead, ten years later and we still feel his presence every
2:54 pm
day. remembering the legacy. hi i'm joan lunden.
2:55 pm
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from nbc news, this is meat the press with tim russert. >> welcome back. this is the part show where we say "in case you missed it." ten years ago we lost our dear friend the moderator tim
2:58 pm
russert. i can't believe it's been that long. a decade. tim passed away doing what was best known for, relentlessly, meticulously, studiously preparing for that sunday's meet the press. meet the press became what we know it to be today. in an hour long program that holds politicians and public figures accountable. >> you've been on meet the press 63 times which is more than anyone else in history. on this program, have you ever told the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth? >> probablynot. >> we are here in the battleground state of florida. >> i had my board out to play around here. 269 minus 269, a deadlock. >> i just transposed the numbers g.
2:59 pm
you know what i say, i got egg on my face. >> will you debate if you win the premarimary. >> we'll debate. i have no doubt aboutthat. >> you'll come right here. >> the you would like, i'd love to come. >> wait just a second. wait just a second. >> is $180 billion. >> may i finish? >> may i finish. it was a simple question. >> it's your program. you can do anything you want to. >> womtim was my mentor in this business. he was the one who hired me here at nbc. his presence is felt in everything we do on this show. we make sure of it. we arelways asking ourselves this one question. what would tim do? tim was the longest serving moderator in "meet the ress histopress"
3:00 pm
history. at the last minute on a sad night, not any saturday night. the saturday night before the first show he ever did. >> if it's sunday. >> if it's sunday. >> if it's sunday. >> if it's sunday, it's meet the press. >> if it's any day around here, we're remembering tim but especially on this day. that's all for tonight. we're always thinking about you. we'll be back tomorrow. the beat with ari melber starts now. >> evening. appreciate the words you just shared. i like many, many people i grew up watching tim russert. i wonder what you think about, and it's never an easy question. what would he make given the fair, objective person he was of the world we're living in. >> i can say this, boy would he hate twitter. social media, that would have been the thing that tim


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