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tv   The Last Word With Lawrence O Donnell  MSNBC  June 13, 2018 10:00pm-10:59pm PDT

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investigation, including the behavior of ja comey around that, including the possibility that rudy giuliani was getting leaked about that investigation during the campaign in a way that was designed to now it's time for "the last word with lawrence o'donnell." >> good evening, rachel. i tune in early at this point in your program because this is where i get my homework assignments tomorrow. so i have 500 pages coming at me tomorrow? >> yes. if you -- the way to prep for it is to look at the justice department inspector general's website, it's like a table of contents of nonpartisan anxiety about law enforcement and the election. it is going to be a huge hairy deal tomorrow. >> team, cancel my schedule tomorrow.
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thanks, rachel. >> sorry. >> you've ruined another -- what was going to be a perfectly easant afternoon. >> it's going to rain. you'll be fine. >> we have work to do. >> thanks, lawrence. >> we have work to do. than, rachel. well, michael con is just not h. that's one of his problems. president trump's personal attorney michael cohen said he had to take out a home equity loan to pay stormy daniels ,000 tnever tell her story about having sex with donald trump, a story she then told. if michael cohen had to take out a home equity loan to pay $130,000 to stormy daniels, he cannot afford the team of 15 lawyers who have been representing him in federal court in manhattan who cost well over $130,000 a week. some of his lawyers bill significantly more than $1,000 an hour. and they are not lawyers whose law firms are comfortable with promises to pay. they are law firms that generally demand immediate payment. so on a financial basis alone, it should come as no surprise that he no longer has those
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lawyers. it was reported on abc news report that michael cohen has dropped his lawyers. it also says, cohen, now with no legal representation, is likely to cooperate with federal prosecutors in new york, sources said. this development, which is believed to be imminent, will likely hit the white house, family members, staffers, and counsels hard. nbc news has verified that michael cohes with hegal team. the "new york times" attributes the news to, quote, the payment of legal bills to his lawyers and their relative lack of experience with the federal prosecutors' office in new york. the "new york times" cites two unnamed sources who say that michael cohen has not yet been approached by the prosecutors seeking his cooperation, but ote, thee on mr. coh that, to cooperate may well intensify.
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the manhattan u.s. attorney's office is investigating michael cohen for possible bank fraud, campaign finance violations and other possibrimes.hington post reporting, big worries in trump working for a decade as trump's personal attorney, cohen has extensive knowledge of the president's personal dealings and the trump campaign family business. the president's allies are worried that the prosecutors in manhattan are attempting to build a criminal case against cohen to push him to cooperate with the special counsel probe, a prospect they see as potentially dire. according to "vanity fair's" emily jane fox who has direct communication with michael cohen, including today, michael cohen has felt isolated by president trump and his inner circle in washington who has distanced themselves from him. earlier this year he was telling eric trump that he felt they were sloppy in the way they handled the stormy daniels agreement. which ran keled cohen.
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it's ruining my children's's ruini my 's life. it's worst than a pit in your stomach. don quixote didn't have a wife or kids, and he was never raided by the fbi. so maybe he meant some other fictional don. "the washington post" is also reporting that michael cohen, quote, is feeling neglected by the president, his long-time patron for whom he has long professed his loyalty. here's what sam noneberg said about michael cohen. >> i worry about michael. michael cohen got screwed out. he got screwed the most i ever saw by anyone. donald um >> special prosecutor robert mueller referred his findings
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about michael cohen to the u.s. attorney in the southern district of new york where the case is being heard by a federal judge who's deciding what idotected by attorney/client privilege. but "the washington post" is rerting tonight having ed tha u.s. attorney's office in new york, special prosecutor robert mueller is not finisd with michael cohen. whose name apparently has resurfaced in testimony by a former member of the ukrainian parliament. according to "the washington post," a former member of the ukrainian parliament said in an interview that many of the questions he faced during several hours of testimony friday were focussed on his interactions with cohen, he met with cohen in january 2017 to discuss a back channel peace initiative for ukraine. i realize that michael cohen is a target of special interest to mueller.
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artemenko told "the washington post" this weekdays after he was questioned. leading off our discussions, joyce vance and ryan goodman. and joyce vance we want to get your reaction to these t's vepments with michael cohen. think it's also in many ways very unclear what the exact situation is with cohen. and so what we'll have to watch for, the most important thing, lawrence, will be if there comes a time when cohen actually sit down with federal prosecutors. because it's not a situation where you suddenly wave a magic wand and someone's cooperating. it's really a very involved dance where details will have to be worked out. cohen will have to understand that the cooperation he would
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provide would have to be full and complete. so we're many steps removed from being able to say he will be assisting the mueller prosecution. >> ryan gon, we have one report, just indicate the kind of expenses here. the special master who was appointed by the judge to examine thevidence in the case and decide what might be protected by attorney/client privilege, the special master cost, according to one rep $47,000 in the first week alone. that's one week of the special master who's been on this for week. that cost was supposed to be split between the prosecutors and michael cohen's side. and that's just one expense. michael cohen's own attorneys could easily be being hundreds of thousands a week. >> that's right. that could break anybody. even if you find cheaper attorneys he's not going to find a cheaper way out of this talking about costs at this level. it's another indication it's almost like a perfect storm greeting him with the president
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isolating him and all of these costs that he seems to be legally exposed on so many fronts. you would think his time for cooperation is coming. >> joyce, "vanity fair" is reporting that the break up with the lawyers was spurred by a disagreement over payment and how much the trump organization was expected to foot on cohen's behalf, according to two source. so the issue there seems to be michael cohen expecting the trump organization to be paying more of the attorney's fees involved in this evidentiary procedure. >> this is this unusual situation where trump actually could foot the bill for some of cohen's feecause cohen did work for the trump organization in the past. it's perhaps a little bit surprising that they haven't seen the wisdom of paying his fees. know, osecutors love formirlfriendsses.
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's always the spurned exgirlfriend who ends up telling a lot d informion to ors. here cohen is playing that role in many ways. he's been left behind. he seems to have a lot of angst of being left behind by tr and now as his relationship with prosecutors becomes cull have you evaluated he may share se of the information he has because the trump organiza shed him away and almost into cooperation. >> one of the parties in court is the president of the united states, donald trump, represented by other lawyers. so they have the same or a and so that's aonto m where there's another set of lawyers being paid by donald trump in that room. where there's more than one way for donald trump to be covering the costs of this. >> that's right. he can at least try to get some of it to happen that way. i still think that michael cohen
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must feel quite agrieved that his bills aren't being pair. you would think it would be a normal sign. it seems another sign the trump folks are sending to him that he's on the outs. >> joseph digenova that the president tried to hire case, according to politico. joseph digenova an informal legal adviser to trump said in an interview wednesday that cohen's legal status remained a mysterhe president and others around him. i don't know what michael cohen is doing. i don't think anybody does, he said. joyce vance, what's your interpretation of that? >> that's an unusual statement. would the need to make it is surprising. cohen's status could be one of many things. this could all be a dance being done for the public and there could have been a cooperation agreement concluded a lo time ago. we don't really know, joseph
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digenova doesn't know. but what his comments highlight is how interesting and important this is the president and perhaps to members of his family. that seems to be their focus right now. i think really everyone is theiting to see where hen will land in this entire investigation. occasion that michael cohen's me keeps coming up with robert mueller. and what is it that mueller and his prosecutors might circle back to cohen about? >> i think there are two big, the first is that cohen might actually, in the rhip ant role, between the russians and the trump circle during the campaign. if there was collusion, there's pretty interesting signs of it, the steele dossier, which has been corroborated in different ways and as senator feinstein said it's never been disproving. cohen taking a lead role when manafort stepped off.
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hey spoke bi in buzz news that agents who said that cohen was in frequent contact with people trying to work the moscow deal that had knowledge of or were playing a role in the russian interference in the election. he entire investn is center of about, that's important. and also this other back channel plan with ukraine has russia's fingerprints on it. cohen speaks to "the washington post" today and says today that russia endorsed it, which is a -incriminating move on his part. but here we have it again, that's right in the target set for robert mueller. >> joyce vance in your experience as a prosecutor, when you have someone like michael cohen at this point in an investigation like this and you see a move of dropping these lawyers, these very expeive lawyers, and it's not clear who
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he's moving to. usually when a defendant or a potential defendant or plaintiff changes lawyers, the replacement lawyers are right there ready to go. it's usually the announcement is at the same time we're leaving this law firm and this is the one taking over. we don't know who's going to take over here. what does that say to the prosecutors? what are they thinking tonight as they watch the developments with michael cohen? >> we've seen this before in this investigation with both general flynn and then again with gates. we receive seen this flurry of activity surrounding a change in lawyers and then cooperation becoming apparent within the next day or two. prosecutors will likely see this moment if they're, in fact, interested in having cooperation from cohen, and it seems to me there are a lot of reasons that would make cohen a very attractive prospect for cooperation. al the reasons ryan just identified and his ability to complete some of the pieces of
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the story they're trying to understand. so certainly they'll have some form of outreach to him as soon as the counsel issue settles. >> ryan, what is their first approach? if it's up to the prosecutors to make an approach to michael cohen, to say would you like to talk, how do they frame that? >> i think they would maybe pass him a page like this one and then just list various laws that he is exposed under and that they have evidence of, and there's a lot besides the mail fraud, bank fraud, there's potentially a federal agents registration act, so like they got manafort and gates and flynn, there's an indication he was operating as an agent of a foreign power with the ukraine deal. there's so many ways he's exposed. they can show him that, he can think about the minimum penalties for all of this, and i think a rational person with a good lawyer or whout one, would start cooperating.
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>> thank you both for joining us tonight. appreciate it. when we come back, michael avenatti is here with his reaction to michael cohen's lawyers problems. we'll see if michael avenatti thinks michael cohen is don quixote. facilities ae border who was was taken away from their parents. he was allowed to see what senator jeff merkley was allowed to see. jacob and senator merkley will both join us later in this hour. ♪ ♪ ♪ raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens ♪ ♪ bright copper kettles and warm woolen ♪ brown paper packages tied up with strings ♪ ♪ these are a few of my favorite things ♪
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michael cohen is changing lawyers and rupert murdoch is trying to get president trump to change lawyers, or to at least get rid of rudy giuliani. are you pert murdoch obviously sees rudy giuliani as not helping to protect rupert murdoch's investment in the white house. so they ran a two-page spread of rudy giuliani's marital infidelity. it included surveillan pictures of rudy giuliani's alleged mistress. but if he wants to protect his investment in the white house, he may have to consider paying for michael cohen's new lawyers because michael cohen clearly cannot afford to be paying hundreds of thousands a week to defend himself in a federal investigation in new york city and continue his civil case
10:19 pm
against stormy daniels to try to enforce the nondisclosure agreement that he wrote that was designed to prevent stormy daniels from telling her story about having sex with donald trump, a story which she t but michael cohen, of course, forgot to get his client, donald trump to sign the agreement. so stormy daniels' lawyer, michael avenatti, is fighting michael cohen in court in california. but tonight he's here, and michael avenatti joins our discussion now. you did a calculation about how much this case is costing michael cohen in new york city that you put out today. you estimated it could be a half a million dollars a week? >> correct. >> 15 lawyers, some of them getting over 1,500 an hour. some of them -- a low would be 700 an hour? >> correct.
10:20 pm
under new york rates. i think you're looking at 15 lawyers, about 50 hours a week, you do the math and it's on average a hybrid rate of 700, 750 an hour, before you factor in mr. ryan who's probably billing 1,200 an hour. the burn rate is significant. probably about a half million dollars a week. many othriminano different than prosecutions. you have a defendant who starts off defiant, like michael cohen, who talks t he's willing to take a bullet for his coconspirator. all of a sudden the burn rate sets in, and you're put on an island by your co-conspirators, like what's happening with donald trump. this is a man that demands loyalty but provides none. we've seen that time again. in this case it's going to cost them, they put the guy on the
10:21 pm
island, not to mix metaphors, but when the music stops he's ing to be left with a chair. i said mr. cohen was very dangerous to the president, he was going to be indicted, he was going to flip on the president -- >> why wouldn't the president help him out financially with the legal fees? >> he's not smart, lawrence. why would the president of all the attorneys in the world, all the attorneys in the united states, why would the president hire a guy like rudy giuliani, dazeand confed rudy, to go out on the airwaves and spew the sexist comments he has. this guy is a walking disaster. every day he speaks our case gets better. >> let's listen to emily jane fox in the last hour. as we know, emily jane fox has direct contact with michael
10:22 pm
cohen. she ha michael cohen, it's michael cohen. let's listen to what she told rachel about how michael cohen is feeling. >> the president has done nothing in order to make michael cohen feel like he has michael cohen's back. and that has been a problem. you forget the president went on fox news and basicallyd i barely know the guy, he's a coffee boy, he did a small and rudy giuliani has gone on television repeatedly making this harder for michael cohen. and the reaction from michael cohen, from everything i know from my reporting, has been these guys don't have my back. now a man who is frustrated, isolg alone and feeling very, very angry at the trump family in general and at the president. >> angry at the trump family in general and the president. and he has information about the trump family and the president.
10:23 pm
>> and lawrence, i think what's going to happen, look, nothing lasts forever. i know people think things last forever, they don't. so what's going to happen is the narcissism of this president, his arrogance, his stupidity is going toch up to him b he's not providing air cover for the guy who knows where all the bodies are bied. i've said this for a while. this is the guy that handled all the nonsense for the president for ye if t one guy you provide air cover for, legal fees for, you bring in the tent and make him feel welcome, it's this guy. that's not what we've seen. we've seen the opposite. and the argue gans and narcissism igerous. this guys know where the bodies are buried and he's going to sing like a canary because he has no choice but to save his family and the people he cares about and he has no money. >> let's listes powerful
10:24 pm
one word answer that emily jane fox gave to rachel which laid it all out. >> if mr. cohen based on the feelings or the other dynamics if he does decide he's going to cooperate with prosecutors and tell them about his interactions with president trump over the years, is that a potential serious risk for the president in terms of the president's own legal liability? >> yes. >> that has to be the scariest moment that donald trump has had on tv this year. >> lawrence, i've been saying this for two, two and a half months. i predicted this. people say how could you predict this? how did you know? this isn't difficult if you have experience in this game and se other cases. this case even though it involves large and important figures other life is no different than other white collar prosecutions. what's astounding to me is we have're talk about the president
10:25 pm
of the united states who told the american public he's going to surround himself with the best and brightest sebastian gorka -- and he's surrounded himself with morons. it's going to come back and bite him in a big way. >> part of emily jane's reporting is today michael cohen was engaged with his california lawyers who are fighting you and stormy daniels over that why doesn't michael cohen just drop that case? >> well, at this poi, lawrence, because we put him in a box, he doesn't have the ability to drop that case. that ship sailed many, many weeks ago. it was a trap, a trip wire we laid and he fell right into it, as hd time again in connection with these cases. you know, i have to tell you, people ask me lawrence over the last three or four months what has surprised you the most in connection with what has happened. the answer is very, very clear. that is the incompetence of these lawyers. the incompetence of michael
10:26 pm
cohen and the fact they keep falling into every trap that we lay. again, ultimately this is going to prove to be a very, very big problem for this president. >> sounds by the way like donald trump has been listening to you. because maggie haberman of the "new york times" tweeted trump has been fuming in private blaming him for the messy stormy daniels situation. but he also is fearful of making that public because of chances it further pushes cohen toward the southern district. so donald trump agrees with you. >> all the king's horses and and all the king's men couldn't put humty dumpty together again. this is not going to end well for the president, i've been saying, i'll say it again. when we come back, bob corker says the republican party has become the consult of president trump.
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the united states senator s a constitutional right to visit and examine federal facilities because of congress's constitutional authority to oversee the conduct of the executive branch but when senator jeff merkley went to brownsville, texas to examine a facility used by the federal government to incarcerate children who have been separated from their parents.
10:31 pm
this happened. >> can i go in with you? >> no, sir. this is private property. >> i'm senator jeff merkley from congress my team contacted the facility and asked permission for me to come and see what's going on inside with these children. >> we don't have any permission. so i have to ask you to please step away, sir. >> that facility is a former walmart that was remodelled to incarcerate immigrant children. today jacob silver was the group first of reporters since senator merkley was asked to leave the premises. he joins us from outside that senator. and senator jeff merkley is also with us. jacob, tell us what you saw, and can you show us anything that
10:32 pm
you saw inside there? >> i think right around the same time we're coming on the air with you, we're getting some of the firsthand out photos from the department of human health and services. we were not allowed to bring our cameras inside. that is because there are 1,500 boys almost, between the ages of 10 to 17 years old, that are going to sleep in there at night. at 9:00 the lights go out. it's essentially a prison or jail without cages or cells for these young boys. the majority of them who arrived in america as unaccompanied minors, crossed on their own.bu know are separated from their parents because of the trump administration zero tolerance policy. it's hard to wrap your head around but you go inside and there are hundreds of kids at a time in line for chow, doing
10:33 pm
activities. but eye all there because they were picked up by the border patrol and locked up. and they're not going to be able to get out of there for the next couple months. at least that's the average stay. >> have you seen any of the images or video we're showing right now from the facility. >> i did catch a glimpse of them. one of the most striking ones is there's a lot of american history all over this place. the ds go to school for six hours a dahey want to teach the kids about america. but there's a mural of anybody they could pick, donald trump when you go in there, it says you don't always win the battle but you win the war. it's a striking thing to think about. an increasing number of these kids are being ripom their parents, brought to a facility like th, sleeping in a former walmart bec of a donald trump policy.
10:34 pm
and there's donald trump up on the wall for them to see every single day. >> was your access restricted or were you allowed to look at anything you wanted to? >> we could. in terms of restrictions, they asked us actually not to speak with the children bu to kind of exchange hellos with many of them. i asked them how are they doing? said they'ring okay. i want to emphasize, this is a licensed facility with child service professionals. and i think that they're doing, for all intents and purposes, a relatively good job of taking care of these kids. there's a large medical staff on duty at all times, there's teachers. it is one to eight in terms of staff to detained children. but the big thing, and i'm interested to hear what the senator has to say about this, that was flagged to me by the operators of the facility, which was opened before this migrant policynge by the trump administration to zero tolerance
10:35 pm
is now it's going to be overflowing because kids are being ripped away from their parents and put in cities like this. they're going to be put into tent cities. what they're telling me is those facilities don't have to be licensed. they don't have to have practitioners thre professionals in their field because they're essentially emergency setu. that wasn't anything i heard before and i imagine have very big consequences when you have hundreds and thousands of undocumented children as young as infants not being takare of necessarily by professionals. >> senator merkley your reaction to what jacob has been reporting? >> yes. . were you able to determine whether kids taken away from their parents are able to have regular contact with their parents? >> what i was told, senator, it's up to the penal institution that the parents are placed into. now the administration is trying to charge these immigrants that
10:36 pm
come into the country as illegally as criminals. often time it means it's up to a federal prison whether they can make phone calls to their children inside. they said most of the e abmake contact once they're separated but at the end of the day that's something scheduled by the prison that the parent is placed into. >> i heard from folks who wo with the refugees that it's extremely difficult for the kids to reach the parents or the and that previously this kids facility was used as a temporary spot from which kids were placed in smaller more appropriate homes, foster homes around t country but now because those homes have been flooded, they're filled up, they're having to really turn this in to the place where kids stay for a long period of is that your sense of it? >> yes. senator, it's not that there are no available beds. there are negative space when it comes to the allotted capacity for this facility.
10:37 pm
they had a variance issued in many may to allow additional beds inside the facility itself. we walked around in these dormitory style rooms that are supposed to have four beds each, they have five beds each. they cannot handle any more people and now a challenge is the administratione turning over the matrix, biological data of people that want to pick up these kids as sponsors. now that that data has been turned over, it was worried that they may not come pick up as sponsors the kids inside. if they don't go from here with a sponsor, where do they go? >> we heard from child specialists that the trauma is enormous for kids to be separated from their parents. do you have any sense from the specialists who there on site that they're seeing this trauma and geared up the appropriate type of counselors to provide assistance?
10:38 pm
>> one of the really fascinating things that came up when we were inside is the office of refugee resettlement becomes the aually of these children. prescribed medication for psychological issues once they're inside here. normally that would be the decision of a parent. but because the parents are not with these children. some who have arrived on their own, now an increasing number that are separated from their parent, it's up to a government agency to de what prescriptions these kids are going to get and many have to rely on that in these types of situations. >> jacob has been allowed to see one facility, it's the biggest, but it's one facility among many around the country being used this way. we have no idea of how the girls are being treated if in their separate facilities. we have no idea how the children of younger ages, below 10 years old are being treated, we have no reports on that. what can you do as a senator to get into these places to see how
10:39 pm
these children are being treated? >> the first thing is to highlight the problem. i thank you for focussing attention on it tonight. i think it's because of the protest that i staged a week ago at reporters are now being let in. it needs to be possible for members of congress to go in wi how they're actually operating. not cleaned up, spruced, the sht permission a week or so in advance. we're working on a bill that to keep the families together. these are families applying for asylum. and we have a new message for them. if you are being persecuted and watch up on the shores of america we no longer greet you with the statue of liberty. instead we greet you with a pair of handcuffs, lock you up and take your kids away, even though
10:40 pm
we know this injuries the kids. this is completely amoral, evil destructive policy has to be ended. >> i have no doubt we would not be getting this report tonight, if you had not gone there first and staged that protest, senator. the only united states senator to do that. ank you both very much for jog us on this important issue tonight. >> thank you. >> thank you. coming up, two republican senators now embarrass ds by the cowardice in their party that one of them is calling it a trump cult.
10:41 pm
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used to be thought of as power hungry egg koe maniacs? now they are thought of as weak minded sheep, members of a cult with no room for their ewith their daily devotions to the consult. >> we're in a strange place. it's almost, you know, been a -- it's becoming a cultish thing isn't it. it's not a good place for any party to end up with a cult-like situation as it relates to -- to -- to a president that happens to be of -- reportedly of the same party. >> that's republican senator bob corker who cannot believe his
10:45 pm
fellow republican senators are relieved their constitutional authority to tariffs to the president of the united states. most president of the united states have not had authority to raise tariffs in any way, it wasn't until the 20th century that congress started handing over tiny pieces of tariff authority to the president. at the height of the cold war with the soviet n in 1962, congress decided to give the president the opportunity to raise tariffs for national security national security was the most important thing to everyone in congress. and in that, washington made some big mistakes over that, like the vietnam war. and in 1962, congress neve anticipated thve a for tariffs for national esident sety. congress never dreamed that a president would impose tariffs om-canada for national security. if you asked me what they would
10:46 pm
do before that happened, i would have told you that the chairmen with jurisdiction over emergency tariffs would have introduced an emergency bill t o limit the president's power to impose those powers for national security. and one of the reasons they would have done it is that in the pre-trump era committee chairmen had very big egos and they did not allow anyone to tamper with their jurisdiction, including the president of the united states. but those eggos are gone. because the committee chairmen are now all republicans. the commit all run by republicans. which republican senator bob corker now calls a cult-like situation. it may be that republican
10:47 pm
senator bob corker is speaking out against this only because he is not running for reelection. republican senator jeff flake is not running for reelection either. >> this institution, the article 1 branch of our govement is not an accessory to the executive branch. and we demean ourselves and our proper constitutional role when we act like we work for the president. that we are only here to do his bidding. especially now. >> how did it happen? our next guest, jason johnson is a ph.d. in political science. we'll see if political science can explain the collapse into a consult-ke situation. everything for his well-being. but meningitis b progresses quickly and can be fatal, sometimes within 24 hours. while meningitis b is uncommon, about 1 in 10 infected will die. like millions of others,
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republicans used to vehemently object to the idea of the prt of the united states shang hands we north korean dictator, butwhen washington, everything changed. >> barack obhad said that he would meet with some of these mad men without any preconditions. >> obama is bowing and scraping before dictators. >> you know, i'm going to reach out to these crazy people around the world. >> one of the thing is fear the most is barack obama catering to the world dictators is literally the neville chamberlain of our time. >> president trump proves the experts wrong again. >> the president of the united states had agreed to sit down face to face with kim jong-un, the dictator of north korea. >> i gave the ent of the
10:52 pm
united states a standing ation. it's breathtaking, it's audacious, it's bold. it will be historic. >> the commander-in-chief's leadip is now leading to a major foreign policy break through as it relates to north korea. >> joining our discussion now, the and msnbc contributor. jason, how did it happen? bob corker complaining about his republican senate colleagues as a cult at this point. >> you know, the republican branding to cult 45 has been going for a couple of years now, right? this idea that you can get elected, that you can be in power, that you can push through policy, not because of some long existing principle, but because you have a personae. and the republican party has been pushing for this for years, right? this goes back to reagan. there was a cult we were talking about all the way up to romney.
10:53 pm
a couple of years ago there was a bid for some of reagan's that was as cult like as you can get. people worshipped reagan. what's happening with trump is that there's no policy associated with it. it's just who peophink trump is and the republican party is going to follow him down this path and it ends up like most cults end up, which is death and destruction to everybody involved. >> the fascinaing point that brought out bob corker is this presidential use of tariffs which is limited to national security. this is clearly a violation of the intent of the law written by congress. it will be found to be a violation of international trad world trade organization. america wins its cases in the world trade organization. this time it's going to lose. under trump it's finally going . and bob corker is stunned that his colleagues in the congress have surrendered their uh poer over the president over this. and i have to say is is the ing during the trump camn
10:54 pm
that i never anticipated, that republicans in congress would not use their powers in relation to the white house. >> yeah. they've become completely sumply cant. the different branches of government is built in, based into the cake. congress doesn't want to have complete fialty to the president. and the rival situation we have in our branches of government is how we have stop gaps is how we keep control. and this congress under mitch mcconnell and under paul ryan have decided that we don't care. we're going to give up any of our responsen'ts. we're not going to do any oversight. we're going to pass sanction against russia and donald trump going to say i don't feel like it. we're going to allow this president to make proclamations and policies and we're not going to stop him. what frustrates me about this is jeff flake says great that corker says things. they tier not doing anything about it. they're saying man, i wish somebody would do something about this.
10:55 pm
they should be spending every waking moment of their remaining months in congress saying i will not vote for this person, i not allow this person to be approved. i will stop everything that can occur in this congress to get these amendments past. that's why a lot of these virtue signaling by these republicans doesn't impress me. >> jason johnson, really appreciate it. tonis "last word" is next. ok here you go... over... under... hey whoa, pop, pop... your shoe's untied. ♪ ensure he's well taken care of, even as you build your own plans for retirement. see how lincoln can help protect your savings from the impact of long-term care expensesat lo do not mistake serenity for weakness.
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