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tv   First Look  MSNBC  June 14, 2018 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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this morning a possible legal shakeup for president trump's personal lawyer michael cohen, a source tells nbc news cohen may be parting ways with his attorney as investigators dig into his business dealings. >> and he's praising the leaders of north korea and china and doubling down on his call to readmit russia to the g7. >> and hammering out the details of two competing immigration bills. we're getting a look inside a detention center housing more than 100,000 immigrant minors.
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good morning, everyone. it's thursday june 14th. we begin with the pressure on michael cohen. nbc news has confirmed that he's expected to split with his current attorneys and many are now wondering what that means for the president. more from the white house. >> reporter: is michael cohen ready to cooperate with federal investigators? that's the question looming over the white house. after abc news reported cohen, the president's long time fixer and personal attorney is likely to strike a deal with prosecutors. so far, cohen hasn't been charged and several sources familiar with the matter tell nbc news cohen has not even spoken with prosecutors. still adding fuel, cohen is looking to shake up his legal team according to those close to the situation. prosecutors are poring over documents they seized in a dramatic fbi raid. federal investigators in new
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york are focusing on cohen's business dealings including that payment to stormy daniels just before the 2016 election. >> michael cohen should be concerned about being charged. the fbi executed a search warrant on his residence and his office. they don't do that lightly and they don't do that without cause. >> reporter: the cohen case came out of robert mueller's russia probe who referred it to investigators in new york. that april raid sparking fury from president trump. >> it's a disgrace. it's an attack on our country in a true sense. it's an attack on what we all stand for. >> reporter: mr. trump later tweeting most people will flip if the government lets them out of trouble. sorry, i don't see michael doing that. >> danger to the president is that mr. cohen, if he cooperates he'll have to dell everything he knows to anyone who asks. a. >> reporter: the president's attorney rudy giuliani tells nbc news he's not concerned about michael cohen flipping adding he
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has no information suggesting cohen is going to flip. ayman? >> thanks for that report. in an interview that aired on fox news last night president trump shared his admiration or autocratic rulers again prizing chinese president for his iron grip on his government and dismissing kim jong un's brutal treatment, imprisonment and murder of those he suspects of opposing his regime. take a listen. >> i have a very good relationship with president xi. he's an incredible guy. they just, you know, essentially president for life. pretty good. chairman kim wants to resolve the problem. we have a very -- i really say for, you know, for a fairly short term relationship because it was unbelievably hostile. it was unbelievably hostile and i think we have a very good relationship. we understand each other. >> you know, you call people
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sometimes killers. you know, he is a killer. he's clearly executing people. >> he's a tough guy. hey, when you take over a country, tough country, tough people and you take it over from your father i don't care who you are, what you are, how much of an advantage you are. if you can do that at 27 years old, i mean that's one in 10,000 that can do that. he's a very smart guy. he's a great negotiator but i think we understand each other. >> reporter: but he's done some really bad thing. >> yeah, but so have a lot of other people done some really bad things. i can go through a lot of nations where a lot of bad things were done. >> so president trump's words are similar to his view of the say assassination of vladimir pewter's opponent comparing it to actions of the united states. >> did you like vladimir putin's comments about you? >> sure, when people call you brilliant it's always good. especially when the person heads
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up russia. >> i mean, also a person who kills journalists and political opponents and invades countries, obviously that -- it would be a concern, would it not? >> he's running his country and at least he's a leader unlike what we have in this country. >> but again, he kills journalists that don't agree with him. >> well, i think our country does plenty of killing also, joe. >> putin's a killer. >> a lot of killers. we've got a lot of killers. you think our country is so innocent? you think our country is so innocent? >> i don't know of any government leaders that are killers. >> take a look at what we've done too. >> all right. so president trump also discussed his desire to have russia readmitted to the g7 and his relationship with vladimir putin. >> i'm not for russia. i'm for the united states. but as an example, if vladimir putin were hitting next to me at
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a table instead of one of the others and we were having dinner i could say, would you get out of syria, would you get out of the ukraine, get out of ukraine, you shouldn't be there, just come on. now, i think i'd probably have a good relationship with him. or i'd be able to talk to him better than if you call somebody on a telephone and talk. i will tell you as an example, if he were at that meeting i could ask him to do things that are good for the world and are good for the country and good for him. a reporter asked me do you think we'd be better off with russia? absolutely. we spend 25% of our time talking about russia and i said to myself, wouldn't it be better if we were here? and a lot of people agree with me. >> you think he's going to -- >> i'm not sticking up for anybody. i'm just saying this. he didn't respect our leadership previously. he walked all over them. look what he did to obama with
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crimea? he took crimea. he took ukraine, he -- i mean, sections of ukraine. >> which is why he got kicked out of the g 8. >> but he didn't respect our leadership. he didn't respect it and so -- but this wasn't me. >> so interesting is beyond the killings he's actually blaming president obama for russia's invasion for crimea and not necessarily acknowledging until the reporter said that's why he got kicked out of the g7. >> and he thinks by simply having dinner saying hey, do me a favor, can you get out, vladimir putin is going to say ablu absolutely anything for you. interesting. >> guys one of the other major headlines was the president announcing he was ending the quote, war games exercises with south korea and in the ber view he went one step further. take a listen. >> i would love to get the
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military out as soon as we can because it costs a lot of money. a lot of money for us. we don't get paid fully for that military which i'll be talking to south korea about, but we have 32,000 soldiers in south korea. i'd like to get them home. i would like to, but it is not on the table right now. at the appropriate time it will be. >> the u.s. has on araverage ab 28,500 troops and seoul pays for about the cost which is $821 million back in 2016. one the main takeaways trump is touting as a success is kim jong un's promise to return remains of american troops killing the korean war. >> we have thousands of people that have asked for that. thousands and thousands of people. so many people asked for it when i was on the campaign, i said, wait a minute. i don't have any relationship, but they said when you can we'd love our son to be brought back
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home, you know t replains and i said, would you do me a favor? the remains of these great fallen heroes, could we do something? he agreed to it immediately. pretty great. >> now, per the va the average age of korean war veterans is an estimated 87 years old. which means the parents asking for their son's remains if still alive would be well over 100. >> give us the key if you've got it to live that long. >> we're learning new details about the two immigration bills the house is expected to vote on next week. one of the bill is a compromised measure aimed at bridging the divide between moderates and conservatives. the compromised bill will include a provision that children will not be separated from their children at the border. the congressman also says it will protect dreamers in the united states now, eliminate the diversity lot rtery. speaker paul ryan reportedly
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told house republicans that he had spoken to president trump and that he seemed quote, very supportive of the compromise measure. >> this has a chance of going into law because like i said before, last thing i want to do is bring a bill out of here that i know the president won't support. we've been working hand and glove with the administration on this to make sure we bring a bill that represents the president's four pillars so we can come together and have a vote that everybody is looking for but more importantly this represents a consensus between our members. >> an inside look yesterday at an immigrant detention center in texas where more than 1,000 people are currently being held. the facility is a former walmart and the children get only two hours a day to be outside. here's how he described what he saw last night. >> this place is called a shelter, but effectively these kids are incarcerated.
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there are over 1,400 of them that are spending not weeks, months inside this place. they're not actually literally in cages or in cells, but i kid you not, one of the first things an employee said to me is when we walked inside can you try to smile at these kids because it's weird to see people from the outside. they feel like animals locked up in cages being looked at. it was an extraordinary thing to see. >> absolutely incredible description there. he's going to have a lot more on what he saw coming up in just a little bit on "morning joe" including a trump mural that he saw inside the facility when he walked in there. joining us now, reporter for the washington post, jew neeugene s. the house passed two immigration bills. could we see the senate move to act on immigration between november and the midterms?
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>> there's certainly input from voters on both sides of the aisle. the optics of the situation has been alarming to republican and democrats alike and this is a issue that's not likely to go away before the midterms and congress would be in their best interest according to some voters to address it as quickly as possible. >> let's talk to the new revelation regarding to michael cohen and his legal team here and the fact that he's possibly dropping his legal team. do you think that could create more pressure for the president here to sit down sooner with bob mueller? >> certainly. especially considering that the president kind of already does want to sit down and has said that he does. what his legal team will advise is worth paying attention to, but i think one of the main takeaways from where we are at the michael cohen story is how unsupported and neglected cohen feel from the president himself and it's -- it will be interesting to see if the
2:13 am
president makes any changes to that considering what could come from that. >> let's switch gears for a moment and talk about the kim summit. what do you think the appetite is going to be on capitol hill including members of the president's own party about the way the president has announced his desire to withdraw troops from south korea, the ending of the military exercises, even the praise for the north korea dictator? >> we've seen republican lawmakers since trump got in the white house pretty much go with anything he has put forward and we even saw paul ryan mention in the previous clip that the main goal is suggest, do things that make trump happy or that trump will support legislatively. whether or not republican voters will be as sensitive and understanding to the president's willingness to work with someone with such long list of human rights violations re-melanias to be seen, but democratic lawmakers are going to make sure they know that not much has
2:14 am
changed from north korea. >> we'll touch base with you in a little bit. mike pompeo seems to take a page out of the president's play book and criticizes the press, but a new poll shows what voters feel about what the president calls fake news. those stories and a check on your weather when we come back.
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welcome back, everybody. mike pompeo was in seoul, south korea just hours ago giving a personal briefing to moon jae in on the developments which pompeo says will move forward quickly. pompeo agreed the objective is for major disarmment before the end of president trump's first term about two and a half years from now. but pompeo balked when asked for
2:18 am
details about president trump's claim there will be verifiable denuclearization. from the transcript the reporter said quote, the president said it will be verified. pompeo said this. of course it will. asked, can you tell us a little bit more? pompeo said of course it will. pou pompeo replied i find that question insultdiing and ludicrous. >>. >> president trump is declaring the press the biggest enemy but americans don't necessarily see it that way. a national survey found that majorities trust news organizations over the president, asked in individual questions voters said they trust nbc, abc and cbs more than they trust donald trump by an average of 53% to 39%. cnn is regarded more trustworthy than trump.
2:19 am
while the new york times and washington post also have the trust of half of the country as les than 4 in 10 americans side with the president trump. still trump tweeted yesterday, so funny to watch the fake news especially nbc and cnn. they are fighting hard to downplay the fight with north korea. 500 years ago they would have begged for this deal. looked bike war would break out. our country's biggest enemy is fake news. let's get a check on your weather with bill karins. and bill, you are tracking some severe weather that happened last night over pennsylvania, but you say today is going to be a beautiful day here in new york. and that's all that they care about. >> people got hit by a tornado last night. this was a mall around 10:00 p.m. last night. there was a panera bread located there.
2:20 am
cars were flipped in the parking lot. for a while some people were trapped in the building. no fatalities and they said none of the injuries are too serious. let's get into that forecast. that cold front that went through with those storms is gone. just a few showers to the north and it's going to be a very nice, summer like day through the ohio valley and still cool in new england. so today the area of concern takes us into dakotas. enhanced risk of severe storms. maybe an isolated tornado. biggest threat is going to be large hail and wind damage and how about the heat? it doesn't stop. 109 in phoenix today. the little magenta you see here, that's 100 degree temperatures, so very hot through the middle of the nation. in the southeast our typical afternoon storms. the upcoming weekend is going to see this heat on the move and for father's day it looks like the east coast is going to see some of the warmest temperatures
2:21 am
that it's seen so far this year. >> you doing something nice for your husband? >> who? >> oh. >> okay. moving right along. >> of course. >> still ahead, after four years the wait is nearly over as the world cup kicks off in just a few hours from now. 2026 may be eight years away but it's a wait north american soccer fans will happily endure. we'll tell you coming up next. it was tough getting out there on stage. i wanted to be clear. i wanted it to last. so i kept on fighting. i found something that worked. and keeps on working. now? they see me. see me. see if cosentyx could make a difference for you- cosentyx is proven to help people with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis... ...find clear skin that can last. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. before starting cosentyx, you should be checked for tuberculosis.
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welcome back. time now for sports. we await the world cup leader in russia. north america soccer fans can begin looking forward to the 2026 world cup which will be played across the united states and canada. the joint bid will bring the world cup back to the continent for the first time since 1994 when the competition was hosted by the u.s. alone. it will mark the first time in the tournament that it is cohosted by three countries and we'll see 60 matches played in the u.s. with ten each in mexico and canada. too bad we didn't qualify this year. as for today's competition. the tournament begins with russia taking on saudi arabia just 30 minutes after the opening ceremony. for a glimpse at the potential result we look at meerkats who have unanimously predicted
2:25 am
russia will beat saudi arabia or this cat also made a prediction in favor of the russian team in today's contest. i don't know what it is -- >> she got a little nudge. >> was that -- do you think that was in russia it sounded like russia was interfering with that. >> he's not really sure. >> there you go. he doesn't make a decision either which way. >> the world even in the united states will certainly be gripped by what happens in russia watching these games unfold. so i think it will be very exciting time. >> and the big question, will mosala be healthy enough to play? >> egypt is playing tomorrow. should be an exciting game, but i think all eyes are going to be on russia today so see whether or not as a host country they'll be able to make it past the first round. exciting month ahead.
2:26 am
he tried to get his wife a chick fil a franchise. now there's reporting that the job hunt didn't stop there. the latest on his long list of scandals. >> and it keeps growing. plus, pressure on michael cohen. he'll bring in a legal expert to talk more about this. ♪ ♪ ♪ raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens ♪ ♪ bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens ♪ ♪ brown paper packages tied up with strings ♪ ♪ these are a few of my favorite things ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ these are a few of my favorite things ♪ until her laptop her sacrashed this morning.eks, having it problems? ask a business advisor how to get on demand tech support for as little as $15 a month.
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welcome back, even. i'm yasmin vossoughian alongside
2:30 am
ayman mohyeldin. let's start with the morning's top stories. retiring senator bob corker once again challenged his fellow republicans for their absolu absolute -- >> we're in that strange place. it's almost, you know, been a -- it's becoming a cultish thing, isn't it? and it's -- it's not a good place for any party to end up with a cult like situation as it relates to -- to a president that happens to be of purportedly of the same party. >> trying to soften the blow by saying cult like. meanwhile, lindsey graham took a different approach than corker when talking about why conservative congressman mark
2:31 am
sanford who criticized president trump's behavior lost his primary bid. take a listen. >> i think being on the wrong side of trump and the way he did it probably hurt. he was a critic and it's okay to be critical but you also have to had value. >> this is paul ryan dismissing the defeat in south carolina was to blame with president trump. >> it was very close election. some of our members have lost primaries. that's just what happens in contested primaries. >> should it be a warning to people who oppose the president? >> every cycle we lose -- people lose primaries. this happens. >> following his primary loss sanford disputed this country has now become a cult of personality. >> what we're about as a nation is not being for or against one penalty. again we're a nation of laws and not men as the founding fathers said. >> congressman sanford will have
2:32 am
much more on his defeat and the role the president may have played in that defeat coming up in the 7:00 hour of "morning joe." and scott pruitt is facing yet another scandal. this time he's being accused of using an agency aid to ask big republican donors to help find his wife a job according to the washington post setting multiple individuals familiar with the individual pruitt had the aide contact a prominent donor with ties to the oil industry last year for a job more marlin pruitt. when he said he could not hire him because of a conflict of interest pruitt continued to lean on him for help in other possibilities. she landed a job in the judicial crisis network who has backed her husband for years. in the wake of the latest
2:33 am
controversy republican senator of oklahoma is questioning whether his long time friend should actually keep his job. >> i see these things. they upset me as much as they upset you and i think something needs to happen to change that. one of those alternatives would be for him to leave that job. >> in an interview with the washington post following that radio interview, he said that he was not calling on pruitt to resign, but the conservative magazine, the national review is calling for pruitt to be replaced. in an editorial released yesterday, they applauded the deregulatory work but said it's time for him to go do his numerous scandals. >> joining us now for the washington post, you gene scott. another day, another scandal for scott pruitt. i ask once again as we've been asking for the last, how long, five or six months or so. >> i've lost track. i'm not going to lie.
2:34 am
>> what is it behind pruitt's staying power. >> >> i think what's behind the staying power is that he has a positive relationship with the president trump and as long as trump sees him as someone who he shares something with, what he would interpret that's criticism from the media he's likely to remain in good favor with the president and therefore the president won't push him out but some of the president's closest allies at least from his kitchen cabinet from fox news are increasingly calling on people to get pruitt to leave. >> let me ask about the republican party and its relationship with bob corker given the recent comments that he's been making. where does that relationship go? do you get the sense that the republican party wants to be bob corker to be outspoken or do they want him to retire quietly, go off into the sunset? >> i think the reality that people in congress from the gop
2:35 am
realize they have to worry about voters in a way that bob corker does not and so some of his preaching falls on deaf ears but another reason why some of his preaching falls on deaf ears because corker is rarely self-reflective about the role he has played in this. he's very much encouraged many of his voters to get on the trump train when the president was saying equally problematic things more than a year ago as he's saying now. >> very valid point there. even at one point trump considered bob corker as secretary of state. >> absolutely. >> thank you very much. let's go to the new revelations involving the president's personal attorney michael cohen. abc news was the first to report that cohen is expected to split with his current attorneys. the network cites a source familiar with the matter saying that a fee dispute is among the reasons for the change in counsel. the report also states that
2:36 am
cohen is likely to cooperate. people familiar with the matter tell nbc news though that cohen has not even spoken to prosecutors yet about what he could offer. >> tomorrow is the deadline for cohen's attorneys and the trump legal team to finish identifying what materials seized from the cohen raids should be protected by attorney/compliant privilege. one person with knowledge of the legal shakeup reports that the president has reportedly told people he is angry with cohen over the messiness of the acts especially those involving stormy daniels. he is worried that if he pushes cohen away too hard it will increase the likely had that cohen will offer information to the government. here's rudy giuliani rekt aing last night. >> he's not cooperating nor do we care. the president did nothing wrong.
2:37 am
we're very comfortable if he cooperates there's nothing he can cooperate about. michael cohen will say he's got nothing incriminating with the president. the reality is they're trying to frighten him. >> as the pressure intensifies and legal bills continue to mount the washington post citing reports that cohen is feeling neglected by the president. his long patron for whom he has long professed his loyalty. cohen has not been charged with a crime. joining us an analyst, let's talk about what this means. why would the change of michael cohen's team of attorneys have an impact on his possibility that he may actually cooperate with the government against the president? >> it's only a possibility right now that michael cohen will cooperate with the government. it's one of many possibilities because there are many reasons why attorneys and kwlientclient
2:38 am
separate. sometimes we're required to separate if the accusation is another crime. the first rule for tone attorneys you've got to be paid. so it could be as simple billing issue, it could also be a signal that he wants new attorneys to negotiate what's called a proffer agreement, a deal to come in and talk to u.s. attorneys and offer them whatever he has and only if the u.s. attorneys believe he's telling the truth and they like what they're hearing will they even consider making a deal and that would take many, many days, those meetings. >> why would he need new attorney to do something like that. >> he doesn't necessarily need new attorneys to do that but it could signal a dispute over straj ji or simply a money choice. he may be thinking maybe i'll go
2:39 am
with an attorney who is smaller infrastructure, smaller overhead and he can negotiate this proffer more cheaply than these guys who are reviewing documents at $1,000 an hour. >> michael avenatti mentioned yesterday this was calling more than $500,000 a week to represent himself. >> so this was tweeted out yesterday, i believe. a person close to cohen says he hasn't flipped yet. quote, he's sending up a smoke signal to trump that i need help. what do you make of this considering the news that we're hearing with regards to him separating from his current attorneys. >> now is the time to send up that signal. the time to approach the u.s. attorneys and ask for a proffer or a deal is before you're indicted. earlier the is better. you want to make that critical decision to seek to cooperate with the government but even if you do, i can't stress enough
2:40 am
that you have to tell the government the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth and they have to believe you have something good to give them on somebody else. >> yesterday, giuliani goes on there saying he's being treated badly. they're trying to pick on this guy, michael cohen, so i wonder if he also saw the reports that michael cohen has been somewhat disappointed with the lack of defen defense. >> all right. still ahead, new figures shedding light on president trump's potential impacts on the midterm elections. we'll break down the numbers and the message voters may be sending the president in november. plus, bill karins is back with details on the oppressive heat wave making its way across the country when we return. stay with us. mom and dad got a new car.
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2:44 am
election for ohio voters is all about president trump. 49% said it is to change the direction trump is leading the nation. 28 pjt said it is to support the direction trump is going and 19% said their vote has not much to do with the president. the poll also finds that trump's approval rating is 37%. nearly 6 in 10 voters disapprove of the president's job performance. >> and bill karins' approval rating is going to rely on this forecast. >> super high. >> what does the weekend weather look like? >> i've got the highest approval rating you've ever seen. so good. i'm the only one to get approved around here. the enhanced risk continues through the dakotas today. the heat though as so many people have been feeling it. we ended up with the hottest may we've ever had and it's continued into june. now is when we're supposed to be getting the heat waves. 90s from texas all the way to
2:45 am
south dakota. 90s arrive in st. louis today. typical storms in the southeast. a nice summer day for you. all the way through new england. it's clearing out behind that storm from yesterday. so now let's get into the weekend forecast heading into father's day. we have some remnants from what was hurricane bud. it's going to go through cabo san lucas today. still very hot on friday the middle of the country. by saturday some of that warmth spreads. 97 in st. louis. 97 in nashville. now we've got the heat headed to the tennessee valley just your typical afternoon storms in the southeast. there's the potential for some of that heavier rain from what was hurricane bud and also some storms in the north. let's get to your father's day forecast. 95 degrees heading through areas like roanoke. 97 in charlotte. so some of the hottest
2:46 am
conditions of the summer are arriving on the east coast. 82 in boston. i know d.c. and new york should both be in the mid to upper 80s. the 90s should arrive on monday. the worst weather will be areas of the dakotas and watch out around houston. potential for a soggy father's day sunday. >> i tell you what, you got our approval rating. >> you didn't say what the approval rating was. you just gave it to me. >> yeah, you approved. >> is there a stamp? >> i think we should all move on from this. >> still ahead, the federal reserve raising interest rates to the highest level in a decade and signals more hikes could be on the way. >> and a bidding war as comcast makes a rival offer to disney. those stories and others driving your business day coming up.
2:47 am
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you likso do i.urs?
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hey blue. i brought you something. okay. we're getting out of here. you're welcome. run! holy! this is gonna be awesome. rated pg-13. welcome back. the federal reserve has approved another rate hike. the second hike since jerome powell took over. yesterday's hike may have been a bit of a setback but how will it translate for consumers. >> so it's the 7th hike they've done in the last two years and they've committed to another
2:50 am
three hikes next year as well. so a little more than halfway through the process and markets did turn red once the markets came out. but they're hiking because the u.s. economy is strong and it's also a it's a good thing for savings, what it means is it's likely that your mortgage bills and credit card bills will get a little more expensive. an extra 25 basis points equates to $1.6 billion in extra finance charges. i want to bring your attention to comcast news, we talked about this yesterday. at&t had their approval now to acquire time warner and so this has repercussions for the industry. comcast have formalized their $65 billion bid for fox's assets. this is higher than some estimates of $60 billion and of course it puts them in a bidding war against disney. the disney bid is for a little bit of financing. comcast's bid, the parent owner of this company is all cash,
2:51 am
which puts them in a slightly better position. we'll see how it plays out, it's going to be exciting. >> what would the business hit be without our weekly fast food story. domino's is thinking out of the box and hitting the pavement in the name of pizza safety. >> domino's seems to be shifting away from pizza to infrastructure. they're partnering with towns and cities to tackle potholes, hundreds of recently repaved potholes in texas, delaware, georgia and california feature the company's marketing slogan, oh yes, they did. that's good news for you, it means your hawaiian pizza will arrive to you safe and sound. >> all the ingredients will arrive on top of the pizza. >> that means a lot. >> i will take a hit. if i have to order a lot of
2:52 am
pizzas in order to get the roads paved, i'll do it. >> one more reason to buy pizza. >> it's i-hob and it stands for burgers. >> that is crazy. i-hob, international house of burgers? >> strange. >> okay. coming up everybody, axios's nick johnston has a look at this morning's one big thing and is the president's former personal attorney set to cooperate with prosecutors? the new reports on michael cohen and what a shakeup in his legal team could signal about his strategy and his pending criminal probe. the president's praise for dictators, shares his admiration for autocratic rulers. republican congressman mark sanford discusses his primary loss in south carolina and the role that the president's criticisms may is played in that. (cat 1) friskies world...
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d.c. with a look at axios a.m., editor in chief for axios, nicholas johnston. what is axios's one big thing for snus. >> president trump's jarring extreme. you may remember it was seven months ago that the president was referring to north korean president kim jong un as little rocket man, a sick puppy. compare that to what the president said just over the weekend after the summit. after their historic meeting. said he was a tough negotiator, very talented, a great man, a symbol of how the president can move from one extreme to the other. the same thing happened to justin trudeau when he visited the united states recently. trump and trudeau were the best of friends, now on his trade in singapore, the president went after him on twitter. we're looking how quickly trump can go hot and cold on world leaders. >> do you think this was part of the president's strategy that he saw the singapore summit as part
2:57 am
of his long game when he began the whole "rocket man" scenario? >> it was an effort to sort of push them. i think less so the twitter strategy than what some of the military strategy. some of the exercises with the south koreans and japanese in the area, to show the north koreans that they're serious. president trump does view the issue with north korea, something as a great thing for his presidency. having such kindness and nice words to say about kim jeong ton push it to the next level. >> if you survey all the president's relationships with other world leaders, is there an example where the president has a good working relationship with a world leader on a personal level, but also on a posse level. how everyone said their relationship with emmanuel macron was very good. but there's stark policy differences between france and the u.s. even with china, he says i have a very good relationship with president xi, but then there's a
2:58 am
trade war going on. >> we've seen that hot and cold. one world power where it's just been good news and that's the saudi arabians and one way to look at that is remember the president's visit to saudi arabia. what a show that was and the saudis were pretty smart in playing to that. they know exactly what president trump likes. he reflects back on that, how great the pomp and circumstance, he loved it and the saudis played it correctly. >> the saudis projected a big image of president trump on the side of the hotel. talk about rudy giuliani here. i know that axios has new reporting with regard to his son losing his west wing access. what happened? >> andrew giuliani, rudy's son is a regular at mar-a-lago. the president sees him as a friend. he went to white house chief of staff and said, get that guy white house access. in fact the opposite happened.
2:59 am
andrew giuliani lost his coveted blue pass and now has to walk around with a green pass, which will only get you to the office building across the street. >> access denied. nick johnston. to all of our viewers, can you sign up for the axios ne newsletter. i'm yasmin vossoughian alongside ayman mohyeldin and louis burgdorf, "morning joe" starts right now. good morning, it's thursday june 14th. welcome to "morning joe." with us we have msnbc contributor, mike barnicle. former aide to the george w. bush white house and state department, elise jordan. and chair of the department of african-american studies at princeton university, eddie glaude jr. joe, i think i'm going to dive right in. we've got to show you this and then we'll assess. look at this interview that aired on fox news last night, president trump again seeming to share his admiration for
3:00 am
autocratic rulers, praising china's xi jinping for his iron grip on his government and dismissing kim jong un's brutal treatment, imprisonment and murder of those who he suspects of opposing his regime. take a look. >> i have a very good relationship with president xi. of china. he's you know, incredible guy. just essentially president for life. that's pretty good. >> chairman kim wants to resolve the problem we have a very, i really say for fairly short-term relationship, because it was unbelievably hostile, the rhetoric, rhetorically it was unbelievably hostile and i think we have a very good relationship. we understand each other. >> you know you call people sometimes killers, he is a killer. he's executing people. >> he's a tough guy. when you take over


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