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tv   MSNBC Live With Hallie Jackson  MSNBC  June 14, 2018 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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nbc news confirming michael cohen expected to split with his lawyers. what it could mean for any cooperation with fellow prosecutors. the white house watching that. a major new report dropping today about fired fbi director james comey and the hillary clinton e-mail investigation. that report finally ready to go public. a lot going on. let's start with big news out of the pentagon. multiple sources confirming preparations are underway to cancel long standing u.s. military drills with south korea. these changes, one of the promises president trump made to kim jong-un, a decision that prompted a lot of concern, a lot of confusion and new questions about america's commitment to long-time allies. also right now on capitol hill the senate is holding a hearing on the nomination of harry harris to the ambassador to south korea. hans nickels joins me now.
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what do we know about the preps? >> we know when the president says something the pentagon will translate that into official policy. we are waiting on precise details on what the suspension includes. is it for the entire asia pacific region or just for the peninsula because so much of what the pentagon, navy, marines, what they do in the western pacific is about training. if it's just unique to the korean peninsula that gives you an indication that president trump has been walked back a little bit from those comments made in singapore talking about how expensive this is. it is expensive to run united states navy. it is expensive to run an air force. if you don't maintain it with regular flying and training officials here will tell you that it is not worth a whole lot. we are expecting today the formal guidance from the pentagon on the suspensions, geographical area and the length. we are looking for more clarity on that. one thing you don't want to say,
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you don't want to use the word cancel. if you say you are canceling exercises officials will challenge you because they want to preserve the ability to turn these back on if talks end up going south again. >> while we have suspension of military exercises happening president trump had more words of praise yet again for kim jong-un. he did this interview with brett calling him a tough guy. >> he is a killer. he is executing people. when you take over a country, tough country, tough people and you take it over from your father i don't care who you are, what you are, how much of an advantage you have, if you can do that at 27 years old that is one in 10,000 that can do that. he is a very smart guy, great negotiator. i think we understand each other. >> but he has still done some really bad things. >> so have a lot of other people. i can go through a lot of
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nations where a lot of bad things were done. >> so no criticism. heaping praise on the dictator and then this video getting attention. they started running it on north korean state tv. president trump not just shaking hands with him but saluting. how much of a break with protocol is this? >> in general as commander in chief he can decide who he wants to salute and doesn't want to salute. he is returning the salute so it is the inferior lower ranking korean general who is honoring the president by giving him a salute and the president is returning it. you have different views on this throughout a lot of protocol. when you think about it as a handshake think of when president obama shook raul castro's hand there had been a lot of back and forth. president reagan invited unsavory types to the white house.
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in general this comes down to the president of the united states as commander in chief can do whatever he wants in the same way he can declassify information. i will be curious to see what the historical analogies are. did eisenhower -- what was his relationship with the salute and saluting unsavory types? what is clear from president trump is he will not let human rights cloud any negotiations. he made clear that human rights weren't on the agenda. it is such a stark departure from long standing republican orthodox. remember president bush always brought up human rights. president trump not so much. >> a very busy morning at the pentagon. now we have develops news on michael cohen. sources tell us he will split with his legal team as scrutiny around him builds. new questions about what that
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means for potential cooperation with federal prosecutors. the president's current personal lawyer rudy giuliani appears to be shrugging it all off. >> very comfortable if he cooperates but nothing to cooperate about with regard to president trump. >> nbc news intelligence reporter is following all of this for us. tell us what we know and what we don't know regarding michael cohen this morning because there is a lot of stuff swirling. >> nbc news has confirmed that michael cohen is preparing to split with his current lawyers representing him in this complex federal investigation. he is shopping for new lawyers. the reason that is getting so much attention is because it is commondefendants who are looking to make a deal to hire different lawyers. however, multiple sources are telling us it is premature to suggest that michael cohen is preparing to cooperate. i spoke to a friend yesterday
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who said he has not made the decision although he is considering it. this friend told me if cohen believes he is facing 20 years in prison no one will do 20 years to protect anyone else. for michael cohen to cooperate regardless of what rudy giuliani is saying it would be a calamity for the president of the united states because even the most law abiding businessman would be concerned if his long time fixer and lawyer was cooperating with a federal investigation targeting him. remember donald trump was operating in the world of new york real estate where strict adherence to law is not necessarily common. this would be a big deal if cohen was cooperating. the trump organization have been paying some of michael cohen's legal bills. some are speculating this could be a cry for help. cohen suggesting that pay my bills or i will flip. there are some reporting that his flip is a result over dispute over massive legal fees
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as lawyers have to sift through 3.7 million documents that prosecutors seized from michael cohen's home and office. >> thank you for that update. with us now a federal criminal defense attorney along with david corn who has written about this a lot. to the heart of it the new yorker has this headline today. what can michael cohen tell robert mueller? >> how long do you have? i think it is important to remember in this case that this was a referal by the special counsel's office by robert mueller to the southern district of new york. it is now before a judge there. that doesn't mean if cohen does decide to cooperate with the government you have to provide substantial assistance in all aspects of any criminal prosecutions ongoing. i think robert mueller will be interested in talking with michael cohen should he decide to flip as it were. he knows where the bodies are
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buried. there is a lot of reporting about his contacts with back channel to the ukrainian government. the $130,000 payment to stormy daniels will be on the radar there. he knows a lot. we don't know how much he knows but i think he can provide some real good information to the special counsel. >> congressman jim heinz was on morni ing joe and he had an opinion on this. >> as the president's fixer you have to assume that he has stuff that can make the president look pretty bad. it may have nothing to do with russia and collusion. this could be that blue dress moment. when an investigation takes a turn as it did under bill clinton that nobody necessarily would have predicted. >> is this really a blue dress moment? >> i'm not going to touch that. i will this. i know somebody who used to be a lawyer for trump at the trump
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organization. he said he had two jobs. one job was to say no, mr. trump you can't do that and the second job was to say mr. trump why did you do that? and so literally we can sit here all day and speculate about the different things and inside stories that michael cohen could tell. of course, there is that deal that happened while trump was campaigning. i think it has been under played and not fully appreciated by the public. while he was campaigning for president saying he was going to put america first he was secretly negotiating a deal to build a trump tower in moscow that could only happen with the support of a government-controlled bank and by a government-controlled by vladimir putin. he was in essence negotiating a deal with vladimir putin while running for president. >> and then the whole thing about meeting with the ukrainians.
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you wrote the book, co-wrote the book russian roulette. you know a lot about michael cohen. it seems like he is changing lawyers. we have gotten that confirmed. a lot of it may have to do with money. we know he had at least 15 lawyers and two data specialists working around the clock to the point of collapse. i'm guessing we are talking about millions of dollars. you add that, this financial devastation to the possibility of being operated from your family with jail time. based on what you know about michael cohen how flipable is he? >> steve ryan is a great lawyer. losing him is not a good thing for michael cohen and if he is trading him for somebody else is it because he doesn't have the money to keep up with his defense or he wants to cut a deal or is thinking of cutting a deal with the u.s. attorney in the southern district of new york. i don't know who among us who would want to make those sacrifices of money and family
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to protect donald trump. come on. who has donald trump ever protected other than himself? it takes a really tough guy to stand up to this pressure. my impression of michael cohen has always been that he is better at playing the tough guy than being the tough guy. >> really. that is so interesting. then you have these other characters. one is someone president trump likes and watches. we hear him quote him, goes on twitter about him. he wrote this saying some flipped witnesses will tell prosecutors anything they want to hear in order to earn a get out of jail free card. they know the better the story the more leniency so in addition to singing they compose by making up incriminating details. is it possible that michael cohen or someone in his position would look to say what is the best deal i can get vis-a-vis the best story i can tell?
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>> if you have a good lawyer there is no lawyer that will let their client go in there and tell lies. the whole point is you have to be 100% truthful about everything. michael cohen, it is easily verifiable. any facts he gives will be able to be checked. going in there and lying can only hurt him. there is absolutely no benefit to telling a false story. >> what will you be looking for in whoever he chooses as a new legal team? what will he look for and what will that tell us? >> there is some reporting that he wants to get defense attorneys with better knowledge of the southern district. there is a prevailing theory that if you get a former prosecutor, former assistant united states attorney from that office they can just pal around with their friends and give them a call and see if they can make a deal. if you pick a former -- if you
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pick a ben brafman known as a real litigator who goes to trial. that may be a signal he is not going to cooperate. if he picks a bull dog for the kroorm he is going for tri-- co, he is going to trial. >> so i don't trust these people as far as i can throw them. you can ask questions for 50 hours, for 100 hours and ask the same thing and the comment is different here now we got you. the reality is the greatest investigative bodies in the world have been looking at this for two years and have come up with nothing. the only thing they have come up with is what they were doing to try to set this up. i wouldn't do it. i think it would be stupid. >> i wouldn't do it. donald trump jr. do you assume that he is channeling his
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father's thoughts? >> not necessarily. what he said is a lie. the greatest investigative bodies have looked at this for two years. not two years and not the greatest investigative bodies. the house intelligence committee shut down after a year, no subpoenas, no witnesses, did nothing in public. we can spend an hour talking about what a shill investigation it was. there is donald trump jr. channeling his father and trying to diminish the federal prosecution system which is what will happen when the comey report comes out and claiming it has been investigating. the latest we have on him is he may have lied about his involvement in the cover story for the trump tower meeting. it's just like one cover up after another after another after another. >> say it enough times maybe people will believe it is true. thank you.
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great to have you here. we are getting brand new details about james comey, the fbi and how it handled the hillary clinton e-mail investigation. the report being released and we just learned they pushed the release up by an hour. new reaction from democrats trying to pregame this before the president can take advantage. we have swamp watch for you. the drum beat getting louder against scott pruitt. conservatives have started turning on him. ng it my best even though i live with a higher risk of stroke due to afib not caused by a heart valve problem. so if there's a better treatment than warfarin, i'm up for that. eliquis. eliquis is proven to reduce stroke risk better than warfarin. plus has significantly less major bleeding than warfarin. eliquis is fda-approved and has both. so what's next? seeing these guys. don't stop taking eliquis unless your doctor tells you to, as stopping increases your risk of having a stroke. eliquis can cause serious and in rare cases fatal bleeding.
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i just look forward to the hearing and there is speculation that there are recent bombshells that i don't know so i can't draw any conclusions. >> what we are about to see is major theater. and it's on the part of the trump administration, crony's and fans to again use deception seeking to discredit the special counsel. it's part of a concerted and coordinated campaign to undermine the credibility of the special counsel before the report is issued here the report will have nothing to do with special counsel. >> two views, two sides of the aisle on that high stakes report 18 months in the making and will finally see the light of day today. the justice department's inspector general is set to release findings into how the
7:20 am
fbi handled the investigation into hillary clinton's use of a private e-mail server. that report at 500 plus pages will cover a lot of ground and it is expected to come down hard on former fbi director james comey and former attorney general loretta lynch which means more ammunition for president trump. so today a key question. when and how will president trump weaponize the report against comey who is central to mueller's investigation into whether the president obstructed justice. what do we know about the report so far? >> we know it will be coming an hour earlier than we thought. they bumped it up from 3:00 to 2:00. here in washington at nbc news we are scrambling to get our team ready to piece through all 500 or more pages of this. you are right. it is expected to be very hard on some of those former officials particularly james comey and the decision he made
7:21 am
in july of 2016 when he called that press conference a surprise to us in the media and a surprise to the attorney general and the white house when he said that hillary clinton had acted carelessly in the way she handled classified e-mails on a private server when she was secretary of state but that ultimately no reasonable prosecutor would try to bring this case to court and charge it. so they are going to look at this. we believe that they will find that comey acted in a way that was not part of fbi protocol, that that is not his role especially because loretta lynch had not recused herself from that case and that he acted in a way that caused that chain reaction where later in october he would have to go back and say that he reopened it. it is likely to come down hard on him as well as loretta lynch for decisions she made that led to his press conference. >> thank you so much for that. i want to bring you to the breaking news that we are
7:22 am
getting coming to us from bloomberg just put out. again, this is a more than 500-page report. one of the key things people were looking at, what would it say about james comey? according to this excerpt it says this. while we did not find that these decisions meaning the decisions about how to handle a probe into hillary clinton were the result of political bias on comey's part we nevertheless concluded that apart from department norms the decisions negatively impacted the perception of the fbi and the department as fair administrators of justice. that is from i.g. in the conclusions of this report. joining me now with more, retired fbi special agent. former deputy assistant attorney general. this is about your former agency. it says even though he doesn't
7:23 am
think it came with political bias that what james comey did hurt the fbi. what is your reaction to that? >> not unexpected. i think that the more substantive conclusion was that it wasn't based on any kind of political bias. the fact that there was going to be a decision like this or outcome where it might have an impact or perceived impact on the fbi or its reputation, that has been a long time coming. i think it is more a matter of opinion than it is of any substance. it's something that in the grand scheme of things that is where it is going to lie as a matter of opinion. i don't think it will have an impact on reputations like jim comey's or on the special counsel's investigation. we'll see what the rest of the 500 pages say. to me that is a bit of a fizzle. >> the president was highly
7:24 am
critical of the fbi on the day they said there was no criminal wrong doing up through the days and before election day. let me play a little bit of that for you. >> i always knew and i always see and it is so sad that our system is in fact rigged. >> you have to understand it's a rigged system and she is protected. >> the associated press writes that trump seeking to discredit special counsel's robert mueller's investigation has awaited the report in hopes it would skewer the judgment of comey and make clear it is centraled with the question of whether the president sought to obstruct justice was justified? do you see this as inevitable the president will cherry pick to his advantage? >> i think it will be in the way you articulated. i think what the president will focus on if the initial reports are true are the finding that
7:25 am
jim comey circumvented ordinary procedures here. i think the president will say this is a guy who the inspector general has found violated departmental rules and therefore i was entirely justified in firing him. i think that is precisely the way the white house can and will use today's report. >> for a long time people inside the fbi who go about doing their jobs every day, this has not been an easy year coming under attack from the commander in chief, the leader of the free world, i get the sense from what you know people are feeling are they bracing for yet another round of attacks? >> absolutely. it has been consistent and it is not just about senior leadership. it is about the workforce and just the constant drum beat of criticisms coming out of the white house. and you are exactly right. this will be twisted and turned to support the narrative that is coming out of the white house. that means that more gut punches are coming to the workforce to the organization in general. they are pros. they will continue to do what they do best and that is
7:26 am
investigate work alleged violations of the law and also cooperate wgwg -- cooperating wh investigators. >> it is one small conclusions coming out of this 500-plus page report. it says the former fbi director james comey deviated from fbi and justice department procedures in handling this probe into hillary clinton. give us some context on this. >> i have not seen what bloomberg is citing. this is not at all surprising. given what we have heard this has been an investigation a year and a half in the making. we think this will address the perceptions that jame comey's actions led to when it came to the fbi and the justice department. this will be used politically especially that conclusion that bloomberg is citing. the president will want to use this to justify his decision to fire james comey. you can't ignore the fact that
7:27 am
he told nbc news one of the reasons he fired him was because of this russia thing. we know this report won't touch that and won't touch what robert mueller is looking at and won't touch the ways the president has tried to medal and undermine the reputation of the fbi. hundreds of kids separated from their parents and spending weeks on end inside an old wal-mart. we have a revealing look inside that massive detention center for children who have come across the border. we'll speak with a congress woman who has visited the moms detained in her state. let's take a look at some numbers:
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sds with -- there are fresh calling to the trump administration saying back off a new policy that separates parents and children that enter the u.s. illegally. >> to the barbaric and unacceptable policy of ripping children from the arms of their parents at the border, barbaric. that's not american.
7:32 am
it's not faith based. >> that appeal to keep migrant families together comes as we get our first look inside one of the nation's biggest detention facilities for these children. it is in texas and it is pushed to capacity because of this new trump policy. msnbc was one of the first journalists invited to the facility. i am joined by democratic congress woman from washington. this is we should point out the same facility senator jeff merkley was turned away from. give us a sense of the situation inside what you witnessed. >> reporter: as you said it is almost at capacity. there are 1,460 kids that slept in there last night. capacity is 1,497. there have never been more kids
7:33 am
inside this former wal-mart since it opened doors in march of 2017 specifically because of the trump administration's policy. until the policy was announced most kids came without parents. now that the administration is trying to charge every undocumented immigrant that crosses into the country illegally, those numbers are sky rocketing. i saw some footage that was handed out to us. we weren't allowed to bring cameras inside. when you see footage of kids outside playing, the kids here are only allowed outside to play only two hours a day. they are locked inside a former wal-mart 22 hours a day. i have been inside federal prison and county jails. they call this a shelter but
7:34 am
effectively these kids are incarcerated inside the shelter. >> that is what life is like for the kids. you went in your state washington to see some of the moms. give us a sense what you saw, what you experienced and what they told you. >> it was heartbreaking. there are 1,600 individuals who have been transferred from the southern border to federal bureau of prison facilities across the country. one is in my home state just south of seattle. there are 206 individuals being detained there. i met with all 174 of the women and they are being held in three separate pods. they talked about how at a federal bureau of prisons this is the first place they have been treated like human beings. worst of all, their children were stripped away from them. many of these mothers have been there in detention facilities for over a month. not a one of them had spoken to their children.
7:35 am
most of them had been deceived. >> in a month they had not had a chance to speak to the children to a person? >> not a one. and many of them, in fact the majority, only two of them knew where their children were. the rest of them had no idea where their children were and they wept every single time they talked about their children. they talked about how they were deceived and taken away from them through deception. in other words, they were sitting together with children when they turned themselves into border patrol and then were told we are taking the children for a bath or for a photograph or need to take you to court. when they came back the children were not there. in some cases the mothers were literally sitting in a room next to where the children were being held and could hear their children screaming, could not hug them, could not explain anything to them and just were heart broken bereft and that
7:36 am
probably above everything else including the fact that they described these conditions within the border patrol and i.c.e. facilities that were horrendous, not having clean drinking water in some cases for five days, they have nick names for the facilities. they call them the ice box because the temperatures are kept so cold many women come across the rio grande ariver so they are wet and then put into the facilities with no blankets and no mats. another one they call the dog pound because it looks like a kennel with cages that they are held in. it was outrageous and we are calling immediately for these women to be released. they are all asylum seekers. >> i will have to ask you to respond to what attorney general jeff sessions says which is if people don't want to be put in this situation don't come here illegally. >> that is just such a false statement on numerous levels. number one, they are not coming
7:37 am
here illegally. they are seeking asylum. that is international human rights law. the united states is party to those conventions, international human rights conventions. it is why the u.n. high commissioner said we are violating the rights of the child. these women should have been given what is called a credible fear hearing which is essentially the process that gets asylum started. they are not coming here illegal. there is nothing illegal about seeking asylum. when you listen to the stories of the women, one woman as an example, her oldest son was shot and killed by gangs. her second son shot and paral e paralyzed by gangs and her third son she brought here to try to get him to safety. story after story like that. i believe the american people if they heard these stories from these women would say the united states needs to keep to our obligations but also our moral obligations of who we are as a
7:38 am
country. >> jacob, back to where you are. what is the future for these kids? when you hear that they can't even -- the mothers haven't even had a chance to communicate with their children, do they have daily access to a phone? do they know where their parents are? do they know when they will get out of's the flip side. the mothers and fathers are in these institutions after being charged and turned over to u.s. marshall service. they can't just pick up the phone and call their family member. it has to be on scheduled times. incoming calls have to be scheduled. i want to further echo what the congress woman is saying. when it comes to asylum, i talked with the secretary of homeland security. when you ask her about the asylum seekers and the stock answer from the administration
7:39 am
is they should rent at ports of entry. asylum makers are not making it into ports of entry in all circumstances which is the way it is supposed to work. they are lined up sitting on the other side at the mexican border. sometimes they are turned away or encouraged to be turned away by officials from cbp. here the number one sector in the country for apprehensions by border patrol, 50% of the cases according to border patrol chief here are asylum seekers. >> important stuff you are reporting on. thank you for sharing the stories with us. we appreciate it. up next, we are back on scott watch as the list of people supporting scott pruitt gets shorter. why some influential republican
7:40 am
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but behr premium stain y can weather any weather. overall #1 rated, weathers it all. find our most advanced formula exclusively at the home depot. scott pruitt is a swamp monster. mr. president you know what to do. >> you're fired. >> for the good of the country pruitt must go. >> now, that's not an ad from some liberal group. it's actually from the conservative american future fund. we are back on swamp watch this morning and we just got this reaction from senator chuck grassley who stopped short of
7:44 am
calling for scott pruitt's firing. >> there are a whole bunch of ethics issues at stake using his staff to find a job for his wife i think is really something that is out of order. >> now even long time ally says it may be time for scott pruitt to go as the list of questionable ethical practices continues to grow. conservative talk host piling on. pruitt bad judgment hurting potus. got to go. with us two political analysts as well as former aid to hillary clinton's campaign along with republican strategist. you got -- rich lowery one of his biggest supporters, did a whole oped piece about it. he said republicans should want pruitt out. his basic argument here, susan,
7:45 am
is other people can handle what should be done there without this as a distraction. >> this is something that there is part of the republican party that has always looked at the epa as a place overregulated and that has been pruitt's agenda is to deregulate and take rules off the books. this is not someone who cannot be replaced. he is very -- he didn't necessarily have the qualifications before. the problem that i think has taken so long because let's not forget the first story on the $50 a night condo deal that he had was six, seven weeks ago. the story isn't resonating on fox news which is the only thing that donald trump watches. until it starts a critical mess in front of donald trump's face it won't matter. >> the "washington post" cites reporting from the "new york times" on the relationship between scott pruitt and the president. mr. trump has dismissed the
7:46 am
advice of several aides who have tried to persuade him. the two sfeek frequepeak freque the president enjoys discussing his negative view with pruitt. so maybe this is less about no one else can do what scott pruitt is doing in dismantling obama era environmental regulations. this is just somebody he likes to get on the phone. >> that matters in this white house. if donald trump likes you and wants to keep you then you stay in your position regardless of what is going on in the news. it is a flurry of stories about corruption, so many going back weeks. and i think the corruption we are seeing in this particular administration should be investigated by congress. i'm hopeful that senator is just the first person in the republican side to say there is something wrong here that needs to be investigated.
7:47 am
that is their specific obligation. >> maybe if laura ingram and those kinds of people start to pile on it might be something. >> there is one practical thing to consider is that it would take another senate confirmation. there are so many people that the president has to get through confirmation hearing. this one would probably be extremely difficult. there is very little question about that. also interesting the ad you showed at the beginning of our segment. if scott pruitt becomes the poster child of swamp creature representing the republican party i think we will see more republicans stepping up. >> why would a republican group spend time and money to do something like that? >> they think it is in the president's best interest to do it. >> i think that americans are eventually going to be like you are trying to get your wife a job at chick-fil-a. why are you even spending your
7:48 am
time in your official capacity trying to ask cronies for a job for your wife? there are certain things beyond the pale and every day people it resonates with them. >> politico is reporting that a third party group is hosting an executive job fair advertising careers at the white house and other executive agencies asking for the most qualified conservatives to put their hat in the ring. they can probably get through a background check. we have the reporter on the story. she joins me now. i personally have never heard of anything like this before a jobs fair for the white house. i know we talked to folks in previous administrations who were befuddled by it. tell us what your reporting says. >> this is highly unusual maybe never happened before. usually a job in the west wing is a career making opportunity. you spend your life working on the hill hoping to get into one
7:49 am
of those jobs. i talked to former obama administration official. he said the jobs wouldn't be posted publically on which is the main official website for federal government jobs. the trump white house has been having such a hard time filling positions as they are bleeding staffers that they are holding a job fair on the hill to appeal directly to conservatives to fill jobs in a bunch of top agencies and in the white house. >> i have to read that again. they are looking for the best most qualified conservatives which gets to something we have been kind of talking about which is frankly the cult of trump or at least that is the way one person put it sending the message people who disagree with our principles need not apply? >> that is another thing that i sent this around last night when i got it to a few people for a gut check on how weird is this? what does it mean? having a partisan job fair raised a lot of eyebrows that
7:50 am
they are reaching out directly to only conservatives who agree with them. i mean, in reality those are probably the only people who would go in. to publically target publicly target only people of a certain ideology at a job fair was also considered strange. >> susan, what is going on? i totally -- i identify with annie because it happens to me as someone who worked in the white house. you start scratching your head. am i forgetting something? there's so many things that happen that are out of the norm that you start questioning yourself. you start getting gut checks from people because you're like, there's so many weird things, this is just another one. >> it's just another one. but it was just recently reported that this white house has a 51% turnover. so they're not only having the top people leave, they are seeing younger people not applying for these jobs because of the issue of reputation. also, they're afraid of how long will they have a job for if the turnover is there. one thing i think would be very interesting is to find out how
7:51 am
much scrubbing of social media accounts they will do, especially among if they're looking for conservatives. as we know in the primaries, a lot of them spoke out against donald trump. >> we have breaking news. it comes from the office of the new york attorney general's office, that they're filing a lawsuit against donald j. trump. tom winter, investigative reporter for us, joins me now. what can you tell us about this lawsuit? >> so new york attorney general barbara underwood has filed a petition stating that the trump foundation, the charitable foundation, was involved in self-dealing, involved in paying off legal bills, involved in making charitable contributions without the approval of their board. the new york attorney general's office is seeking $2.8 million in fines and restitution as well as to dissolve the trump charity. so this is a fairly significant action. in addition, the attorney general's office says they are providing a criminal -- or excuse me, strike that, they're providing a referral to the
7:52 am
internal revenue service as well as the federal election commission. the reason for that is that they say there were certain donations made before the iowa primary that they flagged and looking into. in addition to that, they're looking into whether or not the finances and some of the payments made were in accordance -- >> yeah, where did the money go? didn't one of them go for a big portrait of donald trump himself? >> you know, i'm not sure 100% just because this is just coming into us now, whether or not -- and you're right. there was moneys outlayed for a portrait, whether or not that, in fact, is part of this petition. >> okay. i'm seeing it now. i have the advantage of having it in front of me in more detail. but that was a $10,000 payment at a charity auction to purchase a painting of mr. trump that was displayed at trump national in
7:53 am
miami. give us a bigger sense of this. is this just donald trump? i know his kids were also members of the board. so this affects them as well. >> right, it does. so what is not occurring here is a sort of criminal referral. in other words, they're not going to try to seek charges necessarily. at least the attorney general's office isn't going to try to seek charges against the kids or the president himself. basically what they're saying is, hey, you ran afoul of the laws as it relates to having a charity. the charity was originated and founded and is being run in new york state. so that's why the new york state attorney general has jurisdiction over it. they're saying that, you know, you can't do things like that. there are many charities that exist, kris, to essentially take in money and to give that money out to other charitable organizations. the trump organization -- or the trump foundation, to be specific, has done that in the past. so that's something that does occur, that's something they do
7:54 am
do, something that a lot of charities do. they have money and give it out to other charitable organizations. what you can't do is use it to pay your personal legal bills. you can't use it to pay legal bills that maybe are associated with your businesses. if you have to pay legal bills for your charitable foundation, that's fine, but basically what they're saying today is there were a number of expenditures that they've highlighted and say they want to take a look into and want to dissolve this charitable foundation. >> tom winter, thank you for that. i know you'll be reporting for us throughout the day. i want to get a quick reaction from my panel. i think the heart of this is in the first sentence of this release by the attorney general. they allege a pattern of persistent illegal conduct occurring over more than a decade. >> and this is something that the former attorney general eric schneiderman, who's been disgraced, was looking into. what's interesting is donald trump won't be able to use his typical m.o. that it's a witch hunt. the person who's in charge of the current attorney general is
7:55 am
only there interim, and she's not seeking election for the seat. this is a career person who's looking to really wrap this up. i don't think she would go out there unless the facts were well in hand. >> very little has been sticking to this president. will this? >> i think so because i think that you have the stormy daniels front. you have michael cohen's case independent. you have the mueller probe. now you have this. so it's just another legal headache for this white house and for this president. i think that his erratic behavior is just going to get worse because this is very concerning, especially after running on the supposed corruption in the clinton foundation. it's interesting that now we're in a moment in which the trump foundation is under investigation. >> thank you both for being with us. we'll be right back with today's big picture. (♪) i'm a four-year-old ring bearer with a bad habit of swallowing stuff. still won't eat my broccoli, though. and if you don't have the right overage,
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for today's big picture, we're going to russia because world cup 2018 is here and billions will be watching. check this out. super fans from saudi arabia and colombia kissing their own version of the world cup trophy. ahh, 11:00 a.m. eastern, one minute from now, saudi arabia takes on host russia in the opening game of the tournament, but if you're a soccer fan, you know that team usa is not on the schedule. for the first time in more than 30 years, our boys in red, white, and blue didn't make the cut. so the question is, who are you going to root for? the photographer here for
8:00 am
reuters. love to hear your thoughts on twitter. i'm still not over the trinidad & tobago loss. who are you rooting for? >> i'm keeping my options open. i don't want to get in twitter, facebook, and snapchat trouble. >> got other things to talk about? >> look, i would just as soon watch a world cup game at the moment, but you know, i got a few things to talk about. good to see you. >> you too. >> have a good rest of your morning. good morning, everyone. i'm ali velshi. it's thursday, june 14th. let's get smarter. >> secretary pompeo, president trump just after returning to washington said people can sleep well tonight because there's, quote, no longer a nuclear threat from north korea. isn't that premature when north korea has just as many nuclear weapons today as it did a week ago? >> what the president was speaking to there is the moment that we had in singapore, the moment where for the first time an american leader sat down, a sitting american president sat down with the leader of the democratic people's republic of korea


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