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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  June 14, 2018 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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>> thanks for watching this hour of "velshi & ruhle." right now on andrea mitchell reports. mixed verdict. former fbi director james comey did not follow proper procedures in handling the hillary clinton e-mails but the report rules that politics was not involved. this as the new york state attorney general sues the trump family foundation over how that foundation handles its money. caught on camera. north korea airs new behind the scenes footage. the president of the united states saluting a north korean general at the summit as he heaps praise on kim jong-un despite kim's brutal record. >> i don't care who you are, what you are, how much of an advantage you have. if you can do that at 27 years old, that's one in 10,000 that could do that. he's a very smart guy. he's a great negotiator. locked away.
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nbc news gets an exclusive look inside america's largest detention facility for migrant children but with no cameras allow. >> when you go in, an official from the shelter says to you, to me, smile at these kids. they feel like animals in cages being looked at. good day. i'm andrea mitchell. breaking news from capitol hill. lawmakers are getting their first look on how james comey handled the hillary clinton e-mail situation. it's a political football for the president and partisans on all sides. in the continuing war over comey and other top justice department
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fishes including former deputy attorney. back in the president's hometown of new york, he's being hit with lawsuit from the new york state attorney general alleging the trump family foundation engaged in illegal conduct. joining me kristen welker. first of all, the attorney general report of fire storm of tweets now from the president about that. tell us what's going on here. >> reporter: the new york attorney general in a civil case accusing the trump foundation of using the organization for political purposes, for political gain. the trump foundation firing back.
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let me read you a part of that statement and let's pivot to some of the fwetweets. this is politics another it's very worst. they have donated over $19 million to worthy charitable causes, more than it ever received. the president said has contributed more than 8 million. this is what president trump had to say. one of a series of fiery tweets that we got in this last hour. he tweeted this sleazily new york democrats and now disgraced and run out of town a.g. are doing everything they can to sue me on a foundation that took in $18 million and gave out to charity more money than it took in. $19 million. echoing the statement we heard from foundation. i won't settle this case. schneiderman who ran the clinton campaign in new york never had the guts to bring this ridiculous case which lingered in their office for almost two years. now he resigned his office in
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disgrace and his disciples brought it after we did not settle. bottom line, president trump has no public events on his schedule today. he's clearly paying very close attention to all of these headlines as he now deals with this lawsuit and a range of other legal issues. of course, the russia investigation and watching very closely his former personal attorney michael cohen amid mounting speculation he might cooperate with prosecutors. this suit in new york gets focus here at the white house, andrea. >> reporter: for the foundation they are grave. it would be a death blow. has accused the foundation of
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being a personal checkbo checkbe they were supposed to be serving the public good. all the the kientnd of great reporting done in 2016. she seeks to dissolve the foundation to have trump pay restitution and there's a referral here to the federal employment commission and irs. if any actions were done noegly, they could lead to federal findings. three trump children did nothing at all as directors and let all the abuses occur on their
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watches. >> he is a respected prosecutor that took over the office. let's switch to this ig report we've been awaiting. what do we know and what do we expect to find out? >> what we know is the report is going to say had long been expected is james comey, then fbi drirector was out of line when he made a detailed announcement by what he viewed add misconduct by hillary clinton. that's not consistent with
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justice department or seen in interfering with the election. there's some unanswers questions. some things we haven't heard. what will be report say about the 28-day gap. the time the fbi found the e-mails on anthony weiner's computer and the 20-day gap until james comey told the world and the congress about that which was so close to the election. why the gap. that's one of the things i'm waiting to hear from this report. >> the whole question of andrew mccabe. were there leaks from the fbi office in new york city that were referenced by rudy giuliani. he said he have kind of just assuming it. he didn't have inside information. there's a whole lot at stake here for the fbi. >> we're all eagerly awaiting this 500-page report and will be reading it furiously.
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there's a couple of things we need to quickly search for. one is are there any criminal referrals coming out of this. does it look like anybody violated the law. second, will it recommend and likely so, any discipline for on board fbi or doj employees. say for example, pete struck. we know that lisa page who peter was having an affair with has departed but will there be any on board discipline. we have to ask if this journey looked difference or should we be in a different place today. should we not be investigating russia's influence on our campaign. should we not be investigating corruption at the highest level of a presidential campaign. would this out come have been different if the behaviors were different to begin with? that's what i'll be looking for.
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>> kristen welker, the political question will never be answered. there's so many other factors. the failure of the campaign to go to michigan or wisconsin. what happened in pennsylvania. all of those things are factors but in a close election, you and i were together then. weer o we're out there on the campaign and the shock of that re-opening. the announcement that was almost worse. clearing her on that sunday night which resurrected the whole issue. as you know from being on the airplane that day on the way to iowa when it first happened they were not only in state of shock but it flattened any momentum they might have had.
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>> reporter: you can feel the energy sink of the out campaign. you and i both noted that at the time. there's no doubt that when you look back at what happened in and around that time, there were so many different factors, so many different challenges. if you talk to hillary clinton herself, a number of people within the clinton campaign, they do go back to that moment. they point to that moment as being huge by significant and having a huge impact. they echo what you're saying which is this was such a close election and that in close elections those types of bomb shells in final days can make a big difference. >> let's also talk about michael cohen because there's been a lot of developments overnight on that as well. we learned that the trump family has been paying the lawyers for this extremely expensive review of all of those e-mails which has to be done. i believe the deadline is tomorrow. they've been working around the
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clock. we could be talking about a million dollars or more in legal fees. there's been some dispute in changing lawyers. what we don't know is what michael cohen is doing and what this signals and whether he is going to potentially talk to the prosecutor and talk about cooperating. as far as we know he's not yet met with robert mueller. >> i think we do know as a fact that he's not yet met. as you say, this first stanl is going to be complete willed tomorrow. that's an special stage. we'll have the beside of materials in play. very little here shows him as a practicing lawyer. much shows him as a deal cutter for trump. it might be baby step in the
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direction of cooperation. he will have to get new lawyer which is he's indicated he will do. people who are expert at sdny criminal prosecutions. sit down with them and figure out does he want to take a cooperators approach or does he want to take at least for now an arms length approach and if it's the former there's many different steps to kind of negotiate with this. i think while there's some sense this is consistent with this becoming a cooperating witness disaster for the president. >> the other thing we're now learning is that where kristen welker is right now rod rosenstein is briefing the president on this ig report. what are the implications here.
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>> that's an interesting question. this report will give him so fodder. it will criticize james comey. will he embrace this report or will he reject it. it says there was no political motivation here by james comey, by pete struck. there was no deep state conspiracy. republicans in congress and trump himself have been calling for a special prosecutor to investigate. what he is saying is the fbi went easy on clinton and set me up in this russia invets gastii. that's next thing that will be investigated. the surveillance of carter page and whether it started under legitimate circumstances. >> is rod rosenstein involved in
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th this? >> this gets tricky with mr. rosenstein doing a briefing of president. i hope the president doesn't kill the messenger here if he doesn't like the message. >> is the ig report also looking at the president's continuing allegations that comey leaked classified information by writing those memos and having them transferred to a reporter when they were not classified at the time but later upgraded to perhaps secret. >> ken might have more on this. my understanding is that's within the scope of the ig report as to how comey conducted himself and whether this qualified as a leak when he
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provided this memo to a friend and ultimately to the press. we're going to hear a lot about co comey's conduct. the bottom line we need to look for is if the fbi acted in a politically motivated way and whether the out come would be different if behavior was different. >> anymore insights on that aspect of comey's behavior as he was doing memos to himself? >> i believe that's within the scope of ig's review. so far we have seen no evidence there was anything appropriate about comey turning over those memos to his friend. >> thank you all so much. kristen, you're going to have a busy day at the white house. >> reporter: indeed. >> thanks for being with me here as we move on. kristen having co-anchored the show for this whole crazy week. >> reporter: thanks. it was my pleasure. still ahead, behind closed
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turning to the border battle where 1500 boys are being held in a former walmart.
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the casa padre facility is pushed to capacity because of this new trump policy separating parents and children opinion the department of health and human services did not allow our cameras in but did release these imag images. you have be describing the horrors of this. talk to us about what you saw. >> reporter: it's a harrowing scene. there's almost 1500 kids in a former walmart behind me. they are all living there for an average of 52 days and an increasing number of them, up to 30% were ripped apart from their parents, separated from their parents as part of this new zero tolerance policy put into place by this trump administration and attorney general jeff sessions. there's an overcrowding crisis as we have all been reporting
9:21 am
that will lead the federal government to look to establish tent cities at federal air force bases and military bases and ports of entry because there's too many kids crowding into centers like this. it's a manufactured crisis by the administration because they are the ones that are separating these children saying their parents are criminals for entering the country illegally when the reality is before this point, the only parents and children that are with separated from each other were ones that had committed crimes that were violent. the consequences are what's going on inside that building. they call it a shelter but really social security a prisit. >> the idea of tent cities in texas in the summertime, i can only imagine the heat and lack of proper facilities. what are they being fed? who's looking after them?
9:22 am
>> reporter: right now it's i don't know what the temperature is but it feels like it's 100 degrees with the humidity. as you know, here in south texas it gets into the triple digits. it's why, actually, you have people dying in the brush up by the check point here in south texas when they try to evade the border patrol. they will be exposing people to the elements in facilities that might be unlicensed on federal property. the consequences of this policy, we don't know yet. what happens to kids when they go into tent cities. in the '90s, there was a policy prevention through deterrents. th that resulted in more people dying in the desert. what will happen now when people want to run for asylum and end up in the desert or the brush
9:23 am
out here or the desert in arizona. you could be faced with a similar situation. >> i want to make two quick points with you. some of these kids are from families, we don't know how many, who are seeking asylum from terrorism, from organized crime syndicates, from the drug lords. most of these are from central america. they have already trekked through mexico to get to this border. this is all discretionary. the speaker of the house said, well this was a court ruling. this is not a court ruling. this is jeff sessions, a unilateral decision to take this policy, correct? >> reporter: as a matter of fact rkt this unilateral decision by jeff sessions cited a culture of violence in central and south america which removed domestic violence and other factors from granting asylum. the violence down there is perpetrated by gangs like the 18 street gang and ms-13. they were export frd the city of
9:24 am
los angeles in the 1990s. that's american violence down there that they are running from. >> jacob, your reporting has been extraordinary. thank you so much for joining us and for keeping an eye an all of this. thank you. coming up, saluting the enemy. a picture says a thousands words. this is andrea mitchell reports only on msnbc.
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an extraordinary image today released by north korean state tv not captured by american cameras at the singapore summit. the president of the united states saluting a fully uniformed north korean general. take a look here. there he goes adding to disturbing comments praising the strength of kim jong-un. welcome. first to you.
9:29 am
i want to talk about the salute. we saw the president in 2012 for a stiff bow. this is fully uniformed general. what people are saying, military experts is he should have been briefed by his military aid. they're going to issalute you. don't salute back. >> it's clearly a mistake in protocol. they are using this for propaganda value. >> it's being cycled over and over on state tv. >> part of the pageantry of their leader on the world stage. this plays into that narrative. i'm a bit more forgiving. the american president is the american president and others should respect that and the american president should understand the protocols that go along with that.
9:30 am
i think the bigger question coming out of summit, the question is does this become the moment where the north koreans are let out of the box. does president trump's willingness to be overly kind, overly gracious and make a mistake in terms of protocol, does this send a signal it's okay to engage with the moenort koreans. are they let out of box prematurely in way that does damage to our leverage and ability to negotiate the details of what the president says he wants and what secretary pompeo laid out which is splecomplete verifiable and irreversible denuclearization. >> i was reading on twitter donald trump said it's all safe now. why you trying to scare us juan? >> the president tweeted there's no longer a nuclear threat.
9:31 am
this is what admiral harry harris had so say about that no longer being a nuclear threat. that threat is real, right? >> it is real. >> do you think we no longer need to worry about north korea's nuclear threat? >> we must continue to worry about the nuclear threat. >> that speaks exactly to what you're speaking. >> the salute was a reflex mistake or a briefing mistake and not make too much of it. what's really interesting here
9:32 am
is that donald trump, because he intensely personalizes these geo political issues. he feels like he had a good meeting with kim, therefore the whole thing is over. nothing happened in singapore. there's nothing. only symbolism happened. there is no nuclear deal. we don't know anything about where this is going yet. the danger remains the same. it's delusional to think otherwise. >> we don't have anything beyond a promise that kim jong-un has made before and his father and grandfather made before. let's show you the president's mind set in his interview with brett behr, fox news on the way home. speaking about kim jong-un in remarkable terms. let's watch this. >> you call people sometimes killers. he is a killer.
9:33 am
he's executing people. >> when you take over a country, tough country, tough people, you take it over from your father, i don't care who you are, what you are, how much of an advantage you have, if you can do that at 27 years old, that's 1 in 10,000 that can go that. he's a smart guy. he's great negotiator but i think we understand each other opinion. >> he's still done some really bad things. >> yeah, but so have a lot of other people done some really bad things. i can go through a lot of nations where a lot of bad things were done. >> juan. >> the most benign is this is the president trying to be as kind as possible to make sure the relationship stays on track. this is the worst elements of
9:34 am
the hyper personalized approach the president has. he's ignoring other threats from north korea. might right falling into the track of the criticism of the obama administration on the iran deal. you concentrated on this one aspect of the threat, you ignored everything else. you've got concerns about proliferati proliferation. you have to be very careful. i think the president needs to be careful not to ignore the human rights violations but all the threats and risks. the south koreans worry about it. the japanese worry about it. this is not going be a problem that goes away overnight. >> president obama never praised the supreme leader of iran. he called him an anti-semitic
9:35 am
megalomanica. he said to his critics, you don't make peace with your friends. you make peace with your enemi s enemies. the important thing for donald trump to remember is this is an adversarial country run by a cruel family that's done terrible things. you don't lose stature by not acknowledging that. you have to go into these talks understanding who you're negotiating with and why you're negotiating. it seems that there's a little bit of a lost plot here. >> i'm going to have to leave it there. you can talk about we assert sanctions, maximum pressure. there's going to be no way to get that done once you have hugged and virtually kissed this
9:36 am
dictator. >> it's going be okay to violate people's human rights. you just had the president of the united states saying north korea, the world's worst di dictatorsh dictatorship, yeah, people do bad things. that's not the at constitutitud american president should put out into the world. >> thanks so much. coming up, family feuds. the president's son firing back at a top republican who said the party has become cult like. this is andrea mitchell reports on msnbc. to help hand everyone a better world. that's why we, at the coca-cola company, make shore breaks with actual coconuts. tea, organically. treats for celebrations. water with added minerals for taste. dear future us, that's why we're striving to do good. and help our communities get the education they deserve.
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there is a history of injustice in this country that goes back to the very first day. but there's also a history of people pushing for justice. when we think about fighting the injustice that is this president, i think we should take pride in trying to be part of that tradition. we have a president that has lied over and over again. you know, donald trump is not a law-abiding citizen. president trump has made an abomination of the office.
9:40 am
it's not a good place for any party to end up with a cult-like situation as it relates to a president that happens to be of purportedly of the same party. >> it's ridiculous. if it's a cult, it's because they like what my father is doing. americans want to see someone who will have conviction. not just talk about it with great sound bites. they want someone who will be like my father and fight. >> don jump jutrump junior firi at corker. most of his colleagues are looking at the fate of mark sanford who voted with the president on most issues but
9:41 am
dare to criticize him for not releasing his taxes. he lost his primary after the president tweeted against him from air force one only four hours before the polls closed. joining me mike murphy, republican strategist to mitt romney, jeb bush and john mccain. great to see you. first of all, republicans seem to be terrified now that it's become the party of trump of saying anything against the president. >> yeah. i think senator corker was right on. it's acting like a cult. i understand why donald junior has to defend his father/co-defendant. it's all about personality. it's not about republican issues. many of those have been thrown out the window. i will say this about mark sanford. he's always had trouble when he had his earlier scandal in that
9:42 am
district. this primary the sharp knife of being accused of being anti-trump did hurt and cut him. people on the ground said he was kind of sleepwalking and didn't have his campaign in place. is it true the one place on earth donald trump is highly popular inside the electorate, totally true. that's the cult like glue that's holding everybody in line. privately they will say he's crazy and this is terrible. publicly, they're afraid of their primary voters. i will say sanford has some problems of his own. >> is what wa is described as an air attack. it was literally on air force one four hours before the polls closed. he was on his way back from singapore and briefed by the white house inside polling that sanford was going down and he
9:43 am
wants to be giving credit for defeating him. >> i think that's probably true. when in doubt the rule of politics take credit for what's going to happen any way. there's no doubt that the thing that made sanford who normally wins by a couple thousands votes in republican primaries lose by a couple thousands, par ltially ran on he wasn't a trump loyalist. republicans many the party who are career first, like most politicians are worried about their primary voters. that's the first step to getting there. tths kind of tranl it's kind of tragic in my view. >> how about that. now ronna mcdaniel saying anybody not making america again will be making a mistake. amazing she's also a romney.
9:44 am
>> yeah. it will be a good family reyo n -- reunion after this. she's in a rubber stamp job. her life is living in daily fear of an angry phone call from the white house. that's what's become of republican national committee. it's kind of a dumb tweet. he reflects the point of view the white house political organization. it's all about loyalty to the supreme leader, to coin a phrase. they believe that's the glue that holds it together. if we have a rough election day in the midterms, particularly in the house. if that glue starts to leave after the elections because the president who ran out of winning is going to lead the party the biggest loss we've had in a long time. i think then you'll see a beginning. cracks in the fa sacade of a different view inside the party.
9:45 am
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we're learning new details about the justice department inspector general's report which will be release to the public in a little more than an hour. according to bloomberg james comey did not follow proper procedures in his handling of the hillary clinton e-mail investigation. more break news from the washington post which is releasing new details from perhaps damaging new text. perhaps the most damaging new evidence oi cording to the post information is a new text that had not previously been
9:50 am
released. ensuring another fbi lawyer and they had a relationship strzok and page, quote, that we'll stop trump from making it to the white house. trump's not ever going to become president, right, right, the lawyer wrote to strzok. no, no, he won't, we'll stop it, str strzok responded. that is the first indication of a real political motivation. julia, first to you, how damaging is that? >> i mean, that is the gift, andrea, that is given to the president today. he will use this to show that not only were there political motivations in the investigation into hillary clinton's e-mails but that there's continued political motivation because strzok worked on the investigation and to donald trump, who worked partly for robert mueller, before he was let go last summer when some of these texts came to light. i went through a lot of these
9:51 am
when they first came out about i think january, february of this year. and we determined yes, it looks like they clearly did not want trump to win the election but there was really not evidence that they really tried to bring their bias into the investigation. we know it's okay for a federal law enforcement agent to have political opinions as long as they aren't influenced by them and doing their work. but this text, and we understand there are more texts that will come out. we have confirmed that. between these two. they will be in this report. they've not been shared with congress before. these texts could be the most damaging because, as you said, andrea, they show that influence in the investigations. >> jeremy, your reaction to this, because you know the president so well from having covered him in the campaign. he's going to leap on this. >> oh, yes, he will use it to further discredit not just the investigation -- or not just into the investigation into
9:52 am
hillary clint hillary clint hillary clinton's e-mails, but also the investigation into him. this is about something much bigger than the e-mails, something about the russia investigation, and as far as he's concerned this is proof of a deep state-like conspiracy to undermine his victory and i think -- this is a larger truth here, which is really unfortunate one, and that's the independence really no longer exists in our media consumption. people will read this report. they don't even need to read it. they've already determined what it says before it's even come out and how that might be politically advantageous to them. >> jeff sessions did an interview with "the hill" newspaper and in their new video, video report, and he is trying to set the stage exactly for that. >> i think it will be a lengthy report and a careful report. it will be released soon. and i think it will help us better fix any problems that we
9:53 am
have and reassure the american people that some of the concerns that have been raised are not true. >> sabrina, that does set the stage. when talks about fixing the problems, that means there's going to be action taken against fbi nerls. >> absolutely. i think you have seen a dramatic escalation when it comes to the president's attacks on the work of the justice department and the fbi. it does bear reinforcing that while the inspector general condemned some of the individuals at the fbi and their conduct, he did not find any bearing on their work on the investigation. peter strzok certainly was rea signed from the special counsel when these texts first surfaced. >> it was robert mueller who reassigned him. >> that does not change the fact that we have seen least 20 people indicted and three companies, with respect to the special counsel and its inquiry. i think as jeremy pointed out,
9:54 am
the president is going to continue to seize on any bread crumb he can find in order to further his attacks on the fbi and suggest that there is widespread bias when, if anything, this report refutes the notion that there is widespread bias against this president. >> and finally, julia, what we've yet to hear from, we have to look through the report obviously, the president's going to attack it, that's a given. but we're also expecting to hear something from the democrats. we don't know how hillary clinton is going to respond to this. because it certainly validates her criticisms of james comey. >> yes, that will be one of the first parties we contact. when we have this report. we want to know whether or not hillary clinton thinks this report validates claims she made that the fbi, comey in particular, put their hand on this election, in the favors of donald trump, especially around october 28th, when he came out and said they were relaunching the investigation because they found more e-mails on anthony
9:55 am
weiner's computer. one thing i did mention before that i just wanted to touch on is that the strzok messages could give more fodder to the argument that republicans and the president are pushing for a second special counsel to investigate the way the justice department is investigating trump. this could lead to more strength behind that argument. i think that's what we want to be looking for in the coming days. >> finally, "the new york times" is reporting that this report does not challenge the conclusion by comey not to prosecute hillary clinton. more to come on all of this. still ahead, play ball. steve scalice returning to the baseball diamond one year after being shot. i'm ray and i quit smoking with chantix. in the movies, a lot of times, i tend to play the tough guy. but i wasn't tough enough to quit on my own. not until i tried chantix. chantix, along with support, helps you quit smoking. it reduced my urge to smoke to the point that i could stop.
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and one year after being shot, house majority whip steve scalice returns to the baseball diamond. this morning, he joined fellow republicans for one last practice session before tonight's big annual congressional baseball game against democrats at the nationals park. louisiana lawmaker was one of five people injured, of course grievously injured when a gunman opened fire on republicans practicing for last year's game on a baseball field in virginia. scalice returned to work on capitol hill last fall after spending months recovering and multiple surgeries. he hopes to take the field tonight on second base at nats park during tonight's game. that does it for this edition of
10:00 am
"andrea mitchell reports." remember follow online on facebook and twitte twitter @mitchellreports. craig melvin is up next. >> good afternoon, a very busy day at msnbc headquarters in new york. deviated. right now, we are waiting for the full result of the big investigation into how the fbi handled its clinton probe. we are starting to get nuggets about what that report says. one nugget says james comey deviated from fbi procedures. another, about an fbi agent texted that, quote, we'll stop trump. and as all of that unfolds, new york just sued the trump foundation, saying it illegally coordinated with the trump campaign. also, children detained. nbc going inside a former walmart where hundreds of immigrant children are now being held. the crowding problem that's showing no sign o


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