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tv   Hugh Hewitt  MSNBC  June 16, 2018 5:00am-5:30am PDT

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like american express. so where ever you go. we're right there with you. the powerful backing of american express. don't do business without it. don't live life without it. morning glory, america. i'm hugh hewitt. coming up after the break, the attorney general of missouri and josh holly joins me. but first to discuss the singapore summit, the department of justice inspector general's report, and separations of families at the border, i've got three of the very best correspondents in town. courtney kube of nbc news. she covers the pentagon and national security. tim alberta of politico and sun
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kim. along the white house on friday morning, he said it's not his fault. it is the democrats fault that families are being separated at the border. the republicans are being bills to the floor of the house, a, is what he said true? and, b, are the bills going to pass? >> a, what he said is not true. this is an administration policy. there is no gray area there. pardon me. it is black and white. this is a trump administration policy, the administration is choosing to enforce as a deterrent to keep people from crossing the border illegally. it is important to understand that these bills coming to the floor of the house next week are part of a messaging exercise. you have an awful lot of incumbents in danger. they are antsy. a lot of constituents are upset about the fact that republicans have done very little, if
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anything, to try to address the plight of, at the very least, the small section that qualifies as the so-called dreamers under daca, much less the 11 million here illegally. these bills are to equip some of thyssen dangered reese en dange. none of these bills will become law. >> as a moral and religious basis, you're right. this does not have to happen. as a political matter, i want to drive this home. it's also political suicide. doed republicans not understand separating families at the border will get them killed? >> i don't think they do. the headlines coming out of this, while damaging to elements are probably energizing to other elements of the trump coalition.
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. >> the undeniable smoking gun. we will stop him. peter strzok. that is the wall around people are trying to build the cesspool like wall but the cess is getting out. it. >> was a pretty striking revelation. they were point to that as an incredibly important revelation. sarah sanders said while she wouldn't say directly whether the fbi agent, peter strzok, should be fired, it is can be assumed that the president thinks he should be gone. and he have the ig report gives a lot more ammunition to the president's allies to discredit, you know, looking at that text to discredit the whole
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investigation together. but i do want to point out the president insisted it does exonerate him. the report itself did not weigh in on that. but you'll see this report going forward. >> should there be a second special counsel? is that on the table now to investigate the fbi's role in the 2016 election against trump? and obviously so given what's in the ig report? >> that's a question we will have to be asking people like speaker ryan in the coming days to see if the conclusions changes the calculus on that. a second special counsel is what we have been hearing for some time from house republicans. we will see how much the ig reported changes that.
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>> courtney, i left you for last because it's the hardest. singapore summit. mike pompeo goes to seoul. then he goes to china. saturday morning, where do you think we are that we weren't last week? >> i mean, so we have in writing, the agreement they made which is very broad, no specifics. it doesn't really move the ball any further than it was where north korea had already said they would denuclearize. but then president trump came out in the press conference afterwards and talked about the military exercises. there's still no guidance on what that means. there is a lot of assumption as of this point the military has not gotten guidance on this one. it starts in about eight weeks or so. we have a lot of broad ideas but no specifics. mike pompeo was asked about it.
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he talked about complete denuclearization. when he was ask by a reporter, he got his back up and said that's a ridiculous question. what we don't know is what has north korea agreed to do? on what timetable. what are the steps? is it a reciprocal thing when north korea does something, will the u.s. respond? we are seeing the impact of that now where mike pompeo said there won't be any economic or sanctions reality until full denuclearization. north korean state tv is saying something different, there will be a step by step process. >> i'm interested in what you are picking up from your colleagues. the buzz to side deals, understanding and specifics. had the secretary of state said it will take two, two and a half years, it was consisted ept with what the president said after
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the signing, it will go very long but after a period of time it will be irreversible. nobody knew what that meant. >> so there are very specific details that they will not share. the next two and a half years they have said the u.s. has said there will be real progress, but nothing specific. the only specifics that we have right now is that north korea will get rid of rocket policy. there has been no movement on that. and what exactly does that even mean. does dismantle mean to shutter it, pour concrete in reactors? we don't have the kinds of specifics. this was a historical summit that be be discussed for years. but we don't have any specifics out of it. we need a communique or
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something. >> right after he got back, mike pompeo went to your hometown to do some politics in a swing state. how does that week play for republicans and the president? >> i think the optics of it for a lot of republican voters were good. they say, hey, look, the american presidency for the past generation has failed to address this problem in a meaningful way and to get any kind of results. and here is our dear leader meeting with their dear leader, and we must him, right? he can do no wrong. but the question about what exactly was accomplished there, not to mentioned optics, saluting the north korean military official, do those plant seeds of doubt in americans' minds i do wonder if it has any energizing effect on
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the base. >> how about the ig report and the november election, do you think this will play all the way through the vote? >> i think what it probably does is just harden people's views on where they stand on the broader mueller probe. we have seen this kind of consistent campaign for the president and his representatives to undercut mueller's credibility here. it shows a lot of -- not a lot, but some confidence from republican voters and the fbi, which is a startling development considering this is a law enforcement institution. it could play out that way. i believe the midterm elections will ride a lot on the president's approval ratings. we will see where those numbers go from here. especially after that historic summit.
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>> president trump said he will call north korea on weekend. somebody said what are you doing on father's day? he said i'm calling tphoerbg erbg tphoerbg. >> make no plans. >> your guess is as good as mine. >> courtney, tim, seung min, thank you. coming up, missouri ag holly. gary: i've been making blades here at gillette for 20 years. i bet i'm the first blade maker you've ever met. there's a lot of innovation that goes into making our thinnest longest lasting blades on the market. precision machinery and high quality
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josh holly is attorney general of the statute of missouri. before winning the election for that post, he attended stanford, yale law school, worked for chief justice john roberts, as well as being in private practice. he's elected the state's ag in 2016 and is now running against claire mccaskill who was elected in 2006. welcome attorney general hawley. >> thanks for having me. >> your opponent got caught doing an rv tv thing that turned out to be part rv and part airplane, private plane. how big is that going to be in the election? >> well, it's very big. hugh, it shows what a phony claire mccaskill is. it shows she is not what she pretends to be. she can't tell the truth about her rv. that's not even the most
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prominent way. she says she's independent, has been bipartisan. she votes with her party almost 90% of the time. she voted with chuck schumer over 2,700 times. these a party line, rigid, liberal democrat. and that's not what missouri wants or missouri needs. >> so the rv story is going to have, pardon the pun, legs? >> i think it certainly is. it really is indicative how senator mccaskill conducts herself. it is a phony image all the way around. she pretends to be one thing, but she is something else. above all, she is out of touch with my state, hugh. she is not in line with the voters of missouri. she won't vote to secure the border. she won't vote for conservative constitutional judges who will protect the second amendment. she won't vote to get wages up, to get health care costs down. she issenthralled to the money of her party.
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>> we have welcomed him many times. i am proud to be endorsed by him in this election. we look forward to a standing side by side going into the fall. >> the region i originally invited you on is you have sued google. i made it a point to bring on republican after republican, mcconnell, mccarthy, speaker ryan, and ask them about google and big tech in silicon valley. why are you suing google? explain why you are going after alphabet, their parent company, and what you hope to achieve? >> they are the most powerful corporation in the world, maybe in the history of the world. they collect more personal, confidential, private information on consumers than any other corporation ever. and i want to know what they're doing with it. i want to know what they're collecting. i want to know if they are permission from consumers to collect it. i want to know who they're
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giving it to. are they skill muching conservative viewpoints in a way that benefits them and discriminates against other speakers with different viewpoints. so i want answers. it is incumbent on law enforcement officials to hold google accountable, and that's exactly what i'm doing. >> are you concerned that google and by extension facebook will turn against josh hawley in the fall because you're a threat to them in the senate? >> they might. but i'm not afraid. i mean, look, we also have an investigation of facebook along the very same lines. i'm the only attorney general in the country holding these big tech companies accountable. that's what i was elected to do. i'm a tough lawyer, i'm a tough prosecutor. i'm going to be tough and get the answers for the people of missouri. i don't care who threatens me. we're not going to back down. >> do we need a new regulatory body? i asked this of the leader and of the speaker. do we need a new regulatory body
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to focus on big tech and the economic monopoly they represent? >> well, first, we need our current laws to be enforced. we have antitrust laws in this country, in the state of missouri. we have laws that prohibit the taking of consumer information without consent. let's enforce the laws we have on the books. number two, we need to ask ourselves how our laws affect this new tech world we're living in in this day in age in 2018. we need to look at our current legal regime. let's begin by enforcing it, by making these companies be accountable to the people. after all, that's who they are supposed to serve, the people. they're not bigger than the american people. they're not bigger than the people of missouri. they should be held accountable. >> the fcc took on big tech and they ended up with 24/7 security
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for his family. are you worried about the crazies on the left and the crazies on big tech assaulting you and your family? >> well, i mean, look, we have taken plenty of incoming fire. lots of threats from lots of people in terms of this isn't something you should be looking into. you should be giving these companies a pass. but we're not going to do it, and i'm not going to be deterred. we just want the facts, hugh. i haven't prejudged the outcome of our investigations. we just want the facts. i'm not going to be deterred from getting the facts. we will do it as long as it takes. we will press as hard as we have to in order to get the facts. what are these companies doing with your information? what kind of speakers are they favoring or disfavoring? once we get the facts we will know how to act. >> is anyone coming to stand with josh hawley to go after big tech? >> well, i certainly hope so. a number of attorneys expressed great interest in what we're
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doing. lots of folks all over the country are watching our investigations, watching how we proceed. i would call every agency and leader to be sure that they are standing up to enforce our laws and hold these companies accountable. again, hugh, i'm not prejudging anything. but, look, we need to get the facts here. it is incumbent on law enforcement to do that. and that's why i'm doing what i'm doing. >> did the senate and the house go too easy on mark zuckerberg when the facebook ceo was in front of him? >> well, i certainly don't think they were too tough. i think it is absolutely vital we force the companies to answer questions and to be accountable for what they're doing. frankly, we need in the united states senate someone who will stand up to big tech, somebody who knows what big tech is doing and someone willing to take them on, and that's why i'm running.
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>> it was a drag on everybody in missouri. is that a drag on your campaign still? >> yeah, i don't think so, hugh. people are focused on beating claire mccaskill. they want someone who will represent the state of missouri. they want someone who will stand with the president to get something done in washington for the people of missouri, and that's exactly what i'm going to do. >> she's proven to be rather resilient. she won six years ago when everyone thought she was not even possibly a winner. so what's different this time? >> what's different is we will hold her around for her record. she is the least popular in america on her ballot. she has earned that distinction. she voted against the interest of the people of missouri time and again, voted with the money of her paertd. we are going to hold her accountable for that. >> how many debates can we expect between you and claire mccaskill? >> absolutely. i will debate senator mccaskill any time, anywhere.
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i would love to do it on your program or anywhere else. she has so far skipped on out on debate opportunities. i'm all for it. i am do it any time, anywhere. >> she has an opportunity to come back and join me in a few weeks. i want to make that clear. i'm be right back. (vo) we came here for the friends. and we got to know the friends of our friends. and we found others just like us. and just like that we felt a little less alone. but then something happened. we had to deal with spam, fake news, and data misuse. that's going to change. from now on, facebook will do more to keep you safe
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the book the real war was photographed under the arm of president regan as he campaigned against carter in 1980 before he was president regan. one piece of advice he famously did not follow was presidents should never go to a summit without knowing, quote, what was on the other side.
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well, regan went without knowing what was on the other side. though that summit ended badly, it was in fact, a good thing that it did so. that's the thing about summits. you just can't evaluate them for a long time. that's what i wrote for the "washington post" on tuesday. and i think any sober assessment of the summit has to wait upon events to judge its worth. mike pompeo said it would take north korea two to two and a half years to denuclearize. it won't take that long to observe cheating. one launch or one nuclear test and we will know it was a sham and president trump can come to the country and state what could not be denied that he tried everything short of military conflict. and he may have to say that as a prelude to just that, military conflict. i conclude today with wait and see. the nba draft is notoriously
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hard to project players not named lebron. with summits, we have to hope for the best and prepare for the worst. that's it for this week. thank you for watching today. please keep the conversation going on they're handing us more than mail they're handing us their business and while we make more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country, we never forget... that your business is our business the united states postal service. priority: you ♪ says dear future us,
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a very good morning to all of you. here's what's happening. rudy guiliani clarifying comments he made about prospects of presidential pardons for those caught up in the robert mueller probe. those coming on the same day the former campaign chair paul manafort's bail was revoked and a judge sent him to jail to await trial. but first, new fallout after sorting through the wide-ranging


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