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tv   The Last Word With Lawrence O Donnell  MSNBC  June 16, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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they're both testifying mid-afternoon on monday in the senate. you are going to probably want to watch that. just so you know. meanwhile, i'll be in the canoe. see you again on monday night. it's time for "the last word with lawrence o'donnell." >> thanks for ruping my monday afternoon, because i was going to take my new canoe to central park. >> can you imagine us in the same price, conspiracy theories. >> yes. as you know, michael cohen ask the a federal judge to prevent michael avenotti from ever coming on this program again. he cited in his pleadings things that michael avenotti has said on this show that should never be said publicly and asked the judge msure that michael avenatti can never, ever come on this show again. you knew about that? >> i knew. i assume it made mr. avenatti agree right away he would never come on your show again and apologize?
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>> no. >> yeah. >> so this is the weird thing. this is the first time i pers i booked him last night on twitter as soon as i saw that happen. he immediately accepted on twitter. so michael avenatti is going to be on this show tonight. >> gag order. smag order. >> turns out there's reason to suspect that when michael cohen was in law school he was not taking notes during the first amendment discussion. it might just be that. i don't know. >> or he forgot since. you know, he's been under pressure. >> yeah. >> all right. >> who needs canoe time? michael cohen needs canoe time. >> that's true. but mine's occupied. >> thank you, rachel. >> thank you, lawrence. well, the president's campaign manager is in jail. and i'm saying that slowly because that is the sort of thing you get to say once a century, if that.
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the president's campaign manager is in jail. the last time a president's former campaign manager went to jail was when president nixon's campaign manager, john mitchell, went to prison for his involvement in the watergate scandal and its cover-up. and the campaign -- after the campaign, john mitchell became richard nixon's attorney general. so john mitchell is the first attorney general of the united states to go to jail. so note to jeff sessions, if the very worst happens at the end of all this, at least you won't be the first. because every day of the trump presidency is a variation of some form of trump madness that we have not seen before, it can be difficult to hold in reserve for days like today enough astonishment for the next dramatic development.
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the president's campaign manager is in jail. i don't know how to make that as stunning as it needs to be because it comes at the end of a week of non-stop stunners. the president's campaign manager is in jail is today's most dramatic development and possibly most harmful development to the trump presidency. and because we could see it coming because a federal judge in washington had scheduled a hearing today on whether to revoke former trump campaign manager's paul manafort bail and send him to jail to await trial and because we knew there was at least a 50/50 chance by this afternoon, paul manafort would actually be in jail -- the president of the united states this morning walked out to the white house driveway to try to create some drama and entertainment of his own to drown out the paul manafort news
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of the day, which was probably going to be very, very bad for the president. and did turn out to be bad for the president. the president's favorite morning show "fox & friends" was broadcasting from the white house lawn and the president pretended to make an impromptu decision to walk out of the west wing and walk down to the set of "fox and friends" as if it wasn't all planned and then do what was supposedly an impromptu interview with steve doocy. we all saw the telephone version of that interview two months ago on "fox & friends" when the president called in to the show. and at that time steve doocy actually did ask some good questions. but today steve doocy couldn't think of a single good question. at first it seemed like he was trying to rewrite the trump chant of lock her up to lock him up. >> from what you've seen so far should james comey be locked up? >> look, i would never want to
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get involved in that. certainly they just seem like very criminal acts to me. what he did was criminal. what he did was a terrible thing to the people. >> the justice department inspector genes report issued yesterday makes it clear that james comey and no one else in the fbi did anything criminal so the president is lying when he says that what james comey did was criminal. he might not be lying when he said what he did was a terrible thing to the people. there is a theory if james comey had followed fbi policy and remained silent about the hillary clinton investigation, that hillary clinton would be president today. so if what james comey did was a terrible thing to the people, the terrible thing he did was elect donald trump. the inspector general's report says that comey used bad judgment in his decisions to comment publically on the hillary clinton investigation but that everything comey said about the hillary clinton investigation was true. the inspector general's report
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certified comey's integrity but faulted his judgment. and oddly enough even steve doocy actually understands that. the same guy who asked if james comey should be locked up, a few minutes later, said this. >> from what we've seen, though, regarding the ig report, it sounds like comey made some bad judgments but nothing criminal. >> that was steve doocy's high point, that was his finest moment in the interview. steve doocy and no one else at fox news is ever going to have a problem with the president of the united states lying about the parents of soldiers killed in the korean war. as we pointed out at this hour last night, the president has already once lied on fox news about that by saying that the parents of american soldiers who were killed in the korean war asked him during the presidential campaign to get their children's, their sons' remains, back from north korea.
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this is a horrible lie. president trump has never spoken to the parents of dead korean war soldiers about that because all of those parents are well over 100 years old, which means that almost all of those parents are dead. donald trump has spoken to zero of those parents. zero. now let's watch the ease with which this deeply perverse liar tells this lie about those parents again. >> he's giving us back our great heroes who died, as you know. we're getting the remains back and i've had so many people, so many parents, so many fathers and daughters and sons asking me, please, please. >> right. >> this was during the campaign and after. >> for this president who pretends to worship the military, that is a horrendous lie to tell.
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within the reverence our military holds for our lost soldiers and the gold star parents, it as sacrilegious lie to tell. and the former four-star general who is now the white house chief of staff has done nothing to interrupt the president's lying about the parents of our fallen soldiers in the korean war. in the president's show this morning, designed to distract from the manafort case today and to distract from michael cohen's failed attempt in court today to prevent stormy daniels' lawyer, michael avenatti, from appearing on this show tonight, which he will do, the president did more praising of the murderous north korean dictator he is so taken with. the president of the united states was amused at the possibility and the suggestion -- and suggested the possibility that the north korean dictator had executed some of his high command before meeting with the president. >> well, just before you met
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with him, he cleaned house, three of his top generals, some of the hardliners he fired. then you go over there and you took some heat over saluting one of the generals. >> i think he fired at least, okay -- when you say he fired -- >> three that we know of. >> i think maybe fired, at least. fired may be a nice word. >> fired may be a nice word, steve doocy laughs. yeah, maybe he just killed them. just killed them. donald trump doesn't even know that the president of the united states is not supposed to approve of dictators executing people around them. he is morally oblivious. he is, by an order of magnitude, the most amoral creature to ever occupy the white house. the people who have known him the best, known him the most intimately, have called him a liar and worse. his two previous wives called him a liar, his first wife called him violent. because he is self-centered to the point of sickness, he has no
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idea how to even sound nice about other people, including his current wife, who is still recovering from surgery of a few weeks ago. >> the doctor said don't fly for a month. but she'll be able to very shortly. >> she's on the mend? >> she's in great shape. she's perfect. somebody said, did she have a facelift? no. >> well, the only person i've heard say did she have a facelift is the guu just heard say, did she have a facelift. so mr. oblivious brings up the question of did his wife have a facelift when no one was asking it. and he did that because he doesn't have any empathy, even for his recovering wife. he doesn't have any empathy for anyone, including all of his wives, and including the babies and children on our southern border who are being ripped away from their mothers, separated from their parents because donald trump through attorney general jeff sessions has
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ordered that those children be separated from their parents. that was the question that showed the world who the people in the trump white house really are. do you have any empathy? >> these people have nothing, they come to the border with nothing and you throw children in cages. you're a parent! you're a parent of young children! don't you have any empathy for what they go through? >> jill, go ahead. >> the president repeatedly lied this morning in the white house driveway and blamed the powerless democrats in congress for separating those children from their parents on the southern border. when he finished with "fox and friends," the president then held an impromptu press conference taking questions from reporters trying to shout over each other. the white house transcript of that press conference reveals something that cannot quite be heard on the audio recordings. one reporter, one lone voice who said in response to a couple of the president's answers, "why
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are you lying about it, sir? and why do you keep lying about it, sir? the president never responded to his questions. the most important questions of the day. why are you lying about it? but that reporter was the one lone voice directly fighting the lying. the one lone voice who figured out that the right question to ask the pathological liar standing in the white house driveway lying this morning was, why are you lying? lying about the parents of our war dead in the korean war, lying about the children on the southern border, lying about the inspector general's report, lying about robert mueller's investigation, lying about north korea and lying about the liar in the white house who has actually pled guilty to lying to the fbi. >> i feel badly for general flynn. he lost his house, he's lost his life. and some people say he lied, and some people say he didn't lie. i mean, really it turned out maybe he didn't lie.
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>> the only person, only person, who says that michael flynn didn't lie is the pathological liar who was standing in the white house driveway this morning. and who are some of the people who say that michael flynn did lie? well, the only one you really need to mention is michael flynn. michael flynn says michael flynn lied, and robert mueller says michael flynn lied. and the fbi says michael flynn lied. and michael flynn has pleaded guilty to lying to the fbi. but most importantly, michael flynn says that michael flynn lied. that's what's important here. if donald trump said one true thing in the driveway this morning i would show it to you right now, because it would show that he knows how to tell the truth about something, and that would mean that lying is a conscious choice for him. that it's a conscious choice, and he makes that conscious choice every time. when you watch donald trump in the driveway this morning you're seeing someone who seems to know there is nothing in the truth
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that sounds good for him, absolutely nothing. and that's why he lies. the truth is so bad for him, he will lie and create a falsehood that his followers will believe instead of the truth. so he lied about the inspector general's report. >> here's the good news. i did nothing wrong. there was no collusion. there was no obstruction. the ig report yesterday went a long way to show that. >> the inspector general's report did not say that donald trump did nothing wrong. the inspector general's report did not say there was no collusion. the inspector general's report did not say that there was no obstruction. the inspector general's report said that hillary clinton did nothing wrong. did not commit a prosecutable crime and james comey was correct and followed justice department guidelines in reaching the conclusion that hillary clinton did not commit a crime. that's what the inspector general's report said.
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it also said that james comey should have kept that decision to himself and deferred to the attorney general about how to handle any public information about the clinton case. the inspector general's report said that politics did not influence the investigation of hillary clinton. the inspector general's report noted that everything that was revealed publicly by the fbi about the clinton investigation during the presidential campaign and everything that was not revealed by the fbi about the investigation of the trump campaign's involvement with russia during the presidential campaign helped the trump campaign. and hurt the clinton campaign. the inspector general's report says that the fbi was not trying to help the trump campaign but that was just the effect of their work. and of course, knowing as the president did this morning, that this could be the last morning of freedom for his former campaign manager paul manafort,
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the pathological liar in the white house driveway lied about paul manafort. >> you know, paul manafort worked for me for a very short period of time. he worked for ronald reagan, bob dole, john mccain, he worked for many other republicans. he worked for me for what, 49 days or something? a very short period of time. >> pay attention to this. whenever donald trump uses a number, he's lying about the number. paul manafort did not work for the trump campaign for 49 days. paul manafort worked for the trump campaign for 144 days. so basically triple the amount of time that donald trump now says that paul manafort worked for his campaign. steve bannon and kellyanne conway worked for the trump campaign for only 84 days. like all trump enterprises it was a revolving door, people were getting fired for among ore things incompetence and replaced by more incompetence. in the case of paul manafort, a criminal -- or an accused criminal who a federal judge
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believes is so probably likely to have committed the crime of witness tampering and is so probably likely to commit that crime again if he was allowed to go home tonight with his ankle bracelets and his cell phone that the federal judge sent paul manafort to jail tonight. so when donald trump is trying to fall asleep tonight in the white house with the tv on, he will actually be the first president in history to be trying to fall asleep in the white house will his former campaign manager is trying to fall asleep across town in jail. because richard nixon's campaign manager didn't go to jail until after he helped richard nixon get re-elected. richard nixon's campaign manager didn't go to jail until after richard nixon had been forced to resign the presidency on the brink of impeachment. there's something new here. the difference between donald trump and richard nixon tonight is that donald trump's campaign manager managed to get himself charged with federal crimes and in jail much faster than richard
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nixon's did. what's happening to paul manafort and donald trump is happening much faster than it happened to john mitchell and richard nixon. and as donald trump gazes at the tv tonight trying to fall asleep in the white house, he has to be wondering what we're all wondering, what does paul manafort know about donald trump that could be an indictable offense or impeachable offense? what does paul manafort know that he could tell robert mueller that could get paul manafort out of jail and save him a possible prison sentence a conviction -- a sentence that could then louisiana the rest of his life. and as paul manafort tries to fall asleep tonight on his first night in jail, he has to be wondering what we're all wondering, will donald trump pardon paul manafort? will donald trump pardon the guy who he now says he barely knew. the guy he says only worked for the campaign for 49 days. what is paul manafort thinking
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tonight about what the president said about him today? who do you think is having an easier time falling asleep tonight? donald trump in the white house or paul manafort in jail? we'll ask john hileman, david frum, and john howard after the break. we'll also be joined as i said by michael avenatti who michael cohen actually tried to get a federal judge to prevent michael avenatti from appearing on this program tonight. and michael cohen put my name and this show's name in his pleadings to a judge about trying to stop michael avenatti from coming on this show. so michael avenatti is here to tell you how that all worked out.
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joining our discussion now john hileman, also with us john harwood, editor at large for cnbc, and david frum, senior editor for "the atlantic" and author of "trumpocracy: corruption of the american public." i know the president wants us to talk about what he said in the driveway, especially the lies about it's the democrats' fault those kids are at the southern border. >> that was the point of it. throw out chum on the water and distract from the rest of the
5:23 pm
da da day' -- day's news. >> we don't have days that are scheduled to be big news. the manafort news was scheduled to be big news. we knew it was cominand tonight is the president's campaign manager's first night in jail. >> it is an amazing thing. a lot of unprecedented things happen in the trump administration, we should note them all, but this one, the consequence of this, the seniority, it's not just that he's donald trump's campaign chairman, it's not that he played a bigger role than donald trump wants to admit the days, why he brought in manafort to rangle delegates. wrangle delegates. all the importance of the role. it's that he's been dealing with manafort for 30 years. manafort and stone, the touchstones. roger stone, the touchstone of his electoral life. paul manafort and the firm. the way donald trump understood washington and how politics and business intersected in the world. for 30 years the man lived in
5:24 pm
trump tower. he's a seminal figure in donald trump's life and he gets at the thing trump has always wanted to wall off. what did i do in my business life that connected to russia over the course of maybe a decade or more that led to 2015, 2016, and 2017. the two people in that camp, paul manafort and michael cohen. paul manafort now in jail and under more pressure than he's ever been under to cooperate with prosecutors. it is a bad, bad day for donald trump. >> david frum, do you want a shot at the question of which one is sleeping better tonight donald trump or paul manafort? >> here's something to trouble paul manafort's sleep. do you remember the weird story about paul manafort paying a lot of money about carpets in a virginia carpet store, a lot of money? >> yes. >> in a way that made it look like maybe it was a $5,000 rug he bought and paid $25, and got $20,000 reimbursed him in some way. the reason the stor ris important, if that story is true
5:25 pm
and maybe there's a perfectly reasonable explanation, but if not, that's a crime under virginia law, not federal law. paul manafort owns real estate in new york city. if that money -- new york, before the great depression, was the center of financial regulation in the united states. all of those financial regulations from before the great depression and the s.e.c. are still on the books of new york state. he can trip all over new york state laws about fair dealing and wire fraud. the president can't pardon those either. that may trouble his sleep that he has virginia and new york state liability. >> john harwood, the president did finally talk about the inspector general's report this morning on "fox and friends." he was strangely silent about it yesterday. and, of course, you summarized it in a tweet-size executive summary for him, which i read on the show last night. where there was no good news really for donald trump in the inspector general's report but he tried to invent a version of the inspector general's report
5:26 pm
today that was somehow favorable to him personally. >> there are things unflattering to some people in the report, including james comey, peter strzok and lisa page. but if you look at the underlying reality of that report and what the inspector general michael horowitz concluded, it is that the investigation was conducted with integrity. and that the decision not to prosecute hillary clinton was also made with integrity. that is to say not influenced by bias, by improper considerations. all drawing upon the experience, the law and past department practice. the one thing i want to add to what david and john were saying, the other thing that's going to trouble paul manafort's sleep, our colleague ken dilanian this afternoon did some reporting about what the jail that we think paul manafort is going to -- that place is crawling with cockroaches. and you've got a guy who has been used to an incredibly
5:27 pm
comfortable lifestyle, according to robert mueller was financed with ill-gotten gains and he's sleeping with cockroaches tonight. >> paul manafort likes a high thread count, lawrence. the thread count in the penitentiary is not so high. >> the cockroaches are all part of the pressure on paul manafort. there's a way out of jail tonight. he doesn't have to spend the entire night if he gets the word to robert mueller that he's willing to cooperate. >> right. >> i'll say harry litman raised this when the manafort witness tampering thing first came up. people speculated a lot about whether trump has offered him a pardon secretly. the makes no sen -- now trump is dangling pardons for a lot of people, but if you're paul manafort and believe confidently that you're going to get a pardon from donald trump, why would you start tampering with witnesses? it makes no sense. i think everyone who knows donald trump well, and paul manafort does, just like michael cohen does, none of them consider him reliable on this question. he can dangle pardons but no one
5:28 pm
considers him reliable in his life for reasons of character you've amply outlined on the history of this show. they know him well enough to know, you can't count on donald trump, even if you had an ironclad contract, even if you had an ironclad promise he could still renege. and he hasn't given out any ironclad contracts or promises on this matter. >> that's the right point. you talked about the void of empathy in donald trump which he has made clear over and over. if you're michael cohen and the guy who said i'll take a bullet for donald trump, do anything for donald trump, it is obvious right now that he is feeling that donald trump has no intention of doing the same thing for him. does paul manafort really think that the good wishes of president trump are going to save him? that doesn't mean the president may not pardon him, but if he does, it's going to be not because he feels some sense of obligation or personal loyalty to manafort or cohen.
5:29 pm
he doesn't seem to feel loyalty to anybody except himself. >> of course, david frum, the legal challenge for the president to reach out and pardon any of them now, as rudy giuliani is making noises about pardons, possible pardons, is that they then lose their fifth amendment rights. exactly. >> if you pardon manafort tomorrow, for everything he's charged with now, the next day the special prosecutor can put manafort under oath in the grand jury and he has no ability to claim the fifth amendment. >> that's such an important point. that's the structural trap the president faces. people will start testifying because they will be exposed to the penalty for contempt of court if they do not. dangling the pardon may be more strategic for the president than ever granting a pardon. >> john harwood, john heilman, david frum, thank you all for joining us on this friday night, really appreciate it. when we come back, michael
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what you are about to see is something michael cohen went to federal court to try to stop. michael cohen, donald trump's former personal lawyer, asked a federal judge to prevent michael avenatti from coming on this show again. and in his pleading filed last night in federal court michael cohen actually quoted things that michael avenatti said on this show as examples of why michael avenatti should be stopped from coming on this show.
5:34 pm
and as soon as i saw that i immediately invited michael avenatti on this show tonight and he immediately accepted. i did that because i was absolutely sure there was no way a judge was going to grant michael cohen's request, and i didn't even go to law school. and, of course, i was right, and attorney michael cohen was wrong. here is just one of the things that michael cohen quoted to that judge to try to stop michael avenatti from coming on this show. >> this is the guy that handled all of the nonsense for the president for the better part of 12 years. okay? this is the guy that knows where the bodies are buried and i believe he's going to sing like a canary because he's not going to have any choice but to try to save his family and the people he cares about and he's going to be out of money. >> okay, now no more of that. joining us now michael avenatti, the attorney for stormy daniels. no more of that where the bodies are buried stuff, okay? >> lawrence, you may not be an
5:35 pm
attorney, but you're ten times the attorney michael cohen is, let me just say that. >> i can't even take that as a compliment because ten times the attorney he is is shockingly low. this was idiotic, i knew it the second i saw it. you knew it. i don't think we have to dwell on it. i want to get your reaction to what the president was this morning in the white house driveway about michael cohen possibly flipping and cooperating with the prosecutors. let's listen to this. >> are you worried that michael cohen might flip? >> look, i did nothing wrong. you have to understand, this stuff would have come out a long time ago. i did nothing wrong. i didn't do anything wrong. >> the michael cohen still your friend? >> i've always liked michael. i haven't spoken to michael in a long time. >> is he still your lawyer? >> no, he's not my lawyer anymore. >> your personal lawyer -- >> i always liked michael. >> just want to know if you're worried he's going to cooperate with federal prosecutors. >> no, i'm not worried, because i did nothing wrong. >> should he be worried? >> i think there's no question he should be worried. this was his right-hand attorney
5:36 pm
for the better part of 10, 12 years. and i think of all the people on the face of the planet that have damaging information about this president, i think michael cohen is at the very top of that list, even above mr. manafort, and we know where he's spending tonight. this is a terrible development for the president. the noose is tightening on michael cohen. there's no question about that. and look, i keep saying the same thing, i'm going to say it again. i don't think this is going to end well. what's ironic about what we just saw it wasn't long ago i was in this chair, you were in that chair, and we were talking about air force one, talking about this president on air force one in early april talking about the fact that people needed to talk to his attorney, present tense, his attorney michael cohen. that was only two months ago. he says he hasn't talked to michael cohen in a long, long time. i don't think two months is a long, long time. we know he's spoken to him in the last two months, in fact,
5:37 pm
he's admitted that. so, you know, again, what you're seeing here is he's trying to distance himself from michael cohen today because he knows what's coming down the pike. >> so in federal court in manhattan today, evaluating the evidence that was obtained in the michael cohen raid, all sides asked for and the judge agreed to an extension of the deadline for finalizing what evidence is going to be admissible in court, what evidence would be preserved through attorney-client privilege. we learned more things about what the government is in possession of today in that session that they got from michael cohen. what do you think of the most important piece of information we learned about that today? >> so there used to be a show on a&e called "hoarders." >> yes, yes. >> it ran for about seven years. and every show would cover one or two people that were hoarders. and they would hoard things in
5:38 pm
their home usually and they would film them. it turns out during that seven-year time period, michael cohen was actually the star of the show but they never followed him. because what we've now learned is he hoarded a whole host of things. documents and cell phones among other things. one of the things we learned today, and i find this to be shocking and i think this is going to prove to be damaging to mr. cohen and to mr. trump. is that the government was able to decrypt, if you will, over 700 pages of text messages and call logs from signal and whatsapp, two apps used for encrypted communications. evidently michael cohen never cleared out his phone logs or text messages before the fbi seized the phones. i predict that this information, this 700 pages that was first disclosed today, is going to prove to be incredibly damaging and very, very fruitful for government investigators. >> they also said that they have rebuilt material from michael
5:39 pm
cohen's shredders, about 16 pages of shredded material. and as to what michael cohen did to try to block you from coming on here, you didn't even file an opposition to this motion of michael cohen's, the judge just threw it out instantly and kind of ridiculed him for filing and it said, okay, if you want to make this motion procedurally, even procedurally correct, we'll let you do that later in july. but that's why you're here is the judge wouldn't even consider what michael cohen asked him to consider. >> that motion faces a high bar because of my first amendment rights. >> sure. >> and look, here's the other thing that's really important, okay? how many times have you invited michael cohen on the show or one of his representatives? >> michael cohen, please, right now, come on the show, any time you want. >> many times. it's not as if i'm the only person who gets invited on the show. mike could come on the show. michael cohen had david schwartz on a host of shows early on, until he put his tail between his legs around the time the fbi
5:40 pm
raided michael cohen's office, et cetera. they have the opportunity to come on the show and face you and others and answer questions. they could go on "fox and friends jacksonville but they don't. there's a reason for that. that is, they don't want to answer questions about the truth, the facts, and the evidence, period. >> how much time do you think we're looking at here with michael cohen if he is going to cooperate with the prosecutors, because every day he doesn't costs him very serious money. >> not only does it cost him money. he's running a risky game at this point. if bob mueller concludes that a sitting president cannot be indicted, michael cohen could be left with no chair to sit in when the music stops. meaning he may not have anyone to roll up on or trade or flip on. okay? if i was advising michael cohen i would have told him months ago we need to get you in sooner rather than later so you have something potentially to trade. with each passing day and week that this guy sits on the
5:41 pm
sidelines he's running a big risk. >> michael avenatti, congratulations on having your first amendment rights still. >> never happier to be here lawrence. when we come back, donald trump's solution to what's happening to the children being torn away from their mothers on the southern border is to simply lie about the children and their mothers. that's next. i'm to your bumper, cause.... i don't think enough people heard about your big day.
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sometimes photographs tell us more about the person looking at the photograph than the photograph can tell us about the people in the photograph. this is one of those photographs when you look at these three people what you feel tells us something very important about you. who you identify with in the photograph tells us something very important about you. white house chief of staff john kelly who strongly supports the new trump policy of taking that 2-year-old girl away from her mother at the southern border has said that he feels the girl is going to be fine and that the officer is doing a good job. john kelly doesn't think there's anything wrong with what he sees in the photo. when the white house press secretary was asked yesterday whether she has any empathy for the children like that 2-year-old girl in the photograph, she refused to answer the question, which she didn't realize was an answer. she couldn't possibly go to work in a white house that was doing
5:46 pm
that to children if she had any empathy at all for that girl in that photograph. donald trump is the only person in the trump administration who even pretends to have empathy for the girl in that photograph. and donald trump is actually the only person in the trump administration who we know doesn't have any empathy at all for anyone, anywhere, at any time. here is the president of the united states today lying about his empathy for that 2-year-old girl. >> the children can be taken care of quickly, beautifully, and immediately. the democrats forced that law upon our nation. i hate it. i hate to see separation of parents and children. the democrats can come to us, as they actually are, in all fairness, we are talking to them, and they can change the whole border security. >> donald trump's attorney general jeff sessions issued the order in april of this year that is now ripping children out of their mothers' arms on our southern border.
5:47 pm
donald trump and jeff sessions did that. no democrat did that. donald trump can stop doing it right now. donald trump knows enough about public relations that when he looks at that photograph he knows who most people identify with. he knows who most people sympathize with. he knows who he's supposed to empathize with, and that's why he lies and pretends that he hates what is happening to that child. what is happening to that child is child abuse and donald trump is doing it to her. and donald trump knows it. when he was questioned about this today by a gang of reporters in the white house driveway this morning, just one of them, and only one of them, can be heard very faintly asking, why are you lying about this? as other reporters were yelling other questions. so we're not sure if donald trump actually heard that important question of the day. why are you lying about this? when we come back, maria teresa
5:48 pm
kumar will join us on the trump policy on the southern border which the "new york times" now calls heartless and this picture shows is cruel and unusual child abuse. mom and dad got a new car. it's not theirs, it's mine. the new rx 350l with three rows for seven passengers. lease the 2018 rx 350l and rx 350l awd for these terms. experience amazing at your lexus dealer. it's willingham, edge of the box, willingham shoots... goooooooaaaaaaaallllllll! that...was...magic. willingham tucks it in and puts the championship to bed. sweet dreams, nighty night. as long as soccer players celebrate with a slide, you can count on geico saving folks money. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. pressure, what pressure?
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at the marine mammal center, the environment is everything. we want to do our very best for each and every animal, and we want to operate a sustainable facility. and pg&e has been a partner helping us to achieve that. we've helped the marine mammal center go solar, install electric vehicle charging stations, and become more energy efficient. pg&e has allowed us to be the most sustainable organization we can be. any time you help a customer, it's a really good feeling. it's especially so when it's a customer that's doing such good and important work for the environment. together, we're building a better california. and once again here is the president of the united states repeatedly lying about his deliberate policy chosen by him, a policy of child abuse on the
5:52 pm
southern border. >> do you agree with children being taken away from -- >> no, i hate it. i hate the children being taken away. the democrats have to change their law. that's their law. >> mr. president, it's your policy. >> quiet. that's the democrats' law. we can change it tonight. we can change it right now. >> you're the president. >> joining our discussion now, maria teresa kumar. president and ceo of voter latino and msnbc contributor. maria, the one true thing he said is we can change this policy tonight. >> i hope that's what he's doing right now. i hope he's penning it. reversing his actions that he decided to do in cahoots with jeff sessions. this is absolutely cruel. the more that you actually start digging into how they're identifying individuals to separate from their families, you actually learn the first time you cross the border, lawrence, it's considered a misdemeanor. 90% of the people that are passing the border are being separated from their children because they're being charged with a misdemeanor. you are also discovering that siblings are also being
5:53 pm
separated where they can only see each other sometimes once a week. just today in less than 24 hours, the very first tent city housing 98 kids has opened up in texas. i was speaking with a state representative all day today, mary gonzalez, who has done an incredibly formidable job. she told me literally this contract has been signed by hhs with a private contractor of $10 million. they don't know who the contractor is, and they've made it specific so that they could expand the beds from 98 beds to 200. and it's in the middle of nowhere. it's literally 45 minutes out of el paso, texas, and it's almost impossible to get there. her feeling is that it's purposely done so that it's sight unseen to the american people. and it also allows for quick and easy expansion. >> maria teresa, the policy of separating the siblings is to take an inhumane, abusive policy and find a way to make it even more inhumane and abusive.
5:54 pm
>> i mean it's more extreme. this has nothing to do with trying to make any sort of deterrence. imagine a parent having to cross not one but several countries to come to the border, seeking for the most part relief, asylum from a desperate situation. and instead of being welcomed and trying to give them -- to better understand their situation, actually give them asylum, what they're doing is trying to identify the cruelest form of dehumanizing an individual. you have children as young as babies, 4 months, being separated from their parents. it's anguishing what you're hearing. i have to say, just taking my hat off as a political commentator but as a mother who has children around the same age of 4 and 5, i cannot imagine not being able to hold my child let alone because of federal law, these children when they are found crying, they cannot be embraced because no touching can actually be allowed by anybody, by an adult. so these children right now, i can only imagine the trauma they're facing and this can absolutely be stopped.
5:55 pm
we need republicans to step up to the plate to say that this is not a policy, that they are actually going to pass some sort of legislation to prevent this from happening and they too can do that right now. >> it seems very clear that when people in the trump white house and the trump administration look at that picture of that 2-year-old girl that we were just looking at, they don't see their children when they look at children like that. >> they don't see their children, but the majority of american people do. and that is what is -- that's what's the most inspiring part of it. when people start asking what is it that we can do, we have to make sure not only are we organizing but that we're providing services and we're providing donations to make sure these kids get some sort of legal relief. you have plenty of organizations on the ground. there's an organization in texas working, trying to provide as much relief as possible. when i was speaking to mary gonzalez earlier this afternoon, there's just not enough resources for the demand. her concern is literally that they're basically creating a
5:56 pm
space for expansion, and we as the american people have to be present, and we have to demand that congress acts as soon as possible. >> maria teresa kumar, thank you very much for joining us on this important story. really appreciate it. >> thank you, lawrence. >> tonight's "last word" is next. disrupting business and taking on a life of its own. its multi-cloud complexity creating friction... and slowing innovation. with software-defined solutions, like hpe onesphere, you can tame the it monster. hewlett packard enterprise. clouds, apps, and insights faster. observe this total,
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but you can help prevent this. talk to your doctor today about getting vaccinated against whooping cough. because dangers don't just exist in fairytales. we're not on an isl[ roar ]ore. [ heavy breathing ] [ scream ] rated pg-13. time for tonight's "last word." michael cohen has told friends that he expects to be arrested any day now according to a source close to cohen. >> in fairness, he's probably been expecting to be arrested
6:00 pm
for years. cohen probably rsvps to weddings, "yes, unless indicted." >> seth meyers gets tonight's "last word." "the 11th hour with brian williams" starts now. tonight, former trump campaign chairman paul manafort in jail pending his september trial as the mueller investigation plows forward. plus a free-wheeling appearance from the president on the white house driveway, ranging from pardons to immigration to north korea. and is vladimir putin next on trump's agenda? new reporting tonight on donald trump's wish to sit down with the russian president. "the 11th hour" on a friday night begins now. good evening once again from our nbc news headquarters here in new york. i'm steve kornacki in for brian williams. day 512 of the trump administration, and the president's former campaign manager, the man who engineered


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