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tv   AM Joy  MSNBC  June 17, 2018 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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that's it for our hour on msnbc live.
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it's time for a.m. joy with my good friend joy reed. >> once i had kids those personal envisions really subsided and i just focused on policy ambitions and it just changed my focus in life from career to family and i'm speaker of the house. i wasn't necessarily planning this but what's important to me is my family and i believe i can be a great policy maker advocating for the believes and the ideals that i have without sacrificing my higher priority which is just to have a good family life. >> well, happy father's day and welcome to a.m. joy. to borrow a phrase from rachel maddow, watch what they do, not what they say. ryan and many of his fellow republicans, the party that used to lay claim of being the party of family values are indeed many of them fathers and mothers and grandparents and they say they're opposed to the trump
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administration's policy of separating migrant children from their parents. >> the religious leaders have come out and said this is unhumane. do you agree? >> we don't want kid separated from their parents. >> i think this is a terrible situation i'd like to fix. >> and yet the immigration bill touted by the house gop leadership only so paul ryan can avoid an embarrassing discharge petition forced through by members of the house doesn't even outlaw family separation. there is no long waj ianguage il that puts away with the separation of families. it leaves the door open for migrant families to be detained together indefinitely. the bill would also fulfill a trumpian wish list of immigration restrictions which the president has made clear he wants to trade for the separated children. curbs on family reunification an
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end to the visa lottery and of course funding for the border wall which candidate promised his fans that mexico would pay for, but they won't. unlike a handful of republicans in congress, members of the trump white house express no misgivings about the policy. and according to the new york times both chief of staff john kelly and steven miller have long advocated a hard line approach to migrant families with kelly floating the idea of separating parents and children as early as march of 2017. ask steve bannon and it becomes clear that this is what they have always wanted to do. >> we ran on a policy very simply to stop mass immigration. get our sovereign for back and to help our workers and so he went to a zero tolerance policy. 's a crime to come across illegally and children get
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separated. i hate to say it. that's the law. >> since republicans won't do it that leaves democrats to advocate for these migrant children. senator from oregon whose first attempt to visit ation center went viral is returning today. in less than an hour from now congressman and texas senate hopeful is leading amar'e to a tent city set up to handle the overflow of migrant children due to the trump administration's zero tolerance policy. the question is, can protests force the trump administration to back down and stop separating migrant parents and kids? perhaps starting on father's day. joining me now, president and ceo of voter latino. kyla long, and from mcallen texas, msnbc correspondent. i want to start with you. you spoke with a woman who had
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been separated from her 18-year-old. i want to play a little bit of that interview that you did. >> when was was your son taken from you? >> translator: right after he crossed the border. they took my son and i never saw him again. >> what did they tell you? >> translator: they didn't say anything about where they were taking him. >> tell me how this feels when your child is taken from you. >> i cried the whole way here. >> it's very hard to watch that interview and it's hard to believe that anyone seeing that couldn't be completely moved, distraught to think that this is what, you know, the united states of america is doing to families. give us a ltle bit more of
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your reporting on -- on what these families are going through. do they even have the opportunity to find out where their kids are? >> joy, in the case of myriam, that mother who you saw was holding her one-year-old girl, emily, she was completely distraught because she knew nothing of her 18-year-old son anderson. she didn't even know where he was or if she could talk to him on the phone, when would be the next time she would be able to see him and for that family specifically, it was especially heart breaking because anderson, the son, had turned 18 four days after crossing the border illegally. they're from honduras, fleeing gang violence. extremely high levels of violence in that triangle in central america. honduras, salvador, two of those countries have been called the murder capital of the world for a reason. so these families are already
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reaching the southern border traumatized only to find out that now they have to deal with family separation. i've also talked to young kids who have been separated from their adult male fathers inside detention, joy. one little kid specifically, ramon, four years old who was separated from his dad inside detention for five days and he told me he cried himself to sleep every night asking immigration officials, where's my dad, where's my dad, holding on to this little wrinkled piece of paper that had a phone number. it was the only belonging that he had left from, you know, his home country and even though separation in detention especially as it comes to adult male fathers and boys did happen under obama, these interviews have given me a glimpse at the trauma that these children and these parents especially the fathers on a day like today, father's day are having to
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endure and again, the trauma doesn't start when they reach the u.s. border. it begins in their home countries and making that long trek north through mexico to finally reach the u.s. border hoping to get some relief, some respi respite. >> are their attorneys present? do you -- is there any activity, aclu, is there anyone trying to intervene other than these members of congress that are coming down on behalf of these families? do they have legal advice? >> so congress members will actually be protesting in front of the cbc facility. that is a father's day protest slated for 2:00 p.m. eastern today. but i spoke to more than two dozen families who -- many of whom have been separated in detention and they really had no legal advice saivicadvice.
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save for these nuns. they don't even speak the language. they needed instructions to how to get on the bus wit their ankle bracelets. most of them will show up at immigration courts in the coming days and they consider themselves the few lucky ones because at least they were reunited with their children after being released for further immigration proceedings from these detention centers, but they know that, you know, other families aren't so lucky and again, especially on a day like today, you have to think about the children and the parents at the core of this crisis. almost 2,000 separated in the span of six weeks, just even in the southern district courts here according to the federal public defenders office, over 350 children were taken from their families just in a two-week span of june because right around the corner from here is the federal courthouse and i in that courthouse on friday. there are no cameras allowed inside but that's where you
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really saw this zero tolerance policy at work. mass prosecutions, less than a minute per case, guilty, guilty, guilty, all first time offenders people who cross the border illegally fleeing gang violence but really little time for each case and dozens of families that were separated. >> i'm going to ask you to stay for a moment. i want to bring in clara long. the washington post has reported, clara, that the chief of the rio grand valley border patrol has said this is going to increase. manuel who's a border patrol chief told the washington post on thursday that his agents had separated 568 parents from children as young as five since the zero tolerance policy was announced on april 6th. that figure represented only half the number of parents who could be prosecuted for entering the country illegally leaving border patrol plenty of room to
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ramp up family accept rations and we were talking with marian that was in the courtroom, an immigrant sobbing as she told the attorney the they took her daughter while she was breast-feeding her child in a the detention center. taking her child in the midst f obeing breast-fed. it's hard to imagine that in modern america, the united states has a history unfortunately but in the modern part of this history, this is unimaginable. >> indeed. there's a reason why human rights law and u.s. law protect the right to family and the right to be with your family because it is so core to our psychological stability. this is only going to get worse as you raise the prosecutions,
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the trump administration has said that fit wants a zero tolerance policy, 100% prosecutions. but it's not there yet. so it means only more families ripped apart. we have a staff member on the ground in texas who spoke with families this week who said they were not given a chance to say good-bye. they were told we're taking your child to shower or you'll your child after court and when they came back, they were separated. the impact of this can't be overstated. 's -- it's horrific. >> we learned this week courtesy of the new york times that john kelly has been advocating this very policy since march of 2017 and steven miller who we don't talk about much anymore, he's still in the administration. times reports said that he said no nation can have the policy of
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whole class that people are immune from immigration or enforcement. he said this past week it was a simple decision by the administration to have a zero tolerance. he's back. steven miller. your thoughts. >> absolutely right. john kelly floated this and i started sounding the alarm the moment they floated this because they're not playing around. they have a zero tolerance because of a policy they implemented, not congress. but i want to go back. we've been working with organizations on the ground. tornillo is the first camp where they brought in 98 beds for children. they're hoping to expand it to 200 beds in the next week or so. and they purposely chose a place 45 minutes outside of el paso in the middle of nowhere where they couldn't get cameras, where they couldn't get witnesses and today they're marching. what do people need? they need lawyers. they need people and they need lawyers to basically flood just
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like they did the airports with the muslim ban, they need lawyers. we have set up a website called stop separation.orgou can find local resources and local orgizations that need help because they are overwhelmed and they do not have the capacity. so if people want to pitch in they go to stop and they can find more information about people on the ground. they can also provide their information and if they are lawyers, please flag that and we will basically, we'll be able to actually choose -- funnel them where they need to be. but this policy that the administration is pipesing is not some cruel but the words that they're using, we're going to take your children to showers and be right back. this is history repeating itself. we were the ones that helped craft human rights policy. the u.n. last week came in and told us that we were violating
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human rights laws, that -- set by international standards that we crafted as americans. we have to make sure that we are present. we cannot let this go down. we are planning a march on june 27th. we hope that everybody will be there. it will be from el paso to tornillo, texas because this cannot go uncontested and sadly the reason is administration is doing this because they have no other policy. they're not helping the american people as they should so they're race baiting and being divisive. but the policy they're implementing is not -- we cannot sit idly by. >> and it stop accept rations with an >> stop >> all right. mariana you wanted to get in. >> if i may emphasize what maria
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was saying about the importance of providing these families with legal help, we're also talking here about families who are asylum seekers. i spoke to a woman and her 11 month old baby. she turned herself in a port of entry to customs and border and she said i want to seek asylum with the united states, which is her international right only to find that the guidelines have changed. only to find out as jeff session issued new guidelines this past week that now gang violence isn't going to be enough to justify these asylum claims. she didn't know the guidelines had changed until i told her yesterday. so this is a 21-year-old girl with a 11 month old baby. it took her a month and a half to reach the border. and now she's sitting at this shelter with an ankle bracelet on her foot not knowing if anybody could legally help her
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or process her asylum claim. and i asked her, what do you know for sure? >> she said the only thing i know sure is if i go back to honduras i'll be killed because the father of my child was helped. the asylum seekers and the ones that crossed over illegally but also fleeing those same levels of violence and are now getting their children yanked from their arms. >> crossing the border, yes, it's a broken law but it's considered a misdemeanor. 99% of the people crossing right now, it's their first time crossing, it's a misdemeanor. f we're separating family from children over a misdemeanor charge. they are also separating siblings and letting them only see them once a week. that is cruelty. >> i'm just very quickly under international law, these are -- particularly people seeking asylum but anyone being
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separated from their children is cruel and unbelievably cruel, but don't people who present themselves for asylum obtain certain rights, certain legal rights? >> they certainly should obtain certain rigs it's not illegal to seek asylumn a coy. and it's not illegal to enter our country to seek asylum. one of the things i think is really important to emphasize here is that the members of congress, the scitizens who are mobilizing around these issues, these abuses are built on top of an already existing structure of abuses. already the federal criminal justice system was doing 50% of these prosecutions last year. these prosecutions, these misdemeanor and some felony prosecutions for illegal entry so there's a lot to change here and we need to think about how we can change the structure so that something like this can't happen again. >> absolutely and while emphasizing the fact that the
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let's discuss the latest on
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the crisis of family accept rations. thank you all for being here. tiffany,t s gift to get through that first block of television without crying, quite frankly because you -- you know, you're talking about taking a breast-feeding child from their mom. it just doesn't get any worst than that. right? >> yeah. >> and so i wonder just on the politics of this, you have some republicans expressing a discomfort with it. but no republican signing on to the democratic bill that would actually end it. so where are we now in terms of the politics of this? >> this puts a $25 billion price tag on these undocumented immigrants who are here because what trump is saying if you at any point defect from my border wall i'm going to rescind any pathway for citizenships for dreamers. they're trying to say that this bill would somehow stop families
7:24 am
from being separated. it does not do that and i want the audience to understand as well, there's only so much you can do in a republican controlled congress. so there have been some efforts made by democrats to try to stop policies and try to inject some righteousness in this terrible horrific policy that they've instituted so the caucus leaders, ice agents have gone on greyhound buses to yank families off and separate them there. so the caucus wrote the president of greyhound saying you can't do that. that viola the rights of these people. congresswoman saying these things aren't really happening. out of seattle washington, she went to visit like 1,600 i think immigrants who were bussed there and these things are absolutely happening just like the correspondents said in the last segment, these are firsthand accounts of what is happening and this is just grossly un-american. this is very american.
7:25 am
this is consistent with the way this country was founded. african slaves kidnapped and raped and brought here. those families were separated. this is very consistent with the way this country has done. the rising majority has the tools to be able to stop and say, no, this is unacceptable. we aren't going to tolerate it and this is why votes matter in a midterm year. this is why people who have the ability to switch the control of congress, everything counts right now. these are literally lies and they -- they have to start becoming we. they're not doing this to them. they're doing this to us. and we have to lock arms and demand that our elected officials demand something different in this administration. republicans and democrats alike, if you have a heart of dee sen si interject and say something. >> you know, intistthe history united states does include separation but slavery didn't
7:26 am
endure for hundreds of years without people coming up with a justification for owning other people or the separation of native american families or people revere fdr and families were dragged off. so i woender if as we're here almost weeping over these stories in the moral justification, if it actually works, if people want this policy they aren't going to change their minds because they see pictures like this. . you had steve bannon who was on -- back on tv who was saying that even if republicans pass this watered down version of the bill which won't stop family separation by the way and will actually make it harder for family to unify in the united states, this is what he said about that bill which again isn't going to involve this problem but is an immigration bill. this is steve bannon on whether or not passing that bill would help republicans. >> if you support this bill i think this is the way that
7:27 am
deplorables don't come out. otherwise, i think we run the tables. this is why i'm saying, at the time that people in the white house thought about this, they thought there was going to be a blue wave. and this is the best thing to do at the time. i strongly recommend that we wait till 2019 to address this. we'll have a big november and we'll play this from a position -- >> that is donald trump's former chee chief stat gist saying that these pictures of families being dragged away from each other, being told they can't hug, breast-feeding moms having their children ripped away from them that that is good for the children party and they should keep this happening and because in my mind the base likes and wants this policy to continue. >> yeah. i mean, i think that the white nationalist that is steve bannon is probably right. there's a reason why the president is doing this. this plays well with that hard
7:28 am
core zen phobic white nationalist base that loves these pictures, that think that's what's happening should be happening and they have their own interlock tur in the white house in steve miller. this is -- i agree with tiffany that in some instances what's happening is very american in that this is how the country was founded. this is what happened to our ancestors, this is what happened to native americans, this is what happened 76 years ago to japanese americans in internment camps but what's different now is that the american people have the ability to change this. this is not american, this is not america. this is not what the vast majority of the american people want. and i want people to understand that these elections in november have nothing to do or should have nothing to do with you
7:29 am
know, some political advantage for republicans who want to use crying children and unhumane policy for political advantage. these pictures should show -- hold the mirror up to the american people and see what the u.s. government, what the president of the united states is doing supposedly in their name. this is not who we are. and if we're going to talk about the november election, if those pictures don't galvanize and motivate good hearted, good natured empathetic americans to come out and vote to at least put people in congress in state houses and governors' houses who will change this to make sure that this doesn't happen again. go to the next person, joy, because i -- i'm like you from the first segment. i cannot believe as a journalist, as an american citizen that i am talking about an american government that is doing this and a congress that
7:30 am
is controlled by the republican party won't do anything about it. look how far we've fallen from george w. bush, republican president talking about compassionate conservatism to we're talking about president trump who couldn't care less about children being ripped away from their families, the speaker of the house, who couldn't care less apparently about children being ripped away from their families. i'm glad you started the show with that clip of speaker ryan talking about, you know, how wonderful it is to have his family. i hope he sees these pictures and internalizes them and puts himself in the place of these family who is don't have their children with them on this father's day. >> yeah. and there are two -- more than one bill. the democrats have put forward a bill that's sponsored by diane fine stein of california. she has zero clinicosponsors. the update is at 43 senators
7:31 am
support her bill to bar the taking of children. no republicans and then you have this republican bill, this house bill that gives wide latitude to the department of homeland security to detain entire families. it reads there is no presumption that an alien child who is not an accompanied alien child should not be detained and all such determination should be at the discretion of secretary of homeland security. that would overrule a court agreement put in place that limits how the government can keep children in detention. essentially it would allow ice to detain families as long as they want indefinitely. that is the supposed fix that steve bannon says is too kind. your thoughts. >> pretty humane, isn't it? >> i think i have a higher opinion of a bunch of the people who voted for donald trump than steve bannon does, because this -- the cruelty of this policy, the violation of family values, here we are as jonathan
7:32 am
pointed out on father's day talking about a policy that rips kids away from their fathers and let's not mince words about this. the administration has been very clear that cruelty is a policy here because they want kids ripped away because that will be a disincentive for people to come up to try to cross the border. so zero tolerance becomes zero humanity and the republicans, you had -- there were two more signatures you needed on a discharge petition that would have allowed votes on far more humane immigration bills. there are as you said, the fienstein bill, very clear bills that could have stopped this. instead they'll be voting on watered down bills that keep trying to make concessions to the administration because paul ryan doesn't want to pass
7:33 am
anything trump won't sign. one last quick point, you mentioned moral justification. to have steve -- to have jeff sessions quoting romans 1 on obeying the law as being at the heart of this, steven colbert really got to him when it to the nub of it when he said that about 10 verses later romans says that love is the basis of the law and that'shy even conservative evangelical leaders are jumping off the trump train on this one. >> all of my guests will be back in our next hour. thank you to all three of you. you guys are sticking around. what might seem like a small cough to you...
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>> by the way, the pope more than anybody else has driven the policy. the catholic churc is one of the worst instigators of this open borders policy. i'm a catholic. i'm missing mass today or going later with my dad to be on your show. >> wow. well, it's been ten months since former trump administration chief strategist left the white house but as his former boss cozies up to a policy to separate children from their
7:38 am
families it seems fair to see if he ever went away. >> working to build a ultra wide right wing movement. he called the hungaryian prime minister a hero. and trump spoke to him on saturday to congratulate him on the formation of his new government. thank you both and i want to just warn the audience, we have a two second delay. so you have donald trump congratulating the want to be strong man in hungary, you have him praising the italian prime minister, let's listen to that via fox news on friday. >> the new prime minister of italy is great. got to meet him. very strong on immigration like i am, by the way.
7:39 am
it seems that strong on immigration wins now. >> sure. >> and the democrats are very weak on immigration. >> and of course, anti eu, anti immigration, this is a trend that's global. it's not just in the united states. >> it's a project. it's not even a trend, joy. look at the data and it's time for us americans and people around the globe to connect the dots. the first time we heard about the destabilization of western democracy was in 2011 when trump campaign chief paul manafort was advising the ukraine president, the first time we ever heard lock her up about the political female opponent was in 2011. paul manafort went on to seminate all around the globe and then immediately after we
7:40 am
could see articles attacking hillary clinton in the wall street journal written by allen friedmann and other journalists. it was an orchestrated come pain to start widespread campaign to pave the ideas of if you are pro russ then you can be not only pro russian, then you can be attack europe, you can be pro brexit, you can attack immigrants and it went on. he became the chief campaign of donald trump, stooeeve bannon i now in italy. before he was in france. he spoke on the national front and he said if they call you racist, wear it as a badge of honor. he's now advising the pro russian government in italy. this is what he's doing. not only that, if you look at what they are doing in germany, trump himself sent his right hand man and he's trying to unseat the government of angela merkel who is a right wing.
7:41 am
she happened to be a right wing chancellor, but they don't care. they want nationalists, they want white supremacists so we are in exist ensential threat a threatening the rule of law, threatening and attacking european governments, attacking allies while praising tyrants. in italy a month before the election one of the candidates of another region went on a shooting spree in italy because he exploited all the hate rhetoric that attacked migrants and attacked democrats not only he shot six immigrants, black people in the street, but also he shot against the center of the democratic parties. we're seeing in italy a dissent
7:42 am
toward fascism. that's why they agree with donald trump. that's why they praise putin and that's why they wanted putin to join, be reinstated in the g7 again regardless the fact that he annexed and occupied crimea. we're seeing very worrisome trends and donald trump is the chief of that trend. >> and you know, joe, i think for americans, they look at trump as a sort of aberrational figure. here's this reality show star who comes along, he wins on this anti immigrant line, immigration being the driving force behind his base but because i think americans don't realize the same thing is happening. you have in poland this dissent that was a western facing government. you have it happening in italy. you have the national front attempt to take over france just barely taking over that election. you have this happening in hungary.
7:43 am
i it's a combination of anti eu, pro putin, and anti trade and anti immigrant and it's happening all over the world. we just learned this week more about the involvement of russia in brexit. british political operatives met with the russian ambassador days after the visit. you just have the world cup happening now in russia and there's a photo of the prince shaking hands with putin at the opening. this is global and americans are just part of the wave. >> that's exactly right. we have to pay attention to this rise of racist white nationalist, right wing movements in europe and see the parallels here to the trump administration. unfortunately trump is not an b abrigs. it happened in america where you had a similar magnetic leader
7:44 am
exploiting divisions and conflict in society to rule what's basically from a minority position and that's the sam thing you see in europe. one of my mentors here in washington has been mad lynn albright and she has a new book called "fascism, a warning." and she's not saying these movements are fascist yet but they bare striking resemblance to the fash irs mov-- fascist movements that began years ago. this emphasis on strong male leadership and you see it now in hung gahungary and now in italy the first of these white nationalist leaders to take power and he's threatening to break up the eu in a way it hasn't been before, exploiting these divisions in society, this resentment, this fear of immigration. he just turned away a ship of
7:45 am
immigrants trying to seek refuge on italy's southern coast to consolidate his rule. it is a dangerous trend and you see trump embracing it and bringing now inviting him to visit visit the white house. that will be quite a spectacle. >> it's already fascist, if i may. it's actually fascist. i think we shouldn't mince any more words. this is fa sha attending. when the reality where children are ripped from their parents and that is called law and taking on the southern -- this is the worst humanitarian and crisis. this is a crisis of democracy on our value. the world is divided by two camps. humanists and those who want to destroy democracy. they don't care about law, human rights, morality, legality, all they care about is power. whatever it takes to get power.
7:46 am
this is who donald trump is. he is galvanizing the worst white supremists we've seen. he's only one of these guys but in hungary there's another guy and guess who's behind that? russia. they're backing every movement of white nationalism. >> yeah, it is frightening and americans just need to take this global view, understand this is not just happening here. thank you, thank you both. and coming up in our next hour, the media's ongoing dilemma. and on this father's day we'll have more on how trump is separating little kids, babies, children, from their parents. more a.m. joy after the break. begins to change which may cause trouble with recall. - learning from him is great... when i can keep up! - anncr: thankfully, prevagen helps your brain and improves memory. - dad's got all the answers. - anncr: prevagen is now the number-one-selling brain health supplement in drug stores nationwide.
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a rot of times it doesn't matter because in many places like california the same person votes many times. you've probably heard about that. they like to say, that's a conspiracy theory. not a conspiracy theory, folks. millions and millions of people and it's very hard because the state guards their records. they't want you to see it. >> no, it's not a conspiracy theory, it is a lie. the myth of voter fraud has long been used to justify voter
7:51 am
suppression tactics against minorities. this week republicans whose crusade has been to reduce voter access received a huge victory when the republican majority on the supreme court upheld one of the most aggressive voter suppression laws in the country. here to explain is dale hoge and alicia reaves. explain the supreme court ruling. >> the supreme court held that it's okay for the state of ohio to be use it or lose it. if you don't vote they assume you moved. >> the dissent was the following, this purge program burdens the right of eligible voters. at best, purged voters are forced to needlessly reregister if they decide to vote in a subsequent election. at worse they're prevented from voting at all. in your view is this a way of
7:52 am
essentially committing -- essentially locking voters out because they don't return a postcard? >> that's exactly what it is, right? ohio says if you don't vote in a two-year period, we're going to send a postcard. you don't return that, we're going tossume you moved. only 4% of people move out of their county. if you look at a mid term election, something like 60% of people don't vote in a mid term election. they're assuming that all of these people haven't voted and then target them to kick them off of the roles. in one year, 2012, they targeted 1.5 million voters under this program to knock them off. a reuters analysis found that black voters in cincinnati were about twice as likely to be purged from the roles as opposed to people predominantly living in white neighborhoods. >> state representative alicia reaves. when these cards go out is it made clear to the people receiving them you must return this card or you will lose your right to vote? >> well, yeah, they send the cards out and some of them have
7:53 am
different language, but i think the bigger picture here is that since the election and re-election of president obama there have been a number of attacks on voting rights and the courts are not going on our side, ruling on our side. that's why we're on the ground. i truly believe where the answer is we've got to do the hard work and we're moving to state rights now. now we have to get voting rights express sitly in the state constitutions. most state constitutions don't explicitly protect your right to vote or give you the right to vote so that's why we've been pushing, i want to thank you for having me on your show, we've been pushing for a voter bill of rights. we have over 100,000 signatures. we've got to do the hard work. we've got churches and sororities and people on the ground, but depending on clarence thomas, it's just not going to happen. we have to get it enshrined at the state and the dnc. i was on a platform committee.
7:54 am
we put it on a platform, but it's sitting on a shelf. we don't need a band aid. if we had that, we wouldn't have these kind of problems. it wouldn't matter who gets elected for a couple of years, it wouldn't be term limited. we have to get people to focus on this and put the money up and hit the ground. we hit the ground. we've got to get the funders to come out here. i've been very frustrated because i'm frustrated every election cycle we have the same conversation. clarence thomas is not going to do the right thing. we need a for the people, by the people movement. we have it here in ohio, michigan has started as well. we've got some movement in florida. it's time for the senators to move up and fund this so we can stop this for once and for all and not just use it when it's time for a campaign or worry about what our voting rights is going to be. we're going to state rights. people hit me up on the twitter, but it's time for the funders, both the liberal groups,
7:55 am
progressive groups and fund raise and get this done for the people by the people a voter bill of rights. >> if you can explain, dale, this is said a lot. your right to vote enshrined in the united states constitution or not? >> there's no provision of the united states constitution that expressly guarantees your right to vote. >> it's inherent in your state. your state owns your right to vote essentially? >> t are state laws, you're not supposed to be able to discriminate on the basis of national race, national origin. >> and we have a gutted voting rights act. donald trump tweeted, he was happy about the supreme court decision, yeah. he also after the 2016 election more importantly pretended that he actually won. >> oh, yeah. >> that he won the popular vote if you deduct all of the people who voted lately. this goes all the way back to the 1950s where people would say, well, we would have won except for all of these voters who are fraudulent voters.
7:56 am
>> right. these lies about people cheating in elections have always been used to justify restrictions. back in the jim crow era they would have poll taxes. and say we need to have poll taxes to prevent black people from selling their votes. there's a long and ugly history here. if the supreme court is going to sayhat your right to vote can be use it or lose it. >> yeah. >> we have one solution, use it. >> yeah. yeah. and the point is, i think, representative reece made this boint as well, up to 60% of eligible voters do not vote in mid terms. six in ten voters. if you don't vote in mid terms, the supreme court has said you're not exercising your vote gives your state the right to take away your right to vote. >> essentially. >> ari has been doing great work. he wrote an article and said the supreme court gave the green light to voter purges. trump's justice department isn't wasting any time. the justice department has already sued the state of kentucky asking them to purge
7:57 am
their voters roles. use your vote. it will be taken away. dale ho and alicia reece. thank you very much. more "am joy" after the break. ♪ brown paper packages tied up with strings ♪ ♪ these are a few of my favorite things ♪ ♪ ♪
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8:00 am
and since the onset of the drought we've doubled our efforts. i grew up in the forests out in this area and honestly it's heartbreaking to see all these trees dying. what guides me is ensung that the public is going to be safer and that these forests can be sustained and enjoyed by the community in the future. when was your son taken from you? >> translator: right after we crossed the border. they took my son. i never saw him again. >> what did they tell you? >> translator: they didn't say anything about where they were taking him.
8:01 am
>> how does one feel when your child is taken from you? >> translator: i cried the whole way here. it hurts to not have my son and i don't know anything about him. >> welcome back to "am joy." heart wrenching stories and images of thousands of children being separated from their parents at the border are sparking outrage around the country. the white house is doubling down that it's the democrats who are responsible. also at times ironically justifying their policy as biblical but some democratic lawmakers are fighting back today, going to tour facilities where migrant children are being held and leading protests against the policy. joining me now by phone is texas representative beto o'rourke who will lead a march to a tent camp in texas that's housing immigrant children. representative o'rourke, congressman, thank you so much
8:02 am
for joining us. please tell us what you plan to do today and who's with you? >> i'm with hundreds of my fellow el pasoans in a march led by this community. leaders from all over the community, leaders in elected office, leaders who are just everyday citizens who are stepping up and making sure that at this critical moment that their accounts -- that they're counted and that we bring the attention and the eyes of this country to torneo where kids who have been taken from their parents after their parents have made the 2,000 mile journey, literally risking everything, to get their kids to safety, shelter, refuge, to seek asylum, that the consequence and punishment for doing the most human thing that i can think of is this inhumane policy of family separation. taking that family from that mother, from that father prosecuting like a common criminal those parents while those kids are shipped off to in this case this tent city in
8:03 am
tourneo, texas, this is on all of us at this moment. this is not america, this is not who we are, but right now this is america and this is who we are and this is what we are doing. so the response, the public pressure has to be brought to bear on members of congress to adopt legislation to stop family separations and to make sure that we don't try to solve the problems of the world, the problems of those families at the u.s./mexico border, force that on these border patrol agents who should not be put in this position. and instead do the humane, the right, what i'd like to think is the american thing and make sure that those families are kept together and that those seeking asylum are allowed to lawfully petition for asylum and ensure that we are following our own laws in the process. >> congressman, you are a member of the house of representatives. donald trump and many, many republicans, his spokesman sarah huckabee sanders are claiming that it's democrats and that there is some law on the books that is requiring these children to be separated.
8:04 am
you're in congress. is there any law that requires these children to be separated from their parents? >> if there were a law on the books, it wouldave been prosecuted by the george w. bush administration, it would have been implemented by the barack obama administration. there is no such law on the books. and to be clear, he has chosen and through his attorney general enforced 100% zero tolerance family separation. this young 27-year-old mother that i just met at the border patrol station in mccallen who had been apprehended hours earlier because she turned herself in to a border patrol agent with her 7-year-old daughter, they're holding hands, the 7-year-old girl and 27-year-old mother not knowing that within hours they would be separated, holding hands as they have been for the last three weeks over the last 2,000 miles. she's talking to me through tears. i asked, why didn't you cross at a port of entry, which is the lawful way to petition for
8:05 am
asylum? she doesn't know. furthermore, in renosa, mexico, those cartels determine those crossing points. they determine where she crosses. she's trying to get that little girl to safety. did not know that within hours that little girl would be taken from her. she, the mother, would be prosecuted, then turned over to enforcement removal operations and sent back to her country, maybe not reunited with that girl that she made the journey for in the first place. so, no, this is at the discretion of the trump administration. it is cruel. it is inhumane but it is now on all of us because this is u.s. policy and all of us must stand up and own it and not relinquish our agency i this. we've got to do everything we can. that's why we're here. we want to make sure everyone sees this. once it's part of our conscious it will force us to act. >> what does your opponent, senator ted cruz, has he said anything about this policy at all? >> he is for family separation.
8:06 am
he thinks, as does the administration, that this is some way to deter people from coming to this country. literally punishing young mothers and fathers and more importantly and tragically, punishing their kids. the trauma that they are going to inflict in order to somehow change people's human decision to leave suffering and certain death to come to this country. i just -- you're either for family separation or you're against it, and i'm absolutely against it, and so i hope is this country. >> thank you, congressman beto o'rourke will be leading a protest in texas today who is running against senator ted cruz for thenited states senate. thank you, sir. joining me is a columnist for the washington post and stormy daniels attorney. this morning while we were talking about this issue of family separation he tweeted the following, if anyone who knows a parent who has had a child taken from the border, please have them contact me.
8:07 am
i am entering this fight. this outrageous conduct must be brought to an immediate end. people are all over my twitter time line asking how they can get in touch with lawyers who can help. please tell us how you plan to help, sir. >> good morning, joy. thanks for having me. we were first contacted yesterday by a family who's been separated from their young child, a little girl, and so we've decided to enter this fight in a very big way. and if there's any other families that are in similar circumstances, we want them to contus because we'reoing to put a significant amount of resources behind fighting what's going on here, joy. i mean, this is an outrage. this is not my america, it is not our america, it is not what this country stands for and it's an absolute disgrace when you have children separated from their parents and they take their shoelaces from them so these children won't hang themselves while detained.
8:08 am
i mean, this is an outrage. all americans should be outraged. i don't care if you're on t right, the left, the center, every mother should be outraged and we have to end this and it needs to be ended now. >> and, michael, you know, as an officer of the court, you know, as a lawyer, as somebody who's a resident of california which obviously shares a border with mexico where this issue is extant, how shocked are you that these families, these moms and dads and kids are not being given legal representation? >> well, i'm very shocked, and it's entirely improper. and, you know, joy, let me just say this. i'm going to call it like i see it because i don't know any other way to call it. if there was a white family from middle america that traveled to another country, even if they traveled there illegally and attempted to enter that country and had their little girl or little boy taken from them, separated from them, detained like this, this nation, our nation would be outraged. there would be calls to the
8:09 am
state department to get involved. there would be diplomatic missions. this would be front and center and everyone would be outraged. why is it different because individuals are trying to come to this country, whether it be for asylum or other purposes? don't get me wrong, i believe in a strong border. i think we have to have a secure border, but regardless of why they come here, this is not appropriate. we cannot treat children this y. it's outrageous that this is going on in modern day america. >> yeah, it is pretty shocking i think to most people. e.j. dionne, the administration from the president on down have been pretending this is a policy that's the democrat's policy, trying to take credit for it with their base and brag about it with their own base but blame democrats for it publicly. i want to let you listen to our own chuck todd of "meet the press." he had a pretty contentious interview earlier this morning with kellyanne conway about donald trump's immigration policies. take a quick listen.
8:10 am
>> congress passed a law that it is a crime. this is a congressional law for many years. >> many years. >> it is a crime to enter this country illegally. so if they don'te that law, they should change it. if they don't like the -- >> keep the families together. why can't you find a way to still -- >> do you want theld in jail as opposed to at a facility? >> why don't you create a family detention facility. >> we had those under president obama but the democrats are holding up funding to expand those. >> your thoughts. >> lies have become so common in the trump administration that i think the only front page headlines should be trump and administration tells the truth on the rare occasion that happens because news is supposed to be about the unusual. and we recall at the beginning of the administration that there was this big debate, well, should this be called lies? should this or that false statement be called a lie? i think we made some progress. people are calling out the lies, but i think that there is this
8:11 am
habit of giving the administration a chance to spin and that spin then gets a life of its own even if it's a blatant lie. we know that george w bush didn't pursue this policy. we know that barack obama who was tough on immigrants and was criticized by pro immigration groups never went to this extreme. there is nothing in the law that requires this. jeff sessions has bragged that this is an incentive for people not to bring their children here. it's really extraordinary that the news media now have to struggle with the idea that not an administration lies occasionally, that's happened before, but that the entire communications strategy of the administration seems to be built around getting people to accept things that are flat out lies and making that part of their argument. >> and also belligerence. i want to let you listen to sarah huckabee sanders because the other policy is disparaging the media for having the
8:12 am
temerity to ask questions. here is sarah huckabee sanders and her exchange with jim acosta of cnn. >> you said it's in the bible. >> that's not what i said. i know it's hard for you to understand but -- even in short sentences please don't take my words out of context. but the separation of a legal -- >> that's a cheap shot, sarah. >> is the product of the same legal loopholes that democrats refuse to close. these laws are the same that have been -- >> how is that -- >> it's pretty stunning to me. they want the credit for doing this with their base. steve bannon is out there on tv bragging about this policy saying it's great and they also don't want the responsibility for the policy. they want the democrats to bear the responsibility for their ideas. >> this demonstrates what the trump administration has done from the very beginning. they have always talked from both sides of their mouth. they have always made sure their base is getting the red meat that it needs.
8:13 am
the mainstream media sounds reasonable. the only difference is this policy to separate families from children was basically under their watch and it's now penetrating the media circle that usually they control. that is why they're going to have to backtrack. i have to say, this idea that the republicans have been supporting this policy is also kind of shocking. they cannot -- they can't put legislation today that is right now on deck to say that they are going to stop this policy from the administration and they have chosen not to. let's not forget, the administration -- the republicans control every single branch of government right now. it is up to them to make this policy if they actually do care about family values and they are saying loud and clear that there is different values for different colored families and that is not okay. >> yeah. paul ryan, who you would think wasn't in control of the united states congress, here he is sort of woefully feeling sad about the policy. take a listen. >> we don't want kids to be separated from their parents.
8:14 am
i think i just made that really clear, and we believe because of the court ruling this will require legislative change. >> e.j., he can make legislative change. he's the speaker of the house. >> right. there are bills out there, he could just embrace bills that would stop the administration from doing this. he could also just have the guts to tell donald trump, no, this is wrong. i am a republican speaker and i'm not going to have the republican party stand for a policy like this. he doesn't do that. and even the moderates in the house who have -- some of whom have at least put up a show of trying to get more reasonable legislation through, they should immediately say, if they want to live up to the moderation that they're talking about, that this policy is antithey anti-thetica e republican party stands for and values. it's very depressing to watch what donald trump has done to so many people inis parties.
8:15 am
they are donald trump's party now. >> joy, i think that we have to make very clear, paul ryan controls the legislative calendar. what that means is that he chooses what bill goes before the floor. >> correct. >> so he is actually the one that is preventing this policy from stopping short of donald trump waking up literally right now and saying you know what, this is too cruel. this is on their watch. this is on their shoulders. >> the two people who decide what information gets on the floor is mitch mcconnell and paul ryan. what can we do? you can do everything. you control the entire government. >> that's exactly right. >> one last exit question for michael avenatti. i'm sure people are tweeting it. how can these families in need get in touch with you or your firm? is there an e-mail address they can use? how can people reach out to you? >> the best bet, joy, actually is by direct messaging my twitter account individually and we'll respond to those messages and those inquiries.
8:16 am
i do want to touch on one thing. this whole argument that somehow this policy was implemented by the obama administration or some other administration in my view is a complete red herring. you know, this president has prided himself on overturning all kinds of policies procedures and mandates by the obama administration over the last 18 months. he's prided himself on that. why would this be any different, even assuming what he says is true, which of course it's not true. it doesn't matter who implemented this policy. we are where we are and it needs to be changed now. >> you make an excellent point. he is the man who says he can pardon himself. says he cannot do anything about this policy that his own attorney general implemented. thank you all for being here. happy father's day to you, e.j. coming up, jim comey and to make call avenatti. jim comey is back in the spotlight. we'll tell you why next.
8:17 am
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the report yesterday maybe more importantly than anything, it totally exonerates me. there was no collusion. there was no obstruction. if you read the i.g. report, i've been totally exonerated. >> well, no surprise there. donald trump is using the d.o.j. inspector general's report total vindication when it had nothing
8:21 am
to do with him and everything to do with the fbi director that he fired because of the russia probe. what the scathing review actually did was claim that james comey's handling of hillary clinton's campaign sharply deviated from protocol. it singles out this moment when comey sharply criticized clinton's use of the server along with his recommendation to send a letter to congress to reopen the investigation 11 days will have election day. a move that many believe cost clinton the election. perhaps the most ironic thing to come out of the report was the revelation that comey actually used his own private g mail account to conduct official government business to which of course hillary clinton could only respond, but my e-mails. joining me, tiffany cross, politics editor at the root
8:22 am
david johnson and david koryn. that you will all for being here. i have to show this. you can only see one word because it's backlit. there it is. jason johnson, the2016 election came down to one word. if you ask people about hillary clinton, you got this word back. >> yes. >> e-mail. >> e-mail. >> e-mails were everything. >> everything. >> the fact that donald trump wants to pretend that this i.g. report was about anything else other than the fact that the fbi probably swung the election to this is pretty astonishing. >> we say we're being glib, funny, listen to black women. james comey didn't want to listen to loretta lynch. he didn't want to listen to a black woman who was his boss. he came and spoke to howard. no, you were pissed that your black woman boss told you to be quiet. he didn't want to do it and he went out and he swung an election. i don't care how many times he tries to spin, i don't care how
8:23 am
many justifications he comes up with, he affected the election. everybody knows about the 60 day rule. he will go down as -- i can say this as a political scientist, every poll, every analysis we showed, everything switched after he made that statement. >> right. >> and that's on him. and everything that happens in th government heading forward is between him, possibly the russians and steve bannon. >> let's play that -- the carelessness. i remember i was here, i think i was sitting in for chris matthews that day. we were waiting to see what was that announcement was. july 5th, 2016. >> although we did not find clear evidence that secretary clinton or her colleagues intended to violate laws governing the handling of classified information, there is evidence that they were extremely careless in their handling of very sensitive highly classified information. >> so james comey has tweeted. i rez spekt the d.o.j. which is why i urged them to do the deal. i disagree with them of them,
8:24 am
people can see an unprecedented situation differently. he has -- i went to a talk that he gave in which he also denies that it was him that swung the election. david koryn, you covered this day to day to day to day to day. the reality is you had the various things. you had the misinformation coming out of these russian factories that were pulling liberal voters away from hillary clinton. don't trust her. don't trust her. that was primarily about e-mail but you had that but you did have this narrative that the media also picked up on that something about her e-mails made her shady. >> there was that and i think you can't talk about what comey did without talking about the fact that the campaign was a target of a russian information warfare campaign. up for the four weeks -- you know, three weeks prior to comey's telling congress they were reviving the investigation of her e-mails, every single day john podesta's e-mails were
8:25 am
being leaked out or produced by wikileaks as part of a russian operation stolen by russian hackers, and what that did for three weeks was keep the words clinton and e-mail in the headline. even though she was the victim of that, that operation day in, day out kept reminding voters of clinton and the e-mail problem. >> right. >> focus groups that were being done by the clinton group at the time showed them that swing voters could be separate the podesta e-mail tact from the whole issue of her e-mail server. that set up and that's why i think it was so potent at the end that comey intervened that way. so it was a combination of the russian attack which trump covered up for and said wasn't happening and what comey did. >> yeah. and encouraged by saying, hey, please find her e-mails, right? it's what donald trump called for them to do. to the point that david just made. let's play john podesta. he talked about the 2016 election and letters with andrea mitchell on friday. >> i actually do think we would
8:26 am
have won if it hadn't been for that letter on october 28th. you know, there's a lot of analysis. people can argue that one way or the other. overall we won by 3 million votes. we lost those three states. the net result was that donald trump is now president of the united states. >> the other thing, tiffany, that was in the i.g. report that is getting closed over a lot, is part of the reason that jim comey felt he had to keep making statements about hillary clinton was this worry that the fbi new york office was this bastian of what called visceral clinton hatred. visceral clinton hatred. loretta lynch on statements said he said it's clear to me that there was a kadri of senior people in new york who have a deep and visceral hatred of secretary clinton and he said it is -- it is deep. so the other piece that is, you know, not brought out is that there was also a pocket of anti-clinton hatred in the fbi, not antitrump. >> this completely goes against
8:27 am
the narrative that the president said why is he doing this? to david's point and to your point when e-mail was a constant story line that you heard, it's very neat for his base. when they hear things like that, when people ar that they have to jump for it. they're not reading papers, right? they're watching the 24 hour news cycle, fox news. they're not looking at deep analysis. they're reading his twitter account. when they're watching local news, sinclair broadcast stations who are feeding trump's narrative into local communities. people take that and they take it as truth. what i think the trump campaign learned is we can just lie. we can say whatever. we see that happening right now. we saw it on the campaign trail. the media was complicit in this as well. the media was too happy to jump on the story line and keep the same word association going with hillary clinton and e-mails
8:28 am
because there was a lack of -- always say there's a lack of diversity in news r5078s. there's this faulgs narrative that if somebody comes on and they say, you know, the trump administration is separating children at the border. the media for some reason feels like you have to have somebody come on and say they're not. that's not good journalism. it's not bad journalism to call this president a liar every time it happens. >> i always felt this about wikileaks. you have to look at the source. wikileaks doesn't curate their documents. if they get something that could be manipulated, they're going to hand it out there. we know what kind of person julian assange is. there needed to be more skepticism. can we trust these guys? why are they putting it out there? it seems to be coordinated, synchronized in particular ways. that is one of the greatest failures in the american press in not how this was being used.
8:29 am
>> clinton cash got a full birth in main street media. at the same time neither the fbi nor the media brought out the fbi investigation that was happening against the trump campaign for something pretty serious which was potential collusion. >> we get into this in the book i wrote. the ky thiey thing is the fbi i supposed to talk about investigations so it's hard to blame comey for not talking about it. there was a lot of media reporting. "the new york times" got a pulitzer but they fell on their face in not talking about the fbi investigation it knew about. and of course to jason's point, when the podesta e-mails are coming out over the course of weeks and weeks and weeks, the story is it about the little political gossip. i'm not saying they shouldn't be reported, but the bigger picture that there's russian information warfare attack on the u.s. election which by that point the
8:30 am
obama administration was say that this is what's going on now was getting very, very short shrift across all media platforms, not just the times here, andhat was the big failure here that they didn't contextualize the u.s. was being attacked while donald trump was saying, hey, nothing to see. >> let's not also forget that the official announcement from the obama administration that the russians were interfering the same weekend as "access hollywood." >> tiffany and david are sticking around. david corn. kellyanne conway returns to "meet the press." goody. stay with us. yeah, you? [ roaring ] [ screaming ] nope. rated pg-13. ...the only eye drop... ...approved for the signs... ...and symptoms of dry eye. because dry eye can mean... ...more than... ...just dryness. xiidra may provide lasting relief... ...starting in two weeks. one drop in each eye, twice a day. don't use if you are allergic to xiidra.
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remember cambridge analytica, the company at the center of facebook's scandal over the trump campaign getting access to millions of its users' data without its permission? well, it looks like some of the band is getting back together. the associated press says four cambridge analytica people are getting back together to work on trump's campaign. the head of the new firm denies any link to the trump campaign but says it has agreed to do
8:35 am
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the most common side effect is nausea. my favorite role so far? being a non-smoker. no question about it. talk to your doctor about chantix. don't be so overly dramatic about it, chuck. you're saying it's a falsehood and they're given sean spicer, our press secretary, gave alternative facts to that, but the point remains -- >> wait a minute.
8:39 am
alternative facts? alternative facts? four of the five facts he uttered. four of the five facts were just not true. alternative facts are not facts, they're falsehoods. >> good time. this morning for the first time since she coined that phrase alternative facts more than a year ago, kellyanne conway was back on "meet the press." this time she parroted donald trump's false claim that the democrats are responsible for donald trump's policy and his attorney general jeff sessions policy of separating migrant children from their parents at the border. >> nobody likes this policy. you saw the president on camera, that he wants this to end, but everybody has -- >> he can end it on his own. >> chuck, congress passed a law that it is a crime. this is a congressional law for many years. >> many years. >> crime to enter this country illegally so if they don't like that law, they should change it. >> alternative facts. back with me, tiffany cross, jason jonathan and barbara
8:40 am
capeheart. i'll let you react to that first. you have kellyanne conway back this morning. this is the new line, the rnc's talking points. it's the new line from the white house. they want credit for the policy at the southern border because their base likes it but they want the blame to go to the cra. >> you know, i'll tell you, joy, it's so difficult to watch these -- all of the statements that anyone from this administration tries to make in support of this policy. because it's just absurd. kellyanne conway has a difficult job and she has to go out on behalf of the president. the same thing for sarah huckabee sanders doing the same thing on friday. how people who are mothers could stand for this lie that the administration is telling, and it's just part of a strategy. basically the trump administration is holding children hostage and saying to democrats, if you pay for the border wall that i want, i will reunite these children with their parents. it's a strategy. it's horrible. it's a lie and it's also part of
8:41 am
the trump belief that if you tell a lie often enough, it becomes the truth. >> jonathan capeheart, here is steve bannon who is often on message but is very much on policy with donald trump. he 100% agrees with him. he still appears to be trump's brain but he's off message. he is 100% taking the credit for it. he likes the policy. he's out there promoting it this morning and here bannon is on abc saying if congress does not allocate money for the border wall, the wall mexico was supposed to pay for, but if the congress, if the american taxpayer doesn't pay for trump's wall, then the government should be shut down. here's bannon. >> i would definitely shut down the government over the wall, absolutely. listen, let's get it all on the table. president trump's got a great saying internally when he's talking to you, no games, no games. they have to stop the games. yes, i would say in september if they have not allocated money for the wall, let's shut down the government. on november 6th let the voters
8:42 am
decide. >> jonathan? >> well, steve bannon is all about shutting down the government, actually burning the whole thing down. so let's not be surprised by what he just said. also, let's not be surprised that even though he's off message but likes the policy, he likes the policy because steve bannon is a white nationalist. he is all about ceiling off the border, ceili border, sealing off this country from anyone who might be black or brown, in this case brown. people that are fleeing conditions that are so horrendous that they would risk their own personal safety to make the journey and risk now separation of their families, obliteration of their families just by crossing the border either illegally in terms of law, which they said earlier was a misdemeanor, or by legally going to a place where they can ask for asylum. so we should listen to steve bannon because he is saying
8:43 am
exactly what the president thinks, what the administration is pushing, what their goals are and i think that the american people have to make it clear in voice and in vote and in however way they can that what is happening on the border and what is happening tomigrants, asylum seekers, immigrants, what's happening to their families is unacceptable. >> yeah. you know, ironically enough the logical conclusion of what kellyanne conway is saying is that if crossing the border is a crime, then the democrats should fix it or congress should fix it, meaning they should make it poerlly legal to cross the border, that that would be the only thing. that's the logical conclusion. >> joy, i think it bears pointing out that if we go back to candidate trump, i do believe that candidate trump told the entire world that mexico was going to pay for the wall, not the american taxpayer. >> now they're saying these children will remain hostage until americans pay for the wall. >> it's interesting that steve
8:44 am
bannon is very explicit about saying reducing lawful immigration is a top priority of this administration. they want to change the census in order to reduce the immigrant population numerically. they want to take away people's nationali nationality. they want to say we're going to de-americanize you and send you back. it is all going together -- it is going together in a very interesting way. >> yes. it's a white nationalist policy. you and i have talked about this, jonathan just mentioned it. what people need to understand is white nationalism is not like i don't want you in this neighborhood, you canno go into starbucks. you can't accomplish this without turning the government into a terrorist organization. without terrorizing people and forcing them to leave, without not investigating white nationalists. you have to literally terrorize people into leaving this country. this is the other thing and it's important to understand not just about the children at boarder. it's like a liam nissan movie.
8:45 am
they're taking children, whether it's chip, daca. they have no problems taking kids, putting guns to their heads and demanding the rest of the country do what we want them to do. until we recognize this that they will take children hostage to get what they want, even if it's a tax cut, the democrats and anyone else resisting doesn't know what they're fighting. >> mitt romney said make conditions so bad for people that they will self-deport because we just want them to go away. tiffany, it's interesting. bannon is also out this morning trying to do another su sub meta version of this which is trying to pit black people against the immigrants because one of the things he said is we can't get s.t.e.m. jobs for black kids until we get rid of the -- too many asians in -- >> yeah. >> now it's like, look at them, right? >> right. >> so there's a meta thing going on. >> it's a failed system of divide and conquer that's not going to work. when you look at the rhetoric coming from the president of the
8:46 am
united states, just this week he tweets out people feel bad for michael flynn who by his own admission colluded with russia. he felt bad for tommy loren. he has said nothing about children being ripped from their families. he has no sympathy there. it doesn't matter to them. the fake conservative christians who champion the voice of god, et cetera. god is not a god of confusion. he's not going to tell you one thing and me another. he's not going to come out and say, yeah, i think you should be separating children at the border. don't use the name of god and jesus on this sunday morning to fit your xenophobia and hatred. we see through this. the same way you have americans who tryout people who happen to be muslims, they say you have to stand up and denounce that even though you have nothing to do with these people, it's time to call on these mega people. when you come out and do racist crap and say obviously racist things and institute racist
8:47 am
policies? where are you at? we want to hear from you. so far we haven't heard much. >> the united methodist church came out and called out jefferson and said, please don't do this. i don't know if we've heard from him yet. thank you all. up next, fina some good news. i mean, we made you wait almost two hours for it, but you're going to get it next. the brand-new mayor making history in california. good! coming up after the break. need a change of scenery?
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the campaign is over. and it is time for us to forget about the drama that existed in the world of politics during the campaign and time for us to focus on addressing these challenges so that we can make our city better for all in san francisco. >> she's the first black woman elected mayor of san francisco on a platform of building more housing, safe injection sites for drug users, and more services for mental illness. joining me, mayor elect of san francisco, london.
8:52 am
congratulations on your victory. we needed this good news in the world. thank you for making the world a better place. >> thank you, joy, thanks for having me. >> absolutely. let's show your results. you got 36.70, mark leno got second. from your point of view, what difference will it make to san francisco to have you, to have a black woman as mayor? >> i think the biggest difference is that you see so many young kids, especially young girls, they're so excited. they're energized. they want to get actively engaged in politics. they see a real opportunity for themselves in the future of san francisco, which is so significant. so i'm excited about that. >> yeah. and i want to show, this is something from the producers, these are three headlines we're seeing out of california this week. you of course becoming the first african-american woman elected in san francisco, that's great, a republican winning a spot in california's governor's race, and the democrat in the race
8:53 am
quickly making trump the issue, and issue to break up california into three states going on the ballot in november. i have to get your take on breaking up california. here's a picture of what it would be, three californias. what do you make of that. you would then be mayor of the largest city in northern california, the state of northern california. >> well, i'm not a supporter of breaking up california. i like the way it is. i love the way that california is as a state and i want it to stay that way, so i will definitely be opposing that particular ballot measure. as far as who i plan to support for governor, of course, lieutenant governor gavin newsom who was mayor of the city and county of san francisco, i will be doing everything i can to get him elected. >> i have to get your take on the horrific story of children being separated at the border. obviously california, not san francisco so much, but california immigration is a big issue, very important. sanctuary cities are also a big
8:54 am
issue the trump administration vowing to come down hard on cities that are sanctuary cities. not sure if san francisco is one. what is your take? >> well, san francisco is a sanctuary city, we will continue to be a sanctuary city. my goal as mayor is to protect all of the citizens of this city. that includes the migrant population. i think it is horrible what we know is happening in our country and how we're talking about young people who never lived in a country that they're being deported to. i think it is horrible. separated from families. we have that problem not just in california but all over the united states. and it is something that we definitely need to address and sadly the trump administration is focused on really tearing our country apart by making immigration the kind of issue that it is. but we're talking about people. separating people and calling one population immigrant versus another, it is not the right
8:55 am
thing to do. san francisco here, we will continue to be an advocate and strong voice for protecting our city and immigrant population. >> in a lot of ways, california has become the state at the forefront of fighting back against the trump administration, whether on issues like climate change or immigration. you know, california obviously is die metrically opposed to everything trump represents. can cities and states become the way that vulnerable populations are protected against a federal government that's hostile to them? >> i think that they can because again here in san francisco as a sanctuary city, we have not only protected our immigrant population, but we have put dollars, invested dollars into providing defense for kids that are part of daca, making sure they have the support necessary in order to remain in san francisco. we have t the advocates to
8:56 am
work on providing the kinds of solutions and we also have to be the ones that work on putting someone else in the white house because i think sadly what we have now is someone who continues to be divisive, will continue to focus on making this issue theart of this administration and so we have to stand strong, we have to stand proud and protect our cities locally but also push the right policies locally that i think can trickle down to other cities and other states eventually. >> london breed, i think a lot of young women are very proud to see a woman at the helm of the city. great city of san francisco. woman of color. thank you very much. congratulations to you. >> thank you joy, so much. >> more a.m. joy after the break. for your driver to find you. taking the stress out of pickups. and we're putting safety at the heart of everything we do. with a single tap, we're giving you new ways
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before you do any project big or small, pg&e will come out and mark your gas and electric lines so you don't hit them when you dig. call 811 before you dig, and make sure that you and your neighbors are safe. that's our show today. "am joy" is back next saturday, 10:00 a.m. eastern. up next, alex witt has the latest. want to wish not only your dad, but my husband, my brother, all of the dads there. >> my brother. how about studio dad. he brought me coffee. all the fabulous dads, hello to you. good-bye to you, my friend. good day. alex witt. high noon in the east, 9:00 a.m. on the west. roger stone and the russian. a report on the


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