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tv   First Look  MSNBC  June 19, 2018 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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this morning backlash, the trump administration zero to tolerance. >> and a growing number of democrats are calling on homeland security secretary to resign after she defended the policy and pointed the blame at congress. >> and president trump criticizes robert mueller by name as he disputes trump's claim that the investigation is a witch hunt. >> good morning, everyone. it's tuesday, june 19th.
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in statements yesterday, attorney general jeff sessions made it clear that despite claims by the secretary of homeland security, the separation of parns and children it is the policy and is done so as a deterrent. >> we do have a policy of prosecuting adults who flout our laws to come in here illegally instead of waiting their turn or claiming asylum. we cannot and will not encourage people to bring their children or other children to the country unlawfully by giving immunity in the process. why wouldn't you bring children with you if you know you would be released and not prosecuted? >> is it deterrent sir. >> i see the fact that no one was being prosecuted for this as a factor in a five-fold increase
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in four years in this kind of illegal immigration, so yes, hopefully people will get the message and come through the border at the port of entry and not break across the border unlawfully. >> all right. so some of most senior republicans in the u.s. senate disagreed. pat roberts said while i firmly support our immigration laws i'm against separation as a deterrent. my first and foremost is the protection of children. hatch says it is wrong. the white house can fix it in they want to. i don't think there's any question about that and john mccain tweeting this, the current policy is an front of the american people and contrary to principles and values upon which our nation was founded. the administration has the hower to rescind this policy.
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it should do so now. >> junior members also posted to facebook. this is wrong, americans do not take children hostage period. the president should end this family separation policy and last night ted cruz released legislation for faster deportations and asylum processing but also keep families together in that process. >> all of us seeing these images of children being pulled away from moms and dads, we're horrified. this has to stop. kids need their moms and dads and we can keep the families together while these cases are end ping. >> but john cornyn expressed sympathy but put the blame on the minority party. >> it's clear this is a very sympathetic tugs at your heart strings sort of picture but i think there's -- it's a little more complicated than that. the short solution would be if
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democrats and republicans would work together, we could fix in this 24 hours but so far, our democrat you can friends have voted against its. >> the republican chairman of the house committee that has to approve, he sent a letter to jeff sessions asking for immediate action to end the policy. he chairs the appropriations zu subfit kmee said as a soon of a social worker i know the o what happens. >> at this point the president is throwing everything against the wall to defend his family separation policy hoping something is going to stick. donald trump tweeting yesterday that the migrant crisis in zbre germany has quote, crime in germany way up. that actually is false.
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data from 2017 as you can see right here, showing the lowest level of crime in germany in a quarter of a century. crime is down in total more than 5%. after this false claim from the president he took a simpler approach tweeting change the laws. in all caps. he then ex- pounded on that explaining democrats were weak with border security and with crime. >> if the democrats would sit down instead of obstructing, we could have something done very quickly. we could have an immigration bill. we could have child separation, we're stuck with these horrible laws. we have the worst immigration laws in the entire world. nobody has such sad, such bad and actually in many cases, such horrible and tough. you see about child separation.
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you see what's going on there. >> all right. and then there was agonizing audio of children crying for their parents. a border agent can be heard mocking the children. this was published by senior reporter, she had painted from a civil rights attorney. we're told the recording is from inside the facility although nbc news has not been able to verify its authenticity. the audio is quite difficult to listen to. watch this.
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>> that's heart breaking. joinings now from mcallen texas, nbc correspondent. good to have you with us. i know you've talked to mothers who have been separated at the border. what are the stories that is actually taking place there? >> reporter: these are mothers that were separated by agents at the border from their kids. the ones older than 8 years old but then they were reunited because this is the lot of mothers that refer to themselvthemselves as the lucky ones. they were not federally prosecuted because zero ta tolerance but they were separated from their kids inside these facilities like the one behind me. and in talking to them you
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really start to get a sense of the trauma that these children are living through inside the kind of trauma that is reflected in that disturbing audio. i want to play a little bit of my conversation with one mother who was separated from her two kids ages 10 and 16. let's listen. >> if you would have known it was a possibility they would have been separated from you, would you have come? >> no. no. >> translator: i wouldn't have come. it's ugly to be separated from your kids without nosing what is going to become of them. >> many times what we do is for the good of our children but you really have to think abtd because you suffer a lot on the journey here. and you think that it's over when you get here. but once you are detained here, that's where the most painful part of the journey begins.
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>> reporter: when we talk about whether this is a deterrent for these folks to come here, and you see the predicament this mother is in. either they fall victim to the gangs in el salvador, or they get prosecuted. they're put in an impossible situation almost that no parent wants to be put in. >> think about what these people are leaving, what they're trying to escape and then hearing that woman say that the most difficult part of this entire journey now is what she has experienced here. that is just astounding to hear. did you get any sense of -- especially from that mom in particular what it was that she was trying to get away from, why it was she wanted to come to the united states? >> reporter: not even only from her. the 16-year-old was kidnapped by
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gangs for four days. the 10-year-old boy told me that his gangs wept to school to recruit him and threatened with killing his mother and sister if he didn't enlist in these gangs. so hearing from the children their trauma doesn't begin here at the border where they're separated but when they leave their home countries. >> thank you very mump. live in texas for us this morning. and republican massachusetts governor has reversed course and has ordered his national patrol not to help along the borders in mexico. he says it's quote cruel and inmu main. massachusetts won't be supporting the border patrols unless they change their policies and andrew cuomo also vowed not to deploy resources to the border.
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and colorado's governor issued an executive order banning the use of any of his state's resources. and a majority of americans, 66% oppose the policy of separating children and families when they cross the border into the united states. 27% support the policy. 55% they say support the policy while 35% oppose it. >> all right. joining us now, world news editor for axios. thanks for joining us so early. let's talk about immigration. it is at the forefront of every conversation. seeing all these agonizing picture, these videos coming out on a daily basis. seeing these children as young
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as a couple months old being separated from their mothers. what is going to be done? what type of discussions are being had in washington to change this policy? >> right. this policy is so unpopular that it's president trump's and he publicly opposes it. so there's so much will to change this republicans, democrats, but really it's going to come down to the moment at the trump administration whether there's sufficient political costs that they decide to reverse course. we're really far away from a broader compromise on immigration and so you know, it really is down to the trump administration in the short term. >> let's talk about that meetdsing that's supposed to take place between trump and g orb p -- gop leaders. what is the expected outcome of
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that meeting. >> one is a hard line immigration bill that conservatives will be happy to vote for but isn't going to go anywhere and there's a compromised bill that both flanks of the republican party seem to be able to get on board with and president trump said he would sign. we're not anticipating that that could have democratic support but it could po tentially has te house and it's going to be let's get it over to the snart and move this process forward or if he's still going to check all the boxes which is going to be even harder. >> i'm getting the sense that you feel as if this debate is going to continue. and these bills are going nowhere and these kids are going to stay. >> sounds like a bit of a political stalemate. >> yeah, i've sat with you guys months ago and we haven't gotten anywhere yet.
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it doesn't seem like the two sides are any closer together and so if just the republicans can get to one deal that's half the battle but this is going to be an ongoing question. >> so much frustration by people watching this unfold without anything being done. we'll touch base with you in a little bit. much more on this immigration debate as all living first ladies are on the record about the policy that separates children and parents. >> and trump said the administration would propose a 25% tariff on chinese exports. now he's raising the stakes even higher. those stories and much more coming up next. ♪
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welcome back, everybody. three more first ladies are joining the chorus of the
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separation of children and parents being separated at border. >> michelle black lives mattobas truth transcends party. hillary clinton harshly criticized the zero toll reeran policy. take a listen to this. >> i've studied the bible both the old and if new testament and what is being done using the name of religion is contrary to everything i was ever taught. jesus said suffer the little children unto me. he did not say let the children suffer. >> now despite the backlash over
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the family separation policy politico reports that white house senior policy advisor is planning additional crackdowns before the november midterms. a new rule that immigration advocates where it could end limits on the time they could be kept in government, that's according to half a dozen officials and republicans close to the white house. other ideas reportedly include collecting bio metric data, tightening rules on student visas and limiting visas for temp air agricultural worker miller wants to show the president is doing something on border patrol before voters make up their minds ahead of the midterm elections. >> and the trade war with china, the trump administration implemented $50 billion worth of tariffs on chinese goods which china immediately reciprocated.
2:20 am
now he has ordered the trade representative to draw up more tariffs, not only that, but trump says that if china reciprocates again which beijing adds that it will, the u.s. will add more tariffs. that nearly equals the total value of chinese goods exported to the u.s. last year which was just over $505 billion. last year the u.s. exported roughly $130 billion worth of goods to china and the vice president which represents several major american exporters including caterpillar and john deere says additional tariffs will effectively wipe out all the gains that our industry has seen and cost american jobs as well. >> you got to wonder what the economic impact is with this.
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scoring in the 56th minute. south korea has lost its last six world cup matches in belgium panama scoring all three of its goals in the past. let's go to harry kaine. he played hero for scoring the game winner to beat tunisia. look at that header. other, right in the back of the net. all right. less than two week after winning the stanley the capitals coach has resigned following a season in limbo. it gaifz him an automatic two year extension and while the
2:25 am
raise with the league's highest pay it would have left him underpaid. turning now to some major league baseball where the nationals add an all star closer to solidify the back end of their bullpen. reliever kelvin herrera from the kansas city royals yesterday. he owns a 1.05 era with 14 saves so far this year but this might only be a loaner for the nats as he's supposed to be a i free agent at the end of the season. >> and what homeland security secretary said yesterday that has both saids of the aisle speaking out this morning. >> and a new branch of the military. what we're learning about president trump's space force. >> we'll be right back. >> here's your chance to sign up for it. all
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welcome back, everybody. i'm yasmin vossoughian alongs. e there is a growing chorus calling on president trump to end his policy of separating children and their parents at border. calling for a reversal of this policy. nbc news kristen walker has more
2:30 am
on this. >> escalating calls for the president to end his zero tolerance policy now. >> the president has the ability to stop this if he'd like. i understand that he wants to get a comprehensive fix of immigration. so do i. >> so can he end this crisis with a phone call? the answer, yes. his attorney general jeff sessions announced the zero policy in april. but the president is trying to put the blame on democrats. >> i say it's very strongly the democrats' fault. >> the president tweeting change the laws but there is no law requiring families to be separated only the zero tolerance policy that's prompting it. there is a law against crossing the border illegally. that opens a loophole to let adults with kids be released after a few days.
2:31 am
it's been a problem dating back multiple administrations but former presidents bush and obama didn't separate families in similar situations. new legislation this week addresses loopholes and separation but it's facing steep odds as the crisis increasingly. >> it reminds us of cattle cars of gnat snazi germany. >> ted cruz introduced emergency legislation that would keep immigrant families together raising the possibilities this could be a tipping point. the president will meet with house republicans later today. meanwhile homeland security secretary continues to deny that it's the trump administration's policy to separate children from their parents at the border. she argued that her agency is
2:32 am
peer merely enforcing the law. >> this administration did not create a policy of separating families at the border. it's not a policy. our policy at dhs is to do what we're sworn to do which is to enforce the law. >> this is something that congress can change and yet this was something that was enacted after the attorney general announced the zero tolerance policy. >> the obama administration, the bush administration all separated families. they absolutely did. it's a law passed by the united states congress. rather than fixing the law, congress is axing those of us who enforce the law to turn our backs on the law and not enforce the law. it's not an answer. the answer is to fix the laws. >> surely it is the beginning of the unraveling of democracy when the body who makes the laws instead of changing them, tells the enforcement body not to
2:33 am
enforce the law. >> it is important to note that these minors are very well taken care of. don't believe the press. they are very well taken care of. >> secretary comments received an immediate rebuke from a republican. arizona's jeff flake. >> she just said only congress can fix this. is that right? >> no, that's not true. we -- prior administrations have treated it differently. when the president is saying this is all on the democrats but it's their law, it's just not right. that's not true. >> all right. meanwhile in the senate all 49 members have come out behind legislation to prevent the separation of immigrant families along the border and democratic senator is calling out republicans for actually not supporting it. >> my republican colleague indicated over the weekend in their public statements that they have no defense for this
2:34 am
policy, but they have failed to join the legislation that i have helped lead and every democrat has joined. no republicans have joined the legislation that would reverse this policy. >> and in a growing number of democrats are also calling on neilson to resign here including pelosi. listen to this. >> what do you think secretary kneelson should do at this point. >> i think she should resign. i think she is not equipped based on her conduct, based on the procedures and sol sis that she's promulgating. i don't think she's equipped to do the job the way it needs to be done. >> i would welcome the resignation of all those in this administration who have lie for the president in terms of whether or not they're -- there is actually a policy to separate
2:35 am
children from their parents at the border. and to lie about ate just compounds the problem. >> and she will be a guest on "morning joe" later this morning. let's talk again with world editor for axios. good to see you again. obviously calling for the resignation and what she contends is just the trump administration abiding by the laws that are in place, is she not just following the orders of the president? doesn't this just go all the way to the top? >> right. this is president trump's position as well. this isn't my policy. it's the democrats, the obstructionists that are doing this. others in his administration have been a bit more candid than that. but it's been a choose your own explanation response. we eve heard different things from different people. but she's probably the one sticking most closely to what president trump himself is saying. >> i nose some are actually
2:36 am
coming out with their own legislation to stop families from being separated at the border. do you think that any of that -- or his particular legislation could help get this on the right course? >> i think they'd need a nod from the white house. president trump right now, his position is this needs to be part of a broader package. we haven't moved close enough that we would know whether he would veto or accept something that was limited in scope just to changing this policy but it is his administration's policy. he wouldn't like to see something coming out of the republican caucus that rejects that and he says the path forward is a broader agreement. >> as we talked in the last half hour it seems even with these two bills on the table, we'll have to wait and see what happens but obviously this could feasibly go all the way to november which is a really depressing thought to think about if they can't figure this thing out or if the trump
2:37 am
administration doesn't back down on this zero tolerance policy. do you think that this could actually affect the midterm elections come november especially considering the fact that stephen miller is ramping up more hard line approach on immigration? >> sure. i think it will impact the midterms whether it's the specific policy of separating children, maybe that will be resolved by november. hopefully it will. i think immigration though, will certainly be on the ballot in november and it will affect different races in different ways. you have red states where democrats are defending seats and maybe it's a good thing to have ha hard line in immigration, but these policies look abhorrent to some of their voters. so up and down the country immigration will be something that is considered going into the elections but it's not going to a one size fits all solution for either party. >> we earlier in the show talked about some of the potential
2:38 am
policies that stephen miller was considering, further crackdowns on immigration so to speak. what kind of impact do you think those could have on the midterm elections if we see this administration shift to an even more hard line approach on immigration? >> right. and so this reporting is that trump hasn't built the wall. he hasn't really stopped flows over the border. and so we need to show we've done something and so really stepping up the hard line policies. we've seen what happened with this policy. separating children from families, that's not popular. but again, for the president's base it could be a turnout thing. hey, he's keeping his promises, he's doing what he said he would. >> and a lot of people have been using the word these children have been taken by hostages. he's saying as dave was just mentioning that they don't think they can do a small limit solution to this problem.
2:39 am
it has to be an all encompassing immigration policy which is highly unlikely at this point. thanks, dave. >> thank you. >> and president trump seems to be coming more comfortable by attacking robert mueller by name. while comey and mueller worked together in the justice department the president could be overstating their relationship and the fbi director disputed the president's claims of bias in special counsel when democratic senator asked him about it. >> now, director wray, the president said on friday the mueller investigation has been totally discredited by the inspector general report. do you have any reason to believe that this investigation has been discredited? >> senator, as i said to you last month and as i said before, i do not believe special counsel mueller is on a witch hunt.
2:40 am
>> but a new poll showed the interest eroding. 45 pokts n 45% now believe it should be ended. only 43% said that last year rmt and the inspector general dis d disputed the claims last week. >> the president says that this report totally exonerates him and says there's no collusion with the russians. and inspector general, did your report even consider the question of collusion? >> our report was focused on the fbi and department's handling of othe clinton e-mail investigation. it touched on the russian investigation as we lay out here when we found the text mags in that july/august time period and the decision that was made about whether to proceed or not proceed with the weiner lap top.
2:41 am
>> but there's nothing in the report that says it exonerates the president from any question of collusion with the russians. it says nothing one way or the other. is that correct? >> we did not look into collusion questions. >> all right. still ahead, president trump's visit with the take tator dicta. >> plus, a new branch of the u.s. military, the space force. and to the president it is very, very important. >> it's going to be important monetarily and militarily but so important for right up here, the psych. so porn for our military. so important. we must have american dominance in space. so important. >> we are going to have the air force and we are going to have
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made and sold around the world. order now at gillette, the best a man can get. welcome back, everybody. president trump yesterday directed the pentagon to establish a sixth branch of the u.s. armed forces called the space force. >> true story. >> the new branch will protect american interests in outer space adding it will be great, quote, in terms of jobs and the psyche of our country. however the president cannot unilaterally create a new branch of the military. only congress can. the last time it happened was back in 1947. in addition the 1967 outer space treaty bans nation from claiming territory in space and prevents orbital placement. it is worth noting that defense
2:46 am
secretary along with the top leadership at the air force which currently overseas most of america's space operations all came out last year against kree ya -- creating a new space force. >> all right. the trump administration has redecorated part of the west wing in a very interesting fashion. check this out. per the white house journal, these foe to that you see there include president trump hosting a top north korean at the the white house. they have now been placed on the wall there in the west wing. they replaced pictures of president trump with french president emmanuel ma kron. his third trip to his closest ally since march. >> how long do we predict those pictures will stay up there. >> it would be interesting to see how the french president
2:47 am
feels. >> speaking of china, everybody, informs torrs have been shrugging off trade tensions but not so much anymore. the stories driving your business day coming up next. >> but first from the late show. >> all praise the glorious trump. i am his humble servant. >> tonight's top story at three year years of age donald trump developed the secret recipe for kentucky fried chicken. donald trump has defeated the golden state warriors to win the nba championship. >> he did a slam dunk home run touchdown. >> it was his first game of basketball. >> coming up next.
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♪ roar ] run! oh! i have to see this. ♪ holy! this is gonna be awesome. rated pg-13. welcome back. time for business, it was another rough day for the dow. in international markets as u.s. and china escalated trade tensions further with another episode of tit-for-tat tariff threats. cnbc's willem marks joins us
2:51 am
from london. >> asian markets have all fallen very precipitously over the course of the day. they've closed and it's spilled into the european markets, all down at the moment. the white house slapped tariffs on chinese goods and the chinese responded. they by doing this seemed to trigger president trump. last night he threatened tariffs on a further $200 billion worth of chinese goods, he asked his trade representative to examine which products could be used for those tariffs, that happened while asian markets started trading and it looks like it's going to spill over to the u.s. right now. all three major u.s. indices looking to have a negative in a few hours' time. >> rough day on wall street. and microsoft is facing some backlash for an old blog post praising i.c.e. or immigration and customs enforcement use of
2:52 am
facial recognition technology. now microsoft is calling for i.c.e. to end its child separation policy. what can you tell us about microsoft's change of heart here? >> if you're a big u.s. tech firm and look for big u.s. government contracts, you can end up in trouble if that government pursues policies that are very unpopular. for their work i.c.e. microsoft's cloud offering. in the blog post they issued they sought to publicize how that cloud was helping employees of i.c.e. make informed decisions faster and accelerate face recognition technology. microsoft said an employee deleted part of the post. it was then reinstated. the company said we urge the administration to change its policy and congress to pass legislation insuring children are no longer separated from their families. it seems like they're trying to stay on that message now. coming up next, the editor
2:53 am
in chief of axios has a look at this morning's one big thing. and coming up on "morning joe," more reaction to the president's policy of separating children from parents at the border, senator mazie haronon says it's like internment of japanese-americans all over again. represent jim himes talking about dreamers policy. cts? $1.50 futures contracts? what about a dedicated service team of trading specialists? did you say yes? good, then it's time for power e*trade. the platform, price and service that gives you the edge you need. looks like we have a couple seconds left. let's do some card twirling twirling cards e*trade.
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welcome back. joining us now from washington, d.c., with a look at axios a.m., editor in chief for axios nicholas johnston. i'm surprised you woke up after your birthday yesterday. >> i didn't stay up that late. >> let's start by asking what is the one big thing for this morning? >> good morning. today's one big thing is president trump is now dealing in real-time with the consequences of his policy decisions. for most of his time in public life when president trump had
2:57 am
thoughts and ideas about policy. about taxes, about trade, about foreign relations, he was just a businessman. there was no implications. but now when he's president, when he makes decisions, there are consequences. some good, the economy, because of tax cuts, some not so good because of the tariffs and stock market. >> how about the policy of separating children from their parents, especially we're hearing all the calls from within the gop to end the policy? >> i was here yesterday, asking the question, wopdering if the media attention would make trump change his mind on the issue. i'm here this morning saying the answer is no he's telling people privately he's not planning on changing the position on zero tolerance and he'll probably attend republican meeting with house republicans later today and hammer that point home. probably to the joy of more
2:58 am
conservative republicans who appreciate that policy. >> let's talk about kirstjen nielsen, there are calls for her to be fire order resign. what is axios hearing about the homeland security secretary's future? she's been on the ins and outs a little bit with president trump. has he, by the position that she took yesterday at the white house press briefing, haw she now won his favor once again? >> i think it's very clear. we have no reporting specifically about what trump is feeling about her. we know there's been tension in the past. chief of staff john kelly got her that job. it's a great way to get yourself back in the president's favor, is to go on television and defend his policies, she did that yesterday. >> we had two immigration bills on the docket starting tonight on the hill. it seems as if it's going to be a stalemate. not like anything is going to move. could this take us all the way into the mid-term elections? >> that's an interesting question.
2:59 am
two bills that are already out in the house they're going to take up. i don't see them moving anywhere. what i am watching for today is legislative action specifically about children at the border. senator ted cruz introduced legislation on that yesterday. is there going to be some agreement in the senate between democrats and republicans on this issue? then we could see quick legislative action. congress is hearing the politics building up about this. this is something we're going to be talking about straight through november. >> i don't think a lot of people are holding their breath that anything comes out of tonight's dinner with the gop about a possible fix for this. we'll be reading axios a.m. in just a little bit. can you sign up for the news letter at that does it for us, i'm yasmin vossoughian, alongside ayman mohyeldin and louis burgdorf, "morning joe" starts right now. >> with us we have msnbc contributor mike barn kill.
3:00 am
washington anchor for bbc world news america, catty kay, and nbc news chill correspondent and host of kasie d.c. on nbc, kasie hunt. and pulitzer prize winning author and historian, author of "the soul of america" jon meachum will join news a morning. joe has the morning off. willie and i are here and we want to get to a lot this morning. there's so much to cover. more and more republicans speaking out finally against president trump's policy of separating migrant families at the southern border. kasie hunt will tell us what's happening on capitol hill. and attorney general jeff sessions pushing back against those who are drawing comparisons to nazi germany. arguing that the nazis were keeping jews from leaving the


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