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tv   The Beat With Ari Melber  MSNBC  June 19, 2018 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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nobody is perfect. people are going to tell you you're perfect just the way you are. you're not. you are imperfect. and if you're willing to accept that, you will have grace. and grace is a gift. and like the freedom that we enjoy in this country, that grace was paid for with somebody else's blood. do not forget it. don't take it for granted. >> chris pratt, guardian of the galaxy, he's an avenger, but how about that moral compass? those are just great words. please don't polarize them, folks. he actually just had some decent things to say. that's all for tonight. the beat with ari melber starts right now. the humanitarian crisis donald trump created at the border continues to engulf his presidency right now. tonight we're going to give you live reports including from chris hayes in the field and also i have reports on holding white house aide steven miller accountable for all of this.
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and right now president trump on capitol hill and $00ling privately with republicans right now. some of them have been publicly critical. and they may unload even more so in this meeting. >> one of the real tragedies of illegal immigration that kids are often the greatest victims. we can stop this. >> the zero-tolerance policy could be changed. >> white house could change it in five minutes and they should. >> meanwhile donald trump saying this when he arrived on the hill. this was moments ago. >> the system has been broken for many years, the immigration system. it's been a really bad, bad system. probably the worst anywhere in the world. we're going to try and see if we can fix it. >> we're learning that it is now up to 13 member of the senate republican caucus formally asking attorney general jeff sessions to stop it, to stop separating these families at the border until at least they can
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figure out an alternative. today mitch mcconnell at least claims on the record he's against separating families for any future legislation. remember, before i show you this, republicans control the house and senate right now. they could pass a bill tonight actually doing what mitch mcconnell is talking about, actually stopping this if they wanted. >> i support and all of the members of the republican conference support a plan that keeps families together while their immigration status is determined. >> what we would do is move these families to the head of the line. in the interim they would be in a humane, safe and secure family facility. and hopefully we'll get this problem addressed right away. >> so that is what this all sounds like in the capitol where politicians talk. meanwhile out in the country as we're going to show you tonight, donald trump's orders are being enforced. children split from their parents.
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in some cases put in cages, and they are crying. and we're starting to hear the leaks, the audio, little slices of what is apparently a nationwide epidemic. children crying as they struggle to make sense of what's being done to them. >> that is what these orders sound like when enforced. this is one picture of what it looks like. now, if you follow politics and watch the news you're pretty familiar with a pretty basic iron rule of politics don't compare things to nazi germany because nothing is like nazi germany. but i can show you something else happening right now on fox news of all places, that is the comparison immigration hard liner laura engram pressed on
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attorney general sessions, and he sort of accepted the framework baht because he responds by contrasting this foreign bound policy to germany's treatment of what he views as outbound migrants. >> nazi germany, concentration camps, human rights violations. laura bush has weighed in, michelle obama, all the first ladies going back to roosevelt. what's going on here. >> in nazi germany they were keeping the jews from leaving the country. >> against this backdrop today donald trump is doubling down in his speech on child separation policy. he's also literally wrapping himself -- take a look, giving a big hug to an american flag. you can watch it twice. it looks the same way both
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times. if you have a sense that things are starting to come off the rails in america right now, that things are getting worse, we can report for you tonight there is a lot of evidence to that end. let's speak plainly. your federal government openly admits it's using innocent children as a pawn in an international effort at what they call deterrence. your government creating camps to detain these children, and the president of the united states is lying about his own policy in a way that is brazenly sloppy even by his own standard. the kind of lies that asks the question, what are you going to do about it? i'm joined now by judy chu, enrique marones, clarence page.
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congresswomen, starting with the facts, what did you see on your tour? >> yesterday 14 congress members including myself and leader nancy pelosi went down to the border in san diego to go to one of these shelters that is housing these children. we saw 62 children ages 6 to 17 who were either unaccompanied minors or were separated from their parents. and it was just oeverwhelming t see these really young kids being there by themselves, traumatized by the situation. we were able to talk to the mental health counselors who told us what these children are saying in private, that they feel lost, they feel abandoned, they do not know where to turn next. and they are scared for their
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lives. this is not the america that we know. >> is this a consequence of what this congress that you're a member of has passed or a consequence of donald trump's zero-tolerance orders? >> this is solely the responsibility of president donald trump. donald trump issued the zero-tolerance policy. this is what is causing these young people to be separated. now over 2,000 of them that have been separate from their parents. and donald trump has the ability to reverse this. he could call jeff sessions right now and tell him to stop this, to stop this separation of children from their parents. so, yes, it is squarely at the feet of president trump. >> enrique, many things are polarized in marrying rigameric. this is an issue as the light has shown and facts has emerged
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the attempt to polarize has become more difficult. some republicans claiming they're against it, although they're not acting on that in the congress tonight. take a listen to some of the coverage on the right. >> since more illegal immigrants are rushing the border more kids are being separated from their parents. and temporarily housed in what are essentially summer camps. >> some referred to them as cages, but keep in mind this is great big warehouse facility where they built walls out of chain-link fences. >> they're saying these cheeild actors weeping and crying on all these other networks. do not fall for it, mr. president. these kids are being coached. they're being scripts to read by liberals. >> your response, enrique? >> i'm just outraged. i have been to these facilities. we have been working on the front lines with the people that crossed the border or on either side of the border for 30 years with the border angels.
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and a society is judged on how we treat our children. and what is taking place right now is horrific. donald trump without a doubt is pure evil. no other country in the america has walls. no other country in the world separates children from their parents. and to call them child actors or have laura engram laughing or jeff sessions quoting the bible, same issues we use to justify slavery, it's unacceptable. 11,000 people have died because of the 700-mile wall that already exists. we've been putting water out there for 20 years. we took in more than 100 children that were fleeing violence, much of it caused by u.s. policies in central america. these people have no legal way of entering the country. they're desperate, and most undocumented people in the world do not come to the united states. there's 250 million around the world. the u.s. has 11 million.
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but the u.s. is country that for a long, long time people looked up to. no longer. what donald trump is doing is pure evil. and jeff sessions and pence are right side by side as are republicans. donald trump should sign an executive order and sign this policy. it's inhumane. and i and many people are crying when you play the tapes. that hasn't happened in this country since the time of slavery. it hasn't happened in the world since the time of nazis and donald trump is right there with him. i'm ashamed, and we need to be outraged and pay attention. we need to make a change. donald trump represents the worst of the american spirit. >> and white house as we have reported extraneously denies aspects of this, they certainly object to some of the historic comparisons.
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we've invited them on this show and offered them ample time, but they're not taking us up on that. clarence, you're view on this? >> if you're going to have a policy like this, own it. president trump ran for office on this immigration issue. he was distorting it from the day he announced his campaign. and now this policy has been implemented and the administration is getting some blow back, he wants to say it's all congress' fault, they're the ones who created the law and blah-blah blah, which is not true. he changed the policy, attorney general jeff sessions announced and the department of homeland security has implemented it. this comes right out from the trump administration. and now other republicans are upset, those in congress who are getting blow back from their home districts, senators from their home states. but at the same time they put themselves in this situation because they've stuck with donald trump because some things on his agenda are shared interests they have, that they want to see passed. but now it's like they're
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holding these children hostage in order to get donald trump's wall -- >> clarence, you're hitting that point. you used the word hostage. this is such a key point because there's always federal -- i think congress was alluding to this as well, we don't usually see that the claim of collateral damage to children is especially a goal or deterrent. take a listen to the administration struggling with that very issue. >> our department of homeland security personnel going to separate the children from their moms and dad? >> yes, i am considering in order to deter more movement along this terribly dangerous network, i am considering exactly that. >> are you intending to send a message? >> i find that offensive. no. because why would i ever create a policy that purposely does
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that? >> hopefully people will get the message and come through the border at the port of entry and not break across the border unlawfully. >> is that policy meant to be a deterrent or not? >> i don't think it's so much meant to be a deterrent as it's really trying to enforce a law. >> clarence, this goes to the moral heart of this. is this hurting children by accident somehow quote-unquote unavoidably or is it a goal? >> no one will admit to hurting children on purpose. the reason of these passing of these laws which was to have a deterrent to people coming across the border. it's sort of hypocrisy for wanting to dodge responsibility for a wall that was admittedly flawed. we're talking urt our
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immigration system does need reform. it's been a mess in congress because of gridlock, and part of it's because of the wild accusations and the wild baseless statements that have been made about how we need to have closed borders, we can't have open borders. it's not a question of just having wide open borders versus having nobody come in at all. we're talking about having a reason and orderly process and system setup. and we can't do that as long as everybody's just yelling at each other. >> congresswoman? >> yes, i think we need to make sure we have comprehensive immigration reform that has been stuck and stymied because of republicans' objections to it, but the children should not be a bargaining chip in this process. and that is exactly what is going on right now. they are using -- being used as a bargaining chip for $25
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billion worth of funding that donald trump wants for the border wall. these are horrendous situations where the lives of these children will be affected forever just because of money that donald trump wants for that border wall. and that is not right. >> we've gone a quarter of the hour. enrique, with the brief time we have left, what's the key fact you want people to know about the truth on the ground? >> the fact these people are coming in, that they have no line to get into. the people that are desperate, that are crossing the border. and those who do have a line apply for asylum and trump calls them animals and ms-13. there's a lot of lies out there. these are human beings. we need humane immigration reform. it wasn't the democrat's fault. it's one person's fault. it's donald trump. and like i said he is pure evil
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and we need people to see this. >> i thank you for sharing your view of this. coming up, i'm going to share my thoughts with steven miller, holding him accountable for his role in this policy. also we go live to the border with chris hayes' reporting from texas and big news with michael cohen and developments he might flip. also i sit down tonight with director brennen.
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donald trump's orders to split up families at the border is not some accident or collateral damage from a broader strategic plan. it is the goal of his administration. when you see these images of crying toddlers or hear the voices of 6-year-olds wail ags they come to grips with border agents detaining them and hauling away their parents, you are seeing and hearing this policy as intended. by jeff sessions' memo directing this crack down, with quote, zero-tolerance that administrations in both parties previously applied. we all know trump campaigned on this kind of crack down. we know he got many of these ideas from jeff sessions who was actually the first senator to endorse trump. where did segs get these ideas? that's the focus of our accountability report right now. because as america looks in horror what is being done in our
3:21 pm
name, we must also reckon with who is doing it. accountability, of course, starts at the top with president trump and attorney general sessions, but it doesn't end there. beyond those who oversee these policies there is the architect who helped create them, a 32-year-old former aide to sessions who drives trump's immigration policy. and to see how we ended up in this situation tonight, traumatizing these children by choice, you also have to see how steven miller got us here. and that history could inform our road out of this mess. there's a famous saying. a problem well stated is problem half solved, and many experts say steven miller is the root of this problem. he holds a radical view contradicted by our constitution. a view that is actually more lawless than american. it is a view he states, on immigration president trump has unlimited powers that will not
3:22 pm
be questioned. >> our opponents, the media and the whole world will soon see as we begin to take further actions that the powers of the president to protect our country are very substantial and will not be questioned. >> miller was incorrect about that. that travel ban he was discussing there, well it sparked not only opratierationa chaos but halted by the courts. trump responded with a travel ban, the supreme court expected to rule on that this month. his own coworkers and allies concluded he wasn't fully competent to keep working on the travel ban. the guardian noting he was removed from the process of writing the revised ban, and fellow conservatives called out miller for hurting trump by rushing out other immigration plans that were not competently vetted for legal scrutiny. >> you're going to make mistakes, i think you saw that
3:23 pm
with stephen miller and that rushed out ban on muslims. >> reportedly crafted this thing without running it through the legal checks. >> when congress was working towards negotiating immigration reform, which donald trump claims this week he wants action on, well, even republican senators took the rare step by calling out miller as a staffer by name. >> as long as stephen miller is in charge of negotiating immigration, we're going nowhere. >> going nowhere. now, other observers say miller doesn't mind these critiques or he may even relish them because he's nut interested in traditional public interest policymaking. they argue like kind of like steve bannon he actually views policy as kind of a spectacle, no matter who gets hurt. some have written he sees a value in constructive controversy, which he thinks will bring enlightenment. miller used a combative trolling
3:24 pm
style in high school when running for student council. >> hi, i'm stephen miller. am i the only one who is sick and tired of being told to pick up my trash, and we have plenty of janitors paid -- >> plenty of janitors paid to pick up the trash for you. now, that is just a high school statement. although he's young, so that was only about a decade and a half ago. it connects because miller deploys a pretty similar style today. >> i am shocked at your statement that you think only people from great britain and australia would know english. it reveals your cosmopolitan bias to a shocking degree. >> okay, you're not answering the questions. >> you have 24 hours a dale of material, and you're not going to give three minutes for the american people to -- >> i get it. there's one viewer you care
3:25 pm
about right now, and you're being -- >> when congress appeared closer on immigration compromise back in 2013 it was miller then an aide to jeff sessions who worked hard to block. he had some sense of where the gop base was headed. we worked with steve bannon's breitbart to try and shape public perceptions about immigrant crime. it is a clue, though, that slewing trump's actions and this border crisis as only about trump could leave us missing the wider dynamics that he's tapping u noo into. a growing antipathy and fear about job losses and crime. now, many people have been lying about the threats immigration pose tuesday the u.s. and smf those same people now lying about immigration policy, too. >> that's the law, and that's
3:26 pm
what the democrats gave us. the democrats forced that law upon our nation. we can either release all illegal immigrant families and minors who show up at the border from central america or we can arrest the adults for the federal crime of illegal entry. >> congress and the courts created this problem, and congress alone can fix it. >> it is telling that both donald trump and his dhs secretary who run this policy are busy lying about it, as we just showed. these lies are kind of admission, they minow realize this is bad move either politically or morally and they'd rather now deny it than work on fixing it. we know they're lying because we have the facts. the zero-tolerance policy is written and public. and stephen miller's own boss admitted the abuse of children is part of the policy's goal of creating, yes, this buzzword, a
3:27 pm
det deterrent. >> are you considering this as deterrent in. >> i see the fact no one was being prosecuted for this as a factor in a five-fold increase in four years in this kind of illegal immigration. so, yes, i hope people will get the message and come through the border at the port of entry and not break across the border unlawfully. >> if you are keeping score here is where we are tonight. trump and his dhs secretary lying about this. jeff segs trying to have it both ways but admitting at least under questioning what the goal is, the deterrent. and stephen miller, the original arct tect, not pretending his policy is anything but a clear and simple move to provide zero-tolerance for these families and other humanitarian considerations. i should mention we reached out to miller for comment and come on the beat. he's declined. two days ago he said splitting families is simple decision by the trump administration to have
3:28 pm
a zero-tolerance policy for illegal entry, period. a simple decision. there's a cruelty in those three words even by the standards of 2018. and i think it does lay bare part of how we got here and why this problem does run deeper n than the spectacle of one donald trump. you've seen the pictures. people are suffering tonight, but tomorrow's story has not been written yet. there is a potential for a reckoning right now, for this nation to reflect what we want done in our name and who we want leading these decisions. and immigration and asylum datas are not typically black and white, to be certainly fair. from what the world owes the 5.6 syrian refugees right now to what the world did to
3:29 pm
5.6 million europeans displaced in world war ii. it's not as if looking at those in history leaves a particular policy or particular nation coming out perfect. but let's be clear, no one with any real experience reckoning with those challenges from the families who lived it to the humanitarian families who tried to help, i don't think any of those people would seriously state that these kind of calls about law and mercy, about life and death, that these are simple decisions. and those calls and those crises i mentioned, syria, world war ii, that's a long way from a proactive trump/u.s. government policy slitting children from their parents as a tool of deterrence, which of course may be a euphemism for intimidation. so as citizens as we decide what to do each day about any
3:30 pm
potential reckoning, i think the most devastating thing you can probably say about donald trump and stephen miller right now isn't a criticism. it's not an attack. the most devastating thing is just their words stacked up against the results of their deeds tonight. let everyone see it and hear it until we decide when it must stop. mr. miller says separating these families is a simple decision for zero-tolerance for illegal entry, period.
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3:33 pm
from a humanitarian standpoint. and that audiotape was just devastating and just listening to that is heart breaking. but in terms of the way it world views the united states and from our allies and partners for so many years looked up to us for setting a standard for what is right, what is moral, what is the right thing to do for the world. the fact we now have an administration who seems to totally disregard that, i think it has tremendous implications for national security and for the united states already the globe. >> what position does it put public servants in who are still duty bound to enforce most orders? >> well, it's very difficult for individuals, and the issue along the border is really a tough one. when i was at the white house during president obama's first term i was homeland security advisor. these are not easy decisions. buts the cruelty, the lack of empathy and compassion of the policy coming down from mr. trump really makes it difficult for those members of the customs
3:34 pm
and border patrol to be implementing policies i'm sure many of them find reprehensible. so it really puts our civil servants in a difficult position. and i'm sure a lot of them have tears on their cheeks right now. >> would this be something a political appointee should resign over? >> i think someone being asked to carry out something like this, that is cruel, is inhuman and that is continuation of this policy, and then they realize my goodness there are these consequences that we really have to stop. but the fact they're sticking to their guns and digging in their heels i think these are civil appointees with a conscience and want a make a difference, should give thought to that. >> i want to get to this new bob mueller filing. it talks about discovery of identifying new individuals that the government believe, that's
3:35 pm
mueller, are continuing to engage in operation of those charged in the indictment, the idea there's ongoing russia interference. what is the meaning of that, and when bob mueller does that is he building a case or would he be relying on the kind of intelligence you used to oversee? >> i think both. when i was director of cia, whenever we would get intelligence that had bearing on counter intelligence investigations we would provide that information to the fbi. so i'm sure bob mueller and special counsel's team is now picking up things on their own investigative leads but also using whatever intelligence is available. and i don't for one minute think that the russians are taking a back seat in terms of trying to influence the political landscape here in the united states through the electoral process. >> you are someone who has quite a public record and a lot of public esteem and respect. you've also said things people criticize. something you said on "morning joe" based on what we know,
3:36 pm
maybe you can correct us, seems to be in the realm of speculation of what the russians have or don't have on donald trump. take a look. >> i think he's afraid of the president of russia. >> why? >> well, one could speculate as to why, that the russians may have something on him personally. >> is it a good idea or even proper for a former intelligence official such as yourself to speculate on that? what is the purpose of that inin fact the russians don't have anything on the president p. >> well, i think i'm trying to to explain a puzzling phenomenon, which is donald trump having this deferential role almost to vladimir putin, trying to explain it. yes, i said one could speculate that the russians may have something on him. as a former director of cia i'm not going to get into what i might have known at that time. that is classified. but i continue just to underscore my puzzlement over
3:37 pm
why mr. trump continues to take steps that appear to undermine the role of the special counsel and this investigation. that if he was totally innocent of any of these allegations of involvement, that he would allow the special counsel to pursue his investigation without any type of impediment. >> so i want to press you on that respectfully. if someone listens to you say that, which is very intriguing given the stakes, and someone has the interpretation you may be lawfully trying to refer to something that is classified that is true without confirming it -- >> i'm not lawfully confirming anything that is true that i'm likely to reveal. i'm just saying it's unclear in my mind why mr. trump continues to have this attitude towards vladimir putin and the russians. >> again, turning to another important topic you've been involved in, the use of drones
3:38 pm
which is something that gets almost no attention anymore but has been controversial. reading here from "the new york times" just last week, president trump has oversaw not doubled, not tripled but nearly five times as many lethal strikes in his first year in office than obama did in a six-month corollary. and that was controversial when you were involved in that. walk us through whether they're getting this right. is it a problem if the numbers are up or is it justified? this is sort of a dark war it appears we have very little oversight on. >> i don't know what the facts are. the drone technology, which is remotely piloted air crafts to put missiles on targets. but president obama was very adamant in making sure we use a very powerful weapon of war in a very judicious fashion and we make sure we have near certainty of no civilian casualties in the
3:39 pm
application of that weapon. and i don't know -- my understanding based on some of the press reports is that high standard that existed during the obama administration may in fact be lowered. >> let me ask you another way because i appreciate your precision, could you apply that standard and easily end up on five times as many lethal strikes? >> i find that hard to believe. i know over the course of the last 17 months or so there's been a lot of urban warfare in places like raqqah. and it's very difficult to carry out these large strikes in areas of civilians. if it's five times, i think it'll be very difficult to apply thasame standards and have that many strikes. >> and that seems a very important story as well. i really appreciate you coming by. john brennen, thanks for being here. >> and again i want to tell
3:40 pm
we're not only tracking what mueller said in the filing but what rudy giuliani said in his own interview for first time. and michael cohen taps a new lawyer tonight, and first donald trump is still defending this policy. chris hayes live outside a texas detention center and joins me next. ng you've done everything for his well-being. but meningitis b progresses quickly and can be fatal, sometimes within 24 hours. while meningitis b is uncommon, about 1 in 10 infected will die. like millions of others, your teen may not be vaccinated against meningitis b. meningitis b strikes quickly. be quick to talk to your teen's doctor about a meningitis b vaccine. that's confident. but it's not kayak confident. kayak searches hundreds of travel and airline sites to find the best flight for me. so i'm more than confident. how's your family? kayak. search one and done.
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president trump just departed his meeting with republicans on capitol hill. no signs of him wavering on this border policy, and now we go live to mccallan, texas, near a detention center of the president departing. and live from texas is my colleague chris hayes. given the president's comments today, doubling down, what is the reaction if any you're hearing out there and what are you seeing on the ground? >> well, people are really upset what's going on here. and everyone who touches this
3:44 pm
system is saying it hasn't been like this before. that the combination of the policies being chosen by the administration and the numbers that are coming is creating a crisis on the administration itself is telling people they're overwhelmed. and there are sort of two policies working in tandem. i was talking to an immigration lawyer down here, and there's two things that's happening. we've been focusing on immigration, the zero-tolerance policy in which they're charging people with misdemeanors and separating hair chirp and very unclear how they get them back. another thing is people being turned away at ports of entry when seeking asylum through the proper channels. asylum is enshrined in american law. they show up at the proper place where they are supposed to, they present themselves for asylum, and they are told come back, we don't have room. and these is leading to families
3:45 pm
with children sleeping on a bridge for weeks. it's leading to people ultimately getting desperate and paying c payi paying coyotes to pay to come across the border. >> you mention that and that goes to the very harsh and sometimes cruel way that some of these things are being depict. it is the u.s. government that's been widely reported to be mistreating these children that is as you put it, a choice. but here is the i.c.e. director talking about it as if anyone who brings a child is really the person putting the child at risk and is responsible. take a listen. >> these parents themselves are using these children as pawns to gain entry into the united states knowing we can't detain them. as far as the separation of famfullies are concerned, you have to put the blames on parents. they are choosing to enter
3:46 pm
through the ports of entry, they know they will be separated but they want to blame the government when we're forced to do that. >> chris, give us the facts. >> first of all, they're not choosing in many cases to enter through the ports of entry because they're being turned away when they go to proper ports of entry. to those that are entering let's keep in mind what these people are undertaking. they are undertaking what is by all accounts the most dangerous journey a person can undertake in the world right now. it is absolutely a risk for death and rape and sexual assault and for kidnapping. and the only reason people are doing that is because they're in despera desperate straits. because their 12-year-old or 15-year-old was drawn into the car tell or was beaten on the side of the road. no one is coming across this journey of the most dangerous miles you can traverse in the world to the immigration lawyer
3:47 pm
i talked to, get a new refr refrigerator. by definition the trip itself is a deterrent and people are doing it for their children because they're afraid their children will be taken from them, killed in the cartels if they stay. >> what's the most important thing you think you're digging into tonight as this crisis continues? >> i think it has to be seen as part of a larger enterprise by this administration to essentially choke off all of this. and what we're sort of coming into view is somewhere inside dhs some switch got flipped. child separation is part of it. what's happening at the ports of entry is part of it. it is a totalalizing attempt on the part of this administration to prevent desperate people who have the right to seek asylum from being able to exercise that right under u.s. and international law. >> yeah, i think that's well put. as you know the entire history
3:48 pm
of asylum law is having a structure for people as you're reporting in a desperate position not of their own making. chris hayes, i appreciate on a busy day down there you spend some time with us. crist hayes live at 8:00 p.m. and the "last word" with rachel right in between. a lot of reporting on this story. we will stay on it. up ahead i've got some news that is pretty fascinating and would be higher in the show if not for everything else. michael cohen after flipping he's got a new lawyer. next. and it's also a story about people. people who rely on us every day to deliver their dreams they're handing us more than mail they're handing us their business and while we make more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country, we never forget... that your business is our business the united states postal service. priority: you ♪
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some pretty interesting breaking news tonight. donald trump's long-time lawyer has a new lawyer, coming from "vanity fair" hiring an attorney called guy petrio who handles it money laundering and other types of investigation. michael split with his legal team last week.
3:53 pm
and very well publicized rumors he may flip. what happens next we're not sure. either way, his old boss, mr. trump has said he ain't worried. >> are you worried that michael cohen might flip. >> i did nothing wrong. you have to understand. this stuff would have come out a long time ago. >> is he still your friend. >> i always miked michael. i haven't spoken to him in a long time. >> a little flavor in the front lawn. rudy giuliani out with this bombshell. he says fbi agents personally interviewed him all stemming back to that dramatic claim he made right before election day that trump had a surprise for clinton. >> and then i think he's got a surprise or two that you'll hear about in the next few days. i'm talking about some pretty big surprise. >> i heard you say that this morning. what do you mean? >> you'll see. >> you'll see. now comey utley reopened that fbi probe sort of into the clinton's e-mails. the concerns about leaks were
3:54 pm
significant enough that comey explained what he did about it. >> i commissioned an investigation to see if we could understand whether people were disclosing information out of the new york office or any other place that resulted in rudy's report on fox news and other leaks we were seeing in the media. i don't know what the result of that was. i got fired before it was finished. i know i asked that it be investigated. >> this is actually a big deal because one of the questions is whether there was criminal leaking designed to impact the election. we don't know the in any wait if rudy giuliani did anything wrong. all we know tonight is for some reason, he is announcing he did fbi interviews about it. we will stay on the story and we will be right back. itted to improving every ride. starting with features designed to make it easy for your driver to find you... taking the stress out of pickups. ♪ we're putting safety at the heart of everything we do... by making it easy to verify your car, and driver.
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the thing we have in the corner of the screen will continue tonight with our ongoing coverage of this border crisis. chris hayes reporting from mack callen, texas, 8:00 p.m. rachel broadcasting after that followed by lawrence o'donnell in brownsville, texas. if you want to hear more from our shows this week including my piece on steven miller, you can always find those as part of our broadcast on the podcast. look for the purple icon on your iphone home screen. type. mel ber or the beat with ari melber. you can get every night in audio format, no commercials and some of our exclusive extras which we drop on the weekends. that does it for the beat". we will be back at 6:00 p.m.
4:00 pm
eastern tomorrow. and, of course, "hardball" with chris matthews is up next. >> welcome to trumpville. let's play "hardball.". >> these tents you see here meant to hold the children trump separated from their fathers and mothers stand as today's american reality. not a welcome mat, but a mat to lie on. trump put up these tents, president trump billed what senator tim kaine has christened the new trump hotels. look at them, just as one president is permanently known for hoovervilles, look at the shaqs for victims of the great depression there president is today the proprietor of the new trumpville packed with kids we've torn from their parents. good evening, i'm chris matthews in washington. president trump and his administration have been overwhelmed by


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