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tv   First Look  MSNBC  June 20, 2018 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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this morning as backlash continues to grow, learning new details about where young children are staying once separated from families at the border. >> and president trump tries to work with republicans on an immigration fix and continues to point the blame at democrats for child separations. and the u.s. withdraws from the human rights council, a day after the top human rights official criticized the trump administration zero tolerance immigration policy. good morning, everyone. it is wednesday, june 20th. i'm ayman mohyeldin alongside yasmine vossoughian and lewis
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berg door of. a report from the associated press answering a question that the trump administration dodged the last few days. where are the girls, where are the toddlers among migrant children separated precipitatfrs at the border. they are reporting they're being sent to three tender age shelters in south texas according to ap. lawyers and medical providers that visited the shelters describe play rooms of crying preschool age children in crisis, the report unconfirmed by msnbc says the government plans to open a fourth shelter to house hundreds of my grant children in houston. according to numbers from u.s. customs and border protection, 2235 families apprehended between may 5th when the zero tolerance policy was put in place and june 9th. among 4500 family members were
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2342 children who were then designated as unaccompanied. the former head of u.s. immigration and customs enforcement told nbc's andrea mitchell some family separations will end up being permanent. >> how are these families supposed to get back together? >> doemt forget, two weeks ago, they lost track of 1500 kids in the united states. now you have to keep track of the kids and parents. i can tell you from experience it is more difficult than it sounds. parents end up on one track, the child on another. if they don't reunite right away, what happens is kids are stuck in the united states for years, guardians appointed, and the parent in honduras, guatemala, with no idea where their child is and no way to reunite. >> current director of i.c.e. wouldn't defend the actions as a humane policy. >> is this new zero tolerance policy the president supported, that the attorney general
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announced, is it humane? >> i think it is the law. >> it is the policy, but is it humane? >> i think it is the law. >> so president trump went to capitol hill yesterday meeting with house republicans for nearly 45 minutes. speaker paul ryan began a closed door session by discussing the gop compromise immigration bill that was just filed. president trump spoke briefly about immigration and ran through a number of topics, including what he called the hoax russian investigation, north korea, cost of jet fighters and mocking mark sanford before he returned to immigration. trump said he is 1,000% with them to pass a sprawling immigration bill and told them the burden for getting citizenship would be significant and linked to construction of
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the border wall. quote, you have to work, work, work, then after 10, 12, maybe 13 years, you have a chance to become a citizen. so you're talking 12, 13 years out. then you don't get a green card until the wall is built. this is an incentive to get the wall built faster. >> people and republicans on capitol hill say the president addressed controversial policy on migrant children, saying reportedly you have to take care of separation, it is too nasty. members say trump said he talked with his daughter ivanka about images of children in cages and she asked him to find a way to put a stop to it. in his remarks yesterday, the president continued to insist the responsibility rested with the democrats. >> as a result of democrat supported loopholes in federal laws, most illegal grant family and minors that arrive
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unlawfully at the border cannot be detained together or removed together, only released. these are crippling loopholes that cause family separation. we don't want that. >> president trump also hit the democrats for immigration on twitter, came under criticism for his choice of words. democrats are the problem, they don't care about crime or illegal grants no matter how bad they may be to pour into and infest our country like ms-13. >> let's head overseas. the chancellor of germany has responded as president trump had bogus claims about crime in her country. yesterday trump tweeted crime in germany up 10%. officials don't want to report these crimes since migrants were accepted. other countries are even worse. be smart america.
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speaking to reporters, angela merkel cited figures showing 10% drop in crime nationwide, bringing it to the lowest level since 1992. lowest level since 1992. the leader added that the interior ministry recently released criminal statistics and they speak for themselves. we are seeing small, positive developments and we must have course continue to do more on the fight against crime. mexico's government criticizing policy that separates children and parents at the border. mexico's foreign minister called it cruel and inhumane. told "the wall street journal" about one case of a 10-year-old girl with down's syndrome recently separated from her mother and 10-year-old brother when they attempted to enter the united states. she was sent to a facility in texas while her mother was sent to brownsville. he told the paper mexico's government is working to release the girl to reunite with her father who is a legal u.s.
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resident. the story of the 10-year-old came up last night on fox news. here's how cory lewandowski reacted. watch this. >> look, i read today about a 10-year-old with down's syndrome taken from her mother, put in a cage. i read about -- >> wawa. >> did you say that -- how dare you. how absolutely dare you, sir. how dare you. infants are taken from their mothers. >> this is why i continue to have the conversation about the fact this is not -- this is inhumane and this is not about politics. >> the kids are the ones being punished for this. >> and this is a child with down's syndrome, someone so vulnerable. and yet cory lewandowski there. >> no compassion, no concern. >> no compassion whatsoever. >> joining us live on the ground
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in texas, nbc national news correspondent cal perry. let's talk about where you are. they're building a massive tent city or more accurately called a camp. what have you seen so far? >> reporter: a camp that's being built out of eyesight from where we are, a quarter mile that way, no line of sight which is intentional. the story typical of the story across the southern border, we're not seeing in the centers, not told what's going on. these are camps, tent cities. we should call them as we see it as they are. around 400 we believe young boys are being housed here. we believe because the crew was able to get long lens shots of them playing soccer. other than that, it has been difficult to get anything out of these places to understand fully what's going on. this is a spillover area as they described it, places where these unaccompanied minors are able to come where there's not room in
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other centers, guys. >> these tent cities and camps, similar to what you see in the middle east, not something we're used to in the united states which makes it more startling. what you also know about these places is lack of resources that exist. the type of temperature control that they would have. do you know anything about what they have in place to protect these kids from extreme heat where you are. not only that, who is in these camps? >> reporter: we don't know. saw an i.c.e. truck yesterday. i don't think the authorities here were prepared for what's going to happen. the really hard thing about reporting this story, i go around the world, cover political strife that effects innocent people caught in the middle. the thing that made the united
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states different, the thing we like to think made the country different is protection of individual liberties and individual rights and relationship with our allies. and here i am standing outside of a tent city. and that's new i guess, although in the last year seemed lik a lot of things ebbed away. the government is not telling us anything. this is a government not sharing information with the public about what's happening and where the kids are. >> and also deflecting responsibility, not only not telling us, but deflecting responsibility. all right. cal, thanks. joining us, melissa quinn. let's talk about the vote to address separation of children from parents. without being a part of a broader immigration package, do you think it is going to get enough support? >> i think at this point that is exactly what we can expect to see from the senate. the senate majority leader mitch
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mcconnell told reporters that much yesterday, saying he felt that a narrow solution was much more the path to success than broader immigration package. what will be interesting is that stands in direct contrast with what we heard from the white house and certainly president trump who said that he would really prefer congress send him a broader immigration package. obviously the odds of success doing that are much higher in the house than in the senate. i think all eyes will certainly be on the white house if we see the senate take a narrow approach and the house passes that measure, we'll see what president trump will do. >> let me ask about the news that broke last night about the tender age shelters, obviously the optics of that are going to be disturbing. at the same time, president trump was on the hill trying to find a fix to this problem comprehensively. will we see a change in president trump's position with
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news of the shelters breaking with the optics of it or is he doubling down? it seems from the rest of the administration the rhetoric at least is that they're digging in for this. >> i think you're right. i think at this point what we have seen from the president and what we can expect to see is him continuing to dig in his heels, saying that this is an issue, family separation, that the onus is on congress to act, that the administration is simply following the law. i think where there's an interesting twist is just what trump said last night during the republican conference meeting, which is that his daughter has weighed in and told him that the images coming outlook really bad. but of course we have to remember we saw widespread condemnation of family separation policy after all of these images were released by the federal government over the weekend, and we saw the opposite from the administration. instead, they dug their heels in, so at this point it seems like that's just the path they're going to continue to take.
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>> i have to say, if a narrow immigration bill falls on his desk and he were to deny that and to continue this family separation policy, then there's no denying the fact that the responsibility falls squarely on the president. i would hope his base would agree with that as well. we have to wait and see what happens. >> melissa quinn, thank you very much from washington, d.c. still ahead, the trump administration announced the united states will withdraw from united nations human rights council. we're going to hear the u.n. ambassador's explanation. new reporting about michael cohen's new defense attorney. is it a sign he may be willing to cooperate with the feds. those stories and much more coming up next.
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the trump administration continued the unofficial policy of withdrawing the u.s. global
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institutions and agreements and pulled the country from the united nations human rights council. >> today we need to be honest, human rights council is a poor defender of human rights. worse than that, the human rights council has become an exercise in shameless hypocrisy, and the council's well documented bias against israel is unconscionable. we will not take lectures from hypocritical bodies and institution as americans selflessly give blood and treasure. >> human rights council has been a protector of human rights abusers and a cesspool of political bias. the united states is officially withdrawing from the u.n. human rights council. our commitment does not allow us to remain part of a hypocritical, self serving organization that makes a mockery of human rights. and then of course there's the matter of the chronic bias against israel. this disproportionate focus and
2:18 am
unending hostility towards israel is clear proof the council is motivated by political bias, not by human rights. we will continue to lead on human rights outside the misnamed human rights council. >> while the trump administration cites what it says are failures of the council and bias against israel, the announcement comes one day after the human rights commissioner blasted the trump administration's child separation policy. >> in the united states, i am deeply concerned by recently adopted policies which punish children for their parents' actions. the american association of pediatrics has called this cruel practice government sanctioned child abuse. the thought that any state would seek to deter parents by inflicting such abuse on
2:19 am
children is unconscionable. i call on the united states to immediately end the practice of forcible separation of these children. mr. president, people do not lose human rights by virtue of crossing a border without a visa. >> seems like every international agreement that we are part of during the trump administration, we are leaving. >> one of the interesting points about human rights council as i spoke to people about this, the united states within the human rights council used the u.n. hrc to its own advantage. the united states put the spotlight on human rights abuses in myanmar, used the council to raise issues regarding isis and other terrorist groups. the fact that the united states now withdraws from this council will not allow them to internationalize some human rights abuses where u.s. foreign
2:20 am
policy makes a difference. >> uphold these standards? >> a lot of people were upset with that decision. and more importantly seeing it politicized. >> the administration is wanting to cherry pick what they hear about facilities from american association of pediatrics saying that this is child abuse. >> a lot of americans are not used to waking up, watching international leaders accuse or charge the united states with human rights violations the same we are seeing. that's hard for a lot of folks weaking up to digest that. another twist in this sad saga. there's new reporting on the president's lawyer michael cohen. "vanity fair" reports that two people with knowledge of the situation, that he hired a new defense attorney that knows the u.s. attorney's office investigating his client well. he served several stints.
2:21 am
he is, quote, the kind of lawyer you hire if you wanted to keep open the option of cooperation. one of cohen's friends reportedly told cnn that cohen knows a lot of things about the president, and he is not averse to talking in the right situation, adding if they want information on trump, cohen is willing to fwgive it. here's the president talking about that possibility friday. >> look, i did nothing wrong. you have to understand, this stuff would have come out a long time ago. >> is he still your friend? >> i vice president spoken to michael in a long time. >> "vanity fair" says his use of past tense liked was not lost on those close to michael cohen, adding these people say trump has been foolishly careless how he publicly talked about cohen who holds all the cards in the situation.
2:22 am
people familiar with the matter tell "the wall street journal" cohen is frustrated they haven't offered to pay his legal fees. he paid $228,000 to cover bills in the russian investigation but not for personal business dealings. cohen is reportedly under investigation for wire and banking fraud and campaign finance violations. he has not been charged and continues to deny wrongdoing. still ahead. japan makes history. senegal impressed. all of the highlights from day six of world cup next.
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start the challenge today. and try new tropical citrus flavor with collagen. nature's bounty. welcome back. time for a recap of yesterday's world cup action in russia. japan becomes the first asian squad to beat a south american team on the world cup stage, following the 2-1 win against colombia. japan took an early lead following a red card for columbia in the third minute. first of the tournament, second fastest in world cup history. after an equalizer scored late in the first half, japan has the game winning header in the 73rd minute. and senegal the first african team to win at the world cup after two costly errors by the polish defense that led to a 2-1 victory there. and highly anticipated return was not enough for egypt, which
2:26 am
fell 3-1, 8 goals and 2 wins, almost guaranteed a spot in knockout stage. today, portugal plays morocco uraguay and saudi arabia. and thirsty fans left many moscow bars low on beer. a real issue. brewers are reportedly caught off guard in spike in demand. >> that's a real issue. >> when your sponsor is budweiser and you're in russia and you have european teams and fans coming to this, and you're not prepared, it is an international incident unfolding. >> i have a feeling russia will fix this problem. >> a lot of beer. ayman's refrigerator, he will never have that problem. >> whoa whoa whoa, easy, louis.
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>> all right. >> more you want to talk about? >> not now. is chief of staff john kelly ready to toss in the towel. there's a report he and trump are barely tolerating one another. growing backlash over the zero tolerance immigration policy. we go live to texas where the administration is building a at the present time -- a tent city. stay with us. i really love it. i'm on the move all day long, and sometimes i don't eat the way i should. so i drink boost to get the nutrition i'm missing. boost high protein now has 33% more protein, along with 26 essential vitamins and minerals. and it has a guaranteed great taste. man: boost gives me everything i need to be up for doing what i love. boost high protein. be up for it. boost high protein. do you want the same tools and seamless experience across web and tablet?
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welcome back, everybody. i'm yasmine vossoughian with ayman mohyeldin and louis be bergdorf. republicans are facing daunting poll numbers facing mid term elections. president trump is betting a hard line stance on immigration will result in victory, this with controversy over family separations at the border. according to associated press, trump says he believes he looks strong on the matter, suggesting it could be a cultural issue, much like attacks on nfl players. the policy only seemed to energize the opposition. this is activists in d.c., heckling the homeland security secretary as she attempted to eat a work dinner at a mexican restaurant. put out a statement that the secretary and staff heard from a small group of protesters who share her concern with our
2:32 am
current immigration laws that have created crisis on the southern border. president trump sent a tweet, following the news conference, she did a fabulous job yesterday at the press conference, explained security at the border and for our country while at the same time recommending changes to obsolete and nasty laws which force family separation. we want heart and security in america. in this speech to a small business group in washington, d.c., the president was more in praise of his fiery rhetoric. >> we don't want people pouring into our country. we want them to come in through the process, through the legal system, and we want ultimately a merit based system. people that come in violate the law, endanger their children in the process, and frankly they endanger all our children. you see what happens with ms-13.
2:33 am
i don't want judges, i want border security. these countries we give tremendous foreign aid to in many cases send these people up, and they're not sending their finest. does that sound familiar? remember i made that speech and i was badly criticized, that's so terrible what he said. turned out i was 100% right. that's why i got elected. >> all right. so outrage over separation of parents and children led to governors from at least eight states to announce they will not send national guard troops to the border. maryland's governor tweeted until this policy of separating children from their families is rescinded, maryland will not deploy any national guard resource to the border. roy cooper also tweeting the cruel policy of tearing children away from parents requires a strong response and i am recalling three members of the north carolina national guard from the border. virginia's governor said he recalled four troops and one
2:34 am
helicopter. and the massachusetts governor charlie baker rescinded his offer to send national guard helicopters and personnel. new york governor andrew cuomo announced the state would not deploy its national guard calling treatment of families a moral outrage. cuomo announced his state plans to file a multi agency lawsuit against the trump administration for violating the constitutional rights of immigrant children and families separated at the border. in both cases you have republicans and democrats, even on the hill seeing the tone change. >> joining us from texas, international correspondent cal perry. once again, good to talk to you. talk about plans for the building of this camp, this tent city that you heard so far. >> reporter: what we know of is about 18 tents that exist now, around 400 beds for young males.
2:35 am
these are unaccompanied minors. we heard this is a spill over area, they come from other centers along the border. we are grasping around in the dark. only seen a couple of still images of camp. we have gotten government handouts of camp but hasn't been access given to media. we haven't gotten inside to see what conditions are like. overnight news as you said is that they're just expanding this program along the border. there are now these centers for tender aged individuals, and the concern is in a bureaucracy like the u.s. government, we have seen trucks going in and out with water and ice. we have seen vans of kids looking like headed to dinner last night. in a bureaucracy this size, how do you keep track of kids and parents? >> i know that you have been on the ground less than 24 hours. are you getting a sense this will be a focal point physically for protesters and other
2:36 am
organizations that may be trying to get to some facilities. i saw some images yesterday to suggest that in fact there is a mass mobilization to demonstrate against what is happening in these areas. >> reporter: i think absolutely this is the advertised focal appointment f point for protests this weekend. the highway that runs east to west through el paso, hotels are booked by government agencies. people are definitely descending on the area because of the tent city, because of the camp that exists here. i will say we're in the middle of nowhere. we're literally in the middle of nowhere. with temperatures reaching 105, 110 degrees, interesting to see over the weekend if people are able to mobilize. >> not to mention calls for nationwide protests june 30th as well. it angered and upset a lot of people. >> thank you. another trump administration staffer is calling it quits
2:37 am
inside the west wing. white house deputy chief of staff for operations joe hagen is retiring after decades in politics. hagen recently orchestrated logistics behind the meeting with kim jong-un, and served under multiple republican administrations, including reagan and both bushes. it marks the fourth deputy chief of staff to step down in recent months, following katie walsh, rick dearborn, and kirsten neilson. his last day is july 6th. replacement yet to be named. white house chief of staff john kelly is reportedly fed up with president trump and may be eyeing exit from the oval office. kelly was with the president on capitol hill last night as he made rounds with lawmakers to discuss legislation on immigration. as the president talked to reporters, kelly appeared to hide from cameras, stepping behind a column. he eventually rejoined the
2:38 am
president once he departed and reporters were gone. according to politico, kelly's status in the white house changed in recent months and he and the president are seen as barely tolerating one another. people close to kelly say he largely yielded role as enforcer in the west wing as his relationship with trump has soured. sources say while he once believed he stood between trump and chaos, he's told at least one person close to him, he may as well let the president do what he wants, adding this chapter in american history would come to a close. politico adds that his secret service detail is often spotted standing outside the gym in the eisenhower executive office buil in the middle of the day. white house officials pass it on, they view his late morning workouts of indication of him having thrown in the towel or trying to have any control
2:39 am
inside the west wing. >> incredible details in that account, especially that bit -- >> this time in history would come to a close. joining us, reporter melissa quinn. let's talk about john kelly here. what do you think the possibilities are that he is on his way out of the white house? >> reporter: we have been hearing rumors about chief of staff kelly leaving the white house for several weeks. i think what's interesting is his departure would be one of a string of senior level officials to leave the white house within the first year and a half of the trump administration. i believe it is something like more than 60% of senior level officials within the white house have departed in the first year of the administration. those are people that started at the outset of the administration as well. of course, with potentially impending kelly departure, we are also hearing rumors, cbs
2:40 am
report that press secretary sarah sanders could leave. they tried to bat down the reports, but if kelly leaves, he could be one of potentially many that decide to leave the administration as we get closer to the mid terms, and of course closer to the end of the second year of the administration. >> melissa, let me ask about governors from various states listed earlier that are withdrawing troops or pulling national guard troops from the border. is that highly symbolic or tactical? is it going to make a difference on the ground or is this something symbolic, their way of expressi expressing frustration with that policy. >> these governors haven't hidden the fact that they're extremely frustrated and disgusted by the trump administration policy of separating families at the border. to get to your point, it is interesting to see some of the governors that stepped in, including two republicans,
2:41 am
really have few resources and troops from state national guards down at the border. what could make more impact in terms of hitting the administration and driving the point home that they're upset with this policy would be if we saw some governors from states on the border, texas and arizona that committed to state resources to assisting the trump administration with these border security efforts. if they stepped in, decided to send back home some of their troops, some of their equipment, that could hit the administration harder. >> melissa quinn, great to have you with us. thanks for your insights. >> thanks, melissa. still ahead, the led of the president's re-election campaign taking aim at jeff sessions and bob mueller. and the state of the u.s., north korea deal. why the secretary of state no show at briefing is raising questions where the deal stands today.
2:42 am
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welcome back, everyone. secretary of state mike pompeo abruptly cancelled a briefing for senators regarding the deal made during the trump kim summit which was only a week ago. details of the agreement on denuclearization remain vague, if they have even been hammered out at all. president trump made several tangible concessions, including halt to military exercises with south korea. pompeo has not yet committed to briefing the senate foreign relations committee which has jurisdiction over any deal between the two countries. the state department says the planned briefing is not cancelled. according to aides, it could possibly be rescheduled next week. all of this comes as kim jong-un is back in china. this is his third visit to his closest ally since march. and the trump administration continues to increase its trade war with beijing.
2:46 am
president trump 2020 re-election campaign manager is calling out attorney general jeff sessions and robert mueller's russian investigate. in a tweet, he is not mincing words. time to fire jeff sessions, end the mueller investigation. you can't obstruct something that was phony against you. the ig report gives you @real donald trump to end it all. he is one of a few players that has not spoken to special counsel bob mueller. his comments come as another insider erik prince admits to cooperating with congress and the russian investigation. and speaking out on the policy of separating migrant kids from parents. >> vocal condemnation they're offering on the matter and steps some are taking to try to make a difference in this crisis.
2:47 am
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stop it. stop the t-rex. see, not a t-rex. ah! come on. let's go. we made it. yeah! rated pg-13. welcome back. let's turn to business. the tech workers have been mobilizing this week against the trump administration zero tolerance in family separation immigration policies. now giants of the tech world are speaking out. good morning. >> good morning. we talked yesterday about microsoft at the center of a crisis around a $19 million contract it had with the immigration and customs
2:50 am
enforcement. well, they then issued a statement after having publicized that, gotten word saying they were dismayed by trump administration policies. it was a public letter addresse nain a della, he say he considers the immigration policy cruel and abrasive. this seems to be broadly representative of tech workers and tech bosses. tim cook calls the policy heartbreaking, google's ceo calls it gut-wrenching and the fans of airbnb calling it immoral. >> strong words from some of those tech ceos, one more for you here, the global stocks tumbled tuesday and recovered as the u.s. and china continue to tussle over tariffs. is this the new normal? is this volatility based on fears of a trade war that have just been dominating markets for weeks to come? >> yeah, we've had this
2:51 am
unprecedented period of essential calm in the markets. and a lot of the analysts i've been talking to the last few weeks have said one of the main things they're going to be focused on in the weeks and months ahead is volatility. we've seen the spike in the last few eks, that's why we're seeing these big swings in both directions over the course of a 24-hour period like we've had just overnight. if you look at the trade tensions, that's not going away any time soon. we've heard increasingly harsh rhetoric from beijing and washington, d.c. and that's something that's concerning a lot of investors, especially in asia. >> willem marks, live from london, thanks. coming up, axios' jonathan swan has a look at this morning's one big thing. and coming up on "morning joe," president trump looks to calm the outrage over his policy of separating migrant children from their parents, the latest in the president's trip to capitol hill, to try to lock down a deal on immigration, as congressional republicans try to make sense of trump's muddied marching orders on a plan. plus democratic congressman
2:52 am
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. welcome back. joining us from washington with a look at axios a.m. this morning, national political reporter for axios, jonathan swan, good morning to you. talk to us about axios' one big thing. >> well, as usual, there's two narratives going on with donald trump. there's the public on twitter, where he's with the family separation crisis, where he looks completely unapologetic and brazen, doubling down, tripling down. but last night when he met with house republicans, according to sources in the room, he did reveal that he feels the political pressure from this issue. in a way that he's not revealing publicly. he talked about how his daughter, ivanka had shown him the images and they were bad and
2:56 am
he talked about how it was nasty and they had to fix it. and in that setting he definitely didn't project the image of someone who thought that this particular issue was a political winner, which had been what you could have gleaned if you had been reading his twitter feed. >> that's pretty interesting point you brought up about ivanka. i want to ask you about that, i know that axios is reporting that the president's daughter ivanka has in fact been very vocal about the families as you mentioned, he brought it up in his meeting with republicans yesterday. is her voice actually going to make a difference? is she someone that he is going to listen to, and actually take into consideration as he makes his next steps? to be clear, when this stuff comes out, people say it's ivanka, log rolling, trying to look like a liberal hero. i've neither spoken to ivanka or anyone close to her. the first we learned was from sources in the room last night. it doesn't surprise me she does do this on just about every
2:57 am
issue. where she feels passionate about it sheaf done it on the syria strikes last year, climate change, look, work depends on what you define work as, will he climb down from his policy and make an administrative decision to change the family separation policy? i've seen no evidence that he's going to do that. he's done what he always does, which is get a grenade, roll it into the room and ask congress to deal with it. >> so you don't see any reporting to indicate that the president is going to cave and sign a more narrow immigration bill that would really just address the detention centers and the separations? >> he could very well sign something if congress produces something. i'm saying i don't see any indication or evidence that he's going to order jeff sessions to change their policy. remember, this is their discretion, they decided to enforce this zero tolerance policy. is trump going to come out and say say we're going to call it
2:58 am
the kinda tolerance policy? i'm not so confident that's going to happen. >> what's the saving grace for all of those involved, including the president, if he's feeling boxed in, and as you mentioned throwing the grenade to congress. are we likely to see democrats and others go with a comprehensive immigration reform bill? if not what is the short-term fix to this? >> the answer to the first question is overwhelming no. there are people more qualified than me to explain why that's based on how dysfunctional this congress is, why that's just about impossible. but will they attach some provision to the defense bill that in a narrow way solves this issue or at least creates provisions that keep, that children with their parents while they're going through the justice system? that's possible. but again, it's congress. this is not a group known for solving problems. >> in my head while were you talking i was thinking of like
2:59 am
health care? all the other issues that we've been trying to solve since day one of this administration, not a lot of traction on any of those things. jonathan swan, let me ask you really quickly, one of the things that kind of struck out yesterday following his dinner, with the republicans on the hill, he headed to a dinner with an allied group where he riffed about the new embassy in jerusalem. slightly off-topic. but what did he claim that's making news in that dinner? >> i spoke to a source who was at the dinner, late last night around 1 1:00, they told me he went on a riff about the embassy in jerusalem. they said he learned that it was going to cost $1 billion to build and he said so he called david friedman, his ambassador to israel and i said david, i can do it for $180,000 and trump says, you're making me look cheap, david, get the good marble. spend $400,000. i have no idea whether it actually happened, but it's what he said to the group last night. >> it sounds a lot like him. >> i wonder if he's going to
3:00 am
have a lot of gold on the embassy there in jerusalem. jonathan swan, live for us in washington, d.c., thank you very much. we're going to be reading axios a.m. in just a little bit. can you sign up for the newsletter by going to that does it for us, i'm yasmin vossoughian, alongside ayman mohyeldin and louis burgdorf, "morning joe" starts right now. good morning and welcome to "morning joe." we begin with four words "tone deaf, callous, heartless." we have the secretary of homeland security, kirstjen nielsen choosing to eat at a mexican restaurant last night where she was promptly heckled by protesters. we have that video for you, and we'll show it to you later. not sure why she thought that was the place to go after her presentation of lies and deceit about how children are treated at the border. now to callous -- here's the president's former white house press secretary,


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