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tv   MTP Daily  MSNBC  June 21, 2018 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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hi, chuck. >> notebook, how are you? i see what you did here in the bank. >> i know what you are thinking. >> i'm impressed. well done. thank you nicolle, happy thursday to you. >> you too. >> if it's thursday, what is the damage? tonight, the remessaging on reuniting families. president trump deemploys the first lady to the border. >> it really bothered her to be looking at this and to seeing it, as it bothered me. >> and i would also like to ask you how i can help to these students to reunite with their families. >> plus, the president may have created this problem but he is desperately trying to blame everybody else for it. >> the big open border people. it is a whole big con job. in the meantime people are suffering because of the democrats. >> this is "mtp daily," and it starts right now. ♪ good evening i'm chuck todd
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here in washington. welcome the "mtp daily." when you make a big mess, it's hard to clean it up. this administration made a big mess by instituting a policy which broke up families at the border. right now it looks as if they are reckoning with the immense difficulty of trying to clean it up. today the first lady made a surprise rift to a children's shelter at the border that's housing some kids who were separated from their parents. reporters traveling with the first lady were told most of the children arrived as unaccompanied minors at that shelter. but about six were separated from their families at that shelter. we heard with mrs. trump plea to local officials to reunite families that have been separated. today the president attempted to wash his hands that he arguably made for himself and for his party by instituting this zero tolerance policy. >> my wife, our first lady s down now at the border because it really bothered her to be
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looking at this and to seeing it as it bothered me, as it bothered everybody at this table. we are all bothered by it. >> we keep saying this, but if it bothered the president to see families broken up, why did he institute a policy that would break up families? which brings us to the daunting challenge of reuniting they families. the president said he drebted the administration to reunite families that were previously separated. last night the department of health and human services said they had received no guidance about carrying out such a directive. as officials scramble to undo what has been done by the president he is arguing we should blame the folks he usually tells us to blame. the other party. the democrats. >> they don't care about the children. they don't care about the injury. they don't care about the problems. they don't care with anything. >> his other favorite trope, blame obama you. >> look back at 2014 during the
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obama administration, they have pictures that were so bad, they had a judge that said it was inhumane the way they were treating children. inhumane treatment. they were treating them terribly. >> then of course don't forget you can always blame mexico. >> they do nothing for us at the border. they encourage people frankly to walk through mexico and go into the united states. because they are drug traffickers. they are human traffickers. they are coyotes. i mean, we are getting some real beauties. mexico is doing nothing for us except taking our money and sending us drugs. >> guessing that message will only encourage the mexicans to want to help the american president more. and the legislation fix he backed to us a sentencebly fix the problem long term, well he undermined that this morning and they had to postpone the
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compromise bill vote. joining us. our panel of experts. sahil, it is now the cleanup. and this cleanup is -- it was amazing to watch the president today, the first lady made this surprise visit. and it -- she didn't let him -- he didn't let her finish the visit before he decided to interrupt her and have one of his crazy monologues. >> right. it's chaos right you no. this issue is far from resolved. there is going to be litigation challenging the executive order if it end up throwing children in jail with their parents. there are loopholes that don't necessarily stop border agents from doing what they have been doing. there is an attempt at a legislative fix that republican leaders say they want. they want the issue off of their
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backs but the president is undercutting the house republican efforts saying it is not going to get passed anyway. it's chaos all over the place, the substance, the messaging, the path forward, unclear. >> at some point chaos becomes a question of competency. to me, one of the reasons i feel like this one is leaving a mark on him as opposed to other stories is that it's starting the look incompetent. listen. >> are you intending to send a message? >> i find that offensive. no. >> this is not a policy that people are excited about halle. >> we have a law in this country. i have talked about my compassion. >> doesn't mean you have to separate kids and families. >> christopher, nobody said it did. >> the democrats gave us that law. >> we don't want judges.
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we want security alone the border. >> congress alone can fix it. >> i will be signing something in a little while that's going to do that. >> that's my point here. all the tricks. at what point does this become incompetentsy? the reason i ask, incompetentsy was the final straw for the bush years in '06. katrina was the incompetentsy straw that broke the back. >> are they really cleaning it up? he did an executive order. there is no evidence they seriously stepped back and said what legal change does we need, what do we need to get in court? what bureaucratsic chains do we need to make in order to have a legal solution to this immigration program. >> you are helping to write the legislation now. >> katrina was horrible. they fired people. they had serious people suddenly take charge. they put money into norris. they had a policy. that's true after other screwups. there is no evidence they are at all serious about that. it is going to leave a mark because it has real effects. someone compared the other night
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it with trump is always good at these things, the demagogues and the nfl players taking a knee. that's symbolism. the nfl players didn't suffer because trump attacked them. the suffering continues. >> that's the critical point. because it's not simply the incompetence. incompetence is a problem for presidents when they are 500 plus days into their terms. it is the lack of compassion. that's what the seeming indifference, whether it was fair or not, of president bush during ka a. >> right. >> but that was apparent lack of caring about an act of god of this is not an act of god. this is an act of trump. and he and his policy no matter when they say it's not -- and the lack of apparent caring. it's not that i don't know how to run this government. it's that we are hearing the cries of crying children. >> i have got play the magazine covers are out. time and new yorker are out. the time one you have probably
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seen. the new yorker is right here. the crying child with president trump and then here's "the new yorker" one, hiding inside the skirt of lady liberty. >> lady liberty quote was added later, so we shouldn't worry about it about huddled masses. >> it's not like he can just issue an executive order and talk about something else now. it is what is going to happen. >> that's different about this time. >> what happens at the border now, after 20 days, if floors isn't modified. if you had a serious administration they would be working with congress, there would be meetings going on full-time with congressional leaders, there would be dhs and hhs meetings going on to coordinate the agencies. >> this was not a policy implemented by a executive order. and the president dot not need a executive order to stop it.
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it's prosecutorial discretion. it's up to agencies to decide whether a mother who is 30 with a 2-year-old son crossing the border is a criminal threat. to you prosecute them criminally or put them in the civil department. it is akin to saying are we going to use all of our resources to prosecute jay walkers in a violent neighborhood? >> he has to yield on the wall to have a reasonable resolution, i think. >> a kprarible resolution when they adopted the zero tolerance policy would have thought about the completely obvious effects of that right now. you are completely right about the executive order. either it's going to be ineffective in doing what the president says it's going to do or it's i will and the courts are going to say no you can't keep children in cages without their parents is really bad. but children in cages with their parents, also bad. >> this is the root of the discord.
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there are two people in this administration, attorney general sessions and steven miller when are true believers. i don't think it matters how many children are separated, the stories, how long people are talking about it, what the images are. i covered those people in the senate. >> to back up your point i want to show you a jeff sessions interview today with david brody at the christian broadcasting network. here's a quick clip. >> it hasn't been good. and the american people don't like the idea that we are separating families. we never really intended to do that. what we intended to do was to make sure that adults who bring children into the country are charged with the crime they have committed. instead of giving that special group of adults immunity from prosecution. which is what in effect we were doing. >> so -- >> right. >> you know, he is trying to sound compassionate in selling the policy but as you say there is no regret about the policy, about criminalizing this.
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>> there is not. but other people in the administration are clearly uncomfortable. secretary nielsen has been all over the map trying to explain it. schwarzenegger said this was reflected in the bible, it was biblical somehow. the messaging has been a mess because other people in the administration are not comfortable with this policy. and the president ultimately it got to him and that's why he reversed course. >> bill, has immigration broken your party? is this the proof that essentially this issue is essentially -- while it unites the base it has broken them, paralyzed them on everything else it seems. >> it seems like they can't get the alleged compromise bill through the house. we will see what happens tomorrow. i think it has. maybe the fever has broken. this is what i hope. it's easy to indulge in the rhetoric, build a wall, why not. enforce the law. why not. their genuine issues obviously with immigration policy and whether low income people are
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hurt by illegal immigrants and so forth. maybe this breaks the fever. people say wait a second this is a serious policy, there are trade-offs, pluses and minus, there is a mixture of thing that you have to do and maybe the demagoguing audit -- demagogues get away with demagoguery had he there are no real world effects. the nfl players. he is worsening racial tensions but it has no real effect. here they are seeing rel consequences. he wants zero tolerance policy, puts the policy in place. we have children separated from their parents, no policy going forward that's coherent. and relationships with mexico going south. >> immigration fractured the republican party before. it strikes me it's fairer to say donald trump broken the republican party. if we had president romney or president cruz or president
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rubio for president jeb bush we would not be having this specific crisis right now. this is a trump specific crisis and the people he brought with him. >> the wall is an applause line at rallies. immigration is a talking point, illegal immigration is a talking point. the goal of trump and his allies is to cut illegal immigration, future flows of illegal immigration. that is why there has been no daca compromise in the house and senate. they caved on the wall but legal immigration is splitting the republican business community and the pro immigration community from the trump -- >> i would say in the last couple of days i have talked to some people that are reliable that republicans have had enough and are tell house republicans if you don't repudiate the president on daca and immigration -- put out a statement that this is unfortunate or happening. we want you to step away from and against the president on this. if you are not going to do it i'm not there anymore.
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maybe there will be a moment of reckoning. you can't indulge this kind of irresponsible demagoguery. >> i am double-checking here but i believe there is mike hoffman, the house republican of colorado who is always vulnerable. he's in the suburban denver seat. he learned spanish in order to defend the see. he is calling for the president to fire steven miller. >> that's the first republican to call for that. >> to do that. i'm thinking at the end of the day, steven miller's name id is only high in washington, d.c. i don't know if that matters in aurora or denver or wherever but it gets to the fracture. >> the driving force behind so much of this. >> one thing that we know about donald trump, when there is a problem, it is not higgs fault. i'm being sarcastic here for anybody who is missing that. so if it is not his fault and this policy or not policy has just gone very doesn't hiwnhill,
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we know somebody is going to take the fall for it. >> i hear you. but there are certain people who are immune. scott pruitt has become immune because they are so good at becoming defenders of him. steven miller has been at his side. >> it could be jeff sessions. >> will they ever get serious. i have been in white houses that crewed up. we had our own problems in the first bush administration. their calls saying what do we need to do legally. in terms of policy, do we need special appropriations. there seems to be no evidence of being serious about dealing with the actual problem. >> that's assumes there is a chief of staff that's active. last time we heard he is at the gym two or three hours a day. stick around. up ahead, after one failed bill today republicans pulled the plan to vote on a second immigration bill. i know we are all shocked about that.
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will another day really make a difference or did the jet fumes of national kill that one, too. or is it just going to be yet another failure of them to try to govern alone? we'll be right back. this is no ordinary coffee. it's single-origin kenyan coffee from the nyeri highlands, 6,000 feet above sea level. but how do you really know that the beans journeyed to the port of mombasa and across the pacific? that you can trust they're 100% authentic? ibm blockchain. a smart way to track every step, ensuring this coffee did indeed come
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with those who make life worth living. ♪ every way we look out for those we love is an act of mutuality. we can help with the financial ones. learn more or find an advisor at welcome back. house republicans are once again struggling to push an immigration bill across the finish line. the house was supposed to vote on two competing bills today to address the favorite young immigrants protected by daca and prevent family separations at the border. instead house republicans find themselv themselves negotiating bills doomed to fail. one did fail today and republican leaders are delaying their quote preferred bill until tomorrow as they try to round up the votes.
2:20 pm
it's due to the same infighting distrust between the centrist and conservative factions that dogged this administration since day one. trump didn't make things easier when he tweeted that the votes were an exercise in futility. quote what is the purpose the house doing good immigration bills when you need nine democrats and they are only looking to obstruct bass they feel it's good for them in the mid terms. get rid of the stupid filibuster rule. >> joining us now, kasie hunt. look, there are a lot of reasons why this immigration bill died, is about to die again, and dids going to die in different ways. is it the president's fault? i mean, is it because the president won't sell it? is that ultimately the issue? >> i think it is a significant part of the issue because the problem is on, as it always seems to be, in the house republican conference, the problem is on the right flank.
2:21 pm
frankly the president is the only one who has the power to twist those arms hard enough to get something like this done. but you know, as you know, chuck, this president seems to respond to whatever the last thing is that anybody has told him. when he was sitting there with senators and they are saying well mr. president even if this bill passes the house it's never going to become law because we are not going to pass it in the senate. then he says that's ridiculous, why are we even bothering to do this in the first place? which of course micrososunderst the way this all came to go. the moderate wing of the conference is upset. they feel like the freedom caucus didn't negotiate in good faith. moved the goal posts at the last stand. this is another round of grand standing. they agreed to do the vote to alleviate the discharge petition. that's a miscalculation.
2:22 pm
one thing people haven't focused upon is that fact speaker ryan is leaving. these moderates that were previously interested in making sure he was in a secure position -- >> they don't care, do they. >> they don't -- he doesn't have that anymore. so that inker is boiling over. >> what happens next? i mean let's be realistic. we know this house republican leadership well. if they know a bill is going to die, they usually pull it. a doubt a vote happens tomorrow. what does jeff denham and corals car bello and mike kaufman -- right, what do they do next? >> i think the actual question here is that in the rub, with pulling it, you are right, they usually do. but they promised them a vote. they promised them a vote in exchange for dropping the discharge petition. and i think that if moderates don't get a chance to vote on this bill, you are going to see that anger boil over. there is already conversations about another discharge petition around another bill in a frankly would be further to the left than this compromise that they have worked out.
2:23 pm
the democrats would probably be more excited about that bill that heard and aguilar have been working on. people shorthand it as the heard/aguilar bill. i think there would be outrage against the speaker if he didn't go ahead with the vote. they said fine we will delay it try to convince people but i have trouble seeing the fundamental underlying dynamics here changing much between now and tomorrow morning. >> the good lat bill, did it get more votes than you expected. >> in some ways, yes but not really. i think it came out about where we expected it to be. to a certain extent there is a relatively small number of republicans for whom it was a problematic vote. you saw those people vote against it. i think for others in some ways it is safer to be on the side of the immigration hardliners. >> okay. what time is this vote supposed to be tomorrow? we have already learned many members think they are going to
2:24 pm
be flying home tomorrow that they are not going to be available in the afternoon. are they getting the vote in? >> the jet fumes are strong. they are strong for us. i think, who knows, if they open the vote and they are trying to wrangle people on the floor and it stretch into a couple of hours yeah you could see it stretch into the afternoon but people are here with their families. all of their kids are in town. >> school is out. >> there is supposed to be a congressional picnic at the white house. that's a lot of people to have to reschedule flights for. i would be surprised. >> fair point. i will be too. i have a feeling you will have lighter day than you expect tomorrow. >> probably. >> who knows. this is the trump era. >> never know. >> up ahead, is president trump suffering from a case of upper crust envy? greetings, sprint engineers. i've analyzed the data. these days all networks are great. yet some humans choose to pay so much more with verizon when they could be saving with sprint. don't forget we've got the best price for unlimited. and, sprint offers 50% off a samsung galaxy s9 lease.
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welcome back. tonight i'm obsessed with sigmund freud and donald trump. enjoy that, huh. surely had the two men, dr. freud we have diagnosed the president with a severe case of elite envy. for a guy who claims he is just a regular guy, just folks, he sures to think a lot about the elite. >> the political and media elite have no idea what it's like to be living on a paycheck, paycheck to paycheck. a failed political elite. the media and political elite. the political elite.
2:29 pm
political elite. these insiders. the political elites, as they say. they are elite. the elead. the elite people. they call themselves the elite. the elite. the elites in government. the people of the party they call them the elites or they call them whatever they call them. i always hear about the elite. you know, the auto lead. they call them the elite. really, they are elite? >> resentful maybe? president trump may have a reason to be. maybe it's because of his sub on queens accent, outer burrow -- whatever it is, no matter how much money he claimed to have made donald trump was never welcomed by the upper crust of new york society. you need to remember that when you hear him rant about that. you would think being elected president of the united states would have been a good enough take that suckers moment for him. right? as much as wants to beat them what it turns out what he really
2:30 pm
wants to be them. here's the president last night in duluth, minnesota. >> haven't you noticed they always call the other side, and they do this -- the elite. the elite. why are they elite? i have a much better apartment than they do. i'm smarter than they are. i'm rich are eer than they are. i became president, and they didn't. >> i guess his apartment is better. i'm not crazy about wanting to live on fifth avenue. you know what, it sounds what he really wants to be is to be invited to their apartment. by the way, you know who started this elite business? his political rhetoric. but anyway, we'll be right back. shoes, & he's got wide feet. & with edge-to-edge intelligence you've got near real time inventory updates. & he'll find the same shoes in your store that he found online
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i'm leslie picker with the cnbc market wrap. the major averages closing lower across the board, kept under pressure by looming trade
2:34 pm
tensions. the dow tumbled 196 points. the s&p fell 17 points. the nasdaq closed 68 points lower. and shares of amazon dip after a new supreme court ruling allowing states to collect sales tax on e-commerce companies with no physical presence in their state. amazon may stand to gain from the ruling moving forward as it already collects sales tax on goods it sells directly. that's it from cnbc first if business worldwide. now back to "mtp daily." welcome back. republicans in the house postponed their immigration compromise vote until tomorrow, if they actually hold that vote. we'll see. about you president trump essentially did sound the death knell for congressional immigration in the cabinetet mooing. he said the democrats won't work to get to 60 votes on a bill this the senate. >> they content dare about children. they don't care about the
2:35 pm
injury. they don't care about the problems. they don't care about anything. all they do is say obstruct, and let's see how we do. because they have no policies that are any good. they are not good politicians. they have got nothing going. all they are good at is obstructing. and they generally stick together. i respect them for that. that's about it. their policies stink. they are no good. they have no ideas. they have no nothing. the democrats. >> joining me now is up with of those democratic senators, oregon's jeff merkley. he was barred entry to a migrant detention facility in brownsville texas more than three weeks ago, arguably you could say of the elected officials out there was one of the first to sound the alarm of what we were seeing at the border. senator welcome back to the show. >> thank you chuck. good to be with you. >> i want to get to both issues. let me go to this larger issue of the immigration refroorm and what's doable and what isn't. if i'm not mistaken the president of the united states
2:36 pm
offered chuck shumary deal, schumer took and it the president rescinded the deal. the deal essentially was daca and full funding for the wall, you know work out some of the details, done deal. is that your understanding and was that still a form of a deal that you could still support if it showed back up? >> absolutely. it's true they brought in the media and the house and the senate and said he would like to have a love bill and get this done and take the heat. two days later after taking the heat he collapsed. and he renounced any desire to get a deal done. we needed the president to actually have a spine in this case. and he failed us. >> i mean, just to reiterate. you will vote for funding for the wall, full funding for the wall? i mean you were willing -- you and some democrats were willing to do that if he was really willing to support citizenship
2:37 pm
for daca? >> what was in that bill was border security for a year by year basis. and border security done smart. not a wasted concrete wall in quite the vision that trump has. but i'm supporting border security. in 2013 the bill that we passed in the senate, super majority, both parties working to the had a ton of border security in it. >> what is -- what do you think is the -- let's -- wave your magic wand for me here. what would you like to see the border will be like? what would you like to see this immigration policy look like at the border for now? >> well, what we have at the moment is a situation where the president has said two things yesterday. he said first those 2300 kids that are out there who have been separated i'm not going to help them out. they are left on their own. he had his director the administrator of children and families come out and say nobody is grandfathered here we are not going the take care of those
2:38 pm
already separated. then the president proposed a send plan, handcuffs for all. we are not just throw the parents in prison, we are going to throw the children in prison. we did this before. it was called a japanese internment camp. it was a dark period in america to put families in prison. that is not the answer. what the answer is are programs that work like the program -- like the case manager program, which had 100% success rate in getting people to their hearings. >> obviously one of the problems, and this led to one of the court rulings and this is what the bem administration came up to -- obama administration came up to which is this issue there is a backlog. especially right now,s that an inundation because of the political situation in vary yoes central american countries -- frankly, we could have a segment on our lack of a foreign policy for central america. but set that aside. i guess when i'm asking is what do you do with these families if catch and release isn't a
2:39 pm
reliable system? what would you do with these families where you need more time to decide their asylum cases. we did have a reliable system, a system in the family case management program that turned out people according to the inspector general of 100% at their hearings. and it use -- they used combinations. they used electronic tracking, they used people who speak the language of the people. tracked where they were with cell phones. they basically stayed in close touch. that worked. and it cost a fraction, a tiny fraction of imprisonment. it was better for the kids, better for the parents. it was treating people fleeing persecution with respect and dignity. it was better policy on every single front than what the president is proposing which is going to inflict more harmon children, to continue this deterrence stream. hurting kids for deterrence is unacceptable of it is a unacceptable to hurt them through family separation and unacceptable to do it through
2:40 pm
family incarceration. >> it's clear in congress you have to do a stand alone bill on this issue because we are going to see legal challenges to the president's order. you are not a fan of the cruz bill. you signed onto the feinstein bill. obviously there is a desire to merge something here. how would you improve the cruz bill so you could sign onto it? >> the cruz bill says we are going to have a hearing in 14 days to determine asylum. realize that shows he has no understanding of people arriving in the united states of america who have been fleeing persecution. they do not have paperwork with them. they don't have a smart phone with them. they don't have the ability to just dial up back home and get the records they need to make their case because they have to prove their case that they were victims of persecution and that they have a significant legitimate fear of returning home. the consequences. that is -- >> what's a reasonable period in
2:41 pm
your opinion? >> i think probably -- as a non-lawyer -- i'm shooting in the dark here but my impression is four months. you need time to get the documentation from back home. >> more than 20 days. >> yes and you have to have access to attorneys. i went up and visited 123 men in sheridan prison in oregon last saturday. they did not have access to attorneys. they did not know when they were ever going to get even a conversation about the creditsing the border or a date for -- crossing the border or a data to go through the first stage of seeking asylum. they were in complete limbo. almost a koss.esque situation in which some big government force tossed them into prison when they thought they were arriving in america to be treated respectfully and then proceeded to give them no information how to contact their children how to get an attorney or what was the next date on the agenda for them. >> if you can talk the republicans into extending the period much longer than 14 days, my guess is if you put out 120,
2:42 pm
maybe the republicans come back and you compromise at 6, day, a couple of months or something like that -- if that's fixed then you can sign on to this cruz bill? are there other issues you may have? >> absolutely not. this is a handcuffs for all bill. it goes hand in hand with what the president is laying out, which is lock people up. that is unnecessary. we have had good programs that the administration ended that were closely monitoring people cost less and treated people with dignity. his strategy of treating everyone as a criminal and criminalizing the children as well is absolutely wrong. >> so do you think you could have two -- would you propose two systems, so folks with children sort of have, you know, are dealt with one way, folks that come over on their own as adults are dealt with another way. >> you don't need to have two systems, case management worked for those with and without children. >> you are pretty confident. why do you think this has been a difficult thing to sell to republicans? >> well, the president wanted to
2:43 pm
turn immigration into a campaign issue for this fall. so he decide after that tuesday trump that was all happy about doing a deal -- then he took heat for two days and decided to make ms-1 the symbol of those coming across our bore dee. he decided to turn it into a campaign issue, exploit these children in order to drive the agenda. it is a racist bigoted cruel inhumane, immoral and doesn't fit into any religious tradition in the world. >> final question -- maybe it's unanswerable. but i feel lining each party, we get to this brink every election year. and the party in power, you know, sort of fails to get there. and you know in 2010 it was senate democrats who wanted the issue supposedly the president at the time, obama, wanted the compromise. the point is, are we ever going to get here? or is one party always going to see political advantage to not cutting a deal. >> no 2013 we put together a group of eight senators, four
2:44 pm
democrats, four republicans, they worked out security at the border, security for overstaying visas, using visas effectively for farming and for high-tech. they worked out a -- all of that. it had a super majority support with ds and rs on board. it passed the senate. would have easily passed the house but the speaker of the house refused to put it up for a vote. we got close. so that means we could get it done. >> senator, merkley, eternal optimist. i'm paid to be the cynic. up ahead, new numbers democrats can really feel good about. hello. the new united explorer card hooks me up. getting more for getting away. rewarded! going new places and tasting new flavors. rewarded! traveling lighter. rewarded! (haha)
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welcome back. tonight in meet the mid terms, a poll update. democrats have something to smile about in a couple of key senate races. two polls have the democratic incumbent senators up in states carried by president trump in 2016. west virginia, joe manchin has a 7 point lead over republican challenger patrick morrisey that state's attorney general in a new monmouth poll. manchin's lead would grow in this poll when blankenship is included. then there is wisconsin. this is a race it's unclear republicans will try to put it in play. the democrat tam o'baldwin leads both of her potential
2:47 pm
challengers. a 9 point lead over the establishment candidate and an 11 point lead over the one running further to the right there. these polls are not in blowout range at all but democrats are happy at this point to be in the ball game. particularly those west virginia numbers considering what they thought they would be when the year began. we will be back with more "mtp daily" after this. and it's also a story about people. people who rely on us every day to deliver their dreams they're handing us more than mail they're handing us their business and while we make more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country, we never forget... that your business is our business the united states postal service. priority: you ♪
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success in north korea. we continue to work on that. mike pompeo has been fantastic. john bolton working together with mike has been fantastic. i don't know where -- there he is. thought he might have gone back to north korea. he spent so much time in north korea. >> i love that. he couldn't find the guy sitting next to him. time now for the lid. president trump had a rollicking press spray this afternoon where he seemed frustrated and at
2:50 pm
times scattered. a panel is back. sahil, ruth, and bill. the more he is in a corner, the more he lashes out. but i want to -- he had a rambl the democratic party. let me play it. >> they have no policies that are any good. they're not good politicians. they got nothing going. all they're good at is obstructing, and they generally stick together. i respect them for that. that's about it. their policies stink. they're no good. they have no ideas. they have no nothing, the democrats. i'd invite them to come over to the white house anytime they want. this afternoon would be good. after the cabinet meeting would be good. they are invited, officially. i'll let you do the inviting. >> you know, bill, i'm old enough to remember when barack obama would have a slight attack on the republican party, there would be all of this outrage, he demeans -- that's why we don't speak to him and don't negotiate with him. i'm going, why would any
2:51 pm
democrat negotiate with somebody that says that? >> that's a good point. >> i'm sorry, that is not how you instigate negotiations. >> it's really not the way you behave if you're president. it's one thing for the republican national chairman to make partisan attacks. when i was in the white house 25 years ago, the press secretary never said the word republican or democrat from the white house podium. he was the nation's spokesman. he would say, we believe this bill is a good bill, we hope the congress will act on it. we're disappointed that some members of congress aren't on board. but he wouldn't -- but that was -- i mean, it's so beyond that, can't even like pretend -- >> and i don't think that's the reason that democrats -- >> no, it's probably not. >> it's the fact that trump says something and he won't talk about it. the tuesday trump, the thursday trump. remember the immigration meeting where he sat around with democrats and said, whatever you come up with, i'll sign it.
2:52 pm
i don't want to say this, that, or the other, a few days later, it was very different. on guns, he promised to take on the nra if they weren't willing to raise the age, a bunch of other provisions. he said it before, switched on that. i just don't think democrats will stick to where he is. >> i don't think moderate republicans do either, which is why this bill may have gone south in the house. he isn't a trusted negotiating partner. i'd argue he's poisoning the well even more. >> well, the well came pretty poisoned. >> no doubt. >> what barack obama used to get brief for, failing to reach out at republicans and he bristled -- in case the president is watching, the old president, and he bristled at that. >> i used to say this, president obama reached out halfway, and he would be disappointed if he didn't get the halfway. i used to have to say,
2:53 pm
presidents have to reach out 80% of the way, that's what a good president does, clinton, reagan, at times, you reach, you overreach. >> as bill was saying, whether you're the president or the press secretary, you model good behavior. we are not modeling good behavior here, to put it mildly. >> but i blame congress in this respect. they have the president we have. he talks about infesting the country with immigrants. i wouldn't blame a democrat or a republican for saying, i don't even want to negotiate with him after that rhetoric. but they can talk to each other. it's complicated. or move each to the middle have a vote. this is why we have a senate and a house. and then i think trump signs it. but mcconnell and schumer won't sit down. the committee chairs don't sit down. >> jehad jeff merkley said nice things about ted cruz would he have gotten roasted on twitter?
2:54 pm
>> president trump inherited a very polarized country. he has doused some gas on the fire. >> there's only gas in his mug, not diet coke anymore. >> that's what we saw. it's primal anger and frustration that he's not able to get what he wants on these issues and i think he's not able to get democrats coming and giving him a lot of what he wants. >> congress has to step up and really for the good of the country. we have a problem. the current situation is not figure to solve itself. today they announced -- the pentagon announced they had been talking with hhs about taking 20,000 kids into four military bases. not 2,000. so maybe mcconnell and schumer or the relevant committee chair, remember these things called committees, they would get together and say, what can we compromise up, compromise so, or have compromise on or ever vote. >> this is one of the darkest
2:55 pm
hours in our history, even compared to the days of slavery where children were ripped away from their families. >> i'll leave it there. sorry to depress you with that one. up ahead, signature issues. this is laura. and butch. and tank. and tiny. and this is laura's mobile dog grooming palace. laura can clean up a retriever that rolled in foxtails, but she's not much on "articles of organization." articles of what? so, she turned to legalzoom. they helped me out. she means we helped with her llc, trademark, and a lot of other legal stuff that's a part of running a business. so laura can get back to the dogs.
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well, in case you missed it, the first couple seem to be in entirely different worlds. she visited a shelter and her husband doubled down with harsh
2:59 pm
comments about mexico. they couldn't be more different, the president and the fled. except in one way. oh, i don't care about that other thing. they have very similar signatures. look at the razor sharp hills and valleys. each signature reminded us of something. sound waves is one. we decided to run both signatures through our sound wai wave analyzer. what came out was interesting. let's play the first lady's signature. ♪ ♪ [ sweet melody ]. >> okay, now the president's. >> bing bing, bang bang, bong bong, plink. it's amazing what our sound system looks like these days. but when you put the two of them together, somehow it really does work, don't you think?
3:00 pm
♪ ♪ bing bing bang bang bong bong, bang bang plink ♪ >> that's all for tonight. tomorrow we'll be back with more "mtp daily." "the beat with ari melber" starts right now. >> our top star tonight is donald trump's unending humanitarian crisis, over 2,000 children orphaned from this executive order rushed out under pressure. our nation continues to bear witness to what happens when cruelty is deployed as policy. that's how these kids were separated. and then what happens when the chief executive office is rife with what can only be called incompetence. the order the president issued yesterday shows how deeply the president and his aides did not understand how


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