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tv   First Look  MSNBC  June 22, 2018 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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>> that's our broadcast on a thursday night. thank you so very much for being here with us. good night from nbc headquarters here in new york. this morning a border battle drawing worldwide attention. first lady melania trump makes an a unannounced trip to texas over mounting questions on how the administration will reunite thousands of children. >> plus protests in pittsburgh over the fatal shooting of an your honor armed teenager. protesters are demanding answers. and the cast of "roseanne" is returning to television without its name sake. a spinoff series the conners has been given the green light without roseanne barr.
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good morning, it's friday, june 22nd. first lady melania trump is back in washington this morning after making a surprise visit to texas yesterday. she got a firsthand look at the crisis laying out on the border. now, the unannounced trip came a day after president trump signed an executive order to stop the separation of children and parents along that border. in mccallen, texas, she visited a children's shelter that houses 55 kids, most of them teenagers, only six of them have been separated from their parents. a spokesperson for the first lady said mrs. trump wanted to see the situation for herself and that the trip was 100% her idea. the spokesperson also said the visit was planned before the president signed the executive order ending those separations. >> i'm here to learn about your facility and i also would like to ask you how i can help to these children to reunite with
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their families as quickly as possible. >> all right. so mrs. trump had also planned to try and visit customs and border patrol processing centers while she was there in texas but had to cancel because of flooding in the area. >> meanwhile, there is speculation this morning about the jacket the first lady wore on her visit. she wore a green jacket as you see there with this message on it, quote, i don't really care, do you? written across the back in white graffiti style text. her spokeswoman said in a statement it's a jacket, there was no hidden message. after today's important visit to texas i hope the media is not going to choose to focus on her wardrobe. president trump writes it refers to the fake news media. she truly no longer cares. >> as congress punts their immigration bill to next week the trump administration has caused confusion.
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still struggling to explain how migrant families will be reunited with their families once again. instructions to reunite the more than 2,300 children separated from adults under the policy are likely to take weeks to draft and actually carry out. an administration official told the "wall street journal." now, nbc news reports adults who are intercepted entering the country illegally receive something called a file number from dhs that designates their legal case. if they are accompanied by their children the kids receive the same file number. if parents are separated from their children, however, the children receive different a file numbers which can make it more complicated to pair a parent and child in the future. now, after the migrant parents who were separated from their kids have their cases adjudicated, meaning after they are actually deported, jailed or even released, this he can use these a file numbers to locate their children or to arrange communication. that's just a portion of the children's crisis that is unfolding at the border.
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the pentagon confirmed thursday that the department of health and human services had requested they provide space for 20,000 migrant children at military bases in texas and arkansas. >> if there hasn't been enough confusion there's even more going on about the zero tolerance prosecution policy for illegal border crossings. in the wake of the president's executive order the u.s. attorney's office in west texas said they will dismiss the cases of adults separated from their children and then an hour later they actually retracted that statement. when asked about prosecutions president trump is insisting he will continue to enforce a get tough policy. >> we have to have a very tough policy otherwise you have millions and millions of people pouring into our country. we can't have that. we have no choice. we have to have a very strong border, if we don't you will have millions and millions of people. look what's happening today look like child's play. it will be a terrible thing if we ever did that. so we have to be very, very strong on the border.
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if we don't do it you will be inundated with people and you really won't have a country anymore. without borders you don't have a country. i've said it for a long time. >> it's still unclear this morning what will happen to children who have already been separated from their parents. nbc news international correspondent cal perry has been covering developments outside of tent city in texas and has the latest for us. >> reporter: good morning. really confusion continuing to reign on this story and reign across the country. we still don't know how many kids are in the camp behind me and we do do not know when they are being moved. we do see in the middle of the night vans leaving under the cover of darkness. with he cannot get into that camp to verify some of the numbers. it's not just us, of course, we saw two dozen mayors converged on this spot yesterday to protest what's going on across the country. they gave a press conference here and walked the short distance behind me to that compound. they were met there by security
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from homeland security department and they were told that they not only could not enter, but that they needed to move back for their own safety and security. the mayors obviously very frustrated telling me that they've been told it's going to take two weeks to process their application to get access to that camp. two of the mayors in particular, bill de blasio and the mayor walked across the bridge to get a better look. it's not clear in the executive order, they're caught in this strange loophole where we know of course on the new executive order that the united states government is no longer going to separate kids from the parents, but it's unclear what the policy is on kids that have already been separated out. there is some word and reporting that they could be used to u.s. military bases. one of the issues there as it is here is that the u.s. public and the media is simply not going to have access to these kids as
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they're moved around the country. cal perry, nbc news. new york city mayor bill de blasio was actually in texas yesterday, will be a guest on "morning joe" in just a little while. attorney general jeff sessions is pulling back from his harsh stance on illegal immigration. in an interview with the christian broadcasting network last night sessions did a complete about face on his highly criticized and now fractured zero tolerance policy. take a listen to this. >> it hasn't been good and the american people don't like the idea that we are separating families. we never really intended to do that. what we intended to do was to make sure that adults who bring children into the country are charged with the crime they have committed. instead of giving that special group of adults immunity from prosecution, which is what in effect we were doing.
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so i think it's the right thing, we will work our way through it and try to do it in the most compassionate way possible. >> so sessions may be claiming the policy didn't intend to separate families, but, in fact, his own words are now working against him. watch this. >> i have ordered each united states attorneys office along the southwest border to have a zero tolerance policy toward illegal entry. our goal is to prosecute every case that is brought to us. >> if you don't want your child to be separated, then don't bring them across the border illegally. it's not our fault. >> our policies that can result in short term separation of families is not unusual or unjustified and it's really a very short period of time. >> all right. so joining us here on set national political reporter for real clear politics kately huey-burns. great to have you with us on
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this from i morning. let's talk about the white house's policy on prosecuting families. do they have a clear position now that has emerged in terms of what they plan on doing with people that they are saying are coming in illegally into this country? >> they're saying they are going to continue prosecutions but keeping the families together, but of course that has raised a lot of questions and lawmakers are still trying to even figure this out about what they're doing to reunite children with their families and also what this would actually look like detaining families together. of course, the executive order while welcome news for a lot of folks also of course opens up to potential court challenges. so lawmakers are trying to figure out what to do next. we saw over the past day that their efforts on immigration have not been -- they haven't really made much progress, but they feel like they need to make some kind of legislative fix because there are so many questions about what this order actually does. >> i feel like when the
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executive order was sent people felt like they could take a breath because they feel it's moving in the right direction but there are so many questions now and one of the biggest questions is how are these 2,000 to 3,000 kids that are on their own that are in these detention centers separated from their mothers and fathers how are they going to get reunited with their parents. does the government have a plan in place to make sure that happens in a timely manner >> in a timely manner is key here. what's also interesting was that this executive order you got the impression that it was hastily arranged by the president, just the way in which he presented it, the way on which a lot of folks on capitol hill weren't apprised to exactly what would be going on, doj, dhs are saying they are working together on this, they are trying to come up with some kind of way you described earlier in the segment, but still there are a lot of question marks and also kind of how long this can actually go on for legally quite frankly. >> thank you. we will talk to you again at the
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bottom of the hour. all right. the cast of roseanne is making another tv come back, this time without their name sake character, roseanne barr. abc announcing thursday that the cast and crew of the hit series have signed on for a ten-episode spinoff. the network says the new series "the conners" is their working title and will have no creative or financial involvement by roseanne barr. the show's former matriarch is behind the canceling of roseanne after her racist and politically charged tweets. abc was swift to end the show following immense backlash for the actor's comments. it is slated to air tuesdays at 8:00 p.m. this fall. it's going to take over the same time slot as the show's intended reboot. pulitzer prize winning columnist charles krauthammer died yesterday after two weeks after announcing he was terminally ill with cancer. he wrote a weekly column in the "washington post" where he worked for the last 34 years, a
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career path he had not set out on. a diving board accident after his first year at harvard medical school left him paralyzed with limited use of his hands. nevertheless, he went on to graduate at an early age, become an influential voice in the public arena writing columns that shaped the opinions of the world's leaders. fiercely advocating foreign intervention, supporting conservative policies and of late urging them to hold fast to their moral compass. charles krauthammer is survived by his wife robin and his son as well as his mother. he was 68 years old. still ahead, the latest on the investigation of a shooting death of an unarmed teen in pittsburgh. they say the officer who fired was sworn in hours earlier. a check on your weather when we come back.
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welcome back, everybody.
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protesters are taking -- protests, excuse me, are taking place in the streets of pittsburgh over the deadly shooting of an unarmed black teenager by police. 17-year-old antwon rose was killed after running from a traffic stop on tuesday. it was all caught on camera. ron mott has more and a warning, some of what you are about to see may be disturbing. >> so no justice, no peace. >> reporter: calls for justice for antwon rose. >> why are they shooting at him? all he did was run and they're shooting at them. >> reporter: cellphone video showing the 17-year-old black high school senior gunned down by east pittsburgh police after running from a traffic stop, shot three times. protesters rallied outside the county courthouse, the county leading the investigation into what happened. donna giles came with her 18-year-old son and 14-year-old daughter. >> they didn't have to shoot him in his back. >> is that could have been my brother, my friend, anybody that i know.
2:17 am
>> reporter: police have not identified the officer who opened fire on rose and another male as they were fleeing, no you revealing that officer had been sworn in just hours before the deadly shooting although he had been an officer in other departments, the officer now on leave. >> is the officer white? >> i don't understand what that has to do with the situation here. >> reporter: authorities stopped the car in which rose was a passenger because it matched the description of a vehicle involved in a drive-by shooting minutes earlier. police say two guns were found in the car on the floor. but rose was unarmed when he was shot. protesters demanding answers. >> there's obviously a racial bias in this and that is what we need to stop. >> obviously a very charged situation at the moment. thank you to ron mott for that report. there is new reporting on the relationship between donald trump and the publisher of the national inquirer including how the tabloid may have helped trump during the election. during the campaign michael cohen would sign off on stories and cover images about the
2:18 am
president before they were published, that's according to three people with knowledge about the practice who say the sharing of information with trump's team continued after he took office. david packer the ceo of the national inquirer's parent company american media is close friends with president trump. one person told the "washington post" that trump suggested stories to packer on a regular basis and had access to certainly articles before publication, including one about hillary clinton's health. american media's chief content officer denies sharing information about trump and cohen but tells the "washington post," quote, we made a very public endorsement of trump so it wouldn't be out of the ordinary for me to commission stories on his opponents, and that's what i did. i didn't do that at the behest of candidate trump or anyone associated with him, i did it because we are chasing good stories. as the "wall street journal" reports, federal prosecutors are investigating if american media coordinated with cohen during the election when it paid for the rights of a former playboy
2:19 am
model's story about an alleged affair with trump but never ran it. if so the unreported payment could be a violation of campaign finance law. let's get a check on your weather with meteorologist michelle grossman. >> the good news is it's friday. the bad news is we are tracking lots of showers, lots of storms for this weekend. many outdoor plans probably being moved indoors. we do have a severe outlook, a slight risk for storms in lamar, oklahoma city, jackson, birmingham and the potential for damaging winds, but also we could see a few tornadoes and also the risk for hail. 7 million people at risk for those storms. by saturday still a threat for storms in springfield, oklahoma city, ft. smith but the threat is less. for saturday many of us covered in green. graduation parties, outdoor sports probably will be moved indoors. we are looking at temperatures very warm in the south, a little cooler to the north, we have a
2:20 am
front dividing the two temperatures there. then sunday less of a threat for most of us in terms of the showers, but heavy rain falling in the center of the country, the plains and we could see some severe storms there as well. this is a setup for today, we have that front kind of been hanging out all week long, doesn't want to leave. it's finally on the move but generating a lot of showers and storms around it. you can see darker colors indicating the heavier rain there. it finally lifts up on saturday, it's going to bring in warmer air for parts of the northeast. very cool for many of us today in the northeast, below normal temperatures. we do have flash flood threat it's been raining in so many spots for the past couple days so any more rain falling on saturated grounds are going to give us the potential for some rain. this is what it looks like right now at this very hour, lots of showers falling in chicago, down to the south as well and into the northeast. we will talk more about the temperatures coming up because it will be very warm for some, some reaching 120 degrees this weekend. >> geez. >> i know. >> lots to watch out for.
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the phoenix suns took 7 foot center arizona deandre aiden with the topic last night. the sacramento kings selected bailey at number two. number three was doncic. and jeron jackson jr. was the top five. pick number five was trae young who was traded to atlanta for the number three pick luca doncic. an equalizer scored by australia off a penalty awarded by the video assistant referee resulted in a 1-1 draw between denmark and australia. france edged perú earning a spot in the round of 16 thanks to 19-year-old phenom imbape. a little attitude there as well. and a crushing defeat for leo messi and argentina now in
2:25 am
serious jeopardy of missing the knockout stage four years after making it to the finals. this as croatia advances to the round of 16 for the very first time in nearly two decades with yesterday's 3-nil victory. here is a look at today's lineup. brazil and costa rica. that is going to start at 8:00 a.m. eastern followed by a match between nigeria and iceland and this afternoon serbia takes on switzerland. catch all of this year's world cup action of course on telemundo. in nfl news the tampa bay buccaneers will begin this season without quarterback jameis winston who will be suspended three games. the ban stems from an accusation that winston allegedly groped an uber driver in march of 2016. according to the tampa bay times, winston is not expected to appeal that suspension. still ahead, house lawmakers have delayed a vote on a compromised immigration bill, but even with more time to add
2:26 am
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welcome back, everybody. it is the bottom of the hour. let's start with the morning's top stories. >> president trump continues to lash out at democrats over the issue on the border. meanwhile, there is utter chaos and confusion over whether the
2:30 am
zero tolerance policy is still in effect. and about the process of reuniting families, a lot of questions surrounding that. nbc's kristen welker has more. >> reporter: a soft touch with the soft lady on the ground. >> i want to thank you for your help. >> reporter: but a hard line on immigration from the president himself. >> they are the worst immigration laws in the history of the world. >> reporter: a day after the president retreated on the issue of separating families, there is still no public plan in place to reunite those roughly 2,300 children with their parents. dhs connect kirstjen nielsen on capitol hill unable to answer basic questions about their fate. >> what happens to the kids now that have been separate bd i their parents? >> they are implementing it. >> reporter: president trump defended his secretary of state which is still intact requiring all adults who cross the border illegally to face prosecution. >> if we took zero tolerance
2:31 am
away you would have millions of people pouring through our border. >> reporter: extending an invitation to the democrats to come to the white house and work on a deal while lashing out at the same time. >> they don't care about the children. they don't care about the injury. they both care about the problems. this he don't care about anything. >> reporter: and taking fresh aim at mexico, blaming them for the influx of immigrants from central america. >> they walk through mexico like it's walking through central park. >> reporter: there is new fallout in an interview with the christian broadcast network attorney general jeff sessions acknowledging the political damage. >> it hasn't been good and the american people don't like the idea that we're separating families. >> reporter: on capitol hill protesters wrapped in ter mall blankets imitating the images from the border demanded action as a conservative immigration bill failed on the house floor. >> the bill is not passed. >> reporter: with another bill on life support now postponed until next week. the first lady facing scrutiny for the jacket she wore, the
2:32 am
back of it read "i really don't care, do you" her spokesperson saying it's just a jacket, theres no lid hidden message but the president tweeting it refers to the fake news media, melania has learned how dishonest they are and truly no longer cares. >> thank you very much for that report. civil rights icon congressman john lewis had powerful remarks regarding the trump administration's immigration policies. >> i cried last night when i heard those babies crying. that's not right. it's not fair and it's not just. this has gone on too long and it must stop and it must stop now, not tomorrow, but now. now is the time to do what is right, what is fair and what is just. tell me, whatever you want me to do, i will go to the borders, i will get arrested again. you know, if necessary i'm
2:33 am
prepared to go to jail. >> a lot of emotion there to say the least. as christian -- kristen mentioned as well, republicans in the house have hit the brakes on a compromised bill tackling immigration, delaying a vote on the measure until next week. leaders decided on the move yesterday following a two-hour meeting. their plan now revolves around adding two provisions to the legislation in the hopes of getting the support it needs to pass. one of the provisions focusing on adding an online system that allows employers to confirm the eligibility of employees to work in the united states, multiple leaders leaving the meeting expressed confidence that the additions to get the 218 vote majority needed to send an immigration bill to the senate. the decision to postpone the vote on the compromised plan came after lawmakers rejected the bill by house judiciary committee chair bob goodlatte. that legislation which was favored by more conservative members would have authorized but not appropriated government
2:34 am
funding for president trump's long desired border wall. the measure also would not have provided a pathway to citizenship for dreamers. when dressed further on whether he was suspending his zero tolerance policy quickly veered off course listing the things he said were wrong with the country when he took off including a false claim about the country's economy. take a listen to this. >> we have to come up with a solution. i would consider it whether it's north korea, whether it's so many other things, we have a lot of things. look, i've been giving -- given a very tough hand because i came up here, we had an economy that was going down, we had an iran problem, we had a middle east problem. take a look at what was going on in the middle east. it's a lot better now, a lot smoother right now than anything you heard over the last eight years. but we were given a lot of bad cards. one of the bad cards, we were given this immigration mess and it was made worse by all of the
2:35 am
different contradicting -- contradicting laws that have been passed. >> all right. as promised the european union has retaliated against the united states for president trump's tariffs. the eu's tariffs are worth about $3.2 billion and they are impacting an extensive list of american goods including bourbon, playing cards, boats, harley-davidson motorcycles, orange juice, rice, peanut butter and tobacco. a tariff of 25% is being implemented on targeted goods, a 50% duty is being placed on imports including footwear, clothing and washing machines. india announced it is extensively raising tariffs or mon that are two dozen products being imported from the united states including steel and iran and almonds, walnuts and chick peas. india is the world's largest importer of u.s. almonds. it comes amid a trade war with china and serious disputes with mexico and canada. president trump has previously
2:36 am
asserted that trade wars are not only good but, quote, easy to win. yesterday the dow extended its losing streak to eight days as trade wars -- fears of trade wars, rather, intensify. we have new revelations once again surfacing about epa administrator scott pruitt and his pension for indulging himself on the tax prayers dollar. according to records obtained by the intercept under the freedom of information act the agency spent nearly $2800 contao tacti pants and polos. he spent money including $80,000 worth of radios -- $80,000 worth of radios, i'm going to repeat that there, $700 for shoulder holsters to carry the radios and more than $900 of a breaching kit that includes items that law enforcement officers use to knock down locked doors. that helps bring the total amount of public money pruitt
2:37 am
has spent on security items to $4.6 million, up $1.1 million from just last month. the intercept says an epa spokesperson did not respond to its request for comment but the directors of the office of criminal enforcement forensics and training told the hill that the purchases were routine for the department's security personnel. >> maybe scott pruitt will go out and enforce the country's environmental regulations. >> tactical pants. >> joining us on set once again caitlin huey-burns. let's talk first about the immigration bill. we had this discussion leading up to the vote yesterday as to whether or not anything was going to go anywhere and it seemed as if the consensus was nothing was going anywhere. >> and that's exactly what happened here. what is the likelihood we could get a compromise? and it's interesting that i'm using the word compromise
2:38 am
because the dems haven't weighed in on either of these immigration bills. >> exactly. you're smart to point out this is a compromise among republican members. we are not each talking about democrats yet who don't want to sign on to these measures because a lot of them there are a lot of proposals to curb legal immigration and other things that don't quite meet their standards. i think the important point here is when the president tweeted yesterday that why -- essentially saying why even bother because the senate is not going to pass a bill. that took off the pressure for lawmakers to come up with some kind of fix for immigration and also you have lawmakers that i've been talking to say that getting something big passed at this time, we are in a midterm election year, is not likely. a lot of people don't want to go out on this limb and forge some kind of consensus on this issue. >> it's one thing to get a bill passed, it's another thing for that bill to actually become a law. i want to ask you about scott pruitt and it seems we could start a weekly segment about a
2:39 am
scott pruitt scandal. >> that's good. >> do you think so? >> at this rate. >> i was going to say. give us a sense, give some context and perspective. is what scott pruitt is doing in terms of buying tactical pants and polos and some of these things, is that normal for a cabinet member and even normal for somebody -- >> almost $5 million worth. >> according to the feedback we have seen from lawmakers even within the republican party and the president himself and some administration officials they don't like what's going on here. the question is how long can this possibly go forward and you talk to some republicans and they say, well, you know, the epa administrator is implementing the policies of the president, conservative policies as they pertain to the environment, but on the same token you do have some saying this is just untenable at this point and there is a question, too, of how a replacement could get confirmed in this body. so that could be some factor leading into -- >> it really seem that president
2:40 am
trump continues to back him because he has been in the headlines over and over for six or eight months of scandals. >> he's performing for an audience of one. i guess as long as that audience -- >> and the president was asked a few days ago when he gave that impromptu press conference at the white house saying he doesn't like what's going on and we will look at it. that's what we've been hearing from the administration and each week there seems to come something in you. >> i'd love to hear a private conversation between pruitt and the president. >> exactly. >> then we will really know where things stand. >> thanks so much for joining us this morning. still ahead, the wife of israel's prime minister formally indicted. president trump once again gives high marks for his administration's response for storage ravaged puerto rico. the latest praise he is laf sling on himself. plus a check on the weekend forecast.
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israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu's wife sara has been charged with fraud and breach of trust. she is accused of improperly using more than $100,000 of public funds for private meals supplied by high end restaurants while covering up the fact that the prime minister's residence employed a full time cook. it is prohibited under israeli law to spend public money for private meals if a cook is employed at the residence. she faces a maximum sentence of five years in prison. back in february israeli police recommended that prime minister netanyahu be indicted on charges of corruption and bribery rel e related to corruption investigations. as the devastating effects of last season's hurricanes continue to impact puerto rico president trump wondered yesterday what the fuss was all about. >> governor, it is the easiest job in the whole world, he is the governor of puerto rico. >> that's right. that's right. thank you so much. >> i think we helped you a lot and you are doing a great job. that is a tough job. >> all right. so that came during a meeting
2:45 am
the president had with several governors yesterday including puerto rico's governor roseo. several thousand people are estimated to have lost their lives in puerto rico as a result of t of the storms and the response. parts of southwest texas also have been hit hard by heavy rain this week. emergency workers have rescued a number of people from submerged vehicles and flooded homes along the gulf coast. texas governor greg abbott has issued a disaster declaration for at least six counties devastated by the storms. since tuesday almost a foot of rain has come down along the texas coast. the national weather service says some areas got up to 15 inches. it is the worst recorded flooding in texas since hurricane harvey. >> incredible images there. against that backdrop of flooding in texas let's get a check on your weather with meteorologist michelle grossman. a nasty situation unfolding in texas but severe weather in other parts of the country. >> we have it all in weekend. devastating video out of texas.
2:46 am
the good news is they finally have dried out, they will have a dry weekend. they will be warm, though. we have that southern heat pump, you can see the darker colors, pinks and reds indicating very hot air coming into place here. humidity also. you are looking at temperatures mainly in the 90s, some 100 degrees. look at dallas, 100 will feel more like 10 h4 once you factorn the humidity. tuscaloosa feeling like 96. that hot air will stay in place all weekend long. 95 the heat index in tupelo, charleston my favorite city 94 degrees, it will feel like over 100 degrees walking along rainbow row there. here is when it gets dangerous, when it stays in place for a few days, our bodies aren't used to it quite yet. monday and tuesday we are looking at temperatures over 100 degrees in memphis, 102. by tuesday 102 as well. you want to hydrate, wear light loose layers, stay indoors out
2:47 am
of the sun as much as you can. if you need to do that try to do that early in the morning. temperatures are near 120 degrees in some spots so we do have a heat warning that's where you see the pink here, we will see that in the desert, las vegas, also in parts of california. the other story we are looking at lots of rain for many of us, lots of indoor activities this weekend. >> thank you very much for that update. still ahead, the supreme court hands down a major decision on having to pay sales tax for on line purchases. >> how the ruling could impact you when it comes to shopping on the web coming up next.
2:48 am
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welcome back, everybody. the latest decision from the supreme court means states will able to force shoppers to pay sales tax when they make online purchases, a ruling that will boost state revenue at the expense of consumers and businesses. nbc's jo ling kent has more. your online shopping may get more expensive. the supreme court ruling that retailers can be required to collect state sales tax in online transactions, what does it mean? medium-sized businesses are expected to be hit hardest, meaning you could get charged for sales tax because they have to change the way they do business. killeen raft owns a medium-sized online gift shop in montana. she said her e-tail store may not survive this change. >> financially i couldn't afford it that's like putting me on the same level playing field with
2:51 am
large corporations who have multiple locations and in-house legal and in-house accounting firms. >> but the court disagrees. justice anthony kennedy writing in the majority opinion -- there is nothing unfair about requiring companies to bear an equal share of the burden of tax collection. if you shop at major online retailers like amazon, you're already paying online sales tax nationwide but if you buy from a small individual seller, you probably won't pay more. that's because the court ruled in favor of a south dakota law that does not require online sales tax to be charged if the retailer sells less than $100,000 worth of products a year. >> ultimately this decision could mean you pay more the next time you shop online. but it will also mean a big payday for state governments, the court says states could recoup up to $33 billion in lost sales tax every year. coming up, axios' mike allen has look at this morning's one
2:52 am
big thing. coming up on "morning joe," laying the blame elsewhere for the ongoing immigration crisis. president trump continues to hammer democrats over his administration's policy tearing children away from their parents at the border. even accusing the party for being responsible for a massive child-struggling industry. democratic senator tammy baldwin will offer her claims on the president's thoughts and new york city mayor bill de blasio will discuss his trip to the southern border. ♪ bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens ♪ ♪ brown paper packages tied up with strings ♪ ♪ these are a few of my favorite things ♪ ♪ ♪ you shouldn't be rushed into booking a hotel.
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joining us from washington, d.c. with a look at axios a.m. is the co-founder of axios, mike allen. good to have you with us, what's the one big thing for us today? >> i'm just here rocking my tactical friday casual. >> i hope you didn't pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for that, mike? >> let me guess, scott pruitt is your stylist? >> i did get a good deal and the axios one big thing is always a good deal. a summer test for trump. so next month president trump is going to have a summit with
2:56 am
vladimir putin. it's going to be in europe, probably in vienna, austria, just after he does another summit meeting. and we learned that one of the top topics for that summit is going to be russia's intrusion in our election. and this includes both physically, going after ballot boxes, election rolls, tabulation, and then of course, the online manipulation of the election, they do through social media. as your viewers have seen, intelligence officials have said they're already trying to do that in the mid terms and everyone expects they'll keep trying to do it in 2020. will trump bring up whether or not they are going to stop? >> what kind of concerns are people in washington bracing for in regards to this meeting with putin? >> national security officials tell us that the united states and russia cannot have a normal relationship until this is
2:57 am
resolved, like it just is not okay. and the president of course has been criticized, for not doing more to find out what happened and empower intelligence agencies to stop it from happening again. but this isn't an abstract threat. we've been told that there's intelligence, the u.s. has, that russia's going to keep trying to disrupt our social conversations, as we've seen, that turns out a lot of those messages, are vote for somebody or vote against somebody, was trying to stir up trouble on race and other issues. no sign that's abating. but big test for president trump is how insistent will he be when he sits down with putin, when he has his chance to say -- you've got to knock it off. countries do this, but they've never done it at this scale. this can't happen again. if we're going to have civilized relationships and summits. >> mike, let me switch gears and talk to you about another
2:58 am
international crisis that was unfolding. not too long ago we were talking about north korea because it was considered to be a major threat to the united states. but really since trump's meeting with kim jong un that seems to have changed. people are not necessarily worried about missiles being lobbed no the west coast of the u.s. or even guam. what's the latest axios poll telling you about this sentiment? >> there is fascinating. people are paying attention, this is a an axios survey monkey poll. over the last year, the number of people who think that north korea is the top threat has dropped by 30 points, 3-0. at the same time the number of people who think china is the top threat has tripled. at the same time, russia is still number one. but here's one more fascinating stat from that axios survey monkey poll. that shows what divided two nations we are. do you think that president trump's trade war is good for jobs? republicans, 71%, think good for jobs. democrats, 1 1%, good for jobs.
2:59 am
independents who count, only about a third of them. >> that's absolutely incredible when you think of that. >> let's switch gears and talk about mid terms. we know that money helps win elections and we heard of this influx of money coming from new york's michael bloomberg, former mayor here. $80 million he's going to be spending to help fund democrats actually that are running for office in the fall. now the major debate is who is going to get this money? a lot of people wanting to vie for this money. it could help swing the election one way or another. what are you hearing about this, mike? >> everybody wants mayor mike's money. funny thing. one politician who controlled a big pot of money once told me, i'm a walking budget and there's no better way to get a lot of funds. one of the first people to speak up for this money is someone very familiar to "morning joe" viewers, congressman seth moulten, democrat of
3:00 am
massachusetts, often mentioned as a possible 2020 candidate. somebody who has been saying that the caucus needs younger leadership than speaker pelosi. he is saying that veterans, military veterans, he's recruited a bunch of them should get this money. the bloomberg side they'll get some of it, but they haven't decide how to divvy up all of it. >> mike allen. live in washington, d.c., we'll be reading axios a.m. in just a little bit. you can sign up for the newsletter by going to that does it for us, i'm yasmin vossoughian, alongside ayman mohyeldin, "morning joe" starts right now. . >> extremists, open-border democrats, they're extremist open-border democrats. people are suffering because of the democrats. democrat-backed loopholes. the democrat-supported policies. democrats are causing tremendous damage and destruction and lives. they don't care about the children, they don't care about the injury, they don't care about the problems.


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