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tv   The Rachel Maddow Show  MSNBC  June 22, 2018 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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used it for government business being reported by politico. if the epa does not respond, the environmental group can force for pruitt's e-mail account. >> that's our broadcast and brian will be back on monday. thank you for being with us and good night from nbc headquarters in new york. rachel does have the night off. i am ari melber. we have a lot to get to tonight. intriguing new clues of michael cohen about whether he may be preparing to flip on his former client. the reporter knows more than just about anyone and about what's going on in michael cohen's head right now. she joins us in a few minutes of
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a lot of legal issues to unta untang untangle. we got new insights of some of the tactics used by russia and the united states may not be prepared of what russia are up to. this is something many may miss this week, we think you may not want to miss it tonight. we begin with the crisis of the thousands of immigrant children ripped away from their pa participanparents relegated to many country. the headline today tells story of chaos and confusion and uncertainty and whether this government has the ability to reunite the family it chose to separate especially the trump administration has begun deporting some parents without their children. we want to show you this report from our nbc news report from richard engel. it stopped a lot of us in our
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track when we started reviewing in the newsroom. you don't see it report anywhere else. richard is in el salvador reporting with the story with one man sent home in the u.s. without his daughter. >> nearly 100 my dpraigrants ar today in south florida deported for entering illegally. many did not want to show their faces. among these arrivals, we saw no children. where are they? >> it has been 26 days since i have seen or heard from her about his 6-year-old daughter may maybeline. he says the dangerous trip was worth it for reasons americans just don't understand. they don't know what it is like in el salvador. they don't know how bad the violence is here. they say we are like a plague but that's not true. his daughter were arrested in
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texas by border agent. i was told my border and i had to get on different buses because there was not enough room he says. when they were driven to mccallan, the 6-year-old was suddenly nowhere to be seen. i said where is my daughter and the border patrol agent told me they did not know anything about her and it was not their problem. now, he'll be deported to el salvador without his daughter, desperate and confused. >> don't separate us, don't let us in but don't rip us apart. >> reweewe reached out to homel security -- richard engel, nbc news. san salvador. >> what this is a story of one
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father deported without his father. i know any of us can imagine how difficult for this one man to find and reunite his child now that he's there in el salvador where richard was talking with him. this person does not know where she is. it is proven incredibly hard for those parents who are inside the u.s. so they are theoretically closer to their children. over 2300 children buy accounts according to the administration have been removed from their parents and distributed and shelter a shelters and foster homes around these parents. an attorney in texas telling the washington post, she heard more than two dozen stories of mothers detained from their children. they have not been able to locate a single one of their children. those cases quote "it is just a
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total l total labyrinth. not a single one of that attorney's cliept hants have red one. when they called the number no one answered and when they did pick up, that person refused to offer details where children have been taken. either the government was not thinking at all of how they're going to put these families back together or they decided they did not care. tonight hum the task force which may sound like a good idea but it appears to be more evidence that the administration had no plan and no assigned staff in place beforehand when it made this new policy and try to reunite some of these families split under president trump's orders.
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i am joined by now the director of the civil rights project, racial justice and economic justice program. i appreciate you joining us this morni morning. this was in mccallan, texas, what does it mn and what more can you tell us of parents being separated from their children. >> the government is not prosecuting criminally and people who are traveling with their children and may not be separating them. that's a little bit of progress. now the task force as you pointed out corroborates with the government did not have a plan to reunify these children and on the created the task force after 2400 of them were separated if their parents. that's outrageous. >> this is a task force created to solve a problem that was
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created by the trump administration, do i have that right? >> absolutely. >> they are cleaning up their own mess and in the middle, 2400 children are caught. >> how many children does the organization and families overall, how many families is the organization working with? >> 381, over 400 children. >> and so walk us through a little bit of how that works. we just detailed what sounds like the hurdles but what are you doing to try to connect those families and a lot of people around the country have been looking for ways to get involved or wondering how it works. >> yes, so we have been interviewing families, parents since may 24 oeth of the federa courthouse here. some day it would be 10 or 15 and other days would be 25 and the past tuesday is 34. yesterday was 17 that were brought into the courtroom in
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shackles and handcuffs and they were told they're not going to be pressing charges against them and they were taken back. today it was the first time there were no parents. after we take the information, their children's information and children's names and dates of births and country of origin, we take it back and put it in our database and we work with other attorneys to locate the parents and children and try to find who can represent them in the ill congratulation case but they are asylum claim. we try to prioritize those cases. we also call the o.r. when we are trying to get information from the child or unfortunately in some cases not in the system. it has been an intense month and
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the universe of children and parents we have been working with have been growing everyday. it appears now that it may shift a little bit and we are thinking and hoping the focus is going to shift to reuniting 2400 children with their parents and also ensure the administration carries this new policies does not separate families and detaining families. these are asylum seekers committed no crimes by large. the solution is to get rid of zero tolerance. that's the root of the problem and that's what's causing these separations. >> doing the work a lot of people are interested in. thank you forgiving us some of your time tonight. if you are watching you heard the tape that was of course first published by propublica
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this week. that would be difficult toll listen to under normal circumstances. it is harder when you add in gaveling. >> the gentleman will suspend. >> for what reason, madame speaker. >> the gentleman is in breach of forum. >> cite the rule madame speaker. >> rule 17 of the house. >> there is no 17 that says i can't play sound. this is what it sounds like. >> these are kids at the detention facility. why do you not let the american people hear what they are saying. >> the gentleman will suspend.
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>> the gentleman will suspend. that's your house of representatives in action. the gentleman in question is democratic congressman tad lou in california, he was playing that tape on the floor today. the republican running the chamber trying to silence it. apparently this is what would happen on the floor of congress when you mla i that tape. it sounded like the white house is trying to keep a lid on what's happening at the border. there are signs that some people there see it as a winning issue. takes steven miller, this is the leader of this policy of the white house on hard line immigration crack down. he says the new york times is separating children from their parents was part of the president's mission when it comes to immigration and one that can be turned into votes saying quote "all day long the american people is going to side with the party that wants to secure the border not by 55-45, i am talking about 90-10 on that. that kind of political calculus
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from a presidential's adviser have made some republicans nervous including congress. miller led the president down a path that again ended in disaster. things that activated both sides of the isle and caused widespread push backs and disgust. if there is society among republicans running for reelection in congress, well, that's not shared by ahead of the party. the president said the reason he takes the hard line on immigration, the reason that he's been tearing these kids out of their parents arm under specific orders because of these immigrati immigrations is what won him the election. he says it worked. today the president says republicans should stop working on reforms all together and should stop quote "wasting their time" on it and wait for a red wave.
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that sounds like we have a president who after this week and partly folding still wants to run on immigration. what has been playing out so vividly on the border under that theory of the case is not an p accident. it is a result of a policy and has supporters who think this is politically beneficial and the president saying in public even after all this and even after the caving that this is still somehow a winning campaign issue. for more insights on this strange state of play, we turn to our msnbc news -- great to have you tonight. >> with very strong and sometimes ugly racial under tone. what do you see. >> go ahead. i am just agreeing with you.
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>> you have to go back all the way to the 1840s. donald trump makes this big point of saying he does not read books or read history but he may find it interesting in the 1840s was begun and as you know, ari, something called the no-nothing party. their whole thing was antiimmigration and there were a lot of new immigrants and newcomers to america coming in and very catholic in the 1840s and 1850s. this whole, the party's idea was these people are taking your jobs away and you owe americans and they are challenging the old white protestants and they make big efforts to get in their way. one thing they wanted from congress is to take 21 years for newcomers to become a citizen. this thing was so powerful that by 1856, the ex-president miller fillmo fillmore, he did better than any
9:15 pm
other third party presidential candidate in american history except for one. >> so walk us through what may be different here which is on the record admitted punitive approach to children. >> that is something that we are seeing for the first time. we have been saying a lot of traditions begun under the trump administration and the obscene and vicious display that we saw this week is one of them. you have to assume that from what we are hearing from the white house is donald trump is not getting an immigration bill that he promised during the campaign. there is no wall. mexico is not paying for it. he's got midterm this year and he's talking about a red wave and so you have to assume that this is a cynical display and he figures that if he takes his hard line stance on immigration that it is so extreme that it whines up torturing children as we have seen this week that it
9:16 pm
is a way of demonstrating his base that he's serious of being tough on immigration and also on other things, this is a political ploy that makes it worst of all. >> we have seen with the travel ban of all of this playing out in realtime which is a bit scary if the same policy is used for more reversible decisions of the use of nuclear power and how did that compare to what other presidents have done by and large no matter the party or the ideology, there was a serious of private process designed to commit of collateral damage before you announced policies or reversing them later. >> that's what presidents do. he gets the best advice, that's what they do in america's history. the other thing you see in most presidents of the america's history, ari, is something called empathy.
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most presidents would have seen those scenes the other day and however they emerge would say i can't be responsible for this. this has to stop. instead we saw donald trump only pulled back where there was extra crediti criticism that was so overwhelming that he was bothered by that. >> it is called humanitarianism, even if you say i have a view for it to be done about it. i think it is one of the saddest part of what we have seen. michael beschloss. >> thank you. >> we have a lot more on a busy friday night. you may recall if you are watching just last night, rachel was asked for some help with photo graphic reporting and i have the answer on that thanks to the team here. that evidence does exist and that's up ahead. also, why donald trump may have
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he was the front page story for "the washington post." dean alleged nixon knew of the
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cover-up plan. if true, it meant there was a lawyer on the inside ready to turn the kind of thing that could end a presidency which partly did because this man john dean had knowledge almost no one else had telling investigators that nixon had prior knowledge of payments used to buy the silence of watergate and nixon was deeply involved in the cover up. this was considered quite potent and evidence to support his charges against the president and most of his allegations are based on his own election or proported conversations with mr. nixon. >> wow. >> i think three things jump out there. one there is no more dangerous person to flip than your lawyer. two, abusive power can backfire. we probably know the answer to that. maybe he has seen the movie.
9:23 pm
three, the other thing that jumps out is how damaging dean was as merely a witness, a person who can talk about what he said he saw. he was not armed with corroborated evidence, imagine you had tapes. that's the intriguing poverty. now the subject of the federal criminal probe that already seized many of these tapes. tonight on new clues that cohen is considering the john dn route. some of these have been in the wild for making. he's considering changing his legal team and made that official and tapping a former prosecutor from the same office in new york and now investigating him. the nest day cohen step down from the dnc. you can do it quietly. it was weird that the party kept him on this long. a letter or a tweet that could announce it. instead, that's not what cohen
9:24 pm
did. now are these clues about cohen's mind set. are they warnings to trump that cohen could flip the day after that? wednesday more heat around cohen as we learned prosecutors looking for r a paper trail showing that cohence coordinated to pay a playboy model. the day after that, thursday, we learned that cohen helped her in a secret campaign service, this one "the washington post" reporting the inquiry did prescreening and storing for trump through cohen. that is a lot. that drum beat of pressure is the context of cohen using twitter to share a picture or a cameo with tom arnold. he himself is on a mission to
9:25 pm
find rumor tapes of donald trump that shows him in a negative light for a shoe knonew show. arnold also added that it is on and i hope trump sees this picture and it haunts his dreams. annoying every news is scrutinized. michael cohen did retweet that picture. we don't know if it is a message. cohen tweeted again this time saying the following, we can put it up on the screen, i appreciate the kind words as a father and husband and friend. this is where you ask for a selfie and not spending the weekend together and not being discussed on the show or did we discuss potus with some hashtags after that. we turn to emily jane fox, author of the new book out this week "born trump" and a known conversation partner with
9:26 pm
michael cohen as well. thank you for spending some time with us tonight, first, makes sense of these twists and turns on cohen today. >> sometimes we all like to think this is part of a calculated strategy and something that's well thought out or perhaps these are messages being sent to someone whether it is a president or prosecutors. i think you will have to take a step back and understand that michael cohen is under a tremendous amount of pressure and he's been spending hours with his lawyer finishing up the documents. i think he's just trying to get through the day and he's not thinking of a long-term strategy that's sort of putting out every fire as they come up. i will say this is coming to a different point in my michael cohen's life since his hotel room and office and home were searched by fbi agents.
9:27 pm
we are coming to a point where document collection and going into the documents is over. he's switching over to a new attorney. he still has no t from my reporting been talked to by the government or approached by the government. we are beginning a new phase here and it is unclear how that new phase is going to work out. >> you are talking about how the pressure of michael cohen all year is affecting him. i don't know if you listened to the new kanye west's album but he talks about his troubles. it has been a shaky year, is there that quality here that michael had a kanye type year that he's trying to get out under this. >> i think it is a long time coming for michael cohen. it started with the house and
9:28 pm
senate investigations which he was going through his documents. when i met him for the first time for an interview in august, he was exacerba-- this has gone another year and we are down the road, he's facing possible criminal charges. he's exhausted and prfrustrated and very angry with the president and the president's family. we are at a point where he just wants the next phase to happen whatever that next phase is. >> right. >> this is the worst part for anybody facing in the situation unsure if they are going to be charged or the government is going to reach out. unsure if this is the road he wants to go down if he wants to cooperate. >> lets get into the tapes. when i practice law, people often ask why would someone create materials that would hurt
9:29 pm
them. nixon used the taping system and it came back against him and these stories are known and we have seen in other examples. it seems to me that michael cohen thought by collecting all of these tapes it would protect him and he would be able to use these strategically. walk us through with your conversation with him how he may feel now that most of these materials have been seized and the thing that he gather, michael avenatti said today that he horded now seems to be in the fed's arms. >> i have to say i don't know what kind of tapes were collected. if anything that was collected with the president recorded on it, it would be considered a privilege document because the president was his client. the government may not get to reveal and that's why there is this whole process of reveal for privilege material.
9:30 pm
hi his teattorneys were given documents to president trump. the government may not have their hands-on them yet but the president sure knows what michael cohen has on him and that's perhaps some explanation for some of the erratic behavior in the last couple of weeks. >> the only two people that know for certain what is shared in the office are donald trump and michael cohen. the feds have anything that was saved and we know in the broad aggregate from the legal fight, the vast majority of that material and rachel has been reporting in this is in the fed's hands. whatever it is, we don't know what it is in it but the audio and radio work and etcetera and a lot of it is not privileged and therefore for the investigation. emily fox, we appreciate your time. your book is out this week "born trump," if people want to check it out. coming up tonight at 10:00 p.m. eastern on msnbc, lawrence owe
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o' donnel's special guest is tom lawrence. >> rachel has asked and you deliver for a hunt on photo graphic evidence pertaining to an porimportant cabinet member n we come back. stay with us. ♪ come to mohhh. ♪ crawl inside, wait by the light of the moon. ♪ applebee's to go. order online and get 20% off $20. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood.
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the secretary of health and
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services who are responsible for all those kids separated from their parents. >> the country is starting to realize the reality and the scale of this policy. as his agency started to open their first new purpose built facility that they constructed to hold kids apart from their parents. that facility was opened by alex azar, he spent the next day, this past weekend attending his 30th college reunion. alex azar was class of 1988 at dartmouth college in new hampshire. al al alex azar's agency is deciding what to do with the health and human services for those kids. alex is away from work.
9:36 pm
msnbc ari reported that fact. this photo comes from the show from devon of the conservative paper on campus. he's on the right there. devin spoke with the secretary, they're actually in the same fraterni fraternity. and this is a story that has seized national imagination with pictures. everyone can see the impact of this policy. tonight adds one more picture so everyone can see the urgency and priorities of some trump cabinet officials in charge of the impact of this policy. our thanks to devin for the photograph and we'll be right back.
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fonts. tonight we turn to sharp san display number one. this is a font that is drawn from an old art. the people that create fonts were inspired by the magazine and the designer that created the logo. this font was a spin-off. even if you are not interested in fonts, this one may be familiar. presidential campaigns pick official fonts. in 2016, the clinton campaign tapped sharp san display number one for her campaign font, you see it there and you can see it on her bus or on the plane. of course, on the campaign and bumper sticker and t-shirts and mugs and those clinton bear cozies. they're on the bro sursures and
9:41 pm
there it is floating next to obama's head when he endorsed hillary for president. most people don't think about it. a consistent font on a campaign is just like a consistent look for a corporate brand. you would expect all coke products to have that same look, it makes it official and accuse your audience or whatever you are pedaling in is legit. corporations take their brands seriously. if somebody is stealing your look or your font, they can undermine the entire brand in front of the world. with that concept in mind. take a look at this fake ad shared on the 2016 election. it was reported to be a clinton's ad with her logo and you can imagine her font to presumably make people think here you go, this is trusted information from hillary. but in that font the ad actually
9:42 pm
says save time avoid the line, vote from home and next hillary with the number and we'll make history together. of course, that whole thing is false. you can't vote from home by t t texts but not everyone knows that. some people are voting for the first time or some people are voting without a lot of civic education. some people may heard of advancement of technology and if they fallen into this trap, hey, i am getting a message from hillary clinton and she's addressing them. why would hillary lie about that? of course, she did not. someone lied through her brand and this is a fake ad designed to prey on people to literally suppress their vote. the whole thing is newly exposed right now because house democrats just released these fake messages which came from the 2016 election as designed to suppress specifically clinton's
9:43 pm
voters tricking them to not actually voting. this is not just a prank. it is not just a problem over in some corner of the internet. this is part of the new phase of voter suppression which is a felony by the way. this is where innovation meets some very dark tactics that we know of in america in politics. we are learning tonight that there are many ads like this. you can vote early via texts or standard carrier rates supply or if you get more out there, vote hashtags and using the presidential election to cast your votes. here are smiling people with their cell phones and fonts doing it voting from home or schools or from work. there were a bunch of these made in spanish to reach that audience and there were fake celebrity endorsements as well. this took a lot of work.
9:44 pm
here is one of a fake document that you would need and falsely claiming that you would have to bring all of them to be able to vote in illinois. >> if you don't have all your other things then don't show up to vote. to be clear, all of these are false. who did it? well, we know about the ads but not their origins. the lawmakers who released all of these ads in the name of transparency did not state the sourcing. we do know some were shared by automated box and russia's information campaign have been using. the point here is not whether these efforts themselves were really successful or totally negligible. that's a question that some people use to shut down accountability for what happened in 2016 and more than the question is used to enlighten. the point is there are major and sophisticated and ongoing
9:45 pm
attempts to violate your right to vote. they must be exposed. they must be stopped. we need a government under enough pressure to do something about it. if we are serious about maintaining a healthy civic society. now, as it is often the case these days. that's not all. this week we are also learning more about spy game that goes beyond the internet that goes offline in the 2016 campaign, that story is next. stay with us. ♪ hello. the new united explorer card hooks me up. getting more for getting away. rewarded! going new places and tasting new flavors. rewarded! traveling lighter. rewarded! (haha) getting settled. rewarded! learn more at and get... rewarded!
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when we talk about the act of measures against our democracy, we are often talking about basically three components. you can think first of the russian hacking, the dissemination of those stolen campaign e-mails, we remember that. and the third is what we were touching on is the influence operations to target americans on social media sites to disrupt our discussions that we thought we are having with each other. then there is a mysterious thing that's happening in 2016 that we are learning about and had to do with russian diplomats inside this country. political reporting this way, this was a story that was published in the summer of 2017, why operatives would turn up in odd places. one found on a beach and another
9:50 pm
turned up wandering around in the deserts. both are i thinklingering under fiberoptic cables tend to run. nobody knew what to make of that report at that time. this issue has been kind of dormant until this spring. that is when the u.s. officially accused russia of not only the things that we just mentioned but of targeting power plants and water and electrical grid during the campaign and ongoing during the trump presidency. now those russian diplomats wandering around the u.s. and showing up in a strange place, that remains a mystery. during an exchange at a senate hearing on russia interference. victoria newland thing before
9:51 pm
the intelligence committee. she was asked of the wandering russians by main republican senator susan collins. >> ambassador, newland. in 2016, the fbi was complaining to this committee that russian diplomats in the united states were not following these established rules about travel and they were not notified the state department and it seems that they were traveling to odd locations on short notice. were you aware at the state department to up the fbi concerns? >> yes, senator, we had significant conversations with the fbi about their concerns and took some actions and prepared others as early as july and august of 2016 with regard to their concerns. >> but that travel was related
9:52 pm
to the russians' active measures against our electoral system? >> i do. >> i do. under oath. so those russian diplomats wandering in the deserts. here they were apart of this russian act of measure. what were they trying to do? did any of this work and will we ever find out? it is clearly not over. i am joined by michael mcfall, former u.s. ambassador of russia during the obama administration. thank you for being here. >> ari, thank you for having me. >> what does it mean that miss nolan is confirming this now and i guess i don't have to ask you whether you as a diplomat did this kind of thing when you were abroad? >> why i think it is significant that was confirmed, you are right about that. one should not be surprised that russian diplomats are you know
9:53 pm
interacting in this way, human intelligence and signals intelligence intertwine and they support each other in foreign operations like the russians were doing in our country. that she said on the record that surprised me. i got to tell you honestly. >> because why? >> because these classified information. i know all kinds of things that i am not going to say to you right now about what russians have done in this country because it is usually classified and by the way, that's one of the biggest problems with getting americans to be more concerns about these things that we don't talk about it in the open. >> ambassador, i know things that i don't talk to you, they're just not important and classified as things you don't tell us. what do you say to people -- are we just signed onto the idea that with hostel countries, some of those people are going to be
9:54 pm
spies or does this track with something you and rachel and many people have discussed as well earlier which that russia took it further and they resorted in physical violence against some of our people in their territory that this is far beyond what may be baked into the normal system? >> well, from my point of view, it is beyond normal procedures and the last several years both inside russia against diplomats including people like me when i was ambassador, more importantly to me of what they have done inside our country goes well beyond. it is not standard operating procedures. the hard part of cyber weapons and intelligence, cyber stuff is different than say nuclear weapons when we discovered soviet nuclear weapons here and there including most scarily during the mcuban missile crisi. what's hard about these cyber
9:55 pm
activities because you don't see it or witness it. we don't want to talk about it because we don't want to scare the american people. you would nervous of what russia and other countries could do to other infrastructure. that's what's hard of getting people animated enough about the threat but without getting us in into scary things that undermine the stock market and people knew all the things that's happening out there on our networks. >> so on a serious note, i appreciate you giving us some context. on a lighter note, i guess i am glad i am not inside your brain because it would be easier to go to sleep tonight. michael mcfaul, always appreciate your time. >> thanks for having me. >> we have more ahead tonight, stay with us. some advisers have hidden and layered fees. fisher investments never does. and while some advisers are happy to earn commissions
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9:58 pm
that got inside those texas detention centers and he has a special report on all of this new airing this weekend on nbc's "dateline", jacob is joining me now. what can you tell us? >> it was one of the most disgusting and despicable things to see and those kids were sitting in cages as a direct results of the trump's policy. takes the last six days and expand it out over the course of the last 20 plus years and united states. that a place where donald trump is putting little children in detention centers and stealing them away from their parents. >> what is the gap in your view having looked at the human toll between reasonably secure borders which a lot of people want and what is currently being
9:59 pm
called zero tolerance enforcement. >> the way that donald trump is describing what's happeng down to border in washington, d.c. is about as far away from reality as it can be. there is no crisis on the border, it is about as safe as it can get on the american side. those are some of the safest cities in the united states of america. if he took the time to pick up his own d.e.a. report and read a couple of pages on them, the young people of who he accused of being ms 13 members are anything but, at the end of the day, he's tearing apart the fabric of american society there down on the border. >> i appreciate your reporting and your candor, you are relaying the facts and the stories as you are seeing them and they are as you put it severe and need to be told. jacob soboroff, thank you for spending a little time with us tonight. this is why we are flagging
10:00 pm
this. much more of jacob's reporting is in this new "dateline" special on sunday night on your local nbc stations. my thanks to jacob and the entire i also can tell you if you want to find "the beat" that's monday at 6:00 p.m. eastern. we've got special guests reporting from the border and sinbad. now it is time for "the last word with lawrence o'donnell." good evening, lawrence. >> good evening, ari. i'm so glad you gave jacob soboroff the last word in your hour this week because he has done really such a great job of reporting on the border, not just this week but literally for years now. he really has been leading us on this. >> it's been great to see what he's doing. also, of course, watching you, watching chris and all of our nbc correspondents telling these stories has been a key part of this, so appreciate everyone honestly, lawrence. >> thanks, ari. >> thank you. we have a lot to cover tonight. tom arnold is going to join us, and that's a lot right there. ay


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